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Small change

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Small Change

Dinner was great, one of those Turkish/Greek restaurants in the town, plenty of wine and fizz and a taxi home.
I made all the right moves to get a fuck that night with Sally but my equipment failed me as it usually did. Sally got very bored with my efforts and told me to lick her to orgasm instead. I dutifully slid down the bed until I was kneeling on the floor and squashed my face into her pussy. She always kept it neatly trimmed and in the 8 years we'd been married, it had been my pleasure to fuck. Tonight, she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer in until I was almost gagging. Sally has a great body for a 39 yr old, 36c breasts and short blonde hair.
You're going to stay there until I cum, Understand?
I nodded as I couldn't speak.
Sally threw her head back and enjoyed me tonguing her for several minutes.
Come on, get that tongue all the way in, I think it's about the same size as your dick, she laughed. She'd never said things like that before. She propped herself up and stared into my eyes as I continued my work, Well it's true, isn't it ? You have a small dick Tim, very small...
I said nothing, just lapped at her pussy in an effort to please. She lifted my head off her pussy with one hand, Well ? Say it ?
I didn't want to say anything........ Tell me you have a small dick......And because I paused again, she slapped me with her other hand. SAY IT ! she yelled..
I mumbled down into the duvet that I had a small dick, but that wasn't good enough.
Louder, she yelled.
I have a small dick,
Again !
I have a small dick.
You have a small dick what ?
Sally ?
Nope try again, small dick, you call me Miss....
I have a small dick Miss, I stuttered.
Good, finally you are learning. And what do small dicked men do ?
I guessed, Lick pussy Miss ?
Yep, that's right, and anything else I say, Got it ??
I mumbled Yes Miss, but it wasn't loud enough, Pardon ???? Yes Miss, I said louder.
Now, back on my pussy and as I said, make me cum, since your dick can't do it. I felt my little cock shrinking away at her comments. She grabbed my hair again and pulled me in and I resumed my duties with more enthusiasm than normal to please her. I'd always known I had a small dick, from school days in the shower, in the military and comparisons on the internet, I guess I'd just got away with it and that Sally was ok with it. Well, up until now anyway.
She lent over at some stage and grabbed her phone, happily snapping shots of me working on her pussy. Come on pussy licker, make me come, make that pussy happy, She was obviously making a short video. After ten or so minutes I had made her cum, she was still taking photos, but said, OK little dick stand up and tell me what you do......
I struggled up off the floor, my knees were killing me from kneeling for 30 minutes, but stood up and said, I suck pussy Miss, Sally said, and why is that ? Because I have a small dick Miss, I mumbled. Louder !!!. She was videoing the whole thing, Because I have a small dick Miss. I hung my head in shame.
Well done pussy licker, she said, and stopped filming.
Now you can ***** in the spare room tonight, since you couldn't fuck me, yet again.....
I couldn't argue with that, so I shuffled off to the spare room and its single bed....
The morning came and last night nights activities had been a blur, so I presumed she had been a bit tipsy and it all got out of hand. How wrong I was.
Sally met me in the kitchen with an offish glance, How was the spare room Tim ? she chuckled.
I sad nothing and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea.
I've decided she started. My heart sank, What now ?
I've decided that since you can't please me with you little dick, that you shouldn't have the privileges of the man of the house, I meant what I said that you will do anything else I want, you even agreed last night. I couldn't disagree.
So, today marks the first day of you being a house husband, no chores for me, so I can keep you busy and me happy. Also, you need to understand that you won't be *****ing with me in future, the spare room is now your room, you can only come in my room when I want you to. Got it ??
I nodded in disbelief.
So, my little wifey, it's time to start.... First, since I don't consider you to be a red ******* man who can fuck properly, you need to dress accordingly, so fetch some scissors and follow me.
I got the scissors and followed he up to what was now her room. Open the drawer she said pointing at my underwear drawer. Take out all of your boxers and cut them up. I started to protest about a waste of money, but she was having none of it. She made me stand there and cut the m all in two until none were useable. Take the ones off you are wearing now small dick, she commanded, so soon I was naked from the waist down with out any boxers to put on. She smirked at my small dick, and said it was disgusting to her now, but she had plans for my dick which I wouldn't like. You need some appropriate underwear Tim don't you think? What would you expect me to wear around the house ??

I didn't what to say anything , but said something feminine.....
Correct small dick, something feminine. Now I have a list of things I need you to buy from Tesco and on that list is pink knickers. Get used to it because that is all you will be wearing from now on. I'd say you were a size 16-18 so make sure you get 10 or so pairs, different shades of pink so I can choose what you wear each day. Take pictures of them before you buy so I can approve.
