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Letters to Mom cont.

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Of course I'm proud of you,never more so than now.Ever since you were a young tee n,I'd hoped that you would one day follow my example and become a Cuckoldress to whoever you married.Not only are you succeeding,but you've been so quick!
I waited until a year into my marriage before cuckolding your [email protected],but you've only waited an hour! You've made an excellent start Darling,but there's more to do.Men have this stupid habit of losing all common sense when aroused and so need to be trained to overcome it.Using all my experience,mummy will guide you through the process.

Although I had to laugh when I read it,it's very encouraging that he chose to...take matters in his own hand at just the sight of you,without expecting any intimacy.The next step is to limit,then stop, teasing him in your lingerie.
The next time you go to his room,remain fully dressed.If,when you ask if he wants to wank,he requests that you take off some clothes like before,refuse point blank.Tell him that Grant has forbidden you exposing yourself to other men,BUT,if he promises to keep it a secret,you will make a concession.

Trust me,him being aroused,he'll jump at the offer.After telling him to close his eyes,take your panties off and present them to him.Explain to him that,for a woman to gift her most intimate garment, this is a very loving gesture and that in return,you'll be very happy if he proves his love for you by masturbating onto them.

The next time you give him your panties and don't worry,there will be a next time eagerly awaited by him,make sure they're soiled after Grant's lovemaking.Mention this fact,saying you're sorry you haven't had time to wash.
Leave him to it then Darling,don't subject yourself to watching his disgusting perversion.

Very soon,he'll learn that the closest he'll ever get to his new wife's body is her panties.He'll also come to discover that your mixed aroma's,yours and Grants,are a huge turn-on and he'll urgently want to deposit his mess on the very place where there is evidence of your lovemaking,your pantie gusset.

Speaking of your lovemaking Darling,I hope you enjoyed another wonderful night with your hunk in the Bridal Bed.Has he asked you to wear your wedding dress for sex yet? It's such an exciting thing to do (when it's not with your husband of course!)
Years ago,I used to have a large,framed photo on my bedside table,of a lover in the act of taking me in my wedding dress.Your [email protected] never dared to object once!

Incidently,last night,your [email protected] asked how your Honeymoon was going? After some thought,I decided to tell him the truth....everything! For a while he was very quiet,but gradually he came out of shock and started asking me details. He was soon agreeing with me at how right you are to follow your heart with Grant,rather than boredom with Peter.Also, at how Grant's sperm and genes would be so much stronger and healthier than Peters.He well knows by now that a woman,married or not,is owned by no one and that her body is hers to give pleasure to whoever she likes.

Write soon Darling xx


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Letter #4.

Hi Mummy,

Loving my Honeymoon and yes,getting lots of loving from Grant.He really is a tiger in bed and it's so much more exciting now that I'm off the pill.He hadn't suggested I wear my wedding dress for him,so last night I surprised him by putting it on.Oh mummy,I thought he would never stop,he was at me for hours!!
Afterwards (eventually!) he made me promise I'd never let Peter touch me again.You can guess my reply.

Talking of Peter,we had so much fun with him around the pool yesterday afternoon.We were on sunbeds together,with him in the centre one and Grant,who was reading a magazine,read out a fictitious letter to an agony aunt :

"Dear Audrey",
The other day,I arrived home early from work and when I went into the bedroom,I discovered my husband masturbating with a pair of my panties.We've only been married for 7 months and I'm shocked beyond belief.What does it mean? What can I do? "

Grant ,tongue in cheek,expressed mild disgust,then asked Peter what he thought? Peter mumbled his agreement,but the embarrassed look on his face was priceless.When Grant asked my opinion,I gave Peter a secret wink,then defended the woman's husband.I said the man was performing an act of love and devotion to his wife and that he was so missing her while she was at work.

As pre-planned,Grant then grudgingly agreed that I was right and went on to opine that,as the panties belonged to his wife,the man obviously adored her.
We both then looked at Peter to see if his opinion had changed.Mummy,you should have seen the poor dear shifting uncomfortably on his seat,he didn't know what to say!

