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Sarah & James - Part 1-4

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Comments and suggestions are appreciated as this is my first story here.
Sarah & James - Part 1
Sarah and I had met at work and had really hit it off. Although I hadn't mentioned that my husband and I are in a Female Led Relationship, I had insinuted that I wear the pants/panties in my marriage. Sarah seemed abit interested, but didn't push the issue. I thought best way to educate her would be to invite her and her husband over for dinner and see how they reacted to out relationship.

When they arrived, Mark and I met them at the door. After introductions, Mark took thier coats, hung them up in the hall closet and excused himself to finish dinner. I suggested that James could give him a hand. James sort of followed Mark around like a lost puppy following Mark's lead. Sarah and I sat down on the couch and James returned asking if we would like some wine. Sarah and I both nodded, James left and returned with two glasses, serving Sarah and I. James returned to help Mark while Sarah and I chatted. After awhile James returned and said that dinner was served.

Mark had done a good job with dinner and we had an excelent meal. After dinner, we retired to the living room. I motioned Sarah to the couch while I sat in the recliner and said, "Mark, bring out the port wine."

He brought back two glasses and the bottle. After pouring Sarah and I each a glass, he sat in a chair beside me. James seemed a bit curious that Mark had only brought two glasses, but didn't say anything.

While we sipped the wine, not so much asking as telling, I said, "Mark, why don't you be a dear and rub my feet?" He quickly knelt and began massaging my feet.

Sarah and I continued talking and she kept looking down at Mark. James just sat there not really knowing what to do. Finally Sarah said, "What Mark's doing sure looks good. James would you mind massaging my feet?" James seemed relived that he had some thing to do. He knelt in front of her, removed her sandals and started giving her a foot massage.

With Jame's back to me, I pulled up my sundress and motioned for Mark to lick me. He quickly crawled under my dress, slipped my panties down my legs and started licking.

Sarah watched in interest but seemed hesitant to remove her shorts. I saw her hesitation, "Mark, stay under there until I tell you to come out.

With that, Sarah quickly stood up and motioned for James to lick her as she undid her shorts.

I couldn't see James' face, but I'm sure he was confused and trying to figure out what was going on until I let out a slight moan. With that little encoragement, Mark and James, I assumed, both went to work with abandone.

After both of us women were satisfied. Sarah put her shorts back on and patted James on the head.

"Mark you can come out now." I said in a relaxed voice. He carefully slide out from under my dress, so as not to expose me, still staying seated on the floor at my feet.

Sarah commented, "Mark must be a wonderful thoughtful husband."

"Actually I like to think he's just well trained."

"Trained, what do you mean?"

"While Mark can be thoughtful, I find that all men need to trained in how to act and what to do. And it's best to motivate them. It makes them easier to train. Doesn't it Mark?" I said with a smile as I patted his head.

"Yes dear," Mark said quietly.

"How do you motivation him?" Sarah inquired.

"Well there are many ways, but the easiest is control thier manhood. Right Mark?"

"Yes dear," Mark said quietly.

"I'm not sure I understand."

"Let me show you. Mark, present."

Mark only hesitated for a moment before he stood directly in front of me, undid his pants, and let them drop to the floor.

"Now present to Sarah," I said watching Sarah and James carefully. Mark stepped out of his pants, walked over directly in front of Sarah, spread his feet slightly wider than his shoulder and clasp his hands behind his back.

Sarah was interested, but unsure what she was supposed to do. James looked, then looked away.

"You can touch it, check it out. I'll have your James unlock him if you'd like. Mark won't do anything unless I tell him to."

Carefully she touched the Jailbird, inspecting it and the completly hairless crotch in front of her.

"It's a Jailbird chastiy device, you can buy them online. I have him keep himself completely hair free down there. It makes wearing the device easier and reminds him of his place."

"I'm not sure James would let me put one of those on him? Would you James?"

"Uh, no," James replied meekly.