Each morning, you will bring me tea in bed and ask which shade of pink to wear for that day, Understood. I just nodded my head slowly, taking in this new regime...
I also need to take care of your small dick, I don't mean literally as its of no use to me, but I don't want you jacking off to porn anymore, and don't say you don't because I've seen the web history on your laptop that you think you've erased, Amanda, one of my friends has a husband in IT who gave me a few tips.......
I swear my cock twitched at being found out.
That, she said, pointing to my exposed cock, is going to be locked up from now on. I've seen designs on the internet, and you'll need to order one. Make sure you get the right size, because you are having it on all day and night.
Again I started to protest, but she was having none of it. Listen small dick, she said as she got closer to me, You do as I say or we get divorced, and if you think I'm bluffing, think of all the embarrassing photos I have of you, OK small dick ??
I nodded, but she wanted to hear it, OK ? Yes Miss I bleated.
Good, now go make that tea before you go to Tesco. When you come back I want that small dick of yours shaved and in panties in 30 minutes. You'll order a cage that I like, and express delivery means it'll be here tomorrow. Understand ?
Yes Miss I cried.
Slipping my jeans back on with out underwear was a bit odd, but I went to Tesco and spent 20 awkward minutes perusing the ladies lingerie , much to the amusement of a couple of members of staff, probably thinking I was a pervert. I'd go to Tesco every day because there's a few girls that work there that are super fit and I love to watch them in the store. Sally facetimed me whilst I was there and got me to find an assistant in the underwear section she could talk to. She told the girl, who was probably no more than 19 that I was buying them for myself and not for her, and literally died from the embarrassment. She authorised some shocking pink slim panties that I didn't think would cover my dick but I bought them none the less.
I got back to the house and noticed an extra car in the drive, I imagined it was a friend of Sally's.
I went with my purchases to see Amanda and Sally chatting in the kitchen. Amanda was a fit 40 year old with great legs and beaming smile.
Ah the small dick returns, said Sally at which point Amanda burst out laughing and went very red in the face. So did I, Sally clearly was telling everyone else in her friendship group I had a small dick, so maybe 20 or more knew as of this morning. She had probably posted that video of last night, and Amanda was her best friend.
Well, What are you waiting for ?
I looked quizzically at her. Shaven and pantied in 30 minutes, small dick.....
Yes Miss I said,
Amanda kept sniggering and laughing to herself at the way Sally was ordering me around.
Make sure you do a good job shaving that small dick, oh and we need a bottle of fizz opening before you go...
Sally and Amanda started on the bottle of Prosecco and I went upstairs to get ready. I could hear them giggling and laughing as I started removing my pubes by scissors and then with shaving foam and razor, I managed to nick my scrotum a couple of times but spent the full 30 minutes getting it right for Sally. I had taken every trace of hair off my cock and balls, and groin area.
Looking at the knickers I'd bought I chose a lacey pink pair that was very feminine and slipped them on, put my jeans back on and went downstairs to top the girls ****** up.
All done small dick? Sally mocked
All done Miss I said.
Well I can't inspect if you've got your jeans on can I you idiot?
Amanda was close to falling off her bar stool gigling at me.
Come on, Amanda wants to see too...........
I'd never been so embarrassed in all my life, I'd always had a soft spot for Amanda, she had a great figure. But she was going to see me in all my glory soon.
I unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans to reveal the pink knickers, Sally and Amanda cheered at my discomfort, Well done small dick Sally said, Amanda took photos instantly.
Now let seem how shaven you are, you took your time so it had better be a good job.. Amanda, do you want to do the honours?
Certainly, said Amanda, anything to help. She got off the bar stool and came behind me, and quickly dropped my panties to my knees, and Sally roared with laughter, Amanda came back around to see my little shaven cock and laughed along with Sally, Jesus, said Amanda, that's probably only 3 inches he's got, how have you put up with that for 8 years? Tell me about it Sally said, and helped herself to more Prosecco.
More pictures taken, obviously for the group. I almost died on the spot, not pulling up my panties until told to, a couple of minutes later Sally said she didn't want to see my ugly little dick anymore and to get dressed
Amanda and Sally remained chatting for a while and the subject of the cock cage came up, and Sally said her input would be valued. Amanda was married to a big guy who had a construction company, and Amanda had never had a problem in the sex department, Harrison was obviously all man.
They looked on my laptop, on the kitchen island for ideas on a cage whilst I nervously cleaned up random things in the kitchen and fetched more Prosecco.
I think this one said Amanda, it was a chrome cage and looked quite uncomfortable, Yes agreed Sally can't have the small dick thinking it's a walk in the park, these things go on for a reason...
