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cum eating training

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Wife makes me jack off 3 times a day for ten days. She then has 30 loads of my spunk to do what she wants with. She spent a few months using this to make me develop a taste for cum. Using it on my food, in takes, or just to brush my teeth and gargle with. I've come to look forward to the taste, partially because I'm a humiliaiton slut but also since I"ve swallowed billions of sperm over the past few months. She makes me beg for it now. She calls me a cum guzzler, cocksucking whore, you know the drill. I never see her dates as we have kids and she goes out to meet them. I do get to clean her up or swallow a condom or two's worth of juice at the end of the night. I think she wishes I would let her cage me up 24/7 and do nothing more than be her sexual slave, clean up boy. She is a horny one and is insatiable and my 3" cock just can't do it for her although she loves my tongue. Take care, thanks for listening.


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Cum actually taste better when you lick from her Pussy, and when its form another guy. Now thats good eaten.


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Quoting: Kered

# Posted: 8 Jul 2007 06:25:40
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How long does cum stay? And how do you save it? I've wanted to do this for my wife, but thought it would spoil or something....any info?

FROZEN IS BEST for longevity.(tastes better warmed up tho Refridgerated it will last at least 4-5 days, m/b longer. Not 100% sure of bacteria grow tho, so usually i eat it b4 the 5 day period. These are my own totally unscientific opinions, tho, so i'd welcum others in-put.
Quoting: subbimaleswmich

Have you ever been powerd to snort it in thru your nostrils???!!!
taste gets v v strong and lasts a long time too. With head tilted back and mouth gagged so you can't breathe except thru your nose any cum dribred in will HAVE to be snorted in powerfully feels very humiliating and the look on your face will be hilarious hahahoho
Who's Your Bitch.single,cuz not man enuf to attract a woman.
Will meet for sissy sex with yor cuck!!


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The best way is to freeze it ... it can last for months

Then you might wanna warm it up in the microwave .. it tastes like the real thing ...

The best is to acumultate a few loads .. than you have a real meal ready for you ...

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CleanUP and Creampies Forum / CleanUP and Creampies Forum /
cum eating training
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