Grant,who was supposed not to know about Peters pantie education,asked him if he'd ever do a thing like that?
If he answered no,then it would mean he was defying and lying to me,so he had no choice but to say yes,as long as they were mine.
Now we had him where we wanted him!I was wearing a bikini,so Grant asked if I had a spare pair of panties in my beach-bag? (of course I had!) Grant then issued a challenge to Peter:was he prepared to show his love and devotion to me?At the same time that Peter nodded,the panties I tossed landed on the front of his shorts.

Grants face took on a don't defy me look and he told Peter to go to his room and prove it.Poor Peter,I actually felt sorry for him (it's ok mummy,I'm over it now).His mouth opened in shock and I could see his eyes filling up with humi1ation.
Slowly he got up to make his way to the room.The pool area was crowded and after he'd picked his way for a few paces,Grant called out his name.Peter turned and in a clear voice,Grant told him that after he'd finished with his wife's panties,he was to bring them back here....annointed.As he walked away,his shoulders began to shake....he was clearly crying.

Weak men really are easy to control,aren't they mummy? I was amazed how smoothly our little plan had gone.As well as now being exposed to Grant as a wanker,Peter had just confirmed his willingness to obey his orders too.While he was away in his room,Grant and I held hands on our sunbeds discussing fun ways to hum1liate and educate my dear,useless husband.

After about 20 minutes,I spotted Peter's slim frame heading towards us.He handed Grant a small,plastic bag and sat down.Grant opened it and gingerly took out my panties between finger and thumb.Holding them up,there was clearly a small damp patch just above the gusset.Grant smiled and called him a "good boy",then asked if he'd enjoyed his little wank?
Avoiding eye contact,Peter gave a little nod.Angry at his weak response,Grant's voice grew firm.He told Peter to look him in the eye,then he repeated the question.Peter looked frightened and answered in a quiet but clear voice "Yes....yes thank you".

Well, our afternoon exploit certainly worked wonders mummy.Things are more out in the open between the three of us now and I'm loving owning a little pet cuckold.Why don't all wives have fun like me,it's so easy! At our evening meal last night,Peter was SO respectful towards Grant.Lots of smiling and agreeing with everything he said.He even smiled when Grant teased him about being a "pantie wanker".

Write soon xx

PS,I enclose a pic of those panties,stained with Peter's mess.If you see my friends Holly and Sarah,show it them.


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Darling,you're making wonderful progress with Peter,but don't assume he's the finished article yet.Once the honeymoon is over and you settle down into married life,some new cuckold husband's start to doubt the situation they're in.
For example,by allowing Peter to masturbate whenever he wants,you could be storing up trouble in the future.
Imagine a situation where,emboldened with ***** one night,he attempts to look at your body or,God forbid,tries to touch you! My advice would be to let him carry on making his mess during your honeymoon,but to consider restricting him when you get home.There are three main ways to achieve this:

A cock cage,which serves it's purpose ok,but still leaves them with disgusting urges.Gradual chemical castration,which is a bit extreme and third way,which Cuckoldress Magazine recommends,is to feminise them.
The beauty of this method is that it leaves them calm but happy,but also willing and eager to do ALL the housework!
Darling,it's a no-brainer really,isn't it?

If you do decide to feminise him,there are some marvellous articles in Cuckoldress at how to go about it.I'll dig them out for you.It's a gradual process of course,but you'll have plenty of time in your new home together.
First you work on their psychology.Lots of praising when they please you,silent treatment when they don't.
Like training a dog (or should that be a bitch!) he'll become eager to please.

He'll take on more housework,more cooking and shopping and he'll learn that being calm and respectful pleases you.In turn,you'll reward him and I think you yourself have discovered how.Let him have your panties,BUT tell him he has to wear them for a whole day before he can mess in them.That way you'll **** two birds with one stone: he's sating his dirty urges,but also wearing his first item of feminine underwear.

Gradually you add a second item,then a third,pink mules perhaps,then a negligee.Time then to heap the praise on him.Tell him how sweet he looks,how pretty and how much you love seeing him dressed like that around the house.
If you read fiction about this subject,most husbands express confusion and doubts about the process,but this is rubbish.If you go about it the way mummy tells you,he'll LOVE every minute of it,especially if you tell him how much you enjoy your "little evening dress-up games".

