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Office Indian Cuckold

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This is a story I wrote and posted on the bdsm library site, but I don't think that crowd really "gets" the whole cuckold thing, so here's the first part for you guys.

Office Indian Cuckold

Sunduram, a 35-year old systems engineer from India, lived in the US with his 32-year old wife Rita. He worked at an international biosciences company through an H1B work visa, while his wife stayed at home. Sunduram had an avid online fantasy life as a submissive cuckold husband. His wife tolerated his penchant for cuckolding fantasies rather well for a shy, traditional Indian girl from a good family. Then came the day the IT department discovered the material on his work laptop through their scanning software, and reported the problem to his boss, Gene.

The 6’2, 61-year old former body builder, Gene, went to go speak with Janice, the bubbly blonde head of HR. Since they were close friends outside of work, Janice agreed to let Gene meter out the necessary discipline instead of having Sunduram’s contract terminated. Gene and Janice both laughed as they browsed through copies of the material found on Sunduram’s laptop, joking how sorry they felt for his wife being married to such a creepy, unmanly, pervert.

Gene called Sunduram into his office at the end of the day and made him aware of the situation. He coolly offered to punish Sunduram permisterally, to which his trembling employee agreed in a barely audible voice.
Gene told Sunduram he was to bring in as many photos of his wife as he could get for him to examine, saying he was curious what kind of woman she was. The next day Sunduram was in his office again while Gene casually flipped through the photo and wedding albums he had snuck from home.

“I’ll keep this one,” Gene said, sliding out a photo of Rita sitting demurely on a park bench with her parents, smiling and wearing a simple cotton dress. “You can really see her dick-sucking lips well in it,” he remarked.

“Of course, Sir,” Sunduram croaked.

Although already a Senior Systems Engineer, Sunduram was demoted by Gene to a junior level Associate Systems Engineer. Sunduram’s pay was also cut by 6%, not enough for his wife to notice, but still quite humiliating as he signed the agreement and was ordered to take the form to several other departments to gather the necessary signatures permisterally. Once this embarrassing task was complete, Gene told Sunduram to tell his wife about his attractive and potent boss, and to start bringing in pairs of her worn panties every day and leave them under the windshield wiper of Gene’s car.

Over the next week Sunduram secretly took his wife’s worn panties each night from the clothes hamper, and sealed them inside a plain white envelope. He left one for Gene every morning, sliding it under the wiper blade of his Mercedes SUV as directed.

At lunchtime on Wednesday, Sunduram went to the mall to buy his wife replacement underwear in the hopes of hiding his thieving. His face was bright red and sweaty with embarrassment as he shopped among the housewives and college girls at noon, trying to find panties identical to the ones he had given to Gene. After an hour of being snickered at while sifting through display tables full of frilly panties, Sunduram finally left the mall with bagfuls of assorted types and colors, hoping they would fool his wife.

Returning to the parking lot, he saw his wife’s car parked there! Sunduram froze in terror, seeing her silver Toyota Camry parked only a few aisles away from his own car. Thankfully Rita was not in the car, but Gene’s mind raced, wondering if she had seen him in the women’s clothing store, or carrying the brightly colored bags with their unmistakable logo plastered on the side. He was on pins and needles all afternoon, fighting the urge to uncharacteristically call her to check if everything was all right. He even thought about going out to his car and throwing away the panties to destroy all the evidence.

At home, Rita didn’t act any differently. She only seemed slightly concerned as Sunduram spent the entire evening walking on eggshells around her.


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hot start

please more

A cuck to my GF - A bull to all other women


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On Friday, Gene walked into Sunduram’s cubicle. “Yeah, her hot little pussy smells good,” Gene remarked. He handed Sunduram a plastic shopping bag full of Rita’s unwashed panties caked stiff with his cum from the week.

“I feel like I already know the bitch. Tell your wife I’ll call her tonight,” Gene said.

Halfway through dinner that evening, Gene called Sunduram’s company-issued Blackberry. When Sunduram answered the phone, Gene simply stated, “You know why I called. Put her on.”

