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True Story -Wife & Black man

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john Stamoe


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This story is based on an affair my wife had with a black man and is 100% true.

I was working in a different area code one summer and my wife stayed behind (was going to join me in mid summer). She ended up getting a part time job that provided room and board. as luck would have it, a black guy ended up getting a room a couple of doors down. Long story short, I eventually found out their affair them via intercepting IM's etc.

Here is what I know from what she admitted or i read in IMs:

- They used to watch movies in the same bed together
- He came on to her one night kissing her neck etc, at first she resisted but ended up giving in
- She gave him at least one if not more blowjobs
- On at least 2 occasions, he penetrated her without a condom (her on no birth control)
- On one of those occasions, she said he 'pulled out late'
- On one evening, I called her in her room, said good night then I called back shortly after and got no answer, heard back 2 hrs later, she admitted she fooled around with him in this time frame
- Their shower was in a common area, both would walk back and forth to their rooms wearing only towel

These are the only things I've gotten her to admit...

Interested in your thoughts as to what else you think may have happened, how many times they fucked, creampies etc.

please share your thoughts!


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She probably told you about 50% of what really happened trying to rationalize her own guilty feelings


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joeviz is probably correct, you should encourage her to share what she did, make her comfortable and help her to know that she can share with you and you won't get mad, that you just want to know what happened...


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How hung was he?
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True Story -Wife & Black man
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