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INTENSE Orgasm Denial

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my gf recently is all about me not even getting ruined orgasms .. maybe 1 every 2 weeks or month. also shes into having me post pics of hot chicks im dyyying to cum to..for OTHER guys to get off to (in yahooIM) and having them tease me how hard they get to cum to the hotties.
makes my gf WET hearing how they made me post tons of pics so THEY could get off.
kinda unique im sure but a head trip and soooo intense with OD

oh btw if youre hung and dom and want hottie pics (have saved 1000s) you can message me
on yahoo messenger quietguy000055 and just demand pics to cum to (and rub it in that it felt so good)


Posts: 830
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also have pics and vids of me using (and sometimes just HER using in front of me) huge dildos
while im denied cumming. only there to help her cum hard


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Very sexy! Glad she treating you right! Is that her in the pic?


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Lucky man!
Pantalone, Wittol, oblate, abnegator, fellator, pathic, fop, epicene, cotquean, skivvy, thrall, and pilgarlic.
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INTENSE Orgasm Denial
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