"Well, I didn't ask Mark. Do you want it off to see how it works?"

"Ok, if you're sure it's Ok."

"Of course, James why don't you come over here and get the key," I said as I unfastened the necklace with the key from my neck.

James looked at Sarah as if he was looking for direction. Sarah nodded in my direction and he came over to retrieve the key.

"I always wondered what that key was, I just thought it was jewelry," Sarah commented.

"I had it gold plated for that reason, I like to be discrete, but also like to show it off to those that know. And now you know."

"James, go ahead and unlock it so your wife doesn't have to touch it."

Gingerly James put the key in the lock and removed the padlock. Mark remained frozen in position. With the lock out, the pieces started to seperate and I could tell Mark was starting to enlarge, enjoying the freedom.

"You can leave the back ring piece on, unless Sarah is interested in seeing it," I mentioned casually to James although Mark blocked our view of each other.

"It's heavier than I thought, but appears quite strong. Does he wear it all the time? Does he always shave?" Sarah questioned curiously.

"Not at first, it took some getting used to. I shaved him at first, but now he uses a dilapidary cream in the shower. That way the cage doesn't have to come off, but I still let him out to play and make sure he doesn't get a rash. I've got another plastic one I switch off with, like when we travel and he's got to go through a metal detector. But to answer your question, yes these days he wears it all the time except when I let him out. Like now, then he goes right back in."

I expected Mark was fully erect by now, but couldn't see with his back to me. "He's pretty big, how do you put it back on?" Sarah questioned.

"Oh, that's easy. James can you get an ice bag out of the freezer?"

James laid the padlock and Jailbird on the endtable, then headed for the kitchen. When he returned with the ice bag, I told him, "Just hold it on his crotch till the swelling goes down. Then you'll have a few minutes to get it back on."

James apparently did what he was instructed and put it back on. When he was done, I said, "Mark come here and let me make sure it on good and tight." Mark came around and it looked like James had put it on right, padlocking it in the same hole it had been.

When Sarah and James were ready to leave, I told Mark to kiss Sarah's feet to thank her for the evening. He knelt and kissed the tops of her feet through the sandals, then stood and shook James' hand.


To be continued? It's up to public opinion.


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Love to read more and see where it takes them.


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Definitely need more of this! Fuckin' excellent. Proof indeed that careful training of cucks pays off.


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please, go ahead!


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Great-yes, continue!


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I'm really enjoying this. More please!


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Part Two

I felt Sarah and I really bonded while our husbands were licking us each off beside each other. Showing her Mark's Jailbird, certainly peaked her interest, but probably confused her a little as well.

The next week at work, Sarah asked me to have lunch with her. Once we were seated at the restaurant, she hesitantly asked me more questions about my marriage. I answered her questions and tried to explain as best I could.

"What has James' reaction been?"

"Surprisingly, he really hasn't mentioned it. I thought he would have a lot of questions about you and Mark."

As we finished lunch, I invited her to Mark's 51st birthday celebration in a couple weeks.

When Sarah & James arrived for Mark's birthday party we met them at the door and both seemed surprised at Mark's nudity. I motioned towards Mark and said, "It's his birthday, so he's in his birthday suit. Well that and his Jailbird."

Even though they'd seen it last time, Sarah still seemed intrigued by it and stared at Mark's crotch. James looked away and tried to seem interested in our couch.

Mark took their jackets and Sarah's purse, hanging them in the hall closet.

I motioned Sarah to the couch and she sat. James hesitated before sitting beside her. "Since it was Mark's birthday I didn't make him cook. I sent him out for takeout. He'll be serving it shortly."

"Sarah, would you mind if James got us some wine? Mark's in the kitchen and can show him where everything is."


James got up and returned with four glasses and a bottle of pino on a tray. He poured and served us ladies, then after he poured the third glass I told him to hold off on Mark's glass.

