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Becky's awakening

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Like some feedback on this, love it or hate it. Never tried writing before but had this in my head for a long time so figured what the hell...

Charlie rolled over early in the morning and snuggled up to the backside of his still ******** wife. His morning wood aching for some long over due attention. He ran his hand along her bare hip as he worked his hard but short cock against her butt. Slowly moving his hand up he grasps one of her breasts as he kisses her shoulder, as she says, "Better not start something you can't finish." And with that his short term morning erection faded. The story of his life it would seem. In Becky's mind, unless she could get a decent fucking out of it, whats the point? She could get a better orgasm from her vibrator and lets face it, their sex life was never all that great but as Charlie aged his ability to maintain a decent erection was but a distant memory. Love between them was never an issue but physically, the 15 years that separated them was and it showed. Doctors were consulted about his E.D. but the "Little Blue Pill" was apparently a non starter as there were too many risks of the unwanted side effects that came with it with his health issues. In other words, learn to live with it.

Becky got up and started getting ready for work. Her husband had awoken a craving this morning that there simply wasn't time to take care of. "Guess I'll have to remember to pick up some batteries after work today." It would be just her luck, she thought to herself that her vibrator would be as dead as Charlie's dick when she got home later.

Becky got to the factory at her usual time and went about her normal pre-shift activities. Chatting with some co workers and just killing time in general. She was studying an ad on the post-it board in the break room when a man's voice from behind her startled her.

"There is lots of stuff to get rid of, most has never been used." He said. "This is your ad?" Becky asked. "Yup, the ex-wife was into crafting, and when she left she didn't take anything." "My name is Chuck Thompson, by the way" he said as he extended his hand to her. "I'm Becky Anderson." She responded, taking his out stretched hand. Becky was surprised at the size of his hand and also somewhat surprised at the clash of color between his dark chocolate brown skin against her very light, almost white skin. Chuck said, "Well I have to get back to my line but if you have any questions just ask." "Will do", she responded. As Chuck was walking away Becky asked, "Hey Chuck, you on Facebook?" "I am, yeah", he said. "Great I'll send you a friend request later".

As Chuck was walking away, he smiled to himself. "Oh yeah, this will get interesting" he thought to himself. This was hardly the first time he had noticed Becky. He had admired her from afar for quite some time. He knew she was married but he didn't care. In fact he found sport in trying to seduce married white women. He wasn't always successful but he did love the chase.

Later that afternoon after Becky got home, she stripped out of her clothes and took a long, hot and relaxing shower. After drying off she laid down on the bed and looked at the clock. An hour and a half before Charlie would get home from work. She smirked a little, rolled over and pulled her vibrator from the night stand drawer, turned it on and began to massage her nether region. It wasn't long until her mind was racing towards the encounter in the break room this morning. "Now where did that come from?" She thought to herself. As her mind went back to the image of her hand in his. His hands were so big, "Could it be true what they say?" "Big hands = big cock?" "Wait, he's also black so..." Becky was imagining Chuck pulling down his pants and exposing a monster cock. At that point a small orgasm hit her causing her squeeze her thighs together and lift her hips off the bed. Becky turned off her vibrator, and lie there catching her breath. She thought to herself, "Did you seriously just get off fantasizing about a co-worker? A black one at that??" "My God where did that come from?" She found it really odd and out of character for her, but hey it got her off and quickly at that.

Later that evening while scrolling through Facebook, Becky remembered she was going to send Chuck a friend request. She typed in his name and it came up immediately. As soon as she hit the "Send friend request" button she felt a shudder run through her and questioned if she should have done that. "Whats the big deal" she thought to herself, he just has a bunch of stuff for sale, thats it.

On the other side of town, Chuck smiled to himself as the friend request popped up on his screen. He closed his eyes and thought for a while working out the best way to proceed to eventually separate Becky from her panties. "Slowly", he said out loud, "yup, this has to be done slowly". He opted to let that friend request sit for a few days knowing that he would be working in the back of her mind. He spent the next couple hours pouring through her online presence and her husbands too.

Three days, it had been three days since since Becky sent that friend request and nothing, Becky thought to herself. She even had been trying to figure out his break schedule at work to try and run into him with no luck. She went to look at the board again where his ad was posted and get his number but the ad was gone. Now she was really getting frustrated, which honestly puzzled her. Its just crafting supplies she thought to herself, it shouldn't be a big deal but she couldn't get it...or rather him out of her mind. The next evening while both Becky and Charlie were settled in for the evening watching TV and surfing the net, Chuck accepted Becky's friend request. "Well its about dam time!" She said outloud. "Whats that?" Charlie asked? "Oh I sent a friend request to a guy at work and he finally accepted it." "Umm, ok, sounds important." Charlie responded. "No, not really." Becky went on, "He posted on the buy/sell board about a bunch of crafting stuff his ex left when they split, we talked a bit about it a little but then the ad was gone and he never got back to me on FB until now." "Its probably all gone now anyway, oh well" she said. Then she turned her laptop to show her husband Chuck's profile picture. "Oh, ok" he said, "good looking guy" he added. As she turned her laptop back to face her she thought, "yes he sure is." She started going through his posts and pics of himself on there and was struck by the fact that she never really found black men all that attractive. Until now.

Charlie had grown frustrated with their sex life over the years. He always had interest but she would always turn him down for one reason or another, it had gotten to the point where he didn't even ask much anymore. For a while he wondered if she was cheating on him then dismissed the idea as a lack of interest, after all she never slept with anyone else except Charlie so how would she know what she'd been missing. As the years went by though he started to wonder what it would be like if she were to experience another guy. A "Bull", a true stud with a rock hard cock that really knew how to use it. In time, that thought would become an obsession with Charlie. Whenever he would masturbate it was to his wife being fucked by another man and now he had gotten to the point where he would totally welcome that idea into their lives. This evening when Becky showed him the picture of Chuck, his mind started reeling! He had never considered a black guy into his fantasies, but now he couldn't get that erotic image out of his mind.

Becky sat staring at her laptop pondering a thought then decided to send Chuck a private message. "Hey I've been trying to get a hold of you but I see you took down that ad. Suppose all the stuff is gone already?"

Didn't take long for Chuck to reply back, "No, still have it all I just decided to let you have first crack at it and I've been swamped with stuff lately." He smiled as he hit the send button.

As she read his reply she felt elated, then a little guilty for thinking the bad things she did about him for putting her off.

"You are welcome to stop by any time you want and take a look at what I have to offer", he shot back. "Yeah a big hard black cock sliding up that white married pussy, thats what I really want to offer you" he thought to himself.

"This weekend?" she asked. "Saturday morning works great for me." he replied. He gave her his address and it was set.

As the weekend drew closer she was becoming almost giddy, and didn't understand why. She asked Charlie to go with her, he reluctantly agreed. He honestly wanted her to go by herself so he could have another mind game to fuel his fantasies.

They arrived at Chuck's house which was located in a very rural area at 9am. Knocked on the door and Chuck opened it. He was disappointed she brought her husband but, "I'll just change tactics a little" he thought. They chatted a while, shared some coffee while looking through some of the items. Becky was in heaven. Obviously his ex wife and her shared similar tastes. Charlie stayed near the back of the room as Chuck showed his wife this and that. It wasn't long before Charlie noticed that Chuck was pretty much rubbing up against Becky at every opportunity. Their jovial attitudes and close proximity to each other was really getting to Charlie and it didn't take long for him to realize he was sporting a hard on like he hadn't had in ages. Charlie noticed something must have been working on Becky too because her nipples were like rocks poking through her T-shirt. Chuck noticed that too and started to put his hand in the small of her back to lead her around. Then rather abruptly Chuck said, "Well I hate to cut this short but I have to take off soon, so what do you think? See anything here that interests you at all?"

Becky turned to him and responded, "Absolutely!" Her nipples still hard as a rock. "Great, glad to hear it." They made a deal on some small items, and Charlie started boxing them up and took them outside. Once he was gone Chuck walked up behind Becky, slipped his hands on her hips and leaned in close and said there is a lot more here I can show you but now probably isnt the best time. Becky's heart skipped a beat and her breathing became a little ragged as she nodded her head and said "Ok." "Did she couldn't be" she thought to herself, but she could have sworn she felt his cock against her ass. Chuck lingered there in that position, with his semi erect dick pushing against her ass as they watched her husband make his way back towards the house through the window. As Charlie was stepping back into the house Chuck gave a slow push with his hips against Becky's backside then backed off, **************** hips moved backward to follow him. Becky was feeling warm and flushed and grabbed a magazine that was lying on the table to fan herself with. When Charlie came back into the room he noticed Becky's face was very red and she was fanning herself. Her nipples were so hard showing through her shirt that they actually made shadows across her breasts in the sunlight. Charlie's gaze shifted from his wife to Chuck who was taking in the vision of Becky's body. Chuck's intense facial expression wasn't lost on Charlie, he knew lust when he saw it. Chuck then shifted his eyes to Charlie and the two men eyed each other across the room. Charlie was staring back at Chuck when a smirk appeared on his face as he realized that this little fantasy of his may actually come to fruition. "Holy ****" Chuck thought to himself as he was analyzing Charlie's grin, "Does this guy get what my plan is here?"

There were non noncommittal acceptances that Becky would return at some point to see what else was available. With that they left. Charlie noticed Becky seemed really out of sorts on the way home, partially turned towards the passenger door, knees tight together, one arm wrapped around her stomach and the other holding her head as she stared out the window. "Boy Chuck is a heck of a nice guy, I can see why you like him so much." Charlie said out of the blue. The words "like him" hit Becky and she defensively snapped back "What do you mean by that?!" Charlie worriedly looked at her and said, "Ummm...he's a nice guy...geez thats all." "Oh, right. Yeah he is" Was all she said the rest of the way home.

