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les histoires de chrislebo

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Ralph appeared and said, "Damn Jean that was the most incredible blow job I think I've ever witnessed. This is going to work out great." After a moment Ralph said, "You remember that I said I wanted to fuck you don't you?"

"Oh yes, I remember," purred Jean.

"Well I think you're hot enough right now to really enjoy getting fucked and it will make a great addition to the movie, don't you think?"

"Whatever you want Ralph," replied Jean with a smile. "I'm so hot I'm about to have an orgasm."

Carl had recovered and gathered up his clothing, which he took with him to the chair where Ralph had been sitting and watching the action unfold. He dropped his clothing on the floor and plopped down in the chair his energy spent.

Ralph reached out and took Jean's hands and pulled him to his feet.

Ralph turned Jean around so he was facing the chaise and then put his arms around Jean and then ran his hands over Jean's abdomen, his hands then moved up to squeeze Jean's silicon tits. Ralph leaned down and pushed Jean's head forward with his own head, which exposed Jean's neck that Ralph then lightly kissed. Jean accepted and responded to Ralph's ministrations confident that they were his due. Ralph raised Jean's dress up until it was around his hips and told Jean to hold the dress up. Jean took the bunched dress material at his stomach in his hands and held the dress up while Ralph knelt down and began unhooking the garter belts from Jean's stockings. When the grater belts were unhooked, Ralph reached up and took hold of Jean's panties and gently pulled them down and over the top of the stockings. Ralph slid the panties down until they were around Jean's ankles and then lifted one of Jean's feet and guided the panties over Jean's pump and stiletto heel leaving the panties dangling around the other ankle.

Ralph then rose and told Jean, "You can turn around now and have a seat on the chaise." Jean did as requested. Ralph said, "Jean, unbuckle my belt, and unzip my trousers and pull them down. Jean complied and was rewarded with the sight of Ralph's hard cock straining to get out of his briefs. Without any further instructions Jean reached out and tugged on Ralph's briefs until they came down over his hard cock allowing it to spring free. Jean tugged the briefs further down around Ralph's ankles while getting bopped in the head and face by the erect cock. When Jean straitened up and found himself staring head on at the cock jutting out into the space between his face and Ralph's crotch, he felt compelled to lean forward and kiss the head of Ralph's manhood. Ralph reached in his shirt pocket and retrieved a small tube of lubricant, which he handed down to Jean as he said, "Jean, take this and lube up my dick real good to get it ready to slide into your cock hole. Jean took the lube, opened it and squeezed it out onto the fingers of his right hand. Licking his slightly parted lips in anticipation, Jean reached out and began spreading the lube over Ralph's stiff prick until it was well coated with the slippery substance.

With a smile on his face and heat in his eyes, Ralph told Jean, "Turn around and get all the way up on the chaise on your hands and knees. When Jean had complied, Ralph said, "Position the pillow so that you have some support to lean down on to." Jean got the pillow positioned and with fore arms on either side of the pillow lowered his chest down on the pillow with his head just past the front edge of the pillow. Jean now had his ass raised and was ready for Ralph. Ralph climbed onto the chaise and positions himself between Jean's stocking clad legs. Ralph reached out, placed his hands on the sides of Jean's buttocks and pulled Jean's ass back and into better alignment with his glistening fuck pole. "Jean," commanded Ralph, "reach back and grasp your butt cheeks and spread them." Jean did as he was told. Ralph grinned and said, "My, my what a clean, tight looking cock hole. I can hardly wait to stick my dick in it." Jean replied, "Fuck me Ralph. I want to feel your manhood inside me. Fill me up Ralph."

Needing no further invitation. Ralph pushed forward pressing the head of his greased cock into the entrance to Jean's waiting cock hole. As Ralph began pushing in Jean began pushing out and as Jean's muscles relaxed and spread Ralph hard shaft began making its way into Jean. Jean grunted as Ralph pushed deeper. "You like that girlie boy?" asked Ralph.

"Oh yes," answered Jean, "fill me up Ralph. I want to feel you all the way in me."

Ralph pushed harder and his long shaft disappeared into Jean's ass. As the last couple of inches drove home Jean let out a moan and grunted as if in pain and then was quiet. Jean now looked as if he was impaled on Ralph's fuck pole. Ralph wiggled around a bit until he felt comfortably situated and fully in command. Ralph began rocking to and fro and exclaimed, "I'm going to fuck your balls off now sissy boy and fill you up with my cum!"

"Fuck me hard, fill me up, squirt all of you sweet juice up my ass," cried Jean.

Ralph gave a little laugh of pleasure and told Jean, "Reach back between your legs with your right hand and rub my balls." Jean worked his right hand between his legs and felt Ralph's balls hanging down just below where Ralph's pubic hair pressed against his buttocks. Jean cupped the balls in his hand and began to gently massage them as Ralph rocked to and fro causing Jean's ass to ride back and forth on the slippery cock inside it. Ralph said, "Damn, fine piece of ass for a girlie boy." Soon Ralph began breathing harder and Jean could feel the big balls in his hand starting to draw up a bit preparing to spit their ample product through the rigid hose that they served. In a moment Ralph still grasping Jean's buttocks pulled Jean back as he thrust his cock forward and as deeply into Jean's ass as it would go. Jean let out a little yelp and a moan with the final thrust and then felt Ralph shudder and his cock begin to convulse as cum surged through it and into Jean's waiting bowels. Jean was certain he could feel the wetness and heat of the thick cum as it spurted into him and gave a long sigh of satisfaction as Ralph collapsed onto his back pressing him flat on the chaise and face down into the pillow.

After a few minutes Ralph raised up on his hand and pulled back causing his still rigid cock with sperm dribbling from the tip to slide out of Jean's cock hole, which oozed a mixture of cum and lubricant. Ralph struggled to his feet and looked down at his cock and exclaimed, "Not only a damn tight fuck but my dick is clean as a whistle. You got a damn fine cock hole girlie boy. Keep it clean and ready to go because I'm planning on fucking that ass a lot!" Jean smiled with pleasure, nodded his head in agreement and then rolled over looking up into Ralph's face. Ralph looked down at Jean and said, "I think my sissy boy should get off as well. Does a hard cock in your mouth turn you on as much as I think it does girlie boy?"

"Oh yes, exclaimed Jean, "I love the feel of a warm, hard cock resting in my mouth. I just love the feel of it radiating heat into my wet mouth as my lips clasp its shaft and hold it firmly in place."

"Good girl," said Ralph and then called to Carl to come over and to bring a towel with him.

Carl who was still nude rose from the chair by the door, went to a cabinet and retrieved a towel and then crossed the room to the chaise. It was obvious that he had become aroused again while watching Ralph screw Jean. Ralph took the towel and wiped his cock as he told Jean to get up. When Jean was standing, Ralph said, "Take off that strap holding you clit-prick between you legs and let it all hand out." When Jean had complied, Ralph said, "Get down on your knees. Carl, come over here in front of our cock loving girlie boy." Carl moved in front of Jean so that his erect member jutted out toward Jean's face. Ralph handed Jean the towel that he had wiped himself with and said, "Put the towel on the floor in front of you. Now, take Carl's cock into your mouth and suck on it while you jerk your little clit-prick off onto the towel.

Jean leaned forward and took Carl's hard dick into his mouth and savored the warmth of the firm flesh that filled his mouth. While gently sucking on Carl's dick, Jean took his clit-prick in hand and began to massage it. It didn't take long until his highly charged body cut loose and he was wracked him with a wave of orgasm that caused him to fall forwarded onto his hands jerking Carl's cock from between his lips.

When Jean's breathing had slowed, Ralph said, "Jean, there is a bathroom through the door to the left. Go clean up and put yourself in order. We're through with this shoot. I'll drive you home in a few minutes. Jean headed for the bathroom door with his panties and cock "pocket" in his left hand and his right hand held the hem of his dress up around his waist to prevent it from being soiled by the fluids oozing from his cock hole and his clit-prick. Ralph and Carl headed for the door leading out of the room.

When he was presentable, Jean went to the condo's large living room where he found Ralph sitting on a sofa sipping whiskey from a glass. Ralph rose from the sofa smiling at Jean and asked, "Would you care for a take Jean?"

"No, thank you. I'm beat and at this late hour it would probably knock me out on my feet."

"I'll be finished with this in a minute," said Ralph, "then I'll run you back to your sister's place and you can get some well deserved rest. You put on a great performance tonight. I was very pleased."

Jean blushed slightly at the unaccustomed praise and replied, "Why thank you Ralph. It wasn't difficult. I really enjoyed myself and delighted that you are pleased."

Ralph put his now empty glass down on an end table and rose from the sofa. He walked over Jean's right side and placed his left arm around Jean and gave him a one armed hug and said, "I am very pleased with you Jean." Ralph dropped his arm from around Jean, stepped around to face Jean and then leaned down placing a light kiss on his forehead. "Come along and let's get you home."


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When Ralph and Jean arrived at Denise's condo Jean retrieved a key from his purse and opened the door. Denise came out of her bedroom in her pajamas where she apparently had been relaxing. Denise placed her hand in front of her mouth and yawned as she walked toward Ralph and Jean. Denise came up to Ralph and took hold of his upper left arm with her right hand giving his arm a little squeeze. Looking up at Ralph Denise asked, "How did the shoot go?"

"It was a fabulous shoot and very enjoyable as well thanks to your little sister," answered Ralph.

"Wonderful!" said Denise as she turned her attention to Jean. With a slight smile on her lips Denise said to Jean, "Girl, you look worn out but happy. Ralph, make yourself at home. I need to take care of my little sister." Denise stepped over and took Jean by the hand and said come with me." Denise led Jean to the bedroom Denise had just exited and they disappeared into the room closing the door behind them. Once inside, Denise turned and gave Jean a lingering hug and said, "I'm so happy for you Jean. It sounds like your were a big hit with Ralph. Come on into the bathroom and I'll fill the Jacuzzi with hot water. I have a new bath oil that is just divine that you can try out." Once in the bathroom Denise told Jean to strip and she began running water into the Jacuzzi. She added an ample measure of the bath oil and it sweet fragrance rose from the steaming water and permeated the room. "Jean have yourself a nice soak and then get some relax. Please feel free to use my bed, if you like. I'm going to go with Ralph and will be back later." Denise stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her leaving Jean who was sliding down into the Jacuzzi with a peaceful and relaxed expression already spreading over his face.

After putting on some clothes Denise went into the living room and found Ralph sitting quietly in an armchair waiting for her return. Seeing Denise Ralph rose and said, "You look great as usual even if it is the middle of the night. Let's get back to my place. As tired as I am, I can't wait to get a first look at the recording from tonight. I've alerted my two edit-guys and they should already be at the condo pulling together the various video and audio recordings onto a single hard drive. We'll take a quick run through to get an overview then I want you to supervise the initial editing while I get a little rest. After I've had a little relax, I'll take over and wrap up the first cut.

Upon arriving at Ralph's condo they went straight to what had been intended as a large guest bedroom but had been converted to a digital-video editing lab. Peter and Marlene were sitting at workstations pulling files together into subdirectories and assigning labels to the files so it would be easy to identify where specific scenes, angles and perspectives were stored. As Ralph and Denise crossed the room, Ralph said to the editors, "Let's run all the wide angle files taken from the west side of the room in temporal sequence for a quick preview." Peter and Marlene began dragging files around on their monitors and soon had the desired files organized. Peter initiated the digital player that displayed the material by sending it to a large plasma screen monitor on a wall to the left of the workstations.

After a few minutes, Denise could see why Ralph was so pleased with the evening's shoot. She could also see that the product was going to be very effective by the erotic feelings that it elicited in her. She also could see that it was having an observable effect on the two editors who usually managed to maintain profession restraint when working. Denise's intuitively knew that this was going to be a very successful and profitable production. As the selected sequence of files was completed, Ralph said, "You have certainly gotten off to a great start with your first project as a new partner in the enterprise. Well-done girl. I'll leave you and the editors to your work while I go grab some shut-eye." With that Ralph left the editing lab. Denise asked Peter and Marlene to put all the recordings from the different cameras in sequence and project them on a panel above the workstations with multiple monitors for simultaneous viewing and editing sequences.

When Denise arrived back at her condo it was mid-morning. She went into her bedroom and found Jean arelax in her bed. He had the sheet pulled up to his waist exposing the upper portion of the forest green, silk chemise that he had selected to relax in. She walked over to the bed and slipped out of her jeans and blouse. Wearing her panties and bra she got up on the bed on the side opposite from where Jean dreamed. Her weight on the bed woke Jean and he rolled over in her direction and opened his eyes. Denise smiled and said, "Good morning sweetie. You look much better than when I left you in the Jacuzzi." Jean grinned and sat up and turned facing Denise who was now sitting on her left hip with both of her legs bent at the knee and laying along side one another. Her legs were pulled back to the right and her left arm was extended and supported her position on the bed. "How did the shoot look?" asked Jean.

Denise grinned widely and replied, "Little Sister, you are going to be an adult video star of the first order. I'm sure Ralph will have that $50,000 check cut for you by this afternoon along with some business papers to sign."

"$50,000 is a lot of money for having fun with a couple of great looking guys."

"Oh, that is just the beginning Jean," said Denise. Denise then explained how Ralph's business worked. She told him that Ralph has about a thousand permanent and wealthy clients around the world who have standing orders for each of his productions. The clients pay $1000 for a copy of each production four times per year. Ralph grosses four million per year just from the distribution of product. Ralph does not make any public sales, which means his clients have an exclusive access to the productions. Many of them have private showings for their own clients and friends but no one else has copies of the productions except the clients. If a client is found to be distributing copies whether for a fee or as gifts, the client is suspended from the program and the open place is sold to any number of potential clients who want into the "club."

Denise went on to explain to Jean that the next level of the program provides another significant income stream. After distribution of a new production, Ralph puts out a call for bids. Clients can bid for an opportunity to have their own permisteralized video recorded in which the client plays one of the roles in the movie along with the star. In the case of Jean's video, the clients will bid for the opportunity to play either Carl's or Ralph's role with Jean. Ralph usually limits the number of permisteralized shoots to five per month for each role up for bid but not to exceed ten shoots in a month. Usually, the bidding and permisteralized videos are terminated after three months when a new production is released. Occasionally, there will be a production for which the demand for permisteralized shoots is so high that an exception will be made.

"So," Jean asked, "I could be looking at up to 30 shoots of various scenes from the movie?"

"That right," answered Denise. She then went on to explain that the bidding for those 30 spots could get pretty heated. After all, if even only 100 of the 1000 clients want a permisteralized shoot only 30 will be able to secure one. Rich and powerful clients like Ralph's don't like taking no for an answer and will pay exorbitant amounts to get what they want. Ralph guarantees his stars a minimum of $10,000 for each permisteralized shoot. However, if a shoot bids out high enough to so that the $10,000 fee represents less than 20% of the total bid then the star's fee is 20%. Thus, if a successful bid were to come in at $100,000, which isn't all that uncommon, the star would get $20,000.

"Wow," exclaimed Jean, "I see what you mean about the pay being phenomenal. You're serious that I am virtually guaranteed $100,000 per month for three months for this shoot?"

"You got it Little Sister. Actually, over the next few months you'll gross a minimum of $350,000 and I will be amazed if it doesn't exceed half a million and that's for one quarter. Now you see how I afford this great condo, my car, pay for an expensive private university education and invest significant sums of excess income for the future. As you can see, there are some great benefits that come from being my little sister."

"I've always loved being your little sister," replied Jean. I sometimes feel like it has me in a state of sexual ambiguity though, suspended between male and female. At times I have doubts about who I really am but can never see my way out of the duality I'm in. Since I've been here visiting with you I've become more comfortable with my ambiguous identity."

"You can draw on the benefits of two worlds Jean," replied Denise. As a girlie boy you can be either a girl or a boy whenever one or the other best suits your needs of the moment. Not many people have an opportunity like that. You should consider yourself fortunate." Denise smiled and said in a low voice, "Enough of that talk little sister. Come to me." Jean moved over toward where Denise was sitting as she reached over and turned off the bedside light. Denise reached behind her and unhooked her bra freeing her modest but perky tits to swing free. She reached out for Jean and cradled him in her lap and whispered, "Suck my nipples off Jean."

Jean turned a little and reached out grasping one of the nearly perfect tits in his hand as he pulled it toward his eager mouth. Jean began sucking one tit while massaging the other and then switching. Denise's nipples grew taunt and hard as he sucked, licked and flicked his tongue over the nipples. Denise grew very aroused from his ministrations and her right hand slid down the silky fabric of the chemise and then came back up the inside of Jean smooth thigh until it touched the crotch of Jean's panties. As her hand continued upward, it was immediately apparent to Denise that Jean was not wearing his "pocket" because she could feel his erect clit-prick lying against his belly with its underside face up under the soft and smooth panties that prevented it from becoming vertical. Denise smiled with pleasure from Jean's ministrations to her tits and began gently rubbing the underside of Jean's clit-prick through the fabric of his panties. Denise rose from the bed and pulled her panties off. She got back on the bed and slid Jean's panties down enough to allow his stiff clit-prick to stand erect. Denise reached down and cupped Jean's balls in her hand and gently squeezed and released them several times as Jean softly moaned. Denise swung her right leg over Jean's prostrate body and positioned herself above his face and lowered her pussy down to his waiting lips. Jean licked and probed Denise's pussy with his tongue until he had brought some of its slippery juices to the exposed lips and lubricated them. When the entrance to her womanhood was nice and wet, Denise moved back and positioned herself over Jean's erect member. She began easing herself down on Jean's clit-prick. Jean gave a little gasp as his clit-prick penetrated Denise's pussy and slid deep into her cunt. Denise told Jean to massage her tits and his hands eagerly reached up and grasped them. Denise began to fuck Jean riding up and down on his pole. It was not long before she could sense an orgasmic wave building in her body and she pressed down as hard as she could, pushing Jean's clit-prick as deep as it would go into her love channel. As she strained to press the hard flesh deep into her body she was hit by several orgasmic waves that caused her to squeal in pleasure. Just at that moment Jean's clit-prick began to convulse repeatedly as Jean's body jerked and shuddered. Denise collapsed on top of Jean and whispered in his ear that she thought that he was going to be the perfect roommate. They soon fell arelax in each other's embrace.



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She sat, staring at me with suspicion and a degree of fear.

"So - anything, you said. Is that still the offer? What did you have in mind?"

"What you want. To do with me. You know."

"Like - the obvious thing?"

"The obvious thing, yes. You can fuck me."

It took some spirit for her to get that out.

"I might fancy a bit more than just fucking you."

"How do you mean?"

"I don't know quite what might take my fancy. I promise you this though - no physical damage. I draw the line at that."

This took her aback. She stared at me, taking it in. Exploring it in her imagination, I dare say.

"Is this a one off, or do you mean you want it to go on and on?"

"It can't go on and on because I'd have to report what's happened it in the next week or two. If I don't you're off the hook. If you wanted to leave I'd give you a decent reference."

"How do I know?"

"You'll have to trust me. After all I trusted you. But I'll play fair by you. So it's up to you. Saturday morning - on for it or not on for it.?"

An understandable pause.

"On for it. I have to be. No damage, whatever that may mean," she said dolefully and, without waiting for me to rise, made her way to the door.

"Not office hours - half past nine is fine," I said, "And just in your normal office clothes." I liked the idea of violating her in those, as it was in those that she had set off my daydreams.

Saturday dawned cheerful and bright - or to be literal, as bright as the perpetual haze ever allowed in those parts. A full breakfast - I hoped to need all my energies. Then off to the office, where I had taken care to let the caretaker know he could have the day off as I was there myself. And into my office behind my desk shortly before nine thirty to wait for her.

She appeared on time. I sat motionless. She made her way to the front of my desk, which was as normal, awaiting instructions. I handed her our mortise key. "Go and lock the outer door and come back," I said. We had a mortise lock and a Yale, but only I had the key to the first.

She came back and stood as before. I stared at her - particularly formal to-day, in a black pin striped suit and skirt and the immaculate white blouse. She looked determined, quite strong in fact. She would get on with it and get it over with, she hoped. And why not - I was not out to make her life a misery, just to make the best of a unique piece of luck.

"Turn around, " I said. She duly did. I admired the full curve of her bum.

"Lift your skirt," I said, "Slowly. No - slower than that - we're in no hurry."

Slowly she lifted the black formal skirt. She had a job easing it over her bum, with it being tailored to fit. She had to pull on one side then the other. Suited me. Eventually she got it up round her waist. She was wearing white panties cut round the sides of her bottom, with lace round the top. There's something particularly succulent about white pants on black skin. Her full firm black cheeks shone slightly - they tend to use some sort of oil, to preserve their skins in the heat.

"Very appealing," I said. She meanwhile said nothing, which suited me fine - for the moment I was interested in her bottom not her conversation. "Bend over and touch your toes. Now part your legs." Simple stuff, but pleasing, her pants clasped tight around the full pouch of her sex and a few wiry black hairs at the sides shown up by the white.

I did not have a set program - just a few ideas and go with the flow. I rolled my chair back. "You'd better come and lie across my lap", I said, "Keep that skirt up."

She came round the edge of the desk, her skirt up round her waist and her dignity somewhat diminished thereby, but less so than you might think given her determined expression. She lay across my lap, head hanging down to my left, hands on the floor in front of her, high healed black shoes just touching the floor on the other side, and the two cheeks of that delectable bottom right there in front of me,, naked except for her pants. My idea had been to spank her, with some words about her deserving her punishment. But in the event the words seemed hopelessly corny. If I spanked her that was not so she could get punished but so I could enjoy myself. First though, faced with those cheeks, I did not want to spank them but to get acquainted with them. I slid my hands over the satin and lace of her pants, pushed down into her crack, tight not because she was clenching herself but simply from youth and fitness. I ran my fingers up and down over the white, pressing them into the hollow where her anus must lie. Then I stroked up her thighs then slid under her pants to feel the twin creases at the base of her cheeks, and moved up over her slopes and fullnesses. The slightly grainy, sticky feel their skins have, because of the oil or whatever. I gripped her cheeks tight in my fists, at which she squeaked. I clenched on them, took possession of them. I thrust under her pants deep into her crack, felt the rougher skin around her anus, ran up and down the deep valley, slightly sweaty from the heat, and over ridges and hollows of her anus itself.. There under my hands - indescribably real, after imagining her often enough.

I bunched her pants into her crack, just the one vivid rope of white in blackness, and slapped her right cheek, hard. A slightly pale handprint appeared on her dark skin and faded fast. That stimulated me. I slapped her good and hard again and again till my palm hurt, probably more than her bum. I could have done with her giving a few shrieks but she was not going to descend to that. I could order a few screeches out of her of course, but they would lack authenticity.

Anyway, it was the crack of her bum that drew my attention. I tugged her pants down to the tops of her thighs, dragging them under her stomach.

"Pull your cheeks open." I said.

She did as she was told. How I loved it all - the deep smooth dark hollow n which her anus was set, then the black ribs and valleys of the thing itself, and the little round nub in the middle, slightly raised, with a dark hollow at its centre. It attracted me more than he cunt, more intimate and private. I rubbed round and round the ridges with my forefinger, then I stuck it in my mouth, wetted it, and shoved it into the hollow to wiggle it through the tight barrier and inside her. That drew a startled, "Oh, ugh, oh", from her then silence again. Something she hadn't reckoned on?

I looked down on the vista and twisted and turned my finger, feeling a placid unhurried contentment, as one might feel at a real achievement in one's life, which in fact it was, having her over my knee and I doing whatever I wanted with her.

What about her cunt? A change of approach was called for.

"Take your knickers and skirt off," I said, "Then go and sit in the arm chair."

She stood, slid off the knickers, unzipped the skirt, and with some difficulty got it off. Bare bottomed but still in her high heeled black shoes and her black jacket and her blouse, she went and sat in the chair. She avoided looking me in the eye.

"Cock your legs up over the arms," I said, "Show me your cunt."

She did. "Come forward a bit," I said, "Push your legs out more. I want to see the lot."

She did as she was told. She had a lovely cunt - a perfect neat oval, with just the shaft of her clit visible between her lips at the top. Thick crinkly black hair in a triangle on her mound, pointing down into her cunt, and sparser crinkles on her lips, which were fat and full. I don't like the shaved cunts which have come into fashion since - poor bald irregular insignificant flaps. It's the move from the urbanity of cared for skin to the primeval, the rank, the throwback that turns me on.

