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The Game

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Before I start, I posted another story here, titled "Her One Condition", it was reposted on at least a dozen other sites by many different people, please know that I don't mind this happening, it's very flattering, and I hope the same thing happens to this one.
My stories are derived from the many, many captions my wife and I have posted on this site, I hope you enjoy them all, as well as this story.
Thanks, Jenycoop

The Game:
Let me just come out and say it, "I – LIKE - PORN!" what man doesn't, and to go along with that, what wife ever understands her husband's attraction to porn, and for that matter masturbating to porn.
My story starts out with the all too common situation of a wife catching her husband looking at porn. My wife, Jenny, walked in on me, Bill, enjoying a new video from one the many sites I visit.

"So, this is what you do when I'm not home", Jenny said in a very angry voice, "do you have any idea how this makes me feel when I find you looking at this stuff"?

Now just to be clear, I don't look at porn because of any short comings on my wife's part, she is a very sexy woman, long beautiful legs, and a tight body earned from many nights at the gym, at forty-two years old, she still turns a lot of heads, many men half her age. I look at porn for the same reason every man does, because it's there, and there is no limit to the amount of eroticism that I can be exposed to.

Still I'm sure my wife felt like this was a direct assault on our sexual relationship, and my desire to have more than what we have together, which prompted her next statement, "I don't know why I can't be enough for you".
As much as I tried to explain that she was more than enough for me, I knew it was a losing battle, and eventually, I would have to say something that I would regret. So, I promised her, I wouldn't look at porn anymore, and I deleted all my porn sites, and passwords.

It's not like we flipped a switch, and Jenny became the sex starved milf that wanted to fuck every minute that I was available, but still I love my wife, and I know she loves me, and sex was, and still is fantastic between us.

Three or four months went by and really did not miss porn or for that matter jerking off to it, until one day I passed an adult book store near our home town, and I decided, what the heck, the sign in the window said private viewing booths, so I figured no one would know if I just stopped in for a minute.

I went inside, and there was a grumpy old man behind the counter, and a door with a curtain leading into a dark hallway. I walked past the man who grunted something at me, and pushed the curtain aside. Once inside I saw twelve doors, six on each side of the hallway, with lights above the door, to indicate if the booth was occupied.
I selected an unoccupied booth, and went in and locked the door, I saw the money slot that accepted ones, fives, and ten dollar bills, I slid three single dollars in, and sat down to enjoy the first porn I had watched in several months.

I flipped through the channels, until I found a hot interracial scene that I liked, and pulled out my dick, and started masturbating, it was then that I noticed the large cut out holes in the wall, they were rectangular, about five inches wide, and about eight inches high, large enough to easily look into the other booth, and see that there was a man n there who had removed his pants, and was also masturbating.

I ignored my neighbor, and enjoyed my video, and my self-gratification, until I noticed his hand in the hole. I kept one eye on his hand, and the other on the hot video on the screen, then the man next door reached in, and started massaging my leg as I was masturbating, I was a little unnerved, but as I knew the timer was counting down, I kept jerking off.

Just as I was reaching the point of no return, and I was about to cum, his hand reached up, and cupped my balls, he held onto my balls, until I finished cumming, then his hand disappeared back into his booth, I cleaned up, and exited quickly through the store, and out to my car.

On my ride home, I was worried, what if someone who knew my wife and I saw me entering or leaving? What if the man who grabbed my balls, was someone I knew? This was all too risky, and I decided I would never ever do this again, still, I did enjoy the porn, and I realized that I missed that.


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Chapter two:

The following week, I picked up a new customer in Danbury Connecticut, so I stopped out to see them, it turned out they would be a very good fit to our business, so I left the meeting with a happy feeling of success.
Their office was about an hour from my home, so I stopped at a donut, and coffee shop before getting back on the highway. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the coffee shop at one end, and at the other end, I noticed an adult book store.

I thought about my last encounter, then I figured, I was far enough away from home, where no one would ever know me here, so it would be safe.
I gathered my courage, and went inside, at once I was pleasantly surprised by an attractive red-haired woman sitting behind the counter, who welcomed me in, and smiled at me. She was about my age, and very well dressed, and well groomed, and I thought for a moment, that this was not the kind of place that had booths, until I saw the hallway with the sign that said private booths.

