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Poker night hostess

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Bonnie just left the house to meet her bull, Richard across town at a hotel. Richard called about an hour ago and said he is hosting a poker game with some friends and he needed Bonnie to come and serve as hostess and entertainment for the guys.

I asked Bonnie if Richard said who would be there and if I could accompany her. Richard said he would call me from Bonnie's phone later in the night once things got underway. He told Bonnie that he invited 6 guys, and that she knew only three of them. Bonnie was rubbing her pussy at the thought of having three new guys fucking her sweet littel pussy.

After a hot and steamy shower Bonnie got dressed in her black thigh high stockings, black mini skirt, black and red stiletto heels, a sheer red blouse with her red half bra underneath and her clack suit jacket over top. She worked on her hair and makeup while I watched from the other room. There was no doubt she was ready to fuck when she walked out the door. With her long black raincoat on she hides the real Bonnie untikl she gets to the hotel room door.

Now I am powerd to sit by the phone in hopes that I get a call to watch my lovely wife getting fucked by some big bulls and studs...


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I'm sure this will be another wild and exciting evening for you both.
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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I got a text from Bonnie saying she had made it to the hotel. Now I sat and waited for a text or phone call from Bonnie's phone inviting me to the party. About three hours had passed when I finally heard my phone ring.

When I answered the phone, my wife's boss and bull, Richard, was on the phone. "Bonnie can't come to the phone right now, although she has cum at least half a dozen times already." Then I heard him talking to Bonnie "Sweetheart, tell your husband what you are doing right now..." to which Bonnie replied" Honey, I'm getting fucked by a big hard cock', and then she sounded garred, which told me she was also sucking a cock while she was getting fucked.

I could hear Bonnie as I grabbed my keys and headed out the door "Baby, you gonna come watch me get fucked? Oh my God, this cock feels so fucking good inside me, please make me cum, make me cum again, I want to cum all over your big, black cock."

Richard gave me the name and address of thge hotel and I sped across town. I heard the phone beep again and it was a photo of my lovely wife with a huge cock in her mouth as she laid back on a bed. Another beep and the next photo came in. This time it was a close up of Bonnie's sweet pussy with a massive black cock halfway inside. It was hard to concentrate on the road as I had the steering wheel in one hand and the phone in the other.

20 minutes later I was inside the hotel elevator pushing the button to the top floor. The doors opened and I walked quickly down the hall to the last room. I knocked on the door and waited. I knocked again and Richard opened the door wrapped in a towel. He pointed to the bedroom and as I walked back he told me "You can look, but don't touch!"

I went into the bedroom of the suite and found my beautiful wife, Bonnie bent over on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but her stockings and heels getting slammed hard from behind by an athletically built black man while she was sucked furiously on an equally strong looking white guy. The white guy, whom I found out was named Jake, had a handful of Bonnie's hair as he was powering his cock deep down my wife's throat. Bonnie was sucking fo all she was worth and I watched a Jake let go and shot a jet spray of cum on Bonnie's tongue, cheek and neck. All the while Terrell, the black man plowing her pussy, kept slamming harder and harder into Bonnie's pussy as she started to scream as she came with a loud orgasm.

Terrell stepped back and Richard walked up to Bonnie and flipped her over roughly on the bed. "Baby, you wanna let your hubby here watch me fuck you or should I send him to the other room?" Bonnie looked over and saw me. She just smiled and asked Richard to let me stay and watch.

Richard held the large head of his huge black cock at my wife's pussy lips and then pushed in hard, deep and fast. Bonnie screamed with delight and she grabbed Richard's ass pulling him in even deeper. Richard told Terrell and the other black guy Marcel to move up so Bonnie could suck them off while he was fucking her.

Terrell was the first to cum and he shot a thick load of jizz on Bonnie's tits, following a few minutes later by Marcel doing the same. Richard was still fucking Bonnie long and slow as Mario and Jake took positions on either side of Bonnie's head. About 15 minutes later they too shot their loads on Bonnie's tits and Richard told me to use his towel to wipe off the cum, which I did.

Richard then pulled Bonnie's legs up against his chest with a foot on either side of his neck. Richard grabbed Bonnie's wais and he began plowing into Bonnie's pussy like I had never seen before (and I have watched these two fuck a lot!). as Richard picked up his pace I could tell Bonnie was nearing orgasm yet again. Bonnie let out a loud long moan and I watched her whole body shake as Richard tightened up and shot his cum deep into my wife's wet pussy.

Richard laid on the bed next to Bonnie as she had both hands on her swollen pussy lips. Terrell, Marcel, Jake, and Mario got dressed and left as Bonnie and Richard laid on the bed exhausted.

Richard told Bonnie to tell me about the other two guys that fucked her earlier, James and Tony. Bonnie just smiled and let her hand slip over to Richard's cock. As Bonnie stroked him back to life, Richard told me in great detail how James and Tony fucked Bonnie on the balcony before the others arrived.

I watched Bonnie ride Richard one more time before he again came inside my wife's pussy. Richard walked to the door as I laid down next to my wife. I touched her pussy and she said she wa too sore to fuck anymore that night and she would make it up to me in a week or has been almost a month and I am still waiting.


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Damn that was a hot night. Bonnie definitely knows how to party.


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Poker night hostess
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