"Open it up for me," I said.

She pulled the two lips open with her hands. Still not a word. She had obviously decided to go along with what was wanted. The depths of her cunt were deep glistening crimmister, like the fires of a volcano at the foot of black cliffs.

"Rub your clit," I said.

She put her forefinger there.

"You're not rubbing it," I said, "The tip's not moving. Do it right. And shove your finger up your hole. Masturbate so I can watch you. Get yourself wet, then you won't get sore when I fuck you. Do your best. Think beautiful thoughts."

I have no idea what she thought, but she did close her eyes and worked away at herself with a reamisterable display of verisimilitude. When she took time off from her clit to rub her finger round and round the entrance to her hole she seemed to get her juices going and the crimmister shone the brighter."

"Stuff a finger up your arse," I said. Her face winced and scowled, but she wetted her forefinger in her cunt, lifted her bum to get her hand round, and twiddled and twisted the start of her forefinger into herself.

"Get it right up," I said. I enjoyed watching her wriggle and ease it up her, and her face as it scowled the while. She got it right up, but thereby I lost the view as her hand got in the way.

"OK," I said. "That's enough. Lie down on the floor on your back. Pull your knees right up - tuck them up to your armpits."

It was a wonderful sight, Bathsheba my respectable inaccessible secretary self-trussed like a chicken, her bottom raised from the floor because her knees were right back, with her calves and black shoes waving over her head. And her cunt shoved up towards me, proffered and waiting for me to attend to it. It was all the more titillating because of the blouse and the jacket she still had on, as respectable as could be, with her thatch of black hair and her cunt just beneath it. Her cunt had mostly closed up again, but not quite, like a door ajar, with a streak of crimmister showing inside. Her efforts must have had some affect on it.

I've never gone in much for blow jobs. I was quite encouraged enough standing over her looking down at her. In a leisurely way I unbuckled my belt, slipped off my trousers and pants along with the loose espadrilles I was wearing, and stroked my cock.

But why rush into the fuck? I moved forwards and put my knees on each side of her head. "You can drop your legs for now," I said, "Just look up at me." And she did - I looked down at her face and my balls and my arse hanging close over it.

"Take one of my balls into your mouth," I said, "Gently. Give it a soft suck."

She had to open her mouth wide, and I dipped myself into it - not for nothing is the practise called teabagging. She sucked and licked. I wondered if she had ever done this before. No way of telling.

I pulled out and settled my arse over her. "Lick my arse hole good and hard," I said. I felt rather pleased with myself that I had washed it carefully that morning - sensitive fellow.



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"Glad you enjoyed it then. Can I go home now?"

Funny, but I was hoping she had enjoyed it, or parts of it at least. That's how it is in stories, isn't it? The girl starts by hating it and ends up creaming herself. This one was determined to go through with it and equally determined to have nothing more to do with it than she had to, emotionally speaking. Unless it was more that she didn't want to admit to anything- after all she had managed to get her juices flowing. Either way, so be it. No reamister for me to be through with her yet though - chance of a lifetime, and might as well make the best of it.

"Go Home? Don't you believe it. Only mid-morning. I'll have a few more ideas as soon as I've got some lead back in my pencil." She snorted resignedly and put down her cup.

"I need to go to the toilet," she said, "Shall I go to the office one?"

"No, use mine," I said generously, "I'll come and watch you."

"Oh no!" she said, but with resignation.

She went in and sat on the seat.

"You'll have to perch your legs up," I said, "Otherwise I don't get the view. And hold yourself open - we don't want you dribbling all over yourself." I crouched in front of her.

"I can't get going," she said, "Not with you watching."

I go up briefly to turn on the cold tap in the basin, an old army trick. In a couple of moments off she shot, a thick fraying stream bursting out of the tiny hole above her vagina which one normally would not notice but seemed slightly distended by the flow. It splashed vigorously on the front of the pan. I stuck my fingers in the flow and gave them lick. She looked rather scornful, as I suppose she well might.

"Quite tasty," I said, "Rather acid."

"What do you expect?" She dribred to a stop, gathered a clump of toilet paper, and wiped herself. "I don't see what you get out of it."

"Prurient curiosity," I said. For the first time in the whole business she gave a laugh, showing bright white teeth hitherto not much in evidence.

"I need one too," I said, "You can have a sip." I stood up, turned off the tap which I could not see myself needing, and flourished my cock at her.

"Come on," I said, like someone gently wheedling a young, "Come and get it. Get my cock all nice and warm in your mouth and have a lovely takey."

"Shit," she said.

"Luckily for you that's not something interests me."

She knelt at my feet and took my knob in her mouth.

"No spilling mind," I said, and let it come, but slowly to give her time to get it down. Also I didn't want to use it all up. She gulped away, face screwed up in distaste. I stopped and pulled out.

"Nice?" I asked.

"Like hell."

"Take off the rest of your kit and get in the shower."

"What now?" But she did it. First time I had seen her naked. Lovely firm breasts, as she backed up against the far wall of the shower. Fat nipples on a huge dark brown bases like gun emplacements. Just the dark shadow of the slit of her cunt, under its covering of hair.

I stood in the entrance to the shower and pissed at her, wielding my cock like a fire hose over her breasts and her cunt. The pale liquid drifted down her legs. My stream ebbed and vanished and I wished I'd had more to give. A new experience. Curiously satisfying.

"Did you have to do that?" she said, her nose wrinkled up. Well, no, I didn't have to, but why not?

I stepped in, got the shower head down from its holder, turned on the tap, and showered the front of her down. Then chucked her a towel from the shelf.

"You get on and dry yourself," I said.

"I'm not really clean."

"Clean enough for now."

She got out of the shower and toweled away, and an enjoyable sight she made, twisting and turning and bending. She picked up her clothes and we went back to the other room.

"Just put on your bra and shoes," I said. She looked good like that - white lace bra, though she did not really need one, black shoes. Her black thatch between the two, and her black skin.

"That's a clever girl. Now you just bend over the arm of that chair, get your head down, and wait for what comes next.." She bent over, presenting a full firm rump.

"I've got a bit of cream to make it easier," I said, assuming she had guessed what came next, "Sun tan cream as it happens, admittedly unusual for where the sun never shines, but it should do the trick." I squeezed some from the tube I had brought onto my forefinger. Then the pleasant job of pushing it into her anus and moving it around. And some more and some more. You can't have too much in my opinion, otherwise both parties get sore. I was pleased at the idea of being able to fuck her arse with no condom - AIDS had not started to gallop through Africa at that time.

"Now," I said, "I have to get really good and hard or I won't be able to get in. So I need a little stimulation." I bent down to pull my belt out of my trousers, which were still on the floor, and started to larrup her. She began to screech. It hurt. Red welts rose on her bum. "No, you're hurting me. No damage you said. Oh. That hurts."

"No damage my dear. It's really doing something for me." It was. I was stroking my cock faster and faster. For the first time I was carried away - everything till now had been quite measured. My balls felt as if they were boiling with cream, got into full production by it all. I was easily stiff enough to fuck her but I was enjoying hurting her so much. I thwacked away while her buttocks jerked and flailed and she broke down from shrieks into tears. Then I grasped the shaft of my cock and stuck the head into her arse.

The first bit of course was easy, then I met resistance.

"Relax or you'll get hurt," I said. I don't know if she managed that. But, holding and shoving, and turned on finally by grabbing her left cheek with my free hand and really squeezing her so hard she cried out, I got it in.

"It hurts, it hurts," she cried.

I shoved and slowly got right in, up to my root. A curious lack of sensation once I was inside, like cramming through a narrow door into an empty warehouse. Just as well it was empty I suppose, considering what it might have contained. Then slowly I withdrew. Lots of sensation where the rim of my glans came up against the tight band at her entrance. I pushed and pulled a little right there, most enjoyable, then thrust right in again, then did it all faster and faster. She gave a screech every time I shoved, then grunted when I hit up against her bum and my balls slapped her cunt. She greased up a good deal from inside as we went on and it all got easier.

"Say things to me," I said, "Tell me to do it. Tell me what I'm to do."

"I can't," she cried, "What things?"

I was really carried away by now. I tore her bra open at the back and reached round and grabbed both her tits.


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"Don't play little miss know nothing with me. You know what things. Or you can make them up. Or I'll rip your tits off." Not that I could of course, but my sincerity must have made an impression.

"Fuck me," she started.

"Louder. Embroider the theme." A degree of grisly humour might stimulate her imagination.

"Fuck me," she shouted, "Fuck me in my arse. Fuck my bum with your cock. Bugger me, sodomise me" - these biblical phrases! - "Fuck my butt. I want your juice in me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Fuck my bum, fuck my bum, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it."

I did just that, faster and faster in rhythm with her words, and came right down in the depths of her body, came as I never came before or since, flooded her bowels and throbbed myself into exhaustion.

After a bit I pulled out - not easy as she had clenched up somewhat. I sat back in my office chair.

"Stay like that," I said.

She started sobbing softly. Slowly a gout of thick grey-white liquid seeped out of her anus and started creeping down towards her cunt. I got my hankie out of my trouser pocket and went over and handed it to her, "Hold this at the top of your legs to catch it when it drops off your cunt," I said.

I watched as my white spunk slowly seeped down the half distended black lips and started to drip into the handkerchief.

"You can wipe yourself now," I said, "Then get yourself over here."

She came over with bowed head. I stood up. "Get down and suck my cock clean, I said.

She was sniveling hopelessly. She knelt, and licked that cock, rich with every sort of secretion. I motioned her back to the armchair, where she collapsed in a bundle, folded into it sideways to avoid sitting on her sore bum, like a foetus in its womb, and suddenly started to sob and shake.

I gave her a good bit of time, and the sobs dwindled.

"Go off and get a proper shower," I said.

She hobred into my bathroom. I heard the lavatory flush again and the shower run. She took her time - wanted to make a thorough job of it, no doubt. Then returned naked with her hair in a wet mess. Fetching in fact, like Venus from the sea.

"I'm afraid I haven't a hair dryer," I said.

"There's one in the office," she said.

"Then get it and we'll plug it in here."

She went and got it, and stood by the desk blowing and twisting this way and that, stark naked the while, till she was satisfied and switched it off. She was still trembling, but no longer in tears.

"You can get dressed," I said, "In here. Then do your makeup using the mirror in there if you want."

I enjoyed watching her dress. She hooked on her white bra, then slipped on her blouse, then her skirt, her shoes and her jacket.

"You've forgotten your pants," I said.

"I'm not wearing those again," she said.

"Been through too much?"

She picked them up and, before I knew what she was up to, grabbed her bag, shot into the toilet, and I heard the flush again - presumably to get rid of the pants. Time went by. When she emerged she had done a commendable job and looked much as she had done when she first appeared, except her face was a bit puffy and her eyes red from the crying. She didn't ask if she could go - perhaps she was too scared of what I might do next to risk it.

"That's it," I said, "You've given me a marvellous day, unforgettable. I won't ask you for it all again. Feel free to ask me for any of it if you fancy, though." She snorted.

"Before you go, just turn around."

She looked really resentful and impatient, but turned.

"Lift your skirt as you did at when we started."

She did, with equal difficulty.

"Bend right over and part your legs."

She continued to do as she was told. I suppose she had no alternative really, having gone so far.

Once more I gazed, taking my time, at her full cheeks and her cunt nestled below them, its spiky valves now closed and concealing the moist crimmister creature that lived within.

"Thanks," I said. She stood up, turned, pulled her skirt down.

"Just before you go - was it a surprise?" I asked.

"Who's the innocent now? Do you think I don't know about these things? At least you didn't want me to eat your cuckolds brownie. It was a deal. I've delivered. Now it's for you."

I was impressed.

"You're quite a woman. You should go far. Beautiful too," I said, "Till Monday morning, then."

One last glimpse of that pin striped bum and she was out of the door. I felt rather deserted and lonely.

Life in the office became formal in the extreme. She soon got a new job in Port Harcourt over in Ibo country, helped by the reference I gave her. I didn't hold her to her notice. She seemed to have got herself together OK. Not damaged for life. I hope.

I'm not so sure about myself. I got her cunt and her arse but when all's said and done I lost her. The office is a rather dismal place without her.

Off to Lagos soon and my wife. And no doubt fucking my wife. Not the biggest of thrills, judging by past experience. Not that thrill is everything. They tell me. Will I ever get as worked up again? OK I was a cuckolds brownie - but to have the chance to be a cuckolds brownie once in a lifetime, and do someone a good turn into the bargain. I was a lucky man. I suppose.


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Her Sister's Boyfriend

Gina is an attractive girl. 5'4 140 lbs. Huge DD tits and an amazing tight ass. The cutest face with an adorable smile. She hadn't had a chance to really get her self set financially since moving out of her dad's house. This led to her, at the age of 21, living with her twin sister Julia and Julia's boyfriend Jack. Gina and Julia were fraternal not identical twins so they didn't look exactly alike. Julie was 5'5 and 150lbs. Her tits were smaller but still big enough at C cups. She was attractive but no where near as cute as her sister.

Jack was abusive. Verbally and physically to Julia. He constantly yelled at Gina and threatened her too. Gina was scared of him but figured he would never really do anything to her. If he wasn't such an asshole she would probably find him sexy. Gina would lay awake many nights listening to him fuck her sister. Sometimes she would finger herself and cum entwine with her sister's scream. Sometimes it sounded like they were getting really rough. Her sister's screams sounded more like they were out of pain then pleasure.

One day Jack was really angry at Julia. He was screaming at her all day. Gina knew to just stay out of there way when it got like this. Then her sister left. Jack was screaming at her even as the car pulled away. After she was gone Jack came into Gina's room.

"What are you doing in here. Get out now!" she insisted.

"Your sister is a fucking whore! She's off to fuck her sugar daddy. Bitch doesn't even care if I wanted to get laid first!" he screamed

"I don't give a cuckolds brownie Jack. Get out." She stood and tried to push him out.

Jack responded by pushing her on the bed. She let out a yelp and tried to get back up. He was quickly on top of her. His hands were all over her. He tried kissing her and she turned her head. He grabbed her hair and pulled it so their lips met. He tried to power his tongue in her mouth but quickly gave up.

"Stop it you asshole. Get off." She screamed.

"Shut the fuck up bitch! Just fucking lay there!" he shouted into her face.

She could tell he was high. She was scared he would hurt her. So she obeyed and just lay there as he tore off her pants and underwear at the same time. She laid crying as he undid his own pants. Then he was back on top of her. His hands found there way up her shirt and grabbed her huge tits. She yelped as he crushed them.

She could feel his cock's head poking at her pussy. He reached down and guided it to the hole. With one quick thrust he was in her. She let out another scream.

She wasn't ready for him and it hurt her a lot. Normally she would have fucked a guy like this willingly but this was her sister's boyfriend. She lay there crying under him. Hating him for what he was doing. Slowly her body began to react to him and she started hating herself as well.

"Damn your tighter than your sister." he said as if this was just a normal act. He kept her hands pinned down. He kept trying to kiss her which she resisted.

Gina's tears were stopping and her orgasm was starting. She was filled with lust and shame as she began to enjoy what was happening to her. Jack's pace quickened and she knew he was going to cum soon. She dug his nails into his back as she reached an orgasm of her own. This put him over the edge. He pumped his load deep into her.

They lay there for a few minutes with Jack still pinning her hands down. She made no effort to move. His dick slowly softened inside her. Finally Jack got off her after trying to kiss her once more. He didn't bother to get dressed he just took his pants with him as he left the room. Gina got dressed. New tears forming in her eyes. Not out of pain or anger but shame. She had really enjoyed being fucked by her sister's boyfriend. In her mind she tried to convince herself that it was ****. She tried to tell herself that she didn't want it to happen. She wondered if it would happen again. It scared her to think she would be living here in the same house with him. She didn't know what might happen next.



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comment devenir un cocu soumis

C’est un très long chemin qui m’a amené à devenir aujourd’hui un cocu à temps complet.
Mon histoire, j’ai pour mission de vous la raconter.
Le fait qu’elle soit publiée ne fait que renpowerr mon plaisir.
Bien entendu, je reste malgré tout anonyme mais afin de rendre ce récit plus excitant pour ma femme et mister amant et aussi
pour moi, il est truffé de détails absolument réels sur les lieux notamment.
Cela fait plus de dix ans que le désir obsessionnel de devenir cocu m’a saisi. Il ne m’a plus quitté.
La route a été longue donc et si je vous raconte aussi la première partie, c’est parce que je pense que peut-être elle
donnera des idées à ceux qui rêvent de devenir cocus et soumis sans que leur femme rentre dans leur jeu.
Auparavant, je crois qu’il est utile de vous présenter mon couple.
Mon épouse s’appelle Christiane.
Il y a dix ans, elle avait 36 ans. C’était déjà une femme ronde. Nous sommes tous deux très amateurs de gastronomie et
peu soucieux de régimes amaigrissants. Bref, elle ne ressemblait pas à des couvertures de magazine. C’est justement ce
qui me fascinait. Bref, elle avait déjà à l’époque tout ce qu’il faut côté poitrine mais surtout une grosse paire de fesses très
Pas une gravure de mode, je vous l’ai dit, mais une femme très potelée de partout. Un mannequin aux mensurations
idéales qui se montre, c’est pour moi à peine érotique alors qu’une femme ronde qui malgré ses défauts se montre
représente pour moi le sommet de l’obscénité. C’est comme-ça. On ne se refait pas.
Nous habitions déjà Chatou à cette époque, une maimister sans prétention mais très confortable et surtout très tranquille
avec un petit jardin. Christiane travaillait encore à cette époque dans une boite américaine du côté des Champs-Élysées.
Bien sûr, dans mister activité professionnelle, Christiane portait des tenues on ne peut plus sages, généralement des robes
amples destinées à cacher ses formes. Ce qui n’était pas le cas à la maimister, entre nous.
C’est à cette époque que nous avons commencé à dévaliser les magasins de lingeries spécialisés. Pas des choses bcbg
non, mais plutôt tout un arsenal de de tenues fétichistes, du genre porte-jarretelles, gaines, guépières, corsets, soutien-
gorge à bouts ouverts, talons aiguille, bas etc.. Nous avons aujourd’hui à Chatou deux grandes armoires pleines de ces
accessoires qui racontent toute notre vie sexuelle.
Sans parler des chemisiers et des jupes, longues ou courtes que nous choisissions toujours deux tailles en-dessous de
manière à ce que Christiane, dans l’intimité je précise soit très boudinée et dimisters le mot vulgaire.
Cette métamorphose d’une femme sage et peu provocante en créature vulgaire et débordante de partout m’enchantait.
Quant à Christiane, elle était plutôt ravie du regain d’attention que je prêtais à sa ronde permisterne et elle se prêtait de
bonne grâce à mes petits délires vestimentaires.
Elle et moi appartenons à cette génération de gens qui ont tout consacré à leur travail, ce qui fait que nous avons repoussé
encore et encore la décision de faire des enfants pour finalement ne pas en avoir.
Cette situation fait que nous dispomisters de tout notre temps pour nous et que la maimister nous est toujours disponible pour
nous seuls. L’égoïste a certains avantages…
Quant à moi, j’ai dix ans de plus que Christiane. Rond moi aussi, gastronomie oblige, j’ai crée à cette époque une petite
boite informatique qui traverse la crise sans trop de dégâts. Nous n’avons donc pas de problèmes d’argent et cela fait
maintenant trois ans que Christiane a cessé toute activité professionnelle.
Je n’ai jamais été un étalon et j’ai toujours eu une sexualité d’homme soumis, même si je ne le savais pas très bien
À chaque retour de nos périples dans les magasins de Pigalle, c’est moi qui la déshabillait pour mieux la rhabiller après et
la transformer en cette créature érotique qui me rendait fou d’amour et de désir pour elle.
J’en profitais toujours pour la caresser et la lécher des pieds à la tête et j’étais capable, je le suis toujours, de la regarder
pendant des heures évoluer devant moi en me faisant profiter de ses tenues et en me branlant sans me faire jouir. J’aime
tellement ces moments que je les rends interminables.
Je pénétrais très rarement Christiane, par contre j’étais capable de la lécher pendant des heures, mister cul d’abord, je ne
m’en lasserai jamais, et enfin mister sexe. Même pas de godes, juste ma langue qui passait des journées entières entre ses
cuisses, ce qui semblait lui convenir.
Ce qui devait arriver arriva. Pour garder le souvenir de tous ces moments merveilleux, j’ai commencé à la photographier.
D’abord des poses érotiques sages, puis avec le temps, de plus en plus obscènes.
Aujourd’hui, nous avons plus de 5000 photos de Christiane.
Si ma nature de mari soumis se dévoilait de plus en plus, Christiane n’avait aucun penchant pour la domination. Je dirai
même qu’elle se montrait plutôt obéissante et qu’elle prenait toujours toutes les poses que je lui demandait, dans les
tenues que je lui choisissais. Elle exécutait même devant moi toutes les danses fessières possibles et imaginables sans
jamais y trouver à redire, car bien sûr, j’avais aussi fait l’acquisition d’une petite caméra numérique dès qu’elles mistert
Tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes, me direz-vous, si ce n’est que j’ai commencé à être habité par une
seule obsession, la montrer à d’autres hommes.
Cette idée ne me quittait plus. À chaque photo que je faisais, j’imaginais un homme caché derrière moi et qui regardait la
scène. C’était devenu insupportable.
Faut-il préciser que je n’en touchais pas un mot à Christiane, certain que cela allait foutre en l’air notre belle complicité.
Les hommes croient toujours que leur femme est hermétique à leurs fantasmes.
Il y a dix ans, internet n’offrait pas toutes ces possibilités de rencontres qu’il y a maintenant. La ode était plutôt aux
magazines de rencontres que je lisais en cachette.
Et c’est comme-ça qu’un jour, je suis tombé sur l’annonce d’un homme qui se présentait d’âge très mûr et qui recherchait
un mari plutôt soumis qui lui montrerait des photos de sa femme et serait puni pour cela.
Je vous passe les précautions que j’ai prises avant cette rencontre, tant et si bien qu’un jour, je me suis retrouvé dans
l’arrière-salle d’un café du 7ème arrondissement à présenter à un inconnu une centaine de photos de Christiane dans des
poses qui ne cachaient absolument rien de tous les détails de mister intimité.
Ce fût un moment inoubliable.
Le monsieur devait bien avoir soixante-dix ans. Sur chaque photo, il prenait mister temps, faisait des commentaire. Par
chance les grosses fesses de Christiane semblaient l’inspirer, ce qui était loin de me déplaire. Et surtout, n’oublions pas
que les photos montraient aussi le visage de ma femme. C’est toute l’intimité de notre couple qui s’étalait sur la table.
J’étais dans un état d’excitation incroyable.
Le Monsieur était lui aussi ravi, la situation lui plaisait.
Le jeu pouvait commencer me dit-il.
Il me fixait rendez-vous la semaine suivante, même café. À un condition, je devrai venir avec dix grands tirages de
Christiane, debout, de face, jambes écartées, doigts écartant sa chatte, visage apparent, bouche grande ouverte, langue
tirée. Même chose de dos, fesses écartées, trou du cul parfaitement montré, visage tourné vers l’objectif, langue toujours
Je devrais faire ces photos en pensant à lui. Dernière condition, si je revenais à ce rendez-vous avec ces photos, je
devrais accepter d’ores et déjà de les lui laisser. Eh oui. Pour que notre liaimister fonctionne, m’expliqua-t’il, il fallait que je
me sente dépendant de lui, c‘était comme-ça, sinon inutile de venir.
Il n’avait pas tort. Ce qui ne m’a pas empêché de me ***r tout seul pendant toute cette semaine infernale.
Christiane ignorait bien sûr tout de cet entretien mais c’est avec mister habituelle complaisance qu’elle se prêta aux photos. Il
serait toujours temps d’annuler ce rendez-vous, pensais-je pour me rassurer.
Je trahissais mon épouse bien aimée mais je ne pouvais pas faire autrement, c’était impossible.
Le deuxième rendez-vous fût très court. L’homme, que j’appelais dorénavant Maître prit les photos. Il ne nous restait plus
qu’à convenir d’un rendez-vous mais qui serait cette fois chez lui, la possession de ces photos lui garantissant ma
discrétion, ma ponctualité et mon obéissance, c’est le moins que l’on puisse dire..


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Une petite histoire en français perdue au milieu d'un océan de titres anglais... Est-ce le reflet d'une certaine nation... ? Mais merci de la part des "petits" francophones...


