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One of the biggest turn-ons for me about this fantasy is the unfairness or one-sidedness about it.

I've no idea if anybody else is the same but, for me, the more unfair the situation on me, the more exciting I find it!

I love the thought of my girlfriend getting screwed by another guy but enjoy tweaking and coming up with variations of the fantasy that make it great for her but not so much for me!

I imagine the build up - it would be a chance encounter, my girlfriend would see you and instantly find the world stopping all around her, her heart racing, feeling herself getting warmer... and this is just be from seeing you! Instant attraction! Something deep inside her desires you. She tries to bury it but it just gets stronger the more she fights it. Just thinking about you turns her on!

And that's the first unfair thing - you don't even have to try and you're in her mind!

The next unfair thing... you and I don't get along. I can't stand you. You're a real jerk. So when you pick up that my girlfriend is interested in you... you can't help but smile!

Worse is that the Universe just seems to be making things happen to your advantage.

By chance, the two of you keep bumping into eachother. One time, you bump into my girlfriend while you're out. She's flustered and nervous. Her heart pounding, breath getting shallow and her face getting flushed. As you talk - you confidently and her nervously - suddenly, all on its own - a couple of buttons on her blouse pop open. Giving you a nice view of her cleavage. She doesn't notice at first either - so you can ogle my girlfriend's cleavage. When she finally notices, she tries to hide it but hopes you haven't noticed! So you get away with copping a look!

Another time you bump into her at the sports centre - at the swimming pool! By sheer luck, you get to talk to her while she's in her swimsuit. Giving you a chance to checkout her shapely legs while you chat her up. She's flustered and awkward again. You can tell that she's also checking out your muscular and tattooed body... the good news for you is that she finds muscles and "bad boy" tattoos a real turn on! You can tell that that, and the fact she feels scantily clad in front of you, are getting to her. As she turns - another bonus for you - you realise her swimsuit is riding up. Now you get a nice view of one of her ass cheeks! It's like the Universe is giving you little samples of her and making things happen in your favour!

This keeps happening too - little encounters, building on the attraction she already has for you and you just love the idea of my girlfriend lusting after you! Almost as much as you enjoy the little wardrobe malfunctions she had! You can't help but smirk when you see me - knowing that you've been able to check out my girlfriend and that she is thinking and fantasising about you.

You're already inside her mind, slowly invading and taking over her thoughts. Growing her lust. The more she tries to resist those thoughts of you, the bigger and stronger you get in there - while I diminish.

That's the thing - nature has already stacked things so overwhelmingly in your favour. She feels an instant attraction to you. Almost supernatural. She tries to rationalise it but doing that makes her think of you. Which makes her picture your muscles, firm and glistening there in front of her. The second she thinks of you, the chemical processes in her body begin. Nature doesn't care about what is nice or right - it just wants your DNA to mix with hers. She dwells on that image of you. Imagines her being able to touch you, feel your body... to worship it. You haven't had her yet but, in her mind, she's getting laid by you again and again. As her mind drifts, she finds herself letting out a little moan... just at the very thought of you!

How unfair is that? Just from seeing you, she's struggling with lust for you! You're already affecting her body and mind in ways I can't even imagine... and you didn't even have to try!

And it gets worse. Her fantasies about become more intense. She starts masturbating in private over you. Some evenings she doesn't come over. I don't know - although I suspect something - but she's now spending those evenings alone with a large dildo and thoughts of you.


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So my girlfriend would rather spend her time with the fantasy of you than with me in person! And it gets worse! At first it's the occasional evening. Then she finds herself stealing herself away at work to masturbate in the toilet over you. She tries to explain it away to herself by telling herself that it's not cheating if it's fantasy... but it doesn't satiate her hunger. If anything, it makes her slowly want you even more!

Then - another chance encounter. This time I'm there and I'm surprised when my girlfriend seems to know you! I'm also surprised by how odd she starts acting. My usually bouncy and confident girlfriend seems to regress to a shy and awkward teenage virgin, talking to a hot guy for the first time!

Worse (for me) is that you handle the conversation so well. In fact, too well! As the two of you chat in front of me - the conversation begins to turn flirty. Just light flirting at first but it starts to progress while I stand there, starting to feel invisible!

I try to interject but my voice comes out squeaky and high. And is ignored. Now the flirting is getting more intense. She giggles.

Of course, I've no idea that fate has already allowed you a nice look at my girlfriend's cleavage, her legs and a bit of her butt!

Now, I can see her nipples are prominent through her t-shirt - and so can you! In fact, you can see it better than me as you're nearer to her and she's turned more towards you. Even the little details are one-sided in your favour!

