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My Forced Cleanup

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#1 · Edited by: braindead 
So my girlfriend knows I like to sub sometimes, I used to be the dom but slowly over the years I have been losing dominance over her and gravitated to sub while she has been less controllable and more demanding.

She and I have considered chastity for me, when that happens i expect she will cuck me

I dont think the crossdressing and nailpolish helped...

She has been denying me sex alot, but allowing me to please her orally, but for the longest time before we can fool around she has to pee first (i think she likes me licking it dirty) - she has been saying humiliating things to me lately talking about my fetishes, calling me gay, ive loved it but denied it.

Today she let me eat her pussy, normally she does this then straddles my face and powers me to cum thus ruining the chance for sex.

Pushing my presentation ive been calling her mistress alot -and begging mistress for sex - asking what do i have to do to fuck you, do i have to lick your ass, clean my cum up etc

She says i wont clean her up ive said i would too many times before -so while jerking me fast and hard knowing I want to cum, so she says you can agree to fuck a man, i say no secretly wanting to say yes a little - she says well i cant know you will lick it up, so i finally agree to clean it now for a chance to fuck her later.

I cum on her chest and take a big lick...

hopefully i get sex later
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CleanUP and Creampies Forum / CleanUP and Creampies Forum /
My Forced Cleanup
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