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So you want to be a bull to some honkey couple
Want to fuck some white dude"s hot sexy wife.
Well sit down let me give you a lesmister,
How to be take hold of the wonderful cuckold life.

Now the cuck will try to be pleasant, polite and friendly,
But Learn this lesmister, time for you to go to school.
From the beginning there's a clear understanding,
You're not their friend, you're a dominant bull.

From the beginning be firm, gruff and demanding
And when they see your cock so magnificently large
They immediately will give you their humble presentation
They know at once that you are in charge.

Understand that they in the beginning
Will consider this some deep hidden sexual game
And to be successful you have to make this thing really happen
No-going-back, their lives will never be the same.

I always make sure I take pictures for insurance
They never balk, thinking this is amoung friends.
But I use those photos to secure my position
They may change their minds, but I decide when the cuckolding ends

Quite often at the beginning they are so sexually excited
But over time they may want to stop, they may change their mind
That's when you pull out those lovely pictures
They find themselves in a terrible bind.

I tell them I'm sorry that they want to end our arrangement
But I tell the cuck that I intend to keep fucking his wife.
And if he give me any cuckolds brownie, Ill use the photos
And I will completely ruin his life.

I've had them cry, had them beg, offer me money
Don't want money, what I want to do is to fuck.
His wife is mine for as long as I want her
If they try to bargain with me they will be out of luck.

A few years ago I blackmailed this rich honkey couple
They even offered to buy me a brand new Cadlilac
That sounded like a good proposition
So I considered it and made this offer back.

His wife had tits so white, soft and massive
And her pussy around my cock was a tight perfect fit
I had no intention of giving up this classy white lady
And her husband could clean up cum lickity split.

So I compromised and offered my proposal
"I'll take the car, the title and all the taxes free,
But once a month you will bring your wife to my apartment
And turn your slut wife over to me.

So twelve times a year I fuck his sexy lady
I've been driving that car now for over five years
And to this day when he drops off his sweet lady
His eyes are filled with sorrowful tears.

And that's just one example of how I fuck so many white women
Like I said, I take their fantasies and make them my reality
And if you are firm, unyielding and unbending
You'll be fucking white women till the end of eternity.

Be their bull, be demanding and powerful
But get those pictures, showing him licking your cock
Use them when ever you have to
And that little cuckold will never be able to balk.

Yes screwing white women is a glorious pleasure,
His wife's sexual satisfaction you will carefully and s*******fully tend.
But remember to take those nasty pictures
Then only you will decide when the fucking will end.


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Thanks for the post
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