'Looks like it cold out here", you say looking at her chest and winking at me before turning to her and suggesting we go back to hers and warm her up.

You'd think at this point I'd stop this. I mean, fate is in your favour yet again, as you're taller, more muscular and - yes - generally sexier than me, so it's questionable as to what exactly I could do! But, what neither you or my girlfriend realises is that what is happening in front of me coupled with my feelings of helplessness, is causing a rection in me. To my utter confusion - I can feel myself getting hard!

I don't want you to see what's happening so, as the two of you walk off - I have to drop back. Advantage: you! Again!

I watch from a distance as my visibly horny girlfriend hangs on your every word. Her eyes ******** in your appearance and firing up a thousand fantasies in her mind right there.

As I watch her, giggling and pushing her beautiful red hair back behind her ear while giggling away, I realise my mind is doing the same thing... but the images are of her with you!

I find myself dropping further back and getting harder. I can't hear your conversation anymore and it starts to dawn on me what is happening... and what is going to happen.

As I realise, and go over it in my head, I feel like the Incredible Shrinking Boyfriend. The two of you are getting further ahead. I see she starts to lightly touch you as she giggles...

When we get back to her place, I quietly sit on the couch as the two of you carry on flirting. I feel small and irrelevant. I can sense the bond building between you and am helpless to stop it. I feel like this is destiny and I'm too tiny to stop it. I sit there, watching, my heart thumping and nursing my hardness. Too embarrassed to get up.

Then it starts. Right there in front of me.

Suddenly the two of you go quiet. Her eyes lock with yours. She swallows hard. Her nipples now seem even more prominent through that t-shirt - as if they want to push out, through it and her bra to freedom!

The whole world seems to stop as her lips meet yours.

I watch quietly. At first the kiss is awkward. She pulls her lips back from yours and giggles slightly. You take her glasses off and drop them onto the table nearby. Her eyes never leaving yours the whole time. Then your lips meet again. She moves her arms stiffly around you and I hear her moan. It's a soft moan but in the sudden silence, it pierces through my whole body!

Another unfair moment: I've never made her do that with a kiss! Your first kiss and she does!

Then, suddenly, it's like a switch is flicked and she looses her inhibitions. Suddenly the stiff and awkward movements are gone. Now you're both moving fluidly, slowly at first as I can tell your tongues are now meeting and exploring, as your hands do the same. I watch as her hands explore your back. Another quiet little moan from her and I can tell that she likes what she finds! Two moans from her now! 2 - 0 to you already... and this is a kiss!


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Then, things seem to kick up a gear. I watch as the movements become more energetic - more passionate. The exploration is deepening, becoming more passionate. Hands are feeling, exploring further and more intensely.

Suddenly I feel I have to do something.

"Umm... isn't this enough now?" I say out loud. In my head, I want it to sound loud and attention catching. My voice would snap you both back to reality. I'd grab her hand and walk out. It would just be a kiss - already humiliating but nothing more!

Instead, what comes out is a squeaky exclamation that sounds like it has come from some little teenager that has just discovered his girlfriend making out with the older, bigger bully!

Of course, this is unfair, so my squeaky whispery and awkward words... do nothing. The passionate embrace taking place before me isn't interrupted. Instead, I watch as my girlfriend's left hand finds your backside and begins exploring!

At this point, I guess I should tell you what I picture my girlfriend wearing. I may as well, as the two of you are clearly very busy right now!

Part of me would like to imagine she's wearing something sexy. A short skirt, her bare shapely legs on display, maybe a top that shows some cleavage... but that would give me something to look at too. Some consolation that I can at least admire that sexy body. But this is one-sided and unfair.

So she's wearing the clothes she would normally wear. I imagine a long black skirt down to her ankles. Her usual old trainers on her feet. A tight t-shirt that allows at least an idea of how large her bust is - although right now that's pressed up against your body as your hands enjoy returning her favour and you grab her backside.

You see, I'm denied even that. You get to feel and fondle my girlfriend and another, longer moan, tells me you're doing that right.

What you also don't know yet is that that day her blouse buttons popped and you saw her pale cleavage teasing you - maybe even a hint of bra - and then the swimsuit incident which showed how shapely and smooth her legs are and then the bonus reveal of her butt cheek for you... you have gotten to see those more recently than me! And as I hear another, louder and deeper moan from her while I silently watch the two of you lose control and lust fully guide your hands, lips and tongues - I realise that you're going to be seeing a lot more of her...


