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First time cucked by a black guy

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Well since from when we were dating my wife started also dating black guys and fucking them. So pretty obvious this has continued into our marraige of 10 years now. But any time she has had dates I have to stay home and wait. She gets back, shows me her used pussy and cucks me at home. But on one evening it was different. Her and I had decided to go out on a date night, just her and I, since we have kids we wanted time together. So I got us tickets to a Kenny Loggins concert at a small venue. We arrive and the setting is nice. Before the concert started I noticed a tall bald black guy, about 6'4" or so. He seemed to work for the place and was busy organizing and directing people around. My wife saw him as well but did not say much. As the evening progressed I saw him looking at her several times. Now my wife is very very hot looking. Black guys just love her. She is 5'2" tall. 38Dd tits, 40 yers old, big bright green eyes, reddish hair, nice tight ass with really sweet buns that just stick out and beg to be grabbed. She also has a really nice pussy. Before black guys it looked normal but after the years of hung boyfriends it has gotten darker in color and her pussy lips hang down a good 3/4 inch or more. Big clit that sticks out about a 1/2 inch when she is horny. It even makes a bulge in her panties or tights when she is in tights. Anyway, so I see them making eye contact more and more.
Now remember she is MY date that night. SO I go to the bar to get us a take and I see him come over and start talking with her. He left as I came back. She said they just said hello and she gave me that smile. Well I see her texting more and more(she had given him her cell number). So I later go to the restroom. When I return he and her are standnig there together. I have never met this guy but he is 6'4" and muscled. I walk up and he looks right at me and says "Why don't you run get a cup of coffee or something" I look at my wife and she says "Yeah honey, go get some coffee" . I am shocked and getting horny. He leans over and tells me to walk her out front and he will pull around. So he pulls around and he tells me to get her door. I open the door for her and she climbs in, smiles at me and shuts the door. They drive off.....some strange new black guy leaves with MY date!!! So I head to get coffee. 3 hours later I finally get a text from my wife. She texts"OMG he was huge!!! he fucked me 3 times with a 12 inch cock!!" She tells me where to meet them. They pull up and she texted that he wanted me to get the door for her. So I go out and open the door for her. As she is getting out I see her panties in her purse. He leans over and says "hey" I look at him and he smiles real big and says "Your wifes pussy felt great" I felt like such a little pussy cuck!!. We get home and she shows me her pussy. It is beat red and so swollen. His handprints were still on her ass from him spanking her. She made me kiss and lick her softly as she was very sore. She saw him again 2 days later at his hotel room for another romp. I loved how I felt having a black guy just take my date from me and fuck her..and her go willingly...even better it was also my wife. The last time he ucked her he left a hicky on her neck for all to see as well as a hicky on her tits and pussy lips. My wife said he told her he was markng his woman LOL

This is all true by the way


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Any updates? Can we see a pic of your wife?


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I wish, she will not let me take any pics. One of her BFs sent me pics from her phone once of him fucking her. Other than that I have never been allowed to. That story was from a few years ago. She has had about 6 other guys since him. She started barebackign last year and she said feeling a black guy cumming in her has her just addicted to BBC. So lots more stories I will shae another day


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First time cucked by a black guy
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