Now's the time to introduce a little deportment training.Tell him he'd look so much lovelier if he walked and sat etc in a smoother and calmer way when wearing his pretty things.Demonstrate for him,show him how to take shorter steps,how not to swing his arms,how to sit with knees together etc.

Soon you'll be over the first little hurdle,but now comes the first big one.There's one item of lingerie exclusive to females....a bra.Virtually everything else can be unisex,except this and the first time a man puts one on,it's not just his appearance that changes.
Wearing a bra says "I AM female" for a woman,but for a man it says "I FEEL female".If you have progressed with Peter this far,it's going to be easy-peasy to get him into one.

When having one of your "fun" dressing up games,go quiet and thoughtful for a while and look him up and down.He'll feel worried and afraid,wondering what's the matter?
When he enquires,tell him there's something else you'd love to dress him in,but ONLY if he wants to.Don't bring gender into it,not yet.Just say that a bra would make his chest look "prettier".Expect a silence for a few moments,but in fact he's feeling relieved that it's nothing more serious.

Help him choose one from your undies drawer,holding each one up to his chest until you both decide.Keep telling him how excited and happy you are that he's agreeing to wear one FOR YOU,then how lovely he looks when it's on.
He'll feel excited that first time,possibly sexually,but also with other emotions.You must act there and then on these emotions by suggesting a little padding for the cups.Don't mention the word "breasts" at this stage,just "padding" to stop the cups sagging and to give a more pleasing look.

Now you have your sweet cuckold husband dressed in bra,panties and a negligee and because you're there to help,encourage and show your happiness,he'll be happy too.
Increase the number of evenings he dresses en femme until it's every night you're at home together.Lay lingerie out on his bed for when he comes home from work and he'll soon be putting it on without thinking.Make sure you keep heaping praise on him and introduce more feminine words to describe him:sweet,pretty,so ladylike etc.

The next landmark should be equally easy...assigning him a girls name.One evening,go into the same quiet mode that you did before.Again he'll enquire,wanting to please you.Tell him it seems "strange" and "odd" (use those words) to call someone as "sweet" and "pretty" as him "Peter" and that it takes the magic and pleasure out of your "game".
Ask if he'd like to be called something more in-keeping,"Just when you're alone together". Like getting him into a bra for the first time,this will be a new and strange experience for him,so step gently.
He'll probably ask your opinion for a name,but try to get him to choose one.Ask who the prettiest girl at school was,or the first girl he swooned at?

After he's chosen and you begin calling him by his new girly name,expect lots of blushes till he gets used to it!

Well Darling,what do you think? Write soon and give my love to hunky Grant.


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Fantastic !! Bravo !!---MORE Pls..


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Four months later.With the honeymoon now just a memory,Tina and Peter were in their new home and settling down to married life.Grant,who had been on a "business trip",returned to his wife.

After only two weeks at home,Tina had begun her plan to feminise her husband.Carefully following her ******* instructions to the letter,progress was smooth and simple.Peter soon grew to love spending their evenings together playing the "dressing up game".What a pleasure it was to get out of his suit,tie etc after work then,after showering,put on lovely,delicate lingerie and join his beloved bride in the lounge.
There,they would chat and giggle and ***** wine.

Apart from wearing the lingerie,Peter particularly enjoyed putting his new deportment skills into practice.It seemed so right when dressed like he was,to glide gracefully around the room,rather than amble clumsily like a man.Tina would watch him closely,praising the right moves and tut-tutting the wrong,until he was as feminine a mover as he ever could be.

Now,after only three months of training,Tina broached the subject of a new name.To her delight,he agreed that "Peter" was an inappropriate and silly name to have during their "game" so in the end "just when they were home alone together",Peter became "Susan".

Adding to what she already wore,for Peter was now well on the way to feeling like a she,rather than just look like one,regular shopping trips together saw her in stockings and a suspender belt and a collection of her very own bra and pantie sets.

