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Bonnie hires a personal trainer

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It's been awhile since last I wrote and Bonnie has been a very busy hotwife!
My business took me out of town to the west coast for about six weeks recently. Bonnie called me nearly every night while I was away from home.
We're planning a vacation in June and Bonnie wanted to get a jump start on bikini season by going to the gym and also hitting the tanning booth. She went to the gym owned Malcolm, by one of her lovers from some time ago. About the third day into my extended stay away from home Bonnie told me she opted to hire a personal trainer to help her get into swimsuit shape.
She told me that the gym had become way too crowded and she enjoyed all of the attention she would get from the muscular men, she was often waiting to use the equipment. We have a nice home gym with treadmill, climber, free weights and a bench set up in a finished basement, so I was happy to hear it was finally getting some use.
Bonnie told me she that trainer she hired named Derrick, came highly recommended by Malcolm.
"What does he look like?" I asked.
"Well, he is definitely the right man for the job, and I guess you could say he is just my type" Bonnie said.
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"Tell me what you think he looks like and I will tell you if you are correct" Bonnie said.
"You would pick someone who is very strong and fit, handsome, probably as tall as me (I am 6'2") and very disciplined in his approach." I said.
"Keep going" Bonnie said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"You are correct so keep going" Bonnie said.
"How many sessions have you had?" I asked.
"What has that got to do with it?" Bonnie asked.
"Well, if you have had at least three sessions I will get right to the point." I said.
"Derrick has come over five times so far. We met at the gym and he followed me home to discuss diet, objectives and goals, see the equipment we have downstairs so he could develop a plan." Bonnie said.
"Well, I'd venture a guess that he is late twenties to mid-thirties, black, and very well hung." I said.
"All that from me telling you how many sessions we've had?" Bonnie asked.
"I would say you learned first-hand about his cock by session number three! Am I right?" I asked.
"Bonnie hesitated and the responded "No, it wasn't until the fourth night Mister Smartie!"
"Tell me what happened and don't skip any details" I said.
"Well, we had a fantastic session, and I was really sore from the two previous workouts. Derrick must have noticed me staring at his shorts during the entire workout. He can't hide that huge bulge and he kept adjusting his cock when he thought I wasn't looking. Thanks for all the mirrors on the wall by the way!" Bonnie said.
"I was really spent from the workout and Derrick offered to a massage which I agreed to. I was happy to have his strong hands rubbing my muscles." Bonnie said.
"I was moaning and groaning with pleasure from his skilled hands working on my arms, legs, and every place in between. He cupped my breasts and asked directly when I had made love last." Bonnie said.
"A couple of night before my husband left for the west coast....about 10 days ago." Bonnie said.
"He told me that he admired and appreciated the fact that I was taking such great shape of my body for my husband." Bonnie said.
"Well, truth be told I like to show off especially when on vacation in Jamaica. My husband likes to watch me get fucked by big, black men and I get the benefit of getting fucked as I am somewhat submissive." Bonnie said.
"That was all the opening Derrick needed as he rubbed my breasts harder squeezing my nipples before he moved in to kiss me. I opened my mouth wide and gave him a kiss worthy of a porn star as I stuck my tongue into his mouth." Bonnie said.
"Next thing I know we were tearing each other's clothes off and I dropped to my knees to suck his big black cock. He was huge and his cock seemed to continue to grow longer and thicker in my mouth. He is completely shaven and his skin and cock tasted great." Bonnie said.
"I wanted to keep sucking his cock and every time he tried to pull me off I grabbed his asscheeks and swallowed more of his humungous cock.I kept licking his balls and stroking them as I ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft." Bonnie told me.
"Derrick finally managed to pull my mouth off his cock long enough to stand me up and walk me backwards to the pool table across the room kissing me the whole time. He had me on my back with my legs in the air as he stuck his long wet tongue deep into my pussy. I know I screamed as I came after only a few minutes of him licking my pussy," Bonnie said.
"Derrick stood up tall and he rubbed his huge cock head on my dripping wet pussy before shoving it in almost balls deep! "Bonnie said.
"He fucked me on the pool table for I don't know how long. He picked me up and held a leg over each of his strong forearms as he kept fucking me while walking across the room. He had me bent over the bench and he fucked me from behind which made me cum at least two more times" Bonnie said.
"We fucked for about an hour before we were both laying on the floor with cum dripping from my pussy. Oh honey, I felt so good while he was fucking me and I am fingering my pussy right now just thinking about it." Bonnie said.
"I'll tell you more tomorrow....I have to get ready....Derrick will be here in a few minutes. I promise we will work out before we fuck again, and again, and again!" Bonnie said
More to follow....