That evening as Becky went to shower before going to bed she couldn't get Chuck out her mind. His large black hands on her light skin, his hips and his impressive bulge up against her ass cheeks were creating a yearning that she hadn't felt in years. With the warm water running down her body, she leaned up against the shower wall and squeezed her breasts, licked a nipple then reached down and rubbed her clit. Her knees began to buckle, her hips moved ************* and she came almost instantly.

Charlie was surfing the net while Becky occupied herself in the shower. He too couldn't get Chuck out of his mind. He was sure he saw a longing in his eyes as Chuck was with Becky. He honestly wasn't sure what to feel. Threatened? Aroused? Worry? Yes, all the above but arousal was winning that race. Just then a Friend request popped up on Facebook. From Chuck! "Oooook" he thought to himself. "Do I really want to be "friends" with a guy who may want to fuck my wife?" He thought to himself. Charlie slowly, reluctantly clicked to accept it. A message came with the request. "Nice to meet you today Charlie". "I mentioned to Becky there was a lot more I had to offer so don't be a stranger! She's welcome anytime to come see what I have for her." Chuck had openly smiled as he typed that last part. Charlie just read, then reread that last part and closed the message with no acknowledgment.

Later as they both lay in bed, neither knew it but Chuck was on each others minds. Charlie had a nervous pit in his stomach that couldn't help but work at making his cock hard, and Becky had a tremendous yearning for a good hard fuck. She rolled over and snuggled with him, reached down and was surprised to find a fairly hard cock. She raised her head, their lips met then their tongues. Becky climbed on top not wanting to waist anytime and lowered herself onto his short 5 inch dick. Charlie was surprised to say the least as Becky rarely initiated their encounters but welcomed it. Becky never had much interest in sex anymore but he took advantage of it for all he could. As she rode him and ground her soaking wet pussy against him she was nearing climax. Charlie was thrusting all he could when he felt that all to often sensation of a deflating dick. "NO!!!" he screamed in his brain, "NOT NOW!" Becky was so close to her climax when all of a sudden his dick just disappeared, and so did her orgasm. They just stared at each other, eyeing each others disappointment. Becky just climbed off rolled over and moved away as far as the bed would allow. A few minutes later she said something that would come back to haunt them both. "What I wouldn't give for one decent fuck." She said quietly, but loud enough for Charlie to hear then got out of bed and headed for the living room. Nothing more was said that night.

The next morning over coffee, the silence was intense. Charlie wanted to apologize for his performance but doubted that it would even matter. He had an idea floating in his mind but frankly was scared to bring it up however now was as good a time as any.

"Excuse me?!" Becky shot back. "You want me to cheat on you? Really?" She said as her eyes burned into his. He shook his head, reached out across the table for her hands. "Look", he said, "I'm just thinking involving someone else... it may be something to consider". "I love you, nothing can ever change that but there simply are some things that I just can't do for you any longer." "Besides, its not cheating if I am involved in it."

Becky's face had turned from anger, to disgust and now to bewilderment. She was speechless. There simply wasn't much she could say other than a very stern but calm, "No." As Charlie stared into her eyes, read her expressions, and listened to her, he felt deflated all over again. Without saying a word he got up, pushed his chair in, walked to her gave a kiss on the cheek and headed to work. As he headed to his truck, he thought to himself, "Well at least he put forth the effort and the seed was planted". Whether or not it would grow remained to be seen.

Becky got ready for work with Charlie's insane idea making her more angry the more she thought about. "How could he even consider putting our marriage at risk by even bringing up such a crazy idea. Yeah, me fucking other guys...yeah right!"

As the days went by nothing more was ever mentioned about the idea but, Becky spent a lot of time trying to understand why her husband would even propose such a thing and to be honest she was beginning to understand it. She didn't like it, but began to get it. Then the thoughts were, "Ok well who? Strangers? People we know?? Oh my God! People would find out!" She squeezed her eyes and shook her head to perish that thought. "We cant do this, besides its not like I'm a skinny model or anything. No one would want to have sex with me. Yup thats it case closed." she thought to herself.

Chuck had decided to let things slide for a while and avoided contact for a week or two, then sent Becky a private message again. "Hey Becky I wonder if you'd like to come over one day after work? I'm free Wednesday & Thursday next week."

Becky got that flushed feeling again as she read his message. "Let me check with Charlie and I'll get back to you ok?" Chuck responded "Sure sounds good." "Oh by the way, I wonder if I could get your help with something, I've been thinking about dating again and putting up a personal ad. Think you could help me word it?" "You have a better idea how to hook a woman's eye than I do! Lol"

"Sure I can help you with that" she typed back.
"Great! Maybe you can help me with some pics of myself too." Chuck had a very mischievous grin as he typed that last line. He knew exactly what pics he would send her. Oh how he wished he could see her face when she spotted them.
"Sure just send them to me with your ad and Ill take a look."

That evening over supper as Becky was passing the potatoes to Charlie she said, "Chuck messaged me about stopping over after work one day next week." Charlies dick immediately sprang into action as the ***** began to surge its way into it while at the same time his stomach tied itself in a knot.

"Really? Any idea when?"

"Well he said he was free Wednesday or Thursday. But I told him I needed to check with you to see what your schedule was." Charlie was free then as well but told her that he thought he would be late most everyday next week. He wanted to her to go by herself so the two of them were by themselves with no one around and see if his theory about Chuck wanting to bed Becky was right or not.

Becky fidgeted in her chair and seemed to stammer her words a bit as she replied, "Oh ok well I guess I can go by myself." "But if you get home in time, you need to come too." Charlie reassured her he would knowing full well there was no way he would make himself available.

The next day at the plant, Chuck made sure he ran into Becky. As they passed in the hallway Chuck mentioned that he sent her a copy of what his ad was and asked her to look at it later. She smiled and said she would.

Her mind had really been twisted lately and it indeed was bothering her. "Everything was so simple a short time ago". She thought to herself as she drove home from work. "I mean, from fantasizing about a black guy to her husband asking her if she would have sex with other men, its really gotten crazy." When she got home she did her normal routine of going through the days mail, unwinding for a few minutes and then head for the shower. As she was undressing she caught sight of herself in the mirror. She stared for a while examining her body, then twisted one way then the other trying to imagine if anyone else would find this overweight, middle aged


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woman desirable.

She got the temperature of the water just right then stepped in. The hot water cascading down her body felt tantalizingly erotic for some reason. As she soaped up her body her mind drifted back to Chuck rubbing up against her, his hand on her back, but then when he came up behind her with his bulge working against her ass her knees became weak. She leaned back against the shower wall as one hand rubbed her soapy breasts and the other began rubbing circles around her clit. It didn't take long before an orgasm was building. She rubbed harder and harder her breathing became faster and faster she squeezed a nipple hard with her other hand. As she climaxed she let out a small scream and almost doubled down in the shower but she managed to catch herself. "Holy **** that was intense!" she said quietly as her body began to recover. Becky dried herself off and looked at the clock. She had at least an hour before she expected Charlie home so she decided to forgo getting dressed for a while. She loved the feeling of her skin in the open air, especially being outside in the nude but with neighbors in close proximity that was a rare treat she gave herself, usually late at night when Charlie was out of town and everyone else in the neighborhood turned in for the night. The cool evening air on her naked body was always exhilarating, relaxing and liberating. Almost therapeutic to the soul.

She settled into her recliner with her laptop and opened up Facebook. Immediately a message came up from Chuck. It was a draft of his personals ad he wanted her to look at. It read...

"Single, adventurous, and fit middle aged black man seeks
Single middle aged woman for some adventurous fun.
Race unimportant, attitude is everything."

She smiled as she read that and her pussy began to tingle a little again. She messaged back, "I thought it was fine, roll with it and see what happens. Were you going to use a picture too?

It wasn't long before Chuck messaged back that he would send a file shortly. He had made two separate files just for this. One had a couple pics of himself, just run of the mill stuff, the other however was very explicit nude pics in various stages of erection. He smiled to himself as he sent the first file. As soon as it was gone he sent the following..."OMG! OMG! DO NOT OPEN THAT!!!" Then he sent the second file immediately after.

Becky was just about to click on the file when his second message popped up. "Wait..what the.." she said out loud. Just then another message came in. "OMG so sorry but I sent you the wrong file at first." "Oh man this is embarrassing, but I did a personal ad on an adult site and well there are pics of me without any clothes on in that file! Please delete it! The second one you can look at though." Chuck was openly laughing as he was typing all that knowing full well that her curiosity would get the better of her. With that his status showed he left, but in actuality he just turned himself invisible. Another neat thing about Facebook is you can tell when an attachment that was sent has been opened and viewed. Which is what Chuck was doing, lying in wait waiting to see the bait being taken.

Becky was shocked and dumbfounded by what just happened. She typed back that she would delete the file, not to worry. She was sure she understood his embarrassment. She sat staring at that file, knowing she should not click on it. Her naked body was tingling everywhere and she had butterflies in her stomach as she opened the file. Chuck just grinned ear to ear as he saw it had been opened. Now the next time they meet will be very interesting.

Becky's pussy started to ooze as she opened the first picture. It was photo of his midsection, dressed only in boxers with an obvious impressive bulge. "Holy ****, thats what he was pushing against me?" She spoke out loud The next pic was the same except one hand had pulled the boxers down partially exposing about 5" from the root of thick semi hard black cock. It had very pronounced veins running along its length. Becky just stared, mouth gaped open and not even realizing her other hand was rubbing her soaking wet pussy. "Wow, thats already bigger than Charlie!" "This cant be Chuck, he just took some pics off some porn site" she thought while her mind tried to justify it as her quivering hand guided the curser to the last photo and clicked on it. "Oh my God that is Chuck!" she exclaimed. It was a full frontal nude body shot with a fully erect monster jutting straight out from his body and a large full sack hanging freely below. Becky couldn't help herself as she set the laptop aside a bit, pushed her recliner back and went to work on her pussy while staring at Chuck. "What must it feel like to be fucked by that?!" Becky was imagining herself on her hands and knees with her chest against the floor as Chuck pounded her from the rear. What happened next was the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her life! She had 3 fingers inside her and her other hand rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow. As soon as her breathing began to settle down Becky heard Charlie's truck door shut. Panicking, she slammed down the laptop quickly got out of the chair and ran into the bedroom to get dressed.

