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Wife makes me clean up

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I have been slowly working my wife to let me clean up. After doing it for the past 3 months on my own, she finally made me do it the other night. I was screwing her doggy style, and told her I was going to cum in her pussy. I kept pumping away for a couple of minutes afterwards. She then turned to me and said " Did you cum yet?" I answered Yes. She then said" Come here, and get on your back." She then placed her dripping pussy over my face and proceeded to grind it into my mouth. Making me lick up the whole load. I have wanted her to be more dominant like this for years. Now I am loving it. I hope I can continue her training, and eventually get her to fuck someone else, and let me cleanup that load. She is very conservative usually, and doesn't like it when I fuck her with a dildo, and say it is another cock. I can only hope, this will lead to more of what I desire.


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Your very lucky.

I wish my wife would do something like that!


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i have tried but she will not let me eat her afterwards


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Its all about baby steps.You gotta start with things that aint as kinky and work your way up.Eventually she will be fucking other guys and making u clean the mess.My gf currently has me on pussy restriction until the holidays.She has me lie on my back while she rubs her pussy against my dick, then she goes out for a real cock.And has me clean up afterwards.But it didnt start like this.1st it was me wearing her panties,then her teasing me and not letting me get pussy, then I asked for dirty talk.,mainly about her fucking other guys etc ..until finally this became her fantasy as well.Just be patient but make sure u have a woman that truly loves you or she may just leave you or if u change ur mind she wont care.


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my wife and I have been together about 7 years and I have been trying to get her to let me clean her up for about three, finally just last week she told me she was tired after sex and said she wanted me to clean her up. I was so shocked that she said it, I had to ask if she meant it the way I thought she did, and she said you better get over here and eat all that cum out of me before I change my mind! I dove right in! Made her cum hard too in the process! Got hard again and fucked her again and cleaned her again!

Now how can I get her to take another mans load for me to clean up. She is TOTALLY against it! She siad she will never cheat or be with another and has no desire to do so, and would leave first, so I have stopped asking her to even fantisize about it because says it turns her off to even think about it. Guess I'll have to be happy with clean up of my own.


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Haven't made it far enough to do a pussy or ass cleanup yet but I've got her to snowball a few times and one time she told me to come in her hand and lick it up. Problem is, I think she thinks I like dudes and cum lol. I'm bicurious only if commanded by another woman(the whole domination offense thing) but on my own I have no interest in men. I like to please, and will do what a woman wants me to. Step by step...
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Wife makes me clean up
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