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Shy Asian takes her first BBC for her white husband

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Looking forward to the next instalment...
kazik toya


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What was the rug rats episode about?


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Phase II - Supportive Persistence Begins to Pay Dividends

As I said in Phase I, all of this is true.

I gave the background in Phase I, so we pick up after about two years of trying.

As I'm sure a lot of you can attest to, occasionally, I was on the brink of really fucking things up because I really did want this for her to feel sexually empowered as well as for my sexual pleasure, but I couldn't really let it go. There must have been 5 times if not more that we would talk about setting something up, only to have her back out for any one of a half dozen reamisters.

And yes, it was the only thing I asked for for the last two birthdays and Christmases. The one thing I wanted was to watch her be fucked by another guy … or two or three or four or five. Sexually, that was the zenith for me.

The one thing she was always a little worried about was a possible quid pro quo situation, where I may just be looking to fuck another woman. On one of these occasions I finally came out to my wife as bisexual and low and behold, she was totally cool with it. Totally. In fact, she stays on me about going out and finding men, which I don't do almost at all even though I really want to. But while I permisterally love sucking cock and I really fantasize about being a bottom, I couldn't love fucking my wife more. I have o interest in fucking another woman who probably isn't nearly as orgasmically gifted as my wife is. Remember, she's capable of more that 40 orgasms from a single man—just think of what she could do with 3 or 4 or more!

So after a series of cancelations on her part, she finally agreed to go to a video porn store with me again. I did my research this time. Other women have been to this place with their boyfriends so I know it'll be cool. We get there and I'm so excited my skin is tingling. She's going to suck my cock, maybe while someone watches, maybe suck another guys cock, maybe invite a group of men into the booth.

We walk in, I ask for two for the video booths, and the woman behind the counter says "No women allowed in the video area." I'm done, I can see from the expression on my wife's face that if something doesn't happen today, nothing happens, probably ever. Then the girl says, "but there's a theatre across town that I know let's women in." She then smiles and says, "but you probably don't want to go to the theater part, go to the booths, it's nicer."

Well, I know the place, and I definitely want to go to the theatre part, that has been the ultimate dream, forever it seems.

We get there, open the theatre door, lots of men in the back couple of rows doing each other, none of them attractive. My wife is not interested. The advantages of the glory hole, of course, are, a nice cock is a nice cock. The disadvantage of the booths here, no glory holes, and my wife isn't into leaving the door unlocked.

So I take it for what it is—a filthy porn shop with used condoms on the floor. My wife and I enter the booth, and we start watching the movies, select one with guys with big black cocks, which she claims not to be attracted to but gets really wet watching, and I take my pants down to my ankles, sit on a chair facing her and start stroking my cock. After a few minutes of her stirring, I stand up, gently caress the back of her head, and ease her mouth onto my cock. For only sucking one dick before mine, she has gotten to be better than any woman I've ever been with at giving head. She uses her tongue underneath while she sucks, she licks my balls while my cock slides upright across her cheek and glasses, precum is everywhere.

I stop short of cumming, sit back down and start to play with her tits, but she doesn't really want to take them out.

I start stroking myself again and I am now huge, for me anyway, maybe 7, maybe even 7.5 inches. I stand up, and now my wife is eagerly sucking my cock and I'm close to cumming again. She gently pushes me away and says "This place is just gross and I don't think I'm going to want to come back here."

And before I can protest, she adds, "so this one time, let's just do everything so I can say I've done it and you're happy and we'll leave it at that."

I sat down in the chair again as she pulls down her pants and slides her soaking wet pussy onto my engorged cock. I reach forward and turn the chair she had been sitting on around for her to use as balance, and she slides up and down on my cock, hard. She was loud and didn't care who heard her getting fucked.

It was THE most intense orgasm we both had in years.

She was a dirty girl who got fucked in a public place with other people listening. It wasn't all that I wanted, but it was awesome.

We were both covered in sweat, zipped up, and walked out, knowing that the man at the counter knew she had just fucked me. Another step forward.

When we got outside, one of the first things she said was that it was too bad that the place was so disgusting and the guys weren't very attractive.

For those of us that can read between the lines, we know that the unspoken follow up sentence to that was: because if it wasn't disgusting and the guys were hot, I would have fucked somebody right in front of you.

We talked about it and I asked her point blank, even with it being disgusting, this was so fun you'd have to do it again, wouldn't you?

She admitted that, yes, she would.

This was last fall.

