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Katie's naughty adventures

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I've decided to create a new topic to detail the adventures I had with my now ex girlfriend, Katie when I lived in Sydney. I'll keep sharing my various real life adventures I guess as long as there is interest. Let us know if you want to hear more.

To start with I'll repost from a previous Threat "Katie takes sympathy on small dick co-worker - BIG mistake. But I'll regularly add various things that I used to get up too as well as things I made Katie get up to.

Hope you enjoy, are inspired or want to know more!


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I've done lots of wild things in my life. Especially when I lived in Sydney.

One time was the time I fucked my then girlfriend Katie after she'd come home from bring fucked by the storeman at where she worked.

This true story starts with my girlfriend texting me while I was at work telling me that the storeman where she worked had been chatting her up and making lewd comments to her about wanting to fuck her but he was taking the sympathy path on her by telling he only had a small cock and that she wouldn't even fell him.

Katie had texted me saying she felt sorry for poor Robbie because he couldn't satisfy a girl.

I'm not exactly the biggest cock on the block (actually on measure in at 6") but at least I can make Katie cum.

Anyway, I told Katie should take poor Robbie out for a take after work to cheer him up a bit. Katie agreed.

She was also relatively new at the office at the tome and thought that this might be a good foot to start of with at the new job. Katie said she'd have a couple of takes and would be home late.

Well, two hours pass and Katie sends me a text saying she's had more than a few takes and that robbie was still playing the sob story of his little pecker and not bring lucky at love. He was keeping her happy by buying her endless glasses of champagne (which gets her really takes) and he was milking his sob story so Katie was loath to leave him in that state.

I wasn't all that worried I had to admit. But then there was a boggling doubt in my mind that she might end up taking pitty on Robbie and end up with her ankles in the air (we had an open relationship where I encouraged katie to fuck or suck whomever she wanted as long as she didn't keep any secrets from me).

Anyway katie kept me up to date with regular texts saying she was getting pretty takes and Robbie was continuing his chatting up of her.

Anyway another hour later I get a text saying she was heading home but she was following Robbie to his place to make sure he got home okay.

Two hours pass and it's almost midnight and Katie should have been home an hour and a half before. I was sending her texts but she wasn't replying. My mind was racing as to what 'could' be happening. Anyway I then get a text saying she was on her way and she'd fill me in when she got home.

Not long after a ver takes Katie comes in the front door with a big grin on her face. I was instructed to follow her to the bedroom where she quickly stripped of and told me to mount her missionary. I asked he'd what had happened (all concerned like) and she told me that she'd just let Robbie fuck the cuckolds brownie out of her.

I looked down at he'd pussy and saw a great gob of spoof leaking from between her well and truely fucked pussy. It turned out that once he got home he had asked her to have a look at his boyhood for an honest opinion of it's size. Well it figures that this guy is hung like a horse. 12 inches an nearly as round as katies forearm.

"It's fucking huge Katie tells me excitedly".

I had a raging hard on in five seconds flat. As I sunk my cock onto her all I felt was a loose warmness of an otherwise glove tight snatch. I sunk in to the hilt and robbies spoof squelched out around my cock and onto my balls.

"You let him cum in you" I stated. Katie says back to me 'that's the way you like it isn't it!

I shot my wad into her in under a minute.

Katie then tells me that that was a bit of an anti climax after Robbie had fucked her stupid for an hour. Katie then tells me she hasn't been stretched like that since she got fucked in Atlanta at a turf conference by a back guy (that's another true story for another time).

Robbie had started poor Katie off by trying to shove his monster down her throat. Katie is a great cock sucker at the best of times. But 12 inches of cock is a test for the best at any time! Turns out Robbie likes to have his cock throat fucked (what does that feel like - with only 6" I have no idea) but young Katie had one very sore jaw.

That was the true story of the first time Katie was fucked by this monster cock. Katie agreed to meet Robbie one more time. But that is a story for another time.


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Katie was a great chick. At the time I was 38 and she was 25. Cute as a button and frequently had her hair up in ponnytails.

Anyway, one weekend Katie went to Canberra with a girlfriend because she was pissed at me for spending too much time at work. Not sure if it was intensional payback or just feeling frisky on her part. But she certainly got a good nailing.

Katie loved sending me text while she was out playing. She knew i'd have the mobile in one hand and my cock in the other.

This weekend was no different.

It started out with Katie and her friend going to an Irish bar in the middle of Canberra somewhere and it wasn't long before I was getting texts saying that some army grunts were chatting the two of them up.

Katie took pleasure in letting the guy she was with know that she had a boyfriend but that he didn't mind if she 'fucked around'. I guess he saw this as an open invitation.

I got a series of texts that went like: 'he's finginerin my pussy under the table now', 'he's told me to go remove my panties and that I won't be needing them', 'I'm sitting on his lap in a booth at the back now', 'he feels like he's got a nice cock'.

Then the texts stop for a while.

Then I get a text saying 'he slipped his cock into me at the booth in the middle of the bar'.

I ask if he had protection and she replies that they couldn't do that in the middle of the bar without drawing heaps of attention.

I thought that was pretty funny given she was sitting on a guys lap with part of her dress hiked up! Anyway, score 1 load of sooge in her little fanny.

The boys then suggest they go to a adult sex shop to look around. Katies friend decides to call it a night and Katie and the two army grunts head over to fyshwick to check out the adult shops.

The boys ask Katie if she's ever been in a video booth at one of these ('no') and take her into one out the back.

Apparantly it was something like 25 seconds later she was sucking on her man from the club while his mate hiked her skirt up and was finger fucking her soppy cunt.

I got a text from Katie telling me that her man had a cock like a banana.

I asked her what she meant and she said "it was big and bent to one side with a huge knob on it like a golf ball".

Guy two then plants his cock in Katie while she standing, but bent over sucking club boy.

Try as she did she couldn't get club boy to blow but boy wonder at the back shot a huge load.

Katie texts me: "A big bloollip fell out of me onto the ground after he pulled out", I was told.

"Score 2 shots for the little fuck hole" I was texted.

The guys exchanged high fives (at which time Katie finds out that these guys do this to some poor unsuspecting girl on a regular basis) but Katie troopers on.

They then ask if she'd like to go to a local 'lookout' - I thouht Canberra was totally flat?). And she goes along with the boys. The boys get her up to the lookout and after waiting an hour for some other couples to leave they bend her over a bench seat and give her a good rodgering from both ends.

Banana dick boy plants his seed on her well and truely used hole while boy wonder face fucks Katie and shoots a second load down her throat.

"Score 3 for the fanny and one in the tummy" is the text I recieve.

Katie delighted in telling me how much she enjoyed mr banana dick as each time his bulbus cock head entered her she was affraid her fanny would pop. The first thing I did when she got home was tear her clothes off and climb on to fuck her well used fanny.

She told me over again how the boys had used her as a fuck doll and how she loved being used that way. I shot my load and then let her continue to tell me in detail about the nights adventure as she gently sucked my cock and cupped my balls.

This was one of many of katies sessions while we were going out together. Katie certainly likes her cock and the variety that's out there.


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Katie had a second fuck fest with Robbie (the first post here) who had previous proclaimed to her that he only had a small dick and through a heavy takeing session successfully woowed her back to his place where he produced a 12 inch monster that totally stretched her little fuck hole.