I started walking toward the hallway, but the woman caught my attention, and said "you need to buy a five-dollar token to go back there".
I was slightly startled, but I walked over to her, and purchased the large coin for five dollars, as I turned back toward the hallway, she said "the machines take cash, but you need to put in a token first".

I found an unoccupied booth, and went in and locked the door, I looked around, and noticed a glory hole, about three inches in diameter, much too small to stick an arm through, so I felt much safer, all in all, this place was very nice.

I put my token in, and sat back to enjoy a video of a young blonde getting gang banged by four men with huge cocks, I was so into the movie, that I hardly noticed that someone had entered the booth next to mine, but the light shined through the glory hole, and attracted my attention.

My curiosity got the best of me, and I leaned down to see who was my neighbor was, and I saw a man who had already started stroking a very large cock, and was standing up. I don't know why but I couldn't turn away, I watched as he stroked his penis to a rock-hard erection.

He must have noticed me looking, because he turned toward the hole, and stepped up to it, the next thing I knew, he was pushing his huge hard on through the hole, and into my booth. I backed up quickly or I would have got stuck in the eye with his cock, then in fright, I zipped up, and exited the booth, and walked quickly out of the store, but not before the woman behind the counter said, "thank you, and come back again soon".

As much as I told myself, I would never go back, every Thursday I would go see this customer, and I would have to drive right past the adult book store on my way home. Eventually I broke down, and went back, "welcome back", the red-haired woman said, I was surprised that she remembered me.

I paid her for the five dollar token, and selected my booth. This time, I had no interruptions, and I enjoyed my videos in true privacy.

Over the next several months I returned to the adult book store regularly, most of the time I was alone in my booth, and a few times men either indicated they wanted to suck my dick, or they pushed their cocks inside my booth, looking for a blowjob, either way, I found that if I ignored them, they would leave me alone.

I was completely satisfied that I had found a way to enjoy masturbating to porn, and keeping it from my wife, all was right with the world, until the next weekend.


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Chapter Three:

I got home from work on Friday, and asked Jenny what she had in mind for dinner. "don't you remember?" she said, "my friend Kelly is coming to pick me up, and she and I are going out for dinner". I do remember her telling me this now, her friend Kelly who she had been friends with all through grade school, had moved away after college, and they had lost touch, recently they reunited on Facebook, and decide to get together to catch up.

Just then the doorbell rang, and I wen to answer it, I opened the door, and there standing before me was the red-haired woman from the bookstore. "Hi, I'm Kelly, is Jenny here?"

I felt all the ***** drain out of my face, and I couldn't speak, Jenny yelled from the other room, "come on in Kelly, I'll be ready in a minute". I led Kelly through the foyer, and into our living room, and asked her if I could get her a *****. "No thanks," she said, and sort of smirked at me as if to say just how screwed I really was.

My wife came into the living room, and met us, "Kelly, this is my husband Bill, and Bill, this is my old friend Kelly". Kelly and I shook hands as if we had just met, then I watched the two of them leave, and drive off to dinner.

I sat alone there in my living room, much like a condemned man, awaiting his execution, I knew that at this very moment, Kelly was telling my wife how I had become a regular at the adult book store she works at. I thought of ways to explain it, but it was no use, I was totally screwed, and I knew it. Then I thought, maybe Kelly is ashamed to tell her old friend that she works in a porn shop, this was a possibility, I would be optimistic, and wait to see the outcome.

Since it was Friday night, I expected Jenny to be out a little late, but it was after midnight when she walked through the door. She was visibly *****, and she slurred her words when I asked her if she had a good time tonight. "It was fun" she said, as she staggered to the bedroom, "but we have some things to talk about tomorrow".

I froze in my tracks when she said that, but when she asked me to come to bed with her, I knew she couldn't be too upset, and once we were in bed, she started kissing me passionately, and then put her hands on top of my head, and pushed me down under the covers. Jenny was hardly ever as dominant as I would like her to be, so when she pushed my face into her pussy, and said "eat me", There was no way I would turn her down, besides with the impending porn shop conversation, I figured I would do all I could to please her.

I always loved eating Jenny's pussy, but tonight was amazing, she ground her vulva against my mouth, like she was fucking me, and she was so wet that I had to keep swallowing her juices. I must have made her cum at least three times, before she finally had enough, and rolled off to *****.