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And yes - that's 4-0 to you now. 4 moans from your intense making out in front of me that I've never managed to get! I can't help but keep a count as all I can do is watch and listen, feeling like an increasingly smaller dot in an expanding pool of ***********. My brain can't help but compare the performance that's going on in front of me as you now grasp my girlfriend's buttocks through her skirt and I hear moan number 5 in appreciation.

Then you start pushing her back against the wall, the sounds of your intense breathing, yours and hers, as her back presses up against the wall. Her right hand reaches up to the back of your head and pulls it towards her as your lips leave hers and you start placing soft butterfly kisses on her cheek and then her neck.

All I can do is look on as your hands find her breasts and begin to fondle and enjoy them. You're fondling my girlfriend's breasts through her t-shirt and bra - and she's moaning again.

Moan number 6.

I see your knee is now between her legs as the two of you become a mass of feeling, fondling, touching and tasting. My throat feels dry and it's hard to swallow as I watch things becoming and more intense. Quick, loud and shallow breaths, lips smacking, the sound of tongues meeting and the sound of lips on bare flesh...

I hear you mumble something and I hear her softly moan "yesssss" in response. Frustratingly, I can't hear what was said. That stays between you and my girlfriend.

I should also point out that you now having my girlfriend pushed back against the wall, while she pants and moans, restricts what little I was seeing further. I can just see her face over your shoulder and the shape of her bust at one side,as your hand gets to do what I can only wish I could right now!

Then, suddenly, I see her eyes snap open. Her gaze still looking up at you but with an energy and intensity I haven't seen before!

I see her hands come up to your face and she pulls you against her hard as she kisses you intensely. I see your head pull back slightly in surprise. Then she pushes you away from her, your lips breaking away. For a second, I think that she has come to her senses and that she's going to grab me and get out of here.

Unfairly, it's you that she grabs. That intense stare still locked onto your eyes, you stumble back slightly. Surprised at the ***** my girlfriend summons to push you away. Then she maneouvres round from you but grabs your shirt as she does so.

I watch in wide amazement as my girlfriend - usually so timid and sweet - turns you around and throws you hard back against the wall. Your positions now exchanged and her eyes like steel, never waivering from their target.

I see the look of shock on your face. You're a guy who is used to being the one in control and I can see that this is as new to you as it is to me. I've never seen her like this!

Now she places her hands either side of you against the wall and leans in to kiss you hard.


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Great. So that's 6 moans and now... well, whatever this is that's happening with you both in front of me! She has never ever been like this with me. I feel my stomach knot as you manage to utter "wow" as she pulls her lips away from yours, a momentary trail of saliva still linking you both until it breaks.

I hear her almost growl something. I think she's saying something but, frustratingly, I don't catch it. I've certainly never heard my girlfriend growl before!

I think I catch you shootin a quick glance over at me. A small smirk and a look that says "oh yeah!" as my girlfriend relinquishes her grip on your, now dishevelled, shirt and runs her hands down your chest. I hear her murmour - and this time I catch it - "mmm yeah...". Her hands linger, clearly enjoying what she's feeling but I watch on and feel a lump forming in my dry throat as her hands slowly enjoy and caress their way down...

I have to sit there and watch as I see a side of my girlfriend I've seen before. It isn't lost on me that you haven't done anything to deserve this! She's my girlfriend but you're getting all the benefits... and just to add to it, I'm being denied the little details. The little things that may at least give me some sort of voyeuristic pleasure. The words uttered that I can't quite make out. A nice view of those rock hard nipples - still obscured to me as she now has her back to me. As she lowers her hands down to your stomach, she leans forward and I know she must have brushed against you. I remember the feeling of those breasts against me and find myself longing to switch places with you. But it won't happen and instead, agonisingly I hear something that is a cross between a little giggle and a soft moan.

The count in my head adds it up. Moan number 7.

7-0 to you... and counting.

My eyes become even wider as I watch her, her back to me, but I see her hands grab the strap of your belt and unbuckle it. Her hands are visibly trembling and she struggles with it for a moment. Your back is still against the wall and you lool down at her as she fiddles with the buckle with a sense of urgency. Finally, it works free and she undoes it. Then I hear the zip coming down on your jeans and see her hand moving down... She brings her head up to yours again and I can see by the motion of hers that you're both back to making out but there's fury and intensity to the way her head is moving. I can tell she's firmly in control! I've never seen her take charge before - she certainly never has with me!

So that's 7 moans so far, a growl and her taking charge... I can't help but feel a flash of impotent anger at this. Why are you getting this and not me? This is so unfair!


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As she continues her intense makeout with you, I hear your lips smacking and the wet sounds of saliva being exchanged. Yours and hers. I'm a third wheel - useless and passive. All I can do is watch and wish I could get this kind of reaction from her!

