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My Cuckold Life – Ep 1 The Cuckold

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6:30 am: The alarm on my cell phone began a soft buzz and the ambient blue light filled the small space next to my bed. As I shook off the night's *****, it occurred to me that it was Sunday. I glance out the small attic window above my bed to see the sun peeking above the trees, another warm day ahead and I plan a big breakfast to prepare as I pull the sheets back and sit up on the edge of the bed to grab a ***** of water.

Wearing nothing but my cage I started down the narrow stairs from the attic avoiding the squeaky steps to not wake my wife, Stephanie, and our darling bull, Michael. They are two of the sexiest people I have ever had the honor to have in my life. My wife is a gym rat by nature, a beautiful flower girl type with natural female grooming and well-muscled. Their naked bodies are exposed on the bed in a tangle as a box fan cools their ******** bodies on our king-size bed.

We are pansexual and naturalist, liberal by nature and pagan by religion. We all live in a classic 1930s two-story tutor home ten miles north of Indianapolis.

'First things first,' I say to myself as I enter the dark kitchen. I broke out two glasses of orange juice and started the coffee maker, 'They should be waking up in about an hour,' I thought and orange juice was pretty much the weekend procedure.

Just as the eggs start to cook, my oldest *****, Kimberly, and her very beta boyfriend Derek enter the kitchen both only wearing flip-flops, "What time are you guys leaving?" she asks as she opens the refrigerator.
Without looking at her, "I'm thinking around noon, that's if your aunt and her stud can get their **** together in a timely fashion, why?"

Kimberly, a beautiful, athletic mulatto girl with caramel skin, blue eyes, and a tight brown curl that always hangs in her face, "That's cool, we're planning on leaving around noon and we still have to get gas," she says as she sips from the bottle of Sunny Delight, "Do you think there's going to be a lot of hot guys there, Derek?"

Standing only a few feet from her looking at his cell phone, "Oh, I think so."

"There's a lot of other things included with these things, your ****** and I went years ago and met the most amazing people.

Derek, standing on the other side of the breakfast buffet, says, "I was watching the festival on You Tube and it looks like there are a ton of beautiful people, damn."

Kim turned to him with a scowl, "Watch it."

"Sorry," Derek continues, "Anyways, the RV area isn't too far from the town center, so we can all stay close once we get there. The stall we have is at the four corners, near the toilets..."

Kimberly cuts in, "Yeah, whatever he said," taking a last swig of juice before throwing it back into the fridge she walks past Derek, "Let's go"

The skinny white boi looks up at me and flashes a crooked smile before turning on his heels to follow Kimberly.
"Hey, breakfast is going to be ready soon, so don't go too far," I said as I poured the last of the scrambled eggs into a chafing dish.
I was beginning to think that maybe taking the whole tribe to Beltane wasn't such a hot idea. After about 30 minutes everything was placed in the warmer. I put together two pieces of toast with strawberry jam on a small dish with butter and started my journey back upstairs, at the landing I could hear the faint sounds of lovemaking at the end of the hall.

As I turned on the landing and started down the hallway toward the source of the noise my baby girl, Madeline
stuck her head out of her bedroom, "Is breakfast ready?"

"Yes," I responded in a whisper, "Go downstairs, breakfast is ready,"

Maddie glanced up at me and then at the ambient bed squeaking noise at the end of the hallway, "When are they going to be done?"

"You know when," I shot back, "Now go downstairs, it's getting cold."

"Okay," she said and tiptoed down the hallway in her long T-shirt trying to be respectful of her ******'s morning delight.

I shake my head and continue my creep to the end of the hall put my ear to the door and listen for a pause in their sex so as not to disturb Michael's rhythm. I listened until I heard what sounded like a position change and slowly turn the glass knob of the master bedroom. The room was decorated with mostly hand-me-down bedroom furnishings and a large center bedroom rug. The bed was a large king with a fux-looking rot iron frame, fur comforter with two black straps hanging on the side of the upper bed railing rocking back and forth with the rhythm of rutting naked bodies. I took a few steps into the dark room and stood watching with the breakfast toast in hand. My wife was underneath and almost consumed by our African King, Michael is a massive hulking, black man with muscles on top of muscles. Only her two hands holding onto his protruding deltoid muscles and her clenched feet wrapped around his waist were visible. Michael's buttocks clenched with each push into my life partner's body while the scent of their body odor filled the room. Just as I was about to take another step, my wife caught my eye and put up her open palm giving the HALT signal. I froze. Once I realized why I retraced my steps and assumed my submissive position in front of the bedroom door. Michael hadn't noticed me and increased his pace in and out of Steph. His breathing became rapid and I could see the large scrotum had drawn up into a tight ball between his massive thighs. My wife held his head in her hands and looked into his eyes, she could feel his body getting close. Stephanie nodded to him and pulled him to her breasts.

The bull growled deeply his pace was unstoppable and the sounds of their body slapping and the bed frame slamming filled the house. Without warning his body stopped, reared up, and pushed deep into my wife.