So it was agreed the chrome one was appropriate and I need to be measured to get the right fit. Amanda baby, coo-ed Sally, can't you measure him, I just don't want to get close to it again. ☹
Both girls were a bit tipsy on the Prosecco, but Amanda agreed but after she had put gloves on, which made Sally laugh. Yuk said Sally it's horrid, how could anyone want that???
I dropped my jeans again and pulled down my panties, my little cock standing out....
Oh my god, oh my god, Amanda kept saying as she knelt down and used the tape measure. So fucking small Tim, it's the smallest I've ever seen. With Amanda kneeling in front of me, I almost felt a surge of ***** into my cock, She was someone I'd love to fuck, but that would never happen. She measured my length and girth, Yes 3" long and 2 inches around, she proudly told Sally who entered the details into the website. It came out as one of the smallest sizes they did.
I had to fetch my wallet to make the purchase, and it would be here tomorrow.
Will you be here tomorrow Amanda? said Sally, You know, for the grand occasion ?
Wouldn't miss it for the world !!!! said Amanda. So Amanda would watch the cage going on, just fucking marvellous ☹
Amanda left and walked back to her place around the block.
Sally had plans for me that afternoon, mainly laundry and hoovering, whilst she had more Prosecco and texted her friends. My images had gained a lot of interest and Sally often laughed at some of the comments the group were leaving.
Hey small dick , Sally shouted, I knew she'd be calling this from now on; I need a foot massage, so I stopped cleaning the oven and went back into the lounge where Sally was on the sofa. Start with this one she said pointing to her right foot, I knelt down and took off her new balance trainers and sports socks, and started to rub her feet, I thought she was just looking at her phone but she was making another video for the group chat I found out. Do it properly small dick, she said, I rubbed as best I could but she wasn't impressed, Oh for gods sake she said, if you can't massage them properly, at least suck them, go on, suck my toes small dick. I bent down and started licking her toes and sucking them in, Sally said that was better, but I should look at her when I was sucking her toes, it was only proper. So I gazed at her ignoring me with her toes in my mouth sucking and licking for 10 minutes. Now the other one, small dick... I repeated my efforts on her other foot until she tired of me. I'm having a nap now; make something for dinner, when it's ready come back in here and maybe I'll let you kiss my ass, because that's something I like and you'll be doing it every day from now on.

I made a pasta dish for dinner and at 6pm, went back into the living room, Sally was still snoozing so I crept about. She woke up and said she wanted more Prosecco, at this rate she would be pissed by 9pm, and I wasn't looking forward to that.
I fetched her another glass of Prosecco, she gulped it down and stood up, slipped her dress off and stood there in her bra and panties and heels. Time for ass kissing , small dick she said.
Take my panties off, small dick.
I knelt down and slid her panties down to reveal her trimmed bush. I stared at her sex, longing to sink my cock in there just one more time, but knew it was off limits. She spun around and bent over the sofa arm with her ass in the air. Get going on my small dick, make it nice and clean and then I won't have to spank you.
Well the spanking comment was news to me, this was obviously some else she had up her sleeve. I knelt up behind he upturned ass and instead of trying to lick her pussy, started to tongue her ass. I did a reasonable job, she squirmed her ass on my face for several minutes before explain why spanking was necessary.
If you do everything I say without hesitation or delay, to my satisfaction, there will not be any spankings. Any small misdemeanours, lack of enthusiasm, poor performance and you will be spanked. I don't want to touch your ass, so I'll use a table tennis bat. I will decide how many strokes you get, and you will call them out to me as I deliver them. Understand small dick ??
Lets practice. Go down into the basement and dig out the table tennis stuff.

So I shuffled off towards the stairs to the basement, but obviously not quick enough, Hurry Up small dick, she shouted ! She was having way too much fun with this at my expense.
I found the bats and ran back up stairs.
OK kneel down, arms in front of you, ass in the air, and get rid of those jeans for gods sake. Actually, thinking about it, a new rule from today. You don't wear trousers in the house, ever. Just those panties, I don't care who comes around. I slipped off my jeans and knelt down on all fours, arms in front, palms up, waiting.
OK, here's how it goes. As I mentioned before, any fuck ups, you get spanked. Get it ? Yes Miss I said.
And since we are using a table tennis bat, the amounts should be relevant to tennis ? Agreed ?
I nodded, So it's either 15,30 or 40. I completely understood.
So you took your time earlier getting the bats so we will start with 15. You will call out each one because I can't be bothered to count.
