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Sally couldn't resist

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Having preened and pampered herself for the last two hours Sally felt good and looked even better. Her hair was perfect, her make-up expertly applied and her pubic mound was as smooth as a baby's bottom. Sally wistfully thought that it was a shame that she hadn't just prepared herself for jim's attentions or, she daydreamed, those of Tom who had seduced her mind and enjoyed her body not long before Christmas.

So far Tom was the only infidelity Sally had admitted to jim. She had known of jim's interest in unfaithful wives for most of their time as a couple. It hadn't unduly worried her because she was sure from clues he'd unintentionally left that his interest was in her being a hotwife and not in his chasing one. Sally had been fairly sure he would enjoy her cheating but it was only after Tom had left his seed deep inside her that she decided to risk a confession. She was glad she did because not only was jim pleased, he was even more ardent than usual and made love to her more times that night than he had since their early days. If there was a part of jim's reaction that hadn't been so good it was that he seemed to almost want her to drop her knickers whenever she left the house. That wasn't Sally, she needed a spark, a situation, before she gave herself to someone. That was the case with the first two one night stands she'd had since they married a few short years ago, they were with men she knew. Sally's third one night stand was with a charming southern Irishman on someone else's hen night. Sally blushed when she thought about her own hen night but that was before she had a ring on her finger.

One of the clues Sally had picked up on was how he had tried to hide his erection when they had the 'previous partners' conversation late one boozy night. Sally had suggested jim guessed how many cocks he thought she might have had. He came up with a number in single figures. Sally mmmm'ed and said that maybe there were a couple more. The truth was that Sally was far more experienced than she thought jim could handle. Jim's guess was well short of just the number of one nighters Sally had enjoyed.

Matching silky white bra and panties, revealing white blouse and a black skirt and Sally was good to go. Sally had to fend off some last minute overtures from jim as she waited for her best friend to pick her up to take her to the charity Ann Summers party at the Holiday Inn.

Prosecco was flowing freely in the small room set aside for those women like Sally who had volunteered to model lingerie and other clothing and to demonstrate some of the fun toys. Some of the local businesswomen would arrive a little later to bid on all the items. The models would get to keep the items they had shown. All proceeds would go to a local hospice.

Sally would be modelling a full length satin nightdress, a red basque and a plunging teddy. She was still undecided as to whether she would join some of the other girls in simulating oral or even vaginal sex with one of the many models of vibes and dildoes. Two of the other girls were up for demonstrating a strap-on dildo.

Sally undressed but left her knickers on. They came off once she realised they spoiled the lines of the nightdress. The wine and the sensuality of her attire were making Sally feel horny, she wished she was somewhere quiet where she could get noisy with jim. With plenty of Dutch courage down her throat Sally sashayed onto the makeshift catwalk. Her breasts swung slightly from side to side, the left one escaping the confines of the thin material much to the delight of some of the women. Sally popped it back in and then lifted the hem of the nightdress up. The higher she lifted it the more money was bid. Sally hadn't realised that her pussy was on show until a rather tipsy woman at the front made a licking action. Sally let the hem fall. Bidding over Sally sashayed back to the changing room.

Nerves, relief, and the wine combined to make Sally's bladder insist on a visit to the bathroom. The wc adjoining the changing room was occupied so Sally looked out into the passageway, saw it was clear and ran to ladies down the hall. Need sated Sally looked back down the passageway but was dismayed to see a group of men chatting away and looking unlikely to move anytime soon. She decided the door opposite was her best option. She ran across to it but an soon as she shut the door behind her she realised her mistake.

This room was packed full of men, young fit men. She recognised one of them, their chanting confirmed they were the local football team celebrating a victory over their main rivals. Testosterone hung in the air. Before Sally knew what was happening she was in the midst of these men. By the time she had moved five feet she had been kissed a dozen times, her tits had been freed from the nightdress and groped by too many hands to count. Hands explored the nightdress as much as they explored her body. Two guys held her tight, a third lifted her nightie. At least five guys fingered her sopping wet cunt despite her protestations and struggles. When one of the guys, a well built black man unzipped his trousers Sally shouted a very loud "NO". She wasn't about to be gang banged no matter how famous these men were.

Three things happened all at once. Sally was standing free, an older man put his jacket around her and two women dressed like tarts walked through the same door she'd used.

"I apologise on behalf of the club. My mates thought you were the entertainment.", her knight in a grey suit said softly, "you're from the charity thing in the other room aren't you?"

Before Sally could answer he added "Let me bid a thousand for that nightgown, as is, right down to the beer spilt all over it. I'll text my wife to add it to her bids."

Sally recognised him as an ex player at the club. She blushed remembering she'd had a crush on him when she was a teenager. He guided her over to a quiet corner to give her time to compose herself. Everyone else in the room was watching the two other women putting on a show.

"Your nightie will dry quicker if we use body heat" he said with a twinkle in his eye, gesturing for Sally to sit on his lap.
Sally was feeling very hot, she found him attractive still, and thought to herself, "why not". His jacket was still round her shoulders hiding wherever their hands were and what they were doing. They kissed, his hands exploring her nightie and indirectly her body. He teased her nipples with his teeth through the fabric.

Sally could feel his cock throbbing through his trousers, she reached down to unbutton and unzip him. His cock felt hard in Sally's hand. She moistened it with the juices on her cunt lips then guided it into her hole.

"Mmmmm, your pussy is as silky as your nightie" he moaned as he closed his eyes and savoured Sally's tight cunt around his manhood. Sally was using her cunt muscles, squeezing and massaging his dick as she slowly slid up and down his shaft. It felt to him like she was sucking him off with her cunt. Sally let the jacket fall, now not caring who saw her being a slut. He was in heaven. Sally was somewhere back in her teen fantasy fucking her football hero. Sally's slow up and down motion bringing their bodies closer to release. Within a few short minutes half the hotel probably heard her cumming. Her orgasm triggered his.

Sally realised how long she'd been away from the charity event and kissing the latest man to put his seed into her cunt she climbed off him. He told Sally she was a fantastic fuck and asked that there might be a next time. By way of a yes Sally bent over to kiss his cock, tasting a small bead of his jism as she did so. He gallantly proffered his hankie to wipe herself. She hoped him cum wouldn't ooze out till after she had modelled the basque.
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Sally couldn't resist
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