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Sally's first confession letter to her husband

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My darling, darling, joe.

I was a bit naughty before Christmas and I need you to forgive me. I've seen how your manhood twitches when we're watching a film or TV, and a wife cheats, even more so when the husband is aware she is being used by another. Little things you have said or asked make me think that you would forgive me if I strayed. Let's see if I am right. I think you may be disappointed in me, maybe even hurt, but I need to confess my sins to you baby. Hopefully, if I make my confession sexy enough you will be turned on enough to forgive me.

I'd overheard some middle aged women talking about a lingerie shop they patronised. I thought I might get something sexy there to wear for you at Christmas. Something sensual, something that says, to put it bluntly, "I need your loving, shag me now".

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the shop and found my old boyfriend, Tom, there. I found out later he had bought what was a loss making business because he wanted to keep his flat above it.

I very nearly left the shop. Tom persuaded me otherwise. He pointed out that it wasn't as though he hadn't seen my underwear before. I blushed. Tom said he'd never seen me blush before, even when we got kinky. I blushed again at the thought of some of the things Tom and I tried in and out of the bedroom.

Tom suggested we kept things on a salesman/shopper basis. Joe, at this stage I had no intention of cheating on you.

"Let me take you into the privacy of the fitting room so I can measure you and make some suggestions regarding purchases" adding somewhat less professionally "I'll wager you still look great in a basque."

Tom said he could take my measurements as I was but for more accuracy my blouse and skirt should be removed. I thought what the hell, why not, and shrugged them off while Tom went to lock the shop door. I'd for gotten how sheer my bra and panties were. I was also feeling moist down below. A quick check with my finger told me my knickers were still dry but I couldn't resist checking my pussy as well and was just pulling my hand out of my knickers when Tom walked back in. He grinned, I blushed. I was naked to his gaze, my underwear his nothing from him, something he confirmed by remarking that a bikini line wasn't an issue.

Tom stood behind me and gently turned me towards the mirror. He was almost panting. I could feel each hot breath on my neck. Tom had learned patience, finesse and the art of seduction from somewhere. When we were an item he could never wait to fuck me. I would often be sore from him pushing his rather large cock into me before I was wet enough. Sorry joe, he is way bigger, especially in girth, than you.

"Let's do away with this" he said as he unhooked my bra and threw it onto a chair, "and these" as he placed a thumb either side of my panties to slide them very slowly over my thighs. I stepped out of them when they fell to my ankles. I prayed he hadn't noticed the damp patch just developing on the gusset. He had, and to my dismay he picked them up and kissed the wet spot. Then to, as he put it "savour the sweet scent of an aroused beauty" he placed them under his nose and breathed in. With the fingers off his left hand tracing my spine Tom scrunched my knickers in his right hand, caressed them over my breasts, my belly and for the longest time he cradled my cunny with them, gently kneading the silky material between my pussy lips. A panty covered finger probed a little way into my pussy. Tom once again savoured my now musky scent before tossing them to one side.

As Tom passed by me to retrieve some lingerie he had brought in from the shop he lingered his fingers across my groin. His first choice for me was a flesh coloured camisole top with matching french knickers. Tom had me hold his shoulders while I stepped into each leg in turn. He squatted down so he could pull them up slowly, kissing my slit in passing as he stood. He helped me into the top then asked me to give him a twirl. Tom kept his hand pressed against the cami at waist level as I spun round. He reached to my breasts. His excuse was that he wanted to ensure the top looked good when my nipples were standing proud. They already were of course. Joe my love, I wanted to drop to my knees and give him the blowjob of his life. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his cum so he could watch me swallow it. I wanted to suck his cock back to life so he could fuck me like he used to. There was nothing I wouldn't have done for Tom at that moment.

Till that moment my darling joe, I had been faithfully yours. Tom explored my funny with his fingers whilst I unbuttoned his shirt and undid his belt. He grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom. He stripped me, I stripped him.

"Are you sure?" Tom asked. He didn't wait for a reply though and in an instant we were on the bed. His rigid cock throbbed as he stroked with increasing intensity. That first frantic fuck my dear joe did not last long. His explosion triggered mine. I have never orgasmed with such ferocity. I thought I was never stop cummng.

Once I came down from heaven I noticed a ring on my finger and remembered I was married. I rang you from Tom's bed my darling joe. Tom was teasing my body with a fur glove while I was trying to talk to your voicemail.

If you still love your now unfaithful wife come up to bed and reclaim my pussy and if you want, I will tell you what happened next. XXX


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Wonderful ! Please continue ...


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wow great story, I hope it continues
a36a sissy cuck to my wife


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Second letter to joe.

My darling joe.

I never seem to be able to tell you very much about how Tom and I spent that afternoon before Christmas. I think the longest you have lasted once I begin is about forty-five seconds. That is very frustrating for me.

Letting Tom seduce me didn't seem like cheating. After all, he'd stoked my fires for the three years we lived together. From the night I met him I was dropping my knickers for him almost daily.

I've never told you this before joe and it might hurt you because I made you wait a month before I let you take me to bed, but ...

Tom and I first met in the queue for a taxi outside a club on Valentines day. By the time we'd got in a taxi we had kissed passionately, he'd groped my breasts and I had stroked his bulge. In the ten minute ride to my flat he fingered me before guiding my head to his lap. The driver nearly crashed trying to watch in the mirror. I was both of turned on and mortified when the driver passed me a tissue to wipe the last of Tom's cum from my lips, I thought I had licked it all off. I had swallowed most of it but Tom is a very heavy cummer.

I've always swallowed my boyfriends' seed, you are the only one I have made pull out of my mouth nearly every time. Perhaps it is because your cum is more watery and there's not much of it. Sorry darling....

I'm going to stop there joe because I realise you have probably already cum reading this letter. See what I mean about you cumming too quickly when I tell you about me being naughty?

Come up to bed and let's see if you can go hard again - if you can't I will have to ring Tom to ask him if he would like my married pussy again. Not putting pressure on you my darling joe, all you have to do is get hard and stay hard long enough for me to cum.


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More please !!


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Brilliant stuff. Please continue
- H
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Sally's first confession letter to her husband
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