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It was early morning when I woke from my cramped cage in the corner of the bedroom...

I lay on the cage's cold, hard floor... desperately wishing I could straighten out my aching legs and futilely searching for some position of comfort. Just a pillow would be so wonderful, but I have none. And I am completely naked except for the chastity device imprisoning my penis.

As the sun begins to rise it casts a soft, warm glow throughout the room. Only a few feet away, Sarah and Ryan are entwined together, naked in a large bed. I can't help but to stare at them in envy... especially envious of him. They look so comfortable, and resentment of him aches inside me with the extreme contrast of his world compared to mine. I wonder how warm her body feels nestled against him as they snuggle. I wonder how amazing it would be to gently wake up in a soft bed with her by your side... to kiss her full lips, to touch her big breasts, to smell the perfume on her neck, to feel her long hair draped across your chest. My jealousy of him is immense.

While I watch them, I'm drawn to the perfect curves of her body beneath the thin sheet draped across her. She looks so peaceful, beautiful, and content. With her back to me, the sheet outlines her ass cheeks, and seems to cling to them. Her exposed shoulders are so tan and her skin looks flawlessly smooth in the dim light. With her head buried into his neck, I imagine how it would feel with her breasts pressed against his chest. And with one of her legs spread over top of his, I can only surmise that her soft, warm pussy must be nestled against his hip. He must surely be in heaven, while I suffer in my cage.

After what seems like an eternity they begin to gently awaken. They don't speak, but instead welcome the dawn with a flurry of passionate and slow kisses. Sarah finally turns to look at me, and after seeing that I'm already awake, she gives me one of her wicked smiles... as if to say, "don't you wish this were you?" Then she pulls the bed coverings down, exposing both of their bodies while they continue to kiss.

Sarah's nude beauty never fails to take my breath. She is stunning in every aspect. With striking green eyes, long blonde hair, 36-D breasts, a firm body, and a perfectly round ass, she simply exudes beauty and sex. And Ryan's massive cock is already raging hard. She then gets up on her hands and knees, teasingly to display her ass in my direction, while she proceeds to plant her kisses slowly down his chest and stomach. With her back now arched and her ass high in the air, her completely shaven pussy is in my full view. Its lips are fully parted, and it glistens with moisture... looking so inviting. But, I won't ever know how good it would feel.

As if Ryan wasn't comfortable enough already, he relaxingly clasps his hands behind his head to get a better view of Sarah slowly working her way down to his cock. Again, she turns my way to meet my eyes, and she lifts up his cock so that's its pointing straight to the ceiling. It looks enormous and powerful with large veins on his thick shaft. This time her evil grin seemed to say, "Here's something you'll never to feel for the rest of your life." And then her full lips met the head of his cock with a very slow, puckered kiss... and then another and another. Each with an audible little sucking sound as her lips pull away before another kiss follows... a little deeper down on the head each time. With each suck Ryan gasps in pure pleasure, unable to keep his eyes open. Looking on, I can't even fathom the ecstasy that he must feel, even though I try. It is almost too painful and tormenting to watch, but I'm unable to take my eyes away. With my own penis now pressing hard against its cold hard prison, my thoughts run wild... wishing I could be him for just a few seconds... to know the feeling of her warm, wet mouth enveloping watch her luscious lips close in around my shaft. But I know that's a feeling that I will never experience again. And as Sarah's exquisite blowjob continues, I am on the verge of tears with overwhelming desire, frustration, and envy... all the while Ryan moans in paradise.

And it only gets worse as Sarah soon mounts him. She slowly straddles him, guides his cock to her pussy, and lowers herself all the way down to the base of his big balls. Both of them now make the sounds of pleasure, getting louder with each penetration of his cock. And I watch as his hands explore her while they fuck. He squeezes her big tits together as they sway only inches from his face, and he raises up from time to time to suck on her hard nipples. Sometimes his hands work their way around to her ass so he can feel the perfect butt that is bouncing up and down on him. I'm entranced by her movements and the way she seems to flawlessly ride him. They seem to get "lost" in the fucking, and Sarah soon screams and shudders in orgasm. Their tongues meet after she cums... both of them now panting in their ecstasy while I'm panting in my misery.

Ryan motions for Sarah to get up, and guides her out of the bed and over to my cage. He bends her over so that her entire upper body is now hovering over me. And I watch as he buries his cock into her from behind. Her manicured fingernails are now inside the cage as she tightly grips the top of it to stabilize herself as he plunges into her. With each powerful thrust, his big balls slap her clit. Sarah cums again.

Finally Ryan utters the first words of the morning, "Are you ready for breakfast, cuckold?"

Understanding the implication but afraid to say no, I simply reply, "Yes Sir."

With that he pulls out of Sarah's pussy and hastily walks around her, closer to my cage... his cock now perched above me. Sarah doesn't hesitate and begins jerking him off, while being sure to point his cock directly at me. The look on her face is one of pure sadistic enjoyment. I lower my head in an attempt to avoid the inevitable as much as possible, but Sarah barks, "Look at his cock!"