The next morning, I started coffee, and she met me in the kitchen, I told her I really loved what we did in bed last night, and anytime she wanted to try that again, I would be all to happy to oblige. She turned to me and said, "After talking with Kelly last night, I just wanted to make sure you still liked pussy, and I haven't lost you to cock yet."

I started to stutter, and was looking for the right words when Jenny stopped me, "look, after talking to Kelly last night, I'm looking at his from a different perspective, I guess it's just that whatever you're into, I want to be a part of it." She stopped to take a sip of coffee, and continued, "that's why tonight you and I are going to see Kelly where she works, and she said that even though it's against the rules, she would let me join you in your video booth."

The rest of that day I was wondering what this would be like, and even on the ride to Danbury, I was imagining my wife on her knees sucking my cock as I watched a hot gonzo movie, this could be my dream come true, I pictured the men in the adjoining booths looking in, and feeling jealous that I had such a hot slut sucking me off.
We pulled into the parking lot, and once again, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach, like things were going to go terribly wrong. We entered the store, and were greeted as usual by the smiling Kelly behind the counter, after chatting for a minute, Kelly handed us each a complimentary five-dollar token, and directed us to the booths in the back of the store.

We found an empty booth, but when I opened the door, my wife exclaimed, "eww, it's smelly, and disgusting in there, here, you take my token, you can go in there, and do whatever, I'll hang out, and talk to Kelly."
I offered to leave with her, but she said, "no, you go on in, I still have some more catching up to do with Kelly, I don't mind, I promise." So, with my wife's blessing, I went into the booth, shut the door, and began enjoying some real hot amateur porn. It wasn't long before the man in the next booth, pushed his thick hard cock through the hole, in hopes of getting sucked off.

I just ignored it, and he soon left, I saw the timer still said 860, when I put the tokens in it said 1000, which must mean 1000 seconds, or sixteen minutes, and forty seconds, I had never been in a booth that long, and as I though about that, another man entered the booth next to mine, and put his token in. I was a little curious, so I peeked through the hole, and saw a young man, undoing his belt, and lowering his pants, he started stroking his cock, it wasn't that big, but it was very nice looking. I know that's a weird thing for a straight guy to say, but I don't know how else to explain how it looked.

He must have noticed me looking, because he turned toward me, and kept stroking, he didn't move toward the hole, so I didn't move, I just kept staring. I know it wasn't because I wanted to taste his cock, it's just that my lips were dry, so at the moment he looked at me through the hole, I was licking my lips. Well, that's all the invitation he needed, and he slid his smooth white cock and hairless balls through the hole.

The video kept playing on the screen, but I found myself looking at the perfect erection that was sharing my booth, as I jerked myself off. I never touched his cock, but still I felt a little gay jerking off while looking at it. My timer ran out, and I cleaned up, and went out to meet Jenny who was laughing and talking to Kelly. "Did you have fun" she asked, "we sure did", then she said good bye to Kelly, and promised to see her again soon.

We got into the car, and drove off, we were both very quiet for a few minutes, then Jenny broke the silence.
"So", my wife asked, "do you have anything you want to share with me?" No, I said sheepishly, not wanting to bring up the subject of other men's cocks in my face. "I have a confession to make" my wife added, "Kelly told me last night, that the owner of the store had a problem with people doing ***** in the booths years ago, so he installed security cameras." Where are they? I asked, I didn't see them in the booth. "Oh, they're right by the monitor, so you'd never notice, but they're in the right place to see all the action if you know what I mean."

Jenny then told me how they looked in on my booth when I was in there, they watched me jerk off, and the also noticed me staring quite intently at the cock that came through the hole. She said they also looked in on a few other booths, and saw a lot of good man on man oral sex. "have you ever sucked a cock here?" She asked. No, I told her, adding that I wasn't gay, so why would she even think that.

My wife then said something that surprised me, "being gay means being in a gay relationship, and while sucking a mans penis is a gay act, it doesn't make you really gay, unless you want to have a relationship with the man who is attached to the penis." "I think you should try it sometime", she said, "especially with someone like that last guy today, Kelly and I saw you drooling over his dick, he would have loved it if you sucked him off."