Anyway, after fucking the guts out of her that night he wanted to catch up with Katie a second time before he got married. His wife to be had a pretty tight hold on him and was suspicious of everyone.

So Robbie asked Katie if she'd like to have one last fuck session before he was 'tied down' ... kind of like his last fling of freedom.

Katie came home and told me that Robbie was playing it hard and really wanted to feel her tight pussy (it wasn't going to be getting loose from anything I had between my legs) and I encouraged her to take him up on his very hot offer.

Katie was a little reluctant and when I asked her why she said she was affraid he'd ruin her little fanny for me. With a smile on my face I told her as long as she came home with a pussy full of hot come and told me the details of what had gone on, she wouldn't have to worry about whether her pussy was still tight or not! Katie gave me a naughty little giggle and said to me to be careful what I wish for!

I asked Katie when the big date was going to take place. Robbie had told her that he had to work out a time and place when he could sneak off and give Katie his last fling. So every day for a week I waited expectantly for a text, or for Katie to come home and ask me to inspect her ruined pussy ... but nothing happened.

I almost gave up that he'd catch up with her but then on a Monday afternoon I got a text from Katie saying that Robbie had invited her over to his mates place away from the ever watching eyes of his wife to be.

I got two images sent to me by Katie where she took photos of Robbies dick - she wasn't was't exaggerating its size. Even in it's flacid state it reached halfway to his knee! Bloody scaring thing it was so I knew Katie was in for a good session.

About an hour and a half later I get a call from Katie telling me she's on her way home. I try and pry out of her some pre-arrival details ... but she's very sheepish about the whole thing other than telling me he fucked her every way and angle he could before dumping a huge load in her.

Robbie told her she should hurry home so that Katie could share his fresh load with me.

Anyway, Katie arrives home 20 minutes later and leads me by my hand to the bedroom where she pushes me down onto the bed. She asks me if I've been playing with myself while she's been away. To which I reply that I have and have shot my wad twice.

Katie says to me that she expects I'll need a hand to get it up again and she then expertly starts sucking my cock like she's sucking down a cold coke on a hot summers day.

I'm dying to know what has been happening for the last hour or so and she's got my cock wedged down her throat making it impossible to get the story.

Between deep throating me strokes she comes up for air and says that Robbies mates place was a total dump .... some more sucking of my cock and then she says ...

"I think his mate video taped us from behind a mirror" ... more sucking of my rock hard cock.

My head is reeling. I want to blow a load, but its impossible at this point.

I reach down and drag her up onto me to ride my cock. I push her skirt up and slip her panties down and a great big gob of cum drops out of her pussy and lands half way up my stomach. I didn't know what was going on for the first second - just that something had landed on my stomach. It was a lot. Not a little. Not a medium. Fucking a lot.

Katie giggled and says 'oops' to me.

I was in shock. Last time I had fucked Katie after Robbie had slammed her I took her missionary and had felt his come bubbling around my cock and out onto the bed. But i hadn't seen it or the sheer volume this guy produced. It was as if some had dropped half an egg yolk on my stomach.

Katie plopped down onto me and quickly slide my member into her hot, slippery, loose, and well lubed fuck hole. The ususal tightness that i would be feeling now was completely gone. Instead it was replaced by the sensation of warmth, wetness and a continual stream of pussy farts.

Robbie had loosened Katie up so much that every upstroke i made pushed air into her widened fanny producing a series of gurgling pussy gas escapes. We were both having a laugh at the result.

Katie then explained that one arriving at his mates place she had told Robbie that i had requested some pictures of his schlong to get a prespective of how big it was. Robbie was happy to do this.

After this it was full on.

He tried to get Katie to improve on the last times efforts of taking his cock into her throat (Katie wasn't too impressed with this - it was just too big and he was being too powerfull by grabbing the back of her head and trying to plant it in her throat) ... he then bent her over on all fours on the floor in the middle of the lounge room and pushed her head down into the rug.

Katie said the rug was dissgusting and smelt really bad. It was during this time that he was fucking her doggy style that she heard a noise in the room next door. She did't say anything and the onslaught on her pussy continued.

Robbie then got her up missionary on the couch and burried his cock ball deep into Katies snatch. Katie descibed it as though his cock was touching the bottom of her stomach. She tells me his cock was well and truly pushed past her cervix and into her womb.

Again she heard noise from the room next door ... but nothing was said by Robbie.

He then fucked her in a variety of positions - side on, bent over the couch, cowboy, on all fours (again) but then he drags her over to the kitchen table and lays her on her back and then grabs Katie by the ankles and spreads her legs wide ... and Katie says he spreads her real wide as he punishes her poor used fanny before dumping his huge wad deep in her.

Robbie then goes over and brings her panties over and slips them on with the instructions to hurry home and share his load with me. Katie has hardly time to catch her breath as she is ushered out the door before she can ask about the noises from the room next door.

I blow my load. I can't take it anymore.

The bit about being spread wide while lying on top of the kitchen table pushes me over the edge.

Katie gives me another little giggle and says 'you sure like me going out and playing, don't you'?

Now, after reading many of the stories in this forum I was half expecting Katie to be blackmailed (if indeed there was someone making a video) ... but nothing ever happened.

I asked Katie to quiz Robbie about the noises in the other room, but she was too affraid to push it with Robbie. So to this day I still don't know what was in the other room. It might have been his mate having a wank. But I like to think that there is a video of her being thrashed by Robbies pussy destroyer and that I will find it in this forum. I can only live in hope!

PS. If there is someone named Robbie out there who is a storeman for a large packaging company who has a giant shlong who fucked my Katie I'd love to hear from you!!


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With our age difference (Katie being 25 and me 38) we were frequently visiting her friends places for engagement parties, birthdays, general piss ups, etc etc. Katie went to a private girls school in sydney. I was a state school boy from brisbane. Anyway, once we found ourslves on one of those typical Friday night parties over in 'the shire' at one of Katies girlfriends places. The house we were in was one of Katies girlfriends places. Her parents were away, and the booze cabinet was left open for all and sundry to enjoy.

We got to the party late, and with so many young people running around the place i felt like the only adult in the place. There were just as many gals as guys in the place. All of them from the 'elite' private school upbringing.

I was busy trying to keep a low profile because of my age and schooling and not wanting to draw attention to myself.

Katie however, was in her element. She was with the crowd she'd grown up with, travelled with and worked with. Katie wasted no time hitting the booze and partying it up to the max. Her girlfriends place fronted onto the canals leading out into the bay. A magnificent place. Big pool and spa in the backyard.

A few party goers were in the pool, but by far more were crammed into the heated spa. Two hours into the party and Katie was three quarters cut. She was all over the joint intent on catching up with every permister there and what they'd been up to since the last party.

I didn't have much in common with this crowd and contented myself by sucking down several crownies and wondering around checking out how the 'rich' lived.

Katie came over at one stage and in a very tipsy (buy horny tone) proclaimed that she 'wanted to play and did i mind'?