As Charlie came in and took his shoes off he noticed Becky come quickly into the kitchen. She seemed oddly frantic and nervous. "Hard day at work?" he asked. Avoiding eye contact with him she answered, "No. Just a normal day." With that went about her business beginning to fix supper.

After dinner and a shower, Charlie settled down with a beer and his laptop. When he opened up Facebook, a message from Chuck popped up that read...

" Hey Charlie, I don't know if Becky mentioned it but I asked her to give me a hand wording a personal ad for me, trying to get back out there after the divorce." "Anyway, oh man this is embarrassing...she wanted to see the pictures I was going to submit and I mistakenly sent her some I shouldn't have." "I sent the wrong file and it had some nude shots of me my ex wife took. As soon as I realized what happened I told her not to open it." "I'm really sorry for that it really was an accident, just thought you should know."

In reality it was no accident but Chuck was guessing this would play better in Charlie's mind than finding them on his own. Charlie read, and re read the message several times. His loins began to stir. He thought to himself, "So this black guy who I think wants to do my wife just accidentally sent her some nude pics of himself?" "Accident my ass." He closed his eyes and thought. "Honestly, do I really want her to experience this?" "There is no turning back once it starts." He then opened his eyes and began his response back to Chuck.

"Hey Chuck, its all good. No worries, besides maybe it will finally get her engine running enough for a test drive. I can't seem to get it done anymore."

Chuck read the reply and was shocked at what he read! He typed back, "Charlie, seriously I don't mean to pry but...whats up?

Charlie decided to lay the cards on the table. "Chuck, this is just between you and I and I mean that!!!" "When it comes to sex I have struggled big time for years and ***** are not an option." "Becky has never been with anyone else besides me and has become frustrated." "I've actually floated the idea of an open marriage lifestyle for her to experience things I couldn't give her but it hasn't gone anywhere yet." "I guess what I'm saying is, if the opportunity is there..."

Chuck couldn't believe what his computer was showing him. "Wow, this guy just gave me permission to openly fuck his wife!" Chuck was ecstatic to say the least.

He typed back, "No worries Bro, totally understand! "

After doing some evening chores Becky came and settled into her recliner and grabbed her laptop. She didn't realize she had forgotten to close out the file in her rush to get dressed when her husband got home so as her computer came back to life it shown a full screen shot of Chuck and his very sizable black anaconda jutting out from his body. However, Becky didn't see it right away as she was concentrating on tuning the tv to her favorite channel, but Charlie saw it. He happened to be looking that way when the image of Chuck popped up. He couldn't believe his eyes and felt his mouth fall open at the sight of it. As Becky turned her attention back to her computer she almost had a heart attack and quickly closed the window and immediately looked towards Charlie but he had already looked away and acted as if nothing ever happened.

Later that evening as they went to bed, Charlie decided to test the waters a bit. "I'm curious" he said, "have you seriously thought about what I brought up the other morning?" Becky was thankful that she had her back to him so she didn't have to look him in the eye. "Yes" she admitted. "And?" Charlie pressed. "I don't know, can we please not talk about it now?" "Sure, thats fine." Charlie said as a broad smile spread across his face. She didn't dismiss it, in fact she was moving closer to that quicker than anyone could realize. Those images of Chuck and her fantasies were motivating her more and more.

The next few days seemed to fly by for both of them. Over breakfast Charlie asked Becky if she still planned on going to Chuck's place after work. She wouldn't look at him when she said she didn't think so since he couldn't come along. Charlie assured her that she should go. "Look, come home, maybe take a shower and head on over." She looked up from her plate and said, "But he never even said what he had left that I hadn't seen yet." Charlie got up and started clearing dishes when he said emphatically, "Well he must have something or he wouldn't have said it. Just go there and see what he's got for you. If you like it, go for it. Don't worry about what I think, trust your gut." "Besides, I don't expect to get home before 8 tonight so take your time." He walked over to her, lifted her chin and kissed her softly on the lips in a reassuring way and told her he loved her and left for work.

As Charlie pulled into his parking spot at the office he reached for his phone and messaged Chuck. "Just an FYI, pretty sure Becky is going to come over after work today. I told her she shouldn't expect me home before 8 tonight. Good Luck!"

Chuck read the message and was still stunned at his luck stumbling into this. Later at work Chuck made it a point to seek Becky out. He found her in the break room all by herself. She didn't see him come in as he made his way up behind her, he startled her when he put his large hands on her shoulders and started massaging her neck and shoulders. She scolded him for scaring her but quickly began to enjoy the massage. The more he rubbed her neck, the more she began to moan and the more Chuck began to get aroused. "You are coming over after work aren't you?" He asked as he continued his deep massage. Becky wanted to say no but she asked him what time he wanted her there. They settled on 6 as Chuck took his hands from neck. Becky turned to look at him for the first time but her eyes became fixated on the sight of his bulging pants that were right at eye level in front of her. Chuck smiled and said he looked forward to finishing that massage as he smiled and walked away.

Becky found it difficult to stay focused on her work the rest of the day. All she could think about was how good Chuck's hands felt, that bulge in his pants, him pressing his hips to hers the last time she was there and there was the pictures. She had never seen anything like that before.

The day seemed to take forever to end for everyone. Becky got home and jumped in the shower. The hot water running down the back of her neck, trickling over her breasts down to her very moist crotch was feeding her hunger. She leaned back against the shower wall, cupped a breast and licked a nipple as she ran her other hand over her mound with fingers gliding on either side of her clit.

Charlie, sitting at his desk had his stomach tied in knots. He wanted so badly for his wife to be taken by this black man but he also knew that once that bridge was crossed there was no turning back. Would she even go through with it? He decided to send a text.

Becky was drying herself off when she heard her phone. She smiled as she read it. "Remember, if he has something you want just go for it! Have fun, no worries I want to hear about everything! I Love you!"

Becky's hands were shaking as she knocked on the door. Chuck was smiling ear to ear when he opened the door for her and closed it behind her. He studied her for a few seconds then said, "You look like you could use a *****. Glass of wine? Some beer?" She smiled and accepted some wine. As she swallowed her first sip, "Thanks I really needed that".

"Come on in back and lets look a around a bit" he said as leading her through the house. As they walked down the hallway they passed Chuck's bedroom and Becky's eyes focused on his bed as she wondered if she may end up in it at some point.

Chuck could see Becky becoming more and more comfortable as time went on and the ******* was taking effect. He began to get closer to her, rubbing shoulders, hands and keeping a hand on her lower back. The tension in the room was palpable. As they looked at each other, the words stopped. Chuck took the empty glass from her hand, leaned in and kissed her. Becky closed her eyes accepting and reciprocating the kiss and her knees became weak. It was the first time in over 15 years she had kissed someone other than her husband. As they continued kissing she thought about how different his large lips felt covering hers, and it felt amazing to her.

Chuck pulled her in close to him, hands rubbing her ass cheeks. She let out a moan as she felt that enormous bulge begin to press and grind against her pelvic region. When her tongue entered his mouth he then knew she was his for the taking. Chuck moved a hand up under her shirt and cupped one of her large ample breasts. Becky moaned out loud as she broke the kiss, took a couple deep breaths then pulled his face to hers and began kissing again. He lifted her shirt off and gazed at the almost bare chest he had always hoped to see. He unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and when he slipped a hand inside, Becky's knees buckled and he lowered her to the floor. Leaning over her, tongues intertwined and Chuck massaging her pussy through her jeans Becky's first orgasm hit her. As she was catching her breath, Chuck wasted no time in getting her shoes, socks and pants off. Becky watched as this black man finished removing her pants, he then removed his t-shirt got on his knees between her outstretched legs. Staring into her eyes he lowered himself and kissed her navel while slipping his hands up her legs and pulling down her panties exposing a thick patch of dark brown hair. He had thought about this moment for years as he admired her from afar and yet here he was, about to have intimate relations with her and with her husband's full support.

Becky felt as though she was watching another woman through her eyes as Chuck pulled her panties off one leg at a time, then watching him lower himself down and begin to kiss her inner thighs while making his way to her wet and yearning pussy. Her hands grasped at the carpet as Chuck's tongue lapped at her labia, but when he went to work on her clitoris she became frenzied. Her hips bucking off the floor, her hands pulling his bald head farther into her crotch. She had never experienced a feeling of pure lust like this before as a second powerful orgasm hit her. Becky's face was contorted in the look of sheer ecstasy while at the same time totally unable to breathe. Gasping for breath as her body began to relax, Chuck got to his feet and stood over her. He instructed her to remove his shorts. Becky made her way to her knees. Kneeling before him, she grasped the elastic waist band and began to lower them. Her eyes never left the huge bulge in his briefs as he stepped out of his shorts. Her shaking hands then began to pull his briefs down. When she reached his massive bulge she had to pull them forward and down and his cock literally sprang free from its restraint. Becky ************* licked her lips and moved closer and began to nuzzle his crotch taking in his musky aroma she found to incredibly intoxicating.

Becky had always hated oral sex with her husband. The smell, the taste, all of it just repulsed her but it was different. She not only felt compelled to do it, she wanted to do it. Becky grabbed it with her left hand and found there was no way she could close her hand around this thing. This wasn't just a penis like her husband had, no this was a cock.