In a few minutes, Mark came down and said, "Dinner is served." I motioned for Sarah and James to follow Mark, then set my glass on the tray with the empty and carried it up, following everyone to the dining room table. While Mark was getting them seated, I took the empty wine glass from the tray and went to the bathroom, returning with a full glass, with only a little bit of foam. When I returned I handed it to Mark, I think only Sarah noticed.

Once we were seated, I raised my glass and toasted, "To Mark's 51st Birthday. Cheers!" We all took a sip and I think I saw Sarah watching Mark out of the corner of her eye. Mark had taken a sip and licked his lips slightly after.

After dinner I told Mark to finish cleaning up before we celebrated. James got up to assist.

Sarah excused herself to go to the bathroom. I picked up Mark's almost empty glass and said, "Here, take this with you." She smiled, taking the glass from my hand. When she returned, we both smiled as she set the foamy glass back at Mark's spot at the table.

"When one of you gets a chance, can you refill our wine?" I said towards the men cleaning up. James returned and emptied the remainder of the bottle in Sarah's and mine glasses. "There's another bottle in the fridge, why don't you open it and refill yours. Looks like Mark has to catch up." If James noticed the foam in Mark's glass, he didn't mention it.

Sarah had the most interesting grin, a cross between "the cat that ate the canary" and pure devilish pleasure.

James was finishing opening the bottle and pouring himself another glass when Mark returned. I motioned towards Mark's glass and said, "Dear it looks like you've got some catching up to do. ***** up and let's get things setup for your celebration."

Mark picked up the glass, looking at me. I pointed my eyes at Sarah so he would know. "Bottoms Up," he said then drank it down. Sarah stared in amazement.

"You two can continue to enjoy your wine. I'll let you know when we're ready," James said setting down the empty glass. By this time Sarah and James seemed to have accepted Mark's nudity and I thought the wine would ease their inhibitions. I had told Sarah about how I was planning to celebrate, over lunch, but James didn't have a clue. Plus there were a few things I hadn't mentioned to her like the wine for Mark, but after she coyly refilled his glass I thought she could handle everything.

For spanking and strap-on play I restrain Mark against the side of the bed. One leg stretched to the front bed leg, one to the back bed leg on the same side. He bends over the bed and stretches his arms to the legs on the other side. Cuffs attach his wrists and ankles to the bed legs. This puts his ass at just the right height and position for spanking or pegging!

Mark is accustom to this position and it didn't take me long to walk around the bed and get him tied securely. Once he was secure I went back out to get Sarah and James. Both seemed a little surprised when they saw Mark tied to the bed. "Since it's his birthday, he gets a birthday spanking. Have a seat and enjoy the celebration. Since he turned 51, he gets 51 strokes."

I picked up my old sorority paddle and caressed it slightly. While the paddle was never used for paddling while I was in the sorority, only a symbol. I always thought it was fitting that he was getting paddled by a sorority paddle. After one trial swing I began paddling.
"One Mistress."
"Two Mistress."
Mark counted between strokes until he reached, "51 Mistress."

"Your turn," I said as I handed the paddle to Sarah.

"I'm not sure about this."

"It's only fitting, you're left handed. I only used his right cheek, you need to take care of his left one."

James looked at me as if questioning if he would get a turn. I looked at him squarely and said, "Only women get to participate, you can only watch."

"Sarah took the paddle and began hesitantly."

"One Mistress Sarah."
"Two Mistress Sarah."

When she was almost done, I slipped into the bathroom and got ready for stage two. Just as she was finishing her last stroke, I walked out of the bathroom with my skirt hanging off my 10" Feeldoe. I thought James' eyes were going to pop out of his head. Sarah seemed a bit surprised to as she stepped aside to give me access to Mark's ass. I inserted the syringe filled with lube and a tip from XXX into his ass. After the lube, I placed the Feeldoe at his back door and began to slowly insert it.

"One Mistress."

