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A degrading idea!

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So i was talking with my Miss last night and She came up with an interesting idea. i'll post what she said word for word.

Miss: I had another degrading thought ..

Miss: Earlier today I thought - we love to go out of the city and see what we can find and see and do. Lots of fun off-roading is involved, and I thought it would be so cool to put you in some sort of kennel in the back of the Explorer, then, when we get to the 4x4'ing, letting you run alongside like a dog...

Miss: Then... finding a perfect spot for a picnic..

Miss: Have the bitch go and set everything up for us...

Miss: Make sure its a good place for fucking too!

Miss: Then we tie bitch to the kennel or the truck or a stump with something up his ass and maybe a little dish with some scraps in it and let him watch us enjoy ourselves.

Miss: It seems like it would be exciting, bringing my pet out for some fresh air and exercise.

Anyway, what do you all think? Any suggestions i could give Miss on this one? it oddly seems to really turn me on and i'm not really into public stuff!


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You can watch as they have a romantic picnic, kissing and fondling each other while you are serving them as well like a waiter...or waitress if you are a sissy.


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this has always been my dream situation...not all dreams can come true...
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Outdoor Activities / Outdoor Activities /
A degrading idea!
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