Ryan's eyes then begin to flutter shut and his head rolls back with obvious bliss. And then suddenly, he erupts. The first stream of his thick cum hits me on the cheek and streams down my face. Subsequent, spurts go everywhere... in my hair, all over my body, and a few globs dangle from the cage's wire roof. His orgasm seems to be never-ending. And as his body quivers for a few remaining times, Sarah giggles in delight while milking his massive cock for the last drops of his cum so they would fall into the cage.

While I'm covered in cum, Sarah and Ryan lay back down on the bed... both spent.

"Eat up, cuckie," Sarah snickers. "Don't miss a single drop."

They chuckle in amusement as I begin scooping up cum with my fingertips and putting it my mouth... trying my best not to gag... knowing I would be punished if I do.

"Isn't it yummy?" she taunts.

I nod in agreement, trying my best not to show my disgust.

While they cuddle and kiss, I continue to scoop it off my body as best possible and then lick the globs still hanging from the wires and off the floor. Finally, I have ingested his entire load of thick, salty cum.

"Good boy," says Sarah, as she gets up to unlock my cage. "Your list of chores for the day is in the kitchen. Get all those done and maybe we will feed you some more later."

This is my life as a cuckold slave.


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This is very well written. I loved it. Please continue !


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Awesome! Well written and super horny.


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Bravo ! is there more to this story ?


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Cuck who loves a creampie.


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I like the premise and the style. Please continue.


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I've done this and wish it wouldhappen again
Droopy and Miss


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Thanks guys. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Yes, I will continue with the story. Most of what I will write is fiction, but Chapter 2 is based on real event for me. Hope you will enjoy it too.


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Chapter 2

Sarah and I used to have a traditional marriage even though she was always the dominant partner from day one... controlling everything from our finances to what we would watch on TV. Gradually over the years, our relationship turned to one that was completely female led, and with her discovery of a chastity device, my days of having any "say" in our relationship faded away. She took to Femdom naturally, and quickly realized the benefits of controlling my orgasms. I was often left in my chastity device for weeks at a time, and my orgasms were even rarer. And the longer we were together, the more heartless she became. Sometimes I would go months without ever the feeling the relief of an orgasm, while hers were almost daily and innumerable. And of course, through it all, I adored and worshiped her. She was beautiful in every aspect, but also had a complex blend of affection, tenderness, and love, while also being demanding, bitchy, sadistic, and egotistical.

Sarah's rules and requirements became stricter as time went along. All the household chores feel upon me, as did providing all of our income, which she controlled except for a small allowance that she would give me. While I was at work all day, she would be relaxing by the pool...working on her tan. And when I came home from work, my chores around the house continued along with making sure she was spoiled and pampered in every aspect. My only consistent pleasure was being allowed to lick her perfect pussy to orgasm almost every night, while I was usually locked away in my penis cage.

It got to the point where she demanded that I answer her (or refer to her) as "Ma'am" when we were in the privacy of our home. And many restrictions began to arise. She made it clear that things such as blowjobs and fucking her ass would never happen for me... ever. She would even forbid me from openly touching her body in sexual places without her permission. I could no longer just freely touch her flawless butt or her beautiful breasts. And on the rare occasion that she would allow me to have sex with her, having an orgasm was sternly prohibited. "Sex is for MY pleasure," she would say. "You'll never know what it feels like to cum in my pussy again."

Since my orgasms were very limited and most of my other pleasures denied, I struggled immensely with holding back from cumming during those rare occasions when she would allow me inside her. Obviously, in this state, I couldn't fuck her properly, so traditional sex became even more infrequent as time went along. So instead, it was more common for her to make me fuck her with a strap-on mounted over my chastity device.

It got to the point where we never had real intercourse. "What would be the point of that?" she would say, when I would cautiously ask for it. "Your little penis doesn't come close to giving me what I need. You can't get even put inside me for five seconds without fear of cumming. Do you really think that little thing deserves to be inside my pussy... even for one second?"

"No Ma'am," I agreed, while putting on the large strap-on.

So in time, I began to hear those dreaded words from her...

"I'm getting tired of plastic cocks... I think want to fuck a real one."

Or... "I would love to feel a real man cum deep inside my pussy, for a change."

Or... "I want you to lick my ass while I think about another man fucking it."

Those statements became more and more prevalent until finally she made it clear that it was going to happen. In an unusually tender moment in bed one night, she approached that subject more seriously.

"Baby, I don't want to hurt you," she said, while softly caressing my face with her manicured nails, "but, I need a real man to fuck me... a man with a big cock. I miss that SO much. And it's been forever since I've sucked cock, or felt someone's hot cum on my body or in my pussy. I'm not asking for your permission, but I want to hear you say it's okay, and that my pussy deserves so much more than your little penis or some plastic dildo. Can you do that for me, sweetheart?"