I made sure to fully remove the Feeldoe from his ass before starting to reinsert. That way Mark felt me penetrate his sphincter with each stroke.

When I finished the 51 strokes, I looked at Sarah and said, "If you had brought your strap-on. You could give him 51 birthday strokes too."

"I don't have a strap-on, yet."

"Well when you get one, bring it over."

I thought the spanking and pegging would get Sarah horny and we had talked about stage three. I told Sarah, "You're welcome to the bedroom down the hall on the right. Don't take too long and hurry back when you're through."

While Sarah and James left for the spare bedroom, I released Mark from the restraints at the side of the bed. Mark removed the cover from the long narrow bench at the foot of the bed. Squatting on the bed in the female superior position, was never comfortable to me. When we were first getting started, we had used a heavy duty coffee table, switched to a piano bench and later a weight bench. All of them worked but each had their faults so I had Mark make a bench of the perfect dimensions. Woodworking has been of hobby of his and I always enjoy the thought of him working on something he knew will be used on him.

It's only about a foot wide and about two feet high, too short for strap-on play, hence why I had tied him to bed before.

With Mark on his back, an ankle velcro strapped to each leg and his hands cuffed behind his back under the bench, I worked the Feeldoe back into his ass. Mark had said once that he couldn't seem to orgasam as strong with something in his ass. I thought he should enjoy it, but not too much. Once he was secure, I removed the key from around my neck and removed his cage. I stroked him to full erection, then put the blindfold over his eyes.

Sarah had worn a short dress this time, rather than shorts like last and I was pretty sure they hadn't gotten undressed in the guest room. When Sarah and James returned from the guest room, Sarah had one hand under the front hem of her dress and I motioned towards Mark. "Here's your birthday present from Sarah and James." I had asked her if she was OK, with Mark cleaning her up and she said she didn't know how James would react to it, but she was game. She's a little shorter than me, but Mark's face was close enough to the right height for her to back up and sit down.

I watched Jame's expression as he followed Sarah into the bedroom, then watched as she sat on on Mark's face and started grinding her filled pussy on to his face. I'd wanted James to see his wife getting pleasured by another man's tongue and thought that since he's just gotten off, it would be easier for him to accept it.

The end of the bench has a projection to hold his head. That way I can easily move up from riding his cock, to riding his tongue.

As Mark started sucking on her pussy, I could see Sarah's eyes roll back in her head as she arched her back in orgasm. Looking over at James, the look on his face was priceless, confusion and awe.

"As you lick, think about James cock having just been where your tongue is, depositing the cum that you now sucking out of Sarah's pussy," I said to Mark. Sarah's eyes flew open and she stared right at me like she couldn't believe what I had just said. James seemed oblivious to what I had said, but was watching Sarah come.

After she got off a couple times and seemed satisfied, gingerly she lifted herself off Marks's face and sat back down beside James. I stood up and walked over to Mark. "What do you say?"

"Thank you Mistress Sarah for giving me your truly exquisite gift." He paused a moment, "and thank you James for helping prepare it for her."

"Very good." And speaking more to Sarah and James like a college professor, "As you know we're celebrating Mark's 51st birthday. Since he spends most of his time in chastity, I don't ever want him to forget what he's missing out on, so once a year, I have sex with him. Tonight is that night."

With that I stepped over him, keeping myself covered with my skirt from James and inserted him into me. I admit I did tease abit and even had to reach back under my skirt and put him back in when he slipped out. But in less than ten strokes he was starting to come and I sat down fully making sure he came deep inside.

As Mark's orgasm subsided, I said, "Too bad you didn't get to 51 stokes! Well at least I didn't have to tolerate it very long. No it's time to do your duty." With that I reached under my skirt and pinched my labia together, while I waddled up and sat on his face. It was my turn to orgasm. I may have been a bit over the top, Sarah and James just watched in amazement.

