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The Roommate

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Being new in town and not knowing anyone, I answered an ad for a room to rent. Little did I know just how my life was about to change! I met the couple at a local bar where we chatted for an hour or so. Once they felt comfortable with me, they took me back to their place to see the room, explaining that in today's world you can't be too careful about strangers. I agreed with them and we seemed to get along just fine.

They had an extra bedroom in their house that they had no other use for and, in exchange for doing the yardwork and general maintenance, I would be allowed to rent the room for merely $100 a week. I jumped at the chance since rent was very high in this neighborhood and this would allow me to save a lot of money.

Once the arrangement was made, and I was ready to move in, Bob, the husband, asked me one more question, which I found a bit first. "Tom, I have one other area that I need help in and was hoping you would be willing to assist. If you can't, we understand and you may still rent the room."

I noticed he was a bit uncomfortable asking me whatever he wanted to ask, so I encourgaged him to continue.

"Ok, here goes. Basically, I have a medical condition that won't allow me to achieve an erection any longer. I still very much have the desire, but the 'equipment' no longer functions properly. What we would like is for you to make love to my wife from time to time. She shouldn't have to suffer just because I do." He finshed speaking and lowered his eyes, as if he was very embarrassed at what he just asked.

Naturally, my first thought was to look Shelly over really good. She was blushing deeply and I could tell she was hoping I would agree. Shelly is a very attractive lady in her 30's and Bob was about ten years older. They were both in pretty good shape and since I wasn't currently dating anyone, I readily agreed, wondering how Bob was going to handle it, especially if his desire was still great.

I moved over to Shelly's side and gently put my arm around her, testing the waters, so to speak. She responded by placing her hand on my leg and slowly working her way up to my crotch. I glanced over at Bob and could see the mixed emotions on his face. He was obviously happy for his wife to be getting what he could no longer offer, but jealous as well.

Figuring 'what the heck', I decide to just go for it and see what happened. I bent down to kiss Shelly and she responded with a passion I hadn't experienced in a long time. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and began squeezing my cock through my pants. Almost on its own, my hands began sliding their way under her blouse to her ample breasts. I managed to get her bra undone with one hand and she broke the kiss to remove it.

She removed it by taking her blouse off and throwing the bra at Bob. She then turned her attention to me again. Kneeling down, she unbuckled my pants and pulled them to the floor, taking my boxers with them. When she finally saw my simi-erect cock, she gasped in surprise. "Bob, look at how big he is! I hope I'm able to take it all!"

I once again looked over at Bob and saw a look of anguish on his face. I felt bad for him, I really did, but I wasn't really thinking with my head any longer. Shelly immediately started to lick and suck my cock as Bob removed her pants and panties. He positioned himself under her and began licking her pussy, which I assumed was his only way of pleasing his wife these days.

Shelly could only get a bit more than the head in her mouth and her minstrations were getting me to the point that I needed to be inside her. I gently pulled her away and lowered her to the floor. Bob moved to her side and said "Please be gentle, she has never had anyone as big as you inside her."

"You have my word, Bob. But, if this is going to work out between the three of us, she will eventually be able to accomidate me. I hope you understand that."

"Yes, I understand." I could tell he wnated to say more, but didn't want to spoil the mood for us either. He looked me in the eye and reached over and took hold of my fully erect cock. Guiding it to his wife's wet, waiting and very willing pussy, he eased the head inside. Shelly gasped as I entered her and I paused to allow her to get used to a feeling I was beginning to guess she hadn't felt for a very long time.

I waited for her to pull me into her further. When I was nearly half way inside, she looked over at Bob and said "Honey, he's breaking new ground here and I love it!"

I slowly eased my way fully inside her extremely tight pussy and very slowly began stroking in and out. I could tell she was in a bit of pain, but after a few minutes, she loosened up and began to enjoy it. Once she loosened up and I began pounding her with wild abandon, she came in under a minute and wrapped her arms and legs around me, causing me to cum as well. I assured her that I normally last much longer than that, but it had been a while for me too.

"Don't worry about that, when he was still able, Bob never lasted much longer himself. And to be honest, I'm going to need to get used to this again anyway." She looked over at Bob who still had very mixed emotions on his face and said "Honey, I have a feeling I'm going to be very sore after this. Would you sooth my pussy with your tongue?"

