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The Knowing Cuck

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Thanks, I'm glad that you all are enjoying it. Here's the next installment.

"I have bad news and good news. Which do you wanna hear first?" I had just finished mowing the lawn in the neon pink shorts that we had purchased. I was sure that at least some of our neighbors had seen me, but there was nothing I could do about it. I had ditched the t-shirt midway thru because it was so hot out. "I dunno, bad news first," I replied. "Gil had to postpone our date tomorrow. Something to do with his Dad." I smiled inwardly, "Oh, that's too bad. What's the good news?"

"Today you and I are going to a Couples Waxing. I'm getting a Brazilian, and you're getting a Boyzilian. Oh, and we might as well get rid of all that chest hair you have going on. That's gotta go. It all has to go. Kimmy suggested it, and I'd like to try it. Remember when we both shaved down there?"

"Yeah, it itched so bad," I interrupted. My Princess continued, "Well, this pulls the hair out by the roots, and they say that if you follow the aftercare, it feels great." I grimaced, "I don't want a Boyzilian. The name sounds silly, and I like my chest hair." "Honey, this is one of those times where you don't get a say in the matter. You need to suck it up, buttercup. As my cuckold, there is a phrase that you need to become quite familiar with. Now repeat after me, "Yes Dear."

I ran my hand across the hair on my chest, and pulled my shorts down to look at my crotch. "I'm going to look weird without any hair." Michelle was still waiting for my reply. "Yes Dear," I said sheepishly. She ruffled my hair, "Good boy."

I won't go into the details, but the waxing took around an hour or so, and it really hurt. We were both sore for the rest of that day. The next morning Michelle wanted an orgasm first thing, so I went down on her. Her pussy was so smooth and tasted so good that I was inspired to give her the best head ever. I decided that her Brazilian was a very good thing. 😊

"You inspected me up close, now it's my turn. Michelle ran her hand over my chest, and then took a close look at my crotch. "With all the hair out of the way, you'd think that it would look bigger. It does look cute, though. And your balls are so smooth. It looks like a baby dick. Oh honey, it's kinda small. Let's measure. Go fetch a ruler."

My ears perked up when I heard her. I returned and handed her the ruler. "Just because I'm letting you get hard; doesn't mean you get to cum." She took my penis in her hand and caressed it. "Come on, be a good bitch and get hard for me. Ooh, there you are. The little boy is waking up," she teased. It was the first time she had touched me in months, and it felt great.

Michelle stroked it up and down with her forefinger and thumb. "You're hard as a rock, but still not very impressive. Let's measure." I handed her the ruler and she placed it against my penis and pushed it down against the base. "Five inches. Didn't it used to be 6? We must have got it wrong back then. It's that, or you're shrinking." She laughed, "Oh well, no big loss. It's not like you're using it that much."

She pursed her lips and moved her mouth very close. I thought that she was going to suck me, but all she did was blow warm air at it. It still felt very nice. She continued stroking, and even kissed the head a few times. The sight of her lipstick smeared on the head of my dick made me groan, "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum. Please don't stop."

She rested her head on my thigh and smiled at me. "I told you that it would be worth it to wait. I want you to cum hard." Her hand wasn't jerking me off, it was just the two digits tugging and squeezing my cock head, but it was wonderful. My Princess wanted me to cum!

Her eyes were glued to mine. "I love you, Mikey. I love what you're giving up for me, so go ahead have a cummy. I want you to cum, now! Come on, shoot it. Now!" My hairless balls tightened up and I had one of the best orgasms of my life. As the jism shot out, Princess aimed my dick. The first load hit me right in the face. "Open your mouth, bitch," she commanded. The second and then final shot went right in my mouth. The long-awaited orgasm felt so good that I didn't even mind the salty seed. "Swallow it, my Cunt Bubble."

I did as she asked, and she smiled knowingly at me. She scooped up the remains that had squirted on my chest and wiped them on my lips. "You have to eat it all up, yum. You've made me very happy just now. Now put on your new panties and go make us a bite to eat."
Mr Fire


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Yep. Just as good as before, and well worth waiting for.
tef fulton


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Good addition!


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#34 · Edited by: lilmikey
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Here we go now:

I pulled the car into the driveway and grabbed the flavored coffee creamer that I had forgotten the first time at the store. It was late Tuesday afternoon, and the sun was beginning to set. Just around time to start dinner. I put the creamer in the fridge and sat at the kitchen table. Michelle walked in from the garage with a rolled-up workout mat in her hands. She threw it on the floor and said, "I won't have you talking back to me anymore. If I want you to go the store 10 times in a row, you'll do it with a smile on your face. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I'm sorry dear. I was just frustrated." She kicked the workout mat into the living room towards the bedroom door. "You need to learn, so as your punishment you'll be s leeping on that. On the floor." She motioned for me to pick it up, "Untie it and put it next to my bed." "Your bed?" I replied before shutting my trap. "Yes, my bed. My bedroom. My house. My everything." The color was rising to her face, and her eyes were sharp as knives. "You'll be on the floor for a week, and if I hear another word from you, I'll make you s leep in the garage."

