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From eunuch archives:

Transforming my husband into an eight year old boy (by B_Gabrielle)

I've been married with my husband for 8 years now. He is now 32 and I am 31 years old. Even before we married I realized that my husband was very much into BSDM, especially, he wanted to be dominated by a woman. From the beginning I was fascinated by this life style and I enjoyed very intensively being in the role of a dominant woman. After we married, and as time went by, we intensified our games until they became more or less 24 by 24. With the time the role-play began to change. I was no longer so interested in being his dominant wife as I felt it increasingly artificial to punish him for often invented misbehaviors. As he was looking far younger than he actually was I switched now more frequently in the role of the lady educating her naughty boy. This role was far more enjoyable and I became very inventive in perfecting this role. It was also a role that I could far easier maintain over 24 hours over an always rather long period. But it became also soon obvious that his appearance needed to be better adapted to that of a younger boy. I first shaved him radically by removing all his body hairs until he was absolutely hairless. Also his hair style was changed until he virtually appeared to be a boy of perhaps 9 or 10 years.

I stopped having sex with him already several years before and it became absolutely impossible for him to have any sexual relation with me since I changed to become his “lady”. Of course he could no longer touch the breasts of his lady not to speak of anything more intimate. From the beginning we had a clear agreement that I was always allowed to establish any sexual relationship with another man without restrictions and I used this freedom very much. There was never a reamister to hide my lovers from my husband and I was also not shy to exchange intimacies with my lovers in front of him. Of course this I could only do after a new relationship lasted for some time and my lovers got acquainted with our form of ‘marriage’. But after they got used to it they also did not hesitate to actively participate, sometimes, even by taking over the role of the ‘man’. After many different lovers I was looking for a longer lasting relationship and I have now a lover who is with me for more than two years and who even lives with me as my ‘real husband’. We became indeed a sort of ‘family’ with my husband as our young. We treated him now excessively like a boy. He was not allowed anymore to adult stuff and he also had to play with kid games.

One thing, however, disturbed me more and more. His penis and his balls were simply far too big and did not correspond with those of a small boy, in particular, as his penis was with a length of 23 cm far above average. Certainly, many women would be very happy if her husband was so well equipped like my husband but for me this was not at all appealing; nor did my lover. He was also visibly disturbed by his penis, also, as his own was smaller than his. It became for us more and more unacceptable that the small boy's penis was larger than his man’s one.

To avoid the problem of his large penis we tried for a while to treat him like a baby. He had to wear napkins to permanently hide his genitals. He was fed with a baby bottle and he had to eat baby pie. This game was, however, not really too exciting and after a while it became boring. It appeared to me more and more ridiculous and much to artificial as he never resemred a real baby.

The striking moment for change came when my lover showed me a website with modified men who had their genitals sometimes severely modified or in some cases their penis or the balls were removed. I discussed with my lover if we should not also consider modifying his penis by reducing its size to that of a boy. I had no clue how and if this could ever be realized but I did not stop to investigate to find someone who could help me. After some research over the Internet I found a very interesting forum where I got some very good help. I was recommended a surgery institute in Poland, which was said to carry out nearly any ‘beauty surgery’ that is requested. I finally got into contact with this institute but after some intense discussion no surgeon was ready at the end to carry out the operation. As I was very disappointed, and upset about their refusal the surgeon gave me a tip to contact another surgeon in the Czech Republic who could most likely help me. I did not hesitate to contact this permister and I very soon was rather certain that he would be ready to perform the operation. In the following weeks we exchanged several times information over Internet and over the phone about my wishes and the possibilities and threats of such operation.

He explained to me that a resizing of his penis to a boy’s size would, in principle mean that he first would need to completely remove his penis, including large parts of its continuation inside the body, then to cut off most of the lower part and to completely remove the skin from the erectile tissue, or the flesh, of the penis. This erectile tissue then would be re-modeled by opening the shaft and removing the inner tissues without destroying too much the smooth out parts of the glans. This would be the most difficult part as his new penis should look again smooth and natural. However, he stressed, he could not promise that the resized penis would still be able to have erections and, also, the sensory feelings may be reduced as many nerves need to be severed. He told me that it would, of course be far easier, to simply cut off the largest part of the penis and to thin out the remaining stump. However, this would never look natural. I insisted that I wanted a very good work and that I trusted he would perform it as I wanted to have it. His new penis should look natural and it should not be bigger than the penis of a 3 or 4 year old boy. Under these circumstances, he explained, the modeling work would be substantial. He would need to keep the glans in a reduced size and also the foreskin, which still should be possible to be pulled back over the glans. But he promised that he could do it to my satisfaction.