Knowing I had just unloaded a blast of cum in his wife, he was hesitant at first, but after a few seconde of indecision, dove right in and began licking and sucking our mixed juices out of his wife. Shelly and I lay and cuddled, kissing like lovers do after sex while Bob continued his task, making love to his wife the only way he could. When she reached another orgasm, and finally pushed his head away, he looked over at my cock. Seeing his glance, Shelly said "Bob, why don't you clean Tom's cock off as well? I know you've always wanted to try that."

Embarrassed, but very turned on and having no way to release his pent up sexual frustrations, he took my gooey cock in his mouth and licked it clean. As he sucked and licked, I sucked on Shelly's breasts while she held me head to her breast and watched her husband suck his first cock.

It took him a while, but Bob managed to bring me to another orgasm. The first spurt he managed to swallow, but the rest ended up on his face. Shelly immediately began licking my cum off of her husband's face, cleaning him up as he cleaned her. When she was done, we all lay there for a while.

After a few minutes, Bob said "So, shall we go get your stuff?"

Smiling at my new found friends and home, I said "Yes, lets get it quickly and get back here and get to know each other some more..."


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Very HOT story!!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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I love it pirate, I want to be Bob in the worst way.


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should I continue it, or, leave it well enough alone as it is?


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My first Saturday in my new room started out much different than what I was used to. I woke up to the sensations of a pair of warm, wet lips wrapped around my rock hard morning erection. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Shelly lick the head and glance at Bob, who was standing in the doorway.

She looked back up at me and noticing I was finally awake, said "Sorry Tom, but I just couldn't wait to feel your wonderful cock again." I glanced over at Bob and Shelly saw my worried look. "Don't be concerned about him, he's really into the idea of you and I and this new arrangement we have. He's just embarrassed that he sucked your cock the other day."

She looked back at her husband again and I could see in his eyes that he was, in fact, still turned on...and eyeing my cock. Since he had already had it in his mouth, I decided to be a bit bolder. "Hey Bob, Why don't you come take over for your wife so she and I can get more comfortable together."

With a very slight smile that I took as a good sign, he stood up from leaning on the doorframe and walked over to the bed. Shelly popped my cock out of her mouth and kissed Bob on the cheek "Honey, come practice deep throating Tom, like we talked about. Just relax your throat muscles and let his big cock slide down. It'll take a while to get the feel for it, but in time, you'll become quite an accomplished cocksucker."

Bob blushed deeply as he took my cock in his hand and started licking and sucking. He could only get a bit less than half in his mouth, but I was beginning to have high hopes. Shelly, seeing that I was being taken care of properly, scooted her fantastic body up to meet me in the bed. She smiled at me and dove right in for a deep, tongue-thrusting kiss that showed not only her passion but her desire for more sex and as soon as she could possibly get it! Bob kept on sucking, occasionally gagging on his attempts at deep-throating me.

After several minutes of this, I could take no more and needed to be inside my beautiful new lover. I gently pushed Bob's head off of my cock and was very pleased when he immediately got the idea and guided me into his wife. She was so wet that I had far less trouble getting all the way inside this time. She placed her hand on my chest, quietly insisting that I lay there and let her do all the work. Not wanting to argue, I lay back and smiled as she rode me to the first of many screaming orgasms that day.

Bob stayed at the foot of the bed waiting for us to finish and watching intently. I could see the continued look of anguish on his face as well as the frustration at not being able to make love to his wife any longer, while this well hug stranger (me!) took his place. I felt the first of what was to be several huge loads of cum beginning to build deep in the base of my balls. Shelly could feel it too and said "Bob, he's getting ready to cum, come lay beside us and get ready."

Wondering what they were up to this time, but not really caring either, I unloaded my first load into her as she rode me like a stallion. When the last drop had been squeezed out of me by her amazing pussy, she smiled at me and, saying nothing, climbed off me and onto her husband's face.

Bob wrapped his arms around her and began licking and sucking my cum out of her freshly ravaged pussy. She rode his face until she reached another screaming orgasm when she stopped and collapsed between us, apparently spent and exhausted.

Bob slowly composed himself and turned his attention to me again, crawling between my legs and gently licking and sucking the mixed juices of his wife and me off of my semi-hard cock. Once clean, he resumed his ministrations on my cock, again working on his deep-throating abilities. I lay there and enjoyed the blow job for a while, testing the waters, so to speak once more, wondering just how long he would keep it up.