"As you lick your come out of my pussy, think about how many cocks have been inside of it, where you tongue now is. Try to imagine how many of them there have been, how the big ones stretch me so much more than you ever could, how they came deep inside of me and how many tongues before, have also been where your tongue is now." Sarah and James seemed surprised by mesmerized by what I was telling Mark.

When I was done I looked at Sarah and said, "You're welcome to use the bedroom again. I need to let Mark loose so he can finish cleaning up in here, then we can have a nightcap."


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Excellent work. Keep going please.


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Excellent work. Keep going please.

I can only echo what blue179 has said - really excellent.


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wow, very nice . . .


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Any more installments?


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Sorry it's been so long but since there haven't been a lot of new stories, I thought I'd continue with this one.

Part Three

"I have something to ask you. James was complaining that since Mark got to lick me, he wants to be able to lick you." Sarah told me over lunch, the week after Mark's birthday party.

"Are you OK with letting him lick me?"

"I think so, it was so hot that you made Mark lick me as part of his Birthday present. But I didn't know how you felt about James returning the favor?"

"I seldom turn down getting licked, and I think I can help you further James training. If James wants to eat me, like Mark got to do to you, then he has to follow some of the same rules. First he has to be in chastity for a week prior, and I get to hold the key. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that you might feel sorry for him and let him out. It's absolutely critical that he be super horny. Second it's up to you if he gets paddled and straponed. Third he has to be blindfolded, naked and tied to the bench, just like Mark. And last, don't ruin the surprise for him, but he'll be licking come out of me, just like Mark did with you."

"What will Mark say about James licking you?"

"Mark certainly has absolutely no say over me. I do as I please."

"I can screw any man I want, any time I want, without Mark's consent, without prior notice, and without any concern for his opinion." I stated defiantly.

"What about licking come out of you, I thought you only let Mark have sex with you once a year?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, it won't be Mark's come inside of me, but don't ruin the surprise for James." Sarah looked confused.

"It's entirely up to you if you want to him get off after he cleans me up. On one hand it would be a reward for what he just did, on the other, I find men far more agreeable when they're horny. If you get a man horny enough, he'll agree to anything, strap-on, cuckolding, etc. Keeping him horny, until at least the next day, seems to reinforce his ********** and makes him much less likely to regret what's happened. Either way, he needs to lick you off to reinforce his place and ensure he understands it's about your pleasure, not mine or his. Having him clean up after his orgasm is an important part of his training. First, it brings him back to an obedient mindset just moments after his "release". Second, it reinforces the role reversal, men expect a woman to eat come and now you're making him do it."

"I'm kind of surprised he made this request so soon, he's obviously more submissive that I originally thought. After this, he'll be putty in your hands."

"I don't understand a lot of what you just said, but so far I'm having fun and willing to follow your lead." Sarah said as we were finishing lunch.

We decided to get to get back together the weekend after and give James his wish. But first Sarah had to get a Jailbird and put it on James.

I helped her order it on line and James seemed to accept it as a requirement for his chance at tasting my pussy, even though he didn't know it would be filled with come.

When they arrived at our place, Mark took Sarah's coat as usual and I told Sarah, "Like we talked, he needs to strip." James seemed humiliated and a little surprised, but compliantly started getting undressed. I told him to fold his clothes and leave them beside the door.

James seemed a little bashful about being naked in front of me, but I complemented him by telling Sarah, "James is becoming just like Mark, proud and unafraid to be naked in front of clothed women."

Mark returned with two glasses of wine handing them to Sarah and I. I told Mark, "You and James can each have a glass." Mark returned to the kitchen to get two more glasses.

After the boys served dinner and while they were cleaning up, Sarah and I adjourned to the couch for more wine. While talking on the couch, I got a text. I quickly responded and told Mark to get James ready on the bench. Sarah had decided that James wasn't ready for spanking or a strap-on so he'd get tied to the bench.