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Encore une fois je suis entiérement d'accord avec vous malheureusement c la dur réalité


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The Perils of Debt

My name is Carol, I am now aged thirty six, but was thirty two when all this started. I am married to Steve and have two youngren, we live in the Midlands, near Wolverhampton.

I had not worked since the youngren were born seven years ago, Steve had a manual job which did not pay well. Money was always tight and things went from bad to worse when Steve’s overtime was stopped. I said nothing to Steve as the debts mounted, but instead I used to hide the bills. After dropping the kids off at school one morning I called in to our local newsagents for the morning paper. As I was leaving, I noticed a sign in the shop advertising for a part time salespermister to help out in the newsagents. I thought, this is the answer to all our money worries, and applied for the job there and then. As with most newsagents in the U. K. these days, they are owned by people from the Indian sub continent, ours being no exception.

The owners name was a Mr Patel, a rather ugly fat man in his sixties. I did not care for the way Mr Patel seemed to leer at me, but beggars can’t be choosers, and after a short informal interview I was told I could have the job. Steve was not to happy about me going back to work, but he realised that we needed the extra money. Working for Mr Patel presented few problems, apart from his leering at my body which made me shudder, and the occasional sexual innuendoes which I ignored. However on the home front the bills kept on mounting and I became more and more worried. It had reached the point where I dare not tell Steve how much we really owed people.

One morning in the shop I just burst out crying as I thought of the debt we were in. Mr Patel sat me down and asked me what the problem was, at which point I just poured my heart out. He sat and listened, and after I had finished telling him all about my money worries, said that I obviously needed to earn some extra money rather quickly, and that he would give the matter some thought.

The following morning I went in to work after dropping the kids off at school. Mr Patel seemed rather to be acting rather strangely, almost like a nervous schoolboy. When his wife left the shop to go into town, he said he thought he had come up with a solution to all my money worries. At this news I felt overjoyed, although, my joy soon turned to horror, as Mr Patel told me of his plan. It turned out that he was a keen amateur photographer, and said that he would like me to model for him, he said the money would be quite reamisterable. Although I have quite a good figure, large boobs, nice hips etc. (despite my having had two youngren ), I have always dressed very conservatively, Steve my husband is the only man I have known sexually. I told Mr Patel, no way was I about to pose for him. He shrugged his shoulders, and with a leering smile said it was up to me. He also said that I should think what my husband would say when he eventually found out about the mess I had made of the family finances, and find out he would. I knew that what Mr Patel was saying was true, I could not keep matters secret much longer.

All morning I kept turning things around in my mind, but could not come up with a solution. Around lunch time I just blurted out to Mr Patel “what would you want me to do at this photo session”. Mr Patel sensing that he had snared his victim, almost drooled when he told me he wanted girlie shots of me. I shuddered as I replied that I was willing to pose for him, but only down to my underwear. Mr Patel agreed, but said I was to purchase some sexy underwear if that was to be the case, and gave me some money to buy some. It was agreed that I was to pose the very next day, as Mr Patels wife was going to be out all day visiting her sister who was ill. The shop shuts for lunch, and it turned out there was an empty flat above the shop, which is where the deed would be done.

Mr Patel told me I had better go into town to buy the underwear without delay. As I walked around the lingerie store my stomach was churning, but not just with the disgust I felt for myself for what I had agreed to do, there was another feeling, a feeling I had not felt in a long time, that feeling was sexual. The underwear I chose was what I would call tasteful, although I was concerned about wearing stockings and suspenders. As soon as I got home I tried on the underwear, I was shocked by how much of me could be seen through the sheer material. My first thought was to call the whole thing off, however there was yet another bill behind the door prompting me to think again. My mind was in turmoil the rest of the evening and when Steve approached me for sex at bedtime I made up an excuse to put him off. The next morning I approached work with trepidation, Mr Patel on the other hand was like the cat that had just got the cream, the dirty old bastard I thought to myself.

Lunch time arrived all to soon, and Mr Patel gleefully put the shop closed sign on the door and led me upstairs to the flat above. My mouth was dry and my legs felt like jelly as we entered the flat. Mr Patel had been busy, already having set up his camera equipment in front of an armchair. Apart from a screen at the other end of the room the flat was virtually empty, save for a small takes table on which was placed a bottle of wine and two glasses. Mr Patel said he thought the wine would help me loosen up and help break the ice. I was not a takeer, but was glad of anything as my throat felt that dry, I quickly drank the rather large glass of wine I had been given. Mr Patel said I could get changed behind the screen. I felt very nervous by this point, my hands shaking as I put on the new underwear I had bought. I finished off my wardrobe by wearing a black dress and black high heel shoes. The dress showed just a small amount of cleavage and buttoned all the way down the front.

When I came from behind the screen Mr Patel complimented me on the way I looked. I am not sure if it was the wine which was taking effect, or the fact that I had not had a compliment paid in a long time, but I actually did a twirl in front of Mr Patel and gave him a smile. He then told me to go over to the chair and walk around it slowly, posing for the camera as I walked. Next he asked me to undo a few buttons both at the top and bottom of my dress, this made me a little more nervous, but I did as I was instructed. I was told to lean forward, to show off my cleavage, then to sit on the chair and bring one leg up towards my waist. I was now aware that from this position Mr Patel could see right up my dress to the tops of my thighs. Instead of being appalled by this, I found instead that I felt curiously aroused by it. I was next ordered to do the thing I had been dreading, which was to take off my dress. No man other than my husband had ever seen me in my underwear before, my fingers tremred as I undid the buttons on my dress.

Mr Patel poured me another large glass of wine which I quickly gulped down. As my dress fell to the floor I saw Mr Patel feast his eyes on my body, but instead of feeling shame, I again felt this curious arousal in the pit of my stomach. I was then ordered to sit in the chair and put my legs on either side of the arms. I am not sure why I obeyed without question, I kept telling myself it was because of the wine, but obey I did. With myself in this position I looked down and realised for the first time, that the material on my knickers was stretched so tight that my pubic hair could clearly be seen. Not only that, but there was now a very wet patch starting to seep through the crotch of those knickers and my nipples were trying to poke their way through the thin lacy material of my inadequate bra. Mr Patel now came over to me from behind his camera and started to fumble with the catch on my bra.

I mumred that he mustn't, that we had an agreement, only down to my underwear I told him. He took no notice, and I did nothing to stop him, as he finally undid the clasp. As he pulled my bra away, my boobs were on full display to his gaze, my nipples were now like bullets. I gasped as he reached out and rolled one of my nipples between his fingers, my hips which were already spread wide for him rose sorry, and the damp stain on my knickers spread ever wider. He then walked back behind the camera and ordered me to pull the crotch of my knickers to one side so that he could photograph my “wet cunt” as he crudely put it. I refused saying that things had gone far enough.

Mr Patel looked at me and said 'that wasn't a request you slut, that was an order, also you are to call your boobs tits from now on, and whats between your legs is called your cunt, okay.' No one had ever spoken to me like this before, it seemed to release in me a sexuality I did not know excisted, one that I seemed to have no control over, but Mr Patel did, and I think he now realised this. Mr Patel now walked over to me and, without saying a word, just simply pulled my knickers down. What is that between your legs he asked, I hesitated, well he asked sternly? my cunt I mumred, louder he commanded, my cunt I almost screamed back. With this he now inserted a finger inside of me which made me groan with pleasure. I looked down as the one finger was followed by another, then another until all four fingers were buried deep inside me. Lust was now taking over every fibre in my body.

He asked me if I had ever been fist fucked before, I shook my head thinking such things were not possible. I then felt pressure against my cunt, followed by a brief, sharp but pleasurable pain. When I looked between my legs, I saw that Mr Patels hand was completely buried inside my cunt. My hips now seemed to have a life of their own as they thrust up to impale my cunt ever deeper onto his hand. Without warning Mr Patel leaned forward to kiss me. His teeth were yellow and broken, plus his breath nearly made me gag as he powerd his tongue into my mouth, yet the sordidness of this old man made me lust for him like no other man I had ever met. I responded eagerly to his kiss, the rancidness of his breath taking me to new sexual heights.

He then said he was going to fuck me, I replied he could do what he wanted to me, although he must wear a condom, as my hubby has had the snip. I watched fascinated as this old and fat, dirty, coloured man, removed his clothes and rolled a condom on to his large coloured dick. I had never been touched by any other man except my husband. Now here I was about to be fucked by a man who, by my own admission should have repulsed me, but instead was driving me wild with lust. No sooner had he entered me for the first time than I orgasmed. The orgasm was like no other I had ever experienced before, my body convulsed uncontrollably. Mr Patel continued to fuck me unabated, but just as I was building up to another orgasm he pulled out.

I practically screamed at him to put it back inside me, but he just laughed. He said Carol, you are a dirty whore and a slut, what are you. He made me repeat what he had just said, which seemed to heighten my sexual feelings even further. I have a number of friends, he said, who would also like to see you naked and fuck you, what do you say to that? Oh yes, I almost shouted at him, I will do anything you want me to, please just ask me, I pleaded. Now he said, take off the condom, I want to come inside you, I want to make you pregnant with your first coloured young. I was by this time past the point of no return and my hands tremred as I removed his condom. When this was done he slid his dick back inside me and began to fuck me like a stallion. My orgasm began to build and it wasn't long before I felt him tense and begin to pump wave after wave of his seed into my now unprotected cunt.

After it was over, I strangely felt no guilt about what I had done, although I was aware of how foolish it was to have had unprotected sex. I made to get out of the chair, get dressed and clean myself up, but I was told to stay where I was, or had I so quickly forgotten my promises. Without another word Mr Patel went downstairs, made a few phone calls and then re- opened the shop. A short while later the flat door opened and Mr Patel walked in, accompanied by three of his friends, I tried to cover my nakedness, but Mr Patel ordered me not to. Mr Patels friends were just as old and repulsive as he was, two of them were in their seventies and, permisteral hygiene was not on their list of priorities, which for some inexplicable reamister turned me on like nothing I had ever experienced before. It did not take them long to remove their clothes and start fucking me. One of the men even produced a document which I was asked to sign. It said that I had refused their pleas that they be allowed to wear a condom before fucking me, that I wanted unprotected sex with them so that I could have their coloured babies : I signed the document.

And so it began, that night I went home financially better off than I had been at the start of the day. During the evening I thought about what had happened to me that day, my new sexual awakening. Before I went to bed that first night I had been upstairs to masturbate three times, something I had not done since I was a pubescent teenager. When I arrived at work the next morning, Mr Patel informed me that his wife had gone to look after her sister who was still no better, she would be away for at least a month. He informed me that during this time I would be expected to fill the roll of his wife. I knew exactly what he meant by this and my knickers at once became very very wet.

He gave me some money to go into town, with the instructions being that I was to buy plenty of slutty clothes, micro skirts, tight tops etc. but no underwear, from now on that was not allowed. When I got back to the shop it was almost lunch time, Mr Patel was eager to close up. He again led me upstairs to the flat and opened the door. When I got inside the flat I could see for the first time that we were not alone. Inside were six other men, three I knew from yesterday and now three more, all of a similar age and appearance to Mr Patel. Mr Patel spun me around and stuck his now familiar rancid tongue inside my mouth, grinding his broken and rotten teeth against mine. I practically flooded my knickers there and then, and groaned with pleasure as I tasted his saliva. He then pulled away from me and asked me what had happened when I had got home yesterday. I related without embarrassment to all the men present how I had masturbated myself three times. Mr Patel then said I was to show them how I masturbated. I started to protest but they would have none of it, I was ordered to take my knickers down and sit astride the chair. I sat down, closed my eyes and then masturbated for seven old men. When I was finished they started to use my body in every way imaginable. Before they would let me cum, I had to ask them if they would shoot their sperm deep inside me in order that I might get pregnant with a coloured young.

After that things went from bad to worse, I had given up serving in the shop. I just spent my days being fucked silly by Mr Patel and his friends. I have never known anyone with so many friends. When I wasn't being fucked I was masturbating myself. My poor old husband suspected nothing during this time, although it wasn’t long before I had missed two of my periods, I was well and truly pregnant. I could not even blame it on an accident as the baby would be coloured. My husband went ballistic when I told him, he threw me out, applying to the courts for custody of our own two youngren, which he got.

All of this happened some four years ago, I now have four coloured youngren but I have not got a clue who their mans are. I now live in a different part of town, Mr Patel still visits, as do all his friends. I am still not allowed to use birth control and have just found out that I am pregnant again. I cannot alter my life nor do I want to, my nipples are pierced as is my cunt, and Mr Patels demands grow every more extreme. Only last week he made me have sex with two old tramps in broad daylight in the city centre. I am even known to the Police as the town slut, and have had to be treated for V.D. a number of times.


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What I'm about to tell you is absolutely true.My name is Helen and my husbands name is Paul, and we have been married for nine years,lately we had been arguing a lot over the fact that I was having no luck getting pregnant again although we had been at it like rabbits for months.

Let me first say that I already had two youngren and I loved my husband dearly, however I was getting frustrated by our lack of success and we were beginning to argue more and more, this one fatal evening being no exception.

I can't remember what started the argument but things were said and I ended up storming out of the house without any thought of where I was going or what I was doing.

Anyhow as it was a fine summers evening I walked and walked until I ended up in the town centre, just simply looking in shop windows at all the latest fashions to cheer myself up.

I soon calmed down and decided to make my way back home, it was at this point that things started to happen that were to change my life, perhaps forever. As in most towns nowadays you always get a collection of loud unruly youths hanging around being generally objectionable, and our town was no exception.

As I began to walk past these louts who all seemed to be Asian I was met by some very coarse and crude comments, you know the sort of thing 'great tits, nice arse love etc'. I would normally have ignored such remarks but probably because of my earlier temper I angrily rounded on the louts who were about sixteen or seventeen years of age and demanded an apology for such remarks. A tall and not very nice looking lad pushed his way to the front of the group who had now gathered quite menacingly around me. Whats the matter slut? he said arrogantly, do you want me to play with your tits? My face coloured and I said angrily that he wouldn't dare.

Before I knew what was happening his hand had reached out, deftly undoing the top three buttons of my light summer dress, at the same time managing to slip his fingers inside my bra, he was now actively squeezing my nipple. I brought my arm up instinctively to push him away, but as I did so one of the other lads put his hand up my skirt, pulled my skimpy knickers to one side and slid at least two fingers deep inside me. I gasped and my knees started to buckle, another of the youths had now moved in and slid another finger inside me along with that of his mates, he laughed saying out loud 'the tart's ready for it, she's well juiced up'. He was right I was, here was I a thirty-two year old married woman, a lady of two youngren, being groped and used in broad daylight by a large group of youths, and instead of shouting for help I had never felt so sexually aroused.

The lad who had first approached me,who I later learned was called Jamal said that I was a wanton bitch who needed a good fucking, I said nothing but mearly nodded my head. I had never been spoken to in such a manner before, but the more he spoke dirty to me the more aroused I was becoming. My mind was in a whirl as the group led me along a pathway to what led to a boarded up property next to some waste ground. I was quickly shoved inside and led into a filthy and squalid downstairs room devoid of furniture except for a dirty old mattress on the floor.

The atmosphere was now electric as the youths formed a close circle around me,I counted eight lads in all, I was shaking not with fear but with excitement as Jamal came up to me, quickly removing my dress followed by my bra and knickers. As soon as this was done the comments became ever more crude and I was pushed down on the mattress under a groping sea of hands and I orgasmed very quickly.Then I looked up and saw that Jamal had removed his pants and was now stood over me, his large brown dick hard and erect, lust was now coursing through my body as I begged him to fuck me. He told me to kneel up doggy style so he could fuck me like the whore that I was, I did as I was ordered. My cunt was lubricating freely as I felt the tip of his manhood enter me for the first time, then I suddenly tensed as I realised that he wasn't using anything. Whats the matter he asked? I replied that I wasn't on the pill. Listen you slag, I'M going to fuck you and I'M going to come inside you, and then all the rest of my mates are going to do the same o.k? I was so far gone by this time that I just didn't care anymore and I practically screamed at them that they could all do whatever they wanted to me.

Jamal then plunged his dick deep inside me and I orgasmed for the second time, two of the others grabbed a tit each and yet another shoved his dick inside my mouth. It wasn't long before I felt Jamal speed up then his body tensed as I felt the first squirts of his come flooding my womb and I orgasmed again, all fears of an unwanted pregnancy long since gone.

As Jamal climbed off me he was quickly replaced by one of the others, and so it began, I was fucked by each one of the others in turn, some of them twice, all of them came inside me and my body was used in every way imaginable.

After they had all finished with me Jamal pulled me to my feet and gave me my dress, I asked for my underwear but he said that the lads would keep it as a souvenir. I asked if anyone had a tissue so I could wipe myself, but Jamal told me that a slut like me should walk home with all their spunk inside me. This sort of talk instead of upsetting me only heightened my sexual arousal and Jamal sensed this fact, so it was that I put on my dress and set off to walk back home.

What a sight I must have looked, my hair all messed up and matted with spunk, two buttons had popped off my dress which meant my tits were on almost open display, and streams of spunk were now making their way down my thighs and down the backs of my legs.

When I got back home I was relieved to find my husband had gone to bed, so I quietly crept into the bathroom put my heavily soiled dress in the washing basket and got in the shower. I was shocked when I examined myself, as my body was covered in small bruises and I had a number of love-bites on my tits, I would have to be careful that hubby didn't see me naked for a few weeks. As my mind raced through the events of the evening I found myself becoming aroused yet again and had to finger myself whilst finishing off my shower, something I hadn't done since I was a teenager, my body shuddered to a climax as I thought about Jamal. After that I quickly got dried and crept into bed wondering how I was going to face my husband in the morning.

I lay awake for quite a while going over the events of the past few hours, what had made me behave in such a manner, and would I now be saddled with a pregnancy. I would never be able to lie to my husband if I was pregnant as all the lads were coloured. I made my mind up to go to the doctors later that day for the morning after pill, and with that sorted I drifted off to relax.

Next morning I was up bright and early and got dressed before my husband had chance to see the state of my body. Nothing was mentioned about our argument of the previous evening and after my hubby had left for work I got the kids sorted out and we set off on the school run

After dropping the kids off at school I made my way back home as I thought I would make myself look presentable before going to the doctors. However as I turned onto our avenue I could see two figures on our driveway. As I got nearer I froze in horror, for the people on my drive were non other than Jamal and his friend Mustafa, I had forgot that I had foolishly told Jamal where I lived.

My stomach churned as I approached them, a mixture of fear and excitement, I asked them what the hell they were doing on my drive, Jamal laughed and said he had come to see his slut. I had decided that the events of last night were a one off and nothing like that would ever happen again. Not wanting to be seen by the neighbours I thought I better get the lads inside whilst I explained this to them.

However no sooner had I shut the front door than Mustafa shoved me against the wall in the hallway and thrust his hand up my skirt, I tried to push him away but the feelings I had experienced last night returned with a vengeance. I opened my legs wide as he pulled my knickers to one side and before I knew what was happening he was fucking me in my own hallway against the wall. I groaned as I orgasmed strongly and it wasn't long before I felt him tense and shoot squirt after squirt of his seed deep inside me.

Jamal just smiled after Mustafa had finished with me, I think he knew at this point that I was totally under their control, a fact that I had now acknowledged to myself. Jamal informed me that we were going out but first I needed to change into something that befitted my status as a whore. I replied in a lusty voice that I wasn't any whore I was their whore. Mustafa went to my wardrobe and chose a tiny flared mini skirt that I hadn’t worn since my courting days, to add to this was chosen a very tight white tee-shirt, a G-string and no bra, plus a pair of my highest heeled shoes.

Just seeing myself dressed like this turned me on and I badly wanted Jamal to fuck me, but he said we were going out but would not tell me where. As we walked towards my car I was conscious of how I looked and hoped no-one else on the avenue could see me.

As I drove towards town Jamal gave me directions, eventually telling me to stop outside a taxi business which I was told belonged to one of Mustafas relations. Jamal leaned across and played with my tits which made me groan with lust, he then asked me if I would do anything he wanted, and I nodded. Good he said, then I want you to go inside the taxi shop and have sex with the guy at the counter. I was horrified by the suggestion and said that anything like that was completely out of the question, and yet at the same time the wetness of my cunt was telling me a different story and I knew then that I would do as they asked.

Jamal said I wasn't to argue and I slowly nodded my agreement, I got out of the car and went inside the shop not knowing how to approach the situation or what on earth I would say. The man behind the counter looked me up and down as I walked in, his eyes burning into my braless tits as they jiggled up and down mentally undressing me, he was a coloured guy not very attractive and probably in his late fifties.

He asked me where I wanted to go in not very good English, I blurted out that I didn't require to go anywhere, but that I had always liked coloured men and I liked him. The chap was speechless and I felt embarrassed, I could not believe what I was doing, here I was a young married lady of two offering myself for sex with a total stranger, and yet the sordidness of the situation was making me terribly aroused.

By now the man had regained his composure and was openly leering at me, he moved to lock the shop door and beckoned me into a back room which I took to be a rest room for the drivers. The room was rather grubby, the only furniture being a settee and one easy-chair, the walls were plastered with girlie pictures.

The man now started undressing me, I made no effort to stop him as he quickly shoved me down onto the settee and entered me, I orgasmed almost immediately my senses reeling. I had entered these premises less than ten minutes ago and here I was having sex with a man whose name I didn't even know. Just then something made me look up, two other men had entered the room and I could see from the badges they were wearing that they were taxi drivers, again both coloured. One was in his thirties and not bad looking, but the other guy was much older and fat with horrible teeth and a pock marked face. I made no attempt to cover myself up but instead spurred my lover on as the other two men watched. I felt him speed up and then his dick twitched as yet another stream of spunk flooded my unprotected womb. As the first man climbed off me I wantonly beckoned one of the other men who had been watching to take me, the younger of the two had me first although he didn't last very long. Next came the ugly fat guy, he smelt strongly of body odour which instead of turning me off had quite the opposite effect, and as he came inside me I begged him to give me a baby, after he climbed off me he turned me round on all fours and proceeded to fist fuck me. I thought I was going to be split in two as his fist sank deeper and deeper inside me but I took his fist with embarrassing ease and I lost count of the times I orgasmed. One of the guys had produced a camera from somewhere and was taking pictures of me in every disgusting way possible which I actively encouraged, they told me they were going to put them on the wall.

I later got dressed and triumphantly rejoined Jamal and Mustafa back in my car, relating to them the details of what I had been up to, which met with their approval. Over the next five or six weeks I was fucked almost on a daily basis by Jamal and his friends and also by all of the taxi drivers down at the shop, and my husband suspected nothing.

However the inevitable happened, I missed my next two periods, yes I was well and truly pregnant and I had to tell Paul the truth. I had fully expected him to throw me out on the street. He listened in shocked silence to my revelations, but then to my joy and amazement he said he understood that people had different needs and that he would stand by me.

I confessed to him that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stop what I was doing with other men and perhaps it would be better if I left, but he told me that so long as I was honest and open about what I was doing then it would be acceptable to him for me to continue. What a husband!


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The Reporter

Denise hunched over her computer as she thought about her few months in the city. She had permanent left her boyfriend after an argument and moved out of small town Oklahoma. Now, she was trying to settle in and begin her career. But this was a large southern city and the only luck she’d had was freelancing articles for various magazines. She thought if she could only write the one exciting article, it would get her noticed and she’d land a job as an investigative reporter on some big newspaper. But, for now she was relegated to writing articles of interest for tourists about the city’s sites and was typing up her notes on her gallery visits.

She was working on an article about ethnic art galleries. She had covered one about the local native Americans and another about the Hispanics. Now, she began to examine several that focused on art in the Afro-American community which was a very large populations. There were several galleries to choose from but the one that caught her interest was Galleria Africana. She thought it might provide her readers with a sense of the history and culture from which the large Afro-American and Creole communities emerged. She had scheduled an appointment for tomorrow to visit and interview the owner…a Mr. Inu.

It was late now and she turned off the computer and dressed for a good nights rest. Denise showered and dressed in a black, mesh two piece teddy that emphasized her ivory skin and long shapely legs. Her full breasts were an ample 37 inches. She was only 23, 5 foot 3 inches tall and 104 pounds. Her dark black hair curled down to the small of her 24 inch waist and her 33 inch hips. She admired herself in the mirror. She knew she had her high school girl-next-door good looks that attracted every man. She easily could have been a Playboy model.

