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Picked up in a bar

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Not my story, it's a true one from the now defunct MrsRabbit site off of the wayback machine. I've included a couple of photos from the site. The wayback machine is great for getting the porn of now defunct sites.


Some of you have asked how we got started with some of the things we do now. This is something that happened quite a few years ago that changed our lifestyle. This took place a few years before the Daniel episode.

I guess there comes a time in every woman's life when she suddenly realizes that she is no longer the cute little teeny bopper she once was. The wolf whistles stop, heads don't turn anymore, and dresses don't fit like they did in the past. After being married for a few years, and especially after having youngren, I became self conscious about my body and felt that no one would want me sexually anymore and I would be too embarrassed to ever fuck anyone else except my husband. Even though Peter told me that I was still attractive I still held fast to my opinion," the good old days were gone!".

One night during one of our discussions about this subject we decided to see who was right. We would see if I still had the sexual appeal necessary to get picked up by a stranger. We decided that he would take me to a bar at a large hotel for their Happy Hour the following Thursday night. It would be mid-week and the hotel was usually booked solid with businessmen. Peter did make one stipulation, he had to agree with what I wore so that I couldn't sabotage the experiment by down grading my appearance .

The night of the test I wore my white knit suit. Peter had me wear my cream colored suspender nylons instead of pantyhose. I agreed to wear a brown eye shadow also, otherwise I selected everything else I wore .

The plan was that Peter would drop me off at the door and I would go in and take a seat at a table away from the bar next to the outside window. He would park the car and wait five minutes then go inside and take a seat on the opposite side of the room from me for my own protection. I was to sit there for two hours. If nothing happened I could leave, if something did happen it was up to me what I wanted to do .

When we got to the hotel he dropped me off and then parked the car and waited before entering as we had agreed. I then went into the hotel and went to the lounge area. "When I entered the lounge area I was surprised to see so few people there were. I found a table next to the window and sat down. The waiter came and I ordered a rum and coke. While I waited for my take to come I looked about to see who was there. There were two couples sitting at tables near the entrance to the restaurant and six other men. Four were sitting at the bar and two were standing talking to each other. All of the men were dressed in suits. They were various ages from mid-thirties to approximately mid-fifties. Two of them weren't bad looking the others were nothing to brag about. When my take came it was in a small eight ounce glass, I took a sip and it was stronger than I liked it to be. I saw Peter come in and take a seat where he could watch me. I felt ridiculous sitting there. I didn't have anything else to do so I drank my take and ordered another.Tthe second wasn't as strong as the first. I thought I had been sitting there for about an hour but it had only been fifteen minutes when I looked at my watch. A few more men and another couple had come in by then .

I was really nervous sitting there by myself. I kept looking down at my take. I had just finished my second take and the waiter was already bringing me another and I had only been there for a half an hour. The place was starting to fill up now and there were quite a few men here now, some of the guys looked pretty good.. I seemed more relaxed now and leaned back in my chair and crossed my legs. I hadn't rearranged my dress and it had slid up my legs quite a bit above my knee so that a good portion of my thigh was visible.

