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Creampie and Piss From Both

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i am an oral submissive. 45,5'9" 175lbs. There are many i suck off and service on a regular basis for many years.
One man i have serviced is a guy i sucked off at a private glory hole. It grew into me takeing his piss and then being blindfolded and licking out his ass getting face fucked and eating a fresh creampie of a slut he fucked in front of me. (although i did not see it as i am always blindfolded when i service him.)

i was introduced to cock before pussy but i am finding i really love to eat pussy! Yeah for my pussy eating!
i got her off 5 times! i do love to please. it IS all about the Slut and her Bull.

They were at my place for almost 2 hours. When they arrived he pissed down my throat right away. He is 5'10" 185lbs and stocky. She is 5'4" 130lbs and a little curvaceous. B cup tits.

She and i took turns sucking his dick and licking his ass. i sucked her pussy and tits and rimed her ass. i stayed rock hard the entire time. When he fucked her.....i was sticking my tongue up his ass! i held on to his hips and went along for the ride! When he came he pulled out and shot all over her pussy. He guided my head down to lick all his cum up and to sooth her well fucked cunt!

He took a break and about 20 minutes later he fucked my mouth and fed me another load of cum.

They next had me lay in my tub and they both pissed into my mouth! More of their piss to take!

Mark Lura


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That's hot
M Lura


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that cuckolds brownie's hot.


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I have fantasised of being peed on by both woman and bull in a bath tub. Not the arse part but everything else.

Good on you mate


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My wife is fairly hard core. It was easy for her to train me to clean her pussy, and then ass, after sex with her black lovers. I thnk instinctively all cuckolds WANT to do that. BUt she wanted to go further, and had to use sexual denial in the form of a chasity belt, and then onlylettingme out to have an orgasm, after anywhere from a couple of weeks to two months, if I would do whatever she training me to do nect, and masturbate to orgasm while doing it. Depserate to cum, after weeks or months of not cuming, but watching her and her black lovers, cleaning her and them, I as so esperate to cum I thinlI wouldhave done anything. Then having these super intense orgasms after 2-6 weeks or whatever it was, of denial, while doing wha she wanted, simple Pavlovian training took over and I began to asociated arousal and erection and orgasm with that activity. First she used this method to get me to enthusiastically perform analingus on her lovers. Soon, it had transformed from an odious, disgusting chore (funny, it was never that way doing it to her), to a sexail turn on. I could cum, after an extended period in chastity, without touching myself, justby rimming black male asses. Next she wanted me to take her urine after she had sex, and I had cleaned her. Once she was satisfied that she was toroughly cleaned, and I had actualy brought her to one of the little orgasm she had from oral sex perfromed by me, then and only then wouldthe chasitity tube come off. She would straddle my head, and sometimes she herself would masturbate me, sometimes she'd leave it to me. I was to tell her when I was on the verge of cumming, and we would time it just right - just as my rgasm started she's empty her bladder into mu mouth.

And yes, it worked to the point where I needed to take her warm pee to come. Right after shewd had sex. and again there wold be tmes I coud come without manual stimulation just from the excitemnt of doing it.

I knew what was coming next, though I pretended it wasn't. But yes, once she was satisfied with how totaly traind i was to takeing her pee right after sex, it was onward and upward to takeing her loevers' urine, straight from the huge black dick. And yes, s*******fully using chastity, my raging arousal, my need to cum, and then simple Pavlovian conditioning, I have to say tha now I love to take a blackcock into my mouth, which had just fucked my wife, and just bee cleaned by my mouth, and hold it there, in my mouth, until he nleases a huge hot stram of piss down my throat and I come. Super intensely.

When we startd this lifestyle it was just about her fucking black men while I watched. I did not sign on for any of this. But I'm in it now, deep, and I cant imagine anything better or more exciting.


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Thanks for sharing your story lildickles. The Bull and his slut have been to my place a few more times. He usually CUMS by himself as her schedule does not permit. The last time he was at my place he gave me a total of 5 loads. He pisses down my throat and then has me lick his ass and suck his dick...but he LOVES to fuck my throat and he dumps a big load. He then pisses down my throat again and pissed down my throat Again. He rested up and had me lay in the bath where he gave me a golden shower and have me take some more piss. This took about an hour and a half. HOT. i am always blindfolded with him and have never seen him in the 4 years i have serviced him.


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I love this!


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So did I
Rating: 9, 3 votes.
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Creampie and Piss From Both
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