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My name is Ed Simpson, this is the story of how I met my beautiful wife, and how she changed my life for the better.
Some may look at emasculation as a bad, or hurtful thing that could happen, I, with the help of my wife discovered it to be a freeing experience.

I met Kara in college, we went to a state university in upstate New York, she was, and still is way out of my league, but she became friends with a girl I grew up with named Diana.

I was a bit of a bookworm, so Diana was one of my only friends at school, and by proxy, I got to see a lot of Kara.
Hanging out with Kara was wonderful, because it seemed like everywhere she went people would look and smile, she had that good wholesome beauty from the Midwest, tall and fit, not too thin, blonde hair, almost always in a ponytail. I'm sure she wore makeup, although you couldn't tell, but it was her smile, when Kara smiles at you it seems like her whole body smiles at you, and freezes you in place like some sort of trance.

One evening when Diana and I where studying in the common area, I asked her what she knew about Kara. She told me that Kara was from Wisconsin, and that her parents died when she was very young, and she was raised by her aunt and uncle, who had no ******** of their own.

I asked her about boyfriends, if she was going out with anyone.
Diana giggled a little realizing that I was interested, and said "yes, she has a boyfriend, I think she likes the big strong type".

That stung a little bit, because back in high school, I had asked Diana out to a dance, and she turned me down, she said it would be too weird, because we were such old friends, but I later learned that she told her friends that I was a little too short and thin for her.

Still, hanging out with two beautiful girls like Diana, and Kara, did wonders for my social life. They were probably responsible for most of the girls that I met in college, my relationships were mostly non sexual however, and the few that did make it into my bed, didn't last very long.

It wasn't until the last year of school, that a girl I was dating named Michelle let me know that I had a smaller than average penis.

Not being an expert on the subject, and not seeing other guys dicks, at least not erect, I was unaware that a four inch erection was small.

I know that guys in porno's have huge cocks, but that's all fake, right?

Still Michelle kept dating me, and my insecurities about my penis size started to have an effect on me, I was having trouble keeping an erection so I started working on my oral skills.

Michelle had no complaints about that, because while I could never bring her to orgasm with my small penis, I was always able with my tongue.

Michelle was tiny, and her favorite thing to do was get into a sixty nine with me, as soon as she came over to see me.

She would get naked, and climb on top of me, allowing me to feast on her shaved snatch while she fumbled with my zipper, and stroked my cock, occasionally licking it.

She would orgasm soon, and then several times, every time I would go down on her.

After a while she actually started to ejaculate, the discharge tasted a lot like semen, and she told me that some girls, like her, actually cum, and she loved the fact that I sucked it all up, and swallowed it.

It made me feel proud that I was able to make my girlfriend cum, so copiously, and when she saw that I liked doing that, and swallowing her ejaculate, she seemed to loosen up, and she started cumming a lot more into my waiting mouth.

One night while I was studying with Diane, she asked me how things were going with me and Michelle. I told her things were going great, and I was going to ask Michelle to move in with me.

Diane said, "you do know that she's seeing other guys, right?"

I actually did not know this, Michelle and I had never discussed being exclusive, I just assumed, I guess I was wrong.

Diane continued, "Kara and I see her leaving other guys, and coming to see you all the time, so," she joked, "does she use condoms, or are you screwing her in her sloppy seconds?"

I didn't answer, I just sort of blushed, then the more I thought about it, the more it hit me, Michelle wasn't ejaculating, she was feeding me other guys semen.

Either way, my friends knew that Michelle was seeing other guys, and I decided I was going to break it off with her.

That night when Michelle came over, she quickly disrobed, and tried to mount my face, I told her that I wasn't in the mood, and tried to search for the right words to break our relationship, when she said, "how about I just suck your cock then?"

I figured, what the heck, I'll break up with her after the blowjob, so I leaned back on the couch, and let her suck me off.

She was an expert, so before long I was emptying my balls into my pretty yet promiscuous girlfriends mouth, as soon as she finished swallowing, she sat on my lap, and started to sensuously make out with me.

I realized that she still had some of my semen in her mouth, and that seemed to make it even more erotic, and she felt it too, before long we were in a kissing frenzy, and she pulled me down on top of her, and slowly began pushing my head down towards her perky little tits.

As I licked her rosebud nipples, she kept pressure on top of my head, I knew where this was leading, but I kept licking my way down her flat tummy to her hairless pussy.

As soon as my tongue touched her clit, it was like electricity went through her, she was on fire. I licked and sucked for all I was worth, figuring I would give her one last orgasm, then we would be done.

When she was finished bucking on my face like a rodeo rider, I pulled away, and as I did, I saw her messy pussy, and a long string of goop was connected between my chin, and her pussy lips, it was milky white, and I knew that I had just eaten another guys sperm.

She got dressed and started to leave as she always did, and I didn't have the nerve to tell her it was over, instead she looked over her shoulder as she was walking out the door, and said, "I'll call you tomorrow,and thanks for the, you know what".

After she left, I realized that I didn't mind the fact that I was cleaning up after another guy as much as I was upset that she was dong this behind my back. I was very depressed, so I cleaned up, and went out for a walk in the cool spring evening.

I was walking down around a small pond on campus, when I noticed someone sitting on a bench under a streetlight, as I got closer, I recognized that it was Kara, and she was crying.

I approached her, and said hello Kara, and she quickly gathered herself, and began wiping away the tears, then she noticed that it was me, and started crying again.

I sat down beside her, to comfort her, and asked if I could do anything to help.

"Not unless you have a time machine, and we can go back, and prevent me from making so many stupid choices," she said.

I asked her what could possibly be so bad that she would feel that way, and she explained that she found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

I told her that I understand completely how she feels, I told her about my current situation with Michelle, and that it was the fact that she was deceiving me that hurt the most.

Kara told me that I was a wonderful guy for feeling that way, and that she wondered what was wrong with her that she always chose the wrong kind of guy, instead of someone more like me.

At that moment, we looked into each others eyes, and I think we both knew, that if things worked out, we might be perfect for each other.

I knew better that to take advantage of Kara in her emotional condition, so I offered to walk her back to her apartment, and gave her a friendly hug goodnight.

The following day, I spoke with Diane, and asked her what she was planning on doing over spring break, she said that she and Kara were thinking about going to Florida.

She told me that Kara had called her last night, and told her that I was really nice to her, and that she wanted me to ask you if you wanted to come along with us on break.

I told Diane that I would give anything to go with them, but I promised TMI advertising, that I would intern over the break, and they promised me that if I liked the job, and if they liked me, I could have a permanent position with their company.

Diane said "well don't be stupid, Kara will be disappointed, but she'll understand".

Later that afternoon as I walked back to my apartment, I felt really good about myself, that Kara wanted me to join her on spring break.

So when Michelle, asked if she could stop over later that evening, I told her I was busy with studies, and I would get back to her.

I wasn't really lying to Michelle, did have a lot of studying to do, but it was more that after my talk with Kara, I realized that I deserved better than to be lied to by my girlfriend.

So the following afternoon, I called Michelle and asked her to come over so we could talk.

When Michelle arrived at my door, you could tell she was expecting me to break up with her, but she was still not sure why.

I asked her how she could do something like have me go down on her after she had another guy cum inside of her?

She explained that the first time I did it, we were both very *****, and she had forgot that she didn't use a condom earlier, and I seemed to really get into it.

Michelle told me that a lot of guys are kinky like that, especially as she put it, "beta guys like you with little dicks". She told me that a few of her girlfriends have beta boyfriends like me, who do clean up, and never complain.

I told her that had she been honest with me, it might have worked, but I couldn't keep seeing her, because she had deceived me for so long.

Michelle said she understood, and left, and I just sat there and recounted what I just said.

Did I just tell a girl, that it wasn't that fact that she was feeding me another guys sperm that was the problem, it was that she lied?