Mark returned after a few minutes and said James was secured. Sarah and I followed him back to the master bedroom. James was on his back on the bench, ankles strapped to two of the bench legs, hands cuffed under the bench, blindfolded and cock still imprisoned in his Jailbird. Checking Mark's work I told him to get a towel, some lube and gloves for Sarah.

"While Mark and I take care of things in the bedroom, why don't you slip the towel under James, put a glove on and start loosing him up with your fingers."

"Do what?" James exclaimed.

I put my hand over his mouth while commanding, "James, Sarah and I are in charge. If we want you to talk, we'll ask you a question. Now be quiet or I'll have Mark gag you." He didn't resist. While Sarah got things ready, Mark and I left the room.

After awhile, I swaggered back into the bedroom with one hand between my legs, two fingers holding my labia lips together, making sure nothing leaked out. Sarah was still fingering him. I walked up to him, turned, backed up to him, raised up on tip toes and sat myself on his face.

Sarah told him just what I had told her to. "Here you go James, lick it all up, just like Mark did to me."

When I felt his tongue between my fingers, I spread my fingers and let his tongue enter my fresh fucked, dripping cunt. James may have been surprised, but he started swallowing.

"God," I moaned, "hardly anything beats getting the come licked out of you after a good fucking. The only thing better than having a load of come licked out of you, is getting your clit licked while a huge stud is putting it there! Then getting the come licked out of you."

Mark walked back into the room as I said, "God Mark, I remember the first time you did that? It's still mind blowing every time you do it."

After perhaps ten minutes and two orgasms, I was pretty sure the majority of the cum was out of me and in James. "Sarah, your turn." I said as I raised back up on tip toes and moved off James. Sarah had to stop and slip off her panties, I told Mark to look away so she'd be more comfortable. I slipped back into my dress then removed the blindfold before Sarah moved up to sit on her husbands face.

Watching Sarah wriggle on James face, I felt things were progressing well.


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I'm so pleased you've decided to continue with this story - it's a classic of its kind. Superbly written, and erotic in the extreme. Some more please, and soon!


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Me too; excellent; more please!


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Keep going with this. You have a good story going and we would love to see where it ends up.


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While kennyboy82, randyadrian and Jbozz seem to be the only ones interested and I haven't had any suggestions, I've decided to post another part.

Part four

Sarah had decided to let James screw her, I'm pretty sure she was feeling sorry for him. So while James remained tied to the bench, with Sarah on his face, I
unfastened the necklace with the two keys from my neck and handed them to Mark. "When you have it off, get some numbing cream and a condom."

While Sarah continued wriggle on James's face, Mark replaced the necklace around my neck. Mark then set to work stoking James hard while applying the numbing cream to his erection and then a condom.

"I think I'm ready for some cock now," Sarah said.

"OK, just step forward off his face and turn around. Step up beside him and if you you've ever ridden a horse before, just swing your leg over and straddle him."

"But I'm facing the wrong way and we don't need a condom, I'm on the pill."

"Don't worry, this will be better and I'll show you why," I told her as she got in position and slipped James inside her.

After starting to ride James for abit, she asked, "What were you going to show me?"

"Mark, show Sarah what you were doing earlier."

Without hesitation, Mark positioned himself to where he could lick Sarah's slit while James cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. In spite of James's extremely horny condition, the numbing cream kept James from getting off while the stimulation of Sarah, kept him hard.

"Oh my god! Now understand I what you mean, this is outrageous. I'm coming!" Sarah's speech was incoherent as she moaned and gasped.

Thanks to a lot of practice, Mark kept up his work in spite of Sarah's gyrations. Sarah must have gotten off three times in rapid succession or gone continuous before she gasped, "I need a breather, it's too sensitive down then," and started sliding off James.

Putting my hand on her shoulder, I said, "Why don't you scoot backward and have James rim you while you recover and get your second wind. You'll have to swing your leg around each of his shoulders seperately. Now spread your cheeks with your hands and lean forward a little if you have to. James lick her back there just like you do up front, but try to get as much of your tongue inside as you can. Mark, why don't you get a medium plug and some lube for James."

