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Sitting at the bar - without my lingerie

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Roof top bar in Manhattan. I sit on a bar and i am dressed, sexy and elegant and no Lingerie.
I am out with my Sub and we try to find a nice, Young, and hot guy - bull - for my cuckold session in Manhattan. NYC. I am waering a short black Dress, black stockings and high heels and i sit on a bar chair...
I saw a 26 year old wall street guy across the room and he Looked at me and smiled at me.
My Sub was next to me and i told him to invite the guy over for a *****...
i opened my legs and the guy could see that i am without Lingerie and nicely shaved.
He came over and we had couple of ****** than i took the finger from the Young guy and licked and sucked his finger afeter our small talk... he started to get a Little bit nervous because i had next to me a nother guy. I told him "dont worry" he is my cuck / Sub and we are looking for a guy like you for my cuckold session - to please me - to make me cum - to finger fuck me and much more...
he smiled and i saw he had a big dick in his pants... he was already "ready" for Action...
I put his finger between my legs and i told him " i want you" ...
and we will go back to our Hotel Suite and if he likes to Show my Sub "how ist done?"
he agreed Sub told me: " Goddess Allegra, you deserve a guy like him because i am not worth to fuck you and i will never please you with my small dick." We all went to our Hotel.
I put my Sub in a chastity Cage and than i kissed my bull.
i was happy and horny ...
It is so much fun for me to Dress up and go bull hunting for my cuckold session....
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Outdoor Activities / Outdoor Activities /
Sitting at the bar - without my lingerie
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