Spring break came and went, my internship at TMI went better than I had hoped, so I had a job waiting for me after graduation.

I did miss Kara, it didn't help that Diane sent me pictures of them both all the time with her and Kara surrounded by a bunch of hunky guys, who I'm sure were fucking them both every day.

The last few weeks of school were intense, and I had little time to work on any kind of romantic or social relationships, so I did what I could to finish well, and looked forward to my new career in advertising.

After the graduation ceremony, I broke away from my family, and found Diane, and Kara, they were with their families, but when Kara saw me, she ran up to me and threw her arms around me, and said that she was going to miss me so much.

She kissed me, and as she pulled back, I saw that she was crying, I told her that if she ever needed some one to talk to, that I would always be there for her.

She went back to her aunt and uncle, I found my parents, and I thought that might be the last I would ever see her.

I started my new job at TMI, and as fate would have it we landed a new account for an outdoor clothing line, and I was to head out to Milwaukee to work at that office, and spearhead the new account development.

I was not only excited that I would be in charge of a new important account, but I was also excited that I would be moving to a new place.

I had been staying in touch with Kara via Face book, so when I knew where I would be living, I told her.

She was excited as well, and said that she would show me around when I moved out.

I said my goodbyes to my family and friends, and told Diane that she should come out and visit any time, saying that I'm sure Kara would love to see her.


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Moving from upstate New York, to the Midwest is quite a
culture shock, but I had little down time for the first few weeks, so it was just office time, and ***** time mostly.

When I finally had a free Saturday night, I called Kara, and asked if I could take her up on her offer to show me around.

She said she would love to, the only trouble was she had already made plans to go out with an old friend of hers, and she didn't want to break a date with him.

She went on to tell me that he works as a bartender, and his shift starts at nine o'clock, so if I didn't mind, she could stop over after he goes to work.

I told her great, that would give me time to clean up my apartment, and I would see her around ten o'clock.
"It's a date,' she said, and hung up.

Holy crap I thought, did Kara just say she thought this was a date? I was thinking too much into this, that was just a figure of speech, nothing more, we were just friends.

Kara arrived about ten minutes early, which was not a problem, and she looked amazing, beautiful long blonde ponytail, bright blue eyes, semi see through spaghetti strap top, tiny pink shorts, and flip flops. I know it sounds like she was dressed casually, but she looked like she could have stepped off of a magazine cover.

I went over and gave her a hug, and when I went in for a kiss, she turned her face so I would kiss her cheek.

My heart sank as I thought things were a little cooler than I had hoped.

We left my apartment, and I was treated to a Midwesterner's view of Milwaukee, and the surrounding areas, mostly bars, and clubs that seemed to be more like pick up joints than anything else.

We got something to eat at her favorite sandwich shop, had a couple of ******, and returned to my place.

We sat on the couch for a while, talking about my job, her job as a loan officer for a bank, and our friends, which prompted me to ask how her date went tonight.

"Oh, with George, he's just a friend, she said, "I think he was a little jealous, all I talked about the whole time I was with him, was how excited I was to come and see you, that's why I was early."

She asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I told her that I didn't, and that I was so busy with work, I didn't have much of a social life. I asked her if George was a nice guy, and she reminded me that he was just a friend, and that after her talk with me at school, she decided that she would be very careful as to who she gave her heart to again.
When she said that, the room became very quiet, and we looked into each others eyes, and by some *****, we moved closer and closer together.

We were just about to kiss, when Kara stopped suddenly and said "I can't."

What's wrong, I asked?

"I remembered what you told me about your girlfriend at school, how she let you taste another guy without telling you," she continued, "well, George and I fooled around a little before I came over, and even though I brushed my teeth, I shouldn't kiss you, because I sucked his dick."

I know that she expected me to recoil, but I didn't, I told her that I figured that she had a sex life, and I appreciated her telling me, and if that kiss was still on the table, I did so want to kiss her.

Kara kissed me with such passion, that I was lucky that I didn't cum in my pants.

While we were kissing, I did think for a second that the lips that I'm making out with, were just wrapped around another guys cock, but honestly that just made it more exciting, especially when we broke the kiss, and I saw her beautiful face, and I thought how lucky a guy would be to get his dick sucked by her.

I didn't want to push to far, and ask if she wanted to stay over, so we said goodnight, and made a promise to each other to get together again real soon.

After Kara left, I had mixed emotions, on one hand, I was floating on air that a total fox like Kara was making out with me, and the prospect of her and I taking a relationship further was a strong possibility.

On the other hand, less than a year ago, I broke up with a girl, because I found out she was feeding me her other boyfriend's ball juice, and now I'm sitting here with a hard on after just kissing my dream girl after she admitted that she had just sucked another guys dick.

I thought, how fucked up could I really be?

My daydreaming was interrupted by my cell phone, Kara had just texted me, she texted,

"just wanted you to know I got home safe, I was so turned on by our make out session, I was playing with myself all the way home, going to bed now to finish the job."

I texted her back, "I feel the same, I could drive nails with this thing, wish I was there to help finish the job."

I didn't see a text back from her, and I suddenly feared that I had crossed the line by sending her my text message, I figured that I had blown it, when my phone lit up again, as Kara's text came through.

"Thinking about you between my legs, and cumming like crazy,
next time how about we do this together?"

I didn't want to spoil it this time, so I just texted, "yes!"

That week we texted each other several times a day, and she invited me to her apartment Friday night, she promised jokingly that I would have her all to myself, as she had no other dates planed for that night.

Friday night came, and I wondered what she had planned, Kara met me at the door with a nice, more than friendly kiss, and ushered me inside.

She had obviously just got out of the shower, and was wearing a terry robe, she asked me if I was hungry, and I said not really.

Ok, she said, how about I show you my apartment. Sounds good to me, I said, and we toured through the living room, kitchen, bath, and a spare room she used as a study.

She led me into her bedroom, she was standing behind me, as I started looking at the photographs she had on her wall, I saw one of her and Diane and I asked if she had spoke with her lately.

She didn't answer me, so I turned around, and saw her standing there, she had dropped her robe, and was completely nude. Kara had a very serious look on her face, as she stepped up to me, and kissed me deeply, as she began unbuttoning my shirt.

Once my shirt was off, she undid my belt, and the button on my pants, she reached inside my pants, and found my erect cock, and let out a moan into my mouth.

She then pulled my pants down to my ankles, and pushed me back onto the bed. She pulled off my socks and pants, and watching her naked frame move up the bed toward me almost mad me shoot my load right then, although knew I had to control myself.

She pulled my dick out of my boxers, and engulfed the entire length into her mouth, she sucked me for about a minute, and realized just how close I was, so she backed off, and climbed on top of me.

I could feel the heat of her pussy as it hovered just above my straining cock, she reached back between her legs, and rubbed the head of my dick between her wet pussy lips, and then in one motion, sank down, and let out a nice ahhh...

It felt like my cock was in a tight wet oven, then she leaned in to kiss me deeply again, I felt her rock hard nipples against my bare chest, as out tongues wrestled together.

As Kara began riding my cock, I could tell this was more than just a fuck to her, she was really getting into it, then she told me, that she had been in love with me for a long time, and even when she was with another guy, she would pretend that she was fucking me.

Well, that was all I needed to hear, and I started bucking, and thrusting into her deeper, which caused her to start moaning louder, and she leaned in and locked her lips on mine as we fucked.

As hard as I tried, I couldn't prevent the inevitable, and I told her I was about to cum, and I needed to pull out, she said, "no, please cum inside me, just keep fucking me, I'm almost there."

I held out as long as I could, then exploded inside of Kara, after, we held each other, and panted like crazy for about five minutes.

She rolled off of me, onto her back, and pulled the sheet over her, "Wow" was all she said.