"My god this feels great, why hasn't anybody ever done this to me before?' Sarah asked surprised.

"Men usually need to be told what it is you like and how you like it." I said as I watched Mark lube and insert the plug in Mark's ass. If James had anything
to say about what Mark was doing, Sarah's cheeks kept us from hearing it.

"Work it in and out abit when it get it in," I told Mark quietly. The combination of the numbing cream and plug had my desired effect and James was soon
getting limp and barely at half mast.

After quite a few minutes, Sarah said, "OK, I'm ready for some more cock." Looking down at Jame's limp erection, "What happened, did you get off?" she asked in disbelief. James must have been in subspace because he only mumbed something none of us could understand.

"I've got an idea, why don't you move back down on James face and I'll use a dildo on you while he licks you? It'll be just like having James do what Mark was doing, but with a dildo."

"Mark get me the long medium dildo."

Sarah seemed a little unsure, but was obviously still horny and wanted more. I helped her move into position, "Now if you lean forward, James can lick your clit."

Mark returned with the dildo and I told him to get a towel to cover James's crotch. I wanted Sarah focused entirely on herself and totally ignoring James, even if his cock was right in front of her face.

While Mark complied, I said, "Sarah move back a little and let James suck on this dildo to lubricate it for you." James hesitated a bit, then licked and sucked it timidly.

By then Mark had draped a large towel over James's midsection and I removed the dildo from James's mouth. "Sarah, lean forward, lay on James if you can. Mark, get a pillow for Sarah to rest her chest and head on. James now as I insert the dildo, use your tongue to help guide it in position."

As I started sliding the dildo in and out with as long of strokes as possible, I told James, "Keep licking her clit, run your tongue from the dildo up and over her clit and back."

"How's that feel, tell me and James what to do to make it better for you."

"It's good, not as good as before with Mark, but still good. I like the long slow strokes and James circle my clit with your tongue more and don't be afraid to suck on it."

"James will get better, he just needs more practice. And it's always better with the real thing, dildo's are only good for when the real thing isn't available."

When Sarah was completely sated, I told Mark to put James's Jailbird back on, release James and clean things up a bit.

James started to asked, "What about me?"

"If you'd been capable of maintaining a hardon, Sarah wouldn't have had to borrow my dildo," I told him sternly.

Sarah was pretty wiped out and declined a nightcap, deciding to leave as soon as James and Mark returned. She watched him intently as he picked up his clothes from beside the door and put them on.

As we stood at the door, I hugged Sarah, then told Mark to kiss her good bye. He immediately dropped to his knees and kissed the tops of her sandalled feet.

Sarah said, "James why don't you do the same." James dropped to his knees and kissed her feet as well. "No silly, I meant her feet not mine." With that he crawled over and kissed the tops of my bare feet. And with that they were out the door.


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Another great post, please keep going.


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Thanks for posting, love the story.


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Great story! It was difficult to read without cumming, but I made it. I can't wait to hear more.

My suggestion is to keep up what you're doing. I'm really enjoying this story. Thanks!


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Still a great story, keep it up!


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Can't wait for Part 2, 3, 4...


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Cannot wait for future installments. Suggest that / hope that you two Mistresses begin the feminization, sissificationand cuckolding of the two husbands. Just imagine the adventures as they learn the pleasures on seeing you totally satisfied by real men, providing service to you and your many lovers and friends and the joys of sissy play with each other.
Please continue and soon. My sissy clitty is leaking from my cage in anticipation


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Are you not going to continue this story? It would be a shame not to ...


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Great story! Love it! I like that Mark had to ***** the two women's pee. I would like to see that continue in public and also for James to have to do the same!


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Really love this story; doing it for me way more than most! Thanks
Rating: 21, 7 votes.
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Sarah & James - Part 1-4
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