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Submissive maid

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Way back in 2000 I was in contact with a woman who was rather submissive. What follows is a short story I wrote for her which at her request was set in Edwardian England.

The Building Site

'Tis the early years of the century, Victorian values are still paramount. You have been a maid in my employ for a couple of years my dear Lynn. You are but eighteen years old. For the last six months you have been slowly but surely accepting all my sexual advances. You genuinely love me despite my seeming coldness. You are also very conscious of the effect my displeasure might have on the well being of your family, most of who work in the mill I own.

I started your seduction slowly, complimenting you first on the work you do then on your beauty. I had you do simple but personal tasks for me like manicuring my nails, brushing down my coat, preparing my clothes and washing my back in the bath. I teased you for your shyness, I ran my fingers through your hair, I brushed my hand over your breasts and finally when I thought the time right I feigned sorrow at a broken love affair to win your sympathy and of course your virginity. You gave in willingly, even to the point that you thought you had seduced me. Over the weeks I introduced you to ever more eroticism. I taught you the pleasures of my tongue on your pussy, and then begged you to do the same for me. I told you that if you wish to please me that way then it must be all or nothing and the first time that you took me into your mouth was the first time that you accepted my seed at the back of your throat. I slowly increased the demands that I made on you. Each time you gave in to my commands I increased the demands.

Came a day when I had a gentleman round for a game of cards. I insisted that you serve us wearing only the French knickers and camisole top that I bought you. I had spent some time before he arrived pleasuring you and reassuring you that you could do this for me. I had brought you to the point of orgasm a few times but denied you the release. You played the game well my dear Lynn, The excitement of your obedience showed in the erect nipples under the camisole. The musky scent of your arousal was obvious to both us men. I thought I could detect a dampness on the crotch of your French knickers but it may have just been shadow. The cardplaying was only for fun but my opponent scored many more points than I. In jest I ask what he required in payment of the loss. His eyes virtually divested you of what little clothing you were wearing. I saw the look in your eyes, the far away look of pleasure, your hands absentmindedly caressed your breasts. I thought it may be fun to watch another take you and whispered so in your ear. He picked you up and carried you to the couch, lay you down and entered your willing cunt. You felt him throb within you before you reached your own orgasm. He, having spent his lust became embarassed at the turn of events, dressed at left hurriedly. You pleaded with me to make love to you. I went to a cabinet and retrieved some clothes that I was going to give you for your birthday and told you to put them on. The clothes consisted of a coat with fur trimming, knickers, a loose fitting top, a hat, boots and stockings. I told you we were going for a walk and I grasped your hand as you finished getting dressed.

We walked a few streets away to where a certain amount of building work was being done. Most work had ended for the day but I could see a three men just finishing work on one building. We climbed through the fence and I introduced myself to the men, they looked only at you though my dear Lynn. I told them of your unfulfilled excitement and told them to satisfy you, I offered them five pounds each if you reached orgasm. They were a rough trio, no finesse, no thought of tenderness or of taking time with you. This however aroused its own thrill in you as the took turns to manhandle you, to enter your wet cunt, to hold your hair tightly whilst the thrust their cocks into your mouth. The last one to enter you used you anus while the other two sucked greedily on you breasts. Sated, they left you laying on the floor, half naked while they went to booze their money away. I lifted you and carried you to the carriage that I had follow us. You slept in my arms while we were taken home.
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Submissive maid
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