It was early the next day when she took a cab to Galleria Africana. The neighborhood was a little rough looking but she was a free lance reporter and she knew that there were often stories to be found in the strange places.

She entered and met a young blonde who introduced herself as Crystal and showed her to Mr. Inu’s office. She took a chair and waited. Then, a tall strong, well-dressed Black man of about 48 entered.

“Good morning, Ms. McConnell. I’m Mr. Inu. You called about an interview.” He introducing himself.

“Yes.” She responded. “I’m a free-lance reporter and writing articles for various tourist magazines. At this time, I’m focusing on ethnic galleries in the city as a way to introduce readers to the exceptional cultural opportunities if they visit. I saw Galleria Africana and thought this might add a different dimension to my article.”

“I am only too happy to help.” Mr. Inu said as he smiled and shook Denise’s hand in a lingering, sensual way. She knew he scrutinized her as men did. But he sent a chill up her spin as her instincts told her he was very powerful and, perhaps, dangerous. “What would you want to know?” he continued, smiling as he showed her to a chair where he could see more of her long white legs.

Denise sat, attempting to obscure his view but the chair positioned her in such a way that it powerd her skirt to ride up, giving him an even better view of her shapely, athletic legs.

Her interview took several hours and Mr. Inu described how he wanted to bring culture to the community as a way they could gain pride in their heritage. Denise thought it was curious that the gallery opened initially under the ownership of two sisters then, after a few months, it changed hands and became the property of a Mr. Inu who was from an African delegation. And, he explained that the women apparently had other opportunities and decided to pursue those. He had not heard anything from them and assumed they moved out of the city.

Over the next several days, she began to research the gallery, Mr. Inu and the women. She found articles that described how the women opened the gallery and a little about their backgrounds and how they became interested in African art. Their parents had been missionaries and their lady apparently had passed away when they were very young in Africa. They had been raised by their man.

There wasn’t much about Mr. Inu except that the was a cultural minister of his countries delegation and apparently from a little known tribe in the backwaters of the country. He was apparently very wealthy and had acquired a large estate of some 5,000 acres in the remote bayous. Denise begun wondering why the cultural minister of a country would need such a large and remote estate outside the city. She decided that there might be more of a story behind the gallery.

She took a cab back to the gallery but it was just closing. She saw that Crystal, the blonde assistant, was leaving and decided to ask her a few questions. Denise caught up with her at the bus stop and said, “Hi. Remember me? I was here this morning interviewing Mr. Inu. Can I ask you a few questions? How about a cup of coffee? Can I give you a lift?”

They shared Denise’s cab back to Crystal’s neighborhood and found a nearby coffee shop. Crystal told her that she hadn’t worked long for Mr. Inu but had the day off tomorrow because he was holding an important art auction at his estate. The only thing that bothered her about the job were the very tough looking Black men who seemed to work for him. They would come and go from the gallery but never purchased art or brought any for the shows. She didn’t quite understand their rolls. She told Denise that the auction was in tomorrow evening and that Mr. Inu would send a car for her.

The next day, Denise rented a car and parked outside Crystal’s apartment in the evening. After a short wait, she saw a large Black Mercedes limo pull up and a giant of a man enter Crystal’s apartment. After a few minutes, he returned to the car followed by Crystal who wore a short black formal dress and high heels. Crystal got in the vehicle and they drove off with Denise following from a distance. They drove for some time out into the countryside.

Denise knew they were headed for the estate so she didn’t have to follow closely. When the limo entered the gates, Denise drove on a short way before parking in a spot to watch and think. She waited for an hour and seeing no other cars entering decided to climb over the wall and enter the grounds. It was pitch dark and she was glad she’d dressed in dark clothes and worn good athletic shoes. It would be a long hike to the main house.

It took about an hour to walk quietly in the dark as she followed the road the limo had taken toward the house. She was careful not to make noise as she didn’t want to get caught trespassing. She proceeded slowly and cautiously. She was curious to find out what kind of art sale was taking place where there were no apparent customers entering the lonely, forbidding grounds.


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When she arrived, she circled the house peeking through windows. Finally, she came to one that peered into what appeared to be a main hall. She saw that it was decorated in an African motif. There appeared to be a group of naked 30 Black men standing in a circle surrounding something on the ground. As they stepped back, Denise was shocked. She could see that they had Crystal, naked and stretched in a missionary position on the ground. A giant black cock filled her mouth and another was in her anus. Mr. Inu powerfully rammed her wet clit as the woman begged and pleaded.

Denise watched stupefied by the number of men entering Crystal. She didn’t notice that Mr. Inu had remote television screens that showed the estate grounds. And, she didn’t notice as another man entered the room and whispered to him. Finally, she didn’t take notice of Mr. Inu signaling to several men who left the room. She didn’t notice until drums began and one called to her and alerted the others.

Denise bolted and ran toward the deep woods. She thought this was her only possible escape and a way to elude them. A group of 7 or 8 men pursued her. They did not seem in a hurry but came after her slowly but surely. She tried to quiet her breathing as she ran deeper into the bayou and the dark night. She could hear them following and talking at a distance. She had lost her sense of direction but she knew she couldn’t get caught.

Finally, she thought she had some luck. Ahead of her, she saw the high brick wall and she headed for it. Finding a vine growing on it, she began to climb. Then, she felt a small prick in her neck. She climbed a little more but became dizzy and fell. She got up and began to run but another dart hit her in the back. Her vision blurred and her legs wobred. Still, she attempted to run but the haves from the darts were working and she fell helplessly to the ground. She was surrounded by several men who were congratulating themselves. She felt her arms and legs being tied and she was lifted on a pole. Then, she blacked out.

Several hours passed before she awoke. Denise found herself hanging by her wrists. She was nearly naked except for her black bra and panties. Her ankles had bonds on them and her legs were spread apart. As her head cleared, she saw that she was in the center of the large hall and there were three blondes, naked except for their collars, laying on the natural skin carpets. Teams of Black African warriors were fucking them in all their wet holes. The women were begging for them to put their cum into them. She saw that Crystal was one of the women. The others she presumed were the two sisters, Terri and Ashley. She noticed that an ugly dwarf had his thick cock in Ashley and the young woman was a few month pregnant.

Mr. Inu saw that she was awake. “Welcome, Denise. I’m so glad you could join our little party now that you are awake. Thank you for the exhilarating hunt. My men enjoyed it. They don’t get to hunt often since we left Africa but you provided such a wonderful game. Since you are curious, I will tell you about what your fate will be. Then, we will begin your training.” He began to stoke her white body as she cringed and attempted to pull away from him. His rough hands squeezed her firm breasts and probed her clit through her panties. He felt her soft loins in appreciation before traveling slowly over her soft ass.

“We are the Ngru tribe and are white slavers. Your blonde friends here have become our slaves and serve our sexual needs which are substantial. They are the cream of the crop of young white women that we will harvest. There are others that will become slaves and serve as prostitutes but these three are special. We will breed with them. As you can see, the dwarf has already successfully planted Ashley with his seed. They serve at the estate as our private stock and are used in our growing porn film industry.”

Mr. Inu suddenly grabbed her bra and ripped it from her exposing her lovely pink tits and ample breasts. Others gathered around including the large giant Black man. They very much appreciated her white body. Then, Mr. Inu tore her lace panties from her. Denise screamed. “Let me go. Please. Don’t hurt me. Please. You must stop.”

“No, my dear. I’m afraid that it’s too late for you. You trespassed and will learn to serve. In fact, your curiosity tells me that you deep down want to know how to serve Black men. But, first you must be punished for your crime.”

For the first time, Denise realized that the 7 or 8 men from the hunting party surrounded her. Each of them including Mr. Inu held small black whips like riding crops. He lashed her hips repeatedly and they each took turns whipping her hips and back as she screamed, twisted and begged them to stop. Finally, her body went limp and they cut her down. Denise lay at their feet. She felt them pick her naked, helpless body up and lay her spread eagled on a table.

“Now for your pleasuring.” She heard Mr. Inu say. “Abu will have first honors since his dart was so accurate.”

Denise saw the giant, Abu come before her long, white legs. She was in shock at the size of his horse cock. She had never seen a cock so large. “No. Please. I can’t take that. Stop. Stop. No. She cried and begged. You’ll hurt me. He is too big.” Abu slammed into her wet clit. He was unmerciful as the reared back and thrust repeatedly into Denise’s love channel.

“Oh. Oh, god. No. No. Ummm…..oh. Oh. Please. Please. You’re hurting me.” She moaned. Her body began to betray her as her white hips wrapped around his thick Black body. She writhed and undulated as he drove deeper and deeper into her. She wrapped her white arms around his back pulling him into her.

Others gathered. Mr. Ibu, the dwarf and the rest of the hunting party. They were strong athletic, powerful Black men with huge cocks. Denise’s pink pussy lips were spread as they never had ever been. Cocks entered her mouth and she tasted their cum, swallowing as they powerd more and more into her. Each of them took her anus and all her holes were stretched to their maximum.

“Oh.” She moaned in pain. “Ahh. Uhhhh. Stop. Stop. I can’t. I can’t.” She cried, her head whipping from side to side. “No. No. Please.” But, they were more powerful.

Mr. Inu poured a liquid into her mouth. “This will encourage you.” He said as the liquid warmed her naked body. She could feel a raging fire in her pussy now.

“Please. No more.” Abu entered her again for a second time. “Please. Please.” The Afrodesiac began to work on her and her pleading began to change. “Don’t…don’t stop. I need it. I need you in me. I’m coming. I’m coming.” Denise’s white body exploded in the first of many orgasms. Her body betrayed her desires.

“Say master when you call to us.” Mr. Inu ordered. He loved her whiteness and the wetness. Her firm but soft buttocks rose in to meet each of their thrusts as they took turns penetrating her. She was the first white woman with a soft black pelt to become their captive. He thought of her movements and her public hair as those of a panther. She would be shaved and her hair woven into a trophy. Then, she would be tattooed over her cunt with the tribal insignia.

“Yes. Master Inu. I need you to fuck me. Fuck me good. I need your black cocks in my pussy.” She responded as they used her. “I will serve you masters. You are my masters. I am your white whore. Your property.”

“Tonight slut will experience many orgasms. We know you are capable. We have trained the others and their bodies need to have their sexual needs filled by Black men.”

Inu brought her to the doggy position and they thrust into her mouth and anus. Denise begged them for more. And, they pleasured her throughout the night along with the other women, Ashley, Terri and Crystal. They fucked her senseless until she fainted. Denise became their property and entered their world as a white sex slave to be whipped and trained. When she awakened late the next day, she wore a collar like the others. Her pussy was sore from the many cocks that had entered her. She had a tattoo over her shaved pussy as Master Inu had ordered. She could only wait until she was impregnated with their seed. Something, she looked forward to and wanted.



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The Counselor

Heather entered the small office and slumped into the chair across from the desk. Behind the desk, Stephanie Seymour perused her file in silence. Stephanie was the school’s counselor and frowned as she looked at Heather. She was also perplexed because up until a few months ago, Heather was one of the most well-behaved students. She was from a wealthy family and the school was increasingly concerned that she was spending too much time around the black athletes.

She was a beautiful girl but her appearance had become a little too sensuous for the upper class, suburban school. Stephanie wanted to discuss her behavior. “So, tell me what you’ve been doing these past few months”, she queried. “Nothing, Ms. Seymour. Just into a lot of activities and school work.” “Your school work has appeared to fall off a bit recently. Can you tell me why?” “Just not that interesting.”

Stephanie, only 26, was blessed with a shapely figure, long brunette hair and slender legs. Her eyes were a sultry brown against her perfect white skin. She looked over Heather. The girl was almost 17 but they didn’t appear to be nine years apart in age. Stephanie was youthful looking and the boys in the school often dreamt of her. She wanted to ask Heather what she was doing hanging out with Ahmad and the rest of the basketball team. They were black and only in the school because of their athletic ability.

Heather cut to the chase. “What you really want to know is why I am hanging out with Ahmad and the basketball team. Well, I’m a cheerleader and I began to realize how difficult it must be for them out here in this school. So, I wanted to welcome them and help them get used to things.”

She told Heather that something was affecting her behavior and her grades. The school was very concerned because this might affect her ability to get into college.

Heather responded that she wasn’t too concerned and that she’d try to improve. Following the session, Stephanie decided that a session with Ahmad and his guardian was needed. She called his uncle, Mr. Inu, and set up an appointment.

A few days later, both Ahmad and Mr. Inu arrived at her office. The session was relatively short. They discussed the concern that the school had about Ahmad hanging out with Heather. She told them that being friends was fine with the school but they were concerned because Heather’s grades were falling …probably because of too many activities. The friendship was okay but it also seemed to be affecting Ahmad’s grades as well.

Mr. Inu apologized profusely as he smiled and looked over Stephanie with admiration. Ahmad had been correct. She was a fine piece of white flesh and he would love to teach this racist bitch a few lesmisters. He imagined her naked on her knees sucking his huge cock. And, then he thought how she should be added to the growing collection of white slaves that served his men and him. He thought of an idea.

“I’m a little short of time with the work at the gallery. Perhaps, we could discuss this in more depth and come up with a plan for Ahmad. I think he needs a counselor. Why don’t you come out to our estate Friday after school as I may have more time to deal with the issue.”

At first she was reluctant because it meant working late before spring break. She was planning to go out of town the next day for two weeks. But Mr. Inu said that this might be their only chance because he also was leaving on a trip for several weeks. But she agreed finally and said she’d see them the following evening. Mr. Inu and Ahmad left smiling.

After school ended, Stephanie drove out to the estate following Mr. Inu’s directions. It took her several hours to get there and she found that it was quite distant and remote from the city. She dreaded the drive and thought she’d try to make the meeting short so she could get back to town and prepare for her vacation. It was unfortunate that there wasn’t a more convenient time but she felt pressed to come up with a solution to get Heather back on track. She drove through the gated walls and up the long winding drive until she saw the large house and compound.

She was met by a small black dwarf who escorted her into the house. There, Mr. Inu and Ahmad sat waiting and had her take a seat between them. “I want to welcome you, Ms. Seymour. I think we should get down to business”, Mr. Inu began. “I’d appreciate that as I’d like to get back to town”, she responded. “You came to ensure that Heather and Ahmad don’t have a relationship. Isn’t that it?” “Well, the school is concerned about their futures.” “You actually mean that the school and you are worried about the effect of a upper class white girl running around with a black boy, don’t you.”

Stephanie stammered in denial and tried to reiterate that the school was really concerned about the youngsters. She was operating in their best interests. “I think you and the school you represent are racists.” Mr. Inu pretended to be angry. Heather denied this and got up to leave. “You can’t leave Ms. Seymour until we finish with you.” he said.

Stephanie made for the door, visibly upset by the attack. She hadn’t gotten twenty feet when she felt small sharp points penetrate the back of her blouse and imbed in her skin. This was followed by a second set of points and jolt of electricity that knocked her ***. Everything suddenly went dark and she slumped to the carpet.

When she awoke, she was in the middle of the room. Her wrists were tied together and she hung from a small beam. Her legs were spread apart and ankles tied to two posts. A ball gag had been powerd into her mouth so she couldn’t scream. She could tell that most of her clothes had been removed though she was blindfolded. Her arms ached and she realized she’d been hanging there for some time. Suddenly two large hands began to fondle her.

The man was standing behind her and his large, rough hands caressed her breasts, hips and probing her soft thighs. He said little except to whisper, “Welcome, Ms. Seymour. We have plans for you. I’m sure you will accommodate us and eventually come to enjoy your pleasuring. By the way, we wanted to try this new technology…a taser. Thank you for allowing us to demonstrate it. Your society has made some useful inventions.”

He continued for a several minutes and Stephanie winced each time he kissed her on the back or worked his way toward her pussy. He was taunting her captivity…drawing out her predicament. She cried and wanted to scream for help but the ball gag prevented her. She felt his hands remove her bra and her now bare tits being squeezed mercilessly. It was evident that he enjoyed and marveled at her firm breasts with their pink nipples. With the same alacrity, he ripped her panties from her. And now his thick fingers entered her sweet pussy, spreading her lips. She writhed helplessly in his power as he asked, “Are you enjoying it Ms. Seymour? I own you now. I own your cunt.”

His mouth traveled her luscious white body and the unknown, but familiar, man probed her dark wet pussy lips with his deep tongue. She felt the wetness in her love channel responding to him but she could only nod as the heat between her legs rose. She felt the blindfold being removed. When she looked she saw that Heather stood before her. The girl was nearly naked except for the small string bikini made of zebra skin and a collar. She also saw that she had tattoos.

She also noticed that Mr. Inu stood behind Heather, smiling. “You see, Ms. Seymour,” he began. “Heather is my property. My slave. Not Ahmads though we share her occasionally. Isn’t that right, Heather?” “Yes, Master.” she responded. “I love you and your black cock and will serve you.” “Good, my slave. Get on you knees and show, Ms. Seymour.”

Heather did as she was instructed and began sucking Inu’s huge cock. Then, he placed her on her back and began fucking her. Heather lovely white legs wrapped around him and she moaned as he thrust into her repeatedly until she came.

“Did you enjoy the show, Ms. Seymour. It’s your turn next. But, first I think you need a little disciplining. He nodded to the man who stood behind her. Suddenly, she felt the whip across her naked white ass and she screamed as the pain ripped through her body. He continued to beat her mercilessly in silence until he could see that she was defeated. He untied her and Stephanie slumped to the floor at his feet.

“I have given you to Ahmad and the black men at your school who you despise. Heather is my property to do with as I please. You will be Amand’s property and learn to serve him.” Stephanie looked up and saw that she was surrounded by ten or eleven naked black men. Their huge black cocks were rock hard and ready to take her. They chained her hands behind her before drawing her to her knees. Amhad stood in front of her placing the huge head of his cock at her mouth. “Suck and lick, my counselor. Learn to pleasure your master.”

Stephanie took his wet dick in her mouth as he grabbed her by her hair and powerfully drew her forward driving it deep into her. He repeated this over an over again until his slimy sperm drizzled from her mouth. Another boy from the team traded places and Amhad moved behind her and rammed his cock deep into her wet pussy.

“No, no. Please. You’re hurting me. You have no right. Please. Ummum. Ohhh.” she squealed before begging them. “Fuck me. Please fuck me. No. I can’t. I’m your counselor. You’ll get me pregnant.” Then, recanting as the pleasure and pain rose in her as never before. “ Fuck me. I want your sperm in me. I want your black babies. Please don’t stop.”

This continued as the others jumped in placing her in different positions. They loudly taunted her calling her a white whore and bitch counselor. Her legs were spread apart and they took turns entering her anus and coming in her mouth. She would beg them to stop but even as she did her body begged them for more. She ****** after many hours but not before saying, “I’m your whore. Your white slave.”

When she awoke, she lay naked on the floor. She wore a collar with a leash. He had removed her the restraints around her ankles and wrists. As she looked up she saw that Ahmad held the other end of the leash. She crawled and followed him as he led her to a bedroom where he motioned that she should get on it. Noticing her reluctance, he whipped her with a riding crop that he held in his other hand. Stephanie climb on the bed obediently. He began kissing her and to her surprise she responded. “Master Ahmad.” she whispered unbelievably to herself. “Master. I will serve you.”

She began kissing his powerful young body. First his chest, then down and down until she reached his hard, extended black cock. She began licking and sucking enthusiastically. He placed her in several positions and fucked her mercilessly and untiringly. She raised her white hips and wrapping her long legs around his powerful black body to draw him deeper. Her sexual hunger aroused she couldn’t get enough of him. “Ahmad, my master.” she would say quitely.

Through the next two weeks, she served all of them but she slept with Ahmad who controlled her. When the weeks ended, Ahmad brought her before Inu where she knelt. Stephanie was tattooed with his and the tribes signs. Heather wore a collar and knelt before Inu who held the end of her lease. She saw that the one on the small of her back was like Heathers but the one over her pussy was different. She learned that that one indicated that her primary Master was Ahmad while Heather was a primary slave of Inu.

“You will return to your counselor position at the school. You will give good progress reports on Heather and Ahmad. And, you must always obey him. He owns you now. When he wants you to pleasure him or provide for any of these young men, you will not resist. If I hear this, you will be severely punished. Do you understand?” Humred, Stephanie agreed.

She returned to school. When Ahmad wanted a counseling session, she complied. During the counseling sessions, she learned to serve him and pleasure him even more as his white slave. She looked forward to weekends where she went to the estate for more lesmisters in love making. When summer arrived, she resigned from the school and moved to the estate as a permanent counselor to Ahmad and the young black men from the school.



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Daryl walked over to her and held his cock before her mouth. It was a little over twelve inches in length and it's girth was even bigger then Jacks. "Now that's a cock," she said in awe of it, "It's so big and beautiful."

Black is beautiful, Bitch," he said, powering it past her lips. "Now quit gawkin' and start suckin'.

Julie went to work on his cock. If Jack hadn't aready stretched out her jaw there would have been no way she could have taken this black monster. She loved Daryl's cock more then anything else in the world. She didn't deserve to suck off something so perfect, but she resolved to try her darndest.

Julie had licked and sucked his magnificent black rod for over half an hour when she was interupted by Jack trying to remove her bikini bottoms. She reluctantly paused worshipping Daryl's cock and looked back at Jack. She was surprised that he had stripped naked for some reamister, and then amazed to see that his cock was fuly erect again. "No Jack," she said. "Leave my panties on, I can't make love to another man."

Jack watched her return her attention to Daryl's cock. It was swelling up larger and Jack knew his buddy was close to cumming. He looked down at the thong disappearing into her perfect ass. If she thought a thin piece of cloth was going to protect her chasity, she had another think coming. "I think you like showing off your body to men," said Jack, hooking his finger into her thong. "That's why you didn't make the tme to put your robe on." She was trying to shake her head no, but Daryl had grabbed the sides of her head and was fucking her mouth as he approached orgasm. Jack was impressed to see that she had managed to take Daryl's entire foot long dong in her throat. Jack pulled the thong aside and looked at her pussy. It was lubricated and ready. She had a big clit and it was already engorged. Her labia was spread open and spasming. Jack had never seen a woman more ready to get fucked.

He positioned the head of his cock just outside the entrance to her wet pussy. She was still struggling and he said, "Don't worry Julie, I'm not going to make love to you." She seemed to relax a bit and he pushed the head into her. "I'm going to fuck you."

Julie felt him penetrate her and struggled even harder to escape Daryl's grasp on her head. He gave a mighty bellow and she felt the giant black cock in her throat erupt as he came. He deposited a huge load directly into her belly.

Jack had pushed about five inches inside her. "You ready for that extra inch you been craving bitch. Well here it is."

Daryl slid his, still exploding cock out of her throat. His sperm filled her mouth and then he was out, spraying her face just as Jack thrust forward and she was cumming for the first time. As she received her second baptism of sperm, Julie was born again. She wondered how she had managed to live without having an orgasm. She planted loving kisses all over Daryl's shrinking cock.

Daryl stepped away from her. He looked down at Jack holding her thong asside as he fucked her with about seven inches of his cock. Daryl decided to help his buddy and reached down , hooked his fingers into her bikini, and ripped it off. He sat down and watched Jack loosening her up for him.

"Do you like being fucked by a real man's cock," Jack said as he pushed eight inches in.

Julie tried to answer him, but another orgasm racked her body with pleasure. She did like being fucked and she especially liked being fucked from behind, while on her knees. She came again when he worked nine inches inside. There was a little pain as he pushed his entire ten inch cock into her, but she screamed out, "Yes I love your cock. Fuck me hard with your big cock."

Jack started slamming his entire length in and out of her. He had never seen a woman look so happy as Julie did looking over her shoulder at his grunting body. She had several more orgasm while he fucked her and he felt the sperm churning in his balls until his seed was rushing up his cock and exploding from the tip deep inside her pussy. She had her biggest orgasm so far, as he sprayed her insides with sperm, and his cock plopped out of her as she collapsed forward onto her belly. Jack struggled over towards the couch and collapsed next to Daryl.

Daryl had been tugging on his black rod, while they were fucking on the floor before him. It was fully erect again and he stood up and walked over to the comatose girl.