My mind in an instant screamed 'hell no - go for it'! ... but I played it cool and asked what she meant. Katie said a couple of the boys (and I later found out that one of them was her ex boyfriend - I've got another true story about this guy and Katie from before I knew her if you guys/gals are interested??) had invited her to take a dip in the spa with them.

I said that i didn't have a problem with it, but hadn't she forgotten something - she had no swim outfit?

Katie said no problems that her girlfriend would lend her an outfit. So I told Katie to go for it thinking that this was a bit of an anti climax as the pool and spa were occupied with people and not much could really happen in front of every body else.

Katie smiled and staggered off to find her friend to borrow an outfit from.

I sat back and watched the pretty things swiming in the pool and enjoyed the activities from my vantage point beside the pool.

Katie came out a little while later suited up in a two piece bikini with a towl wrapped around her waist. Her two male friends were sitting on the edge of the spa and slipped into the water as Katie turned up.

Talk about a set up. There was bugger all space in the pool and i sat there wondering what she was going to do next.

Standing there with her hands on her hips, she dropped the towl and slid into the spa asking the boys to move on over. There was much shuffling and then Katie found herself standing in the middle of the spa with no where to go.

One of the boys jumped up and dunked her. Katie came up spluttering and laughing despite the sudden submersion. Two other guys in the spa had their respective girlfriends sitting on their laps. One of the guys who asked Katie to join them in the spa (the ex) reached over and pulled Katie (willingly) over onto his lap and they engaged in a half struggle as if Katie was trying to get away, but not struggling too hard i reckon.

They settled down somewhat and everybody was talking and laughing. I picked up that the guys in the spa were playing a game with the girls regarding their breast size. Actually some bright spark in the spa was talking about a study he had read about girls breasts being different sizes (ie on a woman one breast will be bigger than the other - they're not both the same size - i learnt something new) and depending on which was the bigger tells whether they are a great lover, or a great thinker.

This was creating great interest in the spa with most of them keen to get their busts above water and let the guys judge whether their left boob was bigger than the right, or visa versa. This went on for some time with them going round and round comparing and cross comparing boob size.

I had a good laugh and headed inside to hunt down a cigar from beside the booze cabinent inside. I got distracted by a pretty young thing once inside and conversed about where i worked, what i did, and whom i came to the party with.

I was told that Katie was a bit of a wild one at school .. always up to something somewhere. I was told the guys lap she was sitting on was a serious boyfriend and they had planned to get married but something went wrong. They were so serious that Katie had followed him to England when he had picked up a job there after leaving uni. They lived in the UK for a couple of years before Katie came back to Aust.

I poked my head outside to check on Katie and saw that she'd changed laps and was sitting on his mates lap. No sweat i thought and joined back in conversation with the pretty young thing as i lit up my cuban. After exhausting my repotoir of political, work, and social conversation i figured i was going no where with the pretty young thing and decided to duck out and check up on Katie.

I guess there are no surprises that she was not in the spa where i had left her. Skirting the spa one of the girls said that Katie and the boys had the munchies and were ducking down the road to pick up some pizza's. I let is slide for a bit and decided to give Katie a call on the mobile.

No answer.

Forty five minutes later they rock back up with pizza in hand. All unassuming i thought. Katie definitely look flushed. But with the amount of booze she had takes i wasn't surprised.

About an hour later Katie said she was ready to head home so we jumped in her celica and headed back up to the northern suburbs.

About a block away from the party Katie says to me 'well, don't you want to know what i've been up too tonight'?

My heart missed a beat and i blurted out 'what do you mean' ... that sounded dumb i thought in the way i had responded.

I guess i shouldn't have been surprised that she had gotten up to something. But i didn't think it really had. Katie then tells me that the ex had talked her into coming into the spa and had told her he wanted to fuck her. Katie had told him he couldn't because i was there. The ex said not to worry, he wouldnt tell me. So she ended up in the spa with him and his mate and during the game of 'compare the boob size' he had managed to rub her pussy until she was as hot as a tin roof in queensland and during her bobbing up and down to compare boob sizes the ex had easily slipped his shlong into her tight and wanting hole.

Katie informed me that one of the other couples was fucking in the spa as well. But that her and the ex just simply played along with the game and Katie had rode the ex for 20 minutes or so without him blowing his load. While i had gone inside Katie was slid across onto his mates lap (who had been told all about Katie by her ex) and he was ready to take his place in her fanny. Being his first time with Katie he only lasted 5 minutes Katie giggled to me as she unzipped my fly as i was driving.

Katie pulled my rock hard cock from its cramped space and roughly started pulling me off. Katie then leans over and starts sucking me off and i'm just about climbing the ceiling of the car and a short while later i blow my load into the back of her throat.

The good girl she is she doesn't spil a drop and takes it all in.

Katie carefully tucks my cock back into my pants and zips me up and turns to me and says 'that the second shot i've taken down my throat tonight - the first was on my way to get pizza'!


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I had been away on business in Melbourne and had just got back to Sydney and was heading to my joint on the north side of town.

Katie was away at a conference near Bondi with her company and was staying on site for one of thoese team building/member type conferences.

Katie always likes to play at these conference events and usually ends up sucking some lucky guy or getting her end filled with hot cum. This conference was no exception for this horny little slut.

I'd recieved some text messages from my girl telling me that not much was happening at the bar. Lots of old guys hitting her up - old enough to be her dad. I tried to encourage her to take a couple of the 'old men' back to her room to see if they could teach her some new tricks, but she wasn't going for it. They must have been pretty ordinary.

Once i had gotten back to my unit, unpacked my bags and settled down in front of the tv, i got some texts from Katie saying she was texting another of her old boyfriends (Simon) and that he was in the neighbourhood and was wanting to catch up with Katie. I thought this was a bit convenient and that Katie might have been just wanting to wind me up. So i texted her back that i didn't believe he was about and that she was just 'teasing' me.

Low and behold, a couple of minutes later i get a text from a phone number i didn't have on my mobile saying 'hi from simon' and that he was going to catch up with Katie if she was up for it.

I then started recieving text messages from both Katie and Simon.

Katie telling me Simon was coming to visit her, and Simon asking me whether it was true that i got off on Katie being fucked by other guys?

I texted Simon and told him i didn't have a problem as long as i knew what was going on (and it wasn't been kept a secret from me) and if the guys she was fucking was 'clean' that he could blow his load in her hot cunt for me to fuck afterwards was okay by me.

Simon lol'd me.

Things were getting interesting in my otherwise planned quiet night. I tuned off of what i was watching on tv and started paying more attention to the text messages coming in.

An hour later Katie rings me and says that 'lover boy' has just left, and he's left me a BIG present to enjoy.

Thirty minutes later i made my way into the hotel where Katie was staying. I quickly found Katies room where the door was left ajar with the privacy lock. I let myself in and found Katie lying on the bed on her back with her legs spread, knees in the air, playing with her pussy.

Katie purred when i entered the room and just as quickly i stripped and was burying my throbbing cock into her nicely fucked fanny. Simon had done a good job. His cum pushed out around my cock as i sunk into her. Katie giggled as Simons cum sloshed around my shaft and onto my balls.

"how do you like that baby" she said to me?

Katies cunt wasn't loose as if she had been fucked by Robbie prevoiusly, but her cunnie was well and truly lubed with Simons cum and obvioulsy good fucking. Katie told me she hadn't wasted any time when Simon arrived and was blowing him while he was sending me text messages at the same time.