She began stroking it slowly then moved closer and kissed the side of the rock hard shaft. She was struck how the pronounced veins felt against her lips. She made her way to head, her tongue trailing along the shaft. As Chuck looked down from his dominant position, he grabbed the back of her head and began to push her mouth over the flared head of his cock. She looked him in the eyes as he began to fuck her mouth. It didn't take Becky long for her jaw to get tired and sore from stretching for this beast.

Becky removed her bra and her sizable breasts jiggled free before laying back on the floor. Chuck knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock across Becky's hungry wet pussy. Chuck instructed her to grab hold and guide it in herself. In a moment of clarity Becky began to panic and asked about a condom. Chuck shrugged and said he never uses them, saying his seed will be implanted somewhere inside her, her choice as to where, pussy, ass or mouth but it wouldn't be wasted. Pregnancy wasn't a concern for Becky as a previous surgery took care of that long ago so she let the condom idea go.

Chuck made his way to her face as Becky's hands grabbed hold of his cock. She began rubbing it up and down her pussy while their lips met. As Chuck began to slowly work his way inside this incredibly tight woman, Becky shed a tear as the realization and enormity of this moment took hold. The pain was intense as her vagina was being stretched to its limits. She felt like it was losing her virginity all over again. As he continuously, slowly worked back and forth, Becky began to relax and adjust to his size and as she did so he would work more inside. Becky just lie there, accepting her fate and let him do what they both needed him to do.

The tightness of Becky and the excitement of the situation was getting to be too much for Chuck and he began to buck harder and harder, deeper and deeper until he was buried to the hilt and his balls were pressed again her ass. Chuck strained and groaned as he began to shoot copious amounts of semen deep inside her. As Becky felt Chuck's cock pumping again and again she never felt more complete as a woman. She was delirious with lust. As Chuck remained on top of Becky, she wrapped her legs around his back and locked her ankles together, pulled his mouth to hers and shoved her tongue into his mouth as her pussy milked every last drop it could from his still rigid cock.

As Chuck regained his strength, he pulled back and out of her. Becky felt such an emptiness opening inside her as he stood up. He reached out his hand to help her up. As she made it to her still weak knees she looked up and his soaking wet, glistening semi hard cock was staring her straight in the face. Her pure primal lust had not yet abated, she leaned forward and took the still dripping head into her mouth. The combination of her juices mixed with his semen was irresistible as she cleaned and licked every inch of it. That was something she thought she would never do as she always felt it was totally disgusting and stomach turning. She was rubbing her clit hard while cleaning his cock as another intense orgasm rocked her.

Chuck helped her to her feet and lead her to his bedroom. She crawled onto his bed, collapsing onto her stomach. Chuck crawled up behi


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Chuck crawled up behind her and straddled her legs nestling in just below her backside resting his still semi hard cock between her cheeks. He began to gently massage her back and neck. Becky moaned with approval and drank it all in. She loved deep tissue massages and Chuck knew exactly how to do it. The more he kneaded the more Becky moaned, the more she moaned the more aroused Chuck was getting. As his massage continued his cock was regaining its strength as well and became rock hard again. He rolled his hips back, tipped the head down to her lower lips and with a slow but determined shove, sank into her as she let out a jolted cry. He actually slipped into her easily even with his immense size with all the lubrication from his previous ejaculation.

As Chuck started his slow and steady deep fucking, Becky opened her eyes and stared straight ahead into a floor length mirror. She was captivated by the sight of this black man having his way with the married white woman in the mirror. As Chuck gradually sped up his tempo his cock was working directly against her G-spot causing wave after intensifying wave to begin building into a very intense orgasm. Becky gazed into the eyes of the woman staring back at her in the mirror with her mouth gaping open and her hands straining against the bed covers as her eyes rolled back into her head from the most intense orgasm she had ever felt in her life! Just as Becky was hitting her peak Chuck pushed deep and flooded her insides yet again with his cum. He collapsed onto her back leaving his cock deep inside her. Becky had crashed a***** for a time and came to when she felt an emptiness as Chuck pulled out of her.

Becky began to try and comprehend what had just happened. "OMG what time is it?" She asked. It was after 9. Charlie was going to be home an hour ago, and she had been fucked for almost 3 straight hours. Charlie wanted her to experience new things but she didn't think it would be like this! Her emotions were all over the board, guilt, apprehension, appreciation, lust...yes lust. She knew she had to get home but at the same time wanted to stay for more but her body needed to recover from the ravages of Chuck's incredible cock.

As she was getting dressed, she asked Chuck, "Well where do we go from here?" Chuck walked up to her, still naked with his black anaconda swaying back and forth between his thighs as he stepped. "Thats easy" he stated. Smiling with a sinister look he continued "Whenever you are here you will be naked, and ready to fuck. Period, no exceptions. You've had a taste of black cock and you love it, you can't deny it."

"I am married" she weakly said back. "Yes you are," Chuck replied "But you need something besides his love or you wouldn't be here would you? Your body belongs to me now to do with as I please." She couldn't deny it, something happened to her in these past couple hours, a yearning, she knew deep down she would be back again for more.

As Chuck walked her to the door he opened the door for her and as she was just going to step out he grabbed her arm pulled her back and kissed her deeply. As they broke the kiss he said, "Now...get on your knees and say goodbye to your master." She stared at him blankly for a few seconds then slowly she sank to her knees, picked up his cock and wrapped her lips around it. As she was sucking and stroking Chuck reached over and picked up his phone and began to snap some pictures. Becky noticed but truly didn't care, she even began to pose with his cock for some pictures. Chucks favorite was one of his cock stretching from her chin to her forehead with Becky sporting an evil grin for the camera. After Chuck snapped a few more pics then told her she could get up and go home now.

Charlie had an incredible knot in his stomach all day that only intensified when he drove by his home earlier and didn't see her car there. He decided to drive past Chucks place after 8 and found his wife's car was still there. He drove by again at 9 and it was still there. "What are they doing?" He asked himself, "No way sex would have lasted for more than a quickie" he tried telling himself. He sent a text to Becky's phone about 8 asking if she was ok but got no reply. It was after 9 when Becky saw the text and replied,"Yes I'm fine. On my way home. Love you sooo much!"

Charlie sighed as he read her text. "Well she's alive anyway." He then messaged Chuck asking how the evening went. Chuck thought long and hard about what to tell the husband of the woman he just spent the past 3 hours getting addicted to sex with black men. Then he responded, "You are one hell of a lucky man Charlie. She's incredible." Charlie cocked his head trying to read into what he meant by that. Just then Charlie heard Becky pull into the driveway. He met her as she walked in the door. She looked disheveled and exhausted. Charlie wrapped his arms around her and lightly kissed her and picked up a strange taste from her lips. Becky felt uneasy as Charlie kissed her knowing that just 15 minutes earlier those lips were wrapped around another man's cock,a black man's cock. "So, how was your evening?" He asked. Becky was pulling away from him as she replied, "Fine. It was...interesting. I need to take a shower, we'll talk about it later." Then she walked away to their bedroom. Charlie just stared at her as she walked away. He wanted to hear about every detail but he also didn't want to push too hard. It truly was a life altering event that just took place, for all three of them.

Becky got the water running and got undressed. She was a mess, as Chucks semen had completely soaked through her underwear and was running down her thighs. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror and stared at the cum soaked bush. She took her right hand and rubbed the front of her wet pussy, it was sore and tender and also wet and sticky. She pulled her wet hand away and brought the cum covered fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. Staring in the mirror while sucking on her fingers she almost didn't recognize this woman. "You're a slut". She told herself, then qualified it. "No, you're a black cock slut." She grinned then stepped into the shower.

Charlie was waiting in bed for her when she got out of the shower. Becky climbed in and got comfortable. Charlie asked, "Can you tell me about it?" She turned and looked at him. "You got what you wanted, Chuck fucked me. More than once. Not much more to tell." "Look" She continued, "I know you want to hear about what happened tonight, but I need to process my own brain around it first ok? Now go to ***** please."

Charlie was very disappointed to say the least but he also understood what she was saying. It didn't take long and Becky was fast a*****. Charlie on the other just tossed and turned, and finally got up and went to the living room. He got online and started looking around Facebook. Wasn't long until Chuck seen he was on and messaged him.

"How are you?" Chuck asked.

"Disappointed" Charlie replied. "She won't tell me anything about tonight and she knew I wanted to hear about everything. All she would tell me is that you fucked her more than once and that she needed to wrap her mind around it first."

"Well give her sometime" Chuck said reassuringly. "She had quite an evening."

"I just want to be part of it, if I'm not there at least I need to know what happened". Charlie said. "She knows that."


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Brilliant opening. Looking forward to the next installment.


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If this is your first time writing, you have a very bright second career.


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This is fantastic and really well written, thank you ❤️🙏🏼 x


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Yes it is my first stab at writing and thank you.


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Well I can't wait for the next instalment ❤️


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Excellent writing, please continue - this is super hot!


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Excellent start. Please keep going.


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The next morning Becky awoke feeling surprisingly refreshed and exhilarated, her body was still a little sore but she couldn't wait for what the future held. Over breakfast the conversation was quiet. Charlie didn't bring up the night before, he wanted her to make the first step with him. As Becky walked over for more coffee, she asked, "Well what would you like to know about last night?"

Charlie felt his stomach tighten, he looked down at the table and said "Everything. I started us down this road and want to be part of every bump and turn. First off, was he gentle with you? Was he abusive at all?" "Would you like to do it again?"

Becky sat back down at the table. "Yes he was gentle but ******** when he wanted to be but never abusive at all. I was his for the evening and he knew it." "Would I do it again?" Becky picked up her coffee cup, took a sip. Smiled and said oh yeah." Charlie smiled back and said he wanted details. With that Becky opened up about pretty much everything she could remember including the part about Chuck telling her that her body belonged to him, and about the pictures.