After fifteen minutes or so, I was rock hard and once again decided to push him away and go for his wife. Shelly was eager and waiting as I slid up to her and waited for Bob to guide me inside her waiting and very willing pussy. I started out with a deep thrust, planting my cock as deep inside her as I could get it, causing her to let out another scream of pleasure. I pounded away relentlessly and she took all I could dish out, while Bob sat at the foot of the bed, waiting his turn once again.

We made love in every position imaginable that day and I came inside her each and every time, unloading more cum than I thought my body could create. Bob licked and sucked every drop out of his beautiful wife's amazing pussy, finishing up with yet another blow-job. Eventually, he started getting the hang of deep-throating my cock, which made both Shelly and I very happy. Now, I had not only a very willing sex partner, but a blow-job whenever I wanted one! How could life get any better?

I got my answer that evening. After I had achieved orgasms three times and Shelly was so sore that she couldn't walk straight, we had to stop. But Bob was still very much turned on and extremely frustrated. I was by this time very comfortable around them both so I offered a suggestion. "Bob, you may not like this idea at first, but I have heard of guys that are able to achieve an orgasm by anal sex. Now before you totally freak out, I'm not suggesting you and I go into a room and see what happens, I'm thinking of a strap-on dildo for Shelly to use to make love to you. This way you can both be intimate together and since we have this arrangement you won't have to worry about her being left out, you can focus on the feeling and pleasure of sex again, although in a different way."

Bob surprised me by asking "Have you ever felt it yourself?"

"No, but I can say this: many women love the feeling and yes, gay men like it too, but try not to think of it that way. Think of it like this, you and your wife can still enjoy intimate, penetrative sex again, just the two of you, and you may even cum again."

Shelly, in her eager, bubbly manner, said "What a wonderful idea honey! I'll make love to you! We can do that every night, just before Tom and I have sex!" She looked over at me, and with a huge grin on her face, said "Let's go shopping right now!"

Bob still didn't look totally convinced, but at this point was willing to try anything. Eventually he agreed.

The three of us traveled to the next town where neither of us knew anyone and found the local adult store. The clerk could tell that the three of us were all intimate together and gave me a knowing wink. I smiled back at her and we approached the counter.

I could tell that Bob was never going to ask the questions, so I took over. "We're looking for a strap-on dildo. My girlfriend here would like to start screwing her husband and we're not really sure what she might need. Do you have any suggestions?"

Bob just about crawled under the floor in embarrassment at my frankness, but Shelly beamed with pleasure and put her arms around both of us, obviously enjoying the chance to be honest with someone about our relationship.

The clerk had obviously had similar questions asked before and remained professional throughout the whole experience. She suggested several dildos, ranging in size from very small to bigger than me, mentioning the differences and pros & cons of each. Understanding that Bob was an anal virgin, she suggested we purchase three, one 'starter' size that wouldn't hurt him at all, one slightly larger size and one the was big, but smaller than me. She gave Shelly some tips on how to properly make love to her man, then focused her attention on Bob, suggesting what he should do to prepare and get himself properly relaxed. She also told us that the more often Shelly used her strap-on on Bob, the more he would acclimate himself to it and the bigger the dildo he would want. Finally, she turned her attention to me and asked "Obviously, you are the man of the house. Are you going to allow Bob to have any other penetrative sex with his wife?"

Not really ready for the question, I looked at Shelly and seeing her smile, said "Bob isn't capable of sex any longer. This is just a way for him to be intimate with his wife again."

"Okay, my suggestion would be for Shelly and Bob to use the strap-on before the two of you start making love. I sense that this is a new relationship and as such, she isn't going to be able to concentrate on her husband of she is leaking your cum the whole time."

Shelly spoke up, much to Bob's embarrassment, saying "Oh I don't leak his cum; Bob licks me clean every time!"

The clerk then said "Well, if that's the case, you may want to be careful. If Bob is able to have an orgasm when you make love to him, he may not be as willing to lick you clean when Tom cums. Many men are turned on by the idea of sucking cum out of their wives or girlfriends, but after they cum, the feeling goes away and they re sometimes even repulsed by the idea. It will take time and much training to get him to cum himself, then swallow someone else's cum shortly afterwards. Maybe you should limit his strap-on sessions to once a week or so, until you are sure he is going to act appropriately."

