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New Stories of BBC

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 Down to the last message
I'd like to start a post here of stories about BBC, cuckolding, creampies, etc.
They will either be written by me or I will have permission to post them here.
This first story is one my girlfriend sent me.
She put me in touch with Lisa, who has agreed to let me post it providing I make clear I did not write it.
Lisa refused to answer if it is true or fiction, so what can I say.
Since I don't even know where Lisa lives, I have no way to know one way or the other.

The story of Uncle Jay through my eyes.

My name is Lisa. Uncle Jay was not my real uncle, not by *****.
My Mom worked for him for 3 years when I was just a kid.
I guess you would call him a friend of the family, and a close friend of my Mom.
Most people just called him Unk.
I never met my real Dad, he died in a car crash while Mom was pregnant with me.
I was born when Mom was 20 years old.
Mom's a bit chubby, light brown hair with a touch red, green eyes, 5 foot 9.
Me. I'm a shorter version of Mom at 5 foot 7.
Unk is 15 years older than Mom.
He was a small man at 5 foot 5, 135 pounds.
He was the only male relative I ever had.
All my life he was always at every family function, holidays, birthdays, picnics, etc.
This next part I'll tell you is so you'll understand the man that Unk was.
When I was about 9, we were at the park at the springs.
Some woman started screaming, "Help, help, he's got my baby."
It was Unk that jumped across the picnic table, ran the man down.
Unk beat the crap out of him, hurt him bad.
So bad they took him away in an ambulance.
That was when I learned that Unk was a Vietnam Vet.
Some said Unk could **** a man with his bare hands.
Unk was also a wise man, as I grew I found that I could tell Unk about any problem I had.
And he would help me, and never judged me.
Everybody knew that Mom preffered to date black men.
She never tryed to hide it.
I never thought much of it.
One day when I was about 14, I asked Mom why Unk never seemed to have a girlfriend.
All Mom said was Unk had a small penis.
I let it go at that, not wanting to know more.
When I was 16, I started to house sit for Unk when he went on vacations and such.
My job was to feed his 2 dogs, bring in mail and keep the house clean.
Unk had unlimited long distance phone, cable TV, and cable high speed internet with the best security money could buy.
None of which I had at home.
Being pretty good on computers, I soon found Unks porn on an external hard drive.
Most of his porn was interracial, mostly black male white female.
There was some femdom stuff, one folder was black female, white male sub.
I couldn't help but wonder about a friend of Unks.
Sonya is a tall black woman about Unks age.
But the folder that intreged me most was just labled "G".
Inside was gay porn, all black tops on white bottoms.
I couldn't help going back time and time again to these videos.
These white guys with small dicks sucking BBC and taking black dick up the ass.
But that decided something for me, I was going to talk to Unk about a problem I was having.
You see I was a bit of a nerd or a geek if you want.
I had 2 close male friends I hung out with, both nerds too, one white one black.
I had begun to experament with sex a bit.
I had given both my friends blow jobs but was still a virgin.
I really liked the white guy but was sexually attracted to the black guy.
I guess mostly because the black guy's dick was much bigger.
When I talked to Unk about it, I told him everything, keeping back no details.
None of this phased Unk, he asked a few questions and I answered honestly.
First he cautioned me about safe sex.
Advised that before I decided to lose my virginity I should talk to Mom about birth control.
He said I didn't have to "go steady" with any one boy.
That's why it was called dating, maybe shop around before I decided on a boyfriend.
And there was the other thing, I told Unk the thought of watching a white guy suck a black dick.
He said if I was serious, that I might casually bring up the subject when I was alone with just those 2 boys.
If they both seemed receptive to the idea, I should mention that I'd like to watch.
But he cautioned me that if I did, I should be prepared that they both might like it.
And that it could eliminated both boys as possable boyfriend material for me.
But if that was the case, it was already the case, best to know now anyway.
Turns out Unk was right.
I casually mentioned it to them one day.
The black guy was game from the start, the white guy seemed a bit reluctent.
Yet he agreed and would let me watch.
They both got naked, and once the white guy got BBC in his mouth, he really took to it.
As he sucked his friend, his little white dick got rock hard.
And the look on his white face when his friend grabbed him by the ears and came in his mouth was so worth it.
The black guy even returned the favor but the white dick came in less than 2 minutes.
Those two are still together and still dear friends of mine.
I went off to college, still a virgin, at 18.
While at college, I found that like Mom I preferred sex with black guys.
At 22 I returned to my home town and got a job as a nurse at the local hospital.
Now as an adult, nobody seemed to hide the interracial aspect of life from me.
I started dating a black guy who sold cars at the dodge dealership.
That didn't last long so I moved on to Robert who owned his own lawn sevice.
Mom was more open about her sex life and we talked about everything.
And Unk, well I learned about him too.
Let me tell you what happened one day about a month after I moved back.
We were over at Unk's house hanging out around the pool.
Mom, Sonya, Unk, Robert and me.
A friend of Mom's, Barb, stopped by with two black men I didn't know.
We were ******** rum and cokes and things got a little wild.
Next thing I know, everybody is skinnydipping.
Sonya told Unk to take off his swim trunks.
It's true, Unk has a small penis, maybe 4 inches and as thin as my thumb.
It looked even smaller in the clear plastic chasity device Sonya kept him in.
Sonya said she would let him out of chasity once he ate a creampie.
Like I said, things were getting wild and Barb soon had a creampie for Unk.
Sonya was true to her words.
Soon Unk was walking around with the cutest little hard on.
When Mom had a creampie, Unk ate that too.
After a great fucking from Robert, Sonya told Unk to clean me too.
Unk seemed a bit nervous, then he asked me if I wanted him to eat my creampie.
I told him I'd be honored if he would but had to do me a favor first.
If he would do clean up duty on Robert I'd give him my creampie.
Sonya told Unk "Go ahead, it's not like you haven't done it before."
I watched as Unk cleaned Robert until Sonya pulled him away and put him to work on me.
And Unk is the best pussy eater I've ever know, bar none.
Over the next few years there were other parties.
For the next few years, for Unk's birthday, I'd give him his gift of a fresh creampie.
One day Unk got sick, they found out he had cancer.
The treatments made him weak and it seemed he was slowly getting worse.
His luck got worse, he had a stroke and was paralized on his left side.
He was unable to talk, comunicated his needs with a pencil and paper.
He had in home care, and I went by to visit him several times a week.
One day with Robert and I at his bed side, he tryed to say something.
Sonya gave him his pencil and tablet, he wrote B J.
I said "Unk, I'm not sucking you little white dick."
He wrote, "nt me, hm."
So right there at his bedside, about 2 feet from his face, I sucked Robert till he came in my mouth.
On the spur of the moment, I gave Unk a kiss and spit Roberts cum in his mouth.
Unk swallowed, smiled as best he could, and tryed to give me a thumbs up.
After that, Sonya got several other of Unks friends to repeat what I had done.
I did it a few more times myself, it was the least I could do for my uncle Jay who i loved.
One day, Mom and I went to visit him.
Sonya took us to his bedroom where we saw that he was with a young couple.
The man was nude and his black cock was extra huge.
Unk had just the head of that black cock in his mouth while the white girl was jacking it.
He looked up at us and seemed to smile as best he could with his mouth full.
After about 10 minutes the black guy came in Unks mouth.
We watched him try to swallow it all but some ran down his chin.
The girl used her finger to feed him what he missed.
Then Unk gave the signal he wanted his tablet.
He wrote, "Thk U".
I only saw Unk a few more times after that before we got the call from Sonya.
The funeral was huge, about 200 people signed the guest book.
I wasn't the only person to cry.
Especially when the little girl, now a young lady, who Unk saved from being abducted at the park all those years ago,
told her tale and praised him as the hero he was.
Unk, if you are out there somewhere, I just wanted to say thank you and I will never forget you.