I was wondering if anyone would ever come over when I heard someone say "These business trips are not as exciting as they used to be are they?" I looked up and there was a man standing next to my table with two takes in his hand. He wasn't bad looking either. ""I asked the bartender what you were takeing and he said you were having rum and coke. I hope you don't mind me joining you but it seems as though we don't know anyone else here. My name is Cyril (Last name withheld for obvious reamisters), I work for XYZ Company(again withheld for obvious reamisters) and am here for a couple days checking on our distributors sales. What brings you here business or pleasure?"" I was dumbfounded, some one was trying to pick me up. He was an average guy, about forty five years old, about five foot eight inches tall and not over weight. He had brown hair and brown eyes and a dark shadow indicating a heavy beard well shaved. After I realized what he had asked me, I replied that I was here on vacation for a few days. He asked where I was from and what I did. I told him where I worked and for whom. We made small talk while I learned what he did and where he was from. He ordered us two more takes while we talked, which I nervously gulped down. He had moved his chair closer to mine as we talked and was soon sitting right next to me. I felt him put his hand on my leg above my knee and I gulped down the rest of my take. I was beginning to get excited at the thought of what he might try to do. I had forgot all about Peter sitting across the room. He commented that the table service was getting worse since there were more people here now and that maybe we should move to the bar where we could get our takes quicker. I agreed and as we got up to go to the bar I felt the effect the rum and cokes had had on me I was really a little high by then. I felt his hand gently squeeze my ass and rub it gently as we moved toward the bar. When we got to the bar he directed me to the far end where no one was sitting and I climbed up on the stool. He turned the stool so that I was facing him standing on the floor. We got another take and continued to talk but I could tell his main interest now was to fuck me. As we talked he spread my legs with his hand and ran his hand up and down the inside of my thigh, higher and higher each time until he was above my nylons and feeling the bare portion of my leg and was within inches of my pussy. I couldn't believe I was doing what I was doing. I felt nervous, nasty, excited, and frightened all at the same time, but I didn't want to quit. I looked around the room and no one could see what was going on below the bar. We were positioned out of their view by the bend in the bar. I raised myself up a little so I could adjust my skirt higher and spread my legs as wide as I could and pushed my hips forward so my hot cunt could meet fingers. As soon as I did, I felt his hand slide all the way to my cunt and felt his fingers toy with my panties until they had found the wet inside of my pussy. He rubbed it and it really felt good. I was really feeling nasty so I leaned over a bit and reached down the front of his pants and felt for his dick. I felt it all hard and stiff. I new he was ready to fuck. I rubbed his dick and squeezed it through his pants. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as he circled his fingers around my clitoris. I really wanted him to fuck me and I was just about to ask him to when he suggested that we go to his room for a few more takes. I hadn't expected to go this far and here I sat with his fingers moving in and out of my cunt on a bar stool in a bar. I knew what would happened next was up to me. I looked over to where Peter was sitting and saw he was watching what I was doing. I thought , how does it feel to know your wife has someone's fingers up her cunt and is holding on to a hard stiff dick while you sit there watching. I hadn't fucked anyone but Peter since we were married, which was quite a few years ago then. I decided I wanted to fuck this guy and Peter could just wait to hear about it later.

I really wanted to fuck this guy. I knew it would feel good to have that cock I was holding in my hand pushing in and out of my pussy. I told him that I wasn't staying here and that we'd have to go to his room. He agreed and ordered two more takes which we took with us when we left. Once we were outside the lounge and waiting for the elevator he put his arms around me and kissed me hard. His hands slide to my ass and pulled me toward him. I could feel his hard dick push against me and I kissed him back and ran my tongue into his mouth. The elevator arrived and we took it up to his floor. I felt his hand on my waist then it moved under my skirt and he slide his hand down the crack of my ass and pushed his fingers between my ass cheeks. When we got to his room he opened the door and we went in. I asked him to leave the lights off as there was enough light coming in through the upper part of the windows above the tiered curtains. He took off his jacket and pulled me toward him .

He held me in his arms and we kissed some more. All the time his hands were running over my body squeezing my tits and rubbing my ass. I felt him lift the front of my dress and hold my pussy. He pulled my top up over my head then pulled down my skirt and I stood there in my bra and panties. I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him. I then unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor. He picked me up and carried me over to the bed and placed me on it. As he stood above me I watched as he removed his shorts and his dick swung up and into view in the moonlight. I reached out and took hold of it. It wasn't as big as I had thought it might be when I felt it through his pants. He reached down and removed my bra and then reached to remove my panties and nylons. I lifted my hips to aid in their removal and in an instant was laying before him naked except for the small patch of hair above my cunt. Our bodies shown in the moonlight as he laid down on the bed next to me. He took me in his arms and began to kiss me again as his hands moved over my naked body, caressing my breasts, rubbing my nipples, fingering the hair above my pussy and finally sliding his fingers into my cunt. I moaned out loud as his fingers slide inside me. I reached between his legs groping for his hard dick. I played with it while he played with me. As he lifted himself, he began kissing and licking down my body and by the time his mouth had reached my pussy he had shifted his position so that his cock was in front of my face. I opened my mouth and swallowed all of his dick until my face was buried in the heavy pubic hair at the base of his dick. In the same instant his tongue dove into my pussy, deeper and deeper until I could feel it pushing at the far end of my cunt. I didn't know anyone could have a tongue that long! He twirled his tongue around inside my cunt until I thought I would pass out from pure joy. I wanted to cum so bad that I finally couldn't hold back any longer and came on that wonderful tongue. I continued to suck on his dick through it all until I felt his hot cum squirting in my mouth. I was so horny that I swallowed ever drop of his cum and continued to suck on his dick until he rolled over onto his back with me lying on top of him. I was up on my hands and knees with my dripping cunt over his wonderful tongue. I felt him tilt my ass down until I felt him kissing and licking my ass. His tongue found my asshole. I reached behind me and spread my ass as wide as I could so that his tongue could penetrate my asshole to it's full extent and that is exactly what he did. I could feel his tongue slide into my asshole as far as any dick has ever gone and he flicked it in and out unbelievably fast. His hands reached around me and squeezed my tits while he continued to drive his tongue up my asshole. When he ran his tongue up my ass I let his dick slide from my mouth and began to lick his balls. I sucked his balls into my mouth and rolled my tongue around them. As he continued to tongue my ass I moved my mouth to his asshole and stuck my tongue up his asshole to try and give him some of the pleasure he was giving me. I shoved my tongue as deep into his ass as I could. I knew I was doing something you weren't supposed to do. I told him I wanted him to fuck me now, I wanted that dick in my cunt. I laid on my back and spread my legs as wide as possible so he had a good view of my cunt in the moonlight. He positioned himself so his cock was directed straight toward my cunt. I reached down and took hold of it and pushed it in my twitching cunt. He began to pump his ass and his cock moved in and out of my cunt. His mouth covered my breasts and he nibred each of the nipples in turn. His dick felt wonderful but I wanted more. In my condition I wanted more, I reached down and removed his dick from my cunt and put it on my asshole and I said." shove your dick up my ass until you feel the cuckolds brownie in me." He pushed forward and his dick rammed up my ass. He pumped it as hard up my ass as he had up my cunt. I squeezed my legs around him as I came for a second time. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't done that in years. He came again as I felt his cum run out of my asshole and down the crack of my ass. He pulled his dick out of my ass and I bent up and sucked the cum from my asshole off his dick .

