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The unintentional emasculation of a cuckold

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This is the first part of a tale of how Jim became totally emasculated. It was all unintentional and unplanned, it just sort of evolved. Jim was a cuckold in the original sense of the word in that he was a man whose woman laid with others. It would be a few years before he learned to enjoy Rosie cuckolding him.

Way back in the very early seventies I rented part of a house share in Plymouth, Devon. I was twenty-four. My housemates were a younger couple, school sweethearts, who had left home as soon as they finished school and had found jobs. Rosie's was the only pussy he had pounded, Jim's was the eleventh dick to part her pussy lips. She'd left home to get away from an abusive ****** and he'd followed suit to be with the love of his life. This was to be their first time living together.

The landlord had told me when they were going to be moving in. I greeted them at the doorstep. He was a nervous, nerdy looking five feet six and she was very plain looking, ginger haired, five foot nothing with a nice handful of tit. Not my type really but I gave myself a month to get into her knickers anyhow. I shook his hand and kissed the back of hers in imitation of a then current tv character, scribing a circle on her palm as I did so. Her smile caused me to revise my estimate to a fortnight. As it happened it was only a week and a day of flirting before she offered her pussy to me.
They were at it like rabbits all that first week, and, like rabbits, it always seemed to be over very quickly. If their bedsprings rattled for more than a minute he was excelling himself. I didn't even have time to jerk listening to them.

Saturday morning came and it was a work day for him. Before he went though, he gave her a morning quickie. I was downstairs reading the sports pages when I heard the bedsprings. A minute later he was done and off to the bathroom. When he had gone to work she ran a bath.

When I looked up from my paper she was stood in front of me, wrapped in a dressing gown. The belt was tied in a bow. She was holding the ends of the belt as if expecting me to unwrap a gift. Being a gentleman I of course obliged. She shrugged the gown off to reveal a black shortie nightie complete with matching sheer knickers. Her ginger bush poking over the top and out of the sides. She smelled of talc and cheap perfume which I find off-putting, but I wasn't about to turn this hot little slut down. I have liked freshly fucked pussy since going third at a party with a girl who was being passed around, there's something about the aroma and the feel of the cunt of a girl who enjoys being used. I scooped Rosie up and carried her to the sofa. Her legs spread as I climbed between them. She unbuttoned and unzipped me as I pulled her knickers to the side. She guided me into her tight slit. I would have preferred her not to have bathed after her boyfriend had fucked her as the soap and talc had left her a bit dry. I fucked her slowly at first, gauging what seemed to excite her and what didn't. I soon found that she liked passionate kisses and firm caresses. As soon as I started pulling her hair, playfully slapping her cheeks and calling her a slut and a cunt she started cumming. My seed filled her pussy soon after.

There are some things I like to do when a new fuck comes along. If the woman is in a relationship I like to take her to the bed she shares with her husband/boyfriend if at all possible. Many cheating women are reluctant to use their marital bed but almost all acquiesce eventually once I convince them how erotic it would be. I also like to get my cock into a woman's mouth as soon as I can. These things appeal to the Dom side of me, A bit like establishing a pecking order. I also like to hear confessions.

In between the sexual activity we talked, mainly about her. I found out most about her during one of the sucking sessions. I had told her that I enjoyed hearing true stories of a woman's past. She obliged by telling me about the only two lovers she had told Jim about from before him. Rosie told me I was her thirteenth lover and that this was the second time she had cheated on Jim. Rosie's number twelve was a guy she had taken into bedroom at a party that she was at with Jim. A month earlier she'd tried to break up with Jim but he had pleaded with her and cried his eyes out. She hoped Jim catching her would end their relationship. Jim walked in on them just as Rosie was being creamed. The guy rolled off, zipped up and left the room saying in passing, "Are you next mate? Enjoy". Rosie lay there with cum leaking from her cunt. Jim just cried and told her to get dressed. Jim hasn't mentioned it to this day.

Apart from putting some panties on, to keep my cum in she said, she was naked until just before Jim got home.

We talked about me wanting her to not bathe after Jim fucked her and before I did. She wasn't comfortable at this stage with that because of his cum so we compromised, she would tell him he had to pull out on saturday mornings, without explaining why to him. So, for the next few weeks she came to me, after her had gone to work, with her wet, freshly fucked pussy and dried cum on her thighs and pubes.