Rita spoke with Gene in her soft, friendly, monotone voice for over an hour while her husband sat silently across the table and the food went cold. Gene asked Rita if her husband told her about him, and she answered that he had. Gene inquired about her background, family, schooling, past boyfriends, sexual experiences, and they chatted away while Sunduram sat with his head hanging low. Finally Gene asked what they were doing tomorrow on Saturday. Rita looked at her sulking husband who did not look up, and told Gene that they were free. Gene did the remainder of the talking, and Rita only replied, “Yes. .. Yes… Yes… Okay… Sure. Yes”.

After hanging up, she rose from the table.

“7th Street beach tomorrow at noon,” Rita said flatly, “He wants me to shave, down there… and wear a bikini.”

Sunduram’s head drooped lower. Rita quietly left the kitchen and went upstairs.

Sunduram’s Blackberry began vibrating with a text message from Gene.

“Shave under her arms too,” It read.

Sunduram’s face and ears burned with shame. His trembling fingers typed out a reply, “Yes Sir. Thank you.”

Sunduram was ashamed that he felt such great relief at being able to appease his boss.

Going upstairs, Sunduram found his wife partially disrobed in the bathroom, wearing only her black silk blouse unbuttoned. She was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread and carefully trimming her pubic hair with clippers. Watching her as she worked, Sunduram could not bring up the courage to speak to his own wife. He turned and went to get ready for bed. Despite it only being 7:30pm he felt drained and completely exhausted.

Dressed in his pajamas, Sunduram wrote a note reading, “Gene would like you to shave under your arms too, please. I’m sorry.” He went to the bathroom and gently placed it on the countertop while his wife glanced up at him. He quickly turned and retreated to bed without a word.

Lying under the covers, Sunduram heard Rita stop the clippers and turn on the shower. His only emotional reprieve, Sunduram slid his hand down his pajama bottoms and began to massage his penis.

When the shower stopped, Sunduram quickly pulled his hand out. He was startled to see his wife step into the bedroom still naked and wet. She came over to his side of the bed, looking down at him.

“You know we don’t have to do this,” Rita said.

She reached down and caressed Sunduram’s hair like a little boy’s. She smelled fresh and clean, like soapy skin.

“Will it be too much for you tomorrow?” She asked.

“No Rita,” he replied, fighting the urge to cry from his wife’s sudden show of concern.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” She asked, softly brushing the hair from his eyes, “I would like you to try.”

“Yes ok,” he replied.

As a ritual, Rita went to the closet and slipped on a pair of jeweled sandals she had worn since her teenage years. Sunduram got up and pulled off his pajama bottoms, lying back down on top of the covers. Rita walked over, staring down at her husband’s flaccid penis for a few moments. She began caressing it with her fingertips very lightly.

“Do you need me to say those bad things to you?” She asked.

Sunduram nodded.

“This cock, it is unacceptable,” Rita said tersely. “I need one that is much bigger. I need a big, sexy, American cock to take care of me.”

Sunduram closed his eyes and shuddered, his mind filling with images of how Gene might look while naked and hard for his wife.

“I hope your boss likes me tomorrow,” Rita said, her voice perking up, “I hope he likes my body very much.”

Still standing, Rita raised one arm and placed her hand behind her head. Slowly she swayed side to side, delicately gliding her fingertips up and down her hairless armpit. She closed her eyes and said, “Maybe if he likes me, he’ll want to fuck me too… and perhaps make me his wife.”

She reached down and flicked Sunduram’s penis with her finger.

“Then I won’t have to worry about having this undeveloped young for a husband,” she said quickly.

“Yes,” Sunduram groaned, “I hope so too.”

“Good,” Rita nodded, and crawled over her husband to the other side of the bed. “You may come to me now,” she said, propping her head up on a pillow.


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Sunduram sat up and knelt between his wife’s slender legs.

