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my young sexy married slut

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My young wife karen is a very pretty lady who could have had her choice of any man we married at young age her seventeen and me nineteen and haveing been married 20 months i thought things were just great karen is a slim sexy redhead who allways dresses very sexy wareing nice dresses. And short skirts and allways sexy underwear to go with these. She has small 32aa tits and long legs great slim waist and great. Pretty body we just moved into a nice apartment complex run by a nice older gentleman called bert he was about 70 years old he had made his vast amount of money in property and this complex was one of many he had around the country he was very polite when we had moved in. And allways ready to help karen around our apartment garden and house .karen would often sunbath in her nice bikkini in the garden this would give old bert. A great amount of time to admire her very sexy body also when karen would be useing the shared washing machines and dryers bert would be maintaining some of the machines and would offten chat to her. As she was loading her clothes into the washer little. Did she realize it was so he could clock her sexy knickers and bras and suspenders for old man bert was a real. Letch he allways selected the young couples who filled his many apartments with the eye on getting into the panties of the young wifes and he realy had the hots for my karen only we did not no it yet he could not do enough for us allways seaming to be around helping out. Now things in the bedroom department had dripped of a bit since we got married me with bucket loads of work and allways comeing home tired old man bert had clocked things as well ribbing karen that she was wareing out her new husband, also commenting its because of all those sexy knickers and bras she was wareing pointing at karens line full off panties and bras and stockings karen blushed a bit as he said this and he followed it up with if your young husband needs a hand he would be more willing to help . karen blushed yet again picking up on the whole thing old bert reminded karen he would be up later to fix the leak in the on sweet bathroom sink she had asked him to look at i did not no it at the time but my young wifes panty gusset had got a little hot as old bert had tormented her we did not no old man bert had a big repitation around young married wifes that was when he made up his mind he was going to fuck a certain wife he nearly allways ended up getting into that certain wifes panties another thing was that old man bert had a truly massive cock and he new how to use it .after her little chat karen had felt a bit warm in her knickers as she had not had sex in a while she had gone into the apartment pulled up her short skirt and began rubing her hot sexy married cunt through her silk panties she did not hear old man bert knock the door he had come round to fix the leak as he entered our bedroom he was looking at my sexy wife with her skirt bunched up over her small hips her sexy knickers round her knees her fingers stroking her very tight married cunt on her maritial bed old man bert could not take it all in but focused his stare right on this married wife tight vagina, in a instant he was at the bottom of the maritial bed his fingers began to travel up the sexy wifes legs to there target her hot sexy married twat in a flash he sunk his middle finger into its knuckle and rotated it onto my wifes g spot something her husband had never done instantly her cunt began to tighten up on his finger it was at this point karen opened her eyes looking down expecting to see her young husband only to see old berts grinning face it was at this point his long old tounge found her clit and at the same time he sunk another finger knuckle deep into her hot steaming married cunt. By now bert had found the leak and by hell. He was going to plug it my wifes resistance lasted a very few seconds trying to get his mouth off her pussy but old man bert was a big portly guy and his mouth had found my young wifes hot spot and her moter was now running. He began to tweek her big nipples through her silk blouse turning her on even more he looked up saying fuck your one hot sexy bitch and a true red head to nice pussy hair pointing to her wet red hair on her cunt as his fingers rotated more inside her cunt now my sweet karen it time to introduce you to my big fat freind karen looked down as old man bert undid his trouser and dropped his pants to reveal his massive cock to the very young naive married wife. She simple could not believe what was happening this seventy year old man was now between her legs on the bed she shared with her new husband old man bert was not about to miss his chance his massive cock was allmost fully erect and his massive purple bell end was dripping huge amounts of precum he started rubbing it into the spread vaginal lips and clit of the skinny young wifes twat this only got her even hotter as the older man worked his magic karen was looking at the biggest fat cock she had ever seen it was fucking massive and the cock head was allready at her hole she could not take it all in such was the heat inside her cunt she looked up as old man bert changed position he was now kissing her mouth and his tounge was inside her mouth his massive club of a cock was easying up and down her hot cunt lips turning her on even more it was at this point karen came a bit to her senses as she reached for our bedside cabinet pulled it open. To reveal our condoms she pulled ir out and said bert you must ware it i am not on birth control this was fucking music to bert who new that once he had got his cock up this sexy married girls twat he would soon turn her on so much she would soon take it off when he refused to fuck her without it, he had her now and. As she fitted the condom over his cock she realized the condom would only go down his massive cock 3inches there was nearly 7 inches off very thick bare cock left in a moment his hugh bulk settled over her hips she spread her legs and old man bert centered his massive cock head onto her tight cunt he lifted her legs over his shoulders and pinned her to the bed as he sunk his first four inches into the wifes tight belly her cunt lips were so wide around his cock like a giant o ring and already he had bare cock inside her. He began kissing her as he ****** another three thick inches into her cunt karen was pinned under him as more cock sunk into the wifes belly she had never felt anything like this ever he had destroyed her tight married twat in one big thrust and now he was ready to give her the rest of his big old fat cock with one final push he was balls deep karen was in total bliss as her ground his cock against her clit karen was just stuffed to the brim. And thats when the fucking started rubbing her clit with ever deep thrust on and on he plowed full long cock thrusts her cunt was now wide openand her cunt cream was fllowing. Then old bert began to pull full leanth out leaving a gapeing open cunt he looked karen in the eye and said take the condom off slut karen looked down and as if in a trance pulled the condom off his cock now i have resized your married cunt bert said its time i filled. You with my bare cock now slut show me how much your in love with my big babymaker put it back in karen spread her legs and centered his cock head again in one thrust old bert was balls deep again as he now felt his cock head up against her cervix then the fucking began he was pinning her to the maritial bed as his big balls now began to churn a load he had been saveing for weeks he said karen tell me what you want tell me then karen understood as she began to plead. With a man old enough to be her *********** to fuck her and give her his baby this was just what old bert was waiting for saying tell me bitch you want my big cock to knock you up want me to pump my big potent load into your belly karen was past the point of no return now and only one thing matters that was getting old bert to spunk her married cunt bert was now going like a train as his big balls tightens up tell me bitch tell me to put you into maternity knickers oh yes bert give me you baby thats when all ten inches go right up her fanny and his big balls spunk into her unprotected married cunt him telling karen your going to be getting a load more bellyfull before i am finished getting you pregnant


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not bad at all, try to paragraph it so it is easier to read.


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not bad at all, try to paragraph it so it is easier to read

plus 1; please


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duplicate topics removed


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Mmm, hot topic. Would love a follow up where she puts hubby in second place, spends nights ******** over at Berts and fucks some of his friends too maybe. (all the usual cuck variations on the story)


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Fantastic account of your wife with the older bull!


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Excellent. Love to hear more about old Bert and your hot young wife. He obviously has her whenever he wants her.
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my young sexy married slut
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