Our African king let out a tremendous, "Aaaahhhhh" while each of his buttocks muscles flexed with every pulse of his ejaculation. One, then another, and another as his bulbous muscle, protruding and full, was working its magic pumping and filling my wife's womb. She held him tight to her breasts. The sweat of their bodies together created a beautiful sheen on both of their muscular frames.

They stayed connected and rode out his orgasm. I stood there for probably another five minutes while Michael's body, still pumping, fully emptied his prostate gland before I approached their connected bodies.

"Sir, breakfast is ready," I said in a whisper as I took a quick squat next to the bed. He nodded without looking at me, then took another clipped breath pushing the last bit of his semen before waving me away. I lingered a long beat to smell the sweet scent of their bodies.

Stephanie grabbed my thigh as I stood and mouthed "Thank you, baby," I smiled at her put the plate on the nightstand, and turned to leave.

The sight was so beautiful I shuttered as I walked back to the kitchen, "Sounds like they're finished," Mel said as she and Derek snickered. I came to the breakfast table with armloads of food. All three girls, Kimberly, Melissa, Madeline, and Derek were seated at the table waiting patiently for the morning meal, "Is your aunt joining us," I asked the table.
"No," Kim said, scooping up the first serving of eggs, "I guess morning fucks run in our genetics," as Melissa chuckled to herself while snatching a strip of bacon, Madi and Derek said nothing and dug into the food. 10 minutes later, as the kids went for seconds my wife descended the staircase. "Beautiful job sweetie," Steph said as she kissed my cheek and reached over for the bacon, "How's everybody's morning?"
The kids nodded except for Derek who chimed in, "Great Mistress, your husband is a great cook." She glanced over at me standing in front of the oven and gave me a crooked smile then threw aside her robe and took her seat at the far head of the table. The near head of the table was consciously left empty for the man of the house who stepped into the kitchen a moment later at appropriately 6'8", 300 pounds of solid African muscle, his massive naked body took nearly the whole kitchen to move around. I stepped to the corner of the room out of his way as he scanned the kitchen counters for his shaker cup, his massive, vain-spidering cock swung from side to side as he walked through the kitchen preparing his protein shake, "Morning all!"

"Good morning, Sir." the kids repeated.

"Good morning my love," Stephanie said as she filled his plate and he took his seat at the head of the table as I brought him a glass of juice to go with his shake, "I hear ya'all decided we're going somewhere?"

"Yep," Maddie chirped, "We're going to the fire festival."

"Beltrane," my wife corrected our youngest.

"Yeah that, anyways it's gonna be so cool, I can't wait."
Michael nodded his head as he chewed his bacon, "Anyone talk to me about this first," the table suddenly got quiet and we all looked down ashamed after realizing we hadn't mentioned we were going to him.

Stephanie was the first to break the silence, "My king, I mentioned this last week at dinner."

"Nope... the boys were coming over for the game," he said, still not looking up from his plate. I approached the table scooping another pile of eggs onto his plate hoping the gesture of service would ease his opinion.

"Sir, the girls have been talking about this for a while,"

"Bitch, nobody is talking to you," Michael shot back with a look of disdain, "Get your ass back in the kitchen," I quickly turned around and walked back to the stove.

"But sir, we have all planned and I want you to see what it's all about and embrace the culture and spirit," Our oldest Kimberly added. Her naked brown breasts barely moved as she talked.

Michael looked over at her and smiled, "No baby, I'm hitt'n it with Jay and Lamar."

"Tell them to come with us," Kim added. "To the witch thing" Michael asked.

"There's gonna be a **** ton of hot women there, Hippie girls, they'll love it," Kimberly said as she looked around the table soliciting support for her cause.

Michael kept eating, "I don't know," he said.

The table was silent for a long beat, then Michael turned to me as I was clearing up the dishes, "Get my phone."

I returned to the kitchen and dropped off the dishes, rinsed my hands and ran upstairs to retrieve Master's cell phone from the nightstand.

I returned and placed the phone next to his plate. Michael finished chewing as he dialed, "Hey bro."

Everyone watched as Michael got up from the table talking on his cell phone, his naked ass flexing each cheek as he walked into the living room. My wife was the only one eating while the kids looked at each other with concerned worry while I continued to clear up the dishes.

Minutes later, a boisterous laugh erupted from the other room and the kids smiled, it must be good. Michael came back and sat down laying his phone on the table, "Alright, we'll all go but we ain't doin' witch crap,"

Michael said directly to Stephanie. "So, you can get that outta your head right now."

My wife smiled and nodded, "Sounds fair."

The kids smiled, "Yay," Maddie said with a huge toothy grin.

I smiled to myself and went back to the table, "Sounds like everyone's got a lot of work to do so let's get to it,"

I turned to Michael, "Thank you, sir, for your understanding," Michael nodded and pushed the cup toward me in a gesture of wanting another glass, I looked at Kimberly with a smile and a wink as I poured juice from a pitcher into Michael's glass, she returned my smile and wink with a big triumphant and proud grin.

NOTE: This story is based on actual events, but with the names changed. All characters depicted in this story are over the age of 18.


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Good story, thanks!


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A good start, sounds like a great story. Please continue
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The people want more!
Rating: 10, 5 votes.
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My Cuckold Life – Ep 1 The Cuckold
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