It also dawns on me that the heavy amount of kissing going on between you two means you're already exchanging DNA. I've always found the whole idea of fluid transfer and DNA swapping exciting - it's incredibly intimate, after all. Literally someone else's joining... in this case, with hers. You'd already been in her mind, now you're getting her at a cellular level...

It continues in front of me. With no sign of the passion fizzling out. Whatever small hope I had of her pushing you away and ending this has evaporated. Of anything, things seem to be moving along. This is confirmed as her hands both move up from your undone belt and slowly work up over your stomach.

"Mmmm" I hear followed by a series of lip smacks.

Moan number 8.

I've never heard a noise like that about her hands on my body. The thought twists my stomach with envy. If I thought that was bad, what comes next wrenches it. Her hands, slowly feel their way up from your stomach. I can see she is enjoying the experience, savouring it. As she moves upwards towards your chest, I hear a deeper longer moan. This is all while your tongues are receiving a workout all of their own!

"Mmmmm-mmmm!" Great. Moan number 9.

Just to add insult, just as that moan finishes your jeans drop down to your ankles. I swear the Universe is making everything happen in your favour!

I see the back of her head as she fulls back from yours and her hear her murmour something to you. You say something back quietly that I also can't quite make out either. Your intimate words stay just that - private and between you. I feel like the couch I'm sat on as I watch, the whole time jealous and wide-eyed, just moved miles away from the two of you. I realise that, as this unfolds, I'm a spectator here and nothing more.

I watch as you step out of the jeans pooled around your ankles and kick them out of the way. As you do that, my girlfriend reaches down and grabs the bottom of your shirt, her hands sliding underneath and I carry on watching as she glides her hands over the bare skin underneath.

"Oh wow!" I hear her breathlessly exclaim.

She's never said "oh wow" when her hands are on me.


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The words make me tense. I'm tingling with a weird mix of fear, anger and arousal. I know I should get up and stop this but I can't. Part of me fascinated and I can't stop myself from keeping count of all the little things - the sounds (those moans), the sights (her erect nipples) and what you're experiencing physically with her. I see it as a score chart and a ranking system in her mind. Right now, you're scoring point after point and this is only the initial stage! I think that over... 'initial stage'? Does that mean there's a next stage? What will that be?

I consider what has already happened. You were engaged in a hot and willing makeout session with my girlfriend. If it stopped there, that would have been *********** enough. Every time I'd see you, I'd know that you'd had your tongue in my girlfriends mouth. That she had reciprocated. That - yes - you'd exchanged saliva and a bit of DNA. You'd already have that over me. You've made my girlfriend moan just from kissing - from KISSING! That had never happened for me! And you made it happen multiple times!

Now we seemed to be at the feeling stage and moving on to getting clothes off. I hate to admit it to myself but this looks less like 'making out' and more like... foreplay. I find myself shaking my head at the thought. No, it can't be... if this is foreplay then... no.

I look on, a creeping panic as my girlfriend - her breathing raising in volume and with you, back against the wall and your jeans discarded - grabs the bottom of your shirt and lifts it over your head and off your body. Sour thoughts fill my mind as it reveals your bare and buff upper body.

I look on, a stewing mix of seething jealousy with a growing dash of fear while the frustrating pushing at my jeans only adds confusion to the mix.

Yes, you would have a fit body like that wouldn't you? And now I have to watch as my girlfruend steps back to ***** in the sight of your body.

I happen to know she has a thing about muscular chests and abs... and tattoos on them. And there you have those. I sit and stew further.


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Well, that gets a point I guess! Fit body that sends my girlfriend wild? Score another one to you. Hmph.

Despite my feeling a few inches tall by this point, I carry on watching. My girlfriend doing this is all new to me. She's never pulled my clothes off with all the excitement someone younger might have had for unwrapping a Christmas present!

Now she steps back. Unable to keep her hands off you though, I watch as they playfully run up and down your arms, while I can see from the angle of her head that she's still enjoying her view of your body as you stand there now dressed only in your boxers.

I start to think that maybe she's hesitating. Perhaps the lust has fizzled out and she's wondering just what she was doing? I hear low and quiet words exchanged between you and see her hands move from your arms to playfully tracing around the tattoos on your pecs.

Then, I see her look up at you before moving her head nearer to your chest. I hear a loud lip smacking sound and see her pull back, look up and then go back in again. Another loud smack. She looks back up again and this time, I think I make out what she says.

It sounds like "you have an awesome body". Then she goes back in and I hear another smack.


