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Taking me down a peg or two

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You've just started a new job at the same company as my girlfriend. On your first day there, you're introduced to her - she's in her early 30s, short dyed blonde hair and tall at 5 feet 10 inches. You notice her generously sized bust and that she is quite geeky and a bit shy. Despite that, you also notice that she's very pretty.

You find out that the two of you will be working together. You get talking and you learn that she already has a boyfriend...

The first I learn about you is when she comes home. She mentions you're a new starter and that you seem nice. She also mentions that you're quite good looking and that you're taller than her. I'm about the same height as my girlfriend so I read into that that you're taller than me... I think nothing more of it although her telling me you're good looking gives me a brief pang of jealousy.

The next day she comes home from work again as usual. She seems quite cheerful and your name comes up in conversation again. She mentions that you're quite sporty and have a muscular body. She tells me she couldn't help noticing your arms. I feel that pang of jealousy again.

The next day is the same. She comes home and I notice she smiles every time she mentions your name... and she mentions your name a lot. She talks about all the stuff you said and did that day. I feel my stomach starting to knot and notice my hands are getting a bit shakey. I tell myself that it's good she's getting on well with you - it's better to be getting on with a work colleague than hating them.

That following morning, she comes down the stairs, ready for work and I notice some differences about her. My girlfriend normally dresses quite conservatively for work. Very often wearing trousers but today she has a skirt on. It's a skirt that goes just below her knees and she's wearing skin coloured tights but I also notice she has makeup on... just subtle but noticeable.

This becomes her standard for the next couple of days. The weekend passes and your name comes up more times in conversation than I like.

At the start of the next week, I receive another surprise. My girlfriend comes down the stairs and I notice that her skirt is now above her knees. Her legs are bare and the top button of her blouse is undone. She's also wearing heels. She steps off the bottom step and I notice that I have to look up at my girlfriend.

"Er... wow!" I remark.

She giggles and tells me that you've told her that she should wear heels to bring her nearer to your height. That familiar twisting sensation of jealousy comes back.

When she comes home that evening she talks about you again. In fact, she talks about little else. I can feel myself getting annoyed. I don't want to look like the jealous boyfriend so bite my lip...

The next morning she comes down the stairs again and my jaw drops. That skirt is shorter - almost thigh length! That blouse seems to be showing a bit of her cleavage and as she steps off the bottom step, she towers over me. Those heels have gotten higher. I look her up and down. Her bare legs seem to have gotten longer. My girlfriend looks really sexy!

"Is this for him?" My tone oozes jealousy. My stomach feels like it's being twisted right round as I imagine you taking in the sight in front of me!

She looks down at me and giggles, telling me it's for her but I see the slightly embarrassed way her face lights up at your name.

I lose my temper. Looking up at her I ask her what's going on between you and her. I point out that my sweet geeky girlfriend is changing before my eyes, her clothes are shrinking while her legs are getting longer. I tell her I'm sick of hearing about you!

The look on her face changes as she defensively replies that she thinks your cute but nothing is going on.

This is when the problem for me starts. Looking up at my girlfriend, dressed sexy I feel strange. I feel small and weak. I feel like a jealous kid who has a crush on older woman but is spoken for by another guy. As we argue, me looking up at her and her looking down, this has an unexpected affect... My girlfriend looks stressed and is mid sentence:

"How many ways can I say? I'm not... not..." Her eyes look away from my face, looking down further.

I follow her gaze and look down. I notice it almost immediately. There, in my trousers, is a bulge. Stretching out the material, it's unmissable. I swallow hard looking down at it and there's uncomfortable silence as we can both see my cock is hard.

I have the hardest, most throbbing erection I've had since I can remember. My heart is pounding, my lips feel dry and I can feel my palms sweating through my clenched fists.

My girlfriend breaks the silence:

"Uh... is that what I think it is? What's happening to you?" She asks, her tone of voice sounds as confused by this as I am.

"I... I..." I stammer. Why am I hard? I don't understand!

"Are... are you getting hard over the thought of me with another guy?" She asks...

To be continued!


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The awkward silence returns. I can feel my face burning bright red. I look up at my girlfriend and I feel a flood of emotions.

