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Ellens journey

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Ellen hadn't gone far from home when her car had problems and eventually died at the side of the road.
She only had 10 minutes to get to work which was 3 miles away, so Ellen fretted and worried about what to do.
Damn, ****** car, she swore, got out of the car and stood on the verge for inspiration.
A few minutes passed until Jaheem's truck pulled up. Jaheem recognised her from work, she worked in the HR department, him obviously in warehousing.
Need some help Lady? he called, Yeah my car just died and I need to get to Stones Construction. Daddy had known Mr. Stone and managed to get her first proper job there.
Well, today is your lucky day, cos that's where I work too ! Oh I didn't know that she said, ( Well she wouldn't, why would she go down to the warehouse, she had a perfectly neat and tidy office to work from)
I can't be late, we have a big meeting today concerning lay-offs. Ellen explained.
Well hop in, mind all the stuff on the seat, I don't keep the truck too clean.
No. it's fine Ellen said, consciously brushing off the seat of old papers and dirt. She wouldn't normally be seen dead in a truck like this, but a second class lift beats a first class walk.
Jaheem swung into the car park too fast for Ellen, but she bit her lip and thanked him for the lift, Anytime doll, he called back... How embarrassing Ellen thought, being called a doll.
To be honest, at 23 she was a bit of a catch, blonde, trim and well endowed in the breast department. She could have her choice of any man, but she was happy at home with Marcus.
It struck her later that day, that she was a bit unkind to Jaheem, he had after all, got her to work on time, and now she had arranged recovery of her own car, she need to get back home somehow.
Flicking through the employee records, showed which part of the Stones Construction building Jaheem worked.
At lunchtime, Ellen went to see Jaheem to ask for a lift home.
She'd only been here once before, on her initial show around and although she showed enthusiasm, was told that the warehouse wasn't really any of her concern.
Not knowing where to go, Ellen identified a grubby office at the back of the warehouse where she guessed the men must hang out for lunch. There was chatter and laughter coming out of there, so she made a good choice. The door was open and 7 or so men were reading newspapers or eating lunch or just lounging on a filthy sofa.
Umm, excuse me, but is Jaheem here ?, Ellen poked her head around the door. The conversations just totally stopped as the mainly Hispanic and Afro-Caribbean workers stared at Ellen in her short dress and heels.
Yes, it's just that I've been in meetings all morning and wanted to say thanks for rescuing me this on my way to work.
Is that so? a pot bellied older man chuckled, he was unshaven and smelly but appeared to be the warehouse foreman.
Oh I'm sorry Ellen said, I am in the right place aren't I, Jaheem Samuels ?
The old guy said Yeah, he's taking a piss right now, but he'll be 2 minutes.
(Such coarse language thought Ellen)
Shall I wait then? she said, feeling uncomfortable being mentally undressed by all the men staring at her.
Yeah sure, take a seat. Well I'm not sure, Ellen said, looking at the state of the sofa..
Sorry I guess it's a bit grubby, the fat man laughed. Ellen sat down nervously and presently Jaheem came into the office.
Waas up guys ? Jaheem chirped, striding in. The fat old bloke said, you got a visitor bro, pointing to Ellen. Jaheen smiled broadly. Hey, you got yo car sorted missie ?
Um, Yes thank you, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a ride into work and to ask if you could take me home tonight as well please, because my car needs lots of work ?
Yeah sure I could do that Doll, you up for a ride for a ride ? All the men fell about laughing in the office. Jaheem basically just asked her for a ride in her pussy for a ride home. Ellen blushed and was speechless for a few seconds, I'm sorry, What do you mean?
Well if I give you a ride, you have to pay me back, nothing in life is free Missie.....
Well I have 10 dollars if that's OK Ellen said, I don't need you money honey Jaheem said, I'm looking at a fine piece of ass, and I'd like some of that. Ellen was rooted to the spot, Oh, I rather hoped you'd take 10 dollars for the fuel.
Well you can get down here and say thanks to my black dick or walk home. Ellen stared at the 30 year olds tracksuit bottoms and felt sick, The office door clicked shut by one of the other workers.
Come on bitch, said the old fat guy, time to say thank you for being rescued this morning, beaming a big smile to all his colleagues.
Jaheem perched on the sofa arm and slipped his bottoms off and stared at Ellen. Say thank you to my dick, and I'll take you home. His jockey shorts were well packed, Ellen hadn't seen anything like it, Marcus wasn't anything like his size.
Hey, said Jaheem, I have 10 minutes left before the shift starts again, so get busy. Ellen was transfixed by his bulge. Kneel down and say thanks to my cock for rescuing you this morning.
The other guys in the room were fishing for their phones and as Ellen cautiously hooked her thumbs on his shorts, she was being videoed and photo'd.
She pulled his shorts down slowly but his semi-erect cock sprang in front of her, a good size, maybe 8 or so inches. Ellen was mesmerised
Hurry up slut he said, suck that dick down yo white face. I only got 8 minutes now before shift starts. Ellen grasped his cock and jerked it up and down, he was much thicker in girth that Marcus.
You need to suck my dick girl, you ever sucked dick before ??
Um Yes Jaheem, Ellen confessed, but not as big as you.
Well get used to it. I want you sucking this dick regular like.
The other men in the office all chuckled and whistled as Ellen started to suck off Jaheem, her knees getting grubby with the office dirt.
