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Has Anyone Cucked an Asian

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Like the title says, has anyone fucked an Asian girl while cycling her Asian boyfriend or husband?

We are Asian, and we would eventually want to bring in a Caucasian man to fuck my Chinese wife.

Sorry, she is only interested in white men. Our fantasy is to be in Vegas and bring a white guy back to the hotel while I sit in the corner masturbating my 4" cock as the white man is pounding away at the Asian pussy.

For those who have cucked an Asian guy, what was the experience like?


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I have a Asian G/F she has cucked her husband and does it a lot..But her husband is caucasion she is Philipppino..She has been with white and black.Her lover now is black..



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Hello Player

You should read my post on my encounters in Asia.
I think you will like what you see and read ;)

Come to visit Singapore at some day !


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I cucked several men when I lived in Japan and after, too. In the most traditional definition...I was screwing their wives. Not them knowing (I don't think) or watching....but just me screwing married women. When I lived in Japan soooo many women wanted to try western/white men, and I benefiitted. I've cucked lots of Japanese, and chinese too.


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Indian, yes.

I'd love to cuck an east asian couple...


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Although my wife finds western men more attractive with bigger cocks she said she always wanted to settle down with an Asian man. Of course after we are married she told me about all the white guys she fucked which came as a big shock and a bit crushing to hear at first, especially when we took a break years ago and she ended up relaxing with a white coworker.

She does talk about how fun it would be to have a white boyfriend on the side and for now it's only a fantasy. But I love it when she calls out the name of her white coworkers as we're fucking. I love it when she degrades Asian men and makes me watch her fuck her white 8" dildo as I sit there jacking off listening to her talk about how the white guys are so much bigger and better in bed.

Honestly I would love for her to get a chance to get a taste of the white cock as it's been a while for her but I don't think I could take the sight of it really happening, maybe if I was really takes I could take the sight of my Asian wife getting pounded by a white guy.


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Where do you live player? I'm a white bull in aus . Had Caucasian couples before but am now interested in Asian couples.
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Has Anyone Cucked an Asian
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