I feel the jealousy of the thought of you and her. I've never seen you but I know you're tall, muscular and handsome. I picture you in my head, your eyes enjoying my girlfriend's long, shapely legs... having a nice peak at her cleavage... and I feel helpless. There's nothing I can do.

I feel my trousers tightening again... what the heck is going on?

On top of that, as I look up at my girlfriend I feel like a kid. It's not just the difference in our heights, I feel like I'm acting ******** and that it's somehow making her out of my reach. I feel like I'm somehow no longer on the same level as her... like she's out of my reach...

I also feel like I've over reacted. So what if she mentioned you a few times? Maybe I've exagerrated this in my head. Being the jealous little boyfriend at watching my girlfriend almost literally growing with confidence.

I was so used to her saying what an awesome boyfriend I was and enjoying her attention that this turnaround felt strange. I didn't like feeling little, weak and helpless... but at the same time... as I felt my cock throb at these thoughts... something on me did kind of like it!

My girlfriend's red and confused face made me feel bad. I start to convince myself that I was being the bad guy here. Her eyes dart from my face to that bulge in my trousers and back.

"I... I... no..." I say, "No... no... that doesn't... I wouldn't want..." I start saying the words but I realise they don't sound convincing.

My erection starts to go down. I feel myself calming down. My anger simmering down into sheepishness.

"Ok... well, we'll discuss it further tonight." She says, awkwardly kissing me on the forehead before leaving for work. I watch those shapely legs disappear out of the door.

I go to work myself but the whole day is a blur for me. Like I'm not quite there. I think back to that morning, to thoughts of you and my girlfriend. I tell myself a man does not tolerate this. I convince myself that I'll go home tonight and tell my girlfriend that she is not to mention you again. She is to dress the way she always has and then I'll show her who is in charge by having her go down on me and suck me off. You'll become irrelevant as she is only interested in me! But that thought of her being with you keeps popping back into my head. Those feelings of helplessness in the situation, of becoming the wimpy little boyfriend sitting at home while my girlfriend is with you and you're... These feelings are intoxicating... As I feel the tightening in my trousers again it dawns on me that I am turned on by these thoughts. I'm getting off on these ideas!

To be continued...


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Various thoughts and ideas float around in my mind for the rest of the day. At one stage, I consider sending my girlfriend a text message asking her about you and her. I briefly consider telling her to go for it with you... whatever 'it' is!

Eventually I get myself to calm down a bit. I start to consider the realities of my thoughts. This could go wrong. I could say go for it and my girlfriend might think I've lost interest in her. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, as weird as it feels to admit to myself... my interest in her has increased. I start to feel like a freak. How could I be thinking these things?

Later in the day I get a text message from my girlfriend.

"I've been an idiot" it says, "let's talk about what happened this morning when I get home".

I reply back:

"No I've been an idiot. But let's talk."

That evening, my girlfriend comes home. I notice she still looks sexy but she slips the heels off at the door and brings herself back down to my size.

At first the conversation is awkward. Just small talk between me and her. Comments on the weather, something I saw on TV the other day... but a burning part of me wants to turn the subject to you. The very thing I would have done just about anything to never hear about again, just a day or two ago!

After dinner we cuddle up on the couch. It's nice having her near and holding her again. I start to feel like those thoughts I was having were stupid. I'm a lucky guy! Why would I want that to change?

We half watch TV for a bit when she turns around and brings her face to mine. We start to kiss.

"So..." she says between kisses, "about this morning..."

To be continued...


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Sorry about the typos - I'm doing this on a mobile! lol


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You're doing great!! Keep going please. Got me hard in anticipation.


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"Yes..." I start, "I thought about I and --"

She interrupts me me by placing her finger on my lips.

"Let me just say --" she starts but I interrupt her again:

"No, I think I should go first because --"

She pushes her finger hard against my lips so I stop.

"See, this is kind of what was going through my head this morning..." She repositioned herself so she was sitting astride me. She drew herself up so she was looking down at me and pulled her finger away from lips.

"I love you lots, don't get me wrong" she continues, "but you take charge of things so often. I mean, I do kind of like that about you but... well, over the last few days I feel like I've been taking charge... and this morning... this morning... I felt like I took complete charge of you."

I blink hard. This isn't quite what I was expecting to hear!