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Now I have to watch my girlfriend laying kisses on those pecs of yours. And "awesome body"? That's another one I've never had said to me. She has given me compliments of course, but never after having hungrily stripped me down to my boxers.

I watch, feeling amazed, not only at seeing my usually sweet and reserved girlfriend wanting to sexually devour you but also at who she is feeling this for. I never had you down as her type.... and the fact it's you, makes me feel that you're going to be using this for a long time to come.

Each wet lip smack seems to take longer than the last. I can hear that she's saying something but can't make out all of the words. I do make out the phrase "your body" and the way she says it makes me tingle with a new wave of anxiety but it's coupled with a chill... and a throb. I start to feel a sense of precariousness coming over me as I hear more being said. I can't make everything out - only adding to my feeling of being an outsider listening in - but her tone of voice sounds strange. I've never heard her sound like this. This rawness to it, almost an ****** like quality like she's changing, transforming before my eyes. Her ****** instincts taking over, every fibre of her, every cell wanting...

I hear that question in my mind again as I look on helplessly... is this foreplay? I realise there's another line here. I feel my chest tense more and more as I pick out bits of what is being said between increasingly longer and enjoyed kisses.

"Your body..." She says, in that low ******istic tone followed by the agonising sound of another long, lingering lip smack on the bare skin of your chest. As she does it, I watch her hands feeling every nuance and detail of your abs. It's painful but I'm transfixed. My ears listening for more... anything...

"Ohhh your body..." She moans the words before I another smack rings in my ears.

Mentally, I just about note that this number 10. You're into double digits now. There's something else said but my head is spinning and I'm picking up the smell of her arousal.

Then I see her hands move to the top of your boxers. I want to shout out "please don't" but all that comes out is a kind of whisper - not even words.

It happens fast. I hear lips smacking against your body, lower and lower as she goes down. As she does, I see your boxers start to slide... slowly at first until, with a sudden yank, they drop to your ankles.

At this point, I just want to point something out. I suspect you think this is the point where I say I have a small penis. Actually, that's not the case. You see, several girlfriends have commented in the past that I'm actually rather well endowed. So this was the point where I hoped that things would turn. I mean, ok - she now has you naked. I have to admit that's another unfair moment. You see, when I've had sex with her it usually has me removing some of my own clothes. I've never had her be in an almost ******istic frenzy to get them off of me. I've also never had her growl at me with lust either. Or moan out comments about my body either... but maybe this is it. Where it changes.

I mentioned there was another line. Getting you naked was that line. I try and tell myself that it could still stop here. A bit of fun for you both. You'll never let me forget that my girlfriend got you naked and couldn't stop going on about how great your body is... That would be unfair and humiliating enough.

I watch intently - she is on her knees in front of you, quiet. I can't see as her head is in the way but I start to feel a bit more confident. I start to suspect... you're not as big! That would be hilarious! Suddenly the tables would turn! You wouldn't be so smug then!

But this is unfair and one-sided, remember...


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I watch as she slowly stands up again, she looks up at you as she rises up. Her long black skirt had pooled on the floor as she'd knelt there momentarily. Looking at you... For a brief second, I search for disappointment in her body language. Her black skirt makes her look almost look like she is slowly rising up. I can see she is looking up at your face and you're looking down at her... and smiling!

I watch as she carries on rising up, her body straightening slowly. Her hands lightly running up the sides of your body, I think I can almost hear the bare sensitive skin of her finger tips against that of your naked body.

My stomach starts to twist. I can sense the tension in the air. This isn't disappointment!

Then I notice it. As she continues to slowly and sensually straighten up, I noticed her feet are apart. Then, between her legs - there in the fabric of her skirt I can see something. Like something is poking into the material and pushing out between her thighs...

My stomach twists harder as I see that bump twitch... I look back up and see she's craning her neck so her lips can meet yours again, her hands staying on your body gliding, tracing and dallying... enjoying the feel of you.

Now she pushes herself up on her tiptoes and I see her, still clothed, body draw against yours. The front of her is obviously not visible to me, as she has her back to me, but I can almost feel her bust touching against your bare body. You, of course, get to enjoy this senastion - enjoy the look of lust in her eyes, the heat emanating from her body, the feel of her chest rising and falling, pressed against your flesh as she moves up your body. Pushing you back harder against the wall. I can see her light touches start to turn to a grip on you as your mouths revisit, soliciting another moan (number 11!) and her grip tightens. Now, I hear you make a grunting sound and I see that bump between my girlfriend's parted legs, there in her skirt, twitch and I swear I see it push further out.