We were quiet for the rest of the ride home, but as soon as we got through our door, Jenny through her arms around my neck, and kissed my like we were teenagers, then she led me to our bedroom, and told me to get naked and lie on my back. "I got so horny today watching you in that booth with those hard cocks" she said, she took off her clothes and sat next to me on the bed. She began caressing my soft cock as she continued, "I was imagining you on your knees, sucking a cock and letting him cum in your mouth, then staying on your knees, waiting for the next cock to come through the hole."

My cock was now hard in her stroking hand, "will you lick my pussy?" she asked as she straddled my head. Her pussy was so wet, it was almost dripping on me, I reached up behind her, and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, and pulled her hot wet sex to my mouth. "Mm mm.." she moaned, as she deftly stoked my penis, "you're so good with your mouth, I bet you'd make a wonderful cocksucker."

"Kelly says she sees straight guys come into her store all the time, and eventually they give in to their curiosity and try sucking a cock, after all, no one's watching, right? Or so they think" Her hot talk was actually getting to me, and I was getting close to cumming, Jenny noticed, and backed of a little. Wanting her to get me off, I focused my attention on her clit, and made her squirt, which covered my face in her cum. "Tell me you'll at least think about sucking a cock, and I'll let you cum in me", I was crazy with lust, so I said, alright, I'll think about it.

"I love you, you kinky man" she said, as she spun around, and stuffed my throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy. I lasted about ten strokes, before I exploded inside her, when I came down from my orgasm, I opened my eyes, and Jenny's eyes were inches from mine, and she said, "You bad boy, you came without getting me off, how about you finish me with your tongue?" Then she slid up and planted her cum filled pussy right on my mouth, I had just cum a few hours ago in the booth, but I still had a lot of semen in my mouth. She started humping my face, and just as she came she said, "swallow that cum you cocksucker!"


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Chapter Four:

The next morning Jenny was up before me, and was waiting in the kitchen, "so what did you think about last night?" she asked. I loved it I said, even the part where you sat on my face with your cummy pussy. "Not that silly" she said, "I mean the whole you'll think about sucking cocks thing, I think that would be so sexy." I thought to myself that that was just sexy pillow talk, and she would never expect me to follow through, but still, I wanted to keep the sexy mood going. I really have no desire to go to an adult bookstore, and suck cocks, I said.

"I know" Jenny said, "how about we play a little game? The next time you go to the bookstore, you go to your booth, and put your token in, that is about eight minutes, right?" Right I agreed, curious as to where she was going with this, "well, she continued, after you put your token in, you get on your knees, if after eight minutes, nobody pushes their cock through the hole, you come home to me, and I'll give you the best sex you've ever had, but if a cock comes through the hole, you must suck it."

Well I asked, how many times do you want me to play this little gloryhole game of yours? "How about we just try it once, and see how it goes, she said, you say you go there on Thursdays, how about this Thursday you play your first game.

I agreed, and I tell you, the sex between my wife and I had never been better all week, it was like she was completely uninhibited, I couldn't wait to find out what she had planned for when I came home Thursday evening, then I started to worry about what could happen when I played her game.

Thursday finally came, and I stopped into the adult bookstore, and was greeted by Kelly as usual, I bought my five-dollar token, and looked for a booth where the neighboring booth was unoccupied, in hopes of getting in, and out without the opportunity of having someone stick their cock into my booth, and my mouth. I found what I was looking for, and went in, locked the door, and got on my knees as I promised my wife.

Most of the movies that afternoon were amateur videos, particularly ones with wives who were fucking other men in front of their husbands, I found this very arousing, and I pulled out my dick, and started jerking off on my knees. Suddenly I noticed the door to the booth next to me, open, close, and lock, I kept my eyes focused straight ahead on the hot wife sex in front of me, so as not to give my neighbor the idea I wanted his cock. I looked up at the timer, and saw that I only had about thirty seconds left, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

The I heard the man next door zip down his fly, and when he looked through the gloryhole, he saw me on my knees, I turned to see him stroking his cock to hardness, as he was moving toward the hole.
Suddenly my booth burst into light, as the timer ran out, and the screen went to the screen saver that asked for more tokens, or cash. I stood up, and zipped up and was out the door just as the man was pushing his cock through the hole. I was excited and frightened all at the same time, I couldn't even say goodbye to Kelly as I left, I just quickly left the store, and drove home with a hard on, in anticipation of what my wife had planned.