So, get your girly panties down, small dick. I reached behind me and bared my ass, panties halfway down my thighs.
Ready ? Yes Miss, I am ready. Well, I wasn't, the first slap caught me by surprise, a stinging blow that made me forget to say One !
Well you're not getting this are you? , Sally said, You are supposed to say, One, Please may I have another. So she started again, Slap, One, Please may I have another I recited, Slap, Two and so on. My mind was blurry with the pain of the slaps and having to count and talk at the same time. Sally enjoyed herself up to 15 and then told me to get up.
It was time for dinner. I pulled my panties up and went into the kitchen to get the pasta, my reddened ass cheek glowing with warmth after the beating.
We eat in near silence, apart from Sally wanting more Prosecco, She told me she would be enjoying tomorrow as my first day in chastity, and I just grunted along with her comments.
Amanda is coming around at 11am, delivery is scheduled for 10 so we should be ready for your next stage. By the way, here's a list of what I want done each day, so apart from your normal job, these have to get done too. My sore buttocks were testament to spankings so I didn't want to repeat that.
The evening passed without incident save another foot massaging session and me being sent off to bed at 10pm as I had a big day ahead of me, I think Sally went to bed at 11:30 after chatting to her mates. She made me ask to go to bed like a little *****. I had to say, Please Miss may I go to bed please ?
I struggled to *****, all the events of the last day caught up on me and I couldn't come to terms with Sally's change of personality, but deeply, I realised I had it coming. I could see things getting worse.
They did. As instructed, I served her tea in bed and held up 2 panties for her to choose for me to wear that day. Bright pink she decided and very lacy.
I showered and put the panties on, they barely covered my small cock. Sally thought it was amusing and took photos. I picked up the list and scoured through. Laundry, Hoovering, deck sweeping, yard de-weeding, it was endless. I thought we had a gardener that did all that outside stuff? Old Jim from down the road ? He'd been with us for years. A Caribbean guy who pottered about doing stuff ? I brought it up with Sally. Well No, Jim wasn't doing gardening now, he was retired apparently, the guy was 65 and said he was taking it easy. I didn't question that.
The door bell rang, it was Fedex with a parcel. I knew what it was. I stepped outside gingerly in my panties hoping no-one was watching, to get the parcel, and Yes it was what I expected.
Standing there in the hallway in my panties and shirt, I felt a right twat and very unmanly, Sally called down, Was that Fedex ? Yes dear I replied. Yippee she exclaimed and got out of bed to dress. Amanda is coming at 10 so make sure the lounge is nice and tidy, small cock, she called down the stairs. Yes Miss I said, knowing I needed to respond or it could escalate into a spanking.
Amanda turned up early and carried some Prosecco in with her, these girls can ***** at any hour I thought. I got the door and Amanda giggled past me as I stood there in my panties, So fucking funny she said under her breath.... Hey Sally I'm here, Make yourself at home said Sally, small dick will sort you out..
Amanda looked at me and said, Well I'm up for a Prosecco small dick, so best you get on with it. She was into the role now, same as Sally. She wasn't unpleasant, just cocky and derogatory.
I got her a ***** and hung about nervously for Sally. The Fedex parcel was on the table unopened. Sally breezed down from her bedroom and greeted Amanda, Sally wore a light floral dress and heels, I could almost see her bra and panties underneath but it was quite subtle.
I could tell this show was about to start.
So let me see, We have the parcel, and we have the audience ready, said Sally, Amanda grinned with her


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So let me see, We have the parcel, and we have the audience ready, said Sally, Amanda grinned with her trademark flash of white teeth, dying to see me become chastised. The group chat had gone viral with lots of people advising Sally what she could do next to me to serve her.
Small dick, Open your package !!! Almost like a compare on a TV show.
I fumbled with the box but eventually opened it and out fell several pieces which clearly went together. The cage section really didn't look very big, but I think it was supposed to be a snug fit, absolutely denying any erection.
I stood in the centre of the living room and held all the parts. Well ? said Sally, get that thing on you !? I stared at the parts and realised how it went together. My balls had to pass through a ring and then everything else connected to the ring, once my cock was in there, it simply wouldn't come out. I started assembling it, unaware that Amanda was videoing the whole thing. The finish was quite good, chrome and thick metal..
After a few minutes, I'd got it all in place bar the padlock which was included. Some of the padlocks are combination, but this one was a key. There were 2 keys.
The door bell went again. I couldn't answer the door as I was stuck in the living room. Sally said, I think I know who this maybe.
Sally answered the door and brought in a new guest, Old Jim. He was here to collect his last pay packet. I literally froze with Old Jim coming into the room.