My heart pounds. My stomach does somersaults as I realise that bump, slowly growing and pushing the material of the back of my girlfriend's skirt out further... there, between her parted legs as she locks tonsils with you... is YOU!


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I squirm in my seat as that bump twitches and I swear I see it grow a little bit more. I start to tremble and my breathing becomes shallow. I feel my palms getting sweaty against the fabric of the couch as I realise I'm clutching either side of the cushion.

"This isn't fair!" a voice in my mind cries! And that bump between my girlfriend's legs? It grows a little bit more.

My mind starts working overdrive. You're there. Between my girlfriends legs. And growing.

I can't take my eyes off of it while you enjoy her mouth and the feeling of her wanting body being pressed and rubbed against you. I hear the sound of skin against skin, and it's getting faster, more intense. I can see my girlfriend's body is starting to wriggle. All the while, that bump slowly carries on growing.

Now I hear heavy breathing again - yours and hers. I hear the wet smacking sound of your lips parting and she lowers herself so her feet are falt on the ground again.

Then, everything seems to pause. I sense her surprise and see her face as she glances over her shoulders and sees the bump protruding out of the back of her skirt. I hear her gasp.

"Is that YOU?" she exclaims, giggling.

I can only look on as she reaches around, her face flushed with arousal, round behind her skirt and grabs that bump.

"You're almost tenting my skirt!" She giggles.

She's surprised at how big you are. I start coming up with explanations. You're taller than her, so she's smaller relative to you... so that may make you look bigger...

She playfully fondles what's intruding into her skirt, there through the material, you grunt again and laugh.

As my head spins and I find my chest pounding again, I see her step back a bit. Words are being spoken softly between you two but I struggle to hear them properly. Then I catch something.

"...bigger than the dildo..." I catch but struggle to understand exactly what that means.

Then more whispering and giggling and I catch:

"...his stops where the head of yours starts..."


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"Oh my!" She giggles.

I realise what it sounds like but my mind is whirling. What was the talk of a dildo? I know I've just been compared to you... and, once again, things come up in your favour.

The little bit of dialogue I caught in your intimate and playful whispers confirms the truth. You are - literally - a head bigger than me.

I start to realise that things are progressing to the next phase as you grab my girlfriend's backside through her skirt and I see you pull on her butt cheeks and hear her breathlessly swear as I see that bump seem to playfully push out and tent her skirt and then come back in.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" She says breathlessly with each movement of that thing as it goes back and forth and I hear you both laugh.

Then things go painfully quiet. She's over there with you and I feel like I'm a hundred miles away. A tiny dot on the horizon.

Then the transition begins. I hear her whispering and feel frustration and jealousy as I can't hear the words you're sharing. They're your intimate talk and I'm not permitted to know what is said but I watch as she playfully nuzzles her face in your chest. I feel like she would bury herself in there and wrap herself up in you, if she could!

I watch as she starts planting little butterfly kisses all over your chest and hear her breathing start to quicken and intensify again. Then her voice raises and I hear her kisses become faster and louder, that painfully familiar smack of her lips against your skin again.

"Mmm... your body..." She says breathlessly, "carved... chiselled..."

These words may sound corny to you but I can tell she's in a deep state of arousal as she continues.

"It's... it's...." She stops and then looks up at him and then, for the first time, she turns her head and glances back at me...

I'm suprised as my girlfriend, her hair slightly a mess, her face flushed acually makes eye contact with me!

"It's..." she says, seemingly to me and I can see the struggle and torment in it.

It's at this point that I know that she still loves me but that things are about to change.

Then she turns back and looks back up at him.

"It's..." she starts again, struggling to let the words free.

I know that this is the line, over which things will progress. I can almost taste the tension she is feeling and for a second, I think this will be it. This will be where it ends. An humilating and one sided experience for me but at least it doesn't cross that line.... make that transition... but then I sense the change in her... I see her body tense... she has treid to resist like a dam trying to hold back a deluge. There's a moment - a brief moment - where it looks like it will hold. And then: the dam bursts.

As she says the words - I realise that part of me wanted her to say it. Whatever this is your luck persists because - as much as I try to fight and deny it myself - somewhere, deep inside of me... I want this too. I want to see what happens and experience the intoxicating feelings of being in such an utterly helplessly unfair predicament...


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It's at this point I realise that this experience the two of you are having while all I can do is observe... and now as my girlfriend looks you in the eyes, her own filled with lust and desire, want of you at a basic ****** level that she was only just holding onto with a single weakening thread of willpower. As every atom in her body feels like it is burning intensely with only one purpose. The words quietly come out but feel to me like they've burst through the air like an enormous cloud of thunder:

"Your body..." She says, her eyes shifting and watching her own hands as it feels your strong and powerful muscles again before her eyes stare deep into yours before adding "it's... perfect!"