There wasn't much ceremony to the whole thing she said. Basically she blew his cock until it was nice and hard, and then found herself on her back with him lifting her legs high in the air while he 'pile drived' her (first time i'd heard that term before) ... katie continued.

There was some nice doggie style before Simon got Katie onto the couch where he pounded her to her climax. Simon asked katie where she wanted him to cum. She told him to unload his spoof into her cunnie for me to enjoy when i got there.

At that point i shot my load. How can you not after hearing that!! You guys know what i mean?

Then Katie tells me that its time for me to get dressed and go home like a good little cuck. I was a little taken back because i thought i'd stay the night and head off in the morning. But Katie said she was keen to get back down stairs and have a few more takes with co-workers before the bar closed. She was serious, and kicked me out of the room.

Very strange. But, i obeyed. Got to love it!


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Thanks to everybody for the feedback on the details the my ex girlfriend and I used to get up to. I'm keen to share my experiences with my little fuck slut Katie and other exploits I've gotten up to.

One of the things I set up with Katie and some of my mates from Brisbane was an awesome event. At the time I was living in Sydney, but I had some long time fishing buddies in Brisbane.

To protect my mates, lets call them Paul and Ted.

They had pestered me for a long time to come back up to Brisbane and organise a houseboat for 5 days fishing. With a bit of planning, we ended up hiring a houseboat up in north Queensland up in Hinchinbrook region. It is a very isolated, quiet and peaceful part of the world. We went out for 5 days and didn't see another boat the entire time we were out.

Because the boys had organised the boat I told my mates I'd organise a hooker for the trip. At the time I said it tongue and cheek.

During one of my hot fucking sessions with Katie I told her I'd told the boys I'd bring along a hooker and said to her "wouldn't it be fun to take you along and you pretend to be a hooker". Katie surprised me by saying "that'd be fun, but you'll have to buy me the clothes to wear along". Of course I blurted out 'no problems'.

My mates had never met Katie ... so there was no dramas with them knowing who she was. Katie blew more than a months worth of my hard earned wages on all sorts of things for her to wear on the boat.

So it was all set. My mates didn't believe that I'd organised a hooker. Oh, and I had to pay for Katie to fly into Cairns and shuttle down to where we were leaving from (that cost me a pretty penny) ... Katie wasn't prepared to sit in the car ride from Sydney to Brisbane, Brisbane to Hinchinbrook. But the road trip gave me plenty of time to gee my mates up on the hooker i'd found based in Cairns to be our beer wench and 'entertainment' for the 5 days.

By the time we got to the houseboat in Hinchinbrook, Katie had arrived and stowed her gear on board. She greeted us wearing a bikini and sarong and handed us beers to welcome us on board. My mates were like bees around a honey pot. It didn't take us long to fix up the paperwork, stow our gear and we were under way.

I was the only one with a boat licence (not that you need a boat licence to drive a houseboat) and my mates were hopeless at navigating, so it was up to me to get us out of port and over to Hinchinbrook island where we planned to base ourselves for our fishing and fucking adventure.

My slimy mates didn't waste anytime having one of them with me and then switching 15 minutes later with the other so that someone was keeping me company. But Katie gave both my mates 'welcoming' blow jobs while I sorted out where we were going. I didn't even realise it had happened until Katie came in and gave me a hug and said "when's the guy paying my bill going to let me suck his cock ... everybody else on this tub has blown down my thirsty throat".

I almost shot my load then and there at the boat house wheel!

Plenty of beer flowed during the afternoon once we anchored up in Creek No. 1. We had a bit of a fish. Paul and I took the tinnie up the creek for a bit of trolling. My mate Ted fucked Katie on the top deck of the houseboat for a short while. Seems that Ted got a little excited about the whole thing and shot a good wad of goop on Katies back.

When Paul and I got back, Katie was cleaning up. Ted very excitingly exclaimed "excellent choice of hooker buddy ... she can suck the chrome off a tow ball and fuck like hell". This got Paul all very excited and he was telling us that he was calling 'dibs on her' for the first night in his room.

It was a pretty normal evening the first evening. Plenty of beer and JD flowed. About midnight Katie pulled me aside and asked how she was 'performing'? Katie asked how things were going to work the first night. I said "that's easy, Ted has called dibs on you and your spending the night in his room". She giggled like a little school girl and said, "I guess I'll see you sometime in the morning".

Well, I don't know how many readers have been on a houseboat before, but you can hear every noise the boat makes. The walls are paper thin. It was hard to relax with Ted ploughing his way into Katie all night. I ended up passing out with the amount of booze I drank on the first day. I jerked off 2 times that first night hearing Katie being fucked senseless by Ted.

We were off to an awesome fishing trip!


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Day 2 of our fishing trip started when I woke with Katie sucking my cock just on day break.

"Hey sexy" she said to me. "Thought I'd better give me customer a bit of TLC" she giggled. I was hard in 30 seconds. Shot my load in 2minutes.

Katie slept half the first day. Paul pretty much didn't surface until just before lunch time. When he came out Paul grabbed me by the arm and went on to tell me what a great fuck our little whore was. Paul even boasted he'd fucked her up the arse.

Paul had great delight in letting us know he'd fucked her in every place and position in his humble bedroom. Paul said he'd started off wearing a condom. But after the first one broke and he blew a load in her pussy, she'd said not to bother after that.

The trip was supposed to be a condom friendly trip to keep up the whole "hooker" deception. Took less than 12 hours for that idea to end up in the bin (along with the busted condom!).

Around lunchtime I stuck my head into our hookers room and said "hey wench, the boys need some beers". To which she sheepishly replied "fuck off, unless you want to spend all night being banged by your mates you'll get them a beer and let me rest some more". She giggled and said "only messing with you. I'll be out in a sec".

Katie wandered out a short while later with beers in hand and asked us how the fishing was.

Paul and I where asked by Ted if we'd mind taking the tinnie out for a fish while he got "acquainted" with our beer wench. Paul and I headed off for a few hours recon in creek No.2 and 3 and got back just before dark.

When we got back to the houseboat both Ted and our beer wench were on the top deck tooling up a BBQ diner. Katie went down and made up a salad while the boys stood around the BBQ havin a beer. Paul and I were keen to hear how he went with young Katie.

Ted simply said "great fuck boys".

I quizzed Katie later on and she said they'd chatted for a while on the top deck. She went down on him and gave him a good blow job. She said she loved his cock. It wasn't overly long. About 8 inches she comment. But it was really thick (she couldn't get her hand around it) but the unusual thing was it was slightly bent cock. When he bent her over the top railing of the boat and sank his cock in and stretcher her out the bent dick of Ted gave her a fantastic orgasm in a way shed not felt before. She reckoned his cock was tickling the inside of her cunny in a funny way.

All I kept thinking while she was talking was that for the rest of the trip, young Katie was gunna have a stretched pussy from Ted's bent cock.

The second evening was a lot more relaxed. Katie kept the beers flowing and went from Ted to Paul's to my laps to sit and cuddle while each of us grouped her.