I rolled over and moved off the bed. He asked where I was going and I said I had to go to the bathroom. He asked if he could accompany me to the bathroom and I said yes. When we got to the bathroom he turned on the light and closed the door. In the harsh light of the bathroom everything seemed more erotic than it had before and the urge to go to the extreme flooded over me. The next thing I knew was I was sitting on the toilet seat with his dick in my had begging him to pee all over my tits. After all those takes he didn't have much trouble fulfilling my wish as the pee started to gush from the end of his dick. It felt warm on my tits. I raised his dick so he was peeing on my throat then my face. I opened my mouth and directed that hot stream of piss straight into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could as fast as I could until the over flow was running out the sides of my mouth and down my breasts onto my stomach and through my legs over my pussy down the crack of my ass and finally dripping into the toilet bowel. His pee was flowing over the same area his mouth, tongue and dick had just occupied. I started my flow of pee at the same time and we peed together. After we finished peeing I got up and stepped into the shower to rinse off. As I turned the warm water on he stepped into the shower with me and began to wash me down. I felt so good in the warm water, almost as good as his hot pee had felt. I reached for his dick again and knelt before him placing his dick once more into my mouth. I had to suck him off once more before I left. I swallowed as much of his dick as I could. I found that if i pushed my face as far into his stomach as I could and would stick out my tongue at the same time I could lick his balls at the same time. I reached around him and grabbed his ass and pulled him to my face. He started to fuck my mouth as if it were my pussy or asshole. I felt his ass tighten as he shot another load of hot cum into my mouth. I let his cum run from my mouth and wash down my face with the shower water as his hot pee had done only minutes before .

As I went to get my clothes he asked if he could keep my panties as a souvenir of his trip. I said he could. He rubbed my panties between my legs so he could have the smell of my cunt to go with them. I put on my clothes and thanked him for the great fuck. He said I was as good a fuck as he ever had and my takeing his piss had really turned him on and he was able to cum again in the shower because of it. He rubbed my pussy once more as he kissed me good bye at the door. He gave me one of his business cards and said that he had some other associates who he was sure would be delighted to meet my acquaintance and maybe we could all get together another night, all I needed to do was call the hotel and ask for him.

When I got home Peter watched as I undressed looking for signs of what had just taken place about an hour ago. I laid back across the bed and spread my legs wide so he could lick my cunt. I know he could smell the cum from my last fuck as some of it had leaked out of my ass on the drive home and was dried to the pubic hairs surrounding my pussy. As I spread the lips of my cunt the cum was there in the folds of my pussy. Peter knelt forward and shoved his stiff dick in my cum soaked pussy and fucked me as hard as he could until he came. He shot his cum into my cunt to mix with the cum of the previous fuck. I spent the rest of the night in his arms occasionally reaching down to my cum soaked twat to run my fingers over it and thinking about what I would do about the other offer made tonight. But that is another story !