"It was weird..." She says, still looking down at me "but you just suddenly seemed to lose all control. It was as if I somehow reduced you. The heels made me taller but it was more than that. You just seemed to lose all power and I felt like I took it from you! I know this doesn't make sense..." Her words tail off, like she suddenly loses confidence in what she's saying.

"No... no, it does make sense... I felt it too..." I reply.

"I knew it!" She says, her face lighting up. "I knew it! I think deep down you liked what happened!"

"Well... I don't know..." I start, but I know that's not true. I feel my heart start to speed up a bit...

"So was it that power shift... or was it the thought of me with this other guy?" She asked, before I can answer she carries on. "Because I haven't done anything. I haven't cheated but I've never seen you that jealous... or get hard like that!"

I try and respond but I'm tied in knots. This is all so strange and yet exciting to me.

"It was so weird this morning. You were getting angry yet I had the control... I found that so... arousing... I 've been thinking about that all day." She muses.

"Yes... yes... me too..." I say, awkwardly.

"Ok so..." She says, placing her hands on my chest. "Tell me what to do. Shall I carry on like this? Would you like a big sexy girlfriend or shall I go back to regular old me? Which do you want?"

I know this is it. I can put a stop to this right now. But there's something in me, a voice that wants me to tell her to carry on. I know that it will mean me losing control completely and our relationship changing. I'd have no idea what would happen or where it would go though!

I decide there and then. I want things to go back to how they were. So I open my mouth and say:

"I want you to carry on like you have been."

Wait... what did I just say? My heart thumped in my head. What was I doing?

A slightly wicked expression comes across my girlfriend's face.

"So be it then." She says. We can both feel the growing bump in my trousers.


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The next morning I wake up and my girlfriend isn't there in the bed next to me. That's a bit unusual as she usually gets up about the same time and I hadn't noticed her getting up.

I go downstairs and she's not around. It looks like she has already left! I'm puzzled but pick my phone up off the kitchen counter, where I left it charging before I went to bed last night.

I see I have a text message from her. I open it and it reads:

"I have a lot to do today so have made an early start. I'll txt you later. x"

Was this to do with what we had discussed last night? It was very weird.

On the journey to work I think over what this could mean. When I arrive I get my phone out and decide to text back. I write:

"Missed you this morning..." I then ask her whether this is to do with you. I ask her how are you figuring into this thing?

That morning I keep checking my phone every few minutes. I seem to get messages and updates from everything and everyone in the world - except my girlfriend. I start to get anxious. What have I started here? Have I let my cock get me to do something I'm going to regret?

Then, a few minutes before lunch, a message comes in - it's from her.

"Ok well something strange is happening." She says.

I frown. What is that supposed to mean?

I reply back with:

"How do you mean? Are you ok?"

A minute or two later I get a response.

"Oh I'm fine. But something is happening to me..." She replied.

My heart and my head start to pound. I feel my cock starting to swell... Another text comes in.

"It's my clothes... they seem to be... shrinking... ;)"

I feel that intoxicating feeling washing over me again as I think I know where this is going...

To be continued!


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bye all means continue


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Great.. Shrinking ?


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I love this!
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Good keep going.


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I'm back! Sorry for the delay - I've been heavily involved in a charity project so haven't had much time!

Anyway, excuses aside - let's pick up where I left off...


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I text my girlfriend back...

"Shrinking? How do you mean?"

It seems like an age before I get a reply back.

She tells me that that skirt of hers has gotten shorter and that her blouse feels tighter. She teases me telling me that it's strange and that it seems to correlate with the amount of time she sees you. The longer she sees you - the smaller her clothes get!

I take it she has picked up a shorter skirt and more revealing a blouse at some point. I guess that's why she was gone early this morning!

Then I start to feel the familiar feelings of jealousy and the tightening in my trousers again... So you're getting to see my girlfriend in something that I haven't seen her in! I picture her standing over a photocopier, deliberately leaning forward in her high heels, allowing you to slowly move your gaze up her sexy legs.

I wonder to myself what the dress code is in that office! Surely she can't dress too revealingly... on the other hand, I remembered my girlfriend saying how male dominated that office is. Like any guy would complain about having a sight like her about the office!


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I can feel my heart thumping and my cock throbbing.

"Relax", I tell myself, "She's just teasing you."