And with that she starts to slowly sink to her knees, gasping as she enjoys the electrifying feeling of her hands passing over it allowing her face to touch it as she closes her eyes and ****** in the feeling of your hard and firm muscles against her soft flesh. Slowly she descends until - as I watch - she finds herself looking at your long hard and throbbing shaft.

What happens next, I can only guess because - just to up the unfairness for me - I can see her body moving but I'm denied watching the actual act. You, of course, not only get to see it front row but get to feel it too. I, on the other hand am denied even the visual pleasure.

The pleasure of seeing my girlfriends soft little handles, handling your large powerful cock as she looks at it, tenderly runs her hands over it and appreciates it visibly hardening even further at her touch.

So, once again, you score a point for my girlfriend seeing your body as 'perfect' whilst I'm denied even a tiny bit of voyeuristic pleasure of what she is doing to you.

For me, frustration as I can see her arms moving. Her head moving and I have an idea of what is going on... my mind is an inferno of images and ideas but it's obscured by her back being to me.

Now she starts planting soft little kisses along one side of your shaft and you swell just a little bit more at the stimulation of her lips teasing along it. One hand holding - and enjoying - your penis while she moves the other to gently stroke your large balls.

Now I hear YOU moan with approval!

Meanwhile, the wildfires continue to burn in my head. I grip the couch hard as my girlfriend stimulates you and I'm just a frustrated observer - missing out on the details!

Part of me still thinks things could stop here. She is fully clothed still, after all! You'd still have the fact my girlfriend lustfully said your body is perfect and that she'd played with and kissed your manhood - *********** enough, right?

Doubt starts to wash over that though as you reach down and pull the scrunchy out of my girlfriends hair - I watch as her beautiful red hair teasingly tumbles down around her shoulders and she pushes it out of the way of the task at hand. Responding to your action I watch as she lifts your cock up and starts passionately kissing along the underneath from the base all the way along. You clearly enjoy this and her kisses speed up culminating with a teasing light kiss right at the tip... before I briefly glimpse her lips parting and feel my stomach twist hard as her head slowly smooths forward...


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I watch intensely, my head pounding, as I see her head slowly move forward and then, agonisingly, move back. I hear a loud wet smack as I recognise the sound of her lips coming off of the head. I can see her arm giving some movements as she looks up and says:

"I'm already getting jaw ache!" Followed by a giggle from her and a laugh from you.

I then watch as she stretches her arm out - the view is mostly obscured again but I catch a glimpse of her hand holding your large cock up as her head moves slowly and smoothly along beneath... I can tell she is running her tongue underneath it and she seems to take what feels like an age. Making me, for the first time in my life, feel small.

I start to wonder if maybe she had been saying I was big just to make me feel good... was it a little well intentioned lie?

The other and yes, unfair, thing is... that she told me she didn't like doing what she was now clearly doing to you! So she never did this to me! With her hands yes... but never with her tongue or her lips... I feel myself tense with jealousy yet again. Why do you get this and not me?!


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So, to pause for a moment. Everything is going your way and things are getting worse for me. As things progress, it becomes more unfair and more one-sided.

What you already have over me:

* My girlfriend has been lusting after you with no effort on your part. She started fantasising about you and even feeling the compulsion to masturbate over you. You've seduced her from the inside.

* While this has been going on, fate has leant you a hand. While I've been suffering, you got to check out her cleavage, her sexy legs and even get a look at her butt. In short, you've seen more of her than I have recently!

* I've had to helplessly watch as, having already seduced her internally, you easily do the same in 'real life', right in front of me.

* I've had to watch as my girlfriend loses control, stripping you and worshipping you.

What started as just making out and feeling has spiralled into something deeper. Now this is foreplay and I can no longer deny what is looking inevitable. You're going to have sex with my girlfriend. As I look on and watch her head slowly moving back and forth as she sucks you off, I realise it has already started.

Now her hands move up to grasp your bare ass as she starts to move her head faster, slurping and sucking on your cock while I feel invisible but can't take my eyes off of what is happening. Things get more intense and hear wetter and sloppier sounds coming from her. Remember, the only view I have is the back of her head but now I start to hear a quiet 'pit' and then a 'pat' sound. Then a larger 'pit' and then a larger 'pat'. Then I see it. As my girlfriend gives you an intense blowjob, the sloppy mess being created as her saliva mixes with your pre-cum is dripping out of her mouth and off of your cock and making little pools on the floor. It twists me up inside to think about it as I look at it there but I can't help but think that that's more of your bodily fluids finding its way into her...