A little detail that thrilled Tina,was the change in Susan's voice.Without any coaching whatsoever,Susan's speech became softer and slightly higher pitched.One evening,Tina decided to praise her about this and for the very first time,despite all that had happened,Susan blushed.
Tina walked over and embraced her,whispering how much she loved her new "girlfriend".Then,seizing that tender moment,asked what,if anything,she was doing about her "little needs".
For the second time in moments,Susan blushed again.Tina kept up the comforting embrace and whispered that they should have no secrets and it was ok to tell her.

They went over to the sofa and sat holding both hands together.With her eyes cast down to her lap,Susan told her that she used to ...."stroke" about twice a week.Then,when their dressing "game" started,it reduced to about once a fortnight.Now though,it was very rare and that somehow it felt.."wrong".
Tina suggested the word "unladylike"? making Susan smile and agree. She said that since becoming Susan,she didn't have "those sort" of urges anymore.

Tina was overjoyed at this revelation.In a few brief weeks,she had succeeded in practically eradicating her new husband's sex drive.Wait till she told mummy!
Having had a glass of wine,Tina decided to put Susan to a naughty test.Opening her negligee,Tina asked her if she liked her bra? Of course,Susan agreed it was beautiful.
She then asked if she liked what was in the cups? A third blush,this time crimson! Tina said that they were "only breasts" and that she could touch them if she liked and that it was ok for girlfriends to do that.
Susan slowly reached out and gently cupped Tina's left breast.Despite being husband and wife,it was the first time she'd touched them.

Susan whispered in awe how beautiful it felt,how much heavier than she expected.Tina reached around her back and un-clipped the bra,exposing her now naked breasts.Susan stared at at the firm,b cup globes,then reached out and began to caress them both.After about a minute of allowing this unique access,Tina then asked how she felt touching her breasts? Fully expecting her to say "aroused" Tina was struck dumb be her actual answer...."jealous".

To be cont.


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The more Tina saw of the miraculous change in her husband,the less she wanted to hum1iate him.She'd married him more for security than love and as a man she found him quite boring.Now,the more feminine he became,the more she liked him.She came to enjoy her evenings with Susan,the girly chat,her eager response to Tina's teaching and observing the obvious pleasure Susan was getting from it all.

During their "game",Tina was careful to avoid words like "feminise" and "sissify",as these might reveal that it had all been planned,a deception cooked up by Tina and her mum Sandra.Instead she described their evenings as "helping you enjoy your feminine side" or words to that effect,which Susan saw nothing wrong with.
Now the time came for another part of the plan to be put in place.

As Sandra knew EVERYTHING about Susan,Tina wanted her to play a more open and active role in the feminisation.It would be much more fun having three girls together rather than two.The problem was,how to involve her?Sandra came up with a solution.

It was Susan's birthday and at mid morning,there was a knock on the door.She,wearing a unisex dressing gown,answered it.It was a delivery man with a small parcel and he said it was for a "Ms Susan Jones".She smiled at Tina's nice gesture,knowing it must be a birthday present from her.
Taking it into the lounge,she opened the parcel while Tina was still upstairs in the shower.There was an envelope inside,which she decided to read before opening the present.
It was a card and on the front was a picture of a Princess dressed in a flowing pink dress.Again she smiled.Opening the card,she read:"Dear,sweet Susan,I hope you get much pleasure from these.All my love and happy birthday,Sandra"

Susan quickly found a chair,otherwise she would have fainted.Her mind was in turmoil as she stared at the name Sandra.
It was then that Tina entered the room,having already planned her response.Susan held out the card for her to read,a look of despair and fear on her face.Tina took the card,read it,then said matter of factly "Oh it's from mummy,how sweet of her to remember your birthday"
She then sat next to Susan and hugged her."Darling,you must have guessed mummy knew surely,you wouldn't expect me to keep secrets from her,now would you?"
A lot of comforting words followed:"She thinks our game is great fun" and "She thinks all newly weds should try it" etc.
These helped Susan calm down a bit,then Tina told her to open her present.As she did so,Tina re-read the message ".....I hope you get much pleasure from these.How exciting,I wonder what they can be"?
On opening the package and seeing what was inside,Susan's jaw dropped and her eyes widened.