Her words cut me to the core, but there was also a part of me that knew she deserved the very best of everything life has to offer, and I knew that wasn't my little penis.

"Yes, Ma'am... it's okay," I said, even though I was trembling and unsure. "I'm not worthy of your perfect pussy. I know you need a real cock to fuck you."

"Oh, darling... that is so sweet of you to say. Don't worry, it's just sex and I'll always love you. How about I give you a little reward for being so understanding?"

I nodded as she reached for the key to my chastity device sitting on a table by the bed. "Let's get you out of that mean ole cage."

It had been weeks since my penis was free and it immediately sprung to life as soon as the key hit the lock. It felt amazing to finally be let out... to finally have an erection. She then removed all of her clothes and proceeded to lay down by my side, nestling her warm, naked body against me. With my penis now raging with desire and our faces only inches apart, she continued with her sympathy, "I feel so sorry for you sometimes. I know you can't help it that you were born with that little thing, but I need so much more, baby. Most men get to fuck their wives, don't they? Most men get to enjoy pussy. Poor thing." Her hand again caressed my face with tenderness while I was panting with desire.

Throughout her mixture of teasing compassion, I can't help but to the drawn to her perfect 36-D boobs, which are almost touching my chest. Sarah giggled, "My eyes are up here, baby." I realize that I'd been staring at them.

"I sorry darling, but my tits will be reserved for other men soon. Would you like to touch them, one last time before other men get to enjoy them?"

"Yes," I plead in desperation.

Sarah then grabbed my hand and guided it up toward them with a warning, "Very softly then, with your open hand. No groping... no squeezing... and no touching my nipples."

I did as she commanded, and very softly felt of their perfect shape. It had been months since I'd touched them.

"Do you think my lovers will want to titty-fuck me and cum all over them?" she asked with a little smile.

I nod, while wanting to cry... trying to imagine the ecstasy of sliding my penis in between her big tits.

Then while continuing to plant tiny kisses on my face she said, "I'll tell you what, sweetie... let's make love... one last time."

Both excitement and despair overwhelmed me in a rush. To think that I was finally going to get to have her glorious pussy, but at the same moment the thoughts of it being the last time was almost too much to cope with.
"Besides..." she said, as she continued with her soft kisses on my cheeks, "I wouldn't want you to forget how good my pussy feels. So try to remember this, okay? I want the feeling of my pussy ingrained in your memory, so when you have to watch another man pump his cock in me, you can think back and remember exactly how it felt. Okay?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I complied, as she spread her luscious legs apart for me.

"You can fuck me as long as you can stand it, without cumming of course. Okay?"

I nodded and climbed on top of her. My whole body was trembling with anticipation... hoping I could somewhat control myself, but already knowing I probably couldn't. I felt the head of my penis touch her wet pussy and very slowly I pushed myself inside of her. Bliss instantly flooded me... taking my breath.

Now all the way inside her I stopped and just held it there, almost afraid to move for fear of exploding.

"How does that feel, baby?" she whispered. "Do you think those real men are going to enjoy that?"

Again I nodded, wishing I didn't have to imagine what she was saying. I pulled back from her just a little bit, and again slowly pushed back in. The pleasure was already too much to handle.

"I think they'll enjoy it even more than you do. Do you know why?"

After shaking my head NO, she continued, "Just think... their cocks are going to be so much bigger than yours... so my pussy is going to feel even tighter for them." She then giggled a little. "And then there's the fact that their cocks get to cum deep inside me. Poor baby... your little penis doesn't get to do that, does it? Close your eyes and try to imagine how good that would feel... to let loose and pump a big load in my pussy like those real men are going to do."

I was now on the verge of tears AND on the verge of cumming. Sarah knew it. I couldn't stand it any longer.

"It's time for you to say goodbye to my pussy, isn't it?"

Besieged by grief, I nodded.

"I want you pull out of me very, very slowly. I want you to feel my pussy slipping away... forever. No more pussy for you, sweetie... not for the rest of your life," she said tauntingly with an evil smile.

I did as she asked, and gently pulled away from her. Paradise was replaced by anguish as soon as the warm wetness of her pussy gave way to nothingness. I laid down beside her in agony, with my heart pounding.

"Oh... poor thing... don't look so sad," she teased. "You know that your penis doesn't deserve my pussy. Tomorrow, you're going help me start looking for a man who does deserve it."

Sarah rolled over with her back to me. "I'll let you stay out of your chastity cage tonight, sweetie. Go ahead and nestle your little pee-pee in between my ass cheeks, but don't you dare move or I'll have to put you back in it."

I laid there motionless for hours while she slept, resisting the overwhelming urge to grind my aching penis against her perfect butt. Thoughts of other men fucking her, and the immense pleasure they would feel consumed my mind. And those pleasures were now a thing of the past for me.


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Fantastic, this is getting better and better !!! THANKS !!!
Rating: 9, 3 votes.
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