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It happened again!! :)

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It had been awhile since I had any experiences with lovely Asian females so I decided to give a nearby 'spa' a try. My gal said she was 35 but could have EASILY passed for 23. She was polite, talkative (albeit with a severe language barrier) and gentle.
After a lengthy back massage, she asked me to flip over. Her soft hands found my hardening cock and began to stroke it slowly. I alternately felt her B-cup sized breasts and smooth thighs/bare butt. Once I got my thumb and index finger into her butt crack and pussy area, she sped up the pace of her cock stroking. I also kissed her flawless butt cheeks at one point.
I went from semi hard to a back arching, toe curling orgasm in under 60 seconds! In fact, my lady actually jumped back slightly and laughed when I came so fast and vigorously. She showed me the cum droplets on her upper arm and smiled before cleaning us both off.
Stamina wise, I felt like a teenager again. Only a week later, I had a one night stand with a local Caucasian gal (non-hooker) and had trouble getting hard enough to penetrate her pussy; with this lady, I went from semi hard to orgasm in literally seconds. Asian ladies, I don't know how you do it, but I'm sure glad that you do! ;)
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It happened again!! :)
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