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Had to share, first time at nude beach with hot girlfriend

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So, my long-term gf and I got a wild hair today to sunbath nude.

We looked up nearby beaches and were shocked to learn that there was one no more than 10 miles away. We kissed passionately then jumped in the car and drove.

So, first I'm going to tell you how it went... then I'm going to tell you how I WISH it would have went.

We arrived about 10:30 am, the sun was shining but the parking lot wasn't too full. We decided to leave EVERYTHING in the car except out sunglasses.

I stepped out and began to undress, looking around nervously. I stripped fast and through my clothes in the car and slammed the door. Anxious to get to the "Accepted area for nudity". I walked around the car and opened the door for my gf. She stepped out still wearing her transparent yellow sundress but she had her royal blue satin panties on her fingertips and was smiling devilishly at me.

"What the fuck," I said, "I thought we were going to do this 100% together."

"We are, my love," she said calmly, stroking my cheek and giving me a kiss, "but first I want you to promise me something, and I want you to MEAN it.... so, put these on right now."

I was shocked, I was already standing in a public parking lot, completely naked and completely shaved from the next down. My pale skin making it obvious that this was my first time to the nude beach ( at least this year.) But, this was our first time to this place and I didn't know how safe we were right there in the parking lot.

"Come on, baby," I pleaded. "You know I love you and you can trust me completely."

"Either put these on right now, or I'm getting in the car and driving home and leaving you hear to find a ride... but I think with your body and "offerings" (when she said offerings she looked down at my small, shaved dick and balls and smirked...) I think the only way you're gonna get home is to off to suck off some old guy for a ride!"

I laughed nervously with her, but my anxiety peaked and I knew that I had to do this to move on with our day. So, I snatched her panties from her hand and smelled them. Her panties were sopping wet with her scent and honey. "mmmmmm," I moaned, "someone's excited as fuck! This smell is making my dick hard for you..."

I smiled at my gf and quickly pulled up her panties into place. She is a LOT smaller and slimmer that me, so her panties always fit so tight that I have to tuck back my penis and balls just to be able to stand up. I adjusted myself, hiding my 'manhood' between my thighs and standing up straight.

"You humble cuckolded lover awaits your commands, my lovely hot-girlfriend mistress," I said softly, in a girly tone that she likes, and bowed my head waiting for her to respond.

She reached down and ran her hand between my thighs, "Spread you legs slut, I want to rub the crotch of those pretty blue panties." I parted my legs for her and she rubbed between my legs, massaging my little dick and balls like they were another girl's pussy.

"Oh, I see some little girl is horny as fuck. I can feel the wetness already through you panties. Are you horny?"

"yes, mistres," I replied meekly.

"good, your mistress is horny as fuck too. And you see this?" She tugged up the bottom of her sundress, "This pussy right here is horny... horny for some COCK. I want to go out there today and flaunt my goods. And if I find the right situation, I'm giving this pussy AWAY tonight!" She let her hand slip between her own legs as she contiued to rub my little dick, trapped inside of her tight, wet panties.

"So, that's just so you know. Now, if you want to come along with me today, there are a couple of conditions," She stated firmly, punctuating the word "conditions with a hard slap to my pantied genitals.

"You are not going to be wearing my panties today, as much fun as that would be I'm really in the mood to just go out there, both of being like "this is what we got" and see how people react. I want them to see this body, this hot body that you worship. I want them to see that you're with me and that we're very much in love, but at the same time I want them to know I'm looking for more... more man, more cock, more hardcore meaningless sex." She drifted it off again while rubbing her pussy furiously. I was transfixed watching her masturbate shamelessly in public. My little dick stirred in my panties and I asked if I could please take the panties off and be naked now.

"NO!," She said, snapping out of her excited stated and scowling at me. "Look, second condition is that we both must cum before we leave the car. That way, we won't be making rash, hormone-based decisions. Don't you agree, baby?"

"Yes, love, I agree, but out here? We might get in trouble with the police or something, can get do it in the car?" I pleaded with her.

"Hmm, ok, but striped me first!" She threw her arms over her head and smiled at me happily. I reached down and took the bottom hem of her dress in both hands. I was at eye level and I noticed that her nipples were swollen outward to almost an inch long! This only happens when my girlfriend gets SUPER DUPER horny... and that's only happened 5 times in 3 years of our relationship....

As I pulled her dress over her head, she smiled at me at showed me my cigarette lighter..."Here, if you want to see me go naked for the rest of the day, until midnight, you must burn my dress!"

I was shocked! But, I had always hated that dress. Even though it was one of my girlfriend's favorites, it was a constant reminder of the last present her ex-boyfriend gave her.... of course, that was a year after she and I started dating. He came to her, with a present and apologized for being a jerk and relaxing around... and my girlfriend melted and she let him bang her 3 times in our bed....

Anyhow, in an effort to hurry things up, I snatched the lighter out of hand and bent down to place her dress on the pavement. It took me a minute, but I got it lit and it burned slowly, emitting a large black pillar of smoked toward the sky.

"Come on baby, let's go, that smoke will attract attention to us," I pleaded putting my thumbs in the waistline of my panties and starting to push them off.