Rita raised one foot up and placed the sole of her sandal against her husband’s face, giving it a quick kick. Sunduram froze as she repeated the action, snapping his head back and forth. Rita laughed out loud while doing this. Then she wiped the blackened sole of her sandal up and down his face like a doormat, watching him try to kiss it. Sunduram poked out his tongue and Rita immediately wiped her sole on it as well. She wrinkled her nose in disgust at him, flexing her ankle as he gratefully licked the bottom of her sandals which had carried her for almost 15 years across two continents.

“What are you waiting for?” Rita shouted at him, pulling her foot away.

Sunduram scooted forward on his knees and held his 4.5” erection at the entrance to his wife’s pussy.

Sunduram almost climaxed immediately at that moment. But for some reamister the offense and anxiety also made him begin to lose his erection. He gave Rita a concerned look, but she was undeterred and took his softening penis in her hand, stroking it and rubbing the tip against her warm pussy lips. “Come on,” She seethed, “Can you do anything right? Do I need to call your boss here tonight? Go get your phone!”

Sunduram cried out, his penis beginning to squirt.

Rita sighed disdainfully, catching the ejaculate in her open palm.

“He must know he doesn’t deserve me either,” Rita commented, giving his spent penis one last unfriendly tug before letting it drop.

Rita got up from bed and went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

“All done now?” she asked, climbing back into bed.

“Yes, I’m sorry,” Sunduram whispered.

“Don’t worry Sundi,” Rita said, yawning, “We have Gene now, so you don’t have to worry about being a man anymore, do you?”

Sunduram shook his head no.

“Good night then,” she said, turning out the lights.

Sunduram lay down quietly next to his wife and closed his eyes. He heard a sound, and realized it was Rita laughing into her pillow.


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Plese tell the rest dear it is sooooo horney!!
john fuch


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The next morning:

7th Street Beach was part public beach, and part nude beach that went on for miles. Both Rita and Sunduram knew this, but didn’t speak of it as they waited in their car at 11:45 the next morning. It wasn’t good beach weather, being in the low 70s and cloudy. But Gene had texted Sunduram at 10am to confirm their plans.

Rita was wearing a fluorescent green bikini and, at Gene’s request, a pair of black leather 5-inch pumps that were ridiculous for the beach. After 15 minutes had passed, Rita exited the passenger side of the car, closing the door behind her. Sunduram sat in the driver’s seat motionless and watched his wife walk up to the edge of the sand with her arms folded against the wind. She stared down at her uncomfortable shoes, looking nervous.

“He’s here!” Sunduram called out, tapping the windshield to get Rita’s attention.

Gene’s familiar white Mercedes SUV was barreling down the road and slowed as it approached.

Rita turned around and walked back to the car.

Gene pulled into the parking space next to them, and Sunduram could see him grinning broadly. Rita walked over to his door. Gene came out, wearing a pink Polo shirt, white shorts, and brown leather sandals.

“Hello!” Gene boomed.

Sunduram watched Gene embrace his barely clothed wife, and neither backed away as they started to chat face to face. He saw Gene say something, smiling and putting his hand on Rita’s shoulder. She laughed in return, twirling her hair around one finger as Gene stroked her bare skin. After 10 minutes of friendly banter, Gene offered her his arm and walked her over to Sunduram’s side of the car.

Sunduram turned on the ignition and lowered the window.

“You are a VERY lucky man,” Gene said, his eyes scanning up and down Rita’s body, “Let’s take your lovely wife for a walk.”

Sunduram exited the vehicle and followed them. They walked to the edge of the sand where Gene told Rita she should take off her high heels. She sighed in relief, stepping out of them and walking onto the sand with Gene. She looked back over her shoulder.

“Get them,” Rita said to her husband.

Sunduram bent down and picked up her discarded pumps, carrying them as he followed.

Rita teetered while walking in the deep sand, leaning on Gene’s arm for support. Sunduram followed, trying not to watch her bottom jiggle in the bikini. Looking at his wife intimately somehow felt wrong in Gene’s presence.

Soon Sunduram realized that they were headed towards the cliffs separating the public beach from the nude beach.

The trio arrived at the rocky border to the nude beach. Gene told Rita to remove her bikini for the rest of the way. To Sunduram’s surprise, his normally shy wife untied her bikini top and wiggled out of the bottoms, handing them to him to carry.

