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Dan and Raquel

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Dan and Raquel

A work of fiction....

All night I pondered what they were up to.

Did she really go back to his house? Okay, let's be realistic hombre, course she did!

You started this!

What have I done, I thought....

Sleep eventually came, surprisingly deep....

Eventually the alarm went off.... 8AM was the look on the LED display.

Half way through breakfast, she strolled into the kitchen.

Her hair strangly and out of place, and her makeup still on, tho again disheveled.

She wore the same black mini-dress and heels as before when she left.

I didn't think shed bothered to shower before leaving what I assume must have been J's (her boy toy, boyfriend, whatever you want to call him).

"How are you this morning honey?" she asked.

"Well" I muttered.

So curious how my night went cuck? She asked back.

Suppose so I replied. I was actually dying to know....

She crooked her finger for me to follow her upstairs.

Once on the bed, she peeled out of her mini dress and threw it in the hamper.

Lay down she commanded.

She took off her panties and tossed them in the hamper as well. They looked like they were do for a wash as well I thought.

Well, my night was great. So good to have a hard cock again! she said.

Before I could say much she climbed astride me, sitting upon my face.

"Did you know your wife was out getting fucked last night?" she asked.

It seemed a simple question, I could see her pussy inches away from me. Now shaved it was reddened, and clearly leaking a bit of cum still.

Go ahead lick it, I'm a little sore for any more sex for today well maybe the rest of the weekend too, but think I can still put your tongue to use.

This I wasn't greatly looking forward too, her pussy was wet, smelling of lubricant, hers, maybe some KY type jelly thing too, and obviously cum.

Its one thing to fantasize about this whole cuck lifestyle - another to lick a well used pussy, that in theory is YOURS.

I dutifully licked her pussy, and after a few she got up.

Time for my shower she said, can't go round all day smelling like sex can I?

What a summer this might be!


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Great start!!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Good job. I like it. Looking forward to more.


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without doubt my most favorite thing, my wife cumming home stuffed full of her lovers cum and crawling up on my face, I can actually shoot off while licking his cum out of her shaved little pussy, that is so hot
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Cuckold Stories Post / Cuckold Stories Post /
Dan and Raquel
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