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How it all began...

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I was stationed in Germany with a branch of our armed powers a long time ago. I was always trying to get my wife Bonnie to dress more and more provacitively and loosen up a little. Bonnie is super sexy and she didn't realize the smokin' hot body she maintained. My buddies at the base would comment on how sexy she looked which created a stir for me. The idea of Bonnie fucking one of my coworkers, friends or even a stranger became more and more appealing.

At a holiday ball I convinced Bonnie to wear nothing but her sexy high heels, ankle bracelet, hoop earrings and a long white evening gown. She had the attention of everyone at the ball and she even danced with my wing commander. To this day I wonder if he knew she had nothing on under her gown.

The next year Bonnie made a trip back to the states for her 20th high school reunion. While she was there she said that a couple of the guys she dated in school hit on her since she was alone. I tried to convince her to go out with a longtime boyfriend from school and "see where it would lead." Bonnie declined but when she came back to Germany we began to discuss her feelings about this more and more.

A friend of ours was working for a man named Richard, coincidently the same name of Bonnie's current boss, who owned a small communication business. This friend told Bonnie, in confidence, that she had been getting the full benefits of working for Richard for about the past year. When she and her husband moved back to the states Richard asked her for a recommendation for a new assistant. Bonnie's name was the first on her lips.

Richard had met Bonnie on a couple of occasions in the past. Richard went through the motions of having Bonnie and others in for interviews but Bonnie was selected and she began to work for Richard overlapping with our friend for a two week period.

Bonnie noticed that Richard and her freind spent a lot of time behind closed doors and at his apartment. Bonnie's first week alone as assistant was interesting to say the least.

First, Richard gave Bonnie a cell phone and told her she could use it freely and the company would pay the bill. The only stipulation is that when he called her she had to answer anytime day or night and follow his instructions.

Next Richard took Bonnie to lunch at a nearby gasthaus and he ordered her a glass of wine. She drank one then a second glass and when the two headed back to the office Richard brought her right into his office. as soon as the door closed behind her Richard pinned Bonnie against the door and gave her an open mouthed kiss. Bonnie felt Richard's tongue stud for the first time as she kissed him back. She blamed it on the wine when she told me about it later that night but she said she really enjoyed the powerful manner in which he behaved.

Richard took Bonnie shopping one day and he bought her well over $1500.00 of dresses, skirts, bras, panties, blouses and shoes. Bonnie had a new "dress code" that she had to abide by if she wanted to keep her job.

The next day I watched as Bonnie dressed in 5 inch heels, thigh high stockings, sheer red panties, and matching red shelf bra, a sheer red lace blouse with a black pencil skirt and black jacket. She had to pick Richard up at his apartment and drive him to the office.

Bonnie told me that night that Richard kissed her neck and cheek almost the whole ride from his apartment to the office. He had his hand on her leg under her skirt and he flirted with her pussy lips while she tried to pay attention to the road and not get into an accident. By the time they got to the office Bonnie was weak in the knees and Richard steadied her going up the stairs by putting his arm around her waist and pulling her close to him all the way.

When Bonnie broght Richard his morning coffee he instructed her to remove her panties slowly and deposit them into his bottom desk drawer. Her panties would stay there all day and she would only get them back if she was a "good girl" at the office.

Next when Richard made calls to various clients he would be on the speaker phone seated in his large desk chair with Bonnie in front of him. Sometimes Richard had Bonnie finger fuck herself, sometimes he would have her stroke his cock with her hands, but most times he would have Bonnie on a pillow on her knees giving him a blowjob as he talked business.

By the end of the second week, Bonnie was more than ready to fuck Richard and she asked me if this wa okay with me. I pulled back the covers to show her how hard my cock had gotten from her telling me of her workday. She was soon fucking Richard regularly.

Bonnie will tell you it is mostly the power as she has become quite submissive in the right environment. She has always enjoyed giving oral sex and she is really s*******ed! She gives what I call "a cock massage" with her mouth and she rarely tires of giving head. Richard and her other lovers since reaps the benefits of my wife's s*******ful mouth and tongue.

Bonnie worked for Richard for another year before we moved back to the states. Bonnie has since found employment with three different employers and it wasn't until she began working for another man named Richard that she started having sex with her boss. I guess you could say my wife really is addicted to Dick!

That is how it all started but we have many stories to share if you want to read them.....


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roaddawg7, I've been enjoying your stories about Bonnie for sometime now. She's quite the slut and you are a lucky man with a very wild hot wife.

I would LOVE to see some photo's of this black cock slut and her cock hungry pussy.

Thanks for sharing your adventures!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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cuckold4one ~ thanks for your comment...because of readers like you I will continue to share our stories! I only wish others would comments too.


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roaddawg, good story. I don't come to this section very often, but I agree with your lurking vs commenting statement. Keep up the good work!
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Sounds like she really blossomed....


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roaddawg: I too was stationed in Germany, but it sounds like a diffrent branch of our military.


I'm hoping you continue with your story...... it's always great hearing about real life situations.
Cuck who loves a creampie.
baron ochs


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Very erotic I must say. And well written too. Would love to hear more.
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Cuckold Stories Post / Cuckold Stories Post /
How it all began...
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