Charlie felt really uneasy about those last details. What exactly did he mean by her body belonging to him now? He was uneasy about the pictures as well. Once they get out there is no bringing them back. Charlie got up, walked over to his wife and as she stood up he gave her a big hug and kissed her passionately. He was obviously aroused and wanted to do something about. As becky was kissing him back she looked at the clock then broke the kiss and said she had to get to work. "Maybe later." She said as she smiled at him. Charlie just retorted, "Yup story of my life, go on get ready."
Becky wondered if she would see Chuck at work today and she didn't have to wonder long as she ran into him walking between departments. "Hey there Stud", she said with a grin.

Chuck stopped, leaned against the wall and asked "So how is my party girl doing? Everything cool?"

"Yup." Becky continued, "We had a long talk this morning, told him pretty much everything that happened. He asked if I'd do it again." Chuck studied her facial expressions while she was talking, and he felt pretty relieved when a smile crossed her face as she continued to say "I told him absolutely."

Chuck grinned and said "Well it won't be long until your naked in my bed again. I'll call you later." With that he started walking away as Jamal, a friend of his was coming towards him. Jamal stopped and was watching Becky walk the other way. "That her?" Jamal asked motioning towards Becky. "Oh yeah, thats the new slut in training" Chuck said as he grinned. Like Chuck, Jamal had seen her around and admired her for a long time but didn't know her. "Can't wait to tap that!" Jamal said. "Oh you'll get your chance believe me" Chuck retorted as he walked away.

Becky was incredibly turned on from their short conversation, she found the nearest bathroom and went inside. Great there wasn't anyone in there. She went into a stall, locked the door, pulled down her pants and panties and began rubbing her pussy immediately. Her mind was fixated on the remembering her watching herself in the mirror with Chuck pile driving that huge cock into her from behind. She came almost immediately. Becky quickly pulled herself together and splashed a little water on her face before exiting the washroom.

The next day at work Chuck made it a point to meet up with Becky. When they were by themselves for a minute Chuck leaned in close and said, "You need to stop by after work today. Your Master needs some attention." Becky knew immediately what he meant from the last time they were together. His cock was her new Master. Becky looked at him and smiled then pulled out her phone and sent a text to Charlie. "I'll be a little late today. Need to make a stop at Chuck's after work. Not sure how long it will take. ;) "

When Charlie read the text he was elated. He replied, "Don't rush! Have fun! " Becky showed Chuck the text and he got a devilish smirk on his face as he thought about how fortunate he was he stumbled into this. The big question on his mind was how far and how quickly can he train her to be a total black cock slut.

That afternoon Becky followed Chuck back to his place. His garage door opened and he drove in, she parked right behind him outside. As she began to walk inside Chuck stopped her and asked if she remembered the rule?

She thought, puzzled then said, "That I was here to be fucked and to be naked."

Chuck smiled, "Yup. No exceptions. You can take your clothes off out here."

Becky wasn't at all comfortable with that as she looked back towards the road. "Can you at least close the door?" She asked.

He smiled back and said no. With that she began to get undressed. Chuck's cock was straining against the zipper of his jeans as he watched this middle aged, married white woman get totally naked in his garage. When she was done, he collected all her clothes and carried them out to her car, imagining the scene of her walking totally exhausted and naked out to her car later to get dressed. Then he let her inside his house and led her to the living room.

Becky stepped in front of the couch and turned around to face Chuck. He pulled her to him and as soon as their lips met he shoved his tongue into her mouth and her knees became weak. Without saying a word she sat down on the edge of the sofa and started undoing his pants and pulling them down. When her "Master" popped free and was staring her right in the eye, she smiled and reached out and grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him to her. She nuzzled and began kissing the sides of his cock taking in his musk as she breathed. Making her way to the velvety soft head and let it part her lips making its way to her tongue. Chuck loved this scene as he looked down and watched this woman becoming a slut before his eyes. He took out his phone from his shirt pocket and took a short video of her head and hands working feverishly on his cock. He then sent that video to Charlie along with the message, "Black Cock Slut in training". That action sent him over the top and he grabbed the back of Becky's head as he began to pump his semen into her mouth. Becky began to cough and gag but was able to maintain control and swallow what she could as some of his semen spilled out of her mouth and fell onto her tits. She gasped for air as her Master slid from her mouth, she looked up at him and smiled then looked down and began rubbing the spilled semen into her tits when she looked back up to her amazement Chuck was still hard yet.

He pushed her onto her back as he got to his knees and went to work on her pussy. It didn't take long for her to be on the edge of an orgasm herself. This guy knew every spot to hit to drive her insane with lust. He moved up her body and lined his cock up with her starving pussy, their lips met and as soon as his cock made its way past her lips his tongue did the same. Becky gasped for air and almost screamed as he sank the huge cock in her in one deep thrust as his cock reclaimed "His" pussy. He showed no mercy as he pounded her ass into his sofa.

"That white pussy sure loves black cock" he said as he kept up his rhythm. Becky just smiled, she couldn't deny it. He triggered something in her she never knew existed before. "Tell me how much you love it."

"Yes, God I love it" Becky said quietly.

"No, I want to you say hear it" he insisted as he slowed his pace and pulled out almost completely.

"My white pussy loves big black cock!" she exclaimed and with that he shoved back in as hard and fast as he could and triggered her to have another massive orgasm. As her body was being rocked by her orgasm Chuck whispered in her ear, "You need black cock now don't you?" "You crave it!" Becky felt helpless as she closed her eyes and nodded her head in agreement as Chuck's cock ravaged her pussy. Just as her body was calming down from the electric waves that ran through her Chuck then again whispered into her ear, "Good, since you need black cock so bad I got some brothers looking for some married white pussy." Becky's eyes locked on his as she glared at him angrily. Chuck didn't care, it was simply more fuel for the passion far as he was concerned. Becky couldn't get any words out as Chuck continued his rhythm. "Imagine", he continued,"One black cock in that beautiful pussy, and your lips wrapped around another with more waiting their turn to give you what you need, what you deserve". As his pace kept going, Becky felt yet another orgasm building as Chuck's words became embedded in her brain. She let her self go again with the thought of black cocks everywhere trying to fuck her. Chuck noticed this time though when she came her pussy became sopping wet, he knew he hit a chord then and then let himself go as he pumped his semen into her.

As they both were recovering they began to discuss Chuck's craft room items. An arrangement was made to where as long as Becky would continue to be Chuck's mistress she could help herself to whatever she wanted. She noted a desk in there that she really could use but she would have to have Charlie come with her to haul it home.

As she was getting ready to leave, she looked around for her clothes then it dawned on her, they were in her car! Together they walked naked to the door with Chuck's cock loosely bouncing between his thighs and Becky's tits swaying and jiggling as she walked. Chuck opened the door and kissed her goodbye then pushed her out the door closing it behind her. He watched her through the peep hole in the door as she looked around nervously from inside his garage then scampered quick to her car hoping no one could see her. She quick threw a shirt on then she really struggled trying to slide her underwear on and said fuck it with the rest and drove home.

Later when Becky got home she was surprised to see Charlie wasn't home yet but was relieved that he wouldn't see her getting out of her car half naked and freshly fucked.

When Charlie got home he found Becky just climbing out of the shower and drying herself off. He walked in and gave her a kiss, there was a taste on her lips.. a slight tang really. "You go by Chuck's place?" he asked. She smiled and said that she did as she walked by him on the way to the bedroom. As she neared the bed he turned her around and ********ly kissed her working his tongue into her mouth while reaching down he began rubbing her freshly fucked pussy. Becky moaned deeply as he slipped a finger into her pussy that was soaking wet with Chuck's semen. Charlie broke off the kiss, while still working her pussy he pushed her onto the bed and began to get to his knees.

All Becky could do was to stare, she seemed powerless as her husband began to put his face next to her crotch. "No, please don't" she pleaded as he pushed his lips to her creamy opening. Charlie opened up this door and he wanted to experience everything he could with her. He felt repulsed yet at the same time exhilarated as he began to taste his wife's lover remnants. Becky relaxed, leaned back on the bed and opened herself up for her husband's mouth. She began to feel a dominance over him she'd never felt before. She reached down and pulled his head into her crotch while she worked her hips up and down. Charlie for his part was lapping up all Chuck's semen he could but there was so much of it and when Becky began to really work her hips his face began to get covered.

"You like the taste of my Lover?" Becky snidely asked as she continued to work her hips against his face. Charlie just kept on lapping at her pussy. The taste of his wife's juices mixed with Chuck's semen was intoxicating to him. He couldn't get enough. Becky really began to enjoy the experience and the dominance she felt and it began to trigger an orgasm. She began to feverishly work her clit with one hand while holding Charlie's head with the other as her thighs tightened and squeezed Charlie's head she bucked her hips uncontrollably while letting out a scream.

Every muscle in Becky's body collapsed as she gasped for air. Charlie pulled back and sat on the floor. Becky looked over at him and started to laugh. He was a mess. He began to laugh with her as he got up and went into the bathroom to wash up. Becky came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. Becky really wanted to know, "Can I ask... why did you do that?"

Charlie looked her in the eyes through the mirror. "I started us down this road." He said. "Its important to me to share in this as much as possible, and I suppose it's a way for me to do that, I mean if I can't fuck you anymore at least I can still do that."

"Fair enough." Becky said as she patted his shoulder the returned to the bedroom to get dressed. "Oh by the way, can you help me bring a desk from Chuck's place sometime?"

"Sure" Charlie replied. "Just let me know when you want to do it."

Becky thought for a minute, "Why don't you two guys set it up." She smiled as she thought about it. The last time those two were together was before this whole escapade began. Now it would be different, it would be her husband and her bull.

Later that evening Charlie got a message from Chuck. "I'm wondering, how you doing with all this now?" "You good?" "You want it to stop?" Chuck was genuinely curious and normally he wouldn't care about coming between a husband and wife but this time it was different. He stumbled into a good thing and he really liked both of them.