Daryl rolled her over and spread her legs. He kneeled between her spread legs and looked at the sperm pouring out of her gaping wide pussy. He threw her legs over his arms and lifted her up until his cock was pointed at her pussy. He decided to take advantage of her comatose state and shoved forward, watchng about 8 inches disappear into her until he hit resistence. His powerful thrust displaced a lot of Jack's sperm and it sprayed out over her thighs. She grunted in her relax as he slammed a little more into her.

She awoke screaming at ten inches. Tears were rolling down her eyes, but he mercilously continued to work more of his cock into her, until it was buried to the hilt.

He held it in and waited for her to get used to his size. He felt sorry for her in a way. Men like he and Jack were rare and she would only be satisfied by a big cock from now on. Her pussy was permanately stretched out by now and she probably wouldn't ever be able to feel her husband inside her again. Daryl didn't feel guilty though, he had a bullies typical dislike for those smaller and weaker then themselves, and he hated her husband with a passion. She also had the hottest, wettest pussy he had ever fucked and he knew he'd come back for more once in a while.

Julie had ceased crying and she was huffing and puffing like a woman giving birth. He could also feel her pussy muscles relaxing and she was starting to moan in between her deep breaths. Daryl began fucking her slowly while keeping about half his cock inside her. She closed her eyes and shuddered in orgasm. When she opened them, she stared at Daryl with a look filled with such love and adoration, that it unnerved him a little.

Daryl began fucking her hard with his entire cock. She just continued to stare in awe at him and every now and then she'd scream and cum. He saw that Jack was ready to go again and Daryl leaned forward and rolled over so that Julie was riding his cock.

Jack walked over and kneeled behind her ass, looking at the cute little rosebud of her rectum. He watched her open her eyes in shock as Daryl worked a big black finger into her ass. Julie seemed to hesitate and then she was pushing her ass back into his finger trying to get more.

Julie moaned feeling Daryl move his finger around in her ass. For some reamister Daryl pulled his cock out of her pussy, but quickly slammed about ten inches back in. She realized that Daryl's cock was actually sliding up and down her belly. Confused, she looked over her shoulder and saw that Jack was fucking her again. She didn't think that it was possible for a man to get an erection more then once a week, let alone three times in one day.

Jack thought his cock was well lubricated and he pulled it out, watching Daryl quickly slide his back in. Daryl removed his finger from Julie's ass and Jack immediately laid the head of his cock up against it. Daryl was holding her cheeks spread wide for him and Jack pushed down, watching his cock head disappear in her bung hole.

Julie was in the throws of another orgasm and didn't realize wat was happening until too late. "Oooo, oooo, oooo, ooow," her moans of pleasure changed to screams of pain. "Ow, ow, ahh." She briefly ****** again, whether from the pleasure or pain, she couldn't remember.

Jack noticed her go limp and took advantage of it. He slowly pushed his cock in. Once the thick part under the head had stretched her out as it slid inside, it got easier. He tried several times, but couldn't get more then eght inches in her.

Julie awoke to a fading pain in her rectum. It felt like her crotch was being splt in two, but her body was changing to accomodate the invaders. Daryl had never quit fucking her while she was ******, and when she gave a soft moan, he picked up his pace, fucking her hard. Jack started working the big cock in her ass. It felt like thier cocks were rubbing against each other, fighting for room in her crotch. They tried different rhythms, each of them feeling wonderful to her. They alternated thrusts for a while, then switched to slamming thier cocks into her, together. She came constantly.

She wanted to scream out her love to the two men. She wanted to tell them that she loved both thier cocks. She wanted to tell them that her body was thiers whenever they wanted it, but the only words she could get out were grunts and moans.

After what seemed an eternity, thier cocks started pushing against each other, and she felt Daryl's massive cock hosing his sperm deep in her pussy. Jack's exploded too, before Daryl's had even finished, and she felt his sperm filling up her ass hole. A series of orgasm's hit Julie like a series of firecrackers and she screamed out her joy too the world.

When they had finished cumming, Jack pulled out and Daryl roughly pushed her over onto the floor, where she lay spread-eagled in a state of shock.

"Please don't leave yet," she begged after she had recovered.

"Sorry Julie," said Jack. "We're real late getting the video back to work as it is. He grabbed the correct video out of the pile.

"But, you haven't fucked my ass yet," she pleaded looking at Daryl.

"It can't be done," he said. "I've tried many times, and no woman has been able to take it."

"I'd like to try," she said, still kneeling before him.

"Maybe next time," he said.

An absolute expression of joy rolled over her face, when he said there would be a next time. She saw that they were leaving and begged, "please, at least kiss me before you go."

Daryll and Jack both wrinkled up thier noses and left laughing.

Dejected, Julie walked over to the mirror, and didn't recognize the image staring back at her. Her face was caked with thier sperm and it matted her hair in places. She gasped in shock at the slut reflected back at her.

Julie couldn't resist looking, and she felt Jack's sperm squirting out of her ass as she ran up the stairs. She grabbed a hand mirror and held it between her legs. More sperm covered her ass, thighs, and pussy, but the thing that horrified her the most were the two gaping holes between her legs. Hr labia was spread and her pussy was now a hole about the size of a half dollar. It appeared permanantly stretched out. She watched her rectum slowly closing up until it stopped at about a quarters diameter. How would she explain this to George? How could she live from now on without big cocks?


George called her that night. He seemed very excited.

"Hi George. How's Kansas?" she asked, trying to make small talk.

"Try how's Texas, dear," he replied.

"What do you mean?"

"You are talking to the new Vice President. Those two jerks were so late getting to the office, that the client got pissed off and flew back to Texas. I hopped on a plane and flew to meet him on my own initative. I convinced him to sign with us and saved the day. Those two losers are now unemployed."

"That's great dear," she replied, feeling sorry for Jack and Daryl, but realizing that they now had thier days free until they found another job.

They made small talk for a little while, discussing all the things they could do with the extra money, before saying thier goodbyes and hanging up the phone.


George felt a little guilty after hanging up, but mostly he was satisfied with himself. Knowing Jack and Daryl's nature, it hadn't been hard to trick them into fucking his wife. If the rumors about thier penises were true, he knew things would never go back to normal. Losing his wife was nothing compared to a $130,000 yearly salary, and he didn't like sex all that much anyway. Besides, if he ever got the urge, and provided they hadn't moved up to the bedroom, he could masturbate to the video from the camera he had hidden in the living room. It would also keep his wife in line. Reverand Andermister wouldn't want to see what a slut his flower had become, would he? George could also use his beautiful wife as incentive for certain, reluctant clients. Yes, all in all, a very profitable day, he thought climbing into his motel room bed.

His mind was already focusing on becoming Chief Executive Officer, as he drifted off to relax.


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The Stud Next Door

It wasn't a fire really--more like a Fourth of July sparkler, said one of the firemen. But the fried electrical circuits in the basement gave everyone in the office an early start on the weekend.

It had been years since I'd left work before 5--or 6 or 7 lately. Zipping home through the non-rush hour traffic, I had an idea how I might use this unexpected vacation. Or, rather, how Laura and I might.

Sleek and striking, Laura never fails to turn men's heads wherever we go. Early in my virginal college life, I'd fallen for the way her deep blue eyes absorbed me. She was just as inexperienced and we remained that way until we married. But the post-wedding sexual transformation I expected never happened--not on our honeymoon, not after.

Laura simply never showed much interest in sex. She was loving, definitely, and a compliant, if not assertive, partner. And, rarely, I'd see hints of passion within her. Twice I rented porn videos, and those led to a memorable nights of passion. But all my future rentals were invariably postponed by headaches or early meetings the next day or some other development. Laura was not lusty. After ten years, I'd learned to live with our once or twice a month coupling as the norm.

But that was before. Now I had no idea what the norm was. I didn't care, either. In the past few weeks, Laura had--well, turned on. I felt like she was always teasing me, even dressing to entice me. In the past, she'd weeded the garden in sweat pants and an oversized T-shirt; now she was wearing short shorts and a crop top. Last Saturday she kept me on the edge of an erection all day by cleaning the house in just panties and one of my tank tops. She'd even left her bra in the dresser--another norm broken.

Driving home I wondered what I'd find her wearing, and if she'd indulge my ideas for spending these newfound July afternoon hours before the party we had scheduled to attend. Our love-making during the past month was up to once or twice a week now, and Laura was definitely more interested. Maybe, I fantasized, today I could even find a way to bring her to orgasm. That event always eluded us. "I guess I'm just not built that way," she'd say with a shrug. Unconsciously, I massaged the insistent rising in my pants as I drove and considered the possibilities.

My cock was still dancing in my pants as I shut off the car in the driveway. I entered the house quietly, hoping to surprise Laura with both my early arrival and excited condition. I hadn't even closed the door when a groaned echoed through the back hallway, suggesting Laura's condition was way ahead of mine. It was her moan--no doubt about it--low and throaty and lost it itself.

She's masturbating! The thought electrified me. Laura claimed to have never indulged in self-pleasure. She had even seemed offended when I once suggested that her doing so might help our sex life. "Do it if you want," she'd said, "but we don't need that."

The norms had clearly changed.

I had no idea just how much

I crept down the hall, hoping to catch a glimpse of Laura's hands buried between her legs. Almost to the bedroom I heard another moan. The tone was lower, though. Much lower. Masculine.

Then, "Oh yeah, Laura. Grab my cock with your pussy."

I inched my head just beyond the doorjamb. Laura lay on the bed. Moving between her legs was not her hands, but a man. I recognized him only as young and muscular. My eyes were riveted on Laura. On her legs wrapped tightly around the man's thighs. On her feet locked behind him. On the grip that propelled his body into hers every time she thrust upward. On her thrusting. Again and again, as if her body knew no other movement. With each thrust, their flesh slapped together. The sound rang in my ears.

And all the while her arms clasped over his back, holding him as if trying to meld this man's body into her own.

Not even my wildest fantasy pictured Laura capable of such a fucking. Surely nothing in our ten years of love-making had hinted at such strength or desire. Then again, the rawest porn flick I'd ever seen didn't come close to the frenzy playing out on my bed.

I dropped against the doorway, feeling suddenly weak but unable to turn away from the rutting bodies before me. The sounds of their slapping flesh and the rising pitch of Laura's near-constant moaning enveloped me like a fog. I craned my neck to see Laura's face, to witness the burning that surely flared in her eyes, but the god-like body of her lover blocked my view. Every point of his body showed muscles; not the overworked bundles that the bodybuilders flexed at the gym. But lean, sinewy fibers. Muscles tuned to run and leap. I watched his perfect body grind into hers, his taut ass flexing as it rose and fell, his round, thinly-haired balls dancing between their legs, his rippled arms holding his weight over her, then caressing her sides.

And, always, the punishing slapping of skin against skin.

"Don't stop ... almost there ..."

"I'm with ya, baby." Their voices startled me. Laura's was thick and ragged, not at all the clear bell I knew--in bed or out. The man's voice gave no clue to his identity, although it felt familiar.

"God I love the way you fuck. I can't believe your old man ever leaves you alone."

Laura grunted against the man's thrust. "Not his fault. If Tom had what you had, I wouldn't let him leave ... oh yeah, right there.... He just doesn't have what he needs to fuck me like..." Her words disappeared another groan, which rose steadily in volume.

Her words burned in my gut. I think I'm handsome. I keep in shape. But I've always known I wasn't...well, I wasn't hung like some of the men I see in the locker room. Laura always said that didn't matter; the old "it's how you use it" line. I'd believed her because I needed to. But I also knew Laura had no basis for comparimister.

Now there was no doubt how I compared. Even from my limited vantage point, I could tell Laura's lover possessed an impressive tool. Its thickness stretched her unchallenged vagina and just the shaft he exposed each time he pulled back was far longer than mine. "Oh Josh, fill me with that god-damn cock," she begged.

Josh? Who was this man whose cock had won my wife? No delivery truck sat in the driveway, no mail Jeep empty at the curb. This was obviously no ****, but who could be audacious enough to fuck my wife in my own bed. Who was he that he could inspire this passion from her?

Laura's moans climbed higher. "Please, Josh ...oh, god... make me come again."

Again? Before that idea could sink it, Laura's moans rose into a crashing wail. Her cry broke from her bed and swept away over me like a thousand wasps--each sting piercing my heart. I watched her body stiffen, her hips stab into her lover, her legs clench around his. Then he joined her wail with a tough, hard chant of "yes ... yes ... yes" marking each shot into her womb.

I hadn't so much as brushed my own cock, yet a powerful spasm swept through me. I couldn't stifle the groan, and I staggered, falling heavily against the wall behind me. Heat washed over my groin in waves. I looked down to see the spreading stain on my pants and then back to the couple climaxing in my bed.

Laura's head rose slightly over her lover's shoulder, and I knew she'd heard me. Gathering what energy I could, I fled down the hall. I thought of the car, of driving as far away as I could, but my legs collapsed when I reached the living room. I fell into the sofa.

"Oh god!" Laura's cry rolled down the hallway, just as her moans had. More sounds followed, bodies and bed clothing shifting, reassuring murmurings, footsteps and even, I was sure, of kissing. "It'll be okay," I heard the man whisper. The man named Josh.

Now I remembered. Josh, who lived next door.

Actually, Josh's parents lived next door. Josh lived at school. We met him at the Branwards' house-warming party; I hadn't seen him again until several weeks ago. Apparently home from whatever college he attended, I'd seen him sunning himself by his parents' pool. I'd commented on it to Laura--something about the wasted weekends of youth. She told me he was there most everyday.

The fact that she'd noticed him didn't surprise me. Josh was not a modest sun worshipper. Fanned out over a chaise lounge angled to face the sun that rose and fell over our house, wearing just a tight racing suit--Josh's lean, strong body gleamed beneath a coat of tanning oil. Laura told me she remembered hearing something about him being a swimmer at school, and he looked it. Last weekend he'd worn an even briefer suit, one that all but disappeared on the side and barely covered his crotch. I wondered at the time if the boy knew we could see into the pool enclosure from our house. Sitting on the curve of a cul-de-sac, our back yards are largely private. But we could still see into the Branwards' yard from parts of the back yard and from the corner window in our bedroom.

The room where he'd been fucking my wife.

The footsteps moved down the hall until Josh stood in the foyer. He wore cut- offs--just very short cut-offs--and I imagined I could see the tip of his cock just behind the frayed edge. He looked at me, not speaking, but also not seeming distressed. Suddenly self-conscious, I pulled my arm over my lap.

"Didn't mean to hurt you, dude." His voice rang in the quiet house, deep and a bit hoarse. Then I saw it, just a bit of smirk fighting to break out at the edge of his lips. "You weren't even supposed to know. Fuck, if you hadn't come him early...." He held my gaze for another moment and then let himself out.

I sat on the sofa, wondering what to do next. I felt strong enough to get out the door now. But the stain on my suit pants didn't make checking into a motel a less- humiliating option than staying where I was. I saw myself marching down the hall and demanding to know what the hell Laura thought she was doing. That idea played well in my mind, but I'd never been able to confront Laura about anything. The thought simply scared me--but not as much as my next thought, which was that Laura was about to leave me.

When I looked up, Laura stood at the edge of the room. She had slipped on the red silk robe I given her on our last anniversary, but she hadn't tied it tightly. My eyes wandered down the opening, from the swelling of her breasts, to the flat stomach I loved to run my fingers over, to the wispy cloud of hair that hid her sex. The hair was flattened now, and perhaps matted. Even against the lusty scarlet of the robe, Laura's skin appeared flushed. Her black hair hung in sweaty strands. Her lips were puffy from overwork.


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"Oh god," I whispered and buried my head in my hands.

I felt Laura's fingers trail though my hair. I opened my eyes to find her kneeling before me. "I...." She pressed her lips to mine, and I returned the kiss, suddenly grateful. I had no clue what I intended to say.

She kissed me hungrily, her lips and tongue working against my own. It may have been the most passionate kiss of our marriage. When she moved her lips from mine, tears welled in my eyes. And my cock stirred.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I know." Her words were as wet and full as her kiss. "And I love you."

Another shiver ran through me. "Then, how..."

"Shssh," she breathed, her lips moving closer to my ears. "I just did."

We kissed again. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, and I surrendered to it. Then she laid her hand on my knee and started to slide it upward.

"No!" I tried to push her hand away, but I was too slow. Her fingers found the wet and sticky wool and caressed my cock through it. She ignored my shame, and so did my cock. It grew beneath her stroking.

"How long were you watching?"

"A while."

I turned my head to meet her gaze. I swam in the blue pools of her eyes as she studied me, stroking me through my wet pants.

"What did you hear?"

"I heard you moan."

"I'm sure. What else?"

"I heard you come with him."

"Yes, I did come, didn't I." She chuckled quietly. "I guess I am built that way." Her fingers gripped my cock a bit tighter, stroking its length purposefully. "What else?"

"What you said about me....''

"Tell me."

"Please..." I whimpered.

"Say it."

"That...That I could never fuck you like he did."

As I said the word "fuck," Laura grabbed my cock harder than it's ever been touched and stroked it, just once, from the base to the tip. A new shock wave roared through me. Whatever come hadn't poured into my pants the first time gushed out now. I fell back into the sofa, shaking, feeling my rib cage close around my lungs. Gentler, but still insistent, Laura's fingers milked the sperm into my pants until I had nothing left to pour out.

When I was calmer, Laura brushed her hand across my cheek, marking me with my own wetness. "What Josh does for me is what Josh does for me. I don't expect it from you. But that doesn't mean I don't love you. I do. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Laura...I mean no...I mean....Laura, I don't know what to think."

"You'll understand. I promise."


"Shssh." Her fingers touched my nose and brushed over my lips. I caught my own scent, and tasted it. Laura kissed me again. "Would you do something for me?" she murmured.


Laura stood and shrugged the robe from her shoulders. The blush of excitement clung to her flesh. She stepped closer and took my head between her hands. Her right foot settled on the cushion beside me and her body leaned in until her wispy curls tickled my nose. "Lick me."

It was a request, but I could no more refuse her than I could cry out as I witnessed her adultery. My tongue reached out, cautiously, until it slipped along the swollen red labia. Laura's fingers tightened in my hair.

"Lick my wet cunt," she breathed, "then I'll teach you how to play with my clit."

My tongue dabbed at Josh's thick cum, which coated the flesh around her entrance. The taste was heavy, but not unpleasant as I expected. Laura moaned her encouragement, and I begin lapping at her like an overheated dog. Laura flexed her hips against my face, unleashing a fresh river of her lover's cum. It settled on my tongue and I drank it greedily.

Laura tightened her hold on me and steered my mouth up her enflamed lips until I reached her magic spot. I followed her directions willingly.

"Up a bit....that's it. Move your tongue in big circles...yes, like that.... Now smaller...not so fast, dammit ... just a little...yes, that's harder...uh-huh....there...flick your tongue, right there...yes..."

Her hands locked my head against her pelvis, crushing my face as her hips thrust in spasms of delight. Laura's cry filled this room just as it had the bedroom when she orgasmed beneath Josh's thrusting cock. Though my face was still wet with her lover's juice, I felt a rush of pride in what my tongue had accomplished.

I nuzzled my face against her leg, massaging her thighs as her excitement drained. After a bit, she stepped back, standing naked and beautiful before me. She held the pose, allowing me to ravish her with my eyes. I knew the norms of our house had changed for good.

We dressed for the party in near silence, but I understood clearly the messages Laura sent out as she prepared herself. Her dress was sleeveless and backless and impossible to wear with a bra. "I bought it for tonight," she teased. On her legs she unrolled silk stockings, fastening them to the garter belt she'd pulled long ago from a Christmas stocking and promptly tucked in a drawer. Then, she smoothed down her dress, making sure I noted that she was not wearing panties.

"Ready," she announced, stepping into the matching heels. "Are you?"

"For almost anything," I answered, wondering just how much she'd test that reply.


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I watched her closely at the otherwise dull party. Everyone else saw the same old Laura. More provocatively dressed, perhaps, and definitely pleasing to gaze upon. But she was Laura. Only I knew that beneath her dress was a uncovered pussy that I'd licked clean of her lover's sperm. Each time I saw her talking to a man, my mind reran the image of her kissing Josh's face. Each time she hugged an old friend, I saw her arms and legs wrapped around his hard naked body. And each time Laura caught my eye, she smiled as if she knew what pictures I was seeing.

By the time we fell into bed, I was starved for her. "Three in one day?" she chuckled, as she slipped my cock to slip into her inviting canal. Although aroused, she was not the moaning dynamo I'd watched from the hallway. I knew all to well why; still, I pushed each stroke into her as deeply as I could.

Laura helped me, moving against my body in ways she never had before, even as she subtly mocked my efforts. "That's right babe," she purred, "let my pussy swallow you. Slide your hard cock around inside me. Lose yourself in my pussy. Don't worry about me...just give me what you have."

As I climbed closer to my peak, Laura rolled us over and raised herself almost to a sitting position atop my cock. "How about this?" she said, and closed her eyes in concentration. Instantly her muscles flexed around my cock, tugging on it as if to milk the orgasm from me. I moaned my approval as I edged closer and closer to the brink. Without interrupting her rhythm, Laura leaned forward until her mouth lay against my ear. "Josh taught me this," she whispered. Her hot breath whipped down my spine and detonated my orgasm. I thought this one would never end. Laura laughed deep in her throat, settling onto my chest even as I humped madly against her. Her hand stroked my side as the climax drained from me and we both drifted to relax. My last conscious feeling was of my cum dripping out of her and down my thighs. In the morning, I was covered in my own dried juice.

I tried a dozen times at breakfast to discuss the previous day's events, but each time I stumred over my own scramred emotions. Laura would simply smile at my fumblings, then go back to reading. Finally, I gave up.

Laura soon began her ritual Saturday house-cleaning, wearing her most provocative outfit yet. The tank top was back, but she'd cut it off just below the swelling of her breasts. No matter what movement Laura made, I could glimpse her breasts from the top, side or bottom. A bright yellow thong covered practically nothing below her waist. She laughed at my open-mouthed stare as she began clearing the table, and again when I suggested we postpone the cleaning routine.

I helped her for a couple of hours and then, desperate for any form of physical release, sought it behind the lawn mower. Instead, as I pushed the machine back and forth across the yard, I found myself gazing at Laura through our large windows, watching her bend and stretch as if dancing in some domestic strip bar. The sun beat down on me, and Laura's show magnified the heat. I tossed aside my drenched T-shirt. "Can't seem to keep myself dry," I thought, with barely a trace of sarcasm.

Pushing the mower into the backyard, I caught sight of Josh. He rested on his chaise throne again, his bronzed and glowing body clad in the briefest suit I'd ever seen. With each pass across the yard, my eyes jumped from Laura to Josh, from my nearly naked wife to her nearly naked lover and back again. How easy it must have been for this man to seduce the sensuous woman who danced inside! Lying there Josh was more than merely handsome; he appeared to me to be the essence of masculinity. "What a stud," I thought, jealously. The thought became almost a mantra: the stud in his stall...waiting. Waiting to pounce. To fuck. Waiting to fuck my wife.

The anger swelled, lapping at my thoughts until it engulfed my senses. A day after I'd found him on top of my wife, the anger finally showed, raw and bitter. Anger for seducing my wife, for taking her in my house, in my own bed. Anger for blaming their discovery on my unexpected arrival.

I shut off the mower and stormed across the yard. I had no plan, even as the gate of the decorative fence surrounding the pool clanged shut behind me. Josh turned his head at the sound, then repositioned his face to more fully catch the sun's rays.

" I need to talk to you, Josh"

"So I guessed." That damned smirk again.

I took a deep breath, desperate to keep a steady voice despite the pounding in my chest. "What happened...well, it happened. I don't know how you seduced Laura and I don't want to know. I simply--"

"Yes you do."


"You'd give your left nut to know."

"I said..."

Josh swung his legs around and sat up, smiling broadly. "You'd do anything to hear how I buried my cock in your wife's pussy while you have to go to relax beatin' off."

I hated his arrogance. I hated him almost as much as I hated the truth of his words. I sucked in air, fighting the vise grip strangling my lungs. My legs wobred beneath me as my anger boiled over.

"Just stay the hell away from her!"

Almost before the last word was out of my mouth, Josh leaped from his chair and hit me. Not a punch--nothing so violent. Josh needed only to flick his forearm into my chest to knock me into a chaise. Hard enough to silence me, but not enough to hurt. But standing at my feet, glaring down on me with fists clenched, he looked ready to deck me if I moved.

"You really had no clue, did you? I've been banging your wife for a month, and you had no fucking clue. She said you couldn't fuck, but I figured you were at least man enough to know she was getting it."