I asked for my birthday present again, she promised yes, nothing happened. But we were looking on craigslist at ads here and there.

We saw a bunch of Navy guys one weekend and when we started having sex, I told her that I fantasized about her getting fucked by them on the back of a train. I said "I'm sitting next to you and …" and she stopped me there. "No, I'm alone," she whispered. She had NEVER even mentioned me not being her focus of attention before, this was something enticingly new. I said "You're alone on the train and a cute sailor sits down next to you with a big bulge in his white pants, and you see the outline of the head of his penis and you start to rub it."

"And then what?" she asked.

"And then he reaches over and starts to unbutton your shirt—" I said.

"No. I'm completely nude, on the train, and they lay me on the floor in the aisle and take turns fucking me," she said. I confirmed it and about 2 seconds later she came, and again 2 seconds more after that. And again.

My wife was making serious progress.

Christmas came, and when I said what I wanted, to watch her fuck another guy, again she said yes.

Logistics conspired against us once more, only a funny thing happened, now, she stopped saying no.

At the same time, she backed off from the gangbang idea and said that no longer interested her, but it wasn't true. She still came harder at that idea than anything.

I think what she meant was, she was being practical. She was seriously going to fuck another guy this time if we could work out how.

And ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly what happened about a month ago.

My wife fucked a black guy, on my bed, did dirty things with him and was the slut I always dreamed she could be.

She exceeded every expectation I had, I was so proud.

Phase III - Shy Asian wife takes her first BBC for her white husband, with photos.

You're going to love this.


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Phase II - Shy Asian takes her first BBC for her white husband

As I said in Phase I and Phase II, all of this is true.

Like I said, after the porn palace, she changed, just a little.

Still sweaters, but more flattering. Nothing slutty, which I would still really like, but still more and more attractive.

So this year I started sending her more ads of guys from craigslist. I asked her what she liked, and what she didn't like, and she started responding. She was taking something of an active interest.

She had also come out as bicurious to me, which I know for many men is the dream, but I have the woman I want. I want her to have more cock. And I wouldn't mind having some too.

I gave her a buffet menu of sexual options and asked her what interested her. I wanted a gangbang, first, always. But if she was going to pursue it seriously with me, I would set her up in a situation that she wanted. We could work our way up to GB.

Did she want: man and wife; two-men; three or more men; a black man; white man; asian man; hispanic man, Indian (from India).

The answers surprised me. A man only, or a man and a woman. No two men, not the first time. She wasn't interested in an Indian or hispanic man or woman, which surprised me, but when she said she didn't want an Asian man I was honestly kind of shocked.

She said, "If I'm going to do this, then I want more …"

She never did come out and say it, but she wanted a bigger cock than mine. Now while that may make some guys shudder, I was all for it. I have no problem with my normal 7, but hey, if she could get 9 or more, she should. What's interesting is she always said mine was enough, and she was telling the truth. But … if she was going to fuck another guy anyway, wouldn't it be silly not to have MORE cock in you? I respected that and was SO turned on by it that I still get hard just thinking about her wanting a big, fat cock.

So now my wife who was NEVER open to dating a black guy in real life, wants a big black cock, though she would prefer a big white one if we can find one.

And there it was, an ad on CL. Hot Asian girl, white husband with a 10 inch cock that she wants to share while licking some good pussy herself. The perfect situation for my wife, I can just watch, everyone's happy. Only the girl doesn't want anybody watching. She wants my wife, alone with her and her husband. I'm not invited.

My wife wants this in large part for me, so, we had to pass.

Responded to a few more ads, nothing, or incompatible. We're not into pain or offense at all.

Then found a guy, a black guy. Awesome cock, proportionally to his body. He sent pictures, my wife finally agreed to send hers.

We were set, only we didn't know when we could do it. Fortunately the guy was patient.

So this well hung black guy, we'll call him David, (not his real name), hung with us. My wife wasn't crazy about him facially, but he wasn't bad looking by any means. He was nice, considerate and willing to take the time she needed.

We work out a date and it's on. We talked about it a lot. I told my wife I was canceling at least 4 times because she was just not alluding to being enthused.

Every time I did, she said, no, she was going to do it this time. The night before I told I would cancel for her, she said no. That morning, we decided the worst we could do would be to meet him.