At least the question was answered. I could still get picked up, and get fucked if I want too. Of course a half dozen rum and cokes didn't hurt!!

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That was a hot story. Thanks for sharing it!
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really hot and my wife often talk about her going to a bar like that...being picked up...can wait till it happends...
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Cheers for the wayback machine


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Another episode. The wayback machine is a fantastic site.

My First Time

Some of you may have wondered about my sexual experiences. This is how I became a little more sexually free about ten or so years ago. I used to work at a local airport on the ticket counter for a small airline and this is what happened as best I can remember it !

"I had to take some packages out to the tarmac to be loaded on the plane. In-order to make the trip easier and to save time I looked for a baggage truck that was going to the same area or at least in the same vicinity. That's when I spotted Daniel driving his baggage truck and I asked if he could drive me to the planes location so I wouldn't have to walk and spend an hour walking back and forth. The plane was located at the far side of the terminal and it would be a long ride. I had seen and spoken with Daniel on occasion. He was married and a quiet type who didn't say much and often worked double shifts. I was feeling sort of goofy because we had been talking about the guys at work at the counter before I left so I thought I'd give him a thrill.. He was standing on the ground and as I climbed on to his truck I lifted my leg high and wide which enared Daniel to see up my dress right to my crotch and when I sat down my skirt was well up above her knees and if you looked you could see my crotch. He was looking so I spread my legs a little wider so he could get a good look. He really couldn't see anything because of my dark black pantyhose. So while we were riding over to the plane's gate I made small talk and kidded with him. I knew Daniel was shy so I was really friendly with him during the ride. He stayed while I dropped off the packages and said he would drive me back."

"I really should have peed before I left but I didn't and on the way back I had to go so bad I could taste it. I remembered a small bathroom in a little used hallway near the lunchroom that was the closest to where I was and would have to pass it on the way to the ticket counter. The bathroom wasn't being used because it was off the construction area at the airport and no one usually was in that area and if they were they were just passing through. When I got to the bathroom I found that the lock on the door didn't work. When I looked around Daniel was still in the area and I asked him if he would be a gentleman and watch the door for me so no one would come in while I peed. He laughed and said he would."

"I entered the bathroom, it was small with only one stall facing the door and a small vanity wash basin to the left. There was no door to the stall. Some one must have removed it for repairs.

I lifted my skirt well above my waist and pulled down my pantyhose and panties and sat down or rather squatted across the toilet. As the pee started to flow in a full steady stream I was shocked to see the door open and Daniel enter."

" There I was with my skirt up, my legs spread wide as I squatted over the toilet, pee squirting out in a steady stream from between my legs and to make matters worse I had used my fingers to spread my pussy wide to pee as best I could directly into the basin.. From were Daniel stood, not more than six feet away, he could clearly see the hair surrounding my cunt and the pink inner folds of my pussy. Then the pee stopped, surprised more than shocked I sat down on the toilet seat for support."

"Looking at Daniel's face I saw a slight grin and knew I was physically safe, but when I lowered my eyes to avoid his look I saw the bulge in the front of his pants and knew he wanted more than just friendly conversation. When he leaned over and reached forward with one had, I realized that I was still sitting with my legs spread and by leaning back on the toilet for support my cunt was in full view. At the same instant his hand touched my cunt and I felt a strange sensation I hadn't felt for a long time. I felt really excited. I closed my eyes and moaned. A strange man was placing his had on my cunt, softly playing with my pubic hair and spreading my pussy lips to gently rub my clit. To my un-imagined surprise I loved it."

"It was then that I decided that I was going to fuck this man now and worry about it later. Hadn't Peter told me to "go get fucked" well it looked like I was going to do it. It just felt so good, and I hadn't been fucked for what, almost two weeks."

"I could feel his fingers stroking my pussy and the juices from my pussy starting to flow as they hadn't for a long time. Each stroke made me move my ass so as to get the maximum enjoyment from each touch. I knew that my whole pussy was soaking wet now, and I could feel his other hand on my breasts. I opened my eyes and saw that while I had had my eyes closed Daniel had unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. It was hard, stiff and pointing right at me less than a foot away from my face. It was bigger around than Peter's dick, almost as thick as some of those dildoes he's always bringing home. Now as he rose and straightened up it was only inches from my face and headed for my mouth. He was going to stick that beautiful hard stiff dick in my mouth. I wondered how it would taste but not for long as I opened my mouth and licked my tongue across the head of his dick. Then I covered the head of his dick with my mouth and sucked it in as far as I could without obligation."

