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True Story..My wife's first BBC

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This is about my wife's first BBC. My wife is from a country that doesn't have many black people. She in her early 20s, 5ft2, blonde, blue eyes and and the body of a fitness model but without the fake boobs. She went out with a friend of hers to a dance club. I was arelax when she came home. She crawled into bed and I asked if she had fun. She said yes but she had to tell me that while she and her friend were dancing, many guys were trying to dance with her. With her looks, I said it didn't surprise me. She said she finally gave in and started to dance with this guy and he was black. My dick started to get hard. She said that he was grinding on her butt. I asked her if he was hard. She said yes and it felt big. I then turned my wife over and started to fuck her from behind. I continued to ask her if she was wondering how that big black dick would feel inside her. At first she wouldn't answer because in her country it is totally taboo. She finally admitted to wondering how it would be inside her. She was so horny. As weeks went by, I kept on mentioning it during sex. I then asked her directly if she would like a BBC. She asked if I was serious. I said I was. During those past two weeks, I had joined an interracial sex discussion group and talked to a few guys. One was cool and not aggressive or “thuggish”, a military guy. Once my wife said she would like to try it, I told him it was “a go”. I told him not to expect anything the first time we meet and to take things slow.

We met in the same club of my wife's “first encounter”. Before we entered the club, my wife said not to expect anything this first meeting. We sat in a quiet part of the club and exchanged small talk. My wife was apprehensive at first but relaxed a bit after 2 or 3 takes. He then asked her to dance. I said to have fun. The dancefloor was super crowded and there were not visible from where we had been sitting. I thought it best not to spy on them dancing, thinking she might not loosen-up if was watching. They came back after a couple of mistergs. He was wearing some loose fitting pants but I could see he was aroused. Her face was a little flushed. Either from dancing or her getting turned-on. We had a couple more takes and they went dancing again. Oh I forgot to mention, she was wearing a very short top that showed her extremely toned midsection and a mid-length skirt that was low and tight on her hips. Underneath, she wore a g-string. This time I decided to go to the upper level so I could watch the from above. The first was the typical Hip Hop/R'N'B dance. The next misterg was a bit slower. She turned her back to him and he started grinding on her a bit. It was difficult to see..the dance floor was packed. I saw the other people dancing around them glance and smile. I moved to my right a bit to get a better angle/view. I immediately got rock hard. At times, she would bent a bit more and he would reach under her skirt. I could see him rubbing her g-string “covered” pussy. She would then straighted up and reach back and slide her hand against his hard dick and then up and down inside his pants and stroke him a bit. I was so fucking hot to see. I then went down to our seats( a guy I know had kept the seats for us). I mentioned that I had watched the show a bit. She said it was as far as it was going to go tonight. I was a little disappointed. I said OK. I then suggested he come over to relax a bit before driving him. She really didn't want it but I said it would be rude and that I would tell him not to push it tonight. More later....if you want to here it.


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Part 2.

As we were leaving the club, I convinced my wife to drive to our place in his car, saying they could take our reserved parking spot in front of our building and I would have to drive around looking for an open space. Arriving at our building, it took my almost 5 minutes more to find a parking space. I walked to our building at a slower pace than usual, hoped the extra time would give him a chance to work a little magic. I opened the door to our apartment as quietly as possible and couldn't hear any talking or noises as I entered. I slowly turned the corner into the living room. They were on the sofa, his pants at his knees and she was giving him a slow BJ. It was such a turn on seeing her sucking on his 8 inch an thick black dick. He didn't last more than 2 minutes (she's that good). He didn't warn her and started cumming in her mouth. It really surprised me the she didn't take her mouth off and she proceeded to swallow his whole load. He was still rock hard. I then took my pants off and she started to suck my dick. I said I wouldn't last to long and I would rather fuck her. She said that she was at the end of her time of the month and that is why she said she originally didn't want to take things further that night. She was horny as hell as well so I suggested anal. She said take it slowly. She loves anal but takes preparations beforehand to make things less initially unconfortable and she was unable to prepare herself this time. I was first in order for her to accommodate his more easily. I slowly entered with generous amounts of lube, eventually quickening my pace and a couple of minutes later I came deep in her ass. He could hardly wait for his turn. He slid in with not as much trouble as I had since I loosened her up a bit. He entered his full length into her and she moaned loudly. He was taking long and slow strokes. He still couldn't last much longer than I did and came inside her ass. He explained later that he had never fucked a woman as hot as my wife and he had only seen women like her in porno mags and movies. We became friends with him and got together with him about 5 more times after that.


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Great but tell us about the times he fucked her pussy. Let's hear it all
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True Story..My wife's first BBC
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