The other problem he pointed out remained with his balls. If I wanted to reduce his penis size also his balls have to become much smaller. However, the balls cannot be cut to smaller sizes. The only possibility was to remove the balls and to fill his scrotum, after cutting away most of its skin, with some small silicon balls. This aspect I did not like so much. In fact I did not want to castrate him. It has always been good and useful that his male feelings were always present. If he lost his frequent but unfulfilled arousals in the case if I had him castrated, he, probably, would not have been ready any longer to accept his heavily degraded status. He made the proposal that his balls could be moved inside his body. If the space allows he could keep both balls if not at least one ball could be saved. He pointed out that, in this case, his fertility will decrease and finally stop as the balls inside the body will not be able to work for long. However, the production of hormones would not be affected.

The case was now clear for me I wanted this operation and I told my husband that I insisted in a body modification to make his genitals a bit more similar to that of a boy. I did not tell him exactly that I wanted a radical shortening so he probably expected only some minor modifications, which he, of course, agreed to. When we both met the doctor and his institute the first time I was positively surprised. The institute looked very clean and well equipped and also the surgeon was very sympathetic and appeared also very competent. He first interviewed my husband if he was also prepared for the operation. I was afraid he would again explain all the details I had in mind but he obviously thought he was exactly informed about my intention. He agreed and he also signed all necessary papers. I then insisted to talk with the surgeon alone. A bit surprised he accepted and my husband had to wait outside.

I wanted to know from him to which size he would be able to reduce his penis. He said to any size I wanted as anything between fully removing the penis would be possible. I showed him a model of a small penis I modeled from plaster. It was an original copy from a penis of a 4 years old boy I once made when performing some artistic work. He looked at the model but expressed some doubts. “You should not forget”, he told me, “that his body size would be largely out of proportion to this penis”. He recommended going for a bit larger size. I first insisted but then I accepted some of his arguments that I may again not be satisfied as his penis would now not be too big anymore but, maybe, too small for him. We finally agreed on a size of a 8 years old boy. His penis would be reduced to 5 to 6 cm at most. “But 5 or 6 cm when erected”, I mentioned and he smiled and agreed. He reminded me again that the intended operation would be not trivial. It should be compared to an operation where the gender is modified. These operations also require a lot of re-modeling. Finally we agreed on everything and after paying a first part of the rather expensive costs he settled the operation for the next day after he had examined again my husband.

The operation, according to the surgeon, went very well without any complication. Unfortunately I could not check the results immediately as everything was fully bandaged. The healing process went well and fast. After two weeks the moment of truth came. The bandages were removed and for the first time I saw his little penis. It was an incredible moment. I could not believe what I saw. The formerly impressive penis has shrunk to a ridiculous size. I realized that his advice was good. The penis should not have been smaller. But now it was perfect. He looked so nice, so cute. I was really happy about the results; in contrary to my husband. When he saw his penis he really was shocked. He did not expect such a small size. He had tears in his eyes but I calmed him down. “Darling, I am so proud of you that you really wanted to have this operation done for me.”

Also my lover, his ‘man’, was very happy with the results. He was by no means any competitor for him anymore. For a woman his penis became absolutely useless even though he still was a man and he still had male reactions as his sex drive was not affected by the operation. What was also very fortunate was the fact that his small penis was still able to erect even if it could only be rubbed with only two fingers. Also his testicles have become very small and cute. Small balls could be felt inside the now tiny and very tight scrotum. His real balls could still be felt when pressing his lower body. Only smaller carves reminded the fact of an operation.

Now we were ready to finalize the work of transforming him to a real boy. The shaving of his body has become unsatisfactory as the hairs started to re-appear already a few days later. The shaving also did not give a very smooth skin. Therefore I started already some time before the operation to permanently remove his hairs. This was a rather lengthy and also painful process as it was done by an electrolytic method, which destroyed the roots of the hairs. This process still went on after he was operated even though we were already very advanced. After some more weeks there was really no singly hair growing on his body. Even the hidden and difficult to access areas of his body, including his beard, were treated and some parts of the head to assure that the hair style would not appear too adult.

His body was now smooth like a boy. Also his nipples were reduced in size by a minor additional operation. Fortunately they were not so big and it was a rather easy operation. Now, several months after the operation and smoothening he is now a virtual boy. The only exception, where we really could not do anything about, was his body size as he was still 1.70 meters tall, which, fortunately is below average. Despite this aspect the overall appearance was still excellent. This was also due to the fact that he was very slim, not to say rather meager, and his chest was flat and undeveloped. He also had no other particularly developed muscles not even at his legs or arms. To maintain this state he was also not allowed to develop his muscles through exercises, in contrary, I even paid attention that his muscles decreased even more to correspond better with a boy’s shape.

His new boyish appearance made it now very easy for us to really treat him like our young all the time. I was his lady and my lover was his man, also in public. Instead of Niklas we called him now Niki. We hardly ever experienced a situation where people doubted the fact that we were his parents. When we went out for dinner he was served the kid's meals and he had to take fruit juice. Sometimes, however, we were not allowed to enter a bar with an under aged kid. This was very frustrating and degrading for my hubby-young. He could not drive any longer his car and had to use a kid's bike.