"I loved the taste of it and especially it's hardness. I sucked harder and faster. God how I loved it. Here I sat on a toilet, legs spread and my pussy soaking wet sucking on a magnificent hard dick. I reached around him and grabbed his ass and pulled it toward me. I then stopped and pulled down his underwear so I could get a full view of what he had to offer. His balls hung low and were about the size of walnuts only bigger and his sack hung down four to five inches below his dick. I grabbed his balls and gently rotated them in my hands and proceeded to swallow his dick as far into my mouth as I could. I rolled my tongue around it and let it push against the back of my throat."

"I could feel his hands on my breasts as I sucked on his dick. They were rubbing and squeezing my tits through my blouse and bra. He then started to undo the buttons on my blouse and I could feel the cooler air on my chest as he opened my blouse and reached for my bra. His fingers went into the cups and massaged my tits one finger on each hand gently stroking my nipples. He removed his hands and reached behind me to the clasp of my bra and opened it . He pushed the front of my bra up so that my tits fell out below."

"He reached down and lifted me up so I was standing in front of him with his dick pressing into the softness of my stomach. He then leaned down and kissed each of my nipples in sequence one then the other, over and over again until he was sucking hard on each in turn. He then started to kiss me lower and lower until his lips were pressed against the pubic hair above my cunt. He then reached down and slid my nylons and panties down around my ankles. Moving as little as possible I kicked off the nylons and panties with my toes. I felt wonderful, he had placed his dick downward between my legs and as I moved my pussy rubbed against it. I could feel his hands reach behind me and gently grab my ass and I felt myself being lifted up. As I was being lifted I felt him position me above the head of his dick. In another second or less I knew he was going to lower me and that that stiff swollen dick was going to slide up my hot juicy pussy. It would be the first dick in my cunt since I had been married that hadn't been Peter's. Then it came, I could feel the head of his dick press against the entrance to my cunt, then slowly it slide in, more and more, farther and farther, until it seemed to go no farther until I wrapped my legs around his waste and I could feel his dick go in deeper. It was thicker thought than when I first saw it, and when it was being shoved down my throat, but now it was stretching my cunt wide as it tried to bury itself within me."

"He carried me over to the vanity sink and placed my ass on the countertop for support. With my weight on the counter his hands were free to explore the rest of my body while his dick pumped in and out of my wet cunt. He pushed my blouse down over my shoulders and lifted the bra up under my chin so that my bare tits were free for him to rub and caress. I could feel my nipples pucker as my ass touched the cool countertop. His fingers gently pinched my hard nipples and I found myself moaning rhythmaticly with the touch of his fingers and the dick plunging deep inside my pussy. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust of his dick. I felt as if I were about to scream as I felt myself coming. I didn't want to come yet, I wanted to fuck that hard dick as long as I could. But I couldn't hold out any longer. I squeezed my legs tightly around his waist pushing his dick as far into me as it could go. I groaned and tremred violently as I came and could feel him stiffen as he reached his point of ejaculation. My legs could feel his ass quiver as he shot his cum into my warm, cock filled cunt. He held me tight as we both breathed heavily."

"As he stepped back his dick slid from my juicy pussy, his cum started to run out of my cunt and down the crack of my ass. It was a real puddle and I could feel my ass begin to slide on the counter. He had really shot a load of cum. I reached down and rubbed my hand in it and felt its warmth. I then rubbed it over the hairs between my legs and up onto my stomach. I then slide off the counter to my knees in front of him and held his cum wet dick in my hand. I placed it into my mouth and sucked the remaining cum from his dick. The taste was different yet still familiar. After I had cleaned his dick with my mouth I held his balls in my hands and licked what little cum had got on them into my mouth. As his dick started to soften I released it and stood up. He could see his cum running down my legs and reached for it with his fingers. He then brought his fingers to my lips and I licked them softly.""

"There it was over. I had just been fucked by someone I hardly new and had enjoyed it. Maybe Peter was right and that I could fuck anyone I wanted if I wanted to. I didn't love Daniel and I had fucked him, sucked his dick and had cum as I hadn't in a long time. I felt good knowing I could still get laid. Another mans touch had felt good and his dick even better. Once the surprise and initial embarrassment was over I had found myself enjoying every cock-sucking, cock-fucking minute of it."