I knew that during the final moments of our lovemaking Kara didn't quite make it to the mountain top, I really wanted to make sure she was satisfied, so I rolled onto my side, cupped her breast, and asked her if she would like to go again.

She looked at me quizzically and asked if I could get it up again so soon. I told her if we fooled round a little, I would be ready.

I leaned over, and began sucking on her breast, she closed her eyes, and hummed softly, as I caressed, and sucked on her breasts. Then I kissed my way down to her navel, she had a dangling sapphire belly button piercing, I sucked it gently into my mouth, which caused her to moan louder.

"Just fuck me" she said, I told her, not yet, as I kissed my way down to her mound. I could tell she was still sensitive as she jumped a little, as my tongue touched her pussy lips.

I slowly licked between her folds, until she relaxed, then I stuck my tongue as deep as it could go into her pussy, and started to fuck her with my tongue.

This caused her to let out an Ohh!, and bring her knees up so my head was right between her thighs.

I alternated between deep tongue, and sucking on her clit, until I felt her hands on the back of my head, pulling me in tighter to her pussy.

I sucked on her hard, as she came, bucking wildly on my face, I kept sucking and swallowing, both her cum, and mine, until her orgasm subsided.

As we cuddled together in bed, she whispered into my ear, "you're a keeper".

I felt very content in the fact that I could give the woman I loved a good orgasm, if not with my penis, at least with my tongue.

After that night, we got together as often as we could, until Kara suggested that we move in together, since her apartment was much bigger, I moved my stuff in, and we began our happy life together.

Soon the holidays arrived, and we went back to New York for Thanksgiving, and visited my family, they were all pleased, to meet my beautiful girlfriend, and Diane was quick to invite Kara out for a girls night.

It was exciting to see them together again, Kara was happy too, she got dressed up in her sexiest club dress, and she and Diane went out dancing together.

It was about midnight when I got a text from Kara asking me to wait up till she got home, because she didn't want to wake my family up.

I stayed up watching bad movies, until about three AM, I heard a taxi pull up in front of the house, and I saw my very ***** girlfriend get out, and make her way to the door.

I let her in the front door, and she took my hand, and led me to my bedroom. She pushed me back onto the bed, and pulled my zipper down, fished out my rapidly hardening cock, and started sucking me.

She paused for a moment, stood up and removed her thong panties, and flung them into the corner. She then climbed onto the bed, and got into a sixty nine position with me, her on top.

Even though the bedroom light was on dim, I couldn't see a thing, because her mini skirt was covering my face, but she smelled fantastic. She had obviously been dancing a lot, because she was still a little sweaty, and dancing always makes her horny, so her pussy was already wet.

The combination of the smells and tastes of her sweat, pussy, and ass made me so horny that I could have cum in a second.

As soon as her lips touched my penis again, I dove into her hairless vagina, and started licking and sucking with everything I had.

She started responding, and to my surprise, began climaxing almost right away, she was bucking violently on my face, and sucking my dick at the same time, and it wasn't long before I started cumming.

After we both came down from our orgasms, she climbed up beside me, and we cuddled. I saw her lips and chin were covered in my jizz, but I couldn't resist kissing her.

She realized that I was tasting my cum, and she moaned in approval. When we broke our kiss, she saw a dollop of cum on my cheek, and wiped it up with her finger, and said, "here, you missed a drop", and stuck her cum covered finger in my mouth.

"I love it that you're not turned off by the taste of semen," she said, "it's one of the things that make you so sexy".

I responded by licking the rest of my jizz off her face, and we drifted off to ***** together as content as we could be.


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After Thanksgiving weekend, we said our goodbyes to my family, and headed home. On the flight, I commented to Kara on how much I enjoyed her enthusiasm after her night out with Diane.

She replied that she had a great time, adding that Diane had not curtailed her slutty behavior from college, in fact she may have gotten even more promiscuous.

I pushed her for details, but all she said was "girl code".

I took that as I was not going to get details, but she did say maybe I should ask Diane myself, when she comes out to visit us in four weeks.

I was happy to hear that Diane was finally coming out to visit, the three of us always have a great time when we get together.

I started getting very busy around the holidays, with the holiday clothing line, so when Diane came out to visit, she and Kara spent a lot of time together without me.

I actually didn't mind that they went out partying together at night together, I was always the happy recipient of a very horny girlfriend, when they returned.

It was following the next girls night out, that I managed to get Diane alone, and ask her about their nights out, especially the night in New York, where the only information I got was girl code".

Diane just giggled, and said, "if you're wondering if Kara got laid when we were out, she didn't", then she added, "but I did."

Really, I said, how did that happen? Realizing at that moment, that I had probably asked too much.

But Diane was actually eager to give me the details, of how she and Kara spent the night dancing with one of her boyfriends, and a friend of his, and then were invited back to her boyfriends house, and since Kara was ********* to cheat on me, Diane said that she took on both of these well hung guys at the same time.

"Oh poor me", she said sarcastically.

So, I said, hearing you getting laid in the other room, is probably why Kara was so horny when she got home, huh?

"Who said anything about her being in the other room," Diane responded," Kara was sitting right next to me as these two monster cocked guys plowed me from both ends."

I was sitting there in silence thinking about Kara looking at these two hung studs cocks, when Diane spoke up.

"You know, after word, she told me that she always wanted to try two guys at once, do you think that you could do that with her?"

I never really thought of sharing my girlfriend, although the thought at that moment, was giving me an erection.

"You know", Diane said, " I don't like to get involved in other peoples relationships, but I like both you guys, so here goes."

"Kara told me that she really likes you a lot, but misses having a big cock."

I was stunned a little, as Diane continued, your girlfriend and I talk about everything, you know, like your penis size, how great you are at oral, and even that you don't mind cleaning up a little.

I was visibly embarrassed, but Diane assured me that there was nothing for me to be ashamed of, in fact she said Kara loved what I did for her.

"But", Diane added,"if you really want to make her happy, you might want to suggest a threesome, not all the time, but for a special occasion."

Really? I asked, how do I go about finding a guy who will do that?

"You don't, silly", she said, "just tell Kara this is something you'd like to do with her, and she'll pick the guy, I'm sure she'll have no problem finding a willing participant for your threesome."

I don't know, I said, pondering the thought of my woman being pleasured by another man.

"Think about it" Diane said, "you want her to be happy, right?"

Yes, of course, I said.

"Trust me", Diane said, smiling ear to ear, "this will make her very happy, as much as she loves you, she misses having a big cock inside her, and if you can be the one who lets her have it, and even be there with her, she'll be yours forever."

After Diane left , things got back to normal between Kara and myself, well, sort of.

Every time we were making love, I kept thinking about what Diane told me, and I pictured Kara watching her friend enjoying two long, thick hard cocks.

Finally one night while we were making out, I told her that Diane had spilled the beans about their night out, back in New York.

Kara wasn't surprised at all, and in fact said, "I was hoping that you'd ask her about that when she was out here."

I asked her what it was like watching her friend get fucked, she said, "it was amazing, I could just imagine how Diane felt, with Paul's big thick cock stretching her out like that".

She started getting a far away look in her eyes, then she turned to me and said, "not that I don't love the way you make love to me."

I reached over an held her hand as I asked her if she'd ever made love with two guys at the same time.

"Would you want me to tell you if I did?" she asked.

I said no, I would actually think it would be exciting to hear about it.

"Sorry to disappoint you then", Kara said, "but it is on my bucket list.

Well, I said, as long as I get to be one of the guys, maybe we should try it?

"Eddy Simpson, you really are some kind of guy", Kara exclaimed in a stern voice, "as soon as you get into my pants, you want to share me with another guy!"

I started stuttering, and looking for the right thing to say, I felt like I had really put my foot in my mouth, I started to apologize, when Kara stopped me.

"I'm just teasing you" she said playfully, "I think it's sweet that you want to do something like that just to make me happy."