"Not so fast, my little sissy. First, crawl over here." She said seductively. "Admire my naked body, and tell me if you love me."

I was already on my knees from lighting her dress on fire, which by now was a roaring, belching attention getter.

I crawled toward her and she scooted to the rear door of my car and opened it... she smiled and laid across my back seat, propping her feet on the seat and giving me a eye-level view of her gorgeous pussy, clean-shaven just hours ago by yours truly.

When I got close to her pussy, she grabbed my dominantly by the hair and powerd my to look into her eyes, "Look baby, I wanna do something today that I've never done," she said with wild lust in her eyes. "I want you to remember that you are not a man today... you gave that up when you put on my panties. BUT, since I want you nude.... you have to promise to not act at all like a man out there.... .that means: no staring too long at others, no getting jealous if I am being watched or flirted with... and being honest with people we meet. I want you to tell them that your girlfriend wants you to watch her and another man tonight when prompted"

"Prompted?" I asked, foolishly, without giving her proper title from my current subjugated position.

"YES, PROMPTED! BUT I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO REMIND ME LITTLE SISSY THAT MY NAME IS ALWAYS MISS, OR MISTRESS!" She screamed so loud, her voice echoed around the parking lot. "Today, everyone is gonna see how hot my body is, these tits... this ass... this little pussy you love so much.." Suddenly, two car doors slammed closeby, causing her to cut her chastising rant short.

"Fuck," she said, looking a bit pale but still motivated. "Ok, hurry up and make me cum... my loving boyfriend."

I knew she wanted it RIGHT then, so I bent over.... on my hands and knees on a hot asphalt surface.... my sissy pantied ass sticking out beyond the cover of the car door. I dove into her wet pussy with reckless abandon. I ate her fast, licking her clit and sucking on each of her pussy lips intensely, just like she likes.

I could tell she was getting close to orgasm because she clamped her thighs tightly around my head, covering my ears completely and drowning out all sensation of the outside world for me, save the warm breeze blowing swiftly across my panty-covered ass.

I felt her hips start to buck and could hear her scream out through the silence in my ears. As she was coming on my tongue, and dripping into my mouth, the strangest thing happened.

To be continued?

I felt my ass firmly slapped then immediately cupped and shaken. I sat up instinctively, not knowing what to do. My girlfriend writhing in orgasm, screaming out "i love the way my little sissy girl eats my pussy!"

I put my hand on my girlfriends quivering thigh once she had calmed down from her intense orgasm. I didn't know who or what was behind me but I wanted her to know so she could cover up and deal with it.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me, then her jaw dropped as her gazed traveled slowly upward. "Um, hi?" she said nervously, "enjoy the show?"

"Hell yes," said a deep voice, "Obama can say what he wants, but I think lesbians are a gift. Nothing I like more than watching two girls go at it, pleasing each other"

"But, you don't understand. We're not a lesbian couple." My wife said as she looked down to my eyes and smiled. I just sat on my heels and waited for her to make him go away.

"Oh, I see.. just pussy pals. One of you gets the other off, then the other returns the favor? Would love to see you make this little girl cum while I watch," he said with lust in his voice. Then he grabbed me firmly by the upper arm and jerked me to my feet. I realized he was very strong and judging by his voice in my ear, he was a LOT taller than me at 6'.

"Mmm, it's your turn to cum now, isnt it little girl," he said lasciviously into my ear. My eyes widened as I used them to plead with my gf, hoping she would alleviate the tension.

"That's right, big guy," my girlfriend said, as she stood up and walked in front of me. She pinched my nipples hard, pulling and twisting on them because she knew that would get me instantly horny. "Does my little sluttyl girl want to come for the big man?" She was using her "girly submissive" now; a voice she only uses when she wants a man to take her and do whatever he wants to her... with now objections. "Do you think the nice, big man wants to help make you cum for us baby?"

I was shocked by the suggestion and again used my eyes to plead with my girlfriend NOT to do this. Just then, I felt something touch my butt that made me jump forward into my girlfriends arm.. I held on to her, not wanting to be given to some stranger in a public parking lot for the purposes of his pleasure and my offense.

"What is it? My little sissy doesn't want to cum? Ok, I'll give you that option... but you know the price... if you refuse to cium for me upon request... you will spend the next month in chastity...," she said, then laughed wickedly in my ear, obviously smiling at the stange man behind standing behind me.

"Chastity huh? Damn, that's cold... you wouldn't let her cum or have sex or anything?" the man asked, obviously intriqued and knowledgable. And the idea of me being a cute little girl in chastity, unable to cum or experience any sexual pleasure seemed to really turn him on. I felt his cock begin to stiffen against my pantied ass. So, being the naughty little slut I was feeling like at the moment, I said "fuck it!" and bent over to kiss my girlfriends pussy the best i could, all the while shoving my panty-covered ass.

"DAMN GIRL," the man exclaimed as she put his hands on my back and standing rubbbing and touching me sexually. "You keep grinding that sweet little ass against me and I'm going to have to cum before you even get to THINK about running your little hand between those sexy thighs."