Amanda, this is Jim, he's our ex gardener, retired now. Sally ignored me. Old Jim stared at me wearing panties and a cock cage and laughed. Take a seat Jim please. All the time Jim worked for us he never came in the house, because he worked outside. Today was a pleasant surprise.
All set small dick? , said Sally ? Ready for the final click ? I knew she wanted to click the padlock shut, but she surprised me and turned to Jim and said, Maybe you should chastise my husband Jim, I think he would be a little trophy for you ?.
Jim chuckled and chatted on about how I had actually been quite arrogant to him in the past and how inferior I had made him feel.
He stood up his full 6feet and stepped towards me, and clicked that padlock shut, Amanda squealed with delight, and when Sally offered him the super glue to pour into the lock, I knew this was a defining moment. Amanda was filming the whole thing. Our ex-gardener just locked my cock up from my wife.
Fantastic baby, Sally squealed, more prosecco everyone, Jim, a beer perhaps, small dick has loads in the fridge, let him get you a beer. Jim said, Yeah that'll fine Mrs Smith***. Sally said Oh just call me Sally, and gave him a playful squeeze on his arm as he settled down into the leather sofa again.
Amanda said, I could do with some Prosecco too, small dick.
Sally was spending a lot of time cuddling up to Jim I noticed during my bar duties, probably filling him in on my new role in the house.
Did Jim get his last pay cheque ? I asked , trying to move things along and end this situation, painfully aware of how my small dick was accustoming to its new home..
Sally said, Well since you ask, I have Jim's envelope here, not that it is any of your business now. Amanda laughed into her Prosecco.
And,,, she paused, I thought I'd give him a tip. Nice of me don't you think ?
I knew I had to say Yes Miss, and I did after 2 seconds.
She leaned over and kissed Jim full on the lips for what seemed ages, he was a bit taken aback but his hands soon roamed and found Sally's thigh and stroked her dress up so we could all see her lacy panties, like a man possessed, he roamed more and cupped her breasts one after the other. It had been a long time since Jim had fucked a married white woman. She stroked his coal black arms, whilst he still kissed her back, he right hand dropped down into his crotch, feeling his hardness.
Amanda and I were transfixed. My little cock strained in its cage, Amanda instinctively was cupping her breasts at the scene.
Go for it Sally, Amanda said, get that Black Dick out ! I was speechless, totally zoned out that our gardener was groping my wife.
Sally was rubbing his bulge in his shorts, I could see it was considerable.
Finally the kiss finished, but that was just the start. Jim got up and dropped his shorts, his big cock dropped out, Both Amanda and Sally gasped, Jim was clearly packing. I reckoned it was 8" long
Enough for you Sally ? He laughingly questioned, Gosh Yes said Sally, it's beautiful....
Wel since we've just locked up ol' small dick over there, you're gonna need a replacement. He beamed a smile at me and Amanda.
Now, I can't be here for too long, I have things to do, so you need to get busy on my old cock so I can leave.
I never saw Sally move so fast, within a few seconds she knelt down from the sofa and started sucking his dick, Amanda was clapping her hands at her friends actions.
Sally sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow, I was literally crying in the open plan kitchen, my caged cock weeping into my pink lace panties.
Enough, said Jim after several minutes, I need that pussy. Sally laid back on the sofa and took her dress and panties off.
You want his dick Sally ? He asked
Yes please give me your dick Jim.
You want my Black dick Sally ?
Oh God Yes please give me your Black Dick Jim.
OK, you can have it, he moved forward and raised her legs even higher to get a good aim at her pussy, he brought his fat cock towards Sally's pussy, and edged in a couple of inches, his smile showing his delight at bedding Mrs. Smith***.

Getting his cock in was one thing but by the time he had got fully in, Sally was putty in his hands, writhing and moaning at his penetration. Amanda was enthralled by what was going on, and was videoing the whole scene, her best friend had emasculated me and fucked a Black guy within 48 hours.
Jim grunted he was cumming soon, and Sally was taking his length time and time again to the point of delirium.
Jim thrusted a few more times and emptied his ball in her, Sally was so spaced out in pleasure.
Jim stood up with his black cock gleaming, it was a sight to see, Sally was half passed out, she had never been fucked like that before.
I'm coming around next Friday said Jim, I'll have some more of that pussy if you don't mind since your husband is all locked up and that. He grinned. Oh and I might bring my ***.
Yes please Jim, said Sally.
Hey small dick, Jim said, get over here and clean this pussy !
So that's what I did. Her pussy was very different being resized by Jim and full of his cum
so Jim comes around every Friday for sex with Sally like he owns the place.


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Small change
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