But my mind was burning with curiosity. My imagination kept veering from her walking around the office, looking sexy and confident, smiling and winking suggestively at all the guys that were no doubt undressing her with their minds to thinking that she was probably deliberately exaggerating this - she was probably dressed just the same as yesterday... That thought didn't comfort me or soften my erection!

I realise that this is probably all part of what she was upto. Playing me. Making me experience these feelings, this weird mix of jealousy, frustration and arousal. My girlfriend was smart... but was she as smart as that? I think it over and find that thought of her being to manipulate me this way, even more exciting!


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Glad ur back. Enjoying it


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Various scenarios play through my head. I imagine her, back at that photocopier. You coming up behind her, running your hands up those legs...

I can't believe I'm picturing stuff like that and getting off on it! This can't be normal. Other guys would be mortified and do something!

I decide I'm going to text her back. But how do I play this? What do I say?

Part of me is tempted to just send a message and tell her I've changed my mind. This is too much. But then I'd be lying! I mull it over for what seems like ages but is in fact just a couple of minutes.

I decide I'm going to play along. The thought of being the helpless little boyfriend causes a throb that reminds me just how much I get off on the idea.

I swallow hard and start tapping letters on my phone. My hands are trembling so much that I keep making typos.

Then I reach the end and delete the whole thing. This is crazy! What am I doing?

Then I rinse and repeat. I read the message back.

"Maybe you'd better find a cardigan or something to cover up? Wouldn't want you to get cold."

God, that sounds so pathetic! Like I'm daft enough to believe somehow her clothes have magically shrunk due to her being around you and I'm being such a wimp that I don't think about you eyeing her up but that she must be cold! I love it. I hit send...


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This is developing into a great story


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I try and get on with doing some work. I'm so busy texting and thinking about all of this that I haven't got anything done! Not only that, but I'm sat at my desk with a raging hardon! If someone suddenly comes along and asks to me look at something, I could have a real problem!

I decide to try and put it out of my mind for a bit. Easier said than done!

I open up a spreadsheet on my PC and try to at least look like I'm doing something. My eyes keep darting to my phone there on the desk. No sign of a reply! I start typing - complete nonsense - but at least it looks a little bit better than constantly texting. I couldn't concentrate on anything anyway. There's too much going on in my mind about you and my girlfriend!

At last, after what feels like ages - but is in fact about 4 minutes - my phone buzzes and I see a new message.

I pick up my phone, still feeling trembly. I haven't felt this turned on in years! I open up the message:

"Aww. That's very sweet of you. x"

That's it? I'm just wondering what to make of that when another text comes in. She adds that I don't need to worry as you're making sure she stays warm.

My imagination ignites again! How are you keeping her warm? are you doing something to her right there in the office? Are you even both in the office? Or have you taken her somewhere? No... that's silly. I'm tempted to just ask how you're doing that... but then I think about it further. Would the little boyfriend ask that? Why was I so turned on about playing that role?

I think for a minute or two. I desperately want to get more but there's something inexplicably delicious about slipping into the role of the innocent guy that doesn't realise his hot girlfriend is playing around!

My hands still shaking, I start typing a message on my phone.

"So he's given you a cardigan then? That's really nice of him."

God, that sounds lame! I think about deleting it. It makes even me cringe at the thought of her getting that. I think for a moment and then send it anyway.

I'm just trying to compose myself and to actually start doing some work when my phone buzzes again. That was quick this time!

"I'm sat near him now."


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"I'm sat near him now."?


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Please continue- This is developing into a great story!


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Love this story! Please continue


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I'm with Brainbox. Please continue.
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Hey all - so sorry for the delay with following this up! Work and life have gotten in the way again a bit but I'm hoping to post a continuation next week, a little Christmas present for you all!


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Looking forward to it.
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This is a great story!


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A few seconds later another buzz comes from my phone. My palms are sweaty and my hands shaking and I hit the wrong button on my phone a couple of times, swearing under my breath, I try again and again until I finally get to see the text.

"I seem to get warmer the nearer I get to him. Funny that. "

All kinds of images are dancing through my mind. My lovely girlfriend, sat next to you at work. Getting herself all worked up just by being sat near you! And me - all these miles away, frustrated, turned on and even a bit scared. Feeling so weak and helpless!

I start trying to think of something clever to say in reply but before I can even get typing, she sends me another message.

