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Dogging locations in the USA

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Here's a website with a list of many current dogging locations throughout the U.S. (scroll down to your own state).

They also have a lot of good info for beginners...

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Excellent website, PCC, thanks for posting it!


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Unfortunately, most of these sites have been listed for years on and the cops are totally aware of them. Recently, someone was stopped as soon as he walked into a restroom in Lake Needwood Park in Montgomery County, Maryland and the first thing the cops asked him was if he got the location from that website. Some of the De listings are ridiculous. The C&D canal was known for years both as a gay site and a site where dogging took place. In recent years the police have patrolled this so heavily, that they have driven most people out and the few that remain are so leary that very little if anything goes there. While there still are a few couples that come by - they are few and far between. Iron Hill park was also known for both gay and hetero sex for many years. A new development was built near there and the people who live there would walk into the woods and stumble upon all kinds of sexual activity. The net outcome of this was that the park was recently closed and you can't drive into it any more and you can't park along the road that leads to it.

Public sex has become very risky almost anywhere you go. The internet certainly has cut down on it as most couples would prefer to be in a location where they don't have to worry about being busted by the cops or grabbed and hassled by stupid men, who just don't understand that if they couple wants you to join in - they'll let you know.

Bush River, just outside of Baltimore was a great place to find couples evern just a few years ago. But the police have raided the place several times - they have hassled to owners and many of the guys who go there are so afraid that the woman who just came in will do 10 guys and he'll be number 11, so he's just got to grab and shove and push and make the whole experience so unpleasant that the overwhelming majority of couples with leave and never come back. Bottom line, you rarely see couples there any longer.


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im glad i live in europe.
stupid questions dont exist...
stupid answers however....
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Dogging locations in the USA
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