Gene told Rita to walk on ahead so he could watch, and gave her bare bottom a firm smack, leaving his white handprint on her dark, smooth cheek. Self-consciously, Rita hiked ahead with Gene following and whistling at her from behind. They hiked for 10 more minutes, walking deeper into the nude beach territory. Because of the chilly weather there were not many people around, except for a few elderly, obese men in hats and sunglasses who leered at Rita.

“Working up a sweat?” Gene asked.

“Yes, this is hard,” Rita panted, the skin on her un-toned body glistening in the hazy sun.

Gene finally had them stop and pointed over to a large rock about 30 yards away towards the cliffs.

“Go over there and wait for us,” he told Sunduram.


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Rita placed her hands on her knees, out of breath. Gene put his arm around her bony shoulders and stared down at her small, pear-shaped breasts as they heaved. “You did great,” he told her.

Rita smiled up at him.

They gazed into each other’s eyes, and Gene bent down to kiss her. Rita stretched out her swan-like neck and tilted her head to the side as Gene pressed his lips to hers and probed her mouth with his tongue.
Sunduram started walking towards the rock Gene had pointed out. After getting there, he sat down. Gene was still kissing his wife as he watched from a distance.

Gene pulled Rita’s frail, naked body against his, making her feel vulnerable like a small young. They sucked hungrily at each others’ mouths, lips opening and closing together. Gene let one hand drop in between their bodies and gently cup Rita’s hairless mound. Her knees appeared to go weak for a moment while Gene held her up and fondled her slowly.

“I guess that means you like me,” Rita smiled as they kissed.

Gene told her that he always wanted to have a little Indian love doll to play with, especially one as exquisite as her. This made Rita blush and smile. She ran her hand over Gene’s shorts, and her eyes widened.

“Why don’t you go and get a better look?” Gene laughed, unzipping his fly.

Rita knelt down on the sand and helped undo Gene’s shorts, exposing his enormous erection. Sunduram noticed it wasn’t more than a half second after his boss’ cock fell free that his wife pressed her lips to it, kissing it reverently. Gene placed his hands on his hips and watched the married woman acquaint herself with his sex organs.

Gene reached down and lifted Rita’s chin.

“Open up,” he said, letting a wad of foamy saliva build up and drip from his lower lip.

Rita opened her mouth wide, waiting for it. Gene pursed his lips together and spat the long string directly into Rita’s mouth. The wind caught some of his spit and laid it across her cheek.

“Mmm.. yummy,” she purred, scooping Gene’s spit into her mouth with one manicured finger and swallowing luxuriously.

Gene laughed at her derisively. He gave her upturned face a hard but playful slap. Sunduram watched helplessly as his wife turned her cheek, cowering at Gene’s feet.

Gene held the base of his cock and slapped it back and forth across Rita’s face.

“Take your cock whipping now, slave,” Gene laughed.

Rita whimpered and tried to catch Gene’s cock in her opened mouth. Gene finally stopped dick slapping Rita’s pretty face, and allowed her to latch onto him like a sucker fish. Gene held the back of her head and began to pump his hips. Rita gurgled and opened her throat, letting his cock slide smoothly down past it. Gene looked over at Sunduram, and gave him a thumbs-up as his wife deep throated him.

Gene started squatting, and was able to get into a full lying down position while Rita maneuvered with him and somehow kept her lips glued on his cock the entire time. He lay back on the sand and slipped off his sandals while Rita dutifully bobbed her head up and down between his legs. Her lips went from tip to base, massaging every spongy ridge of his erection while providing a persistent, comforting vacuum.

Gene kicked off his shorts and Rita didn't miss a beat, continuing to nurse his cock. Her tongue wrapped around his swollen member and undulated like a dancing snake. Gene looked at the top of Rita’s head, watching it bob up and down like a cork in the ocean. The part in her hair vanished and reappeared again as the wind picked up through her curled locks, tossing it about.