I was finding it amusing that she was referring to Bob as if he were our slave and speaking of him as if he weren't even there. "We'll certainly take your advice. Thanks again for all your help!"

Shelly and Bob walked hand in hand out of the door as Shelly swung the bag with their new purchases as if it had been a shopping trip to the mall.

Bob had apparently really gotten turned on by the idea, and since it had been a very long time since he had been able to cum, he was very eager to try the new toys. He drove us home at a speed that indicated we may have created a monster!

Once home, the three of us raced to the master bedroom where the chair Bob usually occupied while I made love to his wife was waiting for me. I sat in the chair and watched in fascination as my beautiful new lover strapped on a small dildo and picked up a tube of lube. "Are you ready for this honey?" she asked sweetly.

Bob replied be getting on his knees and presenting his rear end to his wife. She said "Not like that, I want to see you face as I make love to you. Get on your back and hold your legs up." She squeezed a generous dollop of lube onto her hand and gently eased a finger into his virgin butt.

Bob looked very uncomfortable, but eventually she could get two fingers in and he was trying to relax. She coated her new cock with the rest of the lube and pointed it toward him "I love you honey. Here goes!" She then gently, slowly, eased the head of the small rubber cock into him. His eyes got large and I could see pain on his face, but after what seemed an eternity, he relaxed and asked for more.

When she had it all in, and he was still asking for more, she started gently thrusting in and out, making love to her husband in a new and unusual manner. She stroked her new cock in and out and slowly built up speed. Bob was loving it! His permanently limp cock actually twitched a few times and grew to a semi hard state. Shelly saw this and said "Look honey, it's working!" She grabbed his little cock and stroked it and rubbed it lovingly, gasping in surprise when it erupted in orgasm. It never did get fully hard, but it produced sperm for the first time in a long time.

Shelly still had the dildo buried deep inside her husband and gently pulled it out. She lay beside him for a few moments, then beckoned to me to join them. As I crawled up to her and began kissing her breasts, Bob got a strange look on his face. She noticed it and said "Now calm down Bob, you know I still need Tom here. Just because you aren't turned on at the moment doesn't mean I'm not. Now, you can go and sit in the chair and watch, or stay there and join in as you have been, or we can go to Tom's room and you won't see us until morning. You can choose." She waited for him to answer.

After looking at both of us and realizing that she was right, he hung his head and gave a weak smile. "You're right, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me." Seeing that she still wasn't satisfied, he said "I would like to stay." He turned to me and asked "Tom, would you please make love to my wife again? I can't and she needs your big cock." Without waiting for my answer, he reached for my zipper and began unleashing my rock hard cock.

I pushed him away and smiling, said "Yes Tom, I would love to." I quickly stripped and waited for Bob to suck my cock again. I knew it was important for him to get right back into his role if this thing was going to work between us. Shelly and I seemed to be on the same wavelength as she waited with me.

Smiling at her husband, she said "Bob, be a dear and suck Tom's cock please." Somewhat reluctantly, he obliged. I let him suck until I could tell he was once again eagerly sucking, then gently pushed him away. And, as had become our routine, he guided my cock into his wife's pussy. This time, however, I made love to her slowly and gently, passionately bringing her to yet another mind blowing, screaming orgasm. Only then did I unload a blast of cum inside her, keeping my cock buried deep inside her until she was ready for me to stop.

Something changed at that moment. She and I became closer than we had been and suddenly, I was jealous and glad that Bob could no longer enter what I was now thinking of as my woman. I could sense that Shelly was feeling the same way. She patted Bob's head as he looked in her eyes, wanting to lick her clean, but I was still in the way.

Finally, she gently pushed me out and guided Bob's head between her legs and to her sopping pussy. As he sucked my cum out of her, she looked me in the eye and said "Bob dear, as soon as you're done here, Tom and I are going to go to his room tonight. We would like for you to stay here...


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Great story!!

Loved all the creampie action going on here!
Cuck who loves a creampie.


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This is the exact situation I would like to set up for my wife. We have a studio apt. over our garage here in San Diego County. I want to rent it reamisterably to a man that could take us over sexually.
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The Roommate
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