I called dibs on Katie for the night seeing the boys had monopolised her. When we finally crawled into bed Katie asked if I'd settle for a blow job as her fanny was a little sore from the boys attention and she wanted her pussy in good condition for the next couple of days. I settled for an awesome blow job.

Day 2 of our trip was awesome. As I drifted off to relax I wondered what was next?


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My girlfriend and I were in Thailand 12 years ago and one of the touristy things my girlfriend wanted to do was an elephant ride through the back blocks of Thailand.

I had no interest and was content to sit by the pool bar takeing singars all day. I've previously written about my slutty girlfriend called Katie. Anyway, after being gone for half a day, young Katie returned with a sheepish grin on her face.

When I quizzed her about her 'elephant ride' she said that she'd gotten more than what she'd planned for. Turns out as the group of elephant guides and tourists headed out into the jungle, they separated out from each other as they went through the wilds of Thailand.

It wasn't long before Jamaal had his 'wandering' hands around Katie from behind under the pretence of ensuring she wouldn't fall from the elephant while traversing a hill. Anyway, one thing led to another and it wasn't long before Katies helpful guide had is black pecker buried deep to the hilt in her tight little pussy.

I'm not sure how long it had been since Jamaal had shot a load, but he left half a custard truck of his spoof in her pussy. It was a mess. I'd heard of this happening with another ex girlfriend I'd had in the past and thought it was all penthouse myth stuff. But it really did happen much to mine and Katies delight!


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Your Katie was a good little slut!

I enjoyed your story about her adventures, but have to wonder why you left her go?
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Hey there cucold4one. It was a combo of a few things that led to us taking different paths. The first was that she lived with her lady and grandlady. She was attached at the hip with both of them. If we'd gotten hitched, then the expectation would be that we'd all be living in the same place together. I had been married previously for 8 years to a yougaslavian girl who had us move in with her mum and dad. It was a disaster. Never again. The second issue was tied to the first. I got a promotion at work and had to relocate to Melbourne. My KATIE and the rest of her family weren't prepared to move to Melbourne. So we had a reamisterably good split. I get texts from her from time to time. She's remarried and got kids now. Life moves on!


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Great stories, thank you for sharing


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nice story


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Thanks subhubby. Just a quick note to the readers here - these are factual recitals of what Katie got up to, or I had KATIE get up to. I've changed the names of everybody concerned (except my little fuck slut is named KATIE in real life, and the guy who fucked her where she worked was really called Robbie - I've kept these names real in the Hope that Robbie contacts me sometime with a copy of a video slaying my young Katie's pussy with his monster cock!)


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Day 3 I woke to find Katie wasn't in bed beside me. I stumred into the main saloon, and then out onto the back deck looking for my slut playing prostitute half expecting to find her with either Ted or Paul (or both at the same time) with their meat jammed in one of her orifices. But on getting onto the back deck I could hear Katies voice and I worked out she was on the top deck with the guys.

I climbed the ladder and was surprised to see Katie was simply engaged in conversation with the boys. They were like bees around a honey pot. Not surprising as Katie was topless and only wearing a bikini bottom and sarong around her waste.

I returned to the galley and made a slap up breakfast intent on getting some serious fishing done that day. I brought up a tray of food for the guys on the top deck and found that Katie had moved to Pauls lap and he was sucking on her right breast (Katie loved having her tits sucked).

With breakfast out of the way the 3 guys decided to head out in the tinnie and do a bit of fishing and we left Katie to her self. She was keen for a bit of a rest, some sun baking and read a book.

During our fishing session the guys were expressed what an excellent job I'd done in getting this hooker and what a great fuck she was. They were also very excited about how young she was - especially compared to us guys. Both Paul and Ted were 10 years older than me (making them in their mid 40's) ... so they were having blast fucking the brains out of a young 25 year old.

The guys were plotting and scheming as to how far we could go with our little hooker beer wench for the money that I'd paid her. I told them that when I'd contacted our little slut that she'd said she was very open minded and there wasn't much she hadn't done. I could see my mates minds ticking over with the devious things they could do with poor Katie.

Ted questioned Paul and I as to whether we were using condoms while fucking our young beer wench and we'd both said 'no'. He questioned me as to whether she was 'clean' and I said I'd checked her out before and she had tests from the Blood Bank to say she was all in the clear. Both guys were very relieved.

The guys then worked themselves up into a frenzy of wicked ideas they could come up with that they could entertain with our fishing sex slave. "Do you reckon she'd let us tie her up and fuck her?" asked Ted. I said "for sure" - I knew this because I'd done it on numerous occasions - I've even got a video where I tied her to my gym work out bench, shaved her pussy, fucked her with a cucumber, then fucked, shoved my cock down her throat, poured hot wax on her boobs and shot a load in her cunt ... but that's a story for another session!

"What about her letting us piss on her?" asked Paul. I said "most likely".

I knew that she would because she'd asked me to do it to her on several occasions. I found out she 'got off' on being pissed on during one of our hot sessions when I asked her to 'talk dirty' to me.

She admitted she like me to piss on her sometime. Turns out her ex-husband pissed on her when they were taking a shower together after she'd given him a blow job (she was on her knees blowing him and after he'd shot his wad, and while she was still on her knees, he pissed on her face and chest) ... being degraded list this made her go off in a big way.

I certainly hadn't ever pissed on anybody before and I had my first chance with young Katie when we went away on a dirty weekend away to Tasmania ... but again, that's another story for another session).

"What about a gang-bang ... would she go for that?" asked Ted. "Most definitely" I replied.

"How about giving her a good ass whipping?" laughed Paul. I said "that's probably pushing it" ... I knew Katie didn't mind a little bit of pain ... but I didn't want her going home with too many souvenirs from the trip!

We then started plotting and scheming what we were going to do next with our young hooker. I suggested a gang bang might be a good way to end the trip on the last evening before we headed back to port.

Paul quickly replied back "I'm going first as I'm not going sloppy seconds after you guys".

I laughed. "We've all been going sloppy seconds because no-ones being using condoms" I stated. No matter what happened, I was planning on going sloppy last's .... but I didn't say that out open because I needed to maintain the illusion of Katie being a prostitute on the boys fishing trip.

We worked out between us that we could tie young Katie up to the kitchen dining table in the main saloon. It was sturdily fixed to the floor and a perfect platform to either tie her bent over the table, or flip her over onto her back with her legs hanging over the side. Our evil plans were hatched that morning.

We got back to the boat just before lunch where Katie met us with beers in hand (she was doing a brilliant job of being the perfect beer wench prostitute - the boys had no idea she was actually my girlfriend) with some sandwiches made up for us to fang into.

"How'd you guys go with the fishing?" she asked.

"Pretty slow" I said back.

"Well maybe you guys might have better luck back here with me on the boat" she giggled.

The three of us had a good laugh.

After lunch Paul, Ted and myself headed up to the top deck with an esky of beers and we settled into one of our familiar takeing sessions. It had been a couple of years since the three of us had really caught up for some quality time so we were reliving what each of us had been up to since we'd last caught up. With the beers flowing, our stories got wilder and we were generally just talking cuckolds brownie. The three of us grew up in Queensland and despite out age difference we all went to the same state school. We were sitting there hanging cuckolds brownie on private schools (we were always in scraps with the local boys only college) and Ted brought up that the private school lads were always playing 'soggy sao' because there were no girls at their school.