"Oh they're beautiful" said Tina,"Beautiful! breast forms....for you.Just what you've been longing for...your very own breasts".
Susan carefully picked up the two forms and almost dream like,whispered "So soft....such a lovely weight....such pretty nipples.."

"Do you love them,darling?"Tina asked,"Do you adore them?"

Two hours later,after showering and dressing en femme, Susan paraded up and down the lounge with Tina watching.The forms were in place now,encased in her pretty bra and there was a glow of wonder on her face, bordering on ecstasy.Each time she daintily turned,the forms wobbled slightly,just like real breasts and this and their weight had Susan's heart beating loudly.She felt as if she'd never been male.

"Dear Sandra",she was later typing at Tina's suggestion,"When Tina first told me that you knew all about me,I felt so afraid and embarrassed.The only thing I was worried about when I became Susan was disappointing you as a *** in law.Now that my secret is known to you,I feel so relieved that you are happy for me to be your daugh ter in law instead.
I will always love and worship Tina and if she plans to start a [email protected],I will care for them as if they were my own.
I can't describe how happy I am with your present.Having my own breasts makes me feel so complete,so feminine,that I never want to take my bra off again.
I would love you to visit us often.I want to see you in your lovely lingerie and want you to see me in mine.
All my love,Susan xxx"


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One evening,a couple of weeks later,Susan asked if I'd been in touch with Grant lately? I told her that yes,we were by phone and that he wanted us to resume our relationship.With him being married though,it was a question of where,not when, to conduct our affair.To my delight,she suggested he visit me here at our home.

As we chatted about the possibility,I asked about the elephant in the room,what was she going to do when he visited?
We got it down to three choices: she could go out for the night,stay here as Peter,or stay here as....
We dismissed the first one as being impractical and unfair on her.To be Peter,she decided,would be to completely waste an evening.
For some reason,when we girls laugh we often put a hand over our mouths.That's exactly what Susan did when she realised what her only choice was.Dare she?,she giggled,would Grant laugh at her? She'd be so embarrassed if he did!

I assured her that he'd be fine (I'd make sure of that).By way of thanks I hugged her,our breasts pressing gently together.I told her how exciting it would be to have a man in my new marital bed for the first time.She didn't reply,knowing there was little point.
Later,after more wine,she confessed that she wouldn't mind THAT much if Grant did make her blush.

The much awaited Saturday evening finally arrived and I was tingling with excitement,waiting to see Grant again.It'd been a busy day.While I was at the hairdresser earlier,Susan had been cleaning everywhere.When I went upstairs to get dressed,I was thrilled to see what she had done to my bed.
The top of the duvet was sprinkled with glitter and she'd put my wedding tiara on my pillow.Equally sweet,to signify Grants position of man of the house,on his pillow,she'd put a black top-hat!

For clothing,I'd chosen a black cocktail dress and Susan was in an above the knee,flared skirt and a white satin blouse.We were both still checking ourselves in the mirror when the door bell rang.I answered it and was about to remind Grant to be on his best behaviour with Susan,when I was instantly in his strong arms and being kissed!

Taking his hand,I led him through to the lounge where she was.I then introduced her as my new girlfriend Susan.When Grant kissed her on both cheeks,the poor thing blushed but smiled.He held out her hands then and,looking her up and down,complimented her on how lovely she looked.We all knew it was an act,but it was a nice act and helped everyone relax.
In her new soft voice,Susan asked if she could serve ******? While she was in the kitchen,Grant again embraced and kissed me and we were in such a passion that we didn't hear her return.Quietly,she placed the ****** down and made to leave the room.

Grant stopped her and invited her to stay a while and have some wine.He told her how amazed he was at her transformation and how happy she looked at being Susan.To my delight,instead of just sitting there blushing,she opened up to him.She chatted away,telling him all about our dressing up evenings,her lovely clothes,even about her breast forms!
Eventually,Grant joked that seeing what a beautiful girl she'd become had given him an erection.How we all laughed!


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Bravo !!!! Hope there is more ?? Thank you.
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Letters to Mom cont.
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