Charlie didn't have to think long about an answer. "I'm good!" "Do I want it to stop? Hell no!!" "Becky is finally enjoying herself sexually and I am fully supportive of that, providing it never goes past sex." He thought for a bit then added, "My only issue is I would like some more involvement. Not to participate but just to see her get fucked in person." "Pics are nice but they are dangerous too, once they get out there they are out there forever!"

Chuck understood exactly what Charlie was telling him, especially about the pictures. Chuck had taken many pics and videos of their encounters but he had been careful to edit out Becky's face in them before he shared them with his buddies. Chuck had no qualms about sharing images of Becky, after all
he was doing his best to get her hooked on fucking black guys and sooner or later he needed some willing participants.

Several days had gone by with no interaction between Chuck and Becky until they day they agreed to move the desk. Charlie and Becky had arrived and Charlie backed his pickup up to Chuck's garage. Charlie had a familiar knot in his stomach as he approached the house. The last time he was here was when he discovered the attraction between these two, but now this was the place where his wife got fucked.

It took a few minutes for Chuck to answer the door, but he invited them in right away. "You guys want a beer?" Chuck asked. "Sure." Charlie responded as he shut the door behind them. Chuck walked back and handed Charlie his beer, but he didn't give Becky hers when she held out her hand for it.

He looked sternly at Becky and said, "We had an agreement, one singular, constant rule."

Charlie was taking a ***** of his beer and slowly lowered the bottle looking puzzled and confused. Becky stared at him blankly, thinking, then her eyes widened when she realized what he meant.

"Yeah, but..."Becky stammered.

"Whats going on?" Charlie insisted.

"Well you see Charlie its like this..." Chuck explained as he stared Becky. "Becky agreed that whenever she was here she was to be naked and be prepared to fuck. No exceptions. And up until now she has abided by our agreement."

"I see." Charlie responded as he set his beer bottle down. Both men stood there staring at Becky when Charlie spoke up in a scolding manner. "Seems to me you need to abide by your agreement." Becky just sat there looking at the floor while Chuck and Charlie exchanged glances and smirks. Becky then moved away to the table and began to take off her clothes. Charlie could barely contain his excitement as he watched his wife stripping down in this black man's house. Becky stared into her husbands eyes not showing any emotion as she disrobed piece by piece. When she was fully nude, she then folded up her clothes, looked over at the two men and said, "There are you happy now?"

Charlie nervously smiled while taking another sip of beer when Chuck spoke up. "Nope not yet." Charlie spun his head towards Chuck in astonishment. "Where do those clothes belong?" he asked her. Becky just sighed as she picked them up and headed for the door. Charlie jumped up totally confused and followed his naked wife to the door and then watched as she made her way through the garage, then pausing and looking around nervously as she quickly scampered to Charlie's truck and put the clothes on the seat, shut the door and run back inside. Becky was all smiles as she closed the door behind her once she was back inside. Her mind was racing and her pussy was on fire over what happened in the past few minutes. By this time Chuck had made himself comfortable on the sofa. He extended a cold beer toward Becky and she gladly accepted it and slammed a couple quick swallows.

Chuck looked at this naked woman before him then back to her husband. "Becky, " he said, "I think you need to say hello to your Master." Charlie looked bewildered, "Master?" he thought to himself. Becky didn't even look toward he husband as she dropped to her knees in front of Chuck's outstretched legs.

Charlie's mind was racing and his stomach was tied so tight it hurt as he watched his naked wife begin to undo this black man's pants.
Chuck lifted his hips and took a sip of beer while Becky slipped his jeans over his hips and down to his ankles. Charlie couldn't get over the size of the hidden erection contained in Chuck's boxers as he watched his wife begin to nuzzle his groin through his underwear.

With her husband right here in the room with her, Becky was in guilt free heaven as she inhaled Chuck's scent as she rubbed his covered erection against her cheek and lips. She pulled back a bit then slowly pulled his boxers down exposing "her Master". Lifting his feet slightly Becky removed Chucks clothes and put them aside. Her white hands came to rest on Chuck's thighs as she came face to face with that dark massive head that was already oozing juice. Becky turned to her husband who's eyes were wide as saucers, looked him dead in the eye as her tongue lapped up the oozing liquid then wrapping her lips around the head Becky went to work on the head as she stroked the shaft with her hands.

Charlie was enthralled with the sight,his wife of 15 years who never wanted sex not to mention hated the thought of giving oral sex was naked, on her knees in front of a black man going down on his massive cock like there was no tomorrow. Her groans, whimpers, and gasps for air gave no doubt she was loving this.

Chuck was watching Charlie during all this to gauge his reaction and was relieved to see Charlie rubbing his cock through his pants and obviously enjoying the show.

Chuck was holding Becky by the back of the head as she worked his cock and he would occasionally push her head down ******* his cock to the entrance of her throat causing her to gag and gasp for air. He pulled her mouth off his cock looked her in the eye and asked, "What do you want?" Becky answered but not loud enough for Charlie to hear. Chuck then said, "Tell your husband what you just told me." Becky looked at her husband and said with conviction, "I want him to fuck me with that big black cock."

Charlie's mouth was gaping open as he watched his wife climb up onto his lap and slowly lower herself down onto his unprotected cock while her hands guided it in. Although their coupling had become fairly regular, It always took Becky a while for her pussy to adjust to Chuck's size.


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His girth made for a very tight fit and her lips would extend outward every time he pulled back and would almost fold in on themselves whenever he would thrust inward. The first couple times they fucked there was an ample amount of pain but as her body adjusted to it's new calling she began to relish the discomfort as a right of passage. It didn't take all that long for Becky's body to begin lubricating that magnificent cock with her white cream as her first small orgasm hit her.

Becky had her hands on Chuck's shoulders while their tongues were intertwined when her orgasm had hit. She had stopped breathing, she just continued to grind her pelvis to his as she rode the wave of ecstasy. When her muscles relaxed Becky took a few deep breaths and tried to regain her composure. Meanwhile Charlie was a tattered mess of emotions. He was totally thrilled with what he was witnessing while at the same time his stomach was tied in knots as he watched his wife and this man together.

Chuck motioned for Becky to get off and onto the floor. She did as she was told. Becky got down to her hands and knees facing Charlie. Charlie was mesmerized watching Chuck's cock bob and weave and he got in behind Becky. He rubbed his cock head up and down her slit as Becky just closed her eyes and purred then without warning he quickly jabbed forward causing Becky to grimace and gasp and then smile.

"What are you?" Chuck asked her. Becky remained quiet. He quickly jabbed forward again. She let out a small yelp. "What are you?" He asked again. "I'm a slut". She responded. "Yes, but what kind of slut?" Chuck pressed. Charlie and Becky were staring into each others eyes when she replied, "I'm a black cock slut." As she said that Chuck slid inside her in one motion as far and as deep as he could causing her to arch her back as she dropped her chest to the floor all the while never breaking eye contact with her husband.

Chuck loved the position and he had full dominance over his partner. Chuck while continuing to slowly ravage this woman raised himself to his feet and really began to thrust into her. Becky felt herself building to another orgasm and just before she crested Chucked stopped his motions causing Becky to stall her oncoming climax. A few seconds later Chuck resumed his power thrusts. Becky's senses were heightened to a level she never experienced before as Chuck's rock hard cock with its course veins working in and out while simultaneously rubbing on her G-spot, his large and heavy ball sack slapping against her clit and all the while looking into her husbands eyes.

Charlie noticed she was nearing climax again as her eyebrows furled and her mouth gaped open, and once again just as she was going to climax, Chuck pulled out almost completely leaving only his flared head inside her. "God dam you!!!" She screamed as she desperately tried to back against him to get his cock back in her bucking her hips in the process but to no avail. Chuck had an evil grin across his face as he and Charlie exchanged glances. As soon as Becky began to relax Chuck slammed back inside her again as Becky let out a guttural moan.

"You love big black cock don't you?" Chuck asked as he pounded her into the carpet. "Ye-ye-yes" came her reply between the thrusts. "You want more black cocks in you don't you?" Chuck pressed. "Ye-Ye-Yes Sir" came her reply as her climax was now becoming eminent. "Tell your husband what you want and I'll let you come." He continued. There was no response just Becky's labored breathing and the groans from the thrusts. Chuck reached forward and grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her head back as he picked up his pace. "Tell him what you want slut!" Becky looked into her husbands eyes and said, "I want more black cock!" and with that her orgasm hit and at the same time Chuck couldn't with hold anymore and exploded into her at the same time. Becky's body upon feeling Chuck's release began to milk his cock and hold on to him as hard as she could.

Becky was panting like she just ran a marathon as she lie on her stomach, motionless on the floor. As Chuck regained his strength he pulled back and out of her and their combined juices spilled onto the carpet from her gaping opening. Charlie sat there in utter amazement as he realized that he too had ejaculated in his pants.

"Honey, are you ok?" Charlie asked. Becky didn't say a word, just giving him a thumbs up sign as she kept her head buried in the carpet as she was trying to recall just what she agreed to.

After some awkward small talk Chuck suggested they get the desk loaded and Charlie readily agreed. As they left Charlie couldn't help but notice Becky's calm demeanor as she walked naked to the truck, no nervousness, no looking to hide quick from passers by, just like she was strolling down the street. She climbed in the passenger seat and fumbled with a shirt then slipped on some panties then said, "oh fuck it that's good enough lets go home."

The drive home was quiet, neither of them said a word as they both pondered the experience. The more Charlie thought about what had just happened the more aroused he was getting. He kept stealing glances at his scantily clad wife with her eyes closed and her head against the side window and her braless breasts rolling and jiggling over the bumps in the road. Charlie could smell the remnants of the event rising from his wife's loins which only increased his arousal.