I stared at Josh, trying to comprehend his words. I saw his arms swing out, and I threw up my arms to protect my face. Instead of a punch, I felt his fingers grab the waistband of my jersey shorts and rip them apart. Then he did the same to my briefs. I lay before him, clothes shredded, my cock exposed..

"Shit, I've seen bigger 12 year olds. No wonder your wife came after my cock."

"Please don't do this to me..."

"Don't what?" Josh laughed, deep and loud. "Don't tell you how Laura came beggin for a real cock? Don't tell you how she spread her legs for it right there where you're laying? Don't tell you how she fucked me so hard my dick hurt the next morning? Fuck you, little man--that's all you want to know. You have to know. Even your cock knows it--I'll bet you're as hard now as you've been in your whole life."

It was, of course. I longed to stroke the ache, but I'd kept a shred of pride before my tormentor.

"And I'll tell ya too. You wanna know?"

I pulled myself up on my elbows, avoiding his stare. Could Laura have really begged for his cock?

"Well, little man?"

"Tell me," I whispered.


"I said, Tell me!"

"Shit...." Josh shook his head, as if scolding a small young. "Okay, dude, you asked for it. You were someplace, Chicago, I think she said, and Laura shows up at the fence asking if I could cut your grass. She says she doesn't want it getting all shaggy while you're gone. Hell, you'd cut it just a couple days before, but I says sure and push the mower around. I got nothin better to do and, fuck dude, your wife's hot, and I figure she must got somethin' on her mind. I'd seen her in the window every day, staring at me..."

As Josh talked, I sat up, not caring that I was naked and erect. I was desperate to hear this story.

"So I finish the yard, and then jump in the pool to cool off. Pretty soon Laura's standing at the edge with a big pitcher of lemonade. She's also wearing this incredible white bikini and says, all sweet and dewy, "You want some of this?"

"She pours me a glass, and then asks if she can take a dip. 'Sure,' I says, and in she goes. For one lap, and then she's comin' up the steps. You know the bikini I'm talking about, little man?"

Of course I did. I bought it when I took Laura to St. Martin's for our fifth anniversary. Then I cut the lining out of it, hoping to heat things up. It worked--Laura didn't speak to me the rest of the day. I only saw it that once, but I still remember how absolutely naked Laura looked when she came out of the ocean.

"Yeah, you remember. So she stands there at the end of the pool, turning and stretching and turning me into a fucking rock. Then she lays down on that chaise and asks me to oil her up. Her words, dude: "Oil me up."

The memory was getting to him, too; the outline of his cock pressed in his thin suit betrayed its swelling. Josh's hand reached down to shift his cock in the tight sling. His fingers lingered over the bulge. It dawned on me that Josh's little suit was actually a thong --a bright yellow one, just like the one Laura was wearing as she cleaned our house. My cock ached again.



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"She's damn near humping the chair as I start rubbing oil down her legs. Then she spreads her legs apart, so I run my fingers all the way up her leg until my hand bumps her pussy. And off she goes. Just like a fucking firecracker, man. Moaning and shivering like a goddamn virgin."

"No... No more..." I started to push myself off the lounger but Josh's hands came down hard on my shoulders.

"Shit, little man, you ain't heard what you want to hear most." His hands held me so my eyes stared straight into his barely hidden dick, its head pushing hard against the thong, a wet spot marking his excitement. "I gotta tell you what Laura said then.'' He dropped his hands, but didn't step back from the chair. His cock still filled my eyes.

"When she stops moaning, she looks back at me and says she wants to see my big cock. Says she's tired of looking at it through the window. She ever say that to you? 'I wanna see your cock.'

I shake my head, unable to look away from the obscene bulge before me.

"You wanna see my cock, too, don't ya, little man? You wanna see the cock that's been fucking your wife." His hand fondled the fat balls stuffed in the stretched nylon.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Go ahead, then. Pull down my suit, just like your slut wife did."

My shaking fingers slid against Josh's oily skin, barely able to grasp the waistband. Gently I stretched the elastic to clear his hard flesh, which stood straight up before my eyes. His hot, musky scent assaulted me as I studied the head of his cock--fat, like the rest of his manhood, and almost purple; a full drop of pre-cum rose at the slit.

Impulsively, I leaned forward and swiped at the flesh with my tongue. I felt the drop hang on my tongue before I sucked it in and swallowed.

Josh's hand grabbed the back of my head. "Laura couldn't wait to suck my dick either." His voice was hoarse and thick. "Go on--suck me like you know your wife sucked me before she begged me to fuck her."

My mouth collapsed around Josh's cock. I slid my tongue and lips along his hard, thick flesh even as his story beat into my brain "I'll bet you can still taste her juice on me. My cock almost drowned in her pussy. She came before I was halfway in, and then again when my balls slapped up against her ass."

I pressed my mouth further down on Josh's manhood, the head bumping against my throat. The gag reflex kicked in, so I eased up a bit, running my tongue along the shaft. Josh stumred over a word and gasped, as I pushed down on him again.

"She came four times in five minutes. I couldn't believe it. 'Course now I see why. I keep telling Laura my cock doesn't hold a candle to some guys I swim with, but I gotta be twice your size."

Josh's fingers tightened in my hair as his hips began to rock. My mouth became his hand as he jerked off to the memory of his conquest. I stroked my hands over his oily legs, pausing only to massage his pulsating ass.

"Oh, yeah, that feels good, little man. I can tell you like this."

I tried to make some reply, but my mouth was too full of his cock and my mind too full of his story. Why was I enjoying this? And how often had Laura done to this stud exactly what I was doing?

"We fucked all that afternoon. All night, too. In your bed. When she talked to you on the phone, she was sitting on my cock, squeezing it with her pussy while you yammered about some meeting."

Josh's words came out slower, and he even lost his thought completely when I ran my tongue through the groove beneath his cock head. When I felt his ass tighten beneath my hand, I braced myself to accept his juice. Instead, Josh abruptly pushed me off of him. His cock out popped out like a cork from a bottle.

"Gotta save it," he panted. Grabbing his towel, he wrapped it around his waist and ran out of the yard. He ran, of course, for my house.

As I watched him, my eyes looked up to the bedroom window. Laura stood in the frame, watching her stud yet again. Her left hand moved under her thong, while her right fondled her breasts. She held me in her gaze, but I could make out no expression, just her hands massaging away. Then something behind her caught her attention.

I watched as she turned away and molded herself into Josh's embrace, watched as his hands swept the scrap of shirt over her head and flicked the yellow strap from her ass. I grasped my rock-hard dick as I saw my wife's lover lift her off the ground, saw her legs curl around his body, saw her sex settle onto his cock. I pumped furiously, faster than she rose and fell on this young stud's fat cock. My explosion arrived quickly, too quickly, and I sprayed my seed across the concrete, over Josh's abandoned thong, down my legs.

Laura and Josh were no longer visible, but through the open window I heard their chorus of moans and squeals. Unsteadily, I stood and gathered my shredded clothes. I examined them for a moment, trying to figure a way to cover myself. Finally, I wadded them into a ball and walked naked across the yards. By this point, the thought of being seen by a neighbor didn't strike me as all that humiliating.

I walked straight to my bedroom, of course. There I found Laura kneeling over Josh's stomach, her lips stretched around his cock, just as my own had. I slumped against the bedroom wall, numb to everything but Laura's noisy sucking and Josh's encouragements.

Laura pulled her mouth away, smiling broadly at me. Her hand moved up to pump the slightly deflated rod. "I know how tough it is to resist this cock," she said, gently. "You must've been good, too, 'cause stud boy here blew his load in about a minute. But the itch I got watching you boys play still needs scratching!"

Her mouth returned to its duty. Josh groaned again as Laura ran her tongue from base to tip and then swallowed his whole length. Her lips and tongues attacked him relentlessly, repeatedly swabbing his cockhead and the sensitive underside. It took maybe a couple minutes for him to regain a full erection. Laura held his fat cock reverently and kissed it before lifting herself over it.

No matter how great her itch, Laura savored this moment, sliding slowly down Josh's pole. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she sighed heavily as its length eased inside her. As she settled onto his pelvis, she rocked forward until an involuntary grunt escaped her. "Tom," she said, opening her eyes to meet my fascinated stare, "can you see why I love it so? It feels so fucking good." Slowly, she began to raise and lower herself; Josh, for his part, lay back and groaned his appreciation.

I tore my eyes away from the point of their union to see my wife's body beaded with sweat, her face flushed and wet. Slowly she pushed her body up his shaft until only the tip of Josh's cock remained inside her before allowing herself to drop down against him. Each movement brought another gasp and another groan.

"I'm glad you caught us, Tom." Her voice quavered, both from passion and exertion. "I don't like cheating. And now I'm not, right? I mean, you're here. You're watching. You... oh god..." Her words were swallowed up in another gasp as Josh flicked his hips just as she was sliding down his cock. "Please don't .... don't hate me... But I have to...I have to fuck this cock. I have to ... a lot.

A sharp pain slid through my gut. "You ... you want me to leave?"

Laura stopped suddenly, turning toward me even as Josh's cock rested deep inside her. "No," she said, her voice suddenly clear and powerful. "Look at me and hear me. I do not want you to leave this house or my life. You are my husband, and I'm not changing that." She stared at me several seconds more, motionless. Her eyes bore into me, as if searching for something.

Then her voice grew more tender than I'd heard it in days--maybe even years. "Please tell me you understand."

"I love you," I whispered, begging her to believe me.

Her mouth opened in reply, but before any words could escape Josh thrust his pelvis against my wife, and a violent moan rose from deep within her. "I love you too," she gasped, resuming her motion, "and I love this cock."

Josh's hands rose to Laura's hips, and fluidly they twisted their bodies until Josh knelt behind her. Now he set the pace. His body pummeled Laura, rocking her on her hands and knees. Her hair whipped about her face, keeping time with her full breasts. Josh leaned down after a while and shielding her body with his own. They slid against each other, the sweat lubricating their fucking.

They danced from position to position, Laura on top, below, then side by side. For a woman who'd only accepted sex in the missionary position for a decade, I marveled at how much she'd learned. With each new figure, Laura told me how she'd her new-found s*******s--and showed me just how unawares I'd been of her activities. "This is how Josh did me in the living room against the sofa." "The last time I rode him like this was in the backyard at midnight." "We figured this one out the day you were in Washington."


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I watched intently, stroking my cock in time to their thrusting. Whenever the pressure began to rise in my balls, I'd relax until the rush passed, then start again. I couldn't believe how long Josh could sustain this pace. Finally, I could wait no longer. I pulled on my cock faster. I realized Laura was looking at me, her own eyes glassy and seemingly unfocused. Just as I came, she appeared to climax as well, her eyes slamming shut, her legs dripping around her lover. I couldn't help but wonder if my release had been her trigger. Unable to absorb any more, I pulled myself up, grabbed a pair of shorts and left my wife and her stud to their pleasure.

Dinner was nearly ready when they appeared in the kitchen door. Hair still wet from the shower, Josh filled out a pair of my silk boxers better than I ever had; I appreciated again the allure of his chiseled chest and legs. But, as usual these days, my eyes were drawn to Laura's outfit--one of my white dress shirts open over a fire-red teddy. As she walked across the kitchen, the shirt billowed to give fleeting looks at the teddy's thong rear. When we kissed, I realized instantly that Laura's cleaning up hadn't been total. The taste of Josh's semen coated her mouth, as it now did mine.

"I'm hungry," she said, with a giggle, "even though I just ate."

My cock was rising again, and Laura felt it against her body. "Ummm. Feels like someone else is hungry too."

I poured them each a glass of wine and handed one to Laura. I offered one to Josh, then pulled it back. "Should I even be giving you this?"

For the first time I saw Josh look a bit sheepish. "I've never been carded here before."

We all laughed and I gave him the glass. Laura said Josh would be 21 in a few weeks and had just finished his junior year at the state university. As we ate, I also learned that Josh did indeed swim for State, but was not among the team's elite swimmers and was in fact considering not going back to State. He had a girlfriend at school, but no one locally ("Only me," Laura added quickly). His parents traveled often, and were even now at their vacation home somewhere out west. Laura was not the first older woman who'd had an affair with him, but "she's by far the hottest woman I've ever been in bed with."

I tried not to feel the sting of his words.

Laura admitted that she'd seen Josh sunning himself on his first day home and "surprised myself by having to immediately change my panties. I watched him from the window every day and fantasized about him every night. That's when I started coming on to you and, after you had your release, I'd rub myself until I came. When you went to Chicago, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to masturbate twice just to calm down enough to put on that bikini. I was ready to walk across the yard nude and throw myself in front of him."

As she talked, Laura reached over to Josh lap and ran her hands over his hardening tool. "We've fucked almost every day since--certainly every day you went to the office. Luckily," she grinned, "you've worked a lot of Saturdays. Usually we fucked from the late morning into the early afternoon, so I could clean up by the time you got home. You caught us because I got greedy; I wanted to get another shot of his cock before the long weekend."

Each new revelation seemed to release an electrical charge directly into my groin. Across the table, Laura had moved her chair closer to Josh, and played absently with the tower of flesh that rose from the center of my boxers. I powerd myself to not pull out my own erection.

Laura fell quiet for a moment, then walked over to me. Kneeling beside me, she kissed my ear as her hand ran down my chest. She rested it against my aching cock. I longed for her to fondle me as she had Josh, but in her eyes I saw another purpose.

"I have two things to ask you," she said, quietly, and without any trace of self- consciousness. "You have every right to say no, but I hope you won't. I don't want to choose between you."

"Go on."

"I want your blessing to keep Josh as my lover. I need his cock in me as often as I can, but I don't want to hide it from you. This is what it boils down to: I want to love you --even make love to you--but I want to fuck him. Can you handle that?"

"Yes." The clarity of my answer surprised me. Laura too, I think.

"Are you sure? Josh makes me want things I'd never thought of before. I say things you may wish I didn't."

"What's the second question?"

Laura kissed me and brushed her hand over my chest. "The second question is will you let Josh spend the night tonight--"

Her fingers rose to my lips as I started to speak. "Wait," she said. "I want him to spend the night with me. In our bed. Just the two of us."

"And I...?"

"I will never ask you to leave this house. I thought you could relax in the guest room."

That's where Laura found me an hour later, smoothing out the blanket on what would be my bed for the night. "Can I come in?" As I looked up, Laura let the dress shirt slide off her arms. Wearing just the teddy, she posed in the doorway before stepping into my open arms. Our kiss was wet and passionate; her warm body radiated into me.

"You okay?" Her breathy words ran down my spine. It's one of her favorite tricks with me.

"So far. We'll see how nuts I get when you two get loud."

"I'll leave the door open just for you. And I put a bottle of baby oil in your nightstand. You're gonna get chafed."

We kissed again, slowly and hot. When she stepped back, her face showed a new flush. Her eyelids drooped and her lips appeared red and full. Beneath the teddy I could see her nipples coming erect. "Strip me," she commanded, in a low, thick voice. "Prepare me for my lover's fat, strong cock."

I'd been warned, but Laura's words still stung my ego. Yet their effect was undeniable. My cock sprang up instantly even as her words burned in my gut. I hooked two fingers through the teddy's shoulder straps, and dragged them down her arm. Kneeling as I pulled, I watched the sheer fabric peel away from her full round breasts, then her flat smooth stomach before, finally, slipping out of her damp hot pussy. The smell of her arousal instantly filled the room, and I drew in a deep breath. I leaned forward, eager to lick her sex, but her hand stopped me.

"Maybe in the morning," she said. Then my naked wife turned and walked out of the room.

Through the open doors I heard the unmistakable rip of cloth, followed by Laura's voice. "Don't ever hide that cock when I need to be fucked." I knew tomorrow I'd find my silk shorts in tatters.

After that their words grew muddy, drowned in a chorus of the moans and grunts and sobs that rose and fell over the hours. True to her word, Laura's first orgasm came with a piercing wail that rang in the hall and in my cell and in my ears. Waves of envy and delight rushed through me as my hand worked over my well-oiled cock. I stroked myself to two rapid orgasms as I listened. Then I drifted into an exhausted relax, unable to even to clean myself up.

Twice their frenzy startled me out of relax. The first time was Josh crying that he couldn't hold back and Laura begging him to fill her mouth. "Feed me," she wailed. I couldn't tell if they'd turned up the volume for my benefit or not, but it didn't matter. I treated myself to another baby oil rubdown as I listened to Laura receive her present and their cries change to mewings.

I awoke early, alert for their sounds. But the house was quiet. I stumred out of the bedroom, heading for the kitchen. As I passed my bedroom--their bedroom--I glanced toward the bed. The view stopped me, shaking me almost as much as when I first witnessed their sex.

Naked, Laura lay tucked against Josh's side, her breasts pressed into his flesh, her left leg hooked over his right. Her hair spread out behind her, messy and damp with sweat. Josh rested on his back, his head tilted against Laura's, which his left arm pillowed. His blond dusting of chest hair appeared dark, plastered to his chest. Even arelax, his cock looked enlarged and ready. Laura's left hand nestled just under it.

I powerd myself into the kitchen, even as the vision of my wife and her lover seared into my memory.

I'd finished my third cup of coffee when Josh appeared in the doorway. He hadn't dressed. "Laura says to tell you that your breakfast is ready."

I found her on her back, legs bent and spread wide. Everywhere I saw the evidence of Josh's assault. She dropped a finger into the wet opening, then drew a trail of white syrup all the way up to her breast. "Feel like breakfast in bed, Tom?"

I felt Josh's presence behind me and heard him chuckle softly. I crawled over the bed's baseboard and positioned myself between Laura's legs. I stared at my wife's body, the skin blotchy from the exertion and Josh's handling. Yet the only thought that passed through my mind was how beautiful she looked. My cock stirred in anticipation. "Was it what you wanted," I asked.

"Oh yes," Laura whimpered, as I leaned closer and let my tongue tickle the engorged labia before me. "And this is too."

I had barely wet my lips when Josh's weight settled next to us. Unfazed, I ran my tongue over my wife's flesh, instantly tasting her lover's leavings. I licked again, lightly, wanting to tease Laura. Wanting to hear her moan for me.

Instead I heard Josh give out a snort that mixed amusement and disgust. Distracted form my task, I looked up to see him shaking his head. "I don't get it, dude. Where's your self-respect?"

I sat back on my knees and met his look of disgust. Laura lay quietly, her legs still spread before me, but I could feel her eyes on me. I waited, choosing my words carefully. "I don't expect you to understand," I said. I felt no anger toward him, and no embarrassment, either; in fact, I felt more at peace than I had in three days. "The only permister you love, Josh, is you. And you should. It'd be hard not to at your age. Or with obvious attributes."

I took a deep breath and brushed my hand over the bend in Laura's leg. "But if I can't satisfy Laura with the body I have, I won't keep her from finding it with yours. All I ever wanted is to make Laura happy. And I'll be here to do whatever makes her happy. Even this."

Josh reply was to shake his head again--just about what I expected. But as I laid myself back between Laura's legs, her hands reached down and caught my head. Firmly, she directed me upward until I was lying on top of her. Her arms closed around me, and we kissed deeply. My stiff cock pressed against her wet pussy, soaking the shorts I wore. "Take those off, and make me happy," she whispered.

As I slid down the waistband, Laura turned to her lower. "Josh, you know where Tom keeps his pants. How about sliding on a pair and seeing yourself to the door. I'd like to spend some time with my husband."

Josh may have watched us for a time; I didn't notice. Laura guided my stiff cock into her flooded canal. Her legs locked behind mine--just as I had seen them clasped around Josh that first time. I thrust myself forward, and I heard a little "oompf" escape her lips. Then I saw her smile, just before I laid my lips over hers.

The End


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The Taking Of My Wife

After years of almost begging, my wife Gina finally agreed to have sex with another man and I. She agreed, though was apprehensive. Our friend, nicknamed Bull, was the one we agreed on. Bull had been flirting with Gina for years, though it seemed innocent enough. I approached him about it and his first question was "Why? Why would you want to let another man touch her? She's so beautiful and sexy." "That's exactly why." I replied. "I can think of nothing more exciting than to see her getting laid by another man. You're the one we think would do her justice." He finally agreed and we set the day.

When I got home from work that Friday night, Gina had gone through the house making it spotless. She also had a great dinner in the oven cooking. But the most exciting thing about her was the way she looked. Her makeup was applied perfectly and she was dressed in a low cut dress which was very short. Her ample tits bulged out of her dress which was barely able to contain them. The hem came about three quarters of the way up from her knees to her pussy, and her black stockings completed the sexy look.

Bull arrived at seven and we had dinner. There was a feeling of electric in the air, and we were soon finished eating. We moved to the living room, and Bull and Gina sat on the couch together. He leaned over to kiss her, and she opened her mouth wide, inviting his tongue in, sucking on it. I saw a bulge develop in his pants as he placed his hand on her stockinged thigh, lightly rubbing it. I also noticed Gina's nipples begin to stiffen, signaling her excitement. After about ten minutes, Gina excused herself, which confused both of us. She came back a few minutes later, dressed in only a pair of thong underwear. Her large tits and dark nipples where naked before us, and she went back and sat on Bull's lap. She kissed him again, but broke it shortly after, then pulled his head to one of her nipples. His tongue darted around it, causing it and her aureole to stiffen. He continued to suck the now firm nipple and he elicited an urgent sigh from Gina's throat. His hand wa her inner thigh, stroking it, and causing her to shiver with excitement.

My own cock was hard by now, and I watched them as Gina started grinding her cunt against Bull's cock, still enclosed in his pants. She slid off his lap and onto the floor in front of him. She reached up and began to slowly pull his zipper down, then reached inside his underwear, pulling out his cock. "Oh, that's so nice" she murmured as it sprang into view. He was rock hard and it looked as though he was about a foot in length and very thick. I knew that Gina was in for a treat soon. My own cock is average, about seven inches in length, and it always satisfied Gina's needs.

Now it looked as though she was going to be taken to a new height of pleasure. She wrapped both hands around this big cock, and pulled it towards her lips. Her tongue darted out and began to lick the underside of his cock head, making his cock jump. Then she opened her mouth wide and began to suck the head in, slowly, but firmly. Her cheeks hollowed as she applied the suction which brought him deepe o her mouth. Gina is a fantastic cocksucker, and very s*******ed in deep throating, but I wasn't too sure she'd be able to handle this cock the same as she did mine. She continued to suck his cock, and began to swallow as he reached the back of her throat. Bull lay back moaning and saying "Oh God baby, you're so good! You have to be the best cocksucker I ever had!" With that, she gulped down a couple of more inches of his meat, and only about three inches remained out of her mouth. Soon, she had her lips firmly against his pubic bones, his hair tickling her nose. She had done it! She had swallowed the entire length of Bull's cock, and he began to hump into her mouth. She blew him like this for about twenty minutes, and he began to breath heavily, panting "Oh God Gina, If you keep this up, I'm gonna blast my cum down your throat!" She only quickened her pace, her head bobbing up and down this new cock. He started groaning, and yelled out "Oh God, I'm gonna cum! Oh yeah baby, I'm gonna shoot my cum right down your throat!" With that, he humped upwards into her mouth and began to shoot his sperm into her throat. After he finished, he pulled her head off his cock and kissed her deeply.

I suggested we move to the bed and we all went to our bedroom. Gina still had her thong panties on, and they were soaked from her juices. She had also cum, just from the excitement of it all. She was on fire as Bull spread her thighs gently apart, and began to kiss her inner thigh, only inches from her now soaked pussy. He teased her with these light licks, bringing out moans of pleasure from deep inside her. The thong was buried between her cunt lips, which were now swollen with her lust. He moved the material aside, and his tongue made contact with her sensitive clit, causing her to buck her hips forward. Her clit was swollen larger than I had ever seen it, almost like a small cock, which Bull took between his lips and sucked. Gina was fucking his face and her breat hing came fast. As her head went back and her eyes closed, I knew she was close. Just before she came, Bull stopped and hurriedly moved up between her wide spread legs. He quickly pushed his massive cock into her steamy cunt bringing her to the edge of her orgasm. As he thrust all the way in, she came, screaming "Oh God yes! Bull, fuck me! Oh yes, give me all you got! Fuck my cunt Bull, that's it! Fuck me hard, faster! Oh yes, I'm cummmmmiiinnnnngggggggg!!" Her face was flushed with red, and her tits heaved as she met his every thrust with her excited cunt. She bucked all over the bed, thrashing about as he dove deeply into her cunt, sending her into the most intense orgasm I ever saw.