She kissed me, and pushed me back onto the bed, and as she crawled up next to me she asked, "so, do you have anyone in mind?"

No, I answered, I was hoping that you might, I said sheepishly.

"I might", she said with a impish smile, she reached down, and started massaging my little four inch penis back to life.

"So tell me" she asked, while slowly masturbating me, "would this guy have a bigger dick than yours?"

I guess that would be ok, I said breathlessly.

"She whispered into my ear,"are you sure you would be ok watching me getting fucked by a guy with a much bigger dick than your little one?"

As Kara said this, she felt my cock suddenly jerk to full attention, "uh oh!" Kara said, "it looks like somebody gets off on me talking about his little dick."

Kara bent down, and licked my nipple, which sent chills straight to my balls, and she asked me, "do you want me to tell you how you compare to my previous boyfriends?"

Yes! I spat out , struggling not to cum as she was lowering her head down toward my cock.

She put my dick in her mouth all the way to the balls, then came up and kissed me with my cock on her lips, and whispered into my ear, "I just put your whole cock in my mouth, without it hitting the back of my throat, I've never been able to do that with a guy before."

Really I asked?

"Mmm hmm", she confirmed, "you definitely have the smallest dick of any guy I've ever been with."

As she said this, my painfully hard erection erupted cum all over her hand and my stomach.

"Wow!" she said, "you really get off on this *********** thing, huh?"

To be honest, I told her, I never really knew this about myself, but the whole time that you telling me how inadequate I am, I've never been more excited.

She wiped my cum up with her panties, and snuggled up to me as we drifted off to *****.

That night as we slept together, I felt a strange mix of feelings.

On one hand, I felt like I had given up some of my masculine high ground to Kara, on the other hand, I felt so close to her for being able to share something as intimate as this new fetish for ***********.

Our schedules over the next week kept us apart, aside from maybe just a quick fuck before we went to *****.

It was the following Wednesday, that Kara texted me at work, and asked me to plan on some bedroom time with her, after dinner, and that she had some important news for me.

I was really excited about what the news might be, and when I got home, Kara already had dinner on the table, I started to ask her what she wanted to talk about, but she said, "you clean up after dinner, while I take a shower, then you take a shower, and join me in bed."

Now I was crazy excited, so I cleaned up, and as I was finishing, I heard Kara getting out of the shower, "your turn sexy" she said, as she past me on her way to our bedroom.

I showered quickly, and dried off, and walked into the bedroom naked.

Kara was sitting on the bed, with the towel still around her, and on the bed next to her were some pink satin panties.

Are you going to wear those sexy panties, I asked?

"I'm glad you think they're sexy", Kara replied, "because they're for you to wear."

What? I said quizzically

"Well", Kara continued,"I saw how excited you got last week when I was humiliating you about your tiny dick."

As she said this, she pointed to my penis, which because of my just getting out of the shower, and it being a little chilly had shrunk to about a half an inch long.

I have something I want to talk to you about, and I think if you're in a state of arousal because of ***********, you might be more receptive, Kara said, as she held out the panties to me.

I stepped into the panties, and pulled them up, "good boy" Kara said, in a tone that made me feel like a little boy.

"Now kneel in front of me on the carpet', she said, 'we need to talk about something"

I knelt about a foot from her, I could smell her perfume, and I was staring at her perfectly pedicured toes.

They were painted a soft pink, which stood out against her tan skin, making her feet look even more sexy, and kissable.

"Remember what we were talking about last week when we were in bed?" Kara asked.
Y.. yes, I said in a broken voice.

"Rub your little penis through your pretty pink panties, and tell me what we talked about" she demanded.

As soon as I started rubbing through the silky material, my cock got instantly hard. I told her that I remembered that we talked about having another guy join us in bed.

"Not just a guy", she said, "but a guy with a big cock, right?"

Mmm hmm, I answered.

"That's not what I want to hear", she said, "I want you to say that you want to see me getting fucked by a big cock, a cock that's much bigger than that tiny little thing that you're rubbing in those panties."

Yes, I spat out, I want to see you get fucked by a cock much bigger than mine, I want to see you satisfied in a way that I can't do with my little dick.

"Very good", she said, as she unwrapped the towel from her naked perfect frame. "You can stop rubbing your pee pee, but leave the panties on, and come over here and lick my pussy, as I tell you my news."

"You remember my friend George, the man who I was dating when you first moved out here?" She asked.

Mmm Hmm, I mumbled into her neatly shaven sex.

"Well", she continued, "I ran into him today, and he was a little sore that I took up with you, without giving him one last goodbye fuck."

"We talked for a while over a cup of coffee, and I kind of told him that you and I were thinking about having a threeway, and asked if he was interested,"

"As you can guess Ed", she said while running her fingers through my hair, showing approval of my tongue action, "George readily agreed to be our third, but I told him to consider this his goodbye fuck, and that he should never expect to be asked again."

I could tell she was getting close to orgasm, because she was very wet, I was swallowing down her delicious nectar as she continued, in a shaky voice.

"Don't you see Ed, this is a perfect situation, we can bring this other guy to bed with us, and before he gets here, he already knows that he's not going to be involved after we're done."

As she finished what she was saying, she threw her head back, and came in a very strong orgasm, she pushed my head from between her legs as she was too sensitive.

She beckoned me up on to the bed, her naked, and me still in my pink panties, and we held each other.

After a few minutes, she started rubbing my still hard dick through the panties, then she pulled the panties down to my knees, and climbed up onto my erection.

Since she just had an orgasm, I knew I would have to try and hold out as long as I could, but looking up at her blond hair flowing down around her perky breasts, I was worried I wouldn't last.

I closed my eyes, and tried to concentrate on not cumming, when I suddenly felt her pinching and pulling on my nipples.

I opened my eyes, and saw her staring back at me, "you know", she said, "there are probably a few other of my big dicked boyfriends who would want a goodbye fuck."

That was too much for me, I started to buck like crazy, hoping I could push her over the edge of another climax, but I exploded, gushing jet after jet of my hot semen into her gripping pussy.

"Wow! she exclaimed,"that was amazing, you almost got me off again."

She rolled onto her back, obviously still very horny, and started rubbing her clit.

I leaned over and licked her nipple, and caressed the other breast, she moaned and started masturbating faster, I abandoned her breasts, and stuck my tongue in her navel, I knew this always turns her on.

She stopped rubbing her clit, and her legs went very stiff, like she was on the brink of orgasm, I lowered my head slightly, and took a swipe at her clit with my tongue.

This made her jump a little, so I kept it up.
A soft moan escaped her lips and she ran her hands through my hair.

I don't know why, but I took this as a sign that she wanted me to lick her pussy, so I repositioned myself, and stuck my tongue deep in her pussy.

The lights were still on in the room, so when I pulled my tongue out, I was looking at a weeks worth of my sperm leaking out of her.

For some reason it didn't look revolting to me, in fact it made me want to lick her more, but before I had a chance to think about it, Kara pulled me into her with both hands, and said "eat me Ed, suck my pussy clean, and make me cum.

I alternated between licking her clit, and swallowing down her cum, and mine.

Finally she came again, squeezing my head between her thighs, and cumming to where the bed was drenched in that spot.

After she came back to earth, she snuggled up against me, and said, "you might not have the biggest dick ED, but you're the best lover I've ever had.

I was absolutely beaming, I was never happier in my life, and I knew for a fact, that Kara truly loved me.


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The next evening after work, we started discussing our future get together with George, Kara talked about it like going to the movies with him or something.

I was very nervous about it all, but her calm demeanor put me at ease.

Even though he lived near us, we decided that it would be better if we went to a nearby town, and rented a hotel room, this way we would never relate our bedroom to the experience, or connect the experience with George's apartment, or for that matter, anything relating to him.

She also told me that since she was on the pill, and she knew that George was healthy, we didn't need to use condoms.