Rita started tasting sweet precum ooze from Gene's cock and let out a happy little hum. Gene reached down, cupping Rita's face in his large hands and pulled her off his cock. She made a brief struggle to stay down between his legs, mumbling in protest. Her lips finally let go with a loud smack.

"Please can we do it?" Rita whined, laying her head down on Gene’s stomach. Her face blushed hotly while she stared at his pole flexing up and down with the stormy sea behind it.

"Look at you," Gene uttered with mock contempt, "What kind of wife are you, blowing me like that in front of your own husband?"

"A bad wife," Rita whispered, lifting Gene's shirt and kissing his stomach tenderly. She traced her tongue around his hairy belly, and wiggled it into his navel.


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"Get on your back then," Gene scoffed. Rita rolled over onto her back, feeling the small twigs and rocks in the sand poking up at her skin. Gene climbed on top of the married woman with cock in hand, and began jabbing it unceremoniously at her mound. From underneath, Rita hurriedly spread her legs, letting Gene's knees settle down on the sand in between her thighs.

Sunduram watched the scene from his private primister on the rock, absently playing with his wife’s bikini in his hands. He saw Gene hovering over her, pull his hand away from his cock, and place it flat on the ground by Rita’s head. Gene lowered his hips, and suddenly thrust upward. Sunduram saw his wife’s entire body stiffen like a board. He brought the crotch of her bikini bottoms up to his nose and sniffed them.

Gene laid the full weight of his upper body down on top of Rita, pinning her and smashing her size-A breasts flat against his chest. Her thin caramel legs jutted out comically out from under him, heels kicking and digging divots into the sand.

Even over the wind and surf, Sunduram heard his wife crying out pitifully as Gene fucked her with his jackhammer thrusts. Sunduram continued smelling his wife’s worn bikini bottoms as he watched.

“Please slow down, you’re hurting me,” Rita managed to gasp.

Gene encircled his arm around Rita's neck and pinned her head still, powering his tongue lewdly into her ear.

"Relax cunt! Relax…" He breathed raggedly into her ear, "There you go. Now squeeze it. Massage me with your pussy."

Rita tried her best to squeeze her vaginal muscles around Gene's pumping cock. Satisfied with her attempts, Gene let go of Rita's neck and lifted himself off of her chest, gazing down at the trails of cold sweat trickling from her skin.

Gene grabbed her ankles and pulled them up in the air, pointing her feet back over her shoulders as far as they would go while casually pumping in and out of her clenched vagina. Rita’s face was turned to the side and her eyes halfway closed. She winced with each thrust, and her long dark lashes fluttered in the wind.

Gene felt Rita’s pussy relax, and she arched her back against the sand. The hollow sound of thumping skin filled the air as Gene steadily fucked her.

“This is all you Indian bitches are good for,” Gene teased, “Taking a big American cock when it wants you.”

“Oh yes,” Rita replied playfully.

Gene let go of Rita’s ankles and grabbed her tiny tits, kneading them roughly in his hands. Rita raised her arms back over her head, letting him have full access to pinch and fondle her breasts like they were stress relief toys.

Rita circled her legs around the backs of Gene’s thighs, pulling him subtly towards her with the backs of her calves. Gene took the hint and drove his cock deeper into the woman’s baby maker, which suddenly began to pulse and contract.

Gene pinched Rita’s dark nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, twisting and pulling them savagely. Rita cried out as the pain from her nipples mixed with her developing orgasm, sending conflicting signals up and down her spinal column and turning her brain into a soft mush.

Gene felt the recognizable earthquake coming from inside a woman’s vagina as Rita’s inner walls squeezed and dipped downward onto his cock.

Gene started biting Rita’s rubbery nipples, and took turns sucking each whole breast into his mouth, rolling his warm slimy tongue around their cool, salty flesh.

“Oh my God,” Rita groaned, touching the back of her wrist to her sweaty forehead as the orgasm subsided.

“Been a while?” Gene grinned, leaving Rita’s breasts slathered with his sticky saliva.

“Uh-huh,” she replied dreamily.

“Not bad for a guy six years away from Social Security.” He stated. “After all I’m old enough to be your man.”

