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Only a matter of time

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heather and paul


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3 weeks ago my wife was in the back sunbathing, we are only overlooked by one house with 6ft fence between us. I went to the bathroom from the window i could see her in her white bikini legs apart lay with a damp cloth on het face she has a bulge with black hairy pussy almost seethrough in her white bottoms. i was just going to go back down stairs wheni looked at the bedroom window of the house facing our back garden, i saw the old man hiding behind the curtain looking at heather he was rubbing his cock. I found myself getting a semi hard cock getting turned on by the old guy wanking looking at my wife. He then came out from behind the curtain the first time i saw his cock it was very long and thin with a huge bell-end then it happend he was shooting his spunk on the window it was a huge load about 9 shots followed by the last lots of goo oozing from the end, as he did i cum in my shorts. i went back in the garden looking at heather ******** i glanced up to the window again the spunk was still running down the window and mike was looking straight at me smiling.

At the weekend we were having a BBQ few people from our local pub, i was cooking on the bbq when i heard heather shout mike to come round for a ***** it was the first time i saw him since the wanking thing. as he came in he came to me giving me 2 bottles of wine with a smerk on his face i must admit my mind went back to the sight of him spunking his huge load. As he walked away he said by the way i saw you spying on me wanking over your wife. I got a hard on and remember thinking what the fuck a hard on!!. later on Mike came to me asking did i like to see him shooting and did i think heather could take a full load of his because if he gets a chance he will have her, i said no way she would go for it.

AT about midnight there was only mike and heathers mum left i said ok last ***** guys a night cap we were all having an Irish coffee, as i made it mike came in th kitchen asked which was heathers i pointed he then took a bag from his pocket and emptied it inot heathers *****. as we drank it in a matter of a couple on mins heathers head went back and she was fast asleep her mum said her taxi was outside so i walked her to her cab. i shut the gates walking back i saw mike move from his seat to the couch where heather was. I went in mike looked up and said 'you can go to bed' i just walked to the stairs my heart beating like mad as i went up, i stopped at the top peeping down seeing mike pushing heathers dress up i could see her stocking tops and her black silk knickers. i saw mike kneeling in front of her pulling his pants down, his cock sprang out i could see it clear now it was about 9ich long with an end like small apple he was rubbing it up and down heathers gusset along her slit. i took my cock out, i do not get rock hard but it was hard as it gets. i could see mike wanking faster then all of a sudden he pulled her knickers to one side pushed his huge end against her pussy lips then with a push the end ****** its way in he then he stopped looked up to where i was then i heard him grunt like a pig 6, 7 times after a few mins he pulled out of her and pulled her knickers back over her pussy. he got up put his pants back then shouted come on lets get her to bed. i went down we carried her to bed. Mike said i will be doing that a lot more, then told me i better go clean her and he left. when i went to the bed i pulled heather dress off leaving her in black bra susspenders and stocking i went to remove her knickers they were soaking with thick white sperm with a streem oozing from her, she is not on the pill and for 8 days i was on edge as she was late. mike keeps saying looks like sunny next week time for BBQ.



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She is a hottie!


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I can see the attraction having looked at the pic of her sitting on the stairs. Mike will fuck her properly, and not when she's pissed either, and your task will be cleaning up. You'll do it properly this time, not with tissues or a cloth, but with your cuckold's tongue.
The pregnancy risk just adds to the thrill of her being fucked.


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R.A.P.E of one's wife is pretty f*cked up.

We like our sexy kinky and we have fun getting my wife's pussy filled with black seed. However, all play is on the up and up. Not some sick D.R.U.G. induced R.A.P.E game.

Sorry folks.... some things are just too far left to be right.
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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True... cukold4one.... I thought the same thing when I read this... It was too much...


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very nice just love it when a women sits like that with nickers on so hot mmm
let me know what you think of my small cock send message on this please
heather and paul


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its not like we are not into cuck, heather has had many meets with guys and we have had one master she was his for 14 months he used her had her used even made her come off the pill he also had her doing things i would not have ever done that was 6 years ago. we have 2 kids not mine. she would never have let the old man from next door have her, thats why it has me wanking day and night knowing he is spunking in her.

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Only a matter of time
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