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Call Your Husband

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Another night of illicit fucking and sucking at the Marriott was drawing to a close. You laid between my legs and tenderly suckled on my shaved scrotum, first taking one ball into your mouth, then the other. My hand tousled your damp dark brown mane, wet with the sweat of your exertions and some of my ejaculations. I watcarbonsmudged as your small painted fingers once more wrapped around my semi-erect cock and you slowly pumped it, willing it awake. I groaned and through half opened eyes surveyed the damages. Sex toys were littered everywhere. Lifelike rubber penis' were brownietered like cast off banannas. Black, white, 6", 8", yes, even a 12" monster that for the first time you had accomodated in your ass! A tube of lubricant was on it's side on the dresser, the last of it's contents long gone. A pair of handcuffs was on the floor, their chrome finish dulled by use. A ball gag, silk rope, a blindfold, my black leather cock ring, anal beads, a vibrator. The room looked like a tornado had hit a sex shop in Times Square!

I picked up the Polaroids I had taken and enjoyed them as your hand continued to slowly pump my still greasy pole. Ah, here was my favorite. You with your legs tied over your head, the 12" inch rubber cock firmly in your asshole, a smaller dildo in your sopping cunt, your eyes blindfolded, the ball gag firmly in your open mouth. I had taken this one just after I had made you cum by alternatingly working both cocks in amd out of your holes. On the nightstand was a hotel glass with some semen in it, from when I made you jerk me off into it and then had you take it, hours ago. I looked down at you as you continued to stroke me, lost as you were in your ministrations. Your stockings, which had been new when the evening started, were now ripped in several places. Only one stilletto heeled shoe still remained on your foot, the other was across the room. One of the garter straps from your corset had broken as had a couple of the snaps on the corset itself. This was the result of the power of the many orgasms you enjoyed that night. We counted 17. I chuckled to myself remembering the time you told me on the phone that you didn't think you could cum twice! And then you did, over the phone no less! That seemed like ages ago. My cock was now growing erect again as your hand slowly slid up and down the slimy shaft.

You suddenly stopped, keeping your hand at the base of my shaft, making it twitch. Your eyes rose to meet mine and suddenly you said; "Darling, should I call him now?" I manage to groan out a response as your fist tightened around my thickening rod. "Well, you told him you would, what time is it?" "Three AM. He must being going crazy. I told him I'd call by midnight", you giggled as you ran your tongue around the head of my cock. "Well, you really should then." "Mmmmmmmmmm" as you took me deep into your warm throat, "You're right, you're always right, Master, okay, hand me the phone", once again taking my full length into your still cock hungry mouth.

I reacarbonsmudged over to the nightstand and brought the phone onto the bed. You gave my cock a kiss and sat up on your hauncarbonsmudges. I admired the way your torn stockings still clung to your great legs. You placed the phone to your ear and quickly puncarbonsmudged in the number. I watcarbonsmudged your suddenly so serious face. You glanced at me and winked. "Hi, it's me" "Yes, I did it" "I know I said I'd call at twelve, but I was busy" "Amazing, hon, the most amazing night of my life.........and it's not over", your eyes now locking on mine as we exchanged knowing smiles. "Yes, I have pictures.......tons of them", you said to your husband as you reacarbonsmudged over to the pile of Polaroids, picking one up, examining it, and then turning it so I could see. It was one from early in the evening. It showed you from the side, kneeling on the floor, in your high heels and hose, grasping the 12" rubber phallus by it's base while you sucked it. Your back was arcarbonsmudged and your lower legs were bent upward. Delicious. I thought to myself what a lucky man your husband was, but that I didn't have to be lucky, just good. "No, no, I'll be home by dawn, I just want to finish up here" You leaned over and took my slimy shaft in your hand, working it slowly. "Well, there's a big cock in my hand that wants to cum again" "I don't know five or six", looking up at me, I shrugged, having not kept track of my orgasms, only yours. "No, really, five or six, and all nice, big loads. This is a man we're talkin' about here, baby" "Me? Seventeen, can you believe it, babe? I came seventeen times in 6 hours. Sometimes three or four at a time. Remember when we read about multiple orgasms? And I have a feeling there's one more to come", you giggled into the phone at your pun. "No, I promise, by dawn, I just want to finish up" "How? Well, I think I'm going to suck on this thing in my hand first, wanna hear?" You placed the receiver on my thigh and then positioned yourself to service me. "Can you hear okay, hon? Okay, here I go!" Holding my spread legs to steady yourself you started to fuck me with your mouth, the fact that your husband was listening making you nearly rabid with desire. The slurpping sounds filled the room as did my throaty moans. You went on like this for five minutes and then grasping my rod in your fist, picked up the phone with your free hand. "Like that, hon? Bet you're jacking off, right?" "How does it feel to listen to your wife suck another man's dick? Did it make you as hot as you thought it would?" As you started to slowly jerk my meat again, you mouthed the words, "He's close to cumming", and winked again at me. "Okay, go ahead and finish yourself, while I finish here. Just have the image of your slutty wife in a hotel room getting her sopping cunt fucked by some other man's big, thick cock, and I'll bet you'll cum real fast baby." Yes, of course. I'll keep his final load in my pussy for you to lick out when I come home, Master said that would be fine." You grasped my shaft just beneath the head with three fingers and began to pump me furiously.

"Okay, got to go, babe. There's another load of creamy, hot cum headed my way and I don't want to miss a drop. See you in an hour or two. Bye" You blew a kiss into the phone and hung it up, as we both started laughing like youngren after a particularly nasty prank.
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Call Your Husband
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