I walked through the front door, and Jenny beckoned me into the kitchen where she was cooking dinner. "So", she asked, "did you play the game as we discussed today at Kelly's bookstore?"
I started to tell her, and told me to wait until after dinner, and we could talk about it in bed. I was hungry, and a little curious about this great sex she had planned for me, so we sat down and ate, while we made small talk about work, and weather. After dinner she told me to go get naked, and get into bed while she cleaned up after dinner.

I went up to our bedroom, got undressed, and under the covers waiting for my wife as she had directed. Fifteen minutes later, she walks through the door, already naked, and carrying two glasses of wine. She askes me to sit up, hands me a glass, and slips into bed next to me. "Now," she asked while smirking at me, "give me all the details of your time on your knees at the gloryhole."

I told her how I arrived at the bookstore, and was greeted by Kelly as usual, the I looked for a booth with no neighbors. She finished her wine, and said, "aww, too bad, I was hoping it would be full of horny men." She snuggled up against me, and stared stoking my cock, and said "continue please."

I told her how I went in, put in my token, and got on my knees, "good boy" she said, and stroked my cock to almost full hardness. I told her how most of the titles that were loaded in the video booth that day were amateur videos, that featured wives fucking other men, usually men with huge cocks. "Did you enjoy them?" She asked as she licked my sensitive nipple, and squeezed my cock.

I did, I confessed, I added that I had not watched much cuckold type porn, but I liked the change from the usual air brushed perfect porn starlet, to the natural looking wife next door, getting fucked and filled with cum. "Ok," she said, "so you're on your knees watching cuckold porn, get to the part where you suck on a big fat cock."

Sorry to disappoint, I said, but I didn't suck a cock today," I figured," she said, "I didn't think you'd be able to look me in the eye if you had just had a man's cock in your mouth, so you mean the whole time nobody walked into the booth next to yours?"

No, I told her, it wasn't like the last weekend, when it was very crowded, and I had a couple of neighbors, but a man did walk in, just before my timer ran out. He did! She said very interested, by Now my cock was very hard, and leaking precum, Jenny scooped up a drop on her finger, and put it in her mouth. Mmm.. delicious, please tell me more about this guy's cock. As she stoked my erection, I told her how I heard the door open next to mine, and then I heard him zip down his fly. She asked me if I peeked into his booth to look at his cock, I did I confessed, Jenny squeezed out another drop of precum, this time she pushed her finger between my lips.

"Suck it," she said, as she jerked me with one hand, and finger fucked my mouth with her other, "picture that beautiful dick in your mind, as you're sucking my finger," she demanded. I did as she commanded, and suddenly she dropped her head to my lap, and engulfed my cock in her mouth.

I exploded inside her mouth, as I was sucking on her cum covered finger, she withdrew her mouth from my cock, but continued finger fucking my lips. The next thing I knew, she pulled her fingers out, and before I had a chance to close my mouth, she kissed me, passing my entire cum load into my mouth. She kissed me until she was convinced that I had swallowed my semen, the whole time she was grinding her pussy into my softening cock.

"That was amazing!" she exclaimed, and as much as I hated to admit it, it really was. Even though we had not had conventional sex, we both had mind blowing orgasms. Holy ****! She said, "I came as you were swallowing your sperm load, that was the most intense orgasm I can remember." "Let's not wait till next week to do this again, ok?" She said, "I think we should go see Kelly again this weekend, ok?"

In my post orgasmic stupor, I would have agreed to almost anything, but if it had anything to do with my wife getting more and more kinky, I was all in.


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Chapter Five:

That Saturday, we rode out to Danbury together, and she told me stories about how when she and Kelly were teenagers, Kelly's parents would go out all night, and leave the two of them to babysit her little brother. As soon as Kelly's parents were gone, the called some boys over, and the two of them would put her little brother to bed, and then get their brains fucked out by horny guys. She said that Kelly had a steady boyfriend, so she would always be with him, but he would bring a different guy with him all the time, so she got to fuck a wide variety of young men.