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Thanks roaddawg, another of your fantastic stories!


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I always enjoy comments in particular from you Kennyboy82!

I couldn't wait to talk to Bonnie the following day. I called late enough to make sure she had completed her workout with Derrick.

"So, how did it go this evening?" I asked.

"Great! I can feel and see the benefit of the sessions already! Derrick had me concentrating on my butt which is to say he was concentrating on my butt too!" Bonnie said.

"We started out stretching with both of us on the floor facing each other. Our feet were pressed against each other's and we pulled one another towards each other. Derrick was very impressed with my flexibility as I could easily nearly kiss the floor as he pulled me towards him. I saw him staring down my top each and every time I stretched towards him." Bonnie said.

"Next he had me lie on my back and he stood over me with my legs straight up in the air. He stretched my legs back over my head going a little farther each time. He was able to push my feet almost to the floor over my head as he grabbed my ankles and pushed ********** without any pain." Bonnie told me.

"You are incredibly flexible!" Derrick said." I think we'll work on some squats now that you are loosened up"

"Derrick stood in front of me and he ordered me to squat. I used him to maintain my balance by sliding my hands down the outside of his body, down his outer thighs to almost his knees. I'll tell you honey, I enjoyed the view as I gazed at the bulge in his spandex shorts just inches away from my mouth." Bonnie told me.

"You are cheating!" Derrick said." Let's make it a little tougher for you to concentrate on your form, technique and balance."

"He then laid down on the floor on his back and he ordered me to straddle him." Bonnie said.

"Now squat down until your butt touches my legs all the while maintaining your own balance." Derrick said.

"I must have done 100 squats before I stopped and sat down on Derrick's crotch. I could easily feel his large cock as I rocked back and forth a little." Bonnie said.

"I asked him if we could stop since my thighs were on fire." Bonnie told me.

"No! Absolutely not! But I will make it a bit more fun for you." Derrick said.

"He then pulled my top over my head, had me stand up as he stripped off my stretch pants (no panties!!) and then he stood up and took off all of his own clothes throwing them into a pile. He grabbed some massage oil and he again laid down on his back and he had me straddle him once more. He began rubbing my legs from my calves to the tops of my thighs with the warm oil." Bonnie said.

"Now lower yourself slowly onto my cock." Derrick said.

"With pleasure master" Bonnie said.

"I started slowly at first and I reached down to guide his big black cock into my slick pussy. Before too long, honey I was cumming all over his massive muscle again and again." Bonnie said.

"It was amazing. I mean my legs feel like rubber now, but I couldn't stop riding his cock!" Bonnie said.

"I'm really tired now and I want to fuck myself in the shower before I go to bed, honey" Bonnie said.

"Honey, I'd like to call you and listen while you and Derrick are fucking." I said to Bonnie.

"let me ask him if it is okay....maybe this weekend." Bonnie said. And with that she hung up the phone.


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So it was now about three weeks into my stay on the west coast and Bonnie was three weeks into her workout sessions with her new personal trainer Derrick. The two of them began having sex during the first week of my absence.

One evening I called and called and the phone just went to voicemail time and time again. When Bonnie called me back it was nearly midnight her time on the east coast. I asked why she didn't pick up.

"Derrick was in the hot tub with me and I left my phone in the bedroom, sorry honey" Bonnie said.

"Is he still there?" I asked.

"No, he left about an hour ago. That man is insatiable!! He is able to stay rock hard for a very long time, sweetie. I mean he can cum and in less than a minute he is rock hard and ready to go again and again!!" Bonnie said.

"Alright, give me the details so I can paint my own mental image" I said to Bonnie.

"Well, I already told you he is a little taller than you, maybe 6'4" with a very powerful and toned build. He is very handsome and has a six pack ab that I love to lick and kiss. He is clean shaven on his face and down there if you know what I mean." Bonnie said.

"C'mon, tell me more" I said.

"Oh you want to know about his cock, right? He has the most magnificent, most delicious big, black cock. It is about 9 inches long when fully erect, which is usually as soon as I can get him out of his shorts and into my mouth" Bonnie said.