“That’s okay,” Rita replied.


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Gene gave her a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss which she received eagerly. Then he placed his hands around her neck and began licking her face. Rita closed her eyes and patiently let him drag his tongue obscenely over her entire face until he had tasted every part.

“All right,” Gene said, “Get on your hands and knees, sister. I’m not finished with you yet.”

The weather turned even worse, and a drizzling rain began pattering down on the sand. Rita got on her hands and knees facing away from Gene, her naked body shivering. Gene gave her goose pimpled ass a hard smack, telling her to bounce it for him, and she did so in a silly, uncoordinated dance.

Gene wet his sandy index finger inside Rita’s mouth, roughly probing and exploring her teeth, gums, and inner cheeks before withdrawing it from her suckling lips.

“Spread your ass cheeks,” he ordered.

Rita did as she was told, reaching back with both hands and pulling her buttocks apart. Gene began inserting his thick finger into her wrinkled anus.

“Aaaahhh!” Rita hissed, “Ohhhh. That hurts.”

“Okay, how about this?” Gene asked, twisting his finger as he pushed it in deeper.

“Yess!” Rita squealed, “Ohh ohh ohh! Please stop!”

“Just a little bit more,” Gene said calmly, burying his entire finger up to its last knuckle and twisting it in and out rapidly. He watched in amusement as her tiny brown sphincter muscle folded in and out of itself, clutching desperately at his finger which continued to *** her.

“Stop!” Rita screamed, “Please stop! No more! Please!”

Gene then curled his finger deep inside her rectum and quickly yanked it out, clawing at her inner walls as he did. A wailing shriek escaped Rita’s lips, but was quickly drowned out by the sound of the crashing waves.

Gene wiped his finger clean on Rita’s leg and positioned himself behind her.

“Now work my cock with your cunt,” Gene said, “Or I’ll stick it right up that sensitive little ass of yours.”

Still smarting from the anal probe, Rita took a deep breath.

Gene looked over at Sunduram who was now sucking the heel of his wife’s shoe with his pants down around his ankles. He was also rubbing her bikini against his exposed crotch. Gene palmed Rita’s head and turned it to show her, seeing the look of disgust on her face when she saw her husband groveling with her clothes while she fucked another man. She barked something at him in their native language, and he jumped, dropping her shoe. He looked at his wife apologetically.

Gene laughed.

Rita glared at her husband, and then smiled back at Gene.

“Ready?” She asked, brushing her ass back softly against Gene’s cock.

He grabbed Rita’s boyish hips and slammed his cock home, pleased to hear her stifle a cry. He thrust one hand into Rita’s wet tangled hair, grabbing a fistful at the roots, and jerked her head back roughly.

“Now BUCK,” he ordered.

Rita rocked back and forth on her hands and knees until her ass was banging against Gene’s pelvis like a jelly-filled battering ram. She impaled herself on his cock as the worsening rain pelted her nude body and steamed against her skin. The sand covering her body turned into a dark, gritty mud. Gene laughed looking down at the messy, panting, shivering, but sexily shaped sand creature throwing itself back onto his steel lure willingly, again and again. At this moment of amusement, Gene released his cum, splattering the inside of his sandy sex slave with his hot seed.

Rita groaned appreciatively, grinding her buttocks up and down like a stripper against Gene’s crotch, the shifting angles of her vagina vacuuming him like a siphon.

Gene pulled his cock out of her in one smooth motion and stood up. Rita remained on her hands and knees, waiting to see what Gene wanted to do if anything else.

Gene went to put his shorts and sandals back on as a lightning bolt cracked and thunder rolled down the beach. Rita looked up at him with her dark, adoring eyes and mascara running down her quivering cheeks.

“Go home,” Gene snapped at her, “I’ll call your husband if I decide to use you again.” He turned and looked briefly at Sunduram before walking away, his sandals kicking wet sand back at Rita as he left.


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The End


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Interesting story! Thanks for posting.

BTW...... you have a very sexy wife!!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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Thanks, and thanks!
Rating: 6, 2 votes.
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Office Indian Cuckold
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