Becky came to as they pulled into the garage and parked. Charlie went around to the passenger side to help her out and gather the rest of her things. As she got out of the truck Charlie blocked her path. "What?" She asked looking sorta puzzled. Charlie slowly took her hands, intertwined their fingers leaned in and softly kissed her. After several seconds they separated, stared at each other then came together again in a passionate embrace. Charlie pushed her back against the truck seat and groped her left breast as his tongue made its way inside her mouth. He could still taste a hint of Chuck's cock as their tongues danced. His hands made their way to her panties and began to slide them down and then he slowly kissed his way down her chest and belly and finally coming to her pubic area.

Becky shifted herself back onto the seat and raised her knees to her chest to give her husband clear access to her well fucked pussy that was still oozing Chuck's remnants. As Charlie was licking her labia, she began to instruct him to make sure he gets Chuck's pussy clean for him, after all it belonged to Chuck now, it was no longer Charlie's. Charlie trembled in excitement as she told him that as he fumbled for his belt to undo his pants. He was hard as a rock and he knew it wouldn't last long so he wanted to get right to it and reclaim that pussy. As he was just about to enter her she stopped him. "Whoa...What do you think your doing?" she asked urgently. "You can't fuck me! I belong to Chuck now remember?"
Charlie was totally dismayed. "What?! Your my wife!" he exclaimed. "Right." Becky responded, "But you agreed and we need to honor our agreements. Right?" Not only was Charlie emotionally deflated but so was his little dick. Becky slid out of the truck, put her right hand on his cheek and kissed him softly and said she was headed for the shower. Charlie just stood there watching her walk into the house with his pants and underwear around his ankles.

As Becky leaned back against the shower wall with the hot steaming water running down her body she was thinking about her new existence and what it meant not just for her going forward but for Charlie as well. Soaping up her body,she reached for her razor and cleaned up her legs and under arms as she usually did. When she finished with that she looked down at her thick patch of pubic hair and decided that it needed to go too. She rubbed her baby smooth pubic mound and smiled knowing Chuck would enjoy that more now.

After she was dressed Becky made her way to the kitchen where she found Charlie chopping some vegetables for supper. Walking up behind him she wrapper her arms around him and hugged him but found him very cold and indifferent to her touch. "Whats wrong?" She asked. Charlie stopped and set the knife down and, dropped his head. "Are we in this together?" He asked. "Or are you on the way to a new life without me?" Becky was stunned. She turned him around to face him and lowered herself a bit to look up into his eyes where she could visibly see pain and indecision and said, "Hey, I love you and I'm not going anywhere but lets not forget who started all this." Charlie raised his hands like he was fending off an assault and said, "I-I know I did but it feels like I'm losing you when you totally ignore my needs. I don't like being humiliated."

Becky stared at him as he spoke pondering what he was saying. "Ok, I think I get it. Look, I can't let you fuck me anymore but how about I get you off another way?" She continued, "We are in this together." With that Becky's hands began to rub the front of his pants and began to undo them and dropped to her knees. Charlie looked down and was genuinely surprised when she willingly took his semi-hard dick into her mouth. She hated the thought of blowjobs with him in the past but now apparently she liked it.

Becky was trying not to laugh as she brought Charlie's dick to her mouth. "Oh my God this thing is so tiny!"She thought to herself. She literally had to pucker up on it to get the action she knew he needed, in contrast her mouth gets stretched to it's limit with Chuck's cock not to mention when the head of his cock hits her throat she can still put two hands around the shaft and stroke it. Becky pressed her face all the way to Charlie's pubic bone and could barely feel his head bump her throat. Charlie was in heaven and grabbed her hair and face fucked her the best he could until he came in her mouth a few moments later. Becky swallowed his load, licked him clean and rose to her feet and kissed him hard and deep with their tongues sharing what was left of his spunk.

"Feel better?" She asked. "Wow.....yeah!" Was all he could say. "Look I don't know where this rabbit hole is going to lead", she said, "But I want to see it through for now." "This was entirely your idea and I am eternally grateful to you for convincing me to try it. I just wish we would have done this years ago." She turned and began setting the table for supper and continued, "Never in my life would I have ever thought being a black guy's bitch would be so liberating." Charlie smiled at her, "I'm glad we had this talk, at least we know where each other stands." Becky agreed.

The next few days were pretty uneventful, just the normal work schedules and chores at home for each of them and they got lost in their own little worlds. Over supper one evening Charlie asked if she had talked with her bull lately. She laughed and said she hadn't but that she had been developing an itch that needed to be scratched from the inside. Later that evening while they were sitting around watching tv and surfing the net Becky sent Chuck a message about maybe getting together when he had some time. It didn't take long for Chuck to reply and he wondered about how they felt if she spent the night or possible even a whole weekend with him? Whatever they were comfortable with. Charlie and Becky discussed it quite a while and decided that an overnight stay was fine and the weekend may be possible but that they would play it by ear, meaning if either of them were uncomfortable with it they could call it quits.

The rest of the week progressed painstakingly slow in anticipation to the upcoming change in their lives. Friday morning Becky was packing some clothes in a suitcase and Charlie joked, "I don't know why you need clothes your going to be naked all weekend anyway." Becky laughed and admitted he was probably right. Charlie was somewhat apprehensive about the whole situation but agreed to it anyway. He suspected Chuck had something up his sleeve but didn't know what it was. As Becky was leaving for work she gave Charlie a long deep kiss and hugged him and told him she loved him more than anything then she picked up her suitcase and headed for the car. Charlie had an agonizing pit in his stomach as he watched her walk away. The angst and jealousy he felt were very real but he also relished it and found it exhilarating.

Becky found the day to just drag, minutes seemed like hours as all she could think about was what Chuck had in store for her for an entire weekend. Chuck happened to have the day off so she couldn't run into him at work but she did however get a text from him on her break. She got a huge smile on her face as she opened the message to find a close up pic of his rock hard cock. That image was all she could think about the rest of the day and her pussy was dripping by the time she punched out.

As she walked out of the factory she couldn't help but notice how beautiful the day was. No wind, blue sky and a balmy 80 degrees. When she pulled into Chuck's driveway she noticed his car was outside and parked on the side and the garage door was open so she pulled right into the garage. She got out and grabbed her bag then hesitated and then put it back. She remembered their agreement and began to get undressed. After she folded up her clothes and put them on the seat of her car she made her way into the house. Chuck was no where to be found and about the time she was beginning to get concerned she heard a distant noise and then she found where he was, sitting outside on the patio in the back yard. As Becky made her way to the door, she stopped and assessed the premises. The backyard was private with trees and shrubs concealing it from prying eyes. She opened the door and went outside, the sunlight and heat pummeling her naked pale flesh. She walked up to Chuck who was stretched out with his eyes closed. She put a hand on the back of his chair lowered herself down and kissed him lightly. He opened his eyes and took in the sight of his latest conquest, standing naked in broad daylight in his yard. He looked this middle aged, slightly overweight vixen up and down,her breasts hanging and swaying like pendulums then his eyes came to rest on her bald pubic area. She shivered as his right hand cupped her pussy and his thumb rubbed it's hairless face. He cracked out a grin. "I hope you like that," Becky said. "I did it for you." Chuck just nodded and smiled. "Tell you what, we have all weekend so why don't you just take a seat here in the sun and relax a while. Becky did as she was told and soaked in the sun. It had been ages since she allowed herself to be outside in the nude. She had never been outside in the nude in the daytime before, only at night when the prying eyes of the neighbors couldn't see her. As she laid back in the lounge chair with the warm breeze rolling over her naked body she felt so free and unencumbered of everyday life.

Charlie had a hard time concentrating at work. His mind kept going to Becky, it was that same familiar feeling of apprehension, with his stomach tied in knots only this time he knew it wasn't simply going to last a few hours but days! When he got home to an empty house the confirmation of this arduous weekend was upon him along with a raging hard on that he immediately needed to take care of. He locked the door, made his way to their bedroom and quickly stripped out of his clothes. On the floor he spied one of Becky's panties, it happened to be the very ones she wore the last time she was with Chuck, when Charlie watched her get fucked. He picked them and smelled them, and even though they were several days old Charlie simply couldn't get enough of the scent. He dropped to the bed and furiously began stroking his now semi hard dick. The pre cum was almost a constant stream as he replayed the scene in his mind of Chuck ramming his unprotected cock into his wife and his wife in a perpetual state of ecstasy. Charlie put the used panties into his mouth and his saliva began to reconstitute Chuck's sperm. Charlie couldn't get enough of the taste and it sent him over the edge as he shot his load over himself. He laid there catching his breath and regaining his strength and thought, "Dam this is going to be one long weekend."

After a bit Charlie fixed himself a ***** and sat down with his laptop. He noticed he had a message from Chuck.
"Hey man just wanted to give you a heads up that if things go well here we'll be working on that part of her wanting more."
"More? More what?" Charlie thought, as who is "we"? Then it dawned on him. When Chuck had her at his mercy he made her tell Charlie what she wanted... and that was more black cock! Oh my God he thought to himself, does she know? Should he text her to tell her what Chuck told him? Should he just leave her be? He was feeling very uneasy about the whole situation now. Should he though? He thought to himself. He decided to message Chuck back.

"Alright but she has to be totally willing. Absolutely nothing against her will!!!"

Chuck's phone dinged and he looked at it and smiled. Becky looked over at him as he was smiling and asked, "Something funny?"

"No, I'm just working on a surprise that I'm hoping you'll like." He said without looking at her as he set the phone back down.

"A surprise for me? Hmmm, I love surprises but knowing our relationship it makes me nervous."

"No need for that." Chuck replied.

"It's not a another girl is it?" Becky shot out. "I mean... I've never... umm... I've thought about it but I..."

Chuck busted out laughing, "No, it's not another woman but now you got me thinking!"

As he was saying that Becky had jumped to her feet and crawled on top of him, straddling his legs. She reached down and grabbed his manhood in her hands and looked him in the eye and said, "Make no mistake, I love cock you got that?"

