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I sucked my first cock

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I'm a 28 year old married male.

I've been urging my wife to relax with someone else for years. I first threw everything at her too fast, about my fantasies of eating/cleaning cum from her pussy, heels, stockings, panties, etc...watching her take cock. Licking his balls.

She thought it was disgusting at first--now today, we fantasize about it a lot during sex. Almost every time. She has told me it turns her on now. I also give her monthly pedicures and massage her feet every night.

She's still never done anything, but all this cuckolding has made me really crave cock.

One night, during a business trip - - I perused on craigslist like I usually do. Typically I do it for a good time to read posts, maybe chat online with a few people, and jack off. This time was different. He wanted me to host and suck his cock. I was takes and decided to do it.

I picked him up, he was waiting outside the Marriot. I brought him back to my hotel. He grabbed my cock first and started to suck it in my room. I don't even remember if I got hard but I wasn't into being sucked by a man I found out. I dropped to my knees and started to suck him. He grabbed my head a few times and slammed his dick to the back of my throat gagging me. I continued and used my tongue, mouth, throat and hand the entire time. I licked his balls a few times.

I was nervous about STDs and drooled everywhere the entire time. He started moaning he was going to cum, and I felt his warm seed enter my mouth. I brought the tip towards the front and let it leak out over the sides. I licked up and down his shaft but didn't swallow anything. I went straight to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth out.

I took him back and was unable to jackoff because I had too much holy water. I felt like a total slut.

Not what I always fantasized about or envisioned. I always thought my wife would power me on to a cock and sit on my head. I always envisioned being powerd to eat his cum, and be humiliated.

I still want this - and don't think I'll go looking for cock again.


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Like you I have fantasised about cuckolding for many years, and also like you this lead me to sucking cock. For me it was all about the offense, me being on my knees, his cock being 3 inches bigger than mine. Ive said in my mind over and over again I will never do this again, yet I still crave a real man’s cock.


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I really like the though of having the wife sit on the back of you head powering you down on a cock


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or sitting on your back and pushing your head down


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Yeah.... it's HOT when she's the one to order you to suck his cock, or lick them both clean!
Cuck who loves a creampie.
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I sucked my first cock
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