We went to a coffee shop and he was going to ride back to our place with us. He was late getting there and a tall, muscular, black sheriffs department officer walked in and my wife blushed. Unfortunately, it wasn't our guy. But my wife wanted to fuck the officer, I knew that without her saying it. If I could have figured out how to ask him to join us, I would have. She would have fucked two guys if he was one of the two.

David was late. Not a good start. I checked my phone and he had sent a text saying he'd be at the cafe in a minute.

I saw him across the street, and my heart sank a little. I'm 6 foot but the cop was 6-4 and the size of a defensive linemen. My wife is smaller and attracted to big men. David was not big. Not by a long shot.

He crossed the street, and he was only 5-6 or 5-7. I thought my wife would back out. To her credit, she was polite, and after a few minutes of conversation, we went back to our place.

We didn't have a lot of time and went straight to our bedroom.

David was great. He sat on the bed, right next to my wife, I sat on a chair facing them with a camera as I said I would.

He reached over, put his hand on my wife's thigh and started to caress it. He told her how good she looked, then he leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back. He was only the 3rd man she had ever kissed.

He began to fondle her breasts as he kissed her. Now I know there are guys who experience cuckold jealousy, but damn, I was not one of them. I could not have enjoyed it more.

He told her to take her clothes off, nicely, but firmly. She would do everything he told her that day, right in front of her husband. She was on her way to being a very good slut for him. And me.

She took her shirt off, then her bra. Her huge nipples exposed to another man, and he appreciated them just as much as I told him he would. He sucked her tits as he removed her jeans and then he smiled. "No underwear," he said with a grin. She never wears underwear, but it was great to have him think it was just for him.

Then my wife sat on the edge of the bed and unbuttoned his jeans with him, releasing his beautiful black cock. Even though he was only 5-6, his cock was still at least 9 inches and pretty thick. If he had been the 6 feet or so we expected, scaled, it would have been a foot. Oh well, next guy(s), anyway. The head of his cock and an inch or two down the shaft were white, the rest of his cock and balls were black. I envied my wife as she leaned in and began to suck his swaying black cock. I watched intently as it grew in her mouth. She sucked him so well that now I was envying him. God she's great in bed.

My shy wife, who resisted for years, was finally sucking a BBC with gusto. She wanted him. She wanted his huge black cock in her cunt.

He told her to lay down, and again she did what she was told, her calves hanging over the edge of the bed. He knelt down and began to eat her pussy, and as I've said in the other pages, she loves to orgasm. She reached out and held my hand as I shared her pussy with a black man, making her cum again and again.

There were at least four or five orgasms for her already, and my pants were off and I was jerking off for all I was worth. Precum flowed from my cock, which I have to say, it was unusual for my precum to stream like that.

He told my wife to stand up and he laid on my bed, he then guided my wife to sit on his cock facing away from him. She gasped as more and more of his fat cock entered her tight pussy, until she had it all inside or her, writhing and screaming like I had never seen her do. She was getting fucked like I could never do. This guy could fuck and now she wanted him to fuck her like I had NEVER seen her before.

I couldn't tell you exactly how many times she came. Could be 15, could be 25 times, but she was in heaven. She was lost in his cock.

He told her to roll over and she got on her knees, reaching as far forward in front of her as she could, she stretched as he entered her pussy from behind. She howled as he slammed his hips into her ass, the look of ecstasy on her face was beyond compare.

She has this dirty smile she gets, it drives me crazy. It's the only time I can see that she realizes how sexy she really is. She'll never admit it otherwise, but when she's getting fucked well, it's unbelievable.

He laid her on her side (see picture) and fucked her pussy with her legs curled out of his way. It was gentle, sexy, and varied from soft to slamming. She was beautiful.

They tried everything, including him standing on the bed, lifting her under her knees upside down, her head on the bed, her cunt clutching his massive cock, holding on.

As she was overwhelmed, lost in her lust for his big cock, he moved her to the corner of the bed next to the end table. he perched one arm on the table, one on the pillows and fucked her mouth firmly and her cheeks hollowed sucking him as hard as she could. She would do anything for his cock.

He told her to open her mouth and she smiled like the dirty slut I dreamed she could be. She was pleasing him, it was all that mattered as he came in her mouth, on her face, in her hair, on my sheets. Her mouth yearned for his cum, agape, eager, his cum cascading from her lips, she smiled in a way I have NEVER seen her do before.

She reached her head forward and sucked the rest of the cum out of his delicious cock, cum dripping from her lips (see picture).