"All I had to do now was clean up my wet pussy and ass put on my panties and pantyhose, pull down my skirt which was still bunched around my waist, snap my bra and button my blouse and go back to work with out letting anyone know what had happened. I felt that my secret was safe with Daniel because I had told him that if he said anything to anyone I would never fuck him again. He said that I had a wonderful pussy and that he wanted to fuck me again if I would let him. I told him he'd have to get some kind of lock for the door or find a new place where it would be safer and we could be fully naked with each other. If he really liked it he would be back for more, if he didn't, tough cuckolds brownie, I'd say it never happened."

" As I walked back to the ticket counter were I worked I could feel my still damp crotch and wondered if it was perspiration or just a little bit of Daniel. Nobody had even missed me or questioned where I had been."
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Great Story!!!
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He said that I had a wonderful pussy and that he wanted to fuck me again

Soooooo...... Donna, did he come back for more of that sweet pussy?
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These stories are all from the long gone website pulled from Here is another:

Over the past few months some of you have taken the time to read the stories I wrote about my two of my sexual experiences. You've asked that I write another. I'm really not a writer so it takes me along time to write and I really have to power myself to do it but since it has been so long since I posted the last story I thought that it was time that I attempt another for those of you that enjoyed reading them.

Both of my previous accountings had occurred in the distant past, maybe not too distant, but not in the recent past. I thought that I would do something a little different this time and take an incident that occurred within the past six months.

As some of you know, Peter and I like to travel and when we travel we try to visit the Swinger Clubs in the area. On our trips to Phoenix AZ we visit the local club. One of our favorite clubs in the Phoenix area is Club Chameleon. So when we were in Phoenix, a few months ago, we visited Club Chameleon.

Club Chameleon is a great place to visit. It has a large dance floor, a terrific DJ, and plenty of seating for the large crowds on Saturday nights. The buffet is still great but not quite as good as it was in the past. The bar has a great selection of non-holy wateric takes. But enough about the club, I know that's not why your reading this.

As with most on-premises clubs single men are only allowed on specific nights and Saturday nights are usually designated "couple only nights". I permisterally like Friday nights because single men are generally allowed. The odds are then in my favor and I like that. It helps me compete with all the younger women!

It was the first Friday night after we arrived in Phoenix and I was getting dressed for our visit to Club Chameleon. It was time to decide what I should wear. When I visit clubs I usually don't wear panties, just a little quirk of mine, so that was not an issue but a nice sexy black lace bra is always an asset. Just because I don't wear panties doesn't mean no sexy undies at all. So out came the black lace garter belt, black nylons and, of course, the black strap heels. I selected a light gray blouse, which buttons down the front and is just as easily unbuttoned, from the closet. It was shear enough so that my black lace bra was clearly visible. Next was a short black wrap around skirt, one of my favorites because it facilitates intimate contact. Peter approved and if he says I look pretty good then I know I must be looking good! He's very particular about the way I dress.

When we arrived at the club the parking lot was almost full so we weren't the first to arrive. As we entered the club the music was playing and the dance floor was almost full. It looked like it was going to be another great night. I took a seat on one of the high stools in front of the pool room windows while Peter went to get us a couple takes from the bar. I prefer the high stools rather than chairs because they let me show more leg and give a quick "Beaver Shot" now and then. I crossed my legs and let the wrap around skirt fall to the side allowing most of my leg and part of my ass to show. Since it was Friday night there was a generous selection of single males there. It didn't take long to have a few looks my way. I felt it was going to be a good night!

Peter gives me plenty of freedom to come and go while we are at the clubs and it wasn't long before he moved off and left me to my own devices. Shortly thereafter I was approached and asked to dance by an attractive looking gentleman. I love to dance whenever I can so I didn't hesitate and agreed to dance with him. Once the other single gentlemen saw that I was approachable I was able to dance with quite a few different individuals over the next hour or so.

I finally paired off with two gentlemen both in their mid forties, Ron and Gary. When we danced they would move in close with me in the middle, which seems to be a popular way of dancing at the clubs. I could feel a hard dick pressing against my ass and another pressing against my stomach. It didn't take them long to unbutton my blouse.

As we danced they would move their hands over my body, cupping my breasts and rubbing my ass. They eventually got bolder and started to lift my skirt. It wasn't long before they discovered that I wasn't wearing any panties. I could feel their hands slide into the fold of my skirt and their fingers on my pussy. It wasn't too long before they had my skirt up to my waist and I was fully exposed to everyone on or near the dance floor. Of course I had to reciprocate and I soon was feeling their stiff dicks with both of my hands. It was definitely time to move on!