Damn, you look good on my dick Missie, Jaheem beamed.
You got a fella ?
Despite his massive cock in her mouth, Ellen nodded.
No more sex with him, Understand ? Ellen nodded again. To be honest sex with Marcus was uneventful anyway..... Jaheem's cock was way more thicker and longer.
Jaheem, held her blonde crop deep into his crotch, and bucked into her face as he shuddered in an orgasm, cum flowed into Ellens mouth like a torrent, spilling out on the floor.
OK Missie, I think we are even, I'll see you at 5:30 to drop you off at your fellas, he smirked. Ellen gathered herself together and left the warehouse feeling quite dishevelled. She stumbled back to her office, caught up on a few emails, and found out that Jaheem was being made redundant later that week. How was she going to tell him, she swore he would say it's because he made her suck his cock.
She couldn't talk to Marcus when she got back about work, cos he always asked, couldn't say she had been sucking off a Black guy to thank him for a lift home, or that he was then being made redundant.
Marcus was full of the joys of spring, he had downloaded a new game on his phone, but all Ellen could thing about was Jaheems Black cock. And how she was going to tell him he was being made redundant.
The next day, Jaheem was called into the HR office, Ellen sat impassively next to the head of HR as the various people losing their jobs were wheeled in. It was the usual "The company needs to make cutbacks speech routine"
Jaheem came in and sat down, spreading his legs wide apart like he usually did. He didn't like the news very well. He stared at Ellen, she was convinced he hated her at that point. He got a months pay and could leave at the end of the week, but that all went over his head, he was convinced Ellen had been part of the decision. Ellen spoke to the head of HR and said maybe Jaheem didn't really need to go, but perhaps she could let him down gently and stay on for a another 6 months. Her boss agreed, HR is a difficult job and Ellen wasn't really hardcore about her role, Jaheem obviously got fucked off about being made redundant, so she went to see him again, down at the warehouse.
She strutted in the office again, always full of the staff and she was desperate to see Jaheem, full of the staff that had seen her suck off Jaheem in front of them, so they were all smirking when she came in. Need more Black dick darlin ?, the fat old guy said, laughing to himself.
Ellen ignored him, despite him staring at her legs.
Well I guess he's getting his stuff to leave Missie. Yo been and sacked him right ?
Well Yes and No said Ellen, not wanting to explain too much. Do you know where he is ?
Out back shifting some pallets, the old guy said... waving his hand in the general direction.
No problem Doll,
She hated that comment but left it.
Jaheem was in the yard with the forklift, moving pallets, Ellen teetered out in her little dress and heels, entirely inappropriate for the environment. Jaheem caught his eye, Well a blonde woman in a short dress and heels in the delivery yard is hard to miss.
Jaheem ignored her. Little bitch had got him fired.
Ellen waved at Jaheem, he still ignored her. She stood in the yard until he climbed off the fork lift.
What do you want ??? I thought I was leaving at the end of the week ?
Um no, I had a word with head of HR and he's extended your contract for another 6 months.
Hummm, Jaheem grunted, and maybe I should be thankful for that ?
No Jaheem, it's just when I sucked your dick, I realised how much more I wanted of it, so I pleaded to keep you on, I want to suck your dick more and more, Marcus is a sexless loser and I want your dick so much more, she begged.
Music to my ears, thought Jaheem, the little bitch is begging for my cock now. She's obviously cut her boyfriend off as well.
OK Ellen, I hear what you say, but you're gonna have to prove it.
OK What do I have to do? said Ellen, her perfect breasts straining in her little dress.
Well Missie, I'm claiming that little white mouth to suck my dick, but you have to show you're not a racist bitch to my co-workers, they all got hard when you sucked my dick the 1st time.
I'm not a racist bitch Jaheem, I promise.
OK, tomorrow, put your best dress on, it's Friday so all the manual workers usually leave at 12, but you get your white ass to the office at 12:15 and they can all have turns at you. After that I think you should come every Friday down here and put on a show for the guys..
So that's what Ellen did, mesmerised by Jaheems cock and willing to do almost anything, Ellen turned up at the warehouse office on Fridays, to serve all the guys there, they ranged from 19 to 55, fat, skinny, Hispanic, Indian and Afro-Caribbean. She got passed around like a toy, her dress lifted and peeled off her within a few moments of knocking on the door, she found herself on all fours being assaulted by Tyrus, Errol, Samii, and all the rest. The old fat guy, whose name was Thuni, particularly enjoyed fucking her on the couch while she whimpered under his weight. Every cock was different, long, thick , brown, black and some very veiny. But no-one was allowed to use her mouth, That was Jaheems, he watched the proceedings on that day, videoed it all.

So this all went on for 6 months, Ellen fucking and sucking the guys in the warehouse unbeknownst to her boyfriend and all the videos and pictures went viral.
In those 6 months, Ellen had more sex with ethnic minorities that you could say, her little white body ****** every Friday and sent home stinking of sex and full of cum.
Marcus, probably knew what was happening as she was dog tired on Fridays and he happily lapped her pussy like a good boyfriend.
Jaheem never did get made redundant.


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Cuckold Stories Post / Cuckold Stories Post /
Ellens journey
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