At that point young Katie popped her head up the ladder to the upper deck and said "what's soggy sao?"

Turns out she'd been below us on the back deck and was listening to us talk cuckolds brownie for some time.

"Soggy sao is a game that private school boys play where a group of guys all stand around a sao biscuit and wank off onto the biscuit. The last guy to cum has to eat the sao" I explained.

"Do they really do that?" exploded Katie in laughter.

"They all do it, its common knowledge" said Ted.

"Have you guys ever played soggy sao?" enquired Katie.

"No way" I said bursting out laughing. "I wouldn't want to eat these guys spoof" I laughed!

Out of left field Katie surprised me by asking "can we all play soggy sao?

"How'd we do that ... are you going to watch us wank off and one of us has to eat it when we come last?" asked Paul.

Katie replied, "no, all four of us can play. I'll masterbate along with you guys and the last one to come has to eat the biscuit covered in cum".

"Only problem is that we don't have any Sao biscuits" I said the gang.

"I'll find something for you guys to wank off onto" said Katie.

I was sitting there with my head spinning. One minute we were sitting there enjoying a beer and talking cuckolds brownie. The next I am supposed to be standing there with my mates wanking off onto a biscuit with the prospect of having to eat it covered in my mates spoof it if didn't beat them to the finish line. Its not exactly how I'd thought the afternoon was going to go after Katies earlier comment on our return from fishing.

Katie went down below and the three of us were standing there looking at each other with blank faces. I'd guess the other two were wondering how they were going to make sure they weren't going to be coming last. We 'cheers' our beers with each other and had a bit of a laugh.

"How'd we just end up in a wanking competition" I asked my mates??

"I'm not coming last" said Paul. "the missus reckons I'm a 2 minute wonder in bed".

Ted said "I'll come sooner than you ... I haven't fucked our little slut today so you guys are screwed".

Katie re-emerged on the top deck with a packet of Jatz crakers and pulled a wedge out.

"Let me explain the rules said Katie. All four of us are going to masterbate ... the last one to come has to eat the cum covered cracker - all agreed?'

We all nodded agreement to the terms of the game. We were all three quarters cut and it seemed pretty funny at the time. We were all confident that we could out-shoot each other. There we were me and my two mates standing there on the top deck with our pants around our ankles with our cocks in hand and beer in other. Katie pulled up a sun chair to the circle gathered around a solitary Jatz biscuit sitting in the middle of a bench.

Katie spread her legs and had her knees up around her ears so that we all had a good view. It took all of about 15 seconds for the three of us guys to have raging hard ons and were wanking furiously.

I was sure Paul was going to do himself an injury ... his hand was a blur on his purple headed knob. Katie was moaning like crazy.

All of this was very distracting to me and I was sure I was going to be faced with certain doom of having to eating a soggy Jatz covered in my mates spooge.

Paul was first to dump his thick white lumpy load square onto the Jatz ...

Katie cheered him on "go Paul go". "Great load Paul" said Katie .... "I'm not far off coming she said ... looks like one of you boys is getting soggy Sao for afternoon tea".

Ted and I renewed our efforts (and concentration) .... but Ted was next to shoot his wad as he looked young Katie square in the eyes as he unloaded a cuckolds brownie load of his gooey mess onto the Jatz.

"You're in trouble now" laughed Paul who was standing beside Katie who was rubbing his still hard cock with her free hand.

Katie's hand was busy working 2 and then 3 fingers into her sopping wet hole. This sent me over the edge and I gleefully added my healthy deposit of sperm to the sopping mess now accumulated on the poor Jatz.

Katie followed suit a few seconds after me with a fantastic gushing orgasm that had the guys cheering.

"Damn, I almost beat you. Are well, I guess I came last. I've got to eat the Sao" in a fake disappointed tone she said.

The three of us guys looked on with our jaws on the ground as young Katie dispatched of the spooge covered Jatz in 3 or 4 mouthfuls.

"Yummy" she said. "I've never played soggy sao before. I'm not very good, but I'd like to play that again sometime" she giggled to us.

That afternoon we played cards, fished off the back of the boat, threw a couple of crab pots in and generally lounged around the boat.

After dinner Katie pulled me aside and said "Nice game this afternoon. You know I let you guys win. I could have beaten all of you. But I wanted to make you sweat"

"Make me sweat ... I thought I was toast" I blurted back.

I should have known better. I should have known I didn't need to worry. Katie was the perfect slut and she loved cock, cum and any other thing to do with sex or kinkiness.

We played cards late into the night.

Finally Katie said "I'm heading to bed ... who wants to come fuck me?"

The three of us did 'Rock-Paper-Sissor' to flip for who was going to win this great prize. Paul and I lost. Ted got dibs on our hot little prostitute. Katie led Ted down the hall and Ted turned to us and gave us the finger as he walked away.

"She's one hot bitch" said Paul.

"Tell me about it" is said!


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Everybody who has read my recounts of my hot little fuck slut named Katie will appreciate what a good sport she was. There wasn't anything my devious mind could think of that she wouldn't be up for. I mentioned in one of the previous sessions how young Katie would let me tie her up, fuck her with whatever was at hand and generally let me have my way with her. Well, on one occasion I let my dirty old next door neighbour have his way with her ... and to this day, she never knew (or if she did, she never let on).

It all started pretty innocently. I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment in Epping on the north side of Sydney. My girlfriend Katie would come stay every other night at my place. As my readers would know, we had and 'open' relationship where I encouraged young Katie to 'open' her legs for all and sundry to pillage and take advantage of.

One of my elderly neighbours noticed I always had lots of different ladies coming and going. And he particularly noticed young Katie coming over more frequently than the other broads I had on the go at the time. I'd catch my neighbour by the elevator and I say hi. He would have been in his mid to late 50's.

Anyway, he'd quiz me on my latest conquest ... he'd say "I wished I was pulling as many birds as you are when I was your age". He was a nice enough guy and would always tell me to enjoy it while I could because once I got older, things would slow down on the sex front. I always felt a bit sorry for him. But in the back of my twisted mind I was trying to think up a way to get him to bang Katie for my own kicks.

I had thought I'd just invite him over for a BBQ, beers etc while young Katie was over and tell her I wanted her to bang him. But I was keen to have something a bit more interesting play out as much for my own kick as it was for Katies pleasure.

The old fart next door didn't make any secrete of asking about my Katie. He'd quiz me about how old she was just about every second time I'd catch him at the lift. He knew very well how old she was. I could see he had a more than inquisitive interest in her.

It was during one of my sessions when I had young Katies blindfolded and tied to the bench of my gym bench-press in my living room and I was shoving a cucumber into her fanny that I hatched the idea of bringing the old timer from next door into the scheme of things. I figured that if she was blindfolded and tied to the bench she'd not know the difference between me shoving a cucumber into her cunt and old mate from next door doing the same?

So I'd hatched a plan in my mind of getting old mate over to have fuck young Katie with a cucumber (carrot, zucchini or whatever other vegetable was at hand) so that I could give him a bit of jolly. Then at a later stage work on him having a crack at her fanny with his cock. I wanted to work up to that and just be sure that Katie hadn't cottoned onto my evil plan.