Off the rear of the dance floor is a TV room where hardcore videos are shown. Each of the TV's have three couches surrounding them. This seems to be the place you retire to if you're interested in sucking your partner's dick. I suggested to Ron and Gary that we go to the TV room. My suggestion was well received and off we went.

In the dim light I could see there were quite a few people already there but we were able to find an empty couch where we could all sit together with me in the middle. Ron and Gary unzipped their pants and pulled out their throbbing cocks for me to stroke. I leaned forward a little and Ron reached behind me and unsnapped my bra exposing my breasts. I lifted up and Gary pulled up my skirt up around my waste. I spread my legs wide so that Ron and Gary could have easy access to my cunt. My hot little pussy was exposed to anyone who wished to look and we were getting some looks. There were two other gentlemen sitting on the couch directly across from us. There was another couple sitting on the other couch next to us. They could see clearly with the light from the TV screen everything that Ron and Gary were doing to me.

I laid my head back as Ron and Gary licked and sucked my breasts and fingered my pussy. My pussy was getting hotter and I could feel their fingers sliding around in my pussy juices as I became wetter. I felt their fingers opening my pussy wider and wider until their finger began to work their way into my juicy pussy. It was time for me to return all the attention they had been giving me. I wanted to suck their stiff dicks!

I got up off the couch and knelt down in front of them. Ron moved over next to Gary so their dicks where as close together as possible. I went down on Ron first. His dick was as hard as a rock as my mouth slid down over it. It was slightly longer than Gary's dick but not as thick. I ran my tongue around his dick as my mouth moved up and down on his cock. Then it was out and I placed my mouth on Gary's cock. His was a good seven inches in length and thick but just as hard as Ron. Oh my God, they tasted so good! I couldn't get enough! I moved my mouth back and forth from one to the other. I licked the heads of theirs cocks with my tongue and continued to move my tongue around their dicks as I slide my mouth down their shafts.

I could feel their hands on my back and my neck as I sucked them. I felt one of their hands work it's way down to the top of my skirt and pull it slowly up over my ass. I could have cared less!! I had two hard dicks to put in my mouth and if they wanted to show off my ass to the guys sitting across from us that was fine with me. My skirt was up around my waist now and my ass was fully exposed for all to see. My blouse was fully open and my tits were hanging free. I was so horny I could feel the juices from my pussy starting to run down my thighs as I knelt there.

I felt the couch move slightly as someone sat down next to Ron. I glanced over and saw another hard cock exposed. The owner's hand was slowly moving up and down on it. Suddenly I felt an unknown pair of hands teasingly caressing my naked ass. They moved slowly and smoothly over my ass. I felt one of them slide down to my cunt and begin to stroke it softly while the other kept tickling my ass. At about the same time other hands began to caress my breasts. Gently it pinched one nipple than the other. It seems that others had invited themselves into our little group.

Ron's dick exploded into my mouth and I swallowed every drop of cum. It tasted great and there was so much of it. I licked up the small amount that ran down his dick with my tongue.

At the same time Ron came in my mouth I felt the hands on my ass and pussy being replaced by a stiff dick pressing against my naked ass. It moved up and down gently in the crack of my ass. Two hands indicated to me that I should spread my legs a little more. I did and that wonderful cock slid from my ass and moved deep into my hot cunt. I could feel his stomach slam against my ass as he rammed his cock into my cunt. As I sucked on Gary's stiff dick he fucked my cunt as hard as he could until I felt him grab my ass hard with his hands. I new he was cumming and soon felt his cum running down my legs.

As he withdrew his cock from my dripping pussy Gary shot his load right down my throat. He shot more cum than Ron and I greedily drank swallowed as mich as I could but some of it dripped from my mouth. I licked it up also. I didn't want to miss a drop.

As Gary and Ron moved to get up I glanced around me for the first time since going down on my knees. I was not too surprised to find I was surrounded by eagerly awaiting gentlemen with dicks in hand. That is one of the nice things about having single men on Fridays. They are always looking for some action. I suggested that we carry our activities down to what I refer to as the "Pink Room" where we would have beds to lie on and the lighting is brighter. Since no objections were made, I felt everyone approved.

I stood up and started to straighten my clothes. I was receiving numerous compliments on my cock sucking ability, my ass, my pussy and my breasts from the gentlemen who had gathered around me. Also the usual question were being asked. "Do you come here often?", "Where are you from?", "Are you married?", "Is your husband here?", etc. I guess some of them were hoping they would say the right thing so they might be next one I favored. We moved from the TV down the hall to the "Pink Room".

