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Ex-whore Asian Wife

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Charles Webb


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I was contacted by a friend I hadn't seen since 6-1971. He was living in
West Virginia. We talked over the phone several times, and, one of the
first things he asked was did my wife come back to the states with me.
When I asked him if he would like to come visit, he said YES, and we
started making plans. It turned out that he was divorced, so there was
nothing in his way. I gave him explicit directions, as he wanted to drive
out, and, told my wife he was on his way. He had not seen us since four
days after our wedding.

He arrived a week later, and after many hugs and kisses, we went out to
eat. We spent two or three hours catching up and playing remember
when. Then my wife winked at me and excused herself. She went into
our bedroom and changed to a VERY short see-thru nighty.

She came back into the den, and his eyes almost popped out, and his chin
dropped to his chest. My wife looked at him, and asked did it still look as good as the last time he saw it. He couldn't answer for a second, but
finally answered "HELL, YES!!!

She told him to stand up, and she stripped him off, and started sucking his
dick. She sucked hin till she tasted his pre-cum, then climbed up in his lap
and guided his cock to her pussy lips, and settled down on him to ride his
"horsey." He was so excited that in less than five minutes he was shooting her full of cum. She told him not to worry about it, the second
and so on times would be better, and much, much longer. She went and got a wet towel, came back, licked his dick clean, and wqshed his cock and balls with a warm towel, and went to douche and clean herself up.

She came back in afterward, and sat down in his lap and started kissing
him and fondeling his cock and balls. After about fifteen minuted he was
ready to start, again. She started sucking his cock the second time, plus this time, she was licking his balls, too. She made sure that he was good and hard and laid down on the sofa, and reached down and opened her
pussy with two fingers and told him "My pussy feels SO empty. Can you put something in it for me, PLEASE?" He went over, got on top of her,and
slid his dick in her as far as he could. She wrapped her legs around him
and started bucking her ass and cunt into him, all the while telling him,
"Give me a good, hard fuck. Make my toes curl. Fuck me with your big,
hard cock. Shoot my pussy ful of your cum. Make me squeel and squirm. Fuck me more. I want your hard dick, so bad!!!" This time he fucked her for nearly an hour, and she had twenty three orgasms before
he finally blew his load of cum inside her pussy.

He stayed with us for a week, and never fucked her less than four times
every day. He made us promise to come visit him this summer, and we will, too.


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Don't think I have had the pleasure of fucking your wife, but if she likes big black cocks, drop me a line.
Charles Webb


Posts: 142
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She would have to get to know you VERY well first. She doesn't give her
pussy to strangers, any more. She would have to know you well enough to be assured that you didn't have any STDs, or HIV, because she refuses
to have sex with a partner who is wearing a condom. She says that when
she lets a man split her fuzz, she wants to feel meat, not latex, and wants to feel his cum squirting inside of her pussy, and running down her leg or
Charles Webb


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Some of her in action, recently.
Charles Webb


Posts: 142
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And some more:
Charles Webb


Posts: 142
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And some more:


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can you post more of her gang bang stories, and did you get to see her do any?
Charles Webb


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I am not really sure if it would be called a gang-bang, but when we were in Germany, from 1974-1977, we were into swinging, mostly with other
Asian/ American couples. There were two couples that were White, and
one couple that was Hispanic/ White. (Husband Hispanic) We also had a
two couples (they joined after we had been together for about a year) that
were Black/ Asian.

We would get together three or four times a month, as a group, and really
party. We would play all kinds of games to get things started. Everybody
had a great time, and, most of the time, each girl would get fucked three or four times. However, if any of the girls was in the mood for a gang-bang, nobody minded. Most times, at least one, sometimes two or three
of the ladies would be in an especially lusty mood, and would strip, climb
up on the Dining Room table, and simply tell everyone, "Come and Get It."
The first guy would start eating the girl's pussy, and someone else would
go get a wet towel. When the first guy finished, the next guy would clean
her up, and start fucking her. This would go on till either she had enough,
or till everyone there had all they wanted.
One other custom we had was that on the hostesses birthday, everyone
would meet at their home, and everyone would fuck the hostess before
fucking anybody else. The only exception we had to this was if she was
having her period, we would postpone till the next weekend. During this,
the husband would take care of keeping his wife's pussy cleaned, by whatever means he (or she) wanted. We had two couples that the husbands ate their wives' pussies clean after they had been fucked.