A week or so later I caught my neighbour at the lift. Sure as eggs he asked how old Katie was (again) and I then started boasting about how much of an natural she was and that she liked to be tied up to my gym.

Old mate snapped back as quick as a shot "I'd like to see that". I said "no problems ... I'm sure I can organise it". He laughed. "you're just kiddin with me, don't be so cruel".

I filled old mate in on the game plan. I'd let him know when I was planning my next 'rope session' with young Katie. He could hide out in the laundry room. I'd blindfold her, tie her down, crank up the music and then we could take it from there. I told him I usually shaved her fanny before giving her a good fucking with whatever vegetable (Katie got off on cold things from the fridge being shoved in her pussy) ... he could hang around and watch while I fucker her. He could jack off if he wanted to. But I didn't want her to know there was someone else in the room. So silence was a golden rule.

He asked if he could fuck her ... but I said "not this time .... lets work up to that at a later stage".

The plan was hatched. My horny neighbour pestered me for weeks wanting to know 'was he on' for some action? It almost seemed like he was waiting by his peep hole in the door to see me leaving for work so that he could shuffle out and ask was I really going to let him fuck my young girlfriend with a cucumber. I had to tell him to calm down and let me sort out the finer details. I was deliberating whether to let Katie know what I was up to, or just really sneak him in for a cucumber session. In the end, the prospect of sneaking old mate in and her never knowing about it was too arousing for me and I figured he'd get off shoving a veg into her vagina and we'd all be happy.

Well, an opportune Saturday evening rolled around and Katie was coming over for her usual casual Saturday evening time with me. I knocked on old mates door who was very surprised to see me. "its on .. you up to come help out?" I asked him. "cuckolds brownie yes" he said.

I got him into the laundry and told him to hang tight until I come get him.

Katie arrived and I saw I had my gym bench set up in the living room. "I can see what you've got in mind tonight" she laughed.

I got several Champaign's into her to make sure she was nice and relaxed. Actually, she was pretty tipsy very quickly. When I came into the room with a blindfold in hand she simply stripped out of her clothes and lay down on her back on the bench press. "lets go she" cooed.

I slipped the blindfold on and proceeded to tie her wrists to the cross bar with strips of cloth specifically for the purpose. I brought her ankles up as close as I could to the upright bench bars and tied these so she was spread wide. It looked uncomfortable to me, but Katie moaned all was okay.

I had the music cranking and I was just randomly touching her exposed body ... giving her nipple a tweak, a lick and a suck. I had a raging hard-on knowing old mate was in the adjoining laundry room ... most probably wanking his old shrivelled cock. I had to control myself not to blow my load before things got interesting.

I announced to Katie "hmmm ... someone needs a shave tonight" as I headed to the bathroom to grab the razor and shaving cream. I came back into the lounge room and quietly opened the laundry room door and waved my grinning old neighbour into the room.

Old mate carefully sat on the couch beside where Katie had her legs splayed into the air. He was grinning like a giddy schoolboy. I had a chuckle to myself. It was pretty comical at the time and I couldn't believe I was going through with this. I squirted some shaving foam onto her fanny and Katie giggled "that tickles' she said. I lathered up the foam and proceeded to shave her cunny.

Old mate watched on with anticipation. I couldn't resist and wanted to get him in on the action ... so I waved him over to take over shaving her moistening pussy. At first he nodded 'no' .. but with much waving of my hand with the shaver in it, he reluctantly got to his feet and came over.

You have to picture this. Here were two horny guys shoulder to shoulder kneeling between this young girls legs shaving her pussy. Katie was getting really horny. It was obvious with her pussy lips fully in flower, moisture running from within.

It took old mate a lot longer than it probably should to give Katie the full back and sides of her fanny with the razor. In the end she was a slick as a new born baby.

"Okay ... time to see what's in the fridge" I announced over the boom of the loud music playing.

Old mate stayed where he was intend on watching my Katies squirming pussy. She was wriggling on the bench trying to get comfortable as the ropes around her ankles tightened under her every movement.

I pulled a couple of different sized carrots, a small cucumber and not so small zucchini from the veg crisper of the refrigerator.

I handed my bounty of veg to old mate and took the initiative to slowly work the blunt end of a carrot into her wiz. With little effort it popped straight in after passing her outer cunny lips. I worked it in and out in slow rhythm and moved things into a faster pace at it quickly lathered from her pussy juices.

Old mate crouched there wide eyed and mouth agape.

I withdrew the now warmed veg and motioned to my weathered neighbour to have a go. He dropped most of what was in hand and choose to give the cucumber a go. Young Katie was well lubed and moaning loudly from my quick assault on her.

Very gingerly, old mate slowly inserted his cucumber into Katie. It slid in with no effort at all and soon he was banging it into her like a pro. Katie was fucking back against old mates cucumber attack and at one stage I thought her blindfold was about to come off. I touched old mate on the shoulder and he nearly had a heart attack. I quickly readjusted Katie's blindfold as she moaned disapproval at her cucumber friend having stopped.

I tapped on old mates shoulder to signal the re-commencement of the veggie fucking session and he soon had young Katie coming around the cucumber and against his fingers. It was an awesome sight.

I motioned for old mate to take a seat on the couch while we let her rest for a while. When I say rest, I mean rest from fucking. I dropped my fly and released my straining cock. I plopped it on her forehead and she laughed. Katie then arched her head back so that I could aim my cock at her mouth and down her open throat. Slowly I pushed my cock halfway into her mouth ... withdrew it an inch and then jammed it very un-ceremonially down her throat. She gagged and fought not to throw up.

Old mate had his hand over his mouth fighting not to burst out into laughter.

I concentrated on holding my cock over Katies mouth and letting her work her tongue along the shaft of my throbbing cock. Movement from old mate out of the corner of my eye made me notice he had his cock out and was stroking it vigorously. I gave him a thumbs up and he returned the gesture.

A second glance at old mate made me realise he was sporting a pretty well endowed 'un-cut' cock. I'm circumcised and haven't seen an un-cut cock since the boys pool showers in primary school. It was about average size ... maybe fractionally bigger in length than my own cock. But I couldn't help be mesmerized by his purple bulbous knob each time he pulled his foreskin back down his cock while he wanked. From where I was I could see old mate was pretty excited as pre-cum formed a white foam around the fat head of his cock. It looked like his cock had a helmet on it.

Anyway ... I'd given Katies mouth enough attention and decided it was time to give old mate a bit of a show down between her well spread legs. I could see her feet were turning a purple colour from lack of red flow from the tight restraints and knew i'd have to get things moving along before she wanted to be released from her bonds.

I slipped one and then 2 fingers into her well greased hole. I stooped the zucchini up off the floor and gently eased this into her ...

Katie pushed back up the benchpress against her bonds trying to get away from the intruder trying to make its way into her. I might have been a bit ambitious on this one veg ... but next thing it 'popped' into her. It's the only way I can describe it. I was having a hard time getting it into to ... maybe she relaxed a bit ... but next thing it popped into her cunny. I pushed it in and out a few times and whipped it out and slipped my own hot member into her. The contrast in cold (from the refrigerated veg) to my hot cock had her moaning away in no time. I gave her a good pounding and the whole workout gym benchpress was rattling away like mad.