After all the details were worked out, she looked at me and with excitement in her eyes, said. "perfect, I'll call George, and tell him to meet us at the hotel tomorrow evening."

Everything was moving a little fast for me, but I could tell how excited, and happy Kara was about this, so I was excited too.

That night when we were in bed, Kara suggested that we not have sex, to keep the level of excitement as high as we could.

It was very difficult for me to fall asleep thinking that the next time I make love to her, there would be another man, a man with a much bigger cock making love to her too.

I started thinking that this might be a big mistake.

The next day, Kara texted me at work, and said that her office was closing down early, so instead of me picking her up, and driving her to the hotel, she would catch a ride with Jill, a girlfriend she worked with, to the hotel, as it was sort of on her way home.

Then I could drive out to the hotel after I got out of work, and George would get there later.

It seemed like a pretty good plan, so after work I drove the thirty minutes to the hotel, and texted Kara to get the room number. She told me room 312, so I took the elevator up, and knocked on the door.

She answered the door in sexy black lingerie, that I had never seen before. "I bought it just for this occasion", she said. I could tell something was bothering her, so I asked her what was up.

"I'll tell you when you get out of the shower", she said, "it's nothing to do with you or me, it's just that George was a little nervous."

As I got into the shower, I felt kind of good that I was handling this better than George was.

Kara talked about George a few times, and he seemed like a real nice guy, I felt bad that he was so nervous about this.

When I got out of the shower, I dried off, and walked into the bedroom, and found Kara sitting on the bed, still with a look of concern on her face.

She told me that George was concerned that I was not going to react well to the whole threesome thing and he didn't want to come between us.

I told her that was really nice of George, and I appreciate that, adding that if there was anything I could do, or say to put his mind at ease, I would do it.

"I'm really happy to hear you say that", Kara said, "because I told him that there was a way for him to be sure that you were ok with this when he gets here."

As she said this, she reached behind her, and picked up the pink silk panties, and handed them to me.

"I told him that when he got here, if you were wearing these, it meant that you were totally ok with anything that we would do tonight."

I took the panties from her, and asked if there was any other way I could make him feel comfortable?

She told me that if I put those panties on, she promised that I would have the most unbelievable sex of my life.

Hearing this, I slipped into the panties as quickly as I could, and got into bed with Kara.

We got into a sixty nine position with her on top, and the first thing I noticed was that she had completely shaved her pussy, (another thing just for this occasion) and she was already dripping wet.

I thought I heard the hotel room door open, and I tried to look, but Kara kept my head locked between her thighs.

"Hello George", Kara said, "I hope you don't mind, Ed and I have already started without you."

I felt the bed sag a little, as George got onto the bed next to us.

Kara rose to her knees, and I saw them kiss each other, as I continued to lay prone on my back, and lick Kara's pussy.

"Get out of those clothes George" Kara said, "I want to have two cocks to play with."

I continued to slowly tongue Kara's pussy, and she reached down, and fondled my semi hard cock.

George had removed his clothes, and climbed back onto the bed, this time he was standing next to Kara, she stopped fondling me for a moment, and while I couldn't see what was happening, I could hear Kara slurping on his cock.

After a minute, her hand, very wet from saliva returned to my cock, and I became instantly hard.

Kara climbed off of me, and asked me to lean back against the headboard, so she could suck my cock.

I started to take the panties off, but she stopped me saying that they looked so sexy on me, and that it was turning her on.

I looked over at George who was grinning, and he just shrugged his shoulders, and said, "she's in charge."

My eyes then lowered, and for the first time I saw Georges cock, it was huge, and still wet form being in Kara's mouth.

Georges cock was at least ten inches long, and as thick around as Kara's wrist, I looked down at my little dick, poking out from the waistband of my pink panties, and I didn't even feel like I had a cock at all.

Kara noticed my reaction, and quickly moved me into place with my back against the headboard, and my legs stretched out on the bed.

She crawled up between my legs, pulled the panties down a little, and started sucking on my balls, this made me forget all about my short comings.

George was watching Kara give me head from the foot of the bed, stroking his cock to full hardness.

As Kara took the tip of my cock into her mouth, George climbed back onto the bed, and took his position behind Kara's upturned ass.

I knew the moment Georges big dick entered Kara, because she moaned with my cock in her mouth.

The sensation of her moaning while sucking me was incredible. Every time George pushed his big dick into her, she lunged forward, and every time he withdrew, she was pulled back.

Every once in a while she would take a break from sucking me to catch her breath, and say "OH GOD", or "HOLY ****".

George Started to get into a rhythm, and I reached down and started rubbing her tits, and softly pinching her nipples.

Kara was moaning more and more now that George was fucking her faster, and her body started to glow with a pink color, I could tell she was going to come on his cock.

She took my cock out of her mouth, and started jerking it, "I'm cumming!" she screamed over and over.

The sight of her coming like that was too much for me, my cock started erupting jizz, and Kara quickly put it back in her mouth, to catch it all.

George was now pounding at her, ******* her head up against my chest, and with one final thrust, he came deep inside her.

As Kara was getting her pussy filled with her ex boyfriends cum, she looked into my eyes, then kissed me deeply as we felt George withdraw, and collapse on the bed at our feet.

As Kara kissed me, I realized that she was passing my ejaculate into my mouth, when she saw me catch on to what she was doing, she giggled a little, never breaking her kiss.

When I swallowed the mouth full of cum, Kara moaned, and reached up with both hands, and started gently pinching my nipples.

George excused himself, and said he was taking a shower.

Kara and I Lay in bed together agreeing that it was a great experience.

"Wait till round two" Kara said with jubilation, she then got out of bed, and said, "I bought some champagne, let's all have a toast when George gets out of the shower."

She opened the mini fridge, and pulled out a bottle, as she was pouring three glasses full, I noticed the slick wetness on the insides of her thighs, and the reality set in, that another mans seed was inside of the woman I love, his sperm was actively trying to impregnate her.

Instead of feeling jealous, I became very turned on, and Kara noticed.

"Wow", she said, "look who's ready to go again."

The shower was still running, and I was on my back on the bed still, Kara crawled up to me in a cat like manner, and kissed me, then she swung a leg over my torso, and reached back to insert my stiff cock into her very wet, very cum filled pussy.

Georges monster cock had stretched her out a bit, but between the heat of her pussy, and the cum bath my cock was getting, I was ready to cum again.

After I came, Kara went down, and cleaned up my gooey cummy cock, and was kissing me, and sharing the three of our collective love juices, when George came back into the room.

Kara broke the kiss to tell George that she had poured us all Champagne, and as she did, a string of semen was linked between our chins.

Kara giggled a bit, and wiped the cum off her face with her finger, then turning as if to make sure George wasn't watching, stuck her cum covered finger in my mouth.

"Come on, she told me, "lets all have a toast."

I wiped the wetness from my face, pulled up my pink panties, and joined the love of my life, and her ex boyfriend for a *****, what could be more normal, right?

We all raised our glasses, and Kara said, "to friends", we all clinked our glasses together, and sipped down the champagne.

"Now that I've had you both at the same time" Kara spoke up, "I'd like to have you each one at a time, George let me know when you're ready, and you can go first."

Kara and I looked down, and Georges behemoth was already starting to rise, she reached out, and grabbed it like a plow handle, and led him back to the bed.

Where as the first time seemed kind of awkward, this time, you could tell Kara, and George having made love many times in the past, knew exactly what they were doing.

Kara lay on her back, and welcomed George in between her legs, just before she guided his huge cock into her pussy, she told him, "this is your goodbye fuck, make the most of it."

With that, she took her delicate little hand, and guided his monster dick into her.

What happened after that was not a fast humping sex romp, but a sensual lusty mating between a man and a woman.

I sat in the chair, sipping my *****, and watched Kara with her legs spread wide up in the air, her perfect little feet and her pretty toes curling with each thrust of Georges manhood.