"One time" Jenny recounted" "Kelly's boyfriend showed up with two of his friends. Kelly and her boyfriend went off to a bedroom leaving me with the two horny teenage boys."

Wow Jenny I said, I never knew you were such a slut! "Well, to be honest with you, I actually thought we were just going to sit on the couch, and smoke a joint, but the one guy asked if he could rub my feet," I knew how much she loves foot rubs, so I knew she couldn't resist. "The next thing I knew, the other guy was kissing me, it was so erotic having two guys at my service."

I could tell Jenny was getting excited telling me this, as she continued, "the next thing I knew, the guy that was rubbing my feet, had pulled out his dick, and was putting it to my lips, as the other guy was still kissing me!" "For a couple of minutes, both my lips, and another mans lips were on a cock at the same time. I felt like electricity was going through my body, she said, they both fucked me, I sucked them both off, and I think we all sampled some of each other's cum that day, that was the most erotic moment of my young life, Jenny said breathlessly.

We pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore, and regained our composure, and walked in. Kelly greeted Jenny with a kiss, and handed me two complimentary tokens, as I headed towards the booths, Jenny said "remember to play the game."

"What game are you talking about" asked Kelly.

"I'll tell you all about it in a minute" said my wife.

I turned and walked toward the back booths, it was very busy today, and there were men waiting outside the booths. I stood there and waited my turn, and when a booth opened up, I expected the man who was waiting to go in, but he offered it to me instead. I walked into the booth, put my two tokens in, and got on my knees.

Almost immediately a large angry looking erection came pushing through the hole, the guy had obviously been jerking it as it looked like it was ready to cum. I was staring eye level at the cock, and then I remembered the game, I figured no one was watching, so what the heck, and leaned in, and took a lick across the head of his dick with my tongue.

I heard a moan come from the other side of the wall, and the cock started to undulate, as if to beg me to suck it. Once again, I remembered the game, and a deal's a deal, so I wrapped my lips around the head, and I started sucking I first cock. The experience was short lived however, as my mouth was filled with scalding hot cum, I was so surprised that I just started swallowing. I kept my face near the wall, so he just sort of fucked my face, and when he was finished cumming, his cock withdrew through the hole, and I heard him exit.

His booth was now unoccupied with a video still running, so before I knew what was happening, another man walked into the booth, he bent down to look through the hole, and he saw me on my knees, with cum on my lips. He pushed his flaccid dick through the hole, and I went after it like a baby bird feeding from its ******.

I heard him slip a token into the video machine, and I felt his cock getting harder in my mouth. I felt a certain sense if pride, and his soft penis grew to a mighty erection in my mouth, he had a huge cock, and I gagged trying to take him into my throat, I pulled him out of my mouth, just as he was cumming, and he came all over my face, and shirt. He pulled his cock out of the hole, and exited as I was wiping his semen from my eyes, and wondering how I was going to face my wife and Kelly, covered in cum.

I didn't have much time to think about it, because another cock was pushing through the gloryhole demanding service from the newest cum slut at the bookstore. This guy really liked getting his cock sucked, because every time he was near cumming, he pulled his cock away, for a break, then he pushed it back through. I must have sucked his dick for at least ten minutes, in fact my timer ran out before he came. I actually felt sorry for him, as I left the booth with his thick hairy cock pushing through the hole.

When I walked out into the store, I felt very self-conscious about still having some semen remnants on me. I saw Kelly behind the counter, but I didn't see my wife. Where's Jenny? I asked her. Kelly pointed down one of the aisles, "she's helping a guy pick out a dildo for his wife" she said. I was too embarrassed to wait there with semen on my shirt, so I told Kelly to tell her I was out in our car.


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Chapter Six:

I waited out in the car for what seemed like a half hour, before I saw Jenny exit the door of the bookstore, she was with a tall man with dark hair, and they stood outside for a few minutes, before he kissed her on the cheek, and the parted to their cars. Who was that? I asked. "His name is Duane," my wife answered, "I saw him coming out of the booth area, and was looking for a dildo, so Kelly asked me if I wanted to help him."

That was really nice of Kelly, I said sarcastically, does Kelly always help men pick out adult toys?

"No", Jenny answered, "it's just that we both thought he was real cute, and he had a really nice cock, so she dared me to go talk with him, and I did."