I came all over myself. I wanted to lick the cum from her lips. I wanted to kiss her and share his cock, taste his cum. Her smile beamed, even in the mid-morning sun.

They took a short break and I wanted to clean his cum off of her SO bad, but the vibe just wasn't right.

While he cleaned up, she stood there, her eyes sparkling, arms above her head, covered in cum, she was radiant. She was happy, more happy than she had been in years.

She cleaned up, and I have to say, I was sad that the cum was gone. But then they started their second session.

She started by going straight for his cock again which was what he wanted. He was huge again in no time.

He laid her back on the bed and essentially did push ups fucking her mouth. And then he started to fuck her again, and he fucked her hard.

He pinned her legs over the top of his shoulders again and again and just pounded her pussy (see picture). Too be honest, it may have been the only unpleasant part of things for her, I think he was fucking her too hard, and every once in a while, it actually hurt, though my wife didn't tell me until later and never said anything to him.

By now, she was gone, she was like one of the girls in the gangbangs we watched all those times, she was lost in a haze of sex. She stopped remembering what he did at that point. She was truly ecstatic, in the literal sense. She could remember how happy she was during that second session, but she did remember that it hurt sometimes.

He rolled her over onto her stomach and laid her flat on the bed, sliding his long cock past her ass and down into her pussy.

He readjusted and kept fucking her that way for a while. To this day, I don't know if he was fucking her in the ass or the pussy, but he was slamming the cuckolds brownie out of her and she just kept cumming and cumming. She screamed, she moaned, and said "oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god" non-stop, more times, and faster than I had ever heard any woman do. She was better than a porn star … any porn star, and the best part was, it was real.

As he rolled her over, he came in her pussy and I was so happy for him, and so happy for her. They had an amazing time.

He caressed her body from head to toe for quite some time when they finished and she was drifting through a post-coital bliss. For 20 minutes the smile never left her face.

If I had one wish, it would have been that the sheriff's officer could have joined them. Well, actually my first wish would have been that nothing hurt at all, but then the big officer and his light skinned cock. But for his size, David was excellent.

My wife enjoyed everything and it was way beyond either of our expectations, but honestly, she still doesn't remember how much she did enjoy it. Part of the reamister for writing this is for her to remember the dirty things she did, and part is so she can look forward to the dirty things she can do in the future.

We've got some guys talking to us about a gangbang.

Living the dream.

Let me know what you guys think

Bihusband of Asianwife



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more pix



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great story, keep us updated


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soooooooooo fuckin hot !! hope there r more pics 2 show
Marc williams


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Wow!! What a good girl! She took him bareback and got creampied!! You're a lucky guy!
Please keep the pics comin!


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best thing I have seen in a long time way to go lucky guy! please post more hot pics


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in the little hole it goes.


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Keep those pics coming... very hot
- Thee Young Bull
Available in Southern CA.


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Did anybody jerk off to pictures of my wife and her first BBC? The one with the cum on her lips and face makes me crazy. He told her to open her mouth and she did what she was told with enthusiasm. He came in her mouth, on her face, in her hair, all over the sheets. It was spectacular!


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Hi, Since you ask about jerking off I can tell you no. Your wife has all the makings of an attractive woman but due to your photo cropping she remains faceless. If you could consider this situation from my and presumably others point of view - we have never seen your wife properly. She is an attractive but faceless torso. nice to see but hard to relate too. Permisterally I do like to 'look at the mantlepiece when I'm stoking the fire', even in my imagination.

You will find the community here accepts and appreciates seeing wives being fucked, even by their husbands. You will also get more responses and you will both get more satisfaction by sharing her completely.

The wife I see was shy and humiliated at the start. Now she's turned-on knowing anyone can see her completely naked any time they want. It's enared her to express and reveal herself more in her everyday life as well.

Thanks for sharing anyway. The more wives that are shared and liberated the better it is for all.


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Rasp, It's just not possible for everyone to include the wife's pictures. There have to be many women-- especially Asian-- who say like my wife did "I may do this, but NEVER let anyone know, NEVER take or show pictures" etc. Heck I bet a large percentage of women would like to do such things but won't even consider it just because they fear someone will find out. In our case, we had two teenage kids when I first was urging her to do it, and she very early on (once she finally considered it) demanded all kinds of precautions- not in town, not with anyone we knew, no pictures. So yes- it's always nice to see faces.....but you just can't think that everyone can be open about who they are. Asian women especially are just so shy about it, so often.
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Shy Asian takes her first BBC for her white husband
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