Their lips were locked in a passionate kiss, the whole time, you could tell, George was literally milking her pussy all he could, for this one last time.

Kara's eyes caught mine, and she broke her kiss to talk to me. "Ed, why don't you rub your little dick through your panties while you watch George fill me with his gianormous cock."

I froze for a second, I never thought that Kara would start her humiliating small cock talk in front of George.

I started rubbing my dick through the panties, and a big smile spread across her face, and she reached around, and grabbed Georges ass, and pulled him in deeper.

Kara looked over at me again, and licked her lips and said,
"he's stretching my pussy out like your tiny dick never can, you know that don't you Ed?"

I nodded, and continued rubbing my hardening little dick.

"He's going in sooo.. deep", Kara panted, "I'm going to cum again."

When she said that her legs stiffened, and her toes pointed toward the ceiling.

George doubled his speed, and was pumping his full length into her pussy, the whole room smelled like sex, and cum.

"Oh, oh, oh, I'm, cu-mmm-inngggg.." Kara screamed, so I'm sure the entire hotel floor could hear.

At the same time George let out a loud Aaahhhh! and bucked his hips five or six times, pumping his sperm into my pretty girlfriend.

I looked down, and there was a large wet spot in the front of my panties, it seems that the three of us had all cum together.

After we all caught our breath, George wiped himself clean, and got dressed.

"Remember" Kara told him, "the next time we get together, we will not talk about this, it was a one time thing, right George?"

George nodded, blew her a kiss told me that it was nice meeting me, and left, just before he left the room, he said, "ooops! I almost forgot," and pulled the room card key out of his pocket, and left it on the table.

He left the room, and Kara beckoned me into bed where we snuggled for a while.

"You'll have to give me a few minutes before I can go again", she said.

That's ok I told her, I came while I was watching the two of you fuck, I need a recharge myself.

"That's so cute that you got off on watching me fuck George", she said.

I told her it wasn't so much watching, it was when she started talking to me that I lost control.

"I was hoping you'd like that", Kara said, "it made me feel so slutty watching you rub your dick in your panties while I was getting fucked, but..."

But what, I asked?

"But, I hope I didn't cross a line today, either with George, or with my *********** talk, you see Ed,Kara said looking into my eyes, "I really do love you, and it would make me sick if I did something that would prevent us from staying together forever."

I held her tight, and let her know that she did everything right tonight, and just like she promised, I had the most amazing sexual experience of my life.

I suggested we take a little nap, but before we did, I asked her how George got the key card?

"Well", Kara explained, "you know Jill, the girlfriend I work with?"

I nodded yes.

" She works part time at this hotel, and I told her to give George the key, and send him up to the room."

But Kara, I said, she knows that you and I are together, she'll think you're cheating on me.

"No she won't", Kara explained, "I told her everything, she's my best friend at work, and she got this room for us at a moments notice, and at a good price too."

Holy ****! I said, you mean she knows about our threesome?

"Mm hmm", Kara smiled, and she reached down to rub my cock sending shivers through me, "and she knows about these too", she said as she rubbed my panty covered cock.

"Do you forgive me?" she asked.

Of course, I said, besides, it's a little exciting to me too.

"How so?" asked Kara.

You know, I said, the *********** of having someone know that I wear panties while my girl gets fucked by another guy, it's weird, but it's really exciting to me.

"It's not weird at all", Kara said, "It's part of why I love you so much. By the way, she added, are you ready to go again, because all of this talk has got my pussy all horny again."

I told her that I still needed some time, but I would love lick her pussy.

"Oh I don't know Ed", Kara said, "George dumped quite a load down there, and I know it's still in me."

Oh well, I said, I guess that's what us little dicked guys deserve, huh?

"Ed, you know that's not how I really feel right? Kara asked.

"You know that I really do love you, really," Kara said as she caressed the side of my face.

I know, I said, but it turns me on, and I think it turns you on too.

"In that case", Kara demanded, "get your little panty ass down under the covers, and start licking my pussy, little dick!"

She put her hand on top of my head, and guided me down between her legs. I could smell the musky bleachy smell of Georges sperm, mixed with her vaginal secretions.

I gave a tentative lick at her pussy, which made her jump, her foot moved up a little, and found the front of my panties.

She rubbed my cock through the panties with her toes, and said, "even if you could get this tiny thing hard, it would be no use to me now after I've been fucked by a real man."

That was it, it was game on, I was going to make her cum. I dove in, and started licking and sucking my way through all that semen, she put her hands on either side of my head, and held me there.

"That's it", she said in a loud whisper voice, "it's all you little dick boys are good for anyway, sucking on a cum filled pussy, your dick is too small to make a woman cum."

It was like adrenaline to my brain as she kept it up, "good boy", she said, "keep sucking up all that ball juice, like a good panty wearing sissy."

I could tell she was getting ready to cum, but all of her humiliating talk was having a serious effect on me, and I was now, hard as a rock, I slid up her body, and in one motion, entered her spasming pussy.

As soon as I penetrated her, she started to cum, and I was just getting started, I fucked her for about five minutes solid, with her cumming the whole time. Finally I blasted into her, and we slumped together, in a sweaty heaving mass.

The next morning as we were leaving, we past the front desk, and Jill was there, "I hope you had a nice stay" she said.

Another shock of *********** coursed through me, and my dick twitched a little.

"A good time was had by all" added Kara.

"Well", Jill said "remember what I said, anytime you want to do this again, just let me know."

She smiled, and waved as we left to the parking lot.

Kara and I got into my car, and headed home.

What was that she said about doing this again, I asked?

"Like I told you Ed", Kara explained, "I have lots of ex boyfriends with big dicks, who I never gave a goodbye fuck to, even though this was our last time with George, who says it has to be our last time."

I pulled the car over to the side of the road, and asked Kara if she meant what she said about being worried that she would spoil us being together forever?

"Yes Ed", she said quietly, "why do you ask."

I reached into my pocket, and pulled out a small box, and opened it. Immediately Kara's eyes grew wide, and she froze in place.

Kara, I asked, will you marry me?

"Yes Ed", Kara cried, "yes, yes, yes........"


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Wow. I have seen a number of men go down this path. This guys story captures the process very well.


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Wow. I have seen a number of men go down this path. This guys story captures the process very well.

I agree!

A small dicked sexual masochist appropriately named "Ed" is getting in touch with his feminine side. He relates well with lady friends and enjoys hanging out with them. The girls help him accept and adjust to his softer side. He's given a pair of sexy pink panties and slips them on. He finds the experience comforting and rapidly embraces the warm, fuzzy feelings those pink panties impart to him. He likes being a ball sucking, panty wearing sissy just as much as the girls making him into one do!

He's asked the perfect girl to marry him. She will rub cuckoldry into his face to the max. Will she finally convince him to become one of the girls and have his testicles removed? Would his sexy pink panties look hotter sans package? Only Jenycoop knows! Stay tuned!
..............PSEUDO PERSON...YMMV!


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Working on it!


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Wonderful story you told. I asked my wife to marry me after her 7-BBC gang bang.
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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hopefully there is more of this story to come. Hands down some of the sexiest writing I've read in quite some time! @jenycoop


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Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Jeny knows how to push all the buttons
for submissive me!


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Wonderful story. Thanks.


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Yes, it will be wonderful to see him become a full time cleanup cuckold, with his wife freely fucking her well hung lovers.
Jenny, you know how I want it to end!


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I wasn't planning on continuing this story, but since you all liked the characters so much, I think I will.


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oh thank god! i check back every few days hoping for an update. One of the best cuck stories i've ever read!
chastized one


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OMG Jenny, so so hot.


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Part 2 Married life

Kara and I soon set a date, and while the three way with George was still fresh in our minds, we were not in a big hurry to repeat this type of thing. Not knowing many people in Wisconsin, I asked Kara if we could keep the wedding party small, she was ok with just asking Diane, and her close friend Jill, the hotel manager. Jill was cute very pale complexion, curly red hair, maybe a few extra pounds, but still a nice body.