"Tonight we hit the hot tub after our workout and he fingered me to an orgasm before we even turned on the jets. He pushed two of his fingers into my wet pussy while we kissed and he roughly squeezed my nipples with his other hand. I kept stroking his long black cock the whole time he fingered me and I begged him to fuck me." Bonnie said.

"He told me that he would fuck me the next time you called so you could listen. I begged him to fuck me right then and there but instead he grabbed the back of my head and he lead me down between his legs. I opened wide and slurped his cock as he sat on the side of the hot tub. I licked up and down his long black pole while I caressed his big black balls with one hand. I kept begging him to fuck me but he would fill my watering mouth with his massive manhood to shut me up." Bonnie said.

"You're stroking your own cock right now aren't you honey?" Bonnie asked.

"Of course I am. Keep going." I said.

"Every time he was nearing an orgasm he pulled my mouth off his cock and he kissed me deep and hard on the mouth. I sucked his cock for I don't know how long, but I loved every minute of it!" Bonnie said.

"He held my head and sprayed hot jets of jizz into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but some leaked out of my mouth and dripped down my chin." Bonnie said.

"He slumped into the hot tub with me for about 10 minutes before we both got out and dried off. He left and I showered. That is when I noticed all of the missed calls." Bonnie said.

The following Monday I called with good news about my trip being curtailed by a week. I was only two weeks away from flying back home. Bonnie was elated to hear the news.

I asked if Derrick was there yet and Bonnie said he was on his way. She said he told her she would not have to do the usual workout but he planned to "fuck her until she couldn't walk" which made Bonnie all the more eager to see him.

"What are you wearing, if anything?" I asked.

"I thought it would be nice to show Derrick one of my sexy outfits. I have my hair done along with my fingernails and toenails painted a bright fuck me red! My makeup is complete with gloss lipstick and the perfume that drives you wild. I am wearing my red and black corset with black lace top stockings and my 6 inch black stiletto heeled shoes." Bonnie said.

"Now that is a nice mental image!" I said.

"Oh, Derrick is calling, I have t hang up. Call back in about 10 minutes." Bonnie said.

I waited 20 minutes to let them get started. I dialed Bonnie's phone and it was answered.

"Hello." said a man's voice.

"Is this Derrick I presume?" I asked.

"It is. I take it you are Bonnie's husband, right?" Derrick asked.

"Yes, can I talk to Bonnie?" I asked.

"Um, well, your lovely wife has a mouthful of my cock right now and I'm gonna have to have her keep sucking my dick for now. I'll put the phone down by my cock so you can hear her at work." Derrick said.

I could hear the familiar sounds of Bonnie moaning and groaning as well as the slurping sounds she makes while sucking cock. I listened to these sounds for about five minutes before Derrick picked up the phone again.

"Your sweet little wife sure likes to suck my cock, man! She is very talented too! She has my cock hard as steel already and she has been going at it for 15 minutes now." Derrick said.

I could hear Bonnie begging to be fucked.

"Fuck me, baby, please fuck me! I want your cock inside my pussy. Feel how wet it is, baby. My little white pussy wants to be filled with that beautiful black pole. Please, baby, please fuck me." Bonnie said.

"Listen up, man, this is how it sounds when a real man fucks your wife." Derrick said.

I heard the sound of the bed springs and then I heard Bonnie's voice.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, baby that's it, give me your fucking cock! Oh my God, you are so fucking huge, I love how your cock fills me up."

I could tell Bonnie was in seventh heaven from the moans, groans, and gasps for air as Derrick continued to fuck her on our bed.

I could hear the sound of Derricks balls slapping against Bonnie sexy ass as she screamed as she came.

The two of them fucked for the better part of the next hour with Bonnie cumming at least five times that I heard and Derrick grunting twice as he must have cum.

"That was amazing. Didn't I tell you he could fuck honey?" Bonnie said as she tried to catch her breath.

"His fucking cock is amazing and I lost count of how many time he made me cum" Bonnie said.

"I counted five, sweetie" I said.

Oh, God, I'm spent. I'm going to lay here for a minute before getting undressed for bed. I'll say good nigh now, dear." Bonnie said and then she hung up.


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Great work, thank you. More please


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Mmm..........Like the story. I don't suppose you have Bonnie's phone number do you? lol.
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Bonnie hires a personal trainer
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