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She came home with dried cum on her ring

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Wife came home from a date one night a few months back. She was not on BC and it was her first time with this black guy she had been texting with. He was suppossed to pull out but ended up shooting 3 loads into her pussy that night. She came home with cum soaked panties. She took them offf, rubbed the cum soaked crotch on my tongue then shoved them in my mouth while I jerked off. She always makes me look at her gaping swollen pussy when I wank. I looked and noticed she had dried cum on her wedding ring. I told her and she made me lick her ring clean. I was so very aroused seeing another mans cum not only leaking from my wifes pussy but also all over her wedding ring. She said it must have gotten there during sex because he came in her a bunch and by the time he was done she said she was just covered in cum, her pussy, her thighs, all sticky from him. She said she played with his cock once right after he came in her so it must have gotten on the ring at that time.

Of course then we had to wonder for the next 3 weeks if she was knocked up by her new black guy...but she started so no black baby lol. (this is all true by the way)


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Thanks for sharing another event with us. What does your wife look like?? Do you ever get to be there as her sexual needs are being taken care of by one of her lovers?
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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No she makes me stay home and she goes out on dates. I get the story, the evidence and the cleanup duties. My cock is only 4.5 inches long fully erect and she gets no pleasure from me. She can handle a 12 incher tot he balls with ease. One of her guys sent me pics from her phone once, I get a text and it is a pic of my wifes pussy stretched around his cock. Only picture I have ever gotten.

A few months back she met a black guy at one of her business meetings locally. They texted a while, started fucking. She went with him to Vegas for a whole weekend!! She said he fucked her at least 5 times each day. She said she spent the entire trip with a panty liner in because she always had his cum leaking from her. By the time she got home Sunday eve her pussy was just worn out. He fucked her right before they flew back so she landed with cum soaked panties that I was made to lick and suck on while she shared stories and I wanked.


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Thanks, very hot post
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She came home with dried cum on her ring
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