I was a little embarrassed that Jill would be there, knowing first hand that I shared my fiance with another man, but I figured Kara knew her well enough to know that she could keep her mouth shut.
I called on my friends Dave, and Kenny, but as the date approached, Kenny had to drop out, because his mom was very sick, so I just had Dave.

"That's no good", Kara called out to me when we were at home doing our domestic chores, "that means one of my brides maids won't have a partner", she pouted, but I told her that I didn't have any friends that I would feel comfortable asking to fly half way across the country to be in my wedding.
"How about, " Kara said with a silly smile, "if I ask a guy that I know?'

Sure, I said, you know so many more people around here than I do, that would be great. "Fantastic" Kara exclaimed," I know the perfect guy, and Diane is going to love dancing with him."
Great I said, who is he? "his name is Jordan" Kara said, "he works at my uncles flooring business with me, I know he'll love to be there".

The day came for me to get fitted for my Tux, and Kara'a friend Jordan was going to meet me there, I was being waited on, when I noticed every woman in the store suddenly stop what they were doing, and look toward the door. I looked over my shoulder, and saw a young black man, maybe twenty years old walk in the store.

In a deep voice, I heard, "I'm Jordan, I'm here for Ed and Kara's wedding". They directed Jordan over to me, I shook his hand, and we made introductions, he was about six foot four inches tall dark dark skin, shaved head, and very muscular. I made a comment that the flooring business must really keep him in shape, but he said "no, he worked in sales, but he played football for the University of Wisconsin".

Jordan was a great guy, I really enjoyed talking to him, and I was very happy with my brides choice. We finished getting our fittings, and talked about meeting at my place in two weeks for the dress rehearsal.
I went home, and called Dave, to make sure that he got his Tux, he let me know that he was excited about coming out. It looked like everything was coming together perfectly.

The wedding rehearsal went clean, and the six of us, my parents, and Kara'a aunt and uncle had a nice meal. After dinner, we all sort of just split up and went either to our homes, or hotels. Jill rode in with Kara, but I offered to give her a ride home, since Kara was going home with her aunt and uncle, for the night before the wedding.

Jill had a few ******, and she a nice glow about her, she was telling me how wonderful she thought our wedding was going to be, and how open minded I was about having there Jordan as a best man. I asked her what she meant, and she said, "didn't Kara tell you, they were high school sweethearts?"
No, I said, she never mentioned that, but high school was a long time ago.

Not really Jill said, every summer when Kara came home from college, Jordan made sure he made up for lost time, by the time fall rolled around, that poor girl must have had one sore pussy. She then looked over at me, and realized that she may have over stepped, and put her hand to her mouth, "oops! Jill exclaimed, "sorry, but if I hadn't known about you Kara, and George, I probably wouldn't have said that."

I dropped Jill off, and headed home to our apartment, and decided to get to ***** early for my big day. When I woke up, I started getting dressed, and I found a note from Kara, it read, "you and I have such a special relationship Ed, and I want this day to reflect that, there are a pair of panties for you on top of my dresser, if you are wearing them when I see you today, I'll know that you're ok with whatever I have planned.

I immediately started to get an erection as I walked over to her dresser, and picked up the panties. They were pink, and white, with lots of lace, when I pulled them up, they felt amazing against my shaved privates. I finished getting dressed, and hurried to the church to wait for my bride.

Kara, and her brides maids looked beautiful, and the wedding was amazing. After we all went to the only restaurant large enough to hold a reception, and had a great time eating ******** and all the dancing that usually takes place at weddings. Dave and Jordan were having a good time dancing with Diane, and Jill, while Kara and I took turns dancing with all our guests.

Once while I was dancing with Kara, she let her hands slip down to my ass, when she felt that I was wearing the panties she laid out for me, a delicious smile drew across her face. She kissed me so deep, that everyone in the restaurant, stopped what they were doing, and applauded us. "I love you so much Ed, you'll never know", Kara said.

After a few hours, everyone was feeling great, My friend Dave had to cut out, his flight left late that night, the parents left also, that just left Jill, Diane, Jordan, Kara, and myself. By this time, the restaurant had opened its doors to everyone, it must have been funny for everyone to see us all dressed up like we were. Diane said goodnight, she also had a flight out in the morning, so it was just Jordan, Jill, my new wife and I.

We settled down for what I thought would be a final *****, when a slow song come on, and Jill grabbed my arm, and led me to the dance floor. She held me close, and whispered in my ear as we were dancing, "Kara told me what you're wearing under your pants", She said, "and I think you are just about the sexiest guy I know". "my wedding gift to you two", she continued, " is a free hotel room, whenever you need it, and I think you're going to be needing it tonight."

Jill directed my attention over to Jordan, and Kara who were slow dancing about ten feet away from us. "They do make a nice couple, don't you think Ed?" Jill teased. "Kara used to tell me how she would have multiple orgasms on his huge black cock."

I looked over toward Kara, and Jordan, and they were gazing into each others eyes, Jordan reached down, and cupped Kara's ass, as they slowly rocked back and fourth. "It looks like they're about to fuck each other right here on the dance floor", Jill whispered in my ear, as she pulled me close. Jill noticed my erection when we were dancing so close, and said, "I think it's time we break up this party here, and you two can get on with your honeymoon."

The four of us walked out of the restaurant, and got to our cars. Jordan said goodnight, and walked over to his car to leave, while Jill, and Kara were whispering, and giggling. Kara walked over to me, and handed me a hotel room key card, "I want you to go over to Jordan's car, hand him this key card, and tell him to meet us at our hotel, room 224".

Why didn't you ask him, I wondered? "Because", she said in a little girl voice," you're my husband now, this is your job from now on." I walked nervously over to Jordan's car, and he rolled down the window.
Kara and I would like you to stop by the hotel, room 224, I said. "Are you sure you're ok with this", Jordan asked? Yes, definitely, I said, so we'll see you there then, I asked? "I'll follow you", said Jordan, as he rolled up his window.

I walked back over to Kara, and Jill, who were laughing, and talking the whole time. As I approached, Jill said goodbye to Kara, and walked past me to her car, as she passed, she said, "I'm working tomorrow at the hotel, so I guess I'll see you three for breakfast." She giggled a little as she walked away to her car.

I got into the drivers seat, and started toward the hotel, Kara never looked more sexy than she did that night in her wedding dress, she looked over at me and said, "you are one fantastic man, Ed, do you know that?" I looked back at her with a half of a smile, and said, I heard that Jordan was pretty fantastic himself. "Yes", she said," but he never really loved me, that's what I always wanted, and You Ed, there is no doubt that you love me."

We were pre checked in, thanks to Jill, so we went directly up to our room. Once we were inside, Kara wasted no time in stripping down to her sexy white wedding lingerie. I started taking my clothes off too, but when I got to my panties, Kara said, "leave them on, I want my sissy hubby to give my pussy a proper wedding night kiss."

I dropped to my knees, and started worshiping her beautiful sweet shaved pussy, she held my head in her hands, and moaned to let me know I was hitting all the right spots. I heard a knock at the door, and I started to get up, but Kara put her hand behind my head, and told me to keep on licking her.

The door opened, and Jordan let himself in, "hey" he said, as he closed the door behind him.
"Hey yourself" Kara replied, "come on over here". Jordan crossed the room, and was standing along side of me, as I continued to feast on my new brides pussy while she sat on the bed. Still a little nervous about the whole situation, Jordan asked again, this time to Kara, if we were sure this is what we wanted.

Kara said, "absolutely, but remember what I said", she continued, "this is a special night, and a one time only thing, after tonight, you can never be with me intimately again." Jordan agreed to Kara's terms, and was grateful that we chose him to spice up our wedding night. "Well", Kara exclaimed, "what are you waiting for, get out of that tux now".