"Have to go now. He needs my attention now. Talk later xx"

You need my girlfriend's attention? In what way? Is something happening now? Or is my girlfriend just referring to work? I want to reply back and ask her to explain more... but I know I'm getting off on this. As fucked up as that sounds, I'm enjoying being the little boyfriend!

I don't hear from her for the rest of the day. Work seems to drag on forever and I get hardly anything done. My mind is on you and my girlfriend and, as much as I try, I can't concentrate on anything else. My mind keeps running through all the different possibilities. Maybe she has her hand under the desk, craftily jerking you off as you work. Or maybe she's under the desk, sucking you off. Or maybe the two of you sneak off together...

Finally, the end of the working day comes. I don't think I've ever left work so fast!

I arrive home just before my girlfriend - in fact a few minutes sooner than I normally do! I guess all that frustration gave me a bit more energy. I keep checking the time. Will she be home as usual or is she going to stay behind? I check my phone for what feels like the thousandth time since I got home. There are still no messages. As those ideas float in and out of my mind, I feel my trousers tightening.

Finally, I hear the door open and my girlfriend steps in. She's carrying her work bags and a bag of groceries. I guess that was why she was a bit late although usually she tells me if she's stopping off at the shops on the way home. I find myself wondering whether she's being cunning and had done that to make herself be a few minutes late and maximise my frustration...

Those thoughts evaporate from my mind as she takes her long grey coat off. She has those heels on - the ones that make her taller than me. She may be saying something when that coat comes off but I don't hear as I see what she is wearing underneath.

My eyes nearly pop out and my jaw nearly hits the floor! Her skirt is shorter than the one she wore before - her legs bare but unbelievably sexy and shapely. She always had nice legs but now they looked amazing! I swallow hard as I can't resist tracing my way up them with my eyes.

Her blouse is a bit more conservative although a couple of buttons are undone, revealing a nice hint of cleavage.

Catching the stunned look on my face, she grins cheekily and says:

"Aww" in a slightly condescending tone before leaning forward to kiss me.

I instinctively pucker my lips as she kisses me... on the forehead.

"You... you went to work..." I pause, checking out those legs again! "Like that?"

She giggles and tells me that she'd gone shopping during the day with your permission. Apparently they had customers in and her dressing like that was good for morale as well as pleasing for them to see. I'll bet!

"Well, I didn't get any complaints." She teases.

"But... but that skirt..."

I guess that was what she'd meant about her clothes shrinking! I bet you'd spent all day eying that body up while I'd been at work having to make do with teasing texts! I feel a tightening in my stomach at the thought.

"Oh really." She says, placing her hands on her hips and looking down at me in mock indignation, "well if you're going to be such a prude then I guess I'll have to wear more conservative clothes around you.

"No, no... I... what?" I stammer.

She then explains it to me. To avoid 'offending my sensibilities' she'll make sure she covers up around me whilst wearing her 'uniform', as she called it, in the office where it was much more appreciated. Her eyes dart down to my crotch to see if this one sided proposal is getting the desired response.

"Wait..." I stammer, realising how pathetic I'm sounding.

I look down and see a throbbing hard on pushing at my trousers. What the hell was wrong with me? I was getting excited at the thought of you getting to see my girlfriend in this sexy state every day while I'd be lucky if I saw an ankle at this rate!

"Very well." She said, winking at me before pushing past into the kitchen.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her! I wanted to ask her a million things about today - most of all what had actually happened.

Obviously sensing what I wanted to ask, she deliberately starts to talk about the shop she'd visited. What the weather was like today. What was on TV this evening.

I want to explode (in more ways than one) but I'm just too damn shy to ask. Shy! In front of my own girlfriend. I feel like such a wimp! None of this is lost on her, of course, and I pick up on those little hints that tell me that she's getting off on seeing me reduced to this powerless state.

Finally, my own arousal just gets the better of me.

"So... what happened this afternoon?" I ask.

"This afternoon?" She asks, playing coy.

She giggles, clearly seeing the struggle on my face. I guess she suddenly decided she'd drank enough in my frustration and helplessness as she told me she spent the afternoon with you.

She then describes you, how tall and powerful you are and how she feels so hot and flustered around you. She tells me that she felt so sexy in her short skirt - like she was almost naked but not quite.