He slowed as she came back down, but he continued to fuck her. She urged him on saying "Oh yes Bull, you're the best! I never had a cock so deep in my cunt. I love you! Yes, my cunt belongs to you! Fuck me baby, use me like a whore! Fuck me! Oh God, I love it!" I have to admit, I was jealous somewhat when she told him she loved him, but I knew she loved me also. He continued to fuck her, sending her off into multiple orgasms almost the whole time. I never saw her so turned on before, and I knew that I was never so turned on in my whole life. Here was one of my best friends fucking the most beautiful girl in the world, turning her into a cock slut, and I loved it! He kept on going, rubbing his cock head against her G-spot as he went deep. Suddenly, I saw his ass clench tight, and he began to groan out that he was cumming. Gina yelled out "Yes baby, fill my cunt with your sperm! Yes! Fuck me hard baby, take your slut! Oh yes, shoot your sperm deep inside of me!". panted out "Oh yeah baby, I'm gonna shoot my sperm up your cunt! I'm gonna make you pregnant!" This wasn't possible as she had her tubes tied a few years before, but it sounded so hot to hear him yell it. Gina urged him on saying "Yes! Make me pregnant! Shoot that load of sperm in me and fill my cunt. Treat me like your slut!! Please! Yes! Fill Meeeee!" With that, he came, shooting his cum deep inside of her well used cunt. She was a completely different permister, a slut at the best.

After he finished cumming, he slid off of her and said "Oh baby, you're the best! I never had a piece of ass like that before. What a wildcat!" Gina told him "I never had a man go that deep in me before. You made me feel so slutty, and I loved it!" Then she looked at me and said "Oh Tom, thank you so much for that! You made me very happy, I just wish we had done this sooner! Now it's your turn to fuck me, anywhere you want, but first you have to eat me out." Her words stunned me momentarily. She wanted me to lick Bull's sperm out of her gaping cunt. It was already oozing slowly out of it, and I figured, what the hell? and went for it. I got between her splayed legs and slowly put my mouth to her cunt. His sperm was in plain view, leaking out and down her ass crack. I stuck out my tongue and tasted the cum that filled her pussy. It was only slightly salty, and I began to clean her out. I increased my pace and she started wailing "Yes Tom! Suck Bull's sperm out of my whore cunt! Yes, eat me my darling! Oh yes, that! Oh, don't stop baby, keep going, I'm gonna cum!" With that, her orgasm burst out of her cunt, something I had never seen before.

I continued until she calmed down, then told her to get on her hands and knees. She had never let me fuck her asshole before, but she did say I could fuck her anywhere I wanted now. She got into the position, then grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them open. she knew what I wanted, and she was giving it to me. "Yes Tom, stick that cock up my ass! Then after you cum in me, I want Bull to fill my asshole also!". She really had turned into a fuck slut, and I loved it! I pressed into her ass, and the head of my cock popped in. I was so excited that I came immediately, but I remained hard. My sperm helped to lube her up, and I pushed in easily after that. Soon, my balls were slapping frantically against her cunt as I fucked her ass. Her muscles grabbed my cock as I fucked her, bringing me closer to my second orgasm. Her hand went to her cunt, and she inserted a few fingers in her pussy while her other hand rubbed her clit. Bull knelt in front of her face and she began to suck him. My second orgasm began to well up in my balls, then it began to shoot out of my cock, filling her asshole with my cum. She was screaming, muffled by Bull's cock in her throat, but I knew she was cumming hard. After I finished, I rolled off and watched as Bull began to mount her from behind. Then he said I should get under her and eat her while watching his cock slid in and out of her tight little asshole.


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I started eating her again, and watched as Bull started his journey up her ass. I saw the cum oozing from the tip of his dick, and he rubbed it against her little brown bud. His cock opened her up so wide that her cunt also was wide open. I sucked her cunt as he entered her asshole, going all the way in, slowly, but firmly. Gina took my soft cock into her mouth and began to bring it to life. Bull was increasing the speed which he fucked her asshole with, and I felt her moan from around my cock. We all continued for about a hour, and Gina urged us on all the way. Finally, Bull's balls began to tighten and I knew he was about to cum deeply in my wife's now well used asshole. Or at least I thought so. She knew he was about to cum and she told us "Bull, pull out of my ass and Tom, suck his cock and let him cum in your mouth!" Bull pulled out, and his cock dangled there in front of me. I was turned on just enough to open my mouth as his cock approached. He entered my mouth I sucked him, tasting my wife's asshole on his cock. Then he was shooting his sperm in my mouth. I reached up and took his cock in my hand, stroking and squeezing it. He filled my mouth and Gina yelled "Yes Tom! Swallow his cum! Suck him dry!" As she was sucking my cock, I could only comply, and I started to swallow his sperm. He came so much, so fast that I couldn't take it all and some of it drooled out of the corner of my mouth. I started cumming myself, Gina swallowing my cum as I erupted.

We all ****** from exhaustion at our evening activities, and I awoke to Bull fucking Gina the next morning. Later, Bull left and Gina and I talked about what had transpired. "I know I'm a slut, but I loved it so much! I'm glad I finally let you talk me into it Tom. This doesn't change things with us, does it?" she asked. I replied "As a matter of fact, it does Baby, I love you more than ever. You made me extremely happy!" Then she queried "Tom, was that just a one time thing, or are we going to do it some more?" My answer was "Whatever you want Gina, it was the most exciting evening I ever had, and I want it to continue, but if you don't want to, then it's OK with me also." She beamed "No! I want it to continue also! I feel like a whore, but I'm getting turned on just by talking about it. I do want it to go on, and on , and on....." I had to admit, I was getting turned on again also, and I climbed on top of her and placed my cock at the entrance to her cum drenched pussy. We fucked for about a half hour and I shot off inside of her well used cunt.

That night, Bull called and asked me what I thought about Gina going out with him. I said sure if she wanted, and she was really turned on by it. He told me that she wouldn't be back home 'til Sunday afternoon or evening, and I still agreed. Before Bull was due, I made her give me a blowjob, then she showered and got ready. When she came downstairs, she looked like another woman. She was dressed in a sheer blouse with no bra, and a miniskirt that showed her pussy freely as she descended the stairs. Bull picked her up and they left. Gina's tale follows:

Bull arrived at eight and we left, headed for a club downtown. Before we were out of the driveway, I had his pants open and was sucking his huge cock. his hand went down my ass and his fingers found my already wet cunt and journeyed inside of me. I swallowed his entire length as I did the night before and it didn't take long before he shot a load of sperm down my throat. He had three fingers inside of me, and I was rubbing my clit. I came about the same time he did, and sat back up just as wen entered the parking lot to the club.

We went in and found a table and had several takes. Later, when the band started, we danced to a few mistergs. One of Bull's friends, Jeremy, came up to our table and Bull invited him to join us. I thought that this would put a damper on my thoughts of lust with Bull, but decided to let it go. After a while, Jeremy asked me to dance when a slow misterg began, and I looked at Bull to see his reaction. "Go for it baby!" he replied, and we went out to the dance floor. Jeremy was extremely handsome and a magnificent dancer. Soon, in his arms, I felt like putty. My pussy oozed my juices and I felt them running down my legs as he held me close. I also felt the bulge that was beginning to grow in his pants. My nipples poked through my see through blouse and his hands went to my ass, cupping my cheeks. This man was turning me on, and I knew that I was a slut as I thought what he'd be like to fuck. Turns out, I didn't have long to wait. About eleven or so, the three of us left the and headed to Bull's place. As we entered, Bull turned and kissed me, and Jeremy took me in his arms from behind. I felt his cock press against my ass and I pushed back, grinding my ass into his pants. We went directly to the bedroom, knowing full well that fucking would be the result. My pussy was soaking wet as these two men took me into their arms and began to explore my body. They pulled off my blouse and each of them took one of my nipples in their mouth and began to suck at them. Then both of them inserted a couple of fingers in my pussy, really getting my juices flowing. I felt like whore as they continued, making me hotter by the minute.

Bull told Jeremy "Let her suck your cock, she's a pro at it!" So, Jeremy stripped and straddled my head. His cock was every bit as big as Bull's, and maybe bigger. His balls were as big as eggs, filled with sperm ready to explode out of them. I opened my mouth, and let this new cock slide in between my soft lips. I love to suck cock, it makes me so horn d big cocks make me almost cum. Bull got between my legs and moved my miniskirt up around my hips. His tongue began a journey that would end in my orgasm. He was so good at eating pussy, and I felt my clit begin to lengthen. He sucked at it, like I was sucking the cock in my throat. Jeremy started to gently fuck my mouth, sending his large piece of meat slowly down my throat. I sucked it down, engulfing the whole of it as he entered me. Soon, Bull had me cumming. After I calmed, he moved up my body and I felt his cock begin to enter me, spreading my cunt lips wide. I was in Heaven as these two well hung studs used me as they wanted. Jeremy's breath came faster as he said "Oh yes baby, you ARE the greatest cocksucker in the world! Keep going slut! Suck the cum right out of me!" He increased his speed and was all the way in my throat, fucking it like he would my cunt a little later. Meanwhile, Bull's massive tool had reached the depths of my pussy, sending me off into another orgasm. I kept on cumming as he fucked me, unable to stop it. I came for about a half hour, which totally exhausted me. Finally, Bull began to bellow out "God Gina, I'm cumming! Yeah, shake that fucking ass! Fuck me you little slut! Squeeze the cum right out of my balls!" I felt his sperm splatter against the back of my cunt, hot fire, which sent me off again into a lust filled hazy orgasm. Jeremy also began to shoot his cum down my throat, and I swallowed as fast as I could, taking it all down. My throat contractions made his orgasm even more powerful and he fucked my mouth very hard, his balls slapping my chin.

We rested, but not for long. Jeremy was soon hard again, and he lay on his back and I climbed on top of him. I sat on his huge cock, sliding down this magnificent pole. Bull got in behind me and I felt his cock begin to enter my pussy as well. "Oh God no! It will never fit!" I screamed. But, I was wrong. Soon, both of these giants had their cocks fully planted in my cunt. As they moved, my body rippled with my orgasms. Jeremy has my nipples between his fingers, pinching them bringing me to a new height. I could only lay there allowing them to fuck me as they wanted. My body was on fire and I needed cock so badly. My only thoughts were of cumming. Multiple orgasms racked my body, sending me off into a haze of lust. They continued fucking me for what felt like hours. Finally, they both began to cum at almost the same time. I couldn't believe how much sperm they were pumping into me, filling me to overflowing.

This continued all night. They each had me about a half dozen times, and I took it all like the slut I had become. I finally returned home at ten PM Sunday night and told Tom all about what had happened. His cock was huge before I finished, and he mounted me, sliding in with no problem. As a matter of fact, I barely felt his dick, so stretched was my well worn cunt. I told him to fuck my asshole instead, and I got on my hands and knees, ready to accept his shaft up my ass. We fucked for over an hour before Tom finally blasted his load up my ass.

I love Tom even more than ever for finally talking me into becoming a slut. I only fuck the men he approves of, unless I'm out alone and let myself get picked up. Sometimes he's there watching, or joining in, other times, I go alone. One thing is for sure, my libido has increased dramatically and at times, I'm almost insatiable. Being a slut for big cocks is the best! Try it girls, you'll love it!


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"Of course they are nigger, now slip em offs so we see what type of pretty pussy we be getting that be so juicy." I looked into Lean's eyes but she could not meet by gaze. My heart leapt into my throat. Was it true? I could scarcely dare believe and it seamed like an eternity as the niggers played it out. "You look real nice bitch. I guess you are a natural red head, huh. Does it excite you to show your cunt to your lovers? You expected a fuck tonight but you really had no idea. It excites you now. A bitch built like you can't be a virgin but you gonna think you were when give you your first blackening. We got enough baby juice in these black balls to breed you with triplets at least. We even got some fertility haves we gonna shoot into your ass. You getting knocked-up guaranteed bitch. Does that make you juicy. Take your panties and wipe yourself. Yeah wipe your wet pussy. Now gag your wimp ex-husband before he start blubbering over his woman fulfilling her destiny."

I had no pretend a curse and an impotent little threat for show even though all I wanted to do was open my mouth wide. Again Lean complied with my offense without any 'I'm sorry honeys'. She did seam to have a flicker of something in her eye but as I realized it could be interpreted as excitement, my cock nearly pumped its load.

Lean's panties WERE wet. I guess it could have the perspiration and anticipation of the whole day but all I wanted to believe was it was heat for the breeding she was about to take for me. "Hey Deon, put down the camera for a minuet and give the bitch that duct tape behind ya so she can secure her filthy panties in the honky's mouth."

Lean wrapped me tight and then turned to face Tyrone to see what was to happen next. Tyrone looked like some fucking predator god of the jungle about to make his *******. At six feet four he towered over my tiny wife my more then a foot. I watched as he pulled her to him.

My wife was like the prey trapped in the magictic glance of the black cobra. She seamed drained of free will as she was once again in the full embrace of a nigger. I had fully expected her to be a wreck of tears for the initial **** but now I started to believe her actual reaction was more then I could have hoped. At the very least it was quickly becoming obvious she was accepting the inevitable at the very least and as I tried to identify the flavor of her panties in my mouth, I started to allow myself the belief she was already into the black breeding on just the very first night.

"We need to get your 'I do' on camera before we breed you so the baby has legitimacy."

"Okay." What!?! what was that, 'okay'?? It was just so matter of fact. I guess it was not a total proof of anything but maybe it was. I had left instructions that Lean was to be slapped about the face enough to power her compliance with the nights festivities. Between that and open seamister to use her hair I had expected her to be pretty bruised and sore by morning. Now as Lean read out the 'nigger' vows I had written, it was time for me to realize she had only been slapped a few times and yet she was now obeying the nigger's commands without delay. Either Lean was more of a coward then I had thought or she was 'into it'.

As Lean voiced her 'I do', I refocused on her as it was time for a very big test. It satisfied my raciest sensibilities to have the normal kissing of the bride replaced with something a little more naturalistic in nature. As Mustafa told Tyrone that he may down mark the bride, I think Lean immediately got the message.

"No please. You don't have to do that. Please. Why are you being such bastards?"

"Ask your husband bitch? If he could talk he should admit just how responsible he is for this. A real man wouldn't have been so fucking easy. You had no protection tonight bitch. Now I need to own your white ass so be a good little slave and get yourself down on your knees before I need to bitch-slap your face."

Lean shot me a look as she dropped submissively to her knees at the feet of her nigger lord. It could easily have been one of blame as Tyrone ordered her to hold her mouth open and swallow. Lean was a site as the yellow urine filled her mouth and gagged her on the way to her belly. "Okay, ain't no guarantee I be the one to win the lottery in that pussy of yours so open again for Deon and Mustafa."

It looked like all three niggers had saved it for Lean. I could not believe she was able to swallow almost to the last few drops Mustafa shook off onto her face. Lean's short red hair was soaked as was the top of her dress making it semi transparent. She posed herself in front of the video for a second before Tyrone told her to get face down in the bed so he could shoot her ass.

We did not really have any fertility haves but Lean didn't know that. "This is gonna hurt bitch but its powerful cuckolds brownie. This stuff is what the zoos use for gorilla's. The dude who turned me on to it said its so powerful it even overcomes the pill. They are testing it to see if it can help dudes with low sperm. That ain't no problem here but the stuff so good that almost every bitch on it has herself three or four. As much potent sperm that you be getting we figure your guaranteed at least that many. You may end up with enough to start your own NBA team all on the first delivery."

Lean managed a protest at that. "Sorry bitch, but we doing you a favor. Fine looking white slave like you will have fine looking half-breeds. It is a privilege bitch. You wants youngren don't cha? Chances are your worm ex-husband would a took years if he even could. You are going to learn the superiority of the nigger cock and have many youngren of color. Once all white women are educated we will finally end all red necked racism as we can just breed 'em out of existence."

Even though the words were my own hearing them in such a degrading manner felt like a blow to my gut. Lean gasped as the needle shot the junk in her firm white ass. "Ready to get bred, wife," Tyrone asked her.

As per my instructions Lean was left in her wedding dressed when tossed onto the bed. I wanted her very vocal to breed and had several lines that Tyrone was to feed her for the camera. I had expected her to have been beaten into presentation by this point so I had to wait now to see how willing she would be to degrade herself with the baby talk.

Tyrone spread Lean's legs and teased the head of his huge weapon against the lips of her cunt. I had made sure not to be with her during our courtship so as to prevent any accidental unwanted pregnancy. For all I knew Lean may very well have been a virgin as Tyrone prepared to *** her. Her moan was either that or just not ever having ten inches penetrate her before.

Tyrone was a stud. For a nigger who had been locked away for twelve years he still had some very impressive moves in the sack. Lean tried to spread her legs as much as the dress allowed Tyrone had it kind of hiked up for access to her cunt but it was still getting in the way. He probably would have removed it if not for my explicit instructions.

I really was getting my jollies. I don't care what anyone thinks who reads this. The scene was fucking hot. It was like a total reaction of everything I had read in my mom's diary only this time the baby would be conceived. I wanted to hear Lean beg for the nigger baby my mom always wanted.

"Can you feel it bitch. That's ten inches of prime Alabama snake. I did me twelve years the last time a bitch was as lucky as you but it was worth it. She visited me in the stir and showed me little junior. Fuck it must have pissed her old man. You know what? I hads me a conjugal visit with that slut and she went back home with a second surprise for her husband. I am one potent stud. You are gonna get bred proper on our wedding night but I needs to hear you wants it. I needs to hear you gonna be a deserving and proper momma for our breed. Tell me you wants to get my baby."

"Please.he will here."

"Who? Honky. Fuck whats he gonna do. He is gonna raise em and supports you. We gots more plans this week bitch and we gonna arrange that he knows his place. You gonna be a nigger slave but he is going to be put down to the cuckolds brownie he is. Its time for you to realize the possibilities. You go with us and he gonna be your slave too. What type of pathetic piece of white trash cuckolds brownie is he to go off like he is better then us when his dick ain't barely four inches. Did you know that bitch. Fuck and I can see from here he has a fucking hardon. The sick lady-fucker. You owe that sick mister of a bitch. Go ahead bitch and sing it. You wants the baby."

"I want your baby." "Louder


"That's a good girl. Whose baby?"


"Very good. Now 'my NIGGER baby'. Say it bitch."

".I want your nigger baby."

"My special nigger baby."


"Knock me up."

"KNOCK ME UP." "Yeah I feel it building for you bitch. You know what I want to hear so sing it loud enough for honky to hear and we will make our magic together."

"Ohhh.yes.I want it. I want the baby. I want it in me. Now! Give me the baby.the nigger baby.the dirty nigger baby. I want it for Michael. I want you to stick that pathetic looser with the shame of his new wife knocked-up with this filthy nigger bastard."

"Yeahhhh! I think youuu mmmean it bitch!!!"


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"Don't worry about that. I have twelve years to catch up on if you remember and this is the brother's first times so your little wife is going to get herself wore right out. Thing is today you are just going to loose the bitch once we turn the black magic loose."

"Hey, if it happens.stick to the script though. Make sure to stress my guilt and impotence. Really make fun of my little cock but lets hold of showing her until tomorrow when I punk for the first time. Maybe it can be a reward for her doing good in taking the whipping or something. Try to make it a choice for her again so she sicks you all on me. I want her getting used to making that decision. Try to encourage her to enjoy the knowledge that she chose me when to boys fetish me. Make sure to make it seam like I deserve it.oh yeah, hold off on the death threats for a couple days then take me as though you are going to put me in the lake when I refuse to give you the access number to the bank account. I will break then and acknowledge you as my lord and we can do the tattoos then."

"Okay. I better get back inside and let you finish 'eating my cuckolds brownie'."

"Oh yeah. That was really more disgusting then I thought it would be with the ring last night so don't do that anymore."

"Do you want us to use Lean instead."

.no, say its too much hassle to clean us after. Actually maybe she should watch me eat it just once willingly so do me before the tattoos."

"Can do. I really do have to piss. Do you want it in your mouth?"

"Use a tree."

We had not heard any screams from the cabin so it was up to my imagination how much the frying bacon had splattered poor little Lean as she had prepared breakfast. I thought about taking a peak into the window but I knew the video camera would be running so I just tried to stretch and get the red back into my hands and feet while I waited to be fetched. If the niggers went by script I knew what the scene would be as Lean would be sat on their laps one by one and hand feed them all. I wanted food sharing like in those corn ball movies and for Lean to feel their erections as she squirmed on their laps. Her body was open game except for actual penile penetration. Give the condemned girl a last meal before her last surviving shreds of decency were destroyed forever.

I finally allowed myself to move closer to the cabin as my impatience grew. From the open window I heard Tyrone again improving on my scrip telling Lean to have another strip of bacon because she was 'eating for two' now. He joked with her whither she wanted any pickles and ice cream. When Lean finally seamed full she suggested the remaining food might go to me but Tyrone just laughed and said I was full of cuckolds brownie. He said I had took it like a bitch who loved it too. He asked Lean how that made her feel but I could not hear her reply. Finally, Deon was dispatched to fetch me. I quickly allowed him to help me back into my bindings. The young nigger looked at me like I was trash. I have to admit the look sent shivers of anticipation through me as visions of loosing control both excited me and served as my worst nightmare.

"Hey white boy you cleaned up nice. Was it good to the last drop?" Obviously he had never gone in the first place but to Lean it had to look like I had cleaned myself thoroughly with my tongue.

When Deon finished securing me back to the chair Tyrone asked him, "Hey nigger you still 'up' for a midmorning party?"

"In answer Deon stepped right out of his happy face boxers. The young stud was the best looking of the niggers with facial feature reminiscent of OJ. All three of the niggers were more then twice my size but from what I would be able to confirm, Deon had maybe an inch or so on his family. Deon was going to be the first to sample Lean's oral talents.

"Say ahhh."

The one disadvantage of Lean's short hair style is it did not allow the guys to really get their hands wrapped in it as they controlled her. She was long enough to jerk back and fourth but it would have been nice to see her with the type of hair where they could have really pulled her around like a cave girl.

Lean had not been able to touch up her lipstick since the reception. Between being pissed on five times and relaxing the night, she was looking pretty native and had nothing to ease the friction except what she had been born with as the kid thrust home.

It was hard to say how experience Deon was, it pleased my sensibilities imagining him starting a long time ago preferably with a young sister or some poor little white school girl but the conversation with Tyrone still reverberated in my mind. As young as Deon was, He may have been no more experienced then poor Lean.

Deon did fare a lot better then Lean as the blow job commenced. Whatever his experience, he was a confidant bastard. Deon had a nice pace and an air of authority as he made Lean give him the works. Lean was require to pucker up and kiss the head each time Deon pulled out. He had her move underneath to get a real feel for the mass of his member, running her tongue from tip to base. He pushed her lower still and had her pleasure his black balls.

For the initial few minuets Lean was allowed to hold off at about the six inch mark. It would have been enough to take me with room to spare but a stud like Deon needed more and was going to get it. I saw Lean's eyes widen as she felt the pressure tighten on the back of her head. Deon vocally informed her what was required and physically demonstrated that it was nonnegotiable.

Lean started to fetish as it seamed she managed to struggle down another inch. Deon was just trying to stuff in and it was getting messy as the drool started. "You better relax that throat cunt cause I don't care if you fetish out. I ain't never been able to get it all the way in a bitch before."

What an honor for Lean, huh? I had never asked Lean if she had ever sucked cock before and as life has progressed it is impossible for me to ask her now so I will always wonder if I saw her first time that day with Deon.

The well hung nigger, tried hard to stuff in another inch while Lean's obligation became full gag reflex. The kid finally saw Tyrone signal him to back off. Lean greedily sucked in the deep gulps of air she was allowed before Deon made attempt number to drive it home all the way down her throat.

The kid penetrated my wife deeply on the thrust. He showed slightly better technique and instead of applying constant pressure, pulled back a little first to get momentum as he humped into her mouth to start face fucking her. Deon was kind of obscuring my view with both hands in her hair and the humping motion but when he finally ordered my wife to hold it and paused himself to allow his brother to document the accomplishment, I realized his balls were on her chin.