I could hear Jordan disrobing as I continued sucking on Kara's pussy lips. She ever so gently pushed me away, and said, "let's all get up on the bed together". It was ten that I turned to see that Jordan was now naked, and his cock was hanging about a foot from my head, and even soft it was huge, about eight inches long, and two inches wide. We all got onto the bed Jordan and I on either side of Kara, and she began stroking our cocks, rubbing mine through my panties, and trying to wrap her delicate tiny hand around Jordan's thick black pole.

Jordan's cock swiftly rose to attention, and as it did it grew to an impressive eleven inches, and as thick as Kara's wrist. My new wife snaked her body down the bed, so she could take the head of the massive black cock in her mouth. "I forgot how difficult it is to give you head", she said, in between sucks, "my hubby did a good job of getting me ready for you with his tongue", she told him, as she alternated between sucking and jerking the monstrous black penis.

Kara then climbed up, and sat on Jordan's muscular stomach, and told him to massage her breasts.
I knew this always drove Kara crazy with lust, so I knelt up beside her to keep her steady. She turned to kiss me, and I tasted the strong flavor of Jordan's cock in her mouth, she could tell, and I saw her smile wickedly, and she asked if I like the way her mouth tasted, though I was a little self conscious with Jordan right there, but I whispered loudly, yes!

Kara then rose slightly and backed up toward Jordan's rock hard cock, "Ed" she said in a baby voice, "will you be a good husband, and put that big black cock in my pussy for me." I was still a little nervous about touching another man's penis, when Kara turned to Jordan, and said, "my husband is going to put your dick in my pussy, is that okay with you Jordan?"

Jordan grunted "uh huh, absolutely", and with that, I went around back of Kara, and lifted Jordan's cock so it was standing straight up. Kara slowly lowered herself down so the first three inches were inside of her. "Keep holding it ED" she demanded, "I don't want it to slip out." I could feel the black cock throbbing and pulsing in my hand, as my pretty blonde wife lowered herself even farther down the thick black shaft.

Her pussy lips were almost touching my hand, when she started to rise up and down slowly fucking the giant cock in and out of her. I couldn't take my eyes off of the way her pussy was stretched so much by Jordan's thick cock. "Stand up Ed", she directed me, "I want to suck you while I ride Jordan's dick." I stood next to her, as she continued to ride her black ex boyfriend, she rubbed my hard dick through my panties, and said, "leave them on, but slip your dick out so I can suck on it."

The vision before me was almost too much, it was all I could do to keep from cumming the minute she put my dick in her mouth. It almost seemed natural for me to be standing there in frilly panties getting my little dick played with while my new wife impaled herself on the huge black weapon of Jordan's.

Kara took my penis out of her mouth, and sighed, and I knew that she had finally bottomed out, my pretty wife now had a full eleven inches of thick black cock inside of her. She closed her eyes, and got into a slow but steady rhythm, and I could tell Jordan was really enjoying this. Kara was no longer sucking my dick, but holding onto it, kind of like a handle to steady herself while she rode her black stud.

Soon she began to pick up her pace, and Jordan warned her that her tight little .
pussy was about to make him cum, so we decided to switch positions. Kara rolled onto her back, and asked me to kiss her sore pussy while she sucked on Jordan for a minute. Her pussy hole was still open a little from Jordan's big dick, but as I kissed, and licked her stretched lips, they seemed to go back to normal.

I looked up to see Kara lovingly licking Jordan's cock clean, being careful not to over do it, I knew that she wanted his cum in her pussy by the end of the night. Kara looked down at me, and said," come up here and suck my tits Ed", as she returned to her worship of the huge black phallus. I was sucking on her nipples, and watching her lick and suck Jordan's huge balls, when our eyes met, and I knew we both felt the same thing at that moment.

Kara didn't need to say anything, I was attracted to her lips like a magnet, I knew she wanted me to kiss her, and I wanted the same, it didn't matter that her lips, and cheeks were coated in another man's pre cum, I kissed her like it was my last day on earth. As we kissed, Kara continued to stroke Jordan's cock next to our joined lips, every once in a while she would brush the tip of his huge spongy cock head against my cheek. She pulled away from me for a moment, and took the head of Jordan's dick in her mouth, sucked it for a few strokes, and then returned to our deep soul kiss.

It was obvious that she wanted me to get the full flavor of Jordan's cock in my mouth, she did this a few more times, each time bringing my face closer to her cock sucking lips with her other hand on the back of my head. Finally she pulled me in while she still had Jordan's cock deep in her mouth, I kissed her lips, and his cock at the same time, I looked up to see if Jordan would object to this, and his eyes were closed, enjoying the pleasure.

With our eyes locked together, and our lips each pressed to Jordan's cock, I suddenly felt his hips start to move, he was fucking his cock between out lips, we kept this up for a minute, when Kara said to Jordan, "I need you to fuck me, NOW".

I moved out of the way so Jordan could take his place between her legs, and I knelt there in my frilly pink panties, and held my wife's hand, and her black ex boyfriend penetrated her missionary style. "Fuck me" Kara chanted over and over, and Jordan thrust deeper and deeper each time, grunting like a bull. I could tell he was not going to stop this time, until he exploded inside of Kara.

Kara's moans of pleasure soon turned to screams of ecstasy, as she began to convulse into multiple orgasms. Her pretty pink toes were clenched high above Jordan's thrusting ass cheeks, when suddenly Jordan let out an Ahhhh! and pounded Kara's ****** pussy with five or six final thrusts before collapsing on top of her. They lay there in a sweaty heap for a few minutes, before Jordan pulled his softening penis form my sweet brides body.

As he pulled out, I noticed that his cock was completely coated with a thick film of his sperm, Kara let out a very satisfied sigh, as Jordan climbed off the bed, "Thanks" he said to the both of us, as he headed to the shower.

When we heard the shower start, Kara asked me if I enjoyed myself, I told her that I did. "But you're the only one who hasn't cum yet" she said in her baby voice. I know I said hoping for sloppy seconds, as I started to take off my panties. "Leave them on", Kara said, "I want to see you play with yourself while you're wearing them".

I pulled my penis over the waist band, and started jerking off. "You like being my little sissy husband, don't you?" Kara teased again in her baby voice, "you like watching men fuck me like a slut, and cum inside of me, don't you?" Yes! Yes, I said. "Then prove it my sissy husband, get down there and lick up all that sperm that a real man left in me."

He vagina was still hot and sensitive from the friction of the fucking that Jordan gave her, and as my tongue touched her pussy we both sort of jumped a little. After the initial shock, I was able to get my tongue in real deep, and suck out large globs of thick semen. "That's it my little panty waste husband, Kara said in a raspy voice, "do the only thing your good at, suck up another man's ball juice".

She knew how much I craved this kind of humiliating talk, and as I was sucking and licking her pussy a deeply as I could, I suddenly had a spontaneous orgasm. I was almost ashamed to admit it to her but as he looked down at my cum glazed face, she could tell and a content look fell over her as she relaxed and let me finish cleaning her.
tef fulton


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simply amazing!
chastized one


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Loved it all so far!
Thank you


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Bravo !! Please continue !! Fantastic........


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Love this story. I hope I get to lick my wife's wayward pussy after sex with a black man who has a big thick cock someday soon.

More please!!


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Just fantastic hope there is more to come


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Something tells me that, very soon, Ed's mouth is going to get more than just second hand tastes of cock from his lovely wife's exes... 😛


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"That's it my little panty waste husband, Kara said in a raspy voice, "do the only thing your good at, suck up another man's ball juice".

Mmmmmmmm..... the words us cucks love to hear!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Great story, would like to hear more about Kara and Ed's adventures.


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awesome story keep going i hope
Rating: 30, 10 votes.
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