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Happy Cuckold

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I have long fantasized about being dominated by a woman and being made to swallow another man's sperm dripping out of her vagina. It's just been a thought in my mind. A year or so ago I got married again. (Never thought I would). I told my wife about my fantasies and showed her this and some other websites exposing the cuckold lifestyle. She found it surprising and was surprised that so many people enjoy this lifestyle. She agreed to try this, mostly to make me happy, and contacted a former boyfriend and arranged to begin seeing him again. (She explained that she was married but that she wanted a sexual relationship with him. He was delighted). She began by making him use condoms and I had to be content with licking her knowing that he had recently enjoyed her. Later she made him get completely tested for STD's and now she enjoys having him ejaculate inside her. She sees him regularly--usually 2 or 3 times a week--then she comes home to feed me the nice thick creampies the he gives her. She puts cotton inside to hold the semen until it goes into my stomach--where it belongs. I love this beyond anything I could ever imagine. It is especially nice when she makes him wait a few days to a week and let's him save up a huge amount of cum; then I get to swallow several mouthfuls and can taste his sperm in my mouth and throat for an hour or more.

She started doing this as a favor to me. Now she does it because it pleases and excites her greatly. It is her favorite thing to do now. I've bought her hundreds and hundreds of dollars in lingerie and enjoy watching her wear if for her dates. She always wears them first with him. Only after he's fucked her in it and she's fed it to me does she wear the outfits with's much better that way. It's been a week since she emptied him, so there will be a huge amount. We're going to buy her new lingerie so she can wear it tonight when she milks him. She likes this very much. So do I. Thank you Cuckoldplace for helping my marriage and my life. Swallowing his cum from her is the most sexy and intimate thing either of us has ever done. It brings us very close together and makes our marriage truly wonderful. We wish that everyone (or most people) could experience the ecstacy and bliss that we have found in this lifestyle. Most people don't know what they're missing ("They don't know what Love is," in the words of Randy Neuman)


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It is a fun and exciting lifestyle and enjoying a fresh creampie makes it even better.

I would love to see a photo of her used pussy...... is her bf's cock bigger?
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Thank you. On the occasions when she spends the night with him, she usually sends me photos of his cum dripping out of her. That way I get to see what she's doing and I get to see what I'll be swallowing later. The photos are beautiful and she enjoys taking them and sending them to me. I posted a recent one below (I think), Please enjoy looking at my wife and her lover. No, he's about the same size cock as I am, but she assures me that she can tell the difference when they're inside her.

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Happy Cuckold
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