"Yes dear," I lowered my eyes and picked up my s leeping mat. I unrolled it and placed it next to my old side of the bed. I wondered if I should take my pillow, but thought better of it. I laid down and tried it out. "This is going to suck, and all over some fucking coffee creamer. Crap!

I took off my regular clothes and put on some of my around the house wear. A pair of lavender Hello Kitty pajamas with matching slippers. I changed into some purple panties. I didn't really care if my undies didn't match, but I knew that Princess would.

Michelle had cooled off a little and was watching some TV as I passed by on my way to the kitchen. She smiled, "Nice outfit, but you really do need to fill out that top. What's for dinner, bitch?" "What would you like, Princess?" "I'm not very hungry, so how about something light? Soup and salad sound good, but first I want you to fetch the teddy that Gil bought for me, you know, the red one? I want to call him and it will make me feel sexy."

When I returned to the couch where she was laying, she stood up and waited for me to disrobe her. Princess never took her eyes off of the television. "My panties, too." As I rolled them down her thighs, I could smell her pussy. She was excited. I inhaled deeply. "Smells good, doesn't it? she asked." "Yes dear. My mouth is watering," I said as I lowered the camisole over her head. She stepped into the red panties, and I pulled them into place. "Well, it's not wet for you. I don't get wet for you. Oh, except for when you get really embarrassed. Like that time in the store the other day. That made me wet. I think that I like h umiliating you. It makes me so hot, and then all I can think of is Gil and what he'll do to me. She smiled and touched herself. "Now go make dinner. I'm gonna call Gil."

Dinner was easy to fix, and I tried to listen but she was just out of earshot. The salad was made and waiting in the fridge. The soup just needed to simmer for a while, so I sat down on the couch at her feet. "It'll be around 20 minutes." She gave me a shut-up look, and continued playing with herself. I could just barely hear his deep voice saying things to her. She interrupted his dirty talk, "Hold on for a sec." She rolled over and pulled her panties to the side, "Hey Mikey. I want you to suck on my asshole while Gil talks to me."

I spread her beautiful ass cheeks and exposed the little rosebud. I started to lick it for all I was worth. "I didn't tell you to lick. I said suck. I want you to suck my asshole." Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back and groaned into the phone, "Yes, of course. The little bitch does whatever I tell him to do."

She laughed, "No, I don't have to fart right now. He wouldn't like it, or maybe he would. One day, perhaps." He continued telling her all the things that he would do. She grabbed the back of my head and ground her ass against my face, "Stick your tongue up there. Mmm, yeah. Just like that." Princess then turned her attention towards him, "Oh baby. I'd let you fuck me in the ass. Oh yes. I want you to use all of my holes. I can't wait to be your dirty slut."

She rolled over and spread her legs. Her pussy was hot pink and so wet. Her clit was sticking out from under its hood, "Lick me while he makes me cum." I flicked the tip of my tongue rapid fire against the nerve packed organ. He was saying deliciously filthy things into her ear. Calling her the names that she wanted to hear. My wife was such a whore for him, while I just kept licking. My jaw was going to be sore, but I didn't care. My Princess was all that mattered.

"Oh my God, I'm gonna cum," she moaned. She had been holding my head with both hands, with the phone pressed against her ear. As the orgasm hit, she threw them up into clenched fists. "Aah, Ohh baby. Oh Gil, I'm yours!" She bucked against my mouth, humping her pussy. Her pretty face was flushed with emotion. As she came down, she pushed me away, "I'm too sensitive. I don't need you anymore." She readjusted the phone, "No, not you. I was talking to the bitch."

They laughed at me as I walked to the kitchen. I had never seen her cum so hard, and it hurt knowing that it wasn't for me. I was the one doing the work, but it didn't matter. I didn't matter. She could have used her hands, or a vibrator. I felt like a tool, yet my little dick was so hard.

I set the table and told her that dinner was ready. Before she sat down, Michelle grabbed a cold pack from the freezer and handed it to me. "Put this on your dick. You don't get to cum. Tonight you'll be s leeping on the floor."


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crickets........Ok then.
tef fulton


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Great post!


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I'm loving this story! I'm sorry I hadn't commented earlier but I've only just caught up. Please Lilmikey, reconsider finishing this wonderful tale ❤️😈🙏🏼 x


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The Knowing Cuck
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