There were other occassions where I was privileged to watch my wife
getting gang-banged, also, but this was the most often.


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Charles Webb

Charles Webb


Posts: 142
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We were married twice. The first time was by a Vietnamese J.P, I found
out that it was not legal to bring her back to the U.S. and that I would have to receive permission from military channels to bring her home with
me, so, we set out to get the needed paperrwork to accomplish this. The
whole process took 18 months, but finally, it was done.

We were married on the day town was to go off limits for a week. My supervisor talked to the right people to allow her and I to have our honey-
moon night in the upstairs protion of our duty section. We also planned
to have a party that evening. A reception if you will.

We had our wedding, and, as it was time for town to go off limits, we took
a taxi to the base. The Ops NCO for the M.P. company was there to get us
onto the post without giving up her I.D. card, so she wouyld be able to stay overnight. We went to the motor pool where the party was waiting on
us to get started. We ate, and started takeing, and in a while several of
the people drifted off on their own business. By the time it was dark there
were only about twenty people still there.

I, my wife, and four or five of our closest friends had gone into an office
and were sitting there talking (and getting takes) My wife was not used to
dtrinking and, by far, was takesed than any of us. She had worn a black
mini-skirt and a white short-sleeved sweater, and black bikini paties to the
base. No bra. Her nipples were plainly visible through it, and a couple of
the friends were teasing her about her nipples showing. Her response was
to take the sweater off so they wouldn't have to look so hard to see them.
She was sitting on the edge of the desk, with the mini-skirt not really covering a lot, and making it easy to see her pantie crotch. We started teasing her, again, so she said if we were worried about seeing her panties, she would take them off, and did. Now she was sitting there topless, wearing a mini-skirt, and no panties. We started teasing her, again, about being able to see her pussy. She asked if we wanted to see
it better. We told her "YES", so she took off the skirt, and sat back down
on the desk naked. The supervisor was Dave. The same guy that was in
the orgy mentioned in another story. He was sitting there looking at her,
as was everbody else, and told her his tongue was getting hard looking at her. He thought that she would laugh at him, but, instead, she opened her
legs and told him that she was wet, and needed to be licked. He turned his chair around facing her, and proceeded to eat her pussy in front of
everybody. Rick, the friend from W.Virginia that visited recently, went into the latrine and brought a towel, and a large bowl of hot water. Dave
ate her for a little while, then stood up and dropped his pants and started
fucking her. He fucked her for about 15 minutes before he shot his cum
into her pussy. She washed off, then opened her purse and took out her
douche bottle, and cleaned hrself out. Rick stepped over to her and started licking her pussy, till he heard her moan, and then he started fucking her. He was so excited that he only lasted about 5 minutes, and,
he too shot a load of cum inside her pussy. She cleaned herself, again,
inside and out, and asked,"Who is next?"

Sid, a fairly recent addition to our staff, stepped over in front of her and
said "ME!!" and stuck his cock in her and started to pump. He was impressed with how tight she was after being fuck twice like that. She
laughed and told him to push his dick all the way in and hold it there. When he did as she asked, she clamped down with her vaginal muscles,
and told him to pull out. He almost couldn't do it. She told him to do it,
again. When he pushed his dick in all the way, again, she started contracting her muscles and made him cum without moving, again. A
friend named Bob stepped over, and asked if it was okay to fuck her "same-same dog." She stood up and leaned over the desk and he
made quick work of giving her his dick. He was fucking her, and telling her that he wanted to see her beautiful pussy with his dick going in and
out of it. She responded by starting to shake her ass, dancing for him.
He was the longest-lasting lover she had at that point. He lasted about
20-30 minutes before he shot his cum into her pussy.

We had gone and got another bowl of water, so she squatted down and cleaned out her pussy, washed, and sat down to rest a bit.

We sat there talking, and admiring the scenery, for a few minutes, and,
in the meantime, we were teasing her that, since this was a special occasion, instead of giving everybody a chance to kiss the bride, she should give everybody a chance to fuck the bride. We had, every time she asked for a take, given her something alchoholic, and she was more
than a little takes, so she readily agreed.