"Come here now, bitch," my girlfriend said obviously pissed that I hadn't waited for an order to tease the strange man with my body. "Get down there, lick my cummy pussy and remember who owns you. I own you, your pale girly body, that sweet feminine ass, and i definitely

We arrived and found that the were male/female lockerroom as the only way in/out of the otherwised fenced-in beach. We kissed nervously and parted ways, promising to meet each other on the side 100% nude.

So I walk into the men's lockerroom and I'm relieved to see there is just one other man in there. He was older, but in good shape with gray hair and huge thick cock hanging short but extremely thick between his toned thighs.

He shut his locker and left through the beach door just before i unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants. As part of our fun today, I had asked my gf for her panties which, to us, is a sign that I would like her to give her pussy away today and I myself become a sexless pussy by pulling on her tight, wet satin panties.

So, here I am, nervous as hell.... standing in a public nude beach lockerroom with nothing on but my gf's royal blue, string-bikini, full-back panties with little gray bows. My eyes are closed and I'm mustering the confidence to get naked and meet my hot naked gf outside to present ourselves to nude world.

Suddenly, the beach door swings open and four very loud men walk in, fully nude, with bags and towels thrown over their shoulders.... I TORE my gf's panties off my ass and down my thighs, shoving them into my open locker just seconds before the men rounded the corner.

They were talking about the beach that, and the women they scoped. As they walked through the door, I heard one say, "Man that dude needs to chiiilll ooouuttt, its obvious his wife wants my big ol' cock! I mean HELL, it was twice as big as his little white dinky dick!"

They all laughed heartily at this as they rounded the corner of the main lockerroom and saw me standing there, naked, with my ass to them.

"Hey man," a tall, muscular italian guy said in my direction, "Aren't you Ashly's ex-boyfriend?"

I was MORTIFIED. I recognized him from pictures my ex-girlfriend had sent me when we broke up... showing me what she really needed in bed...a real man.

"Yo DUDE!", he insisted loudly when I didnt respond. I was frozen in place, my little dick retreating upward to miniature size, even for me, when I felt his large hand grab my arm and spin me around.

"YEA MAN!," he said, clapping me on the shoulder so hard that my little dick and balls jiggled violently. "It IS you! I recognized you from all those picture Ashly showed me of you licking her pussy when I was done with her!"

"Yo guys," he turned to the other men, who were now all looking me up and down, and smilling cockily at my obvious lack of manhood. "I used to fuck this little boy's girlfriend. Bitch needed REeAAALLLL dick, and wasn't afraid to get it.... damn, I miss Ashly... that bitch could suck a dick...." And he seemed to drift off into memory and his hand went instinctively to his now-hardening cock.

"Yo, you still with her? Got any pictures? Show these guys, there would LOVE her.... and she always wanted to be the center of a gangbang." He high-fived his friends as they all cheered and laughed.

"So, cuckold," the largest and only black man in the group said as he stared at my little dick, "You got any pictures of this Ashly? I might be interested.... think she could handle 11 inches of BLACK SNAKE, boy?"

The men coo'd and high-fived again as I mustered up the courage to respond. I instinctively covered my genitals in shame as I confessed, "no, Ashly and I broke up about 3 years ago."

"Why, little dick?," the italian teased me, "You're gonna love this guys.... go on, tell em cuckold. This cuckolds brownie is the ultimate..."

"Ashly and I broke up when she decided she wanted to have a baby... but not with me."

"DAAAAMMMNNN," exclaimed the black man," That's cold brother... but I can't say she's the first. Hell, I got 3 or 4 mixed kids getting raised by little dicked white boys like you... and I get any pussy I've imprenated... any time... any where... all I gotta do is call. You got Ashly's number?"

"No sir, I am not allowed to have it. My new girlfriend is very jealous of the lust and love I still have for Ashly. I just couldn't stay with her if she wouldn't at LEAST have one of my kids first."

"Sir... heh... I like that cuckolds brownie, white boy," said the big black man as he walked over in front of me and stopped so that his huge black cock was hanging no more that an inch from my hands cupping my shamefully small penis.

"So, tell me about this new girl... she gonna have your kids? OR does she need a REAL MAN to do it, like Ashly did?" He smiled devilishly at me as the other men laughed and punched my playfull on the shoulder and in the ribs.

"Move you hands, little boy... I want to show you something," the black man ordered me, in a stern "don't fuck with me" voice. I lowered my hands and my heart raced as I obeyed.... revealing my tiny, embarrassed, completely shaved white penis. Seeing it next to his long, thick, hard cock was humbling and my heart began to race... I ***ly exclaimed, "God DAMN, that is the biggest cock I've ever seen in permister."

"Well," said the Italian, "Ashly hooked up with a black guy right after I kicked her out, but he was nothing compared to Black Snake here." He pushed the black man from behind playfully, but hard enough that he leaned forward slightly, enough that his black cock hit my little penis and balls.

"Ouch! Careful with that big things, its fucking dangerous," I joked, cupping my slightly-aching balls.


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Nice story from what I read. You have an active imagination.

However, it was so long I didn't finish it.
Rating: 6, 2 votes.
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Had to share, first time at nude beach with hot girlfriend
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