Old mate got up off the couch and came around behind me to get a better view of the proceedings. I was a little nervous as I was worried he was going to wank off and come on my back or some other strange thing.

I pulled out of young Katie and reached for the bigger carrot that laid unused on the carpet. Old mate tapped me on the shoulder as I turned to face Katies splayed legs. He motioned that he wanted to have a go ... with what I assumed was the carrot I had in my hand. I handed him the carrot ... which he deftly pushed into her cunny without much resistance.

Katie arched her back but soon adjusted to the new intruder.

Old mate then gave my Katie a thrashing with the new veg dildo that brought her to the edge of climax.

I was sitting back on the couch frantically jacking off when old mate whips out the carrot and then slides his wrinkled old bulbous cock straight into her unprotected young pussy. I came up off the couch so quick I was worried she would hear the peripheral movement. But old mate quickly raised his finger to his lips indicating to me to remain quiet. It all happened very quickly. I was stunned ... maybe shocked is a better word. This is not where tonight was planned to be going. We hadn't even had the conversation to check that he was clean or disease free. He hadn't even asked me if she was on the pill or not (she was ... but he didn't know that).

So, here I was, cock sticking out of my pants with Old mate (who was old enough to be her man) pumping away at her well used pussy. I tapped him on the shoulder trying to indicate that I wanted him out of her, but he just pumped away with increased vigour. In no time young Katie was coming on his cock and this pushed old mate over the edge. With a large grunt he dumped 10 years worth of spooge into my poor katies pussy. I say 10 years because I reckon it was that long ago that he'd had sex and poor Katies pussy had a wad larger than I'd seen in a long time oozing out of her. As he withdrew his cock Katies pussy lips clung to his cock and foreskin and I was sure she was about to be turned inside out. Finally his cock head popped out of her used cunt while a big wad of spoof glopped down her arse cheeks.

Old mate got up, pulled his pants up and then discretely made his way back to the laundry. I was left standing there with my un-shot cock in hand. Katie laid there panting at the climax she'd just been brought to by old mate from next door. In disbelief, I slowly started undoing her binds ... first her ankles, then her wrists, while she caught her breath.

"That was awesome" she said as she got up and made her way to the toilet to clean up.

While she was in there I returned the laundry and angrily ushered my old neighbour out the front door. He was still grinning like a fool.

I returned to the bedroom and shortly after young Katie fell into bed. "its never a dull moment in our sex lives" she whispered to me as she drifted off into relax.

There I was still with a raging hard-on that hadn't been satisfied. I couldn't let on after the trick I'd played on her but had then backfired on me.

A couple of days later I ran into old mate and I had a shot at him for what he'd done. He said "what do you mean"? I said "you fucked her ... that wasn't part of the plan".

He had replied "when I tapped you on the shoulder I was asking permission to fuck her".

Turns out it was miscommunication on both parties. I thought he was wanting a turn at fucking her with the carrot. He actually was asking permission to fuck her with his aged cock.

I couldn't stay angry for too long. It was very kinky seeing an old fart fuck my young Katie and blow half a cup of spooge into her. It wasn't what I had planned. But was definitely worth the experience.


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Great little slut!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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I love the stories about Katie from the fishing trip. I love the idea of her pretending to be a prostitute


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Me too!


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Katie loved pretending to be a prostitute as well! It worked out well because my mates in Brisbane had never met her before. Katie had never met my mates before. So there was no inhibition in ever being found out. The only downside was that I had expected to fuck her way more than I actually did. My mates to this day never realised I was actually going out with her.


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I wish I could take the credit for being the one to introduce Katie to the wonderful world of gangbangs ... but alas, she was into it well before I came on the scene. I just think that Katie was a hot chick who loved lots of cock .. the more the better. She also had a fixation for spoof, jiz, man juice ... whatever you'd like to call it, she loved it.

I more or less stumred on her kink for lots of cock when, not long after we'd been going out for a while that she texted me when she was away on business saying that a guy in the bar was 'cracking' onto her. I jokingly texted back saying to her she should fuck him. Nothing happened that night. But when she got back to home in Sydney she quizzed me about the text I'd sent her.

"Well, if you think he's good looking, I've got no dramas with you fucking someone else. As long as you tell me about it and don't keep it a secret, you can do as you like" I said jokingly.

The idea of her being fucked by another guy was always a bit of a kink of mine. I guess I was fishing to see what she'd say. She simply told me "you'd better be careful what you wish for".

It was during one of our fuck sessions that I asked her "so, when you going to fuck someone when you're away"? ...

"how do you know I haven't already" she replied with a cheeky giggle.

This humble beginnings started different conversations between young Katie and myself regarding the concept of her being fucked by someone else. It opened the gateway for a whole heap of interesting discussions between us that opened doors on all sorts of concepts and ideas I had locked up in my brain.

As I am sure is common between many couples, I asked her about "what's the most kinky thing you've ever done"?

You could have knocked me over with a feather when she said she'd been gang banged by her boyfriend and a group of his mates.

So it was during another of our mad fucking sessions that I asked her to tell me in detail about the first time she'd been banged by her boyfriend and his mates.

Roughly the story goes that her boyfriend and 5 buddies where at his place watching porno's one Saturday arvo. Young Katie drops by to see her boyfriend and the guys quickly switch over TV to footy. Katie sits on the floor with arm over boyfriends knee (he's sitting on couch) ... Katie asked them what they've been up too that day and they tell her they've been watching porno's. Katie tells the boys not to let her interrupt and that she likes watching pornos as well.

So the guys go 'what the heck' and put the porno back on.

Katie tells me that she wasn't thinking she was going to be the meat in the sandwich (but I doubt this) and she tells me that while watching the porno she gets sopping wet in her fanny and starts rubbing her boyfriends cock through his pants. One thing leads to another and it isn't long before she's between said boyfriends legs with his cock in her throat.

Next thing she knows there's someone at the 'back door' lifting up her skirt and without much decorum is shoving a finger in her pussy.

"It pretty much degraded and got very messy after that" she explained. I've got some text messages photo snapshots I took that she sent me one time when I was away on business and asking her for details of what happened that faithful afternoon.

In essense, she got fucked every way and in every way. She can't remember who did what. All she remembers is cock after cock and an endless stream of cum being pumped into her every which way.

This was the first of many sessions in different places, in different ways. I almost got off hearing about these 'past experiences' as I did when she came home with a pussy full of cum or spoof on her breath!

I can post some of the mobile phone texts if anybody's interested?


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I can post some of the mobile phone texts if anybody's interested?

Hell yes!

I would love to see this cum slut being used.
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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I would love to read the texts


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Here is one of many messages where Katie is texting me while I was away on business telling me details about her first gangbang with her old boyfriend and his mates.
Katie recounting her first gangbang experience with boyfriend & mates
Katie recounting her first gangbang experience with boyfriend & mates


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As I said previously, Katie is a real cum slut. This is continuation of first text message above.



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Katie loves to suck cock!



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Lucky guys!!



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Katie loves it alright!!



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spooge fest for young Katie.



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Katie lets me know what positions she was in with the guys in her first gangbang. Go Katie go!

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