Chuck was still laughing a bit when he said, "Ok, ok," He was staring her in the eyes as he unbuttoned his shorts, pulled out his cock. "That is exactly what I am counting on." He then put his right hand behind her head and ****** her mouth down on to her Master.

Becky eagerly took him into her mouth, as much as she could anyway. Becky still couldn't get over how much she wanted sex with this man, how much she craved it. She very much loved her husband yet and had become eternally grateful to him for making this possible.
Peter C


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Excellent piece of writing made even arousing by the fact that my shy, inexperienced girlfriend is called Becky and she has sheepishly confessed to having a thing about black men, something that surprised me and I'm keen to encourage. She needs a Chuck!
Peter C


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Peter C
Wow thats awesome! Some of this is my own fantasy of my wife trying to experiment but that sadly will never happen. No desire for anything. Thanks for the kind words as well. My grammar isn't all that great I know but I think it gets the subject down.


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Thank you Fordson, I'm loving this story! More please! More! 😈❤️


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Excellent story, thank you fordson!
Peter C


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Wow thats awesome!

This is my Becky. A young looking 46 with a s0n of 27. Only ever been with 3 guys, all of us white. Surprised by my approval, she's been chatting online to increasingly young black guys, but not gone as far as agreeing to meet one of them yet. she always stresses the word "yet" though...

She made me buy her this dress.

Peter C


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Awesome so far.


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Peter C
I wish you luck in that venture! Would love to hear about it when it finally happens.
Peter C


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Thank you and yes, of course I'll be posting about it if and when it happens. Honestly can't see her ever going with another white guy in the future and just needs the right black guy to persuade her to try it. "I'm getting there", she told me recently. In the meantime, keep up the good work!
Peter C


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Becky had moved her body down and was now straddling Chucks right leg and was rubbing her bare pussy against his hard hairy shin bone. Her body ************* moaned as her tongue made laps around his head and up and down the pronounced and rigid veins on his shaft. Her face was contorted with *********** lust as she crawled forward. Looking into his eyes she she raised herself above him then began to lower herself down as she guided that massive tool into her moist and yearning pussy.

They had been together numerous times over the preceding months, and while she accommodated his size easier each time it still always took her breath away as it entered her. The slickness of her juices began to lubricate the invader quickly but her labia still became partially inverted and almost hyper extended on its withdrawal. Becky's breathing was ragged as she worked her pussy back and forth driving that wonderful piece of meat deeper and deeper until she could feel it pressing against her cervix.

Chuck sensed Becky's exhaustion commencing from the onslaught and swiftly cupped her ass in his hands pulling her onto him as he stood up. Becky had her arms wrapped around Chuck's neck, her knees were draped over his elbows as his massive hands cupped her ass cheeks and held her steady as his hips pumped her hard from a standing position. Becky was in ecstatic agony as her body was losing control. Becky's eyes were squeezed tightly shut and she was panting like she was in a marathon as she was grasping his neck with her arms while her hips were being bounced away from Chuck's body as he thrust and then pulled back onto him causing his cock to almost escape the confines of her well lubricated pussy before being rammed back in all the way to her cervix.

What Becky was feeling was quite literally, indescribable to her. To be so ... physically used...and yet somewhere deep down she not only enjoyed it but she relished it and truth be told she had come to a point where she needed it.

Chuck stopped his onslaught to catch his breath. Becky opened her eyes and pulled her head back and looked him straight in the eye then ********* kissed him while shoving her tongue into his mouth. As their tongues danced Becky began to lift her body up and down using her legs in his arms for leverage. They broke their kiss as she kicked her speed up a notch and Chuck just smiled at her.

"You love that black cock in you don't you?" he asked her as she was riding that pole for all she was worth.
"Oh... my God... yes!" she screamed as she could feel another impending orgasm approaching. Becky was lifting herself up as far as she could go, so his head was still in her then holding there a short while then collapsing back down and impaling herself on it time after time after time until she began to cum . Chuck couldn't get over how strong her vaginal muscles were as she clamped down onto him and the repeated milking of his shaft from her climax triggered Chuck's orgasm as he flooded her insides with cum.

Chuck slowly released Becky's legs allowing her to finally touch the floor, as he did so his massive member slid out leaving a huge emptiness inside her causing their mixed juices to begin to leak from her and down her thighs. She looked down at his semi hard cock that was covered in cum and grasped it with her right hand. She looked up at him and smiled then dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around the dripping head. Chuck ************* shuddered as she worked on his sensitive head and then licked his shaft and balls clean. When she was done cleaning up her Master, she announced she was going to go take a shower. As she got up and walked away Chuck said he would order a pizza for supper. As Chuck sat down he watched her walk away, her heavy breasts swaying and her ass cheeks jiggling with each stride. He still couldn't get over his luck with this one, not only about turning her into a black cock slut but that he had her husbands blessing in the process, well for now anyway.

Chuck reached for the phone and dialed up the local Dominos and ordered supper to be delivered. He asked if Jamal was working tonight, he was, and requested that he bring it. Shortly after that Becky emerged from the bathroom drying her hair dressed in a long t-shirt. Chuck looked up and asked, "What the fuck is this ****? Get that shirt off!" "Oh come on!" Becky pleaded, "I'm freezing after that shower, this is all I have on see." As she lifted the shirt up to expose her body. As it was it barely long enough covered her crotch. "Well alright, but not for long. I want to see that body naked all weekend." Becky gave him a sly grin and nodded in agreement.

After going to the fridge and getting a couple beers for both of them Becky walked over to couch and sat down next to Chuck and snuggled in close. She felt strangely comfortable becoming so intimate with a guy she was just going fuck every once and a while. Chuck wrapped his long arm over her shoulder and discovered he easily could reach her pussy with his hand and began to pet and rub it. "God you never quit do you?" She whispered. "Just keeping your motor warmed up." He replied. The doorbell prompted an interruption in the petting. "That will be Jamal with supper. Go get it, its all paid for except for his tip." Becky was getting up and when she heard him mention the "tip" she spun around and looked at him. Chuck just gave her an evil grin and said, "Remember why your here, now get to the door!" Becky's mind was reeling as she made her way to the door, her hands began to tremble as she opened the door.

Jamal had been looking forward to this since Chuck first told him about her, and he had jacked off numerous times from the pictures Chuck shared with him. As the door opened he eyed this middle aged plump married white woman dressed in only a t-shirt. He let himself inside and Becky closed the door behind him. "I got your order here folks." Jamal said handing the pizza to Becky and nodding and smiling at Chuck who remained on the couch. "Its all paid for so enjoy" he said as her turned towards the door. Becky set the pizza box down and pushed the door back closed when Jamal began to open it. "I..I..I believe I still owe you a tip" Becky nervously stammered. As her hands made their way to his waist band. Jamal turned towards her already with a sizable bulge in his pants. Becky dropped to her knees in front of this strange black man and began to undo his belt followed by his button and zipper. She couldn't help but lick her dry lips as she pulled down his pants and was surprised to find no underwear, just a gorgeous, thick dark piece of black cock. She reached up and grabbed it and began to stroke it a few times before wrapping her lips around it. Jamal leaned back against the door, with one hand on the back of her head and the other giving Chuck a thumbs up as he smiled at him.

Chuck was loving his view from across the room, with the t-shirt above her naked hips and her stroking and sucking like her life depended on it. Chuck took out his phone and began to video the encounter. After a few seconds he sent the video to Charlie's phone with the message, "We ordered pizza."

Charlie had been on an emotional roller coaster all day knowing that his wife was going to be nothing but a sex toy for Chuck all weekend and possibly more. Charlie's breath escaped him when he began watching the video of his almost naked wife sucking off a black pizza delivery guy! He was elated, then his stomach churned, then back to being incredibly turned on! He typed back, "OMG PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED!!!!"

About that time Chuck got up and walked over to his friend and his bitch. He reached down behind her and started rubbing her pussy causing her to get to her feet but never taking her mouth off that cock. Chuck dropped the shorts he was wearing and began to rub her sopping wet pussy with his cock. Becky was in total ecstasy as her bull began to slide his hard cock into her again as she was still sucking off this stranger. After a few minutes of her moaning and riding his cock best she could Chuck said, I think its his turn to try that pussy." Becky broke free of Jamal's cock and gave Chuck a worried look. Then Jamal said, "Get your ass on the floor bitch". Becky got on her hands and knees as Jamal slid behind her and rubbed her dripping pussy with his cock. He wasn't as large as Chuck but still quite a bit larger than her husbands little dick and he didn't ease it in he just grabbed her hips and gave a shove causing Becky to gasp and recoil forward trying to get away but there was nowhere to go and it didn't take long before she was rocking her hips to meet his thrusts. By this time Chuck made his way back to his phone and began shooting more video for Charlie.

Charlie quickly snatched his phone up off the table at the first sound of his notification. This time it wasn't just a video, it was a live stream. His fingers were trembling as he joined the feed in progress. Chuck saw that he joined the live stream and turned the camera to himself and said to Charlie with a grin, "I hope you enjoy this as much as your wife." With that he set the phone down aiming it at the action on the floor near the door.

Becky had her ass in the air as far as she could get it while her chest was flat on the floor as Jamal squatted behind her hammering away at her. In this position Jamal's cock was rubbing hard on her G-spot and driving her insane. Becky's breathing was labored and her moans were guttural as she relished the experience. Jamal was getting close to climax and quickly slid out of her and stood up and stepped back. "Whooo baby not yet...not yet...(he panted) Your gonna need to work for this load." he said. Becky screamed at him as her hips searched for his member,"Put that fucking cock back in me!"


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Thats as far as I made it in the story, any ideas as to where I should go from here?


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I loved what you have written, as for where it goes, surely that's the author's privilege! 😈❤️ x


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Thanks for the positive feedback... see what I can do.
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