Also at home he always had to behave as a boy. Everything he was interested in as adult was removed. He was only allowed to play with games or read books of his age. Also in TV he was only allowed to watch kids TV. Not even newspapers or TV news were allowed to him. We even educated him as he had to learn to improve his performance as a boy and to avoid anything that could reveal his real age and his real sexual maturity. Even his voice, which was far too deep for a boy, he had to change and he had to learn to speak in a higher, younger voice, which he managed very well after only very short time. He was constantly further trained, corrected, and also punished if he did not perform well.

It was a matter of several months until he adopted very well his new state of a boy. It was even surprising how convincing he became in his role as a boy. He sometimes cried like a young and acted also in other cases like a young. Of course we also were affected by his behavior and we regarded him more and more as a young and treated him like this without even thinking anymore that he was, in fact, not a young at all. As it was nearly impossible to find clothes of his size I had to make his own dresses. While kids nowadays wear more and more clothes like adults I insisted that he had to wear colorful and youngish clothes with teddy-bears or funny naturals. He looked really silly and ridiculous in those clothes and he hated to wear them. Even other kids "of his age" laughed sometimes about his funny dress. But they made him look very young and so I insisted in these clothes.

I also organized that he could play with other youngren and I took care that these kids were not older than 8. When it was sunny and warm we generally always went to the beaches that were not so far. There were always many youngren he could play with and he had very soon many other boys and girls he could play with. As it was quite usual in our region that smaller kids, up to about 8 or 9 years kids were generally nude or, at least bottom free, wearing only a shirt when they played in the water or in the sand. Nobody was disturbed about this and parents normally supported this. At first I was not sure if I should also ask Niki to play nude as I was a bit afraid that other ladys may be irritated as he was so tall compared to others But the I became more acquainted with other ladys and we chatted together watching our youngren. Of course the other women asked me why my mister was so tall. I explained that he has a genetic problem which caused that he grew very fast and far too much. I told them that this problem was now solved but explained that this causes many problems for him as he is always estimated older than he is. I think some woman were not fully buying my arguments and they might have believed that my mister is a bit retarded also. But they accepted that he could play with their youngren. They even liked him as their kids were really happy with him and he was considered a good friend. As the other women encouraged me I asked Niki to also undress, which he did not liked at all in the beginning. But I ignored this and pulled of his play trousers and applied sun cream at his body part. I think he felt really bad the first time being nude in front of so many young and good looking ladys but being nothing more than a small boy.

It was really amazing when my lover and I watched him playing with other small boys and girls in a young’s shirt, sometimes with silly imprints like “Mummy’s Darling” and bottom free presenting his tiny penis, which often was even smaller than that of other boys. The kids were sexually not interested and only occasionally they joked about a penis and sometimes touched their genitals, however, without any particular intention. Of course, Niki was not interested in sex with youngren. Therefore it was absolutely harmless to let him play with them. But I realized that he was, of course, still reacting when a lady came closer and looked after their kids sometimes paying with them for a while. Without intention several woman revealed some exciting views on their interesting body parts and I noticed that he secretly tried to look at those parts. Sometimes he even had an erection but it was so harmless and not threatening at all that most women not even noticed it.

We like the live with our new young and I am very happy that I dared to perform all these modifications. Of course this live is only possible as I have a good job as artist and I can do my work at home. Niki does not need to work and he can stay at home with me as my young. His man, my lover, often leaves for work but he sometimes also can work from home. One thing, however, is different from a family with a small boy young. Niki is still a man with sexual desires. To keep him in this state I have always to be aware that his sex drive is stimulated and maintained. Only then he is willing to remain a young. I therefore keep attention to arouse him as often as I can. I wear very often nice and sexy clothes, which are exciting not only for my lover but also for him also. I have love with my lover very often in front of him. We are not at all shy to kiss and to exchanges intimacies in his presence. He evn has a kids bed in our relaxing room so he is fully aware about my sexual live. Sex is for him not possible and I even stopped to let him have an orgasm or ejaculation as his mood always immediately dropped for several days when I allowed him an orgasm and he became naughty and difficult. To avoid problems with his prostrate I milk it once every two weeks. The technique I learnt from a friend and it is very efficient. It release the sperm without ejaculation or even orgasm. The fluid simply flows out of his small penis without any pressure but it helps to maintain his health and to treat him further as our little boy.


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wow thats a hot one, would like to see the befor and after pictures of his penis . have a look at mine is it as small ?
let me know what you think of my small cock send message on this please


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Divorce/Ex-wife cuckolding / Divorce/Ex-wife cuckolding /
Divorce, Medications, Extreme Humiliation Stories
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