Wait! I said, how did you know he had a nice cock? "Easy my wife quipped, remember the security cameras in the booths?" "Well, she added, he was the first guy you sucked off tonight, Kelly told me there were a few more, she made a little recording for me while I was chatting with Duane." Jenny held up a flash drive, "we can watch this when we get home tonight", she said.

As soon as we got home, my wife ordered me to set up the laptop in our bedroom, so we could watch the recording on the TV in there. I did as she asked while she got undressed, and as soon as I turned it on, a grainy video, that soon became very clear, was of me, entering the booth, putting in the two tokens, and getting on my knees. Stop the video! Jenny exclaimed, I want us both to be naked and in bed when we watch it.

I resumed the video, and just as I remembered, that large ten-inch cock with the purple head came poking into my booth. I remember taking a little more time thinking about it, but in the video, it looks like I literally pounce upon his dick. "I guess you thought Duane's cock looked pretty good too" she said while giggling. We laid in be together watching this bit of gay porn, except I was the star, it made me feel very uncomfortable, Jenny picked up on this, and began to tease me even more.

Wow Bill!" She said, "it looks like you really like his cock, tell me what it felt like to have another man's cock in your mouth?" I didn't say anything, I felt like getting up and leaving, but Jenny grabbed my cock and balls, and started massaging them. "Come on Bill", she urged, "I know what your cock feels like in my mouth, I even remember what a cock as big as Duane's feels like in my mouth, I want to hear you tell me, what was it like for you?"
I don't know I said, as I watched the video, I didn't tell Jenny, but I knew this was the exact moment when my mouth was being filled with semen. I guess I was a little scared.

"There's no reason to be scared little boy, Jenny said in her little girl voice, those cocks aren't going to hurt you, especially when they find out just how good you are going to make them all feel."

My cock was beginning to get hard s she continued taunting me. "Look how good you were, you swallowed all his boy juice without spilling a drop, those men come in there to get some pleasure, and relief, and you give it to them, there's nothing to be scared about, or ashamed of either". "Oh Look!" She said excitedly, "here is another cock for you to suck, I didn't watch you suck this one because I was busy chatting to Duane."

"I felt so naughty", she said, "talking to a man who had just ejaculated in my husband's mouth, but it was so exciting at the same time." 'Oh my gosh!' She exclaimed, 'that guy came all over your face." By now Jenny was stroking my cock, and fingering herself, she looked like she had a mini orgasm when she saw that cock cum all over my face. "Oh", she said, "so those were his cum stains I saw on your shirt on the ride home, well you better be doing the laundry, I don't want to have to be getting cum stains out of your clothes all the time, she laughed."

We continued watching my escapades as Jenny told me about her conversations with Duane. "I hope you don't mind Bill, but while you were getting your sperm facial, I was flirting with a handsome young man," she looked at me to judge my reaction, "he told me he was looking for a dildo for his girlfriend, who he wanted to talk into having a three-way with a bisexual male friend of his."

The video came to an end, and Jenny looked at me and said, "I was fantasizing about leaving with Duane, and fucking him in our car, or a nearby hotel, imagine, she said, your wife getting fucked while you're on your knees, sucking cock after cock." That was all I need to hear from her, and I started to cum, she held her hand out, and caught my entire load in her palm. "Here you go", she said, as she brought her cum filled hand to my lips, "the last load of the night that you should swallow should always be yours". With that she poured the semen into my mouth, and smeared the rest all over my face.

Jenny then moved around, so she could sit on my face, I still had a lot of cum on my lips, so it was very slippery. "So" Jenny said, "do you think you might like trying to eat another mans cum from my pussy one day, or are you just going to suck it out of cocks?" I didn't know what to say, "answer me Bill, Jenny said, "do you want to lick my pussy, or have you gone totally gay?"

I'm not gay! I said, "that's just what I wanted to hear, she said as she exploded into orgasm.

We both slept in a little late the next morning, and it being Sunday, we had nowhere to go, "So" Jenny asked, "are you going to stop at the video store this Thursday and play the game?" I told her that my customer was out of town, so I would be skipping that week. Well then, she said, you're going again next Saturday, and I'm not taking no for an answer, this is just too exciting for me.