Posts: 129
Up to the first message 
I was given permission to post this by both parties involved.
My girlfriend's ******** who is now in her early 30s has been swapping interracial porn with an older white guy she met on line. I've changed their names. She asked him a question in an e-mail and this was his reply.

Hi Sally

Sorry I didn't respond earlier but I live in Fla. and haven't had electricity since the hurricanes. Plus having some trouble with the internet.
when power came on I was cleaning out my e-mail and found yours. I almost missed it.
You asked if I was married. No I never married.
I was never very successful sexually with ladies. Hard to keep this little dick in. Always popping out.
My sex life for about the last 5 years has been with a girl now in her late 20's who comes around maybe every few months.
But we don't fuck.
She will jack me off if I eat her pussy, which I do gladly. I'll take what I can get.
I haven't seen her for a few months now. She'll come by if she wants.
When she wants.

I have had some interracial stimulation lately. Well sort of.
I know a lady about my age that I've known for years. She's just a friend but she'll talk to me about most everything.
Anyway, with in the last year she has moved into one of those housing projects with her 2 ********s (25 and 18) and her *** (14) and 4 year old grand********.
They are the only whites on her street.
She told me about some of her neighbors hitting on her.
But it's the 18 year old who has givin me my little tittalation. She's a senior in high school.
Seems she's been seeing the 25 year old boy next door.
****** and ******** are close and talk about everything including sex.
Then when I visit, Mom will tell me about her latest problems. Apparently even her ********s sex life.
Well, a month or so ago ******** came to Mom and told her she was thinking about having sex with this black neighbor.
So Mom tells her to be careful and not to get pregnant.
******** assures her she is still on the pill.
But then she say's she's a bit scared to fuck him. She's afraid it might be painful because he is much larger than the 2 whiteboys she's had.
Seems she's been giving him blowjobs but putting off fucking him because she's scared. Turned on by his size but nervous.
To hear Mom tell it she says he must be twice as long and much thicker than the white teenage boys were.
So Mom tells her to think about it and if she decides to go through with it to make out with him for a good while first so she gets good and horny. That way she will be good and moist when he puts it in.
Sounded good to me.
So to get up to date, I was over at their house a while ago.
Mom, ******** and I were outside so Mom and I could smoke a cigarette when a girl friend of the ********s who goes to school with her came by.
The girls went inside and Mom and I stayed out.
They went straight to her bedroom.
Then Mom says to me "shhhh".
Her ********s window was open and we could hear the girls talking so we shut up and listened.
The friend asked her "well, Did you fuck him?"
The answer was "yes" . I swear she was swooning.
So for about 10 minutes her mom and I listened to the details.
We didn't make a sound till they left the bedroom.
The part that sticks in my mind is when she said he had a lot of trouble getting his dick head in. And how it took several minutes to get it all in.
She said he fucked her three times that first night. And she had several orgasms each time he fucked her. And that he fucked her 4 nights in a row.
Although she can cum by masterbating she didn't cum by fucking before.
Anyway so I made a quick excuse, then drove straight home and jacked off.
Oh, she said pain was not a problem.
I'm thinking about stopping to visit them again soon.

So I hope you like what I send. Let me know if you want more.

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New Stories of BBC
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