The "Pink Room" is I guess what you would refer to as the group room. It is a large "L" shaped room with multiple beds and subdued lighting much brighter than the TV room. As I entered I moved to the left selecting the large bed nearest the far wall since it offered the most privacy. I slowly removed my blouse and then my bra. Laying them on the floor at the head of the bed and out of the way, I slowly moved through the gentlemen to the foot of the bed. I knelt on the edge of the bed and as slow as I could, I crawled to the center of the bed knowing that my naked ass could easily be seen. When I got to the center of the bed I lied down on my stomach and rolled over onto my back. I reached down and unwrapped my skirt laying it to each side. I was now totally naked except for my garter belt, nylons and heels and lying before quite a few gentlemen many with stiff dicks in busy hands.

I wasn't embarrassed because what is a dozen or so men looking at my naked body compared to the thousands that look at it on my website or my webcam.

As I moved my hips, spread my legs and touched myself the watchers grew bolder and took seats on the bed next to me. Soon my two hands were replaced with too many hands to count. Hands were stroking, caressing, touching. Lips and tongues were kissing and licking my nipples, arms, legs and any other part they could reach. Eyes closed, I reached out with my hands searching between the legs around me until I found warm pulsating cocks to stroke.

Then I felt a mouth press against my juicy cunt and his tongue swirl around my clit. I spread my legs as wide as possible and raised my knees giving that tongue full access to my juicy cunt. It must have been too much to see for someone. The dick I was holding strained and hot cum squirted from the tip. Some shot unto my breasts but most of it ended up running down my arm. Although I was really enjoying have my pussy licked, I really wanted to be fucked.

While it's not my favorite position, I have found that "doggie style" is my position of choice in situations such as this. Indicating to the permister between my legs that I wanted him to stop, I then rolled over and rose up into a kneeling position making my pussy available to anyone wishing to mount me. The response was almost immediate. I felt a hand spreading the lips of my cunt and a hard shaft of meat burying deep into my waiting cunt. He must have had a large sack because I could feel his balls swing forward and slap against my stomach as he rammed his dick into me. I moved my ass toward him in response to each thrust, burying his cock deep in my pussy. The sneaky little devil kept popping his dick in my ass about every fifth stroke. Think he even shot his load up my ass!

A benefit of the "doggie style" position was the nice cock that was now pointing toward my face. My mouth opened and I was rewarded with a cock plunging into my waiting lips. Wrapping my lips tightly around his dick I moved in and out on it in rhythm to my ass movement.. I was about to cum for the first time tonight. I could feel my orgasm building. I relaxed and let the waves of pleasure flow over me.

It wasn't long before cum was once again running down my legs after oozing out of my cunt. I wanted to taste cum again and soon my wish was granted. Fresh cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but kept some in my mouth to savoir the taste of it. Finally my arms were too weak to support me any more and I had to lie down on the bed. I rolled over on my back and spread my legs.

Once I offer myself up like this a feel a certain responsibility to please as many as possible so that no one feels left out. Opening my eyes just ever so slightly, I saw numerous individuals above me, each with dick in hand, furiously pumping their stiff dicks. Soon the cum began to spurt from them splattering on all areas of my body and face Hands reached up to help me sit up. Flattering comments were abundant to which I graciously accepted. How was I to clean myself before getting dressed? That's when I noticed Peter was in the group.

It seems that ever thoughtful Peter had seen my situation and had gone to the restroom for some paper towels knowing I would need something to wipe all the cum off my body and face. He had found me because he had noticed the group of men in the room and had come over to see what the interest was. He said that I was already being fucked by someone and was sucking some guy's dick at the same time. He had only been there about forty-five minutes. He saw them cum on me after jacking off.

I had to remove my nylons because they were covered with cum. I dressed and went to the restroom to freshen up. After all it was only a little after midnight, a girl could still get lucky!
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How did it turn out that nobody commented on this... nice story!


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How did it turn out that nobody commented on this... nice story!

I know, these stories are pretty damn good. I have yet to check that the website is still live - hope so! I just did so, and it's still a live site, needs some in-depth investigation I think.

On a more personal note, how is Mrs Two these days? it's been a while since I've seen anything from you on the site, hope all is well with you two. Say hello to her from me. Will you make it to Cap d'Agde this next year?


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Very hot. The wife of the dreams of any hubby.
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