When Deon pulled back, my wife looked as slutty as any porn star with the thick, stringy drool connection his cock to her mouth. It must have gave the nigger the same idea. "Give me the camera. I'm gonna do her like that movie guy. Does this thing have one of them weird wide angles that will distort the fuck out of her face while I soak her?"

Lean looked almost patient as she used the brief recess to recompose herself. As Deon got the focus he wanted he aimed the camera down and ordered her to suck him off. Both his hands were on the camera but Lean did not seam to need any persuasion. Tyrone told her to get vocal.

"Give it to me.mmmgh.yeah.sluurp.ohhh.give this white girl.ummmm.yeah, I want it in my mouth. Let me taste your nigger load." It was not the most original sex-talk any of us had ever heard but it did the job of Lean's cock- sucking did. Either way, Deon popped out and Lean was required to hold him at her while he shot all over her face. The nigger had a mouth watering load very much in league with the gonzo porn king he was emulating. Lean had never looked prettier.

Tyrone snapped a Polaroid. "Now if this isn't a Kodak moment, what is? Hey mikey get a look at wifey now. What a poster this would make huh? Too back you don't have a digital camera here. This picture could make some magnificent wall paper for the family den back home. Think of what company would say when they knew there was no way you could ever produce like this. How much do you squirt. A drop? A little tear drop? Is that a tear on your cheek? This is a baby making load on your wife now. Don't get your hope up because she got just as much last night and that was in the cunt.hey Mustafa, you got a load like this for the bitch."

"Hell, ya."

"Okay but look at you bitch. You look like a fucking glazed donut. God, your scummy. Hey Mustafa, fetch wifey's wedding panties. I think it is time to flavor them again. How about it fag boy. You want your first faggot taste of nigger sperm? It ain't gonna be your last."

I tried to make it good when the panties were pulled out of my mouth promising I would ******* them all and they were going to jail and then I would have their asses. I got a little more out before Mustafa realized he needed to bitch slap me. He had no finesse and it felt like he blackened my eye. He struck me twice more for show while I shut up before he broke anything. He tossed his brother the panties and they had Lean clean herself.

"Okay, now go put them back in his mouth. Show your precious 'ex-husband' what his precious little wife made the big black cock do all over her pretty white face."


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Lean wiped herself clean using the panties to soak up every drab of cum from around her mouth and nose, then she just calmly rose to her feet and crossed to where I was and dutifully placed the nigger flavored panties back into my mouth. I opened my eyes in feigned indignation as Lean was instructed to tape her panties in place.

Mustafa gave her a rough shove onto the bed. "This load goes in your cunt bitch."

Lean rolled onto her back and spread submissively while Deon's twin climbed on. His was the thickest of the nigger's cocks and this added girth seamed impressed upon Lean judging by her vocality at the second attempt at breeding began. Mustafa pounded my tiny white wife into the bed with his powerful black ass before changing gears and rolling her up on top of him. He powerd her to sit up and hump him herself while he fondled her pert tits. He rolled her over again and secured position on her from behind lending me fear she was going anal. Tyrone might have expected that was in danger too as he decided to take the next step himself.

"Get the bitch back on top. Time to oreo her." Now if that is not a vivid trademark infringement what is?

"Okay, okay, just wait." I think the buggar was bummed he wasn't getting my wife's tightest of holes.

Lean had her own thought's on the matter, "NO! You can't be series. I CAN'T. Don't you understand?.I never even had it like THAT before."

Now that was revealing. "Relax.relax. I got some jelly here. Don't worry bitch. We gonna make you feel good like a woman should feel. We gonna let you know you never could of been satisfied with cracker's one inch teeny dick. When we fill you gonna have better then twenty inches. You know that bitch."

", I can't.I can't. Their too big. You will rip me open," Lean mumred as Tyrone lubricated her. I watched the next great event as he pushed Lean over Mustafa down below and made his mount of her ass.

Lean's scream was consistent with a girl getting ripped in two but it was nothing so gruesome as it was just something that was going to take some getting used to for my inexperienced wife.


"You got it bitch. Can't you feel that. I knew you could do it. Yeah, just enjoy it. You will get used to it."

"No.oh my god.really?'s feels so much. Am I reding?"

"Nah. It feels pretty good huh. After this you are gonna laugh at little fag boy over there. I made him show me his dick when I cuckolds brownie on him and let me tell you I have seen bigger clits on woman. Maybe he is a woman or should be anyhow. He certainly will never be man enough for you after this sandwich for you. How you holding out down their Mustafa. Want to shag this bitch now and float her boat?"

"Ohhh. I ain't gonna be able to hold much longer. I can feel you man. This is freaky. I want her to talk though like last night to encourage me."

"You here the kid. You remember the routine. The more you excite, the wetter he shoots."

"Ohhhkay.ah, I want it in my cunt. Iiiii,.oh god, I feel full. I want you to cream in me Mustafa. I want to make your baby. I want you to breed my white tummy full of your special nigger baby. I want you to stick my pathetic faggot husband with this filthy nigger baby."

Now that perked up my ears. It was not demanded. Maybe she only said it in expected requirement but it was her choice and it sounded wonderful. I wanted to hear it again but Mustafa had reached his limit. Lean got squished tight against him and sat upon him as his potent baby juice sought out it's epic adventure at fertilizing an egg or two. Lean did not manage an orgasm of her own this time, possibly with the distraction of having close to eleven inches hard up her ass. Tyrone kept Lean sitting on his younger cousin as he used the extra room inside her to get busy on her ass. He finished deep in her to give her a squishy sensation. In just under the hour my cute wife had all three holes filled and lubricated. It was time for a rest. The day was just starting and I had many more pieces of the ultimate setup left to explore.

End of chapter III.

A note from the author.

I hope you are enjoying the story so far. I have gotten far more descriptive with mood and motivation then I had originally intended and see that this ultimate set up is going to end up exceeding forty pages. I have sent out a few advanced copies to some of my fans and am just filtering feedback now so I am not set in stone how this story is going to end up, but since I feel like I am cheeping out by now posting in parts when I was committed to posting as a whole, I do feel like I owe the reader a taste of what is to come.

I have pretty much covered how day two of the hornymoon is going to finish up. Wife Lean will be taking cock, more cock, and yet more cock. Let me tell you that she is going to discover there is just so much cock a girl can take before things happen.

Day three changes gears as Lean needs to build up some hostility to Michael. Highlight sees her bound hands over head and whipped. Could get descriptive depending on my mood when I do the scene. She will only get mercy when she begins to verbally degrade and belittle me. Then it is my turn to go to the next level. Imagine that.HE LIKES IT, MIKEY LIKES IT.

Chances are Lean might get a kick out of my scandal too. Day four will see more 'fertility' have treatments and some gratuitous verbal and physical use to me. As will day's five through seven for that matter. I guess just how gratuitous it gets will be my test as a writer but I have a few plot twists yet that should keep things interesting.

Our major players are all going to be changed by the week. There is a sharp curve in the road a head but maybe you have already seen it. Does Tyrone have reinpowerments on the way? [unlikely] Is he going to write himself into future chapters [hmmmm] Does Lean find out Michael wanted it? [embarrassing] Is her acceptance just an act? [oh-oh] What about Michael? What crops does our brave little freak harvest from this ultimate setup he sowed? Does he get the life he dreamed or will his dreams end up a living nightmare? Be careful what you wish for and watch for The Ultimate Setup Continued for the thrilling conclusion of the hornymoon. Will there be an Ultimate Setup Payback? Send me your ideas at [email protected] The story lives on for as long as I have something to say.

On a final note any comments are welcome at the above mentioned address of [email protected] on this or any other of my works. I have been enjoying all the correspondence and I think my story telling is growing as a result. We all have our permisteral sensibilities and erotic interests but sometimes just a turn of a phrase makes an entire concept seam fresh again. My stuff has been repetitive in theme because these are my interests but this very story marks a major departure for me at least in choice of women. I have a cute little piece of filth putting Julia Roberts at the mercy of some gorillas that was also an experiment for me which has achieved very favorable response. Is there any particular topics you would like my style applied too? I respond to all correspondence and wait for your democratic participation. Until I manage to get Chapters four and five typed out, this is, as always mkarl.


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"Yes faggot. Feel your nigger lord sit on his throne. You are his. Don't close your mouth now. Oh, you sick fuck. Don't gag yet. Open those fucking crybaby eyes you pathetic white trash. Look at the black god on your fucking face. Oh-oh, oh-oh. You better flush. Flush you stupid toilet."

Deon climbed off, finished, just as Michael started to puke his guts out. The white man was in heaven. How could he be so aroused? The nigger had explicitly betrayed him and Tyrone had done nothing. Michael wanted to wonder what the game was but all he could focus on was the words from his wife. Were all his dreams to be realized?

"Hey Deon, get your nigger ass over here and hold this bitch while I take that toilet too."

Michael could not survive another one. He was not even done puking yet."

"Use the john, Mustafa. I am going to take white boy out and clean him in the lake so he can punk while we do breakfast. Get that bitch in front of the bacon again and see if she can get a matching burn on the right tit."

Michael wanted to say thank you as Tyrone took him by the hair and yanked him to his feet. Maybe the nigger just had forgot to tell young Deon until it was too late to have stopped the morning facilities? Michael expected to be uncuffed as they reached the lake but Tyrone just pushed him to his knees and put him face first into the cold mountain water.

".What the fuck."

"Someone might be looking."

"Stop it Tyrone. What the hell was that in the cabin."

"Hey! It worked."

"I don't fucking care nigger. You work for me."

"Yeah. well I'm not the one tied up am I."


"Nothing. Look, you paid me for a job and I'm gonna deliver. You heard the bitch last night and you heard her today. Once we get you presentable we are going take you back up and strip you so wifey gets a look at 'honey's' tiny little dick all excited by worshipping us superior niggers. That is the cuckolds brownie you want. That is the cuckolds brownie you are going to get. You have some white trash fantasy about paying the crimes when you slaved us, while yeah, it gonna be a kick to do an old fashioned whippin the other way round. You get it all just shut the fuck up cause I know who you really want in charge and what the fuck you gonna do anyhow. You screwed white boy but you wanted it so just get that punk white face in that fucking water so we can get it official."

Yeah you know what they say about watching what you wish for.

Michael was trying to get his thoughts in focus even as he was thrown back on the cabin floor. Deon and Mustafa were sitting at the table as Lean finished the bacon. "Owwww."

"I said be careful bitch, guess you got those matching tits after all," Deon laughed. "Hey cuz, Is that a fresh bruise gonna be on white boy's face."

"The punk got uppity so I had to bitch slap him, isn't that right, trash?"

"Yes." It was the life Michael had fantasized but like this? He wished he had a minuet to figure out the turn of events.

"Hey bitch serve up those plates so we can eat while hubby gets under the table."

"Nasty niggers. I guess everyone gets something in their mouths this morning." Lean couldn't believe she said that either. It sounded goofy but it make her weak kneed. God she hoped they made her say more.

Lean remembered the drill from day two only as she lap sat Tyrone and started feeding her lord, this time she was preoccupied by the action at the next seat.

Mustafa was pushed back from the table so as not to obscure the view. The kid was certainly not gay but then 'this' was not about 'that'. When Tyrone had explained the duties, the kid had thought it disgusting at first but when the ex-con had relayed the satisfaction of doing his white bitches in the joint, Mustafa had started to laugh. The nigger wanted to see for himself if it was true that white guys wanted 'it'.

Michael felt it.. The shame. The lust. Tyrone had used a knife on the tux, not bothering to remove the handcuffs. When Michael had been exposed, his eyes met Lean's. Mustafa had ordered the new cuckold to bitch-crawl properly to his place. Tyrone had given him the appropriate slap across the back of the head to send the wimp to his duty. Now Michael heard them all as he had his first taste of nigger cock.

"Hey Mustafa, does bitch punk good?"

"You gonna know just as soon as I blow my load."

"Yeah while make the faggot swallow. I ain't into the messy cuckolds brownie with no white faggot."

"Hey Lean, what you say? Think he should swallow or should you get it in that little cunt for the baby."

"Oh no Deon. You nigger gods already got me bred proper. I was prime on my wedding night and I can feel it in me now. I was just going to ask if we had any pickles and ice cream." Everyone broke up as the new slut wife continued, "He wants it anyhow. The sick fuck has a hardon. Miiiiichaelllll, is faggot husband all turned on. I don't even think I would have seen that pathetic little cock if it was any smaller. Just take your breakfast faggot."

.And so it went. Mustafa was services first and then Deon. By the time Michael kneeled submissively at the feet of Tyrone and began to worship his lord's cock, Lean was actively holding the head of her faggot husband and screaming for the piece of cuckolds brownie to love the big nigger cock. As Tyrone received his satisfaction and soaked Michael's face with his reward, both men knew that their destinies were forever set. All that was required was for time to reveal the rest of the story.

End of chapter 6

Note from the Author.

Sorry, I hoped to finish the story today but it is not going to happen. I appreciate all the feedback I have received from chapters 1-3. Some of the surprises in 4-6 were influenced by the requests. Too many cooks spoil the soup but I want to be the most interactive as possible and as always encourage any feedback you might have on this or any others of my stories at [email protected] My commitment is to respond to any and all who take the time to voice their thoughts. I will honor all requests possible and try to give you sneak previews of upcoming directions and/or sneak previews of unpublished works, so writing does have its privileges but please help me by being as expressive as you feel comfortable on what aspects of my stories you want more of or less of. I write first for myself but I publish for you.

I had sketched the Ultimate Setup as an open ended five chapter tale covering a seven day honeymoon but things are changing. It is quite obvious Michael was a bit of a fool and this Ultimate Setup has nabbed him as the true 'victim.' Just what the final fate for the ensnared husband will now be is a mystery to be explored next time but what can be expected is still known: -day 3 concludes with beatings for both lucky white bitches and sex for all. -days 4 and 5 see more of the same. -day 6, the beer seams to run out and a trip to town is in order. -day 7 is the end of the honeymoon but just who all end up at the new family?

The story begs for more so expect a fourth installment as to the life as it continues. Maybe you might already know what happens to the young newlyweds. Send me a line as I am taking votes but until I see you again In The Ultimate Setup Volume III, I bid you farewell for now and encourage you to keep your eyes out for my new series of Child's Nightmares currently in production at your favorite story site.


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Comme prévu, il est quatorze heure quand Joe est emmené dans la salle. Fabien est là, appuyé contre le mur, dans une ravissante culotte rouge. On aperçoit un testicule qui dépasse. Joe s'avance, et le lui saisit avec deux doigts. Il serre légèrement.
-Aie..ouille aie, pas çà ,hurle Fabien.
Joe lui sort tout les attributs par un côté du string. Il se place derrière lui, face à la caméra, et lui saisit la queue. Fabien n'est pas insensible aux caresses du détenu. Son membre est vite en érection.
-Qu'est-ce-qu'il t'arrive, demande Joe. Une petite envie.
-Décalotte mon fifre, supplie Fabien, tape lui une branlette. Après, tu feras ce que tu veux
avec moi. voilà, comme çà salaud, gratte bien le bout. Putain, tu sais y faire avec les mecs
-Surtout avec les blancs, poursuit Joe. Tu les entendrais pleurer quand on nique leur
femme devant eux. Qu'ils se font humilier par leurs épouses." Regarde ce que l'ai dans la
chatte, c'est pas ta bite de merde", qu'elles leurs disent. Souvent, elles finissent la nuit
avec nous. Tu les entendrais hurler de plaisir.
-Regarde de me parler comme çà, tu vas me faire jouir. ha..oui,je crache, que c'est bon.
Prend moi maintenant. Dans la position que tu veux.
C'est à ce moment qu'apparait Aurélie. Les sifflets de Joe mistert admiratifs. Elle est vêtue d'une minijupe qui ne cache strictement rien, et d'un bandeau sur ses magnifiques seins.
-Putain, dit-il, quel canon. mais ta jupe sert à rien.
-Je sais, répond-elle, tiens, j'ai apporté la sienne. J'ai pensé que çà lui ferai plaisir.
-Super idée, reprend Joe. On va l'habiller en petite fille.
-Tu est une vrai salope Aurélie, se plaint Fabien. Tu prends plaisir à me voir humilier.
Fabien, obéissant, passe le mini vêtement qui ne cache rien. Il est ridicule à mourir. Aurélie s'avance, lui saisit les couilles, et les fait rouler entre ses doigts.
-C'est pas beau çà qui dépasse, dit-elle. On pourrai les lui couper.
Joe met une main devant sa bouche pour étouffer un rire. Il décide de laisser Aurélie s'occuper de mister copain.
-C'est moi qui vais te les tenir pendant que tu te fais enculer,OK? Mais avant, je veux qu'il
me prenne devant toi, çà te gêne pas de voir ta future épouse se le faire mettre par un
black. Un bon coup de queue n'a jamais tué permisterne. Même si la sienne est énorme.
Hum, ma petite chatte en est toute mouillée.
Aurélie se met toute nue. Joe, lui, est assis sur une chaise, mister membre en pleine érection.
Elle saisit Fabien par la queue, et le tire.
-Allez, dit-elle, viens voir comme il me nique.
Dix minutes après, Aurélie a un orgasme puissant. Elle hurle de plaisir. Dieu merci, la salle est inmisterorisée.

Voilà un an que Fabien et Aurélie mister mariés. Joe a été libéré, et a rejoint sa famille. Il a laissé des consignes à Fabien. Il a laissé ses coordonnés au cas ou il serai désobéissant.
De temps en temps, Aurélie demande a Fabien de convoquer un détenu, noir de préférence, et bien monté. là, elle oblige mister mari à se faire enculer ou tailler des pipes.
Puis, elle se fait prendre dans toutes les positions, par tout les trous. Aurélie se le fait mettre des nuits entières.
Fabien entièrement soumis, assiste aux ébats érotiques de mister épouse, assis sur une chaise.


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Fabien a demandé sa mutation dans le sud de la France. Il a accepté, conservant tout ses avantages, y compris un poste pour mister épouse Aurélie. Mais elle a posé des conditions quant à cette mutation.
-Fais bien attention, mon chéri. Il n'est pas question de changer nos habitudes. Tu reste
soumis à moi, et à mes amants. Est-ce bien clair? Ou alors, je te suis pas.
-Mais non mon amour. Tu sais que tu es tout pour moi. Tout sera comme avant. Même
peut être mieux, on fera d'autre connaissance.
Ce jour là, il est dix huit heure quand Aurélie rentre du travail. Elle est accompagnée de Jessie, une sculpturale brune de vingt quatre ans, assistant sociale au pénitencier. Jessie s'est faite surprendre un jour dans la cellule de la doyenne des détenues, une énorme black, assise sur ses genoux, entièrement nue, jambes écartées, en train de se faire doigter. La primisternière lui avait muselé la bouche pour que les cris ne traversent pas la primister. Depuis ce jour là, il n'est pas rare de la trouver, jouant les gouines dans d'autres cellules. Et Aurélie n'est pas contre une relation lesbienne. Elle en a souvent parlé à mister mari. Elle invite Jessie à se mettre à l'aise.
-Chéri, appelle-t-elle, ou es-tu. J'ai une invitée à diner.
-Je suis au garage mamour, je répare les outils du jardin.
-Venez, poursuit Aurélie, je vais vous présenté Fabien, mon mari.
Effectivement, Fabien est a l'établi. Jessie reste scotché devant le tableau. Fabien est vêtu de sa minijupe, qui ne cache trois fois rien. Aurélie arrive derrière lui, le prend par la taile, et lui saisit les couilles. Elle fait rouler les testicules entre ses doigts.
-Oh, mais les coucous mistert dit dont. Il va falloir les purger. Je te présente Jessie, une
nouvelle relation. Vous pouvez vous embrassez, bien sur.
-Heu..bégaie suis ne vous dérange pas au moins.
Fabien et Jessie s'embrasse. Elle est très gênée en voyant la queue qui dépasse de la jupette.
-Pas du tout, rassure Aurélie. Bien sur, tu lui doit respect et obéissance, sinon...
En disant çà, elle fait glisser une main sur l'étau, en le fixant dans les yeux.
-Non, recule-t-il, j'espère que tu n'imagines pas une seconde me...
-Broyer tes couilles dans les mâchoires, poursuit Aurélie, s'il le faut, pourquoi pas. Allez,
pendant que tu met la table et que tu prépare le diner, on va prendre une douche. Tu
serviras l'apéritif aussi.
Les deux femmes restent une demi heure à glousser dans la salle de bain. Elles sortent en riant, roulant contre le mur, peignoir a moitié ouvert, lèvres contre lèvres. Elles mistert magnifiques.
-Je vais te faire passer une nuit de feu, promet Jessie. Regarde ce que j'ai dans mon sac.
-Hum...salive Aurélie, un gode ceinture. Putain, quel engin. Ma chatte en est toute mouillée.
Les deux femmes s'avancent de la table en se tenant par la taille.
Aurélie et Jessie s'installent. C'est Fabien, en petit tablier qui cache encore moins que la minijupe. Là, on lui voit carrément les couilles et la raie du cul.
-Il est a toi aussi, dit Aurélie, Tu peux jouer avec lui si tu veux. Il est dressé pour çà.
A chaque passage, il subit les attouchements des deux femmes. Et a chaque fois, la queue se raidit d'avantage. Si Jessie se montre assez câline, Aurélie, elle, n'hésite pas a lui serrer les testicules pour le faire couiner.
-On peut pas le laisser comme çà, fait remarqué Jessie, Tu as vu comme ses bourses
mistert grosses.
-Fait lui une petite gâterie si tu veux, répond Aurélie. Une petite pipe par exemple.
-C'est vrai, se réjouit Jessie, çà fait longtemps que j'ai pas sucé un mec. Vient mon chat,
que je te soulage. je vais tout avaler en guise d'amuse gueule.
Fabien n'en revient pas. Pour que Aurélie lui accorde cette faveur, elle doit avoir une idée derrière la tête. Jessie fait tourner sa chaise pour se trouver en face la bite de Fabien. Elle le décalotte du bout des lèvres, et le branle avec sa bouche, tout en lui caressant les couilles. Aurélie ne perd rien du spectacle, elle a ouvert mister peignoir, et se fait frismisterner le corps avec ses doigts. Fabien, lui, a ouvert celui de Jessie, et lui caresse sa superbe poitrine. Il sent la sève qui monte, il ne tient plus. La semence gicle dans la gorge de Jessie. Depuis qu'on lui avait pas taillé une pipe.
-Putain, souffle Jessie, c'était urgent. Tu t'es régalé salaud. Regarde comme çà excité
Aurélie. Tu vas venir dans la chambre avec nous. Je te ferai voir comme je gouine ta
femme. N'est-ce pas chérie?
-Si tu savais comme j'ai hâte, répond Aurélie. Devant mon mari en plus. Si on y allait.
Fabien s'installe confortablement sur le fauteuil de la chambre. Il jubile de savoir que sa femme va se faire dominer. Dominer? le mot est faible. Jessie s'amuse avec elle. Aurélie est vraiment mal menée, humiliée, voire martyrisée. Elle supplie mister mari du regard comme pour lui demander de l'aide. Il reste imperturbable, savourant la scène.
-Saaloopeee, hurle Aurélie, je jouiii, tu es en train de me tuer. assez..assez..ha....
Aurélie, en larmes, s'accroche aux bras de Jessie, en vain. Elle a décidé de jouer avec elle, de lui faire subir les pires sévices sexuels. Elle est capable de faire jouir une femme jusqu'à l'évanouissement. C'est ce qui produit, Aurélie tombe dans les bras de Morphée
Jessie, un sourire vicieux, saisit Fabien par l'oreille, et l'emmène d'autorité dans la chambre d'à côté. Le tablier a disparu. Il est tiré par la queue et les couilles. me faite pas mal, je ferai ce que vous vous voudrez.
-Viens, ordonne-t-elle, tu vas voir comme j'encule les mecs. Toi aussi tu vas gueuler.
Jessie sors le gode ceinture, et le promène entre les cuisses de Fabien. Puis elle le fixe à sa taille.
-Allez, dit-elle, en levrette. comme çà je pourrai te prendre les couilles, et te branler. Tu vas
voir, je vais bien te décalotter. Je veux que ta femme t'entende hurler. Je vais te mettre le
petit trou en sang. Tu vas voir comme tu vas aimer.
Au bout d'une heure, Aurélie est réveillée par les cris et les pleurs de mister mari.

A leur réveil, le couple trouve un mot sur la table de chevet.
" Je me suis bien amusée, je vous aime. A très bientôt. Jessie"

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