Then I hear a loud slopping sound as her mouth comes off of your cock - I don't know whether it's intentional or if it has become so messy and slipper that she lost it but I hear her panting and as she looks up at you and you, breathing heavily, grin down at her.

For a second, I think it's over and you've blown your load already. Embarrassingly, I think I would have. But as you help her up onto her feet - I realise things are only just beginning!

"Look at the mess you've made on your t-shirt!" You say, winking at her, before you grab it and she holds her arms up as you lift it off of her. I don't see it but you get a nice view of her cleavage again as her bra-clad bust is released from the confines of the pre-cum splattered t-shirt.

"Mmm..." You say, as I watch you taking in the tantalising view of her cleavage being presented to you. You get to enjoy that while all I get is a view of her back and a partial view of her bra strap, partly obscured by her hair as she pushes it back over her shoulders.

Cleavage for you. Strap for me. You score again! But if I thought that was bad, now I can only look on in envy as you now get to feel her breasts through her bra and then I see you grab her, pull her nearer and I hear YOU start to kiss HER chest!

"Mmmm..." My girlfriend moans at the attention and I see her hand reach up behind her back... and unclip her bra.

Now I see her straps slip down and the two of you get that thing off. Leaving my girlfriend's bare breasts on full view for you... while all I see is her back. I know you can see them. That you're looking at them and enjoying the sight while I'm denied. Then, you reach up and my head starts to spin again as it sinks in... my girlfriend's bare breasts are now in YOUR hands!


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Cuck who loves a creampie.


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ecellent, id love fate to fall in favour of a guy i hate and he gets my wife
Peter C


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The next unfair thing... you and I don't get along. I can't stand you. You're a real jerk. So when you pick up that my girlfriend is interested in you... you can't help but smile!

I used to work with a guy who enjoyed putting me down and criticising the way I did the job. I found him a bit smarmy, arrogant even. One summer's day my wife met me at work and we were outside talking with a few of the guys. Debbie sat on a chair just right of the doorway, whilst Mick stood on the step behind her. She was wearing a low-cut top and I noticed that from where Mick had positioned himself he was able to enjoy a view straight down my wife's cleavage, between her breasts and probably to her belly. He saw me watching him, but he just smiled and carried on looking at my oblivious wife's breasts.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Mick did actually asked Debbie out for a dr1nk but she was faithful to me back then, so - although tempted - she turned him down. 11 years later, with him long gone from the company I work for, he added her as a friend on Facebook. Not me, just Debbie. Soon they were chatting online virtually every day as well as texting one another phones.

Up till now it had been agreed that Debbie would not have sex with anyone I knew. I'd said I was fine with anyone else as long as she came home and told me all about it and she had. Her preference was for much younger men. Mick was her age, 7 years younger than me and Debbie told me that she had always fancied him and had been jealous when Mick had briefly dated her youngest sister. I heard myself tell her, "Well, if you want to see him then go for it. Take things as far as you are comfortable with."

After a few false starts and me thinking it wasn't going to happen, one Sunday afternoon Debbie went off to Mick's house whilst his wife was out and was soon being kissed and fondled on his bed. He undressed her (she'd left her knickers off anyway), finally got to suck those tits he'd ogled 11 years before, buried his face between her readily spread thighs and very soon fucked her, eagerly, vigorously and bareback.

He sent her home to me with a red, puffy, well-fucked cunt and I enjoyed my first ever sloppy seconds, licking his cum out of her and fucking her now very wet, loose pussy.

I can only imagine how triumphant he felt having finally succeeded in getting Debbie into bed, surely the ultimate put-down and humi1iation of that Pete he used to work with. I later sent him a friend's request on Facebook and he accepted, no doubt with a smug grin on his face.
Peter C


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Thanks for the feedback! I've posted a short continuation to this on my blog but I seem to have caught the winter lurgy that is going around and that has killed the mood a bit for me, for the moment!

ecellent, id love fate to fall in favour of a guy i hate and he gets my wife

I find the whole idea of things just happening that really benefit someone like that really exciting - like I say, you can't feel more helpless than if the Universe or some supernatural-like ***** is making it happen!

Peter C:
I can only imagine how triumphant he felt having finally succeeded in getting Debbie into bed, surely the ultimate put-down and humi1iation of that Pete he used to work with. I later sent him a friend's request on Facebook and he accepted, no doubt with a smug grin on his face.

Wow! That was hot! You can bet anything he did have a pretty smug grin - first he gets your wife and then you ask to be added as his friend on Facebook! I may have to add that idea to a future story!
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