"Mmm..." She moaned, closing her eyes as if picturing you right in that moment, "sooo arousing..."

She opens her eyes again and then looks at me. My cock is absolutely throbbing - it feels like it could burst out at any second. This doesn't go unnoticed by her and she brings herself closer until she's standing right in front of me, I have to look up into her eyes. My head is absolutely swimming with all of these thoughts - I'm so turned on, I feel like I'm almost ***** with arousal!

She lowers her voice, looks down into my eyes and says:

"Would you like some help with that?"

Almost automatically, I respond "yes... please..." except rather than sounding like a sexy response to a sexy question, it sounds more like I'm begging. Which I guess I am. I need release so badly. I can't remember the last time I felt like this.

Stooping a bit, she unzips my flies and pulls out my throbbing cock. Then she almost casually starts jerking it. That's when I embarrass myself. I guess having been in this state all day on and off has taken its toll as after what can only be just a few seconds, I let out a moan and thrust forward. Shooting cum out everywhere.

My girlfriend stops, sounding decided unimpressed.

"Already?" She asks, her tone slightly mocking, "That was quick even for you!"

"No... I... can't believe it..." I say, genuinely surprised at how quickly I came.

"Well..." My girlfriend says staring down at me. "Aren't you going to clean up your mess?"


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This is really a great story! I really appreciate it. I hope there's more coming.


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I can feel my face burning bright red. I hadn't done something like that since I was much younger - and even then, I think I'd lasted longer than three strokes! I guess I've just been too excited all day but to have that happen in front of my girlfriend was mortifying!

The obvious also comes out of the fog of *********** that is my mind right now - that I had a chance to show how I compare to you... I'm pretty sure I just blew it big time (in more ways than one)!

As my cock shrinks, I feel like the rest of me could follow suit and disappear through a crack between the tiles on the kitchen floor!

My girlfriend is staring down at me - and she doesn't look amused.

"Well?" She asks.

"Uhh... I'm not sure what you want me to do..." I reply.

"Well, for starters I want you to clean YOUR mess up. Look at it! It's everywhere!"

I look around. She's right. Although I only lasted seconds, I seem to have managed to shoot my load over an impressive distance. It's all over the floor, on some of the kitchen units... and then I spot it's also over my girlfriend's shoes and on her legs.

I start looking around for the kitchen roll when my girlfriend stops me.

"Look at your clothes!" She stays sternly and points to the mess I've made all over myself too.

I look up at her, sheepishly. Standing over me, she places her hands back on her hips, looking down at me she says just one word:

"Strip." She orders.

"But I..." I start to protest but realise it's useless.

I remove my socks, my trousers and my shirt.

"All of it." She says, pointing to my boxers.

"But... but..." I start again.

"There's no need to be shy," she snorts as I reluctantly slide my boxers down, "I've seen it before."

"And your watch too." She says.

I take my watch off, leaving me completely naked.

I can see amusement on her face. I must look like a complete wimp right now. I'm starting to wonder whether this is going too far but I'm starting to feel helpless. I'm not sure I could change the course of all of this now, even if I want to!

"You can scrub the floor using your boxers. I want this kitchen absolutely spotless."

"Ok..." I say.

"But you can start by cleaning your cum off of my shoe and my leg!"

I get down on my knees and pick up my boxers. I start wiping my cum off of her shoe and also give her shoe a bit of a polish to get rid of any marks left.

My girlfriend looks down at me and laughs. It isn't the cheeky laugh I'm used to. This time, it's different. It sounds more contemptuous. I'm getting a real sinking feeling now like I've opened a Pandora's box here...

I move on to her leg, wiping my mess off of there too. Her leg is so long, sexy and smooth. I find myself remembering when I could run my hands along them but I have a feeling that is going to change.

Almost reading my thoughts she says:

"You can stop now, my leg is clean. I can see that you're not mature enough to handle seeing your girlfriend dressed this way."

As she says that, she does up the buttons on her blouse. Robbing me of the sight of her cleavage.

I stay naked and kneeling at her feet, looking up at her as she continues.

"You realise things are changing for you, don't you? For us, I mean? You're in competition now. You have a rival."

She smiles down at me. I can tell she's getting off on this ***********. I've created a monster!


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Great story. I hope you keep going with it.


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Yes, Pls. continue.... Bravo !!!
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