She stood up, surprisingly steady, and walked out into the work area. There were a couple of guys there, and asked them if they wanted to fuck the bride. They both said yes, so she climbed up on a handy jeep hood,
and opened her legs. They both fucked her as a 3-some. While one of them was fucking her, she was sucking the other guy's cock. When they
had both cum, (the first time I had seen her suck and swallow) they traded places and both of them cum in her the second time. I gave her
a beer to wash the cum out of her mouth, and she was off, again, only taking time to wash her pussy.

It was well after dark outside, and the only light was a floodlight in the front, so it was shadowed out back. There were three guys out back with
another girl, that they had all fucked, already. My wife walked out to where they were standing and asked if any of them wanted to fuck the
bride. All three said yes, so she bent over the front bumper of a truck, and spread her legs. They all took turns, and fucked her twice apiece, and the girl asked if she could play, too. I told her it was okay with me, so she bent down and proceeded to eat my wife's pussy, sucking all the
cum out of her, and swallowing it all. I had not had any pussy till then, so
while she was eating my wife's pussy, I fucked her, giving her two nice loads. My wife never noticed that it was another girl eating her pussy. All she knew was that whoever it was ate her better than she had ever been eaten, before.

While the other girl was eating her pussy, four other guys wandered over
to see what was going on. When she saw the new arrivals, she asked them if THEY wanted to fuck the bride. Dave had gone inside and brought
out a folding cot, and she layed down and told them to line up and get horney. They all fucked her twice, and one of them fucked her three times.

After they had all had all the pussy they wanted, she wanted to go to the bathroom and clean herself. We were helping her to the latrine, and the
Duty NCO and two of the guards drove by in time to see her going into the latrine. They saw a naked, and very sexy girl walk into the latrine, and wondered what was happening. We stood there and talked till she came out of the latrine. She smiled at them, and asked if they were in a hurry. When the NCO said they were not, she sked if they wanted some
pussy, that we had been married this afternoon, and she was giving everybody a chance to fuck the bride. They thought that sounded like fun, so she went back into the office and layed down on the desk and invited them to fuck her. They all fucked her twice, since they had to go
check on other guards.

By this time the first four guys were horney, again, so after giving her a bowl of water, a towel, and her douche bottle, and helping her clean up,
again, they all fucked her twice apiece.

By this time it was getting late, so everybody went up to the barracks,leaving my wife and I alone for the night. We went we could fuck a little and go to bed. We had just gone up when we heard
someone downstairs. There were two M.P.s checking to see who was in the Motor Pool at that hour (0100)

They both recognized me, and we stood there talking for a minute. My wife heard us talking and came down the stairs, still nude. They knew my
wife, also, having seen her many times, but, they had never seen her like
this. They had seen her in a string bikini, and they had, at the beach, seen her topless, but they had never seen her naked, from less that two feet. Just before we went upstairs, she took the bowl, and cleaned her pussy inside and out, again, and then used the bowl to take a shower, and
was still wet from it. Here she was, standing in front of them, completely
nude, and dripping wet. The effect was immdeiate and obvious. She saw
the bulges in the front of their pants, and, with no hesitation, told them to
come upstairs. They complied, and when they got upstairs, she went over
to the bed, layed down, and told them that she wanted her friends to come
and fuck her. I told them to go ahead, so they both stripped down, and began another 3-some. While one of the M.P.s fucked her, she started sucking the other's dick. She made both of them cum, one in her pussy, the other in her mouth, and, as before, she swallowed. Then they traded
places. They both fucked her three times, then they had to go, but, she
made them promise to come to our house as soon as the town went back
on limits, for supper, and smiling at them, for dessert.

They left, she went back into the latrine, cleaned up again, picked up her
clothes from the office, came upstairs, and gave me a blow-job and a good fucking, then we called it a night.


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your wife is so ....
Charles Webb


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In the process of reviewing my post, I come to realize how much I wish to see the pictures I had of my wife which were stolen(?)) The request I will make of any/all here is that, if posssible, could you make some fakes of the pictures of her in this thread, showing her nude. To any who shall try, at the time shown, she was trimmed to where she had a 1 inch wide strip, from the upper edge of her pussy, extending upward approximately 2-3 inches.

I would be very grateful for any help with this.
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Ex-whore Asian Wife
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