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Chapter Seven:

Next Saturday came, and I was mixed with excitement, and trepidation, I loved this new exciting sexual adventure I was on with my wife, but I was not sure this is the direction that I wanted to take. Still I had never seen Jenny so excited, and I wanted to see where this would go.

I heard my wife laughing in the other room, and I came in to find her on the phone, she saw me, and quickly ended the conversation. Who was that? I asked, "Oh, that was Kelly", Jenny replied, "she said that she made a copy of you sucking cocks last week, and has been masturbating to it all week while her husband has been away". "She said she might consider making a gay porno out of it, she said it would sell like crazy."

She wouldn't really do that, would she? I asked, "no way, she my friend", Jenny said, "that's what we were laughing about when you came in." I asked her if she was ready to go to Danbury, but she said that she still had a few things to do, and then she asked me if I would run out to the ****** store, and pick up a few bottles of wine for her.

I hopped in my car and drove off to the store, it was about a forty-five-minute trip, and I expected to see Jenny waiting ready to go, but when I got home, I saw a strange car in our drive, so I went in carrying the wine. Sitting on the couch with my wife was the man I recognized from the bookstore last week.

"Bill, Jenny said, "this is my friend Duane, I met him last week, and he and I have been chatting on line all week, I told him the next time he was in our town, he was welcome to stop by." Great, I said, how about the three of us go out and get something to eat, and maybe a few ******?

"I already told Duane that you were busy this afternoon, so he and I are going to talk a little, while you are gone, then when you get home, you and I can have dinner, I have something special planned," she said.

I just stood there, not knowing what to say, or do, when Jenny spoke up, "come on Bill, Kelly is expecting you, she told me if you didn't come to see her today, I should watch the video she gave us with you and Duane.

Not wanting to call her bluff, I went to my car, and drove off to Danbury by myself, I figured an hour each way, and eight minutes in the booth, to satisfy Kelly, that I had played our game, left my wife in the hands of this guy, for two hours, and eight minutes.

I arrived at the bookstore, and as usual on Saturdays, it was packed, I went inside, and was greeted by Kelly, I went to buy my token, but she stopped me, and said follow me. I walked behind her, and watched her cute little ass wiggle as she led me back to the booth area, which was crowded.

There was a paper sign on one of the doors, that said (OUT OF ORDER), she ripped the sign down, and opened the door for me. "This booth has a glory hole on each side, I reserved it just for you." Then she handed me ten tokens, and said" I'll see you in an hour and a half, and if you leave early, I'll have to tell your wife to let her new boyfriend know who his mystery cock sucker is."

She said this loud enough for all the men standing around to hear, so they knew I was a cock sucker. I went inside, deposited my ten tokens, and got on my knees, I wondered if my wife was fucking her new friend by now, I was imagining that ten-inch-thick cock with the angry purple head penetrating her pussy, I was day dreaming about the picture of my wife cuckolding me in our own bed, when I was suddenly snapped back to reality by a big black erection poking into my shoulder.

I sucked it a few times, and I saw out of the corner of my eye, another cock had come through the other side of the booth. I alternated sucking one, and jerking the other, until the black cock erupted cum into my mouth, thinking about my situation, and realizing how far I had sunk, I swallowed like a good cuckold faggot. Then I turned my attention toward the other hard cock and was soon rewarded with another mouthful of semen.

I thought to myself, my wife is home probably getting fucked by a cock much bigger than mine, (I know because I had it in my mouth) and I'm where I deserve to be, watching porn, and sucking dicks.

I looked up at the timer, and I realized I still had an hour and twenty minutes left, as two more cocks entered my booth, looking for my mouth to cum in. I played my wife's game, and I think I played it well, I just don't know if I won, or lost.



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What an outstanding story. Loved it.


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- H


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A great story.


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Excellent, it's great to get a quality story.


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Just love glory holes! Great read.
A. Smith


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just a tiny remark: Would anybody volunteer to draw a list of all those words which are **** by the cuckoldplace computer? I thought that ****** = "fat her" was one of the taboo words... funny eh? the way and ***** also = "dri nk"


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It's funny the words that the program blocks out.


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Excellent read...thx


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A story most of us would love to live out!

I know I would!


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WOW!!! That was a fantastic story!

I hope there's more to come.......

Cuck who loves a creampie.


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I enjoyed this very much!
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