Jim soon started evening classes to gain extra qualifications. This gave me two evening a week where I could fuck Rosie. It became a regular thing for him to fuck her full cunt when they went to bed, though he was totally oblivious of course, and strangely she didn't have the same worries about bathing before she let him.

By Christmas, Rosie was comfortable with me fucking her messed pussy but more often than not Jim either couldn't get it up or he spurted before he got inside her.


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Good story, I hope you're going to follow this first chapter up with some more.


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Great ! is there more ??


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A couple of guys have emailed asking for more details of the cocks Rosie had before Jim, so before I carry on with the story of his emasculation-

She lost her cherry to someone she would not have chosen, nor would she have picked that time or place.

Her second was a sailor. She babysat regularly for him and his wife. He walked her home to keep her safe. He had been flirting with her, and she, flattered and naive, flirted back. He suggested a kiss behind the hedge. Kisses turned into gropes and before she knew it she was on her back with him between her legs. Her miniskirt was no protection nor were her knickers. He was in her, he cum and he pulled out. He begged her to forgive him and not tell anyone. She didn't report him to the police because she was more afraid of her dad finding out.

A pattern was being set deep in her psyche though, that men took the sex they wanted. To this day she finds that if a guy is aggressive enough she surrenders and let's him use her whether she is attracted to him or not. She even derives pleasure from being used. A few times, when things have run smoothly for a while and she feels unworthy of her good fortune, she has put herself into situations where she has had no choice but to open her legs. She has been lucky not to have been knocked about or worse.

Numbers three and four were steadyish older boyfriends, local lads. They are the ones Jim was told about. Both got to fuck her on the first date. She just lay there till they cum which is probably why they moved on.

Rosie started seeing Jim next, and before numbers five to nine. Because her and Jim weren't having sex Rosie doesn't see her having sex with them as cheating. She had started going to a club called Rooftops with her friend Marie. They were all basically one night stands over the course of about three months though at least two of them had her on subsequent nights. She never left the place without being used. It was a case of dance, kiss, hands on tits, hands up skirt, fingers in cunt and outside for a quick fuck.

She missed the bus to the club one Friday night and was cajoled into the Trelawny pub by some passing male friends. They took turns buying her 'refreshments'. No doubt one of them was hoping to get lucky. They assumed she had gone out the back way when turfing out time came and she hadn't returned from the toilet. She had actually fallen asleep.

Sat on the toilet was was where the forty-something relief pub landlord found Rosie with her knickers around her ankles and her miniskirt at the top of her thighs. Her halterneck top accentuated her pert breasts. She awoke, and after trying to cover herself she said "I suppose you going to make me fuck you aren't you?"

He replied, "No, I'm going to sober you up and get you a taxi home."

He was as good as his word.

As she was leaving to get in the taxi she ran back and give him a peck on the cheek and said thank you to him and then asked him if there was something wrong with her that meant he didn't want to take advantage. He told her the only thing wrong with her was that she was inebriated and vulnerable. He also told he to come back after half past three on sunday, and sober, if she really wanted to make love to him.

For the rest of the fortnight he was there she came to him whenever the pub was shut. He taught her how to really please a man. More importantly he taught he how to be pleased and how she deserved as much pleasure as she gave. Of all the men who have had her, he is the one she looks back on with the most affection and with gratitude. He died recently and she sent an enormous bouquet with a single word message, "Thanks".

In her words, "He was the one who turned me from an 'I'll fuck anyone who wants to use me for their pleasure' slut to a 'I'll fuck anyone I want for my pleasure' slut."


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In her words, "He was the one who turned me from an 'I'll fuck anyone who wants to use me for their pleasure' slut to a 'I'll fuck anyone I want for my pleasure' slut."

He taught her very well.


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Back to jim's emasculation.

One of the benefits of living near an armed services bases is the availability of, usually young, horny wives whose husbands are away. There's not much that beats fucking another man's cheating wife's hot and willing pussy. On top of jim's ever more frequent failures to maintain an erection he had the noises from my bedroom telling him he was inadequate, rather a downward spiral for him, poor guy.

Rosie wasn't going short either. She'd had a few nights out with her friend Marie. More often than not she had a guy's spunk in her cunt when she came home. Jim was always asleep when she got in so I got to enjoy fucking her buttered bun on the sofa and to enjoy hearing the details before she joined jim in their bed. I had some of the benefits of having a hotwife but had none of the obligations.

Things came to a head Valentine's night. My navy wife slut let me down. Her husband had switched duties with a mate to surprise her. I felt out of place as one of the few singletons in the pub and so went home.

Jim and Rosie were sat in separate chairs, neither looked very happy. Their romantic evening was great until he couldn't keep his dick hard. They were in their dressing gowns glaring at each other. I'd brought some 'apple juice' and some stout back with me which helped lighten the mood. A couple of hours and a few glasses later we were all rather relaxed and talk turned to their relationship problems. After some fencing around the subject the conversation got serious

"Were you both virgins when you got together", I asked, knowing full well the answer, but he didn't know I knew.

"He was"

"She wasn't"

"Does it bother you she had already dropped her knickers for a few other guys" was my next question.

"Only two before me" was the retort from jim, "and sometimes it bothers me."

Rosie chimed in with "and then you caught me at that party didn't you darling. I thought you would finish with me but you were very randy for weeks afterwards."

I asked jim if seeing her with someone else had excited or disgusted him.

"Both," he said quietly and then added, "I am disgusted with myself for letting it excite me and for using the image of Rosie on her back with this guy pumping his cock in and out of her to get me hard enough to make love to her ever since."

Rosie noticed jim was going hard talking about it and said so. She went to the sofa to sit with him and slid her hand under his robe. He tried to push her away because I was watching. She told him not to be so stupid and reminded him that I could hear them whenever they fucked. She added as a sarcastic barb "on the rare occasions you can stay hard."

Without thinking she added, "God I'm blessed, you can't stay hard and when you do you cum before we get started."

jim's stiffening manhood deflated immediately.

Says I to Jim, "Have you always cum so quickly?"

Jim reddening and looking sheepish, "Yes"

"Even when you wank?" I ask.

"I don't wa..", he paused, and said "no."

The devil must have been in me, or at the very least the 'apple juice' had taken effect, "Would you stop her or watch her if you caught Rosie again with someone?"

"I don't know" was his hesitating reply, but Rosie noticed his cock was telling a different story.

"You'd watch me wouldn't you, you fucking wimp."

Rosie opened her robe enough for me to see her tits and most of her thighs. jim appeared to get harder.

"So, if Rosie fancied me enough to come over here and give me a blowjob you would get off on watching and you would replay the scene when you wanted to go hard?", I ask of him, "of course mate I would touch her cunt, that's yours alone isn't it?"

jim nodded and added that she doesn't like a cock in her mouth.

Rosie shrugged off her robe and crawled over to my chair. As she unzipped me she told jim that if he touched his cock they were finished. Her lips slid down my shaft. It was heaven. I'd facefucked her many times before of course but she was going out of her way to pleasure me and to be the wanton cocksucker jim could hold in his mind's eye for a long time to come. I made sure that I held back for ages to show him how long a man should last but eventually Rosie's ministrations sent me over the edge and I filled her mouth.

"Do you want some of that" Rosie asked jim through her cum covered lips and tongue.

jim nodded.

He lost his load as she crawled over to him.


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Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation - the guy's got everything going for him! Actually, he's a prime candidate to be a cuckold, surprised it's taken so long for him to realise it.


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Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation - the guy's got everything going for him! Actually, he's a prime candidate to be a cuckold, surprised it's taken so long for him to realise it.

He knew he didn't have enough man in between his legs to skillfully handle a woman. His problem stemmed from the fact that the proper opportunity hadn't opened up for him. He was in a situation where you had free reign to fuck her all day. He knew what he was getting into when he moved him and his girl into "your" place!

All he needed is a guy like you that has the balls to fuck the girl of the guy that doesn't have balls. That is how it has always worked! You won't fuck her, I will!
..